The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 12, 1920 · Page 1
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Monday, April 12, 1920
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Carbondale—"Athens of VOLUME 17 ^ GARBONDALE, ILLINOIS, :> MONDAY, APRIL 12, 1920 SWITCHMEN DECIDE TO STAY AT POST HERE VRail Strike Keeps New York Tied! Man With Many. Aliases Is Du Quoin Men Still Out—j Situation Described As\ . ."Better" At East ' St. | • Louis-^-iHope For Settle- i ., ment Expressed' In Rail-j .road Circles. Up and Coal Is Shut Off. : Seized by Los Angeles.De- tectives. •The losal switchmen decided to ' • stay' on the job yesterday. This ac- 'ti-on followed a. walkout of the railroad men in E. St. Louis, .-Du- Quom arid other towns. ' The situation was reported as lode- ing better, this-morning:, especially at East i>t Louis, adyJces' at the divi- -sion owice stated this morning- CLOSE .MANY i^DUSTRB TRIES TO KILL HIMSELF Drastic Freight Embargo Ever Arrested on a Telegraphic' Request Known in Railroad History in U. S. Is Now in Effect—Western -Situation Better. FronrSeattle Charging Kim With' Complicity in the Murder of Two Women. . LET ILL GIVE LOWDEN HIS GREATEST BOOST Tine time to give ,Goy. -Lowden an overwhelming-, endorsement is 'in •Tuesday's primary. "During, the months that the cam- -.paign for the Republican nomination "for president of the United -States has been in- active progress, tlie friends of .Governor Ijowden have. •demonst»ated to the nation that I1H-- nois has a candidate for the nomination ' possessing ^all of the- elements that are likely to Ibe required by the next president," • says Louis L. Em- •merson, chairman of Lmyden- campaign. (Governor Lowden possibly is the' . lastr-man Syiho' will -be offered -for, the. •prasittency "who was-'born on the prairie, was reared among .conditions: which strengthened .the. arm and made stout the heart of the early ,pio-1 "l^ ' neers who made 'the Mississippi Valley ^ great, in those days, when it •was'difficult for a pioneer boy to obtain .an education, Governor Lowden made 'his .fight alone and- won has edu- Xew York, April 14.—Tin- "outlaw" l.ns Angeles, da, April 12.—A innil- riiilrnnd Kti-iUi? leialns iiu grip <m Xi<\v ern lilnelieard was rt>v<-iiled • hero i-i York and nil pnmls c;!sl. Hecniits . the investigation of tl:e ]:ns| of J. .1'. are reported joining Ibe sii-iUe'.-s-and j Wntson, with n ilu.ion aliases, lln is following lilt? regular d:iilv conference ' flmi-'-'.'ii !.*• .. i. i ,i,,*~. .-. _ of the siihcr.nimitteo Mil- lit' the 'Oonpral Mniiiigers uss.jcialiiin. .7. .1. Muntell. clininnnn of rhat liody, adi'nirted the siniatinn \vns exceedingly gravt. Drastic ciirtaihni'nt: nf iinssefigev train servioe \vill lie mailt? if necessiiry in order thar mill; 1 and . perishable foodsiulTs may he rushed to Now York. -Rtrikprs pprmiitiHl tlu^ niillc . trains to reach the city on time. lions of .pounds of lioef mid other slufrs'nre siippiiing pnstward from Chicago, Kansas City and other packing centers' oil Ne.u- York' Central "\var- fiiiiB specials." ncconling to officials of the New York Central. The most, drastic freight embargo ever known fn railroad history in the Vnitpd States is now in .effect, on nil shipments "oj freight and. coal and steel on the •Pennsylvania railroad g west of Altoonu for 'points An embargo has also been placed on nil freight from tho South destined to points north ot Norfolk. Cuts Coal Supply. The significance of the embargo lies in the fact that SO per cent-ot the bituminous coal used in New York and points east comes from the connlry via the Pennsylvania - cation solely by his own efforts. His .success in 'later years came as a result of a solid .foundation. His trainJng: 'has been broad. .He is a fine •lawyer. 'He is an experienced farmer with international 'lcnowledg-e of - th» •possibilities of agriculture. 'He 'not only is a ,-=.ood business man, but he has demonstrated as gove/nor of Illinois that :he is a .fine administrator. These facts have attracted the ^attention of the voters and the leaders all over the country. They have rallied to the support of Governor Lowden and for monShs he 'has been regarded as one of the two leading con- itenaers for the nomination. Of the four hundred an'd ten delegates who have been elected to the" national convention, .which wil! be held in. Chicago, on June 8, three' •hundred and ten are uninstructed Of that number, Governor Lowden has •wore than-any other candidate.• He is-the second, choice of more states all other, candidates combined The .people of Illinois'* showed their confidence in -him three years ago by snvjng him'an enormous majority for governor., .Next- Tuesday, April is?they' wiil express to the 'nation at lar^e .their Confidence ,in the honestv Ithe .integrity and the abilitv of their war ;giovei-no}-. .•••-•" ,J? 6 J- a , S madfi nQ ca "ip'aign in.Illi- to the TAKE PRINCESS AS SMUGGLER Marie -Beatrice Bourbon Arrested at Modaue, on the Franco-Italian Frontier. Paris, April 12.—Princess Marie .... - —- ~j-i~— ™ ure , Beatrice Bourbon, member of the fam- fh f h- V messa #e has been l. n >" of. pretenders to the throne of •wiat^is recordJs clear -and"it is up ! Fr '™e, 1ms. been arrested lit Modaue. on the, Franco-Italian frontier. She is charged with trying to smuggle from. •Itnly 45 miniatures and two large about Altoona railroad. The railroad . managers welcomed Sunday, without "Hie '.'rush ..hour" schedules- 'and- coinmuters' trains, ; as an reorganize their forces. Pensioners will be called in by the officials and rnon will he shifted forces to the mobile branches. Unless Hie unforeseen happens.- there will lie enough old-time employees on duty to run .some of 'the trains on the suburban schedules. Oflicihls nre hbping other employees will not walk out, but firemen are expected to join tho strikers oiil now. Employees ot the Public Service riail- .road company of New Jersey wore reported as contemplating walking out in sympathy with tho strikers and with the tied, up New Jersey will be absolutely helpless. Agitators, it is reported, have been attempting- to induce local railway men in Key,- York and Brookyln to walk out. Situation Better in Chicago. Chicago, April 12.—Both sides to thp switchmen's strike in Chicago claimed Hie advantage last evening, after a d:iy-rilled with conferences' nnd meetings. . . The railroad managers, in a foi-mal statement, said the sirintion continues to improve, that through and ..suburban • passenger business Is running 100 per cent, ancTtlmt as freight continues ro move more'freely the roads are lifting their embargoes. • , On tfie oilier hand, tlie striking switchmen claim their numbers are. he- ing'swelled hourly. -They deride The brotherhoods- as'"nothing lint a shell" and say they will stay out until the roads are compelled to recognize them. charged by a Iiir-n! doter-riv( with having m least M wives. Ho was m-resied on ;i telegraphic .i-oojiesf from Scnltle charging him with complicity in the murder of two' women,.-one of wbinn is supposed to bo one of his "wives." Ho is thought to liavo iieon a bunco man, :i thief tint) in S»iin Diego ho tried to kill himself', with n knife. . ' ' ; When • the Spnttle dispatch, ca'me Deputy Sheriffs Clouts nhd Boll wont to mi. address ; M Hollywood and Vim ml (he niiin on., the street. There the.v.MiTeslpcl him. Ho was wanted, mining nll'iur tilings, fur u possible " comiet-Lim -with tho disappearance of one of his wives. Mrs. Louise Hilton. Secrets in Satchel. Finding he had sepnraie bank nc- . counts in Oakl-iml. San Francisco and | San Diego as well • as Los Angeles, the deputies took him to San Ilioiio. His history is learned mainly from tlie contents of a mysterious- black satchel, in which were found downs of pieces of jewelry, valuable wulches and several hundred dollars in Liberty bonds. More important, however, was a sheet ot paper willi ihe names- oE -S women on it—supposed to. lie pry- posed victims to his love-making and swindling. >' man's satchel were found RUHR MMYlUJ I ONE .OF EGYPIJ OEST-GOAL MINES BORNE! j Correspondeqt, in Toiir, Finds No Support of tire French; MANY CITIES HE' VISITED Trip Also Made by^ Oniciar ''America < Investigator — Great Industrial Region AgaTi Quiet 'anc{ V^crk 'Has Betn Sunnyside Near Hernn Destroyed At 8200,000 Low Tiople and Washers Am Other Buildings Abov< fS^oJKfwoS Paris. April' 1:!.— In reply to l''niui:o's i-xiJlaniiifcinsVof vlie o«-upa- lion' i)!' Frankfort. tii-ila'in stands put on' her attitude. . tlutt tilu action \VUB wrong unit that -'she, lirita'ln, ciumuf sanction it. Bother disastrous fire occurre, SunWdestroying ore of thelarges 13 - «™,th*rn Illinois-r-the Sua The' dsm aysMe mine near Herrir.. age aggregates * less of marl S200.000, destroying the tipple v-ashers. More than 500 miners wer v-irh ' thrown out of work. A good man i-jus*;! > . <n|ii ii .i~. ju nyi»i;iii;j With C/irtrw" wi_» an ollicial American investigutor who ol these, however, will oe e ™P ; had been Instructed'to miike'an Ind«- at other mines in the vicinity .pendent aiid impartial : report on the situation in .the Ruhr district^ u EGSO'I ^. Aprl'i- 12.—In Herrin. 1'tus is the second great mine correspondent has just <roinpl'ete'd a from ftre jn southern 'Illinois withii * '"" ~ "" " ' ""'"" '"" the last two weeks, the^allidaybor mine burning fit • damage of raor than S100.000. GOVERNOR FRANK O. LOWDEN You Will Make NpMistake In Voting For Him Tomorrow .*..'-.'' Board of Supervisors | PROMINENT FARMER : I? Republican! PASSES AWAY sheets.: of -tho .'finest .hoi'iOtHl-- phi t f ° 1 ' " 8lsnntlire - The board of supervisors, now 'saniuei uaKrweu Jtooinson aiea ai •sbands'lT republican'-to 6 .democratic''His home east of the city at 5 o'clock ' 14 wherevit stood 20 to S before the elec-.j Sunday .aifltemoon." .Ruieral wil '- I'eii, j tibri. |VVffH'-iime~t6 'cle^in-.tner'cbanty'.:.! held .at'tne family home-Tuesday purpose ot "sponging" on their relatives. Had Many Wives. Here nre tli« names- of tlie man's supposed wives; Mrs. M. C. Matthews, whose maiden line iy Berthan A. fJoudnick. Mrs. H. L. Gordon, address in the Lover hotel, Spokane. Beau-ice M. Lewis, .sometimes j gninl Mrs. II. M. Lewis, address un-j known. __ I Sirs. J. K. Miller. I Mrs. K. Wntson, sometimes known as Mrs. Kiillii-yn \Valsnn. MI-S..H. G. Lawrence. j ear Mrs. Agnes liarvev. | These | ^g democrats copped 5, the republi- j ernoon " su cans 4. Republicans elected ai'e'H-an- tery, son of 'llurphysboro, Halliday of Car- ' Samuel Caldwell Eooinson died city at 5 o'cl Ruieral will )7iie- Tues Burial at DiHirtger ceme- bondale, Peak of Mak-inda and Birk- ner'of Oi-a. All are new men but Halliday, who is re-elected. | . Tlie successful democrats are Blue in ; of Bradley, JWquot of Somerset, Tal- _!'bott of Kinfci-id, D,?mster of Degog- i, Hoover of Sand Bidge. Talbott Samuel ^Caldwell Robinson was born in Tennessee Jan, 28, 1844, be ing past 76 y,ears of age at the time of UTS death, which was due to he&rt troiible. He was a prominent -farmer, having lived -in this vicinity for about 55 years. *>r the' past. 35 yeare he has resided at .the '.Robinson home! and' Uemshr .are re-elected and Jac- ! ste^d' west of this city., not is a former member of the . .Mie deceased joined; the Methodist board. Hoover is a new mia.n and so church at ,Mt. Pleasant,'a number ott is iBIue. ' ' , years ago 'and Jield meimtiership in- House oS. DeSoto. to the .voters Tuesday to ex-press -their opinion o!f that record. -- ... uv j. c-W/i:u. Has committee hopes that the voters of wil , go early tomorrow ajid ncig-iste-r tlieii paintings. ^-...y . u ,.i U1IUW -ajici ncigiste-i- their 1 ' -v » (approval' of'his candidacy for, 'the' PRESIDENT OUT .FOR A DRIVE presidential nominaMrm • ' presidential nomination. NOTICE! i ' (Having bought Mrs. 6 ° ili:> - Accompanied by Mrs. Wilson, He Take.s Automobile Ride Around the Speedway. ; Washington, April 12.—President ; for the « nnl.. imy, nen sin,, u Deionp.v. , He is supposed to ii ft ve innr- ried' her Decpmlmi- 0, P.110, in Sun Francisco. Mrs. A. L. Hilton, sometimes known us Mrs. Alice Hilton. Sirs. H. II. Lewis. Mrs. Andrew, ihe woman who married him in Seattle November 0, 1OTO, and who cmised the expose of bis cn- reer ns a bigamist. Mrs. II. C; llatluhews. supposed to be now in Sail Francisco, Oiildand or SebiCstopol, Cal.. Mrs. H. R. Gardner. Mrs. Hui'it. ' under the Tuesday's election: O.f th? 12 holdovers 11 are republi- tha^ c'huroh when he passed away/ cans and 1 democrat, namely Dr. Os- 'Mrs. Kobinson died about'13 years Following is agio." ' '.'-': i I '5PS; *lr. Robinson is surviived T>y'three' children as follows: Mrs.. Anni .Elk, Abkins, republican; Vergennes, Br(>svn of DeSoto;' Mrs. Mary"Snaitoi Tarrish, republican; Ora; Bii-kner, re- °^ • tlerr i n and' Samuel '..Pdbiyjon at publican; Bradley, Blue, republican; DeSoto, House, democrat; Somerset, Jacquolt, democrat; Leyan, Dietz, re- home. FORMER ^LOCAL MINISTER- VISITING HERE BRITAIN'S ATTITUDE WORRIES Unbiased French Observers Do Disguise "the Gravity of the Situation. Not , puB.Ii.can; Kiinkaid. T:lbott, democrat; I)eg-ogTLi.a, Dem'ster, democrat; ,Car- bondalc, Sol Crawshaw, republican, '^ ev - J- P- Givens, formerly pastor Johnson, republican, Halldday, repub- °^ the local Christian, church,,. yis-ited iio2n; •Min-phys'boro, Delano, republi- - f! 'i en 'ds 'here last evening. Itev. Giv^ can, Will, republican, Abe Crawshaw, f 113 ' who'Jirad been on a s.peakijig-.tour republican, Hanson, republican; Sand ™ Southeastern IHlriois, pertaiining- to Ridg-e, Hooker, democrat; P.t.' Bluff, the 'World-Wide church movement, Moechel, republican; Jlafeanld'a, Peak,.' was en r *i'te. to El. 'Paso, where he ' ll ' a ' s ac - ,fche .. and •family, who have 'been in Hoopeston fbr some -time, will remove to El Paso next weslc. . • - : , , ,. . . , republican;. Pomona, .Hirtehcliff, re- .' ll ' a ' s ac cepted the pastorate -if publican; .Grand Tower, Eastsi-ly, -re- Christi ' a ' n; cihurch. .Rev. • publican. Egypt's. Publishers and Paris, April 12.—Despite the. optimistically worded editorials in thp French press, unbiased observers horfe , do not disguise the gravity of the situ- j ~ ation created by Great Britain's firm Tfle Egyptian Publishers and attitude toward France and by "the I Printers' Association hald a meeting persistent silence of the United States I at the Efts''iHome here Sunday aft-i and Italy. - ' France's position is 'extremely delicate and it is fully recognized that, her present, isolation, following Britain's "turn down" note, is virtually tanta-1 mount to the breaking up of her war alliances. Printers Meet Sunday TWO Babies Pass Away On Last Saturday two-day motor tour of what; ijj'Tbown as tlie industrial heart' of Germany. His efforts, were in tiie dlreciloa. ol establishing the number ot troops in the neutral xon<;, the real extent- of the insun-ectloniir.v movement and general conditions. Dussflddrf, Duisburg, Unmborh, Kuefbrt, DleDatlakeu, Wesel, Bottrop, '' Essen, • MuBlh«.)iu, llatingen an dprhef points in' tfce ceo-! ter of the disturbed section ware visited. The main impressoin's-. obtained and the conclusions reached 6a the facts established were:' $ Tlie alleged vast red army in the Ruhr district doe's not exist. The government troops Jn the neutral zone, in .number, quality and equipment, can by/no stretch of tlie imagination be construed as? a menace- to France. Technical violation of the -treaty at Versailles by Germay can be established, but not in practical effect or : ripp.nrent-ljostiW intent; "'.".' . ~>-jr Red Army 15,0(50: Strong. - -TJie "'TrevoiufloifaT-j'-' movement was quite extensive ami purposed- diDis- sociation from the central goyernment, with a soviet republic in the Ruhr at j _ a political aim, -supported by a red | Mbor-a, :Golconda; Airs. iRobert Wat' army numbering bet^^E 15,000 and ^turphyaboro; Mrs. D. '£. PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN IN BIG MEETING HERE The Woman's Presbyterial SocLetj of ,tbe Cairo Presbytery svill 3ipl<! its fortieth annual meeting Thursdaj and Friday, -April and the Fresbyterian church in this" city lAn extensive program has -been ar range,'.! with nearly fifty -women-'appearing oh the program: The officer's" of the Society are: •Mrs. W. N. Butler, presdent. 'Vica Presidents — (Mrs.. iW. H 20,000 men, control' of ing very uncertain. this army be- Official cVjunectlori between th^ Russian soviet, government and .the Ruhr insurrection has not yet -been estab- . 'Mrs. IW. „ Harrisburg; Mrs. D. W. Anna; Mrs. Henry Bani?., -Marionl SecretaHe* — Corn-spending; Mri -McAdoo Karraker ,. ......... . Conditions made necessary tiie ti*<> Slon ' '' ' '• Of military" force to re-establ!sli the aut-liority of the. constitutional jor- ei-nmerit; The .attitude of .-.Frhnc'e agniiiit th« German . government- meiiiidiiuhjg its ^, Exten :'i H . U ? h ^ u I ra -''^»Kt 3 : _ « "•«•.'» JJ*^UttHL.Y Fr«dme 11 ,.Mrs. J: M. Pierce, OM*O« - 1 "'-- Literature, Mi BLiiiucui. .. ..... ',....- ^nawneetown; Mission <Jt«^ i, The Attitude of .-.France agniiiit th« C. JS. Jir-a er H ' T y - ' Mr ^ German . go'verniiieut- meiiitdiiuhjg its ! ilrs W v M AJ"" ^ ^ew-Era constitutional 'authority, in the".. Itulit ' ^ ' ',," ^eAaoo, 'Harrisburg; J u . industrial resion.--n.iid.'.It. hecessar* i p • ' s " C - H - 'Wiley, uAjiaa; Young meeting ;force with .'force, will,, if SHS- : ^ e> Mrs - J - M. Parkman. Ann<T,!Y*«.!. *X«.l *^ ^.n i. n . ^-i. i' w.'..-.'j.L..~> __._ ' lTftFl*:nT.ii>..- <r-r__ _ * ^***"*» i.. -tingent, Mrs P '°- "oodman. Cobdpr- Jaen - TV^ • " ~" ^-a^kman Ann- tnined,-..tbnd to. malie tlie rieu'tra! zom- j 1 ™ as urers—Home and *' the.chief incubator In -STirops for tlio i-^ r s. T. ~ ~ worst forms, of radica'ilsm. Ruh^; Region Afliain Quiet. . The Ruhr 'industrial i-egiori, upon j ^ which Gei-iiianj- -is so largely, -lepeml- i MtS. Tygett's tint for the fulfillment of the ihdustrini provisions of the peace treat}-, Is for the moment generally quiet again. Tho i forests of• chimneys jhroughoiit the re-.! giori are belching-smoke again. Al-1. Th , -most normal coal production has been 1 f . _ • nera ' of Mrs. Anna Was Held Satuwfcj resumed and work has been'taken up :-;; a -lygett -was held "at the everywhere/- :'Baptist 'churc'h -in this citv The government, .with the aid of the i o'clock Saturday. .K e <- J ~v reiclisirelir, lias the situation well in j **« Baptist church ar 4 hand excepting in the south, where, In «i. 'ilh». remain An «i official Dusseldorf, Elberfeld and Bnrracn. from Al'drM Were I)rc ' ll 8' llt liie radical workmen's councils remain ! ment ^.. _ ? on '• Nr °- 205. in control, but even there It is quiet and work has been resumed. 9 HURT IN ELEVATED Eugene Wayne Eugene Wayne Woods, tlie month., , - ^ugcjic itay.ns WOOdS, ttte ernoon. Newspapers in this section old SMI of .Mr.'an'dMrs'B'obt Woodand job shops were represented. The died Saturday at'''tli«r : .': h'ome'. on S.SSOf*_1 fH".inTI h.flG VlPJ^Tl ^'P^•f^TT^.T^^ i-iTrro-n^ (~< 'hi. itr 11 ,-..'' _'. - ''.'• i.' . „ ,. . . , i —-. W M«wwi.-u.-a,jr tn, laieir. nome on association has been recently organ- Soufch Wall .street. --Tie'Sun'eral was iasd and is rapidly growing. .--.-.... »- c "" ™«» .Mrs. John Hamilton and mother, Mrs. Zack Gent, of Ch.icag-o were here at 10 o'clock.'this-'momiiig-.' Bu- riaT.-ait Oakland'-cem-elteryj'''•' •-'i'.'j. *-i«-^rv vjciiir, \J.L t^niiuAgu were jJcie STEAMERS GO TO BALTIiWORE i yastelclay ™ aking ' an ' ai *™ments to • locate here May 1. They will occupy New York Port Strike Divprf-o. !«=,„„ one 'Of the Stotli.r aDartim.pTits on arehe New York Port Strike Diverts. Many Ships to" the Southern Harbor. w street. Mrs. Irene : VaugKn Vaughn, of Mr. and ••• T Lester .. _ -.1 •• - ••-'" ; wusmngton, April i" — s^ing machine I am now in posi-! Wilson went aiitomobilG riding for the , —: - "' --"' ",e nrst , Gent .will reside w'-ih nyir and Mr t,op to do hemstitcTHtts-at my home first time in two weeks. Accompanied If f J ' 3 Ol A l' ril tllp ™ 1i«v H arrivert ! Ham Ifcn l^re 'Mr K^ m '^ ^ at 507 South Poplar-street. Phone by Mrs. Wilson he drove around the ' l ' steainers . «««>.v of which brought | ^ amllto11 ^re. JVIi. Hampton, -wh along the Potomac and eargoes - The stri!;e in ^<-'"' York and - * conn «ted With th,3 I. C. offices i 337X'.. Mrsi. Grover Og-'den. .al2-lt Speedway, aljjng the Potonuic and '' Ralph Hamilton and '-baby and Mjss'(Mary Eyre went, to Caulterville Satuitday for ian aver .Sunday vis-it tlii-ougli.IJock Creek park. To Auction Gaby's Jewels. Paris, April 12^~l 1 he famous, collec-' +•!,"• M, TO, "• '•'",' tlon of jewels" thut belonged to Gaby L their-mother. They were oomrf- Deslys is about to be auctioned here, here -by their sister, Mrs. L. H. Bain- : Tlie. gems are estinwted at $1,000,000. hrid'ge and dair.lgihtea- .of (Marion:-••'•-.•• j[- •••"• - ' . '. • today. Two Women Seriously Hurt—Re«r. ' End Collision in Chicago Halts | Traffic. tv, ' 6 fact even "S informed away. Chicago, April 12.—Nine passengers 1 where" sL^"^*^ were injured . and others severeiy ' .fo r a - s 'Weivji.. shaken up when a nortlibound Havens- ' .y,--^, , ,,; us br eakdow7i. wood elevated train cr/^hed Into the th y (hfir husband, rear of ,nn empty Cliie'figo,' North „ ^ Bothers as follow*Shore & Milwaukee coach «tt Soventli ~' dl * 1 >.' Wolf Lak e . T "' street .and Wabash avenue. The in- ' Panc fc'veyvirie- Ohas in, Tt : jured were taken to St. Luke's, hospital ^eefc. .V/ yo ir ,^ m, _ or<i ' In ambulances. Two womea p»»sen- gera were seriously injured. U. S. WILL NOT LIST NAMES Claude': she is sur °ne sister an, Mrs. .W «e,-a 0 ' 3AXS. \JI Government Decides Not to Make Pub. Aldrids-« *' lie Identity of Yank Dead Brought ~ f • -. Home.- I congestion at that steamers here to load and port has' sent several partly loaded there were forced to have freight diverted;here .to complete their cargoes; Clearances for the ten lays'.period were '54 vessels. Chicago, has bten made supervising agent of I. C. .stations with .headcpto- '• STRAY HORSE -TAKEN UP •ters ihere. - * 'have taken up 'a. stray horse, Wack 'with .white spots 'in forehead. O'winer can Ba>v«.same by - Property and paying for. : . ~.«u. J-nrailkil'l and- family -iia-ve': ^*«'i^-*Mj .M.I*M ^/<*^iii^ iur• aoygmn*img j retui-ned to their home in Gsntralia,, and other costa.-^-3R, MoAneUy,- 1408 ' after a visit 'wiiiibi Ms toother, E. M. i S.. Buchianan street,' Marion, Ul. ThrailMH, and family.- . .' I . Adv a9-3* •" Washington, April 12.—Because bf the grief«that naturally would be sroused -through the publication br long casualty-lists, the,-war department has decided it will uot' maia public any of the names of the American dead being removed froni the battlefields nnd cemeteries of F ' tor burial in the United ?tntes '• 'Georg-e PiiZ ~ *d* ^-^ l * MSo »*»d -•^-ivauaa. w^re " *«•«« SOR • />^ si^Sr?^S

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