Independent from Long Beach, California on May 24, 1957 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 3
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Unitizing Bill OKd by Assembly · A bill sponsored by Lone Beach to permit the city to en tcr Into voluntary unltlzatlon agreements was passed Thursday by unanimous vote of the Assembly In Sacramenlo. The legislation, AH !WO, now before the Senate, specifies the city'* rights as grantee of the tldclands will not be Impaired by miy future voluntary nr raiiBcments for unlllzed operation of the Wilmington oil field. · · · · IT WAS AITIIOVKU earlier by the assembly committees on ways and means and on manufacturing, oil and mining Industries. Long Beach Assemblyman William S. Grant Introduced the measure. Mcanwhllo city officials here arc conducting a series of meetings to acquaint operators nnd oilier beneficiaries of the tideland oil with the provisions of AH 41G3, which creates n subsidence abatement district with procedures for compulsory unlt- IzHtlon. Kepresentatlvcs of L o n g Ileach Oil Development Co., Jtlchfleld Oil Corp.. Hancock Oil Co, and Signal OH Gas Co. nict Thursday morning In the mayor's office with the sub sldcnce a d v i s o r y committee headed by Mayor George M.' Vermlllion and City Mgr. Sam li. Vickcrs. · · · · A SIMILAU briefing session was held In the afternoon with Arms Cut Proposals Revealed WASHINGTON* 01 -- The new "first step" disarmament plan under discussion with Ilm- sla calli for a "smnll slice arms cut" covering missiles, khlps, tanks and atomic bombers, It was revealed Thursday. Other parts of the plan call Tor an aerial-ground Inspection to lx set up on a test Imsls and proposals looking toward a reduction In military manpower and defense spending by the United States, Itussla and other nations. Any Initial East-West agreement on arms reduction also Cohen Planning to Sue Parker LOS ANGELES (UP) -- Unshaven find crumpy, former gambler Mickey Cohen returned home Thursday from nn Eastern visit durlnp which he caused a furor by a television blast at Hie Los Armeies police chief and then was hauled before a federal crand Jury In Chicago. would provide that weapons, taken out of U, S. or Soviet P lural stockpiles be delivered to International disarmament depots Cohen's first words mlcr stopping off an airliner and being greeted by a police reception committee was to deny he had killed more than one man. The pudgy ex-mobster on the Mike Wallace television Interview procram last Sunday had spoken of "killings" In Ills past. He explained Thursday, however, "when I said killings. I meant killing -- olneular not ADLAI MChTCLUttS IN 1'AKIS Adlal Stevenson, former Democratic p a r t y candidate for President, seems Jar from the cares of the day as he pours champagne for nn unidentified lady companion (lurinc a recent visit to a Paris nightclub,--(AP Wlrcpholo.) ; which would be under careful Inspection, The plan further provides that nations which do not nuw^ ol ! cn , "" ll ·-" ·""--.· -have atomic weapons would not '-rain jl«ma K e In federal prison. .. _ ,. , , Told that Chief Parker wai Congressmen to See ' Lost Fwm %' . (Reappears; Shipyard Subsidence j ust Fishing (Continued from Page A-l) proved, Adm, Mumma said, the officials of Union Pacific Kail-shipyard will be threatened by Inundation In June 1%0. The road Co. and Southern Ca fornln Edison Co. At both meet. money w'lll be used to raise a Ings a film revealing the extent 5C awall that will bf under water of subsidence In the harbor dls-| nt |,| K |, t |,| c on that date, trlct was shown. The film was| produced by Long Ileach Naval I "We are In a position where have the money this the Bureau of Ships chief Shipyard Kmployea Asr,n, l wc ",] Usi Richfield spokesmen expressed ymr - llv , . , favor for the legislation. MoM'"* « tllc co »»" 1 ' 1 TM «' lt "of the others were noncom-^ r t s Ihe _ appropriation there mlttal. The bill Is scheduled for hear- Ing next Tuesday before the Assembly committee facturlng, oil and duslry. Will not be' enough time to complete plans, lot contracts and raise the seawall by 1%0, he on manu. explained. mining ln Dog Owner Puts Bite on Pupil CHARLOTTE. N. C, «T Little Donnle Hutto sells the sizzle, not the steak. Miss Luclle Love, f i f t h grade teacher, told pupil Ronnie Williamson he'd have to take out- ildc the puppy he had In tow. "Please," begged Ronnie, "not now, I've rented him for a dime from Donnle Hutto and my half- hour Un't up yet." 8OMKT1IINO M I H S I N fl ? Locate It quickly through Want Adj. Dial HE 2-3M9. committee that the Navy's four- year »'I.8-mllllon-dollar program of subsidence remedial work awarded within two weeks. The second singe to be financed by 4.6 million dollars in this year's construction bill will extend dikes and raise other piers NOMK HKTAII.S of the plan , Tm ||ot W()rrtcd ,,.,,,,,, ,, now being considered by the !tlE |,, - Concn gillc |. -] ] il(c lt United Slates were disclosed ax] Ka n\ am | ,,,,,,,,,_ All( | j' m K0 | n( , Secretary of State John Fostcr. (o K0 further In this thing. By Dulles and Presidential dlsarm-jthe end of this week or next I amcnl adviser Harold E. Stas-'pxppct | 0 file a libel suit against sen briefed Senate leaders on ^ Parker," negotiations with Russia to . « · . late. AT CHICAGO COIIKN had FULLERTON -- A family which had been missing for eight days returned home late Thursday and explained their mysterious disappearance. The Jay Craig family arrived home at f p.m. and discovered THE ADM1KAL assured the prevent land sinking, he said. A third stage, costing about] they had been "missing" when 8 million dollars, will complete they rend accounts of their "mys- th" work before September,' loiii. « · · · AKMKD WITH charts And statistics. Hosmer outlined the City of LOUR Beach's battle to control subsidence. About 40,000 barrels of salt water are belnfi pumped dally Into oil sands to Proposals before the California Legislature would set up n to Increase the reprev will provide a permanent bul-jjurizatlcn prosram to 000,000 walk to keep out the sea. , |barrels dally. Hosmer said.'He He outlined this three-Mac.;coneeded that they face "consld- timetable for the project: The first Is now under way with 3,7 million dollars voted last year by Congress. With a two-million-dollar supplemental appropriation alrepdy voted by the committee to cover rising costs, the first state Includes raising the shipyards' dry dock and Pier No. I nbove the level of the rising tldellne. A $-1.375,-; 000 contract already has been let. Another 1.4-mllllon-dollar[ contract for Pier 1 will be erable political opposition." "Doesn't the city realize they are going to have lo do something about' this?" asked Rep. O. C. Fisher (D-Tex). "Are they doing anything to hold down the drilling?" Hosmer and Rep. Clyde Doyle (D-Soutli Gate) said the city holds « certain amount of control because It has mineral rights on W'ells leased for production to Long Beach Oil Development Co, terious disappearance" In news papers, Mrs. Pearl Craig, 40, called police headquarters and ex plained the family was marooned by heavy rains while fishing along the Owens River In Kcrti County. Police Lt. Herb Curtis said the family had planned only a two-day outing but heavy rains stranded them in the wilds along | the river. 'Their car became stuck In the mud. All the family-members were safe, police said. ' Mr. and Mrs. Craig and Ihelr three children, Sandra, 7: Bon nlc Jay, 5; and Tony, 3, had been the object a seven-slate search after In-laws reported them missing. The mystery of their disappearance deepen e d when [Mllce found their home unlocked and their pet dog shut In the garage. Mrs. Craig described their outing n.s "miserable." She added I they didn't catch any fish. DOWN WILL FURNISH YOUR ENTIRE HOME! Incl. TV! Out-of-State CREDIT O. K. 10 DOWN COIIKN TIIKN announced he planned lo file a libel suit against Police Chief William H. I'arker for his statement that treated for levelop them. At present only the United States. Britain and tussia have atomic or hydrogen Iwmhs in their arsenals. investigating his activities in an effort to link him witli a dozen gangland killlpgs, Cohen said he Iwulcomed the Investigation. been questioned by the federal **** INDEPENDENT--Page A-3 , C.W.. I.H. -Teamster AideFound Suicide SKATTLK, Wash. iL'.Pi-Terry McNulty, li'J, who w j a» sought lo ufticur before the King Coiinly Gnind Jury investigating odi- grand Jury about Paul (The^ials of the Tcamslers L'niun Walter)/Ulcca. onetime CaponcjThiirsday was found shot to ganglcadcr whom the government seeks lo deport. Police on hand at the airport death. The coroner's office said It was a suicide. McNulty, a colorful racetrack figure who on occasions trans- said they merely showed up to purled race horses of Teamster^ make sure "c v c r y 1 h i n « was okay." But Cohen shrugged off the police reception with the comment, "A roust Is the natural procedure. It started In Chicago and probably will be carried on hcte." Ganglnnd figure Fred Kica, who had accompanied Cohen East, was with the former Ram- U'c'slem Conference buss t r u n k \V. lircwster, shot himself wiili a .38-calilM'r pistul, coroner'* deputies said. His body found In his automobile which had been driven off the road near U'oodinvillc, Wash., north o[ here, where he lived. Me.NULTV also ligured briefly in testimony Mon the Senate Rackets Committee. lriM?culur Charles O. Carroll hlcr on the return trip also but!,,,,),) McNulty was one of lj | K I they Departed on leaving the sons R(l f iu , sought |y xiihpncmt nlniort. j M ' i v e i s of tlie King County " Grand Jury w h i c h was cuntcncj And I'arker said he bus asked;this. week. a.Los Angeles law firm to prc-| '['he sheriff's office said Me- pare a civil slander suit as a Vuity left a series of nutvi result of Cohen's TV blast. which said: "No flowers. Any- Parker said the action wouldlining, send Orthopedic Hospital, name the ex-gambler, the Amer- T a k ( , cfir , 0 CaIO | mP Tavern, lean Broadcasting Co., Wallace, 1 .j,^ 1)M | y ,,, K0 t(1 Booth "and anyone else who had a re- morc _ Tcrry CaH Carolil)ep sponslhlc part jn It. u niuisun !)870"- · W Will Furnish ANY ROOM 24 MONTHS TO PAY . 7.PIECE MODERN LIVING ROOM GROUP Includei gqrgeouj tofa nd matching club chair, 3 Nova- Mar top tablet and 2 lamp! and.shades. Choice of colors. 129°° 5-PIECE MODERN SECTIONAL GROUP Includes beautiful rwo-pc. sectional, corner table and coffee tabU with Neva-Mar tops and tabl* lamp and ihade. 144 oo 5-PIECE MODERN DINETTE SET Includes eitenilon top table with A chairs. Choice of wrought iron or chrome and colors. .. 10.PIECE MODERN BEDROOM. SUITE Includes drauar, mirror, book- cat* headboard, 2 nita tablei, quality boi spring and mattreu , ·nd2lamps and shades. Choice of blond or charcoal finish. Long Beach · Santa Ana uffumS' predicts a lovely summer ' in airy cool Bemberg sheers! Vacation, snop, sightsee, spend the whole summer in tho cool refresh- ing beauty of our delightful rayon Bemberg sheer prints! Choose from summer's loveliest styles--fashioned for flattery , . . dresses that look smart and well-dressed anywhere. Wonderful travelers--easy to pack, easy to wear and easy to keep fresh and lovely because they're all hand washable! Yours in beautiful summer shades. 12 to 20, !4 l / 2 to 24'/2« 8.95 Buffums' Cotlon Shop, Second Floor f F u m s ' S t o r e . H o u r i : ? i 3 0 t o 5 : 3 0 p. m. F r i d a y 1 2 n o o n to 9 : 0 0 p , m « ' . ..X.' '

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