The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 27, 1978 · Page 23
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 23

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1978
Page 23
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Jim Bishop: Reporter Legal Notices Wednesday Morning, September 27, 1978 {Che jpailu ^*«&is 9-B In Pursuit Of Happiness Man and his machines make quantum leaps in knowledge. Of all the scientists who ever lived, 90 percent are alive now. We have learned more in a century than in the previous 5,000 years. We make one chronic mistake: We strive for a chimera called happiness. The word contains an element of bliss, of ecstacy, which no nervous structure can sustain. It can be supported for a short time, as grief can. Happiness collapses, possibly because the element which induced it loses surprise or novelty. Will a new car do it? A new house? A millon dollars? For different persons with different aspirations, yes. They can induce happiness. Any material thing which can bring a joyous state can also burn it off like a hot sun on a morning mist. Happiness is a sometime thing: We achieve it momentarily when great good things happen to us. Or to someone dear to us. Women who weep at weddings are happy for the bride. The bride is happy for herself. This too passes away. An analysis of life as we live it depicts it as harsh. It is like walking in darkness on a rotten bridge. Some get to the other side. Some fall to the depths at once. Others stagger part of the way and quit. Life never gives; it takes. The common denominators of our days are savage: frustration, jealousy, sorrow, failure, criticism, betrayal, illness, slander, misunderstanding, ignorance, disappointment and anxiety. It was intended to be a trial. Nothing less. Learning to endure those things can bring a man to a rare state of contentment. It Earl Wilson doesn't match happiness, but it generates a warm realization that everyting could be worse. THE LONG REACH We reach too far for too much. We claw for success as though, having attained it, we may ignore the shadow behind us. We want the most money, the most beautiful girl, the biggest house, the loveliest children. Most men will not attain any of those. No one attains all of them. The intelligent man has more to fret about than the ignorant one. The former has broad horizons of knowledge which enable him to better see many of the things that can go wrong with this complex, confused culture. The ignorant man eats, procreates, sleeps. He is close to contentment. All of us are prisoner in a fragile body. None of us will get out of it alive. If all our senses of joy, beauty and understanding are caught in a cage of skin, why don't we take better care of the skin? We seek knowledge of distant skies and the deep of the seas and the earth but we seldom consult a mirror. We might see an iron face. The instinct of greed is far sharper than that of charity. In a choice between getting and giving, we'll take getting. To the working man, people on welfare are thieves. To those on welfare, the successful man is a crook. Somewhere between those polarizations, their is a soaring spirit, a soul, that begs us to love each other as brothers. We can drown that uneasy cry with a couple of evening cocktails. Man should pull his horns in a little. He can live on less and have more time to smell the flowers. When he walks, he seldom lifts his eyes. In business, he's suspicious. If he's broke, he worries about getting something. If he has money, he worries about keeping it. If he's satisfied with his life, he just doesn't understand the situation.- THOSE WHO TRIED Was Howard Hughes happy? Edsel Ford? J.Paul Getty? John XXIII came close. He believed in what he was doing and he loved everybody. He and millions of 2-year-olds had something in common: merriment. The capacity to enjoy. Ironically, the harder we strive for it, the less chance we have of finding it. This is a good, solid little planet. There are 4.5 billion of us living off IB inches of topsoil. Many have nothing. Some have something. A few have much. Inequity - is a natural state. It was always like this, and our fabulous world of science will not change it. Thus, the trick, the one big trick, is to learn to live with it. Ideals are reserved for the pious. The rest of us scratch for a living, but we scratch too hard. It breeds hypertension and heart disease and the tears of survivors. It isn't worth it. We need the tools of education to be armed against the harshness. No more, no less. Biessed is he who, with no education, is both shrewd and witty. It would be lovely if our children set smaller goals and attained them. It would be noble if they married and truly loved their spouses. It would be too much to expect them to re-educate their parents... ©1978 King Features Syndicate, Inc. NOTICE To all persons claming any mlercst m the property located al 1314 30th Street. Cilv ol Galvcslon or mere particularly described as Block V>. Lot 3. Please lake notice that Iho Building Official of the Cily ol Galveston has determined that the structure located al In above address is in such a slate ot disrepair and dilapidation as to constitute a nuisance and a serious hazard to Ihe healln and salely ol ihe citizens ot the City ot Galveston The Building Olficial has further determined that said structure is unsuitable lor repair aiSd must be demolished Please take further notice notice irtai the City has advertised the structure lor demolition. Any interested person desiring to appeal the decision ot the Building Oflicial may do so by filing with the Building Official a written notice of appeal betore October 1, 1978. II no interested parly n'les An appeal to the above property, the City of Galveston will proceed wilh the demolition ol the structure Published* 15 thru 10 1 NOTICE To all persons claiming any interest in the property located at 3128 Avenue MV], City of Galveston or more particularly described as Lot S 60' of 14 and NVjof M'/:9S'x.)3'. Blk 13 NE. Please take notice that the BuiUling Official ot tne City ot Galveston has determined that the structure located at the above address is in such a state ot disrepair and dilapidation as to constitute a nuisance and a serious hazard to the health and salely of ihc citizens of the City ol Galveston. The Building Official has further determined that said structure is unsuitable tor repair and must be demolished. Please take further notice that the City has advertised the structure for demolition. Any interested person desiring to appeal the decision of Ihe Building Official may do so by filing wilh the Building Official a written notice ol appeal belore October 9, 1978. if no in terested party files an appeal to the above property, the City ot Galveston will proceed with the demolition ot the structure Published 9 23 Itiru 109 Rooting For The Bad Guy NEW YORK—I suppose it's just human nature that caused some cops to root for some robbers to get away. Sonny Grosso, the former NY policeman who helped break the "French Connection" drug case, says, a little surprisingly, that it's true. He became an author, a novelist, and a technical adviser for films. He candidly says he wanted— strictly as an observer—for the Brinks bandits to get away with it. "I'd say that most of the NY policemen wanted to see the statute of limitations run out before they got caught," he says. "It was stealin' money from a big corporation, sort of like a Robin Hood caper. In Boston, two guys served 16 years and came out like folk heroes now." Sonny, by a coincidence, became an adviser on the big Brinks movie filmed in Boston. He's celebrating the publication of his second novel, "Point Blank," in which he says that one of his detective buddies was set up to look like a crooked cop, so that he was eventually "shot to death by his gun." Grosso is happy that he was working on "The Brinks Robbery" picture when the company got a call purportedly from thieves who stole some of Earl'm P«»rl» TODAY'S BEST LAUGH: Chuck has gone up so high in the meat market, Freddie Roman said at the Concord Hotel, they're calling it Charles. WISH I'D SAID THAT: "If a woman does what an efficiency expert does, it would be called nagging." REMEMBERED QUOTE: People who think they are too big to do little things are perhaps too little to be asked to do big things.—Anonymous. EARL'S PEARLS: Toupees cover a multitude of skins. Bob Orben just sent me a Christmas card—in case there's a postal strike. That's Earl... Brother the finished film and were demanding $600,000 ransom for it. Grosso was talking to William Friedkin, director of the film, when the call came. Official Record! Birth* SepLM Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Carlton House, Beaumont. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nobles, Beaumont. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Villareal, Analmac. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Rigoberto Pena, Pasadena. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Myers, Freeport. „ „. . Boy, Mr. and Mrs. William S. Slyir, Rock Island. , Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro imado, Houston. J , . Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Johnson, Livingston. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Bruse Bebee, Goodrich. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kress, Beaumont. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Spoon, Damon. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Daries Harmon, Beaumont. Sept. 21 Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick H. Tripp, Texas Cily. Boy, Mr. and' Mrs. John Renshaw, Freeporl. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. George L. Sealy, Galveston. Girl Mr. and Mrs. Abe! Salas, Spring. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert V, Edwards, Galveston. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. John Wynn, Pearland. Sept 22 Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Hilary Gallo, Beaumont, Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Thomason, Dickinson. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Panagiotupolos, Galveslon. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Southwell, Jasper. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Gloston, Beaumont. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Lolt, Anahuac. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ordonez, Anglelon. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Richard, Silsbee. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fitzgerald, Alvin. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Juan Maldonado, Angleton. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Rosendo Diaz, Needville. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Conlreras, Galveston. Sept 23 Boy, Mr. ami Mrs Terry Roberts, Galveston. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Leverett, Houston. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. James Cliff, Galveston. Girl, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Kennebrew, Kirbyville. Boy, Mr. and Mrs, Glen W. Masterson, Humble. Boy, Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Williams, Bamum, "They want $600,000?" Friedkin repeated. "Tell 'em to go buy a projector and enjoy the film. They've got a work print—but we've got the negative." Sonny predicts, nevertheless, that film burglaries will be repeated, "and protection against it should be started now. Not tomorrow." Debbie Reynolds and Rip Taylor had the autograph fans running and screaming when they stepped off the train at Grand Central, arriving from Latham, N.Y., where they'd been appearing for a week. Due to his TV appearances, Rip is now a big public favorite, too. He went to the Backstage Club where John Carradine was getting up to sing a few songs in a voice not nearly as cracked as you would think it might be. Debbie, looking gorgeous, was here to attend her daughter Carrie Fisher's opening in an off- Broadway show, and will then fly off to Australia for a public appearance tour Down Under. The world-famous Latin Casino at Cherry Hill, N.J., which closed as a night club in June, will reopen as a disco...'tis said it will be the world's largest. Lainie Kazan, Virginia Capers and Julie La Rosa, after some 20 hours of working on the Jerry Lewis-MDA telethon raising $30 million, still had strength to celebrate at a party at the Plaza Hotel Penthouse. Lainie then went to bed for a day prior to opening at the Playboy. Shirley Bassey got five standing ovations at the Hotel Concord—one admirer slipped off his diamond and ruby ring and gave it to her. He was about to give her his gold bracelet and necklace when his wife stopped him. Home entertainment continues at top NEW YORK (UPI) Home entertainment continues to be one of the top priorities in the^ American way of life, ac-' cording to researchers for one of the nation's leading manufacturers of television appliances. Some 96 percent of all American homes now have at least one TV, their study shows, and in the first six months of this year RCA, developer of the selec- tavision video tape recorders, estimates that over 100,000 Americans have purchased these latest electronic devices that sell for almost $1,000 apiece. NOTICE TO CREDITORS OF THE ESTATE OF BERNARD L. KAUFFMAN, DECEASED-NO. 45,051 IN THE PROBATE COURT OF GALVESTON COUNTY, TEXAS. Notice is hereby given that original Lelters Testamentary upon the Estate oi Bernard U. Kauflman, Deceased, were granted to the un dersignerl on September 18, 1979 by the Probate Court ot Galveslon County. Texas. All persons having claims against the said Estate are hereby required to present same to us within tne time prescribed by law. Our postoflice address is c o Levy & Levy, 1010 U. S. National Bank Bldg., Galveston, Texas 77550. Alberl Henry Kauflman Thomas Bernard Kaullman Michael Dick Independent Co-Executors of the Estate of Bernard L. Kaullman, Deceased Published 9 27 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that on Sep tember 7, 1978, Bluebonnel Broad casting Company tendered tor filing with the Federal Communications Commission. Washington, D.C., an application for a construction permit to construct a new television broadcast station on Channel it, 674 680 MHz, al Galveston, Texas. The proposed station will operate with effective radiated power of 1663 kw with antenna height of H6\ feet above average terrain from a transmitter site located 3 mils north northeast ol Alvin, Texas on Alvin Friendswood Road. The main studio of the proposed station will be located at a site to be determined in Galveston, Texas. The officers, directors, and ten percent or greater stockholders ol Bluebonnet Broadcasting Company are Raymond G. Schindler, Frank W. Head, Jo Edgell Blaskowsky. Richard Marcantel, Pedro Enrique*, and Douglas W. Mathews. A copy of the application, amend mentis), and related material are on file for public inspection during regular business hours at 7400 Jones Drive No. 104, Galveston, Texas 77550. Published 9-19,20.26.27 NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING Notice is thereby given that an October 12, 1978, a Public Hearing will be held al 10:00 a.m. in the County Comissioners' Courtroom, County Courthouse, in connection with the tentative budget for Ihe year 1979, as required in House Bill 768, Chapter 306, Acts of the FortySecond Legislature, Regular Session RAYHOLBROOK County Judge Budget Officer Galveston, Texas Published9 27 NOTICE To all persons claiming any interest in Ihe property localedat: 1.5202 Avenue M (Lot 10 DR Blk. <U3I 1. 4308 &, 4310 Avenue G (Blk 403, Lot 9-10) 3. 3919 Avenue G (rearHBIk 339, Lol GSubofltoS) 4. Lot 102 ol Spanish Gram Section 1 5. Lot GA4of Bay Harbor 6. Lot 325 of Bfly Harbor 7. LotJIOof Bay Harbor 8. Lot 207 ol Bay Harbor 9. LO GA3 of Bay Harbor Please take notice that tne Housing Department of the City ol Galveslon has determined that the vacant lots are a public nuisance in which there exist high weeds in excess of nine (9) inches in height. The City ot Galveston hereby gives notice lo any persons claiming any interest to the above properties to cut and clean the lots before October 1,1978. Failure to comply with this notice will result in the Ci»y proceeding to have the lots cut anc cleaned, and liens filed against this property. Publised9 12tnru 10 1 HARRIS-GALVESTON COASTAL SUBSIDENCE DISTRICT NOTICE OF HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all county and municipal governments and to all interested persons within Harris and Galveslon Counties: Thai the Board ol Directors of the Harris-Galveslon coastal Subsidence District will hold a hearing on Itie applicatins for, renewal of, and r,mendments to, permits by the below listed prties, and on applications for exemptions from water well permits, on October 17, 197B. beginning at 9:00 a.m., al the office of the Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District, 1730 NASA Road One, Nassau Bay, Harris County, Texas. NOTICE is hereby further specifically given to: 1. Cily of Galveston PO Box 779 Galveslon, Texas 77553 2. ARCO-Polymers, Inc. 9822 La Porte Freeway Houston, Texas 77017 3. ExxonCorporation-Baytown coS. R. Burgess POBox 2180 Houston, Texas 77001 4. Texas City Refining, Inc. POBox 1271 Texas City, Texas 77590 5. Marathon Oil Company POBox 1191 TcxasCity. Texas 77590 A. GAP Corporation POBox 214) Texas City, Texas 77590 7. Galveilon County W.C. 8.1 ,D. No 8 P O Box 337 Alia Loma, Texas77510 8. Amoco Chemicals Corporation P O Box 568 Texas Cilv. Tsxas77i90 9 Merichem Company 1914 Haden Road Houston, Texas 77015 10. Charier International Oil Company POBox 5008 Houston. Texas 77012 11. Clear Lake City Water Authority 900 Bay Area Boulevard Houstn, Tex« 77058 13. Diamond Shamrock Corporation P O Box 500 Deer Park, Texas 77534 13. Diamond Shamrock Corporation POBOXYY9 La Porte, Te«ai«7i01 14 Ferhliier Company ol Texas c oC. A. Barnett P O Box 3444 Pasadena. Texas 77501 15 LoncSlar industries. Inc Houston Cement Plan! POBox <148 Houston, Texas 77001 16 Slaulter Chemical Company c 0 R, L Dixn 8A15Manchester Boultvard . Houston, Texas 7'OU IJ. Reeo Tool Copany c oTomM Worslell POBOX 2119 Houston, Texas 77001 18. Jacintoporl Corporation 1507 PennCity Road Houston, Texas 77015 19. Harr.S County F W S D No. 6 117 Tower Cnannelvicw. Texas 77015 20. Harris County F.VV.5 O. No, 51 P O Box 9842 Houston, Texas 77015 21. Harris County W C.i I D No, 21 16229 Market Slreel Channelview, Texas 77530 22. Baroid Petroleum Services N.L. Industries, In; POBox 490 Channelview, Texas 77530 23. Pennwalt Corporation 2231 Haden Road Houston, Texas 77015 24. Diamond Shamrock Corporation PO Box 9637 Houston. Texas 77015 25 HarrisCounty W.C. & ID, No. 108 POBox 487 Aliet, Texas 77411 26. ARCO Chemical Company POBox 777 Channelview, Texas 77530 27. Cily ol West University Place 3800 University Boulevard Houston, Texas 77005 28. Wanda Petroleum Company P O Box 45894 Houstn, Texas77045 29. Rohm and Haas Texas, Inc. P O Box 672 Deer Park, Texas 7753* 30. HarrisCounty W.C. i t.D, No. 109 5302 Old Lodge Houston, Texas 77066 31. TheLubrizol Corporation PO Box 158 Deer Park, Texas 77534 32. Spring l.S.D. 16717 Medoerry Road Houston, Texas 77090 33. Goodyear Chemical Plant POBOX 5397 Houston, Texas 77012 34. Strake Foundation— Strake Trust 3300 Gulf Building Houston, Texas 77003 35. Sollex Polymer Corporation POBox 1000 Deer Park, Texas 7753* 36. Schumacher Company, Inc. 5610 Polk Avenue Houston, Txas 77023 37. Harris County F.W.S.D. No. 52 13410 Parlage Lane Houston, Texas 77069 38. Harris County MjU.D. No. 24 POBox 1209 Spring, Texas 77373 3?.OoveMeadowsM.U.D. P O80X1209 Spring, Texas 77373 40. Rosewood M.U.D. 9900 Northwest Freeway, No. 206 Houston, Texas 77092 41. Entex. Inc. Southwest Service Center P O Box 2628 Houston, Texas 77001 42. Harris County M.U.D. No. 51 co Gerry E Pate 2040 North Loop West, SuiteSlO Houston, Texas 77018 43. Harris County M.U.D No. 144 coVinsonS.EIkins 2100 First City National Bank Building Houston, Texas 77002 44. Tomball l.S.O. PO BOX160 Tomball. Texas 77375 45. Mobil Oil Corporation c-o Big-Si, Secondary Brand Division 7924 Belt Line Road Dallas, Texas 75240 4*. Yancey-Richardson Investments 13403 Northwest Freeway, No. Ill Houston, Texas 77040 47. Clay Road M.U.D. c-o Vinson 8. Elkins 2100 First City National Bank Building Houston, Texas 77002 48. Ml. Houston Road M.U.D. Leonard, Koehn, Rose, Webb 8. Hurt 6750 West Loop South, Suite 150 Bellaire, Texas 77401 4». Houston Shell 8, Concrete PO Box3W Houston, Texas 77001 50. Johnnie Judge 406 Barrett Road Crosby. Texas 77532 Any person who desires to appear al the hearing and present testimony, evidence, exhibits, or other information may do so in person, by counsel, or both. Copies ol Rules governing the conduct ol the hearing are available at the Subsidence District's office. The hearing maybe recessed from day to day or continued where appropriate. Ronald J. Neighbors, General Manager Harris-Galveston Coastal Sub sidence District 1730 NASA Road one Houston, Texas 77058 (713)333-4939 Published 9-27 ORDINANCE AN ORDINANCE FIXINGTHE TAX RATE OF ALL TAXABLE PROPERTY WITHIN THE CITY OF CRYSTAL BEACH, TEXAS, COM MENCING JANUARY I, 1978; PROVIDING FOR PENALTIES AND INTEREST THEREON UN DER CERTAIN CONDITIONS. PROVIDING FOR A LI EN ON REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY TO SECURE TH PAYMENT OF TAXES ASSESSED; PROVIDING FOR A SAVINGS CLAUSE; PROVIDING FOR PUBLICATION AND PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE; PROVIDING FOR REPEAL OF INCONSISTENT PARTS OF CONFLICTING ORDINANCES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF CRYSTAL BEACH. TEXAS. SECTION 1. That upon all property, whether personal, real or mixed, situated within the corporate limits of the City ol Crystal Beach on Januar 1, 1978, and not otherwise exempt from taxation under Ire Constitution or laws ol the State ol Texas, there is hereby levied for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 1978, and each fiscal year thereafter unlil duly changed by ordinance, annual ad valorem taxes at the reate of SO.75 upon each One Hundred (S100 001 Dollars of valuation of such property based upon eighty percent (80) of its Fair Market Value, for the following municipal purposes: General Fund. SECTION 2. That all taxes collected by thecity and districts for which it is collecting taxes, shall be payable on October 1, and if such laxcs are not paid in full on or belore January 31 of Ino succeeding January, the lo'lowing penalties shall be payable thereon: During the month of February, one percent; During the month of March, two percent; During Ihe month ol April, three percent; During tne month ol May, four percent; During the month ot June, five percent; and on after the first day of July, eight percent, and all delinquent taxes shall bear interest at Ihe rate ol six percent per annum from the date ol delinquency until paid. SECTION 3. There is hereby fixed on each and every item ol taxable properly a lien charge and en cumbrancc for tne purpose of securing Ihe certain payment of taxes assessed together with pon*itiesand interest accrued again! said item of property, and said lien shall continue to exist against any item of properly against which a tax is assessed hereunder unlil such tax, together with all penalties and in tcrcst, shall be paid. SECTION 4. If for any reason any part or portion of this Ordinance is held invalid or unenforceable by A court of competent jurisdiction, the remaining parts and portions of this Ordinance shall be unaffected thereby and shall be valid and en Legal Notices torccable. SECTION 5 Thai all Ordinances or parlilhereol in conflict herewith »rc repealed loth* extent ol conflict only, and mat this Ordinance shall be and become effective from Ana after its adoption and publication as required by law. APPROVEDASTO FORM BART HOP* INS. City Attorney I, ANN WILLIS, Secretary ol the City Council ol the City ol Crystal Beach, do hereby certify thai the foregoing is a true ano correct copy of an Or dinance adopted by tne Cily Council of me City ol Cr/sial Beach al a duly c^'lcd and held meeling held on the •.'U' day ol Sep! , 1978, as the same appears in records ol this office. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I subsribe my name hereto this 31st day olScpl , 1978 AnneWillis Secretary of Ihe City Council ot the City ot Crystal Beach ADOPTED Ihis2lstof Sept , 1978 R, L. Land, Mayor Pro Tem ATTEST: AnneWillis. City Secrelary Published 9 27 ihru 10 6 PUBLIC NOTICE The City Council ol the Cily ol Galveston will conooct a Buaget Hearing on the proposed use ol its Revenue Sharing 10th Entitlement funds in the amount of SI.008.570. This hearing will be held in the Council Chambers ol City Hall on Thursday, September 28, 1978 al 2:00 p.m Slalf recommendation lo City Council is: 1. General Fund Capital Outlay S101.000 2. Sanitation Fund JJ22.500 3. Vehicles, 4283,500 4. 5. City Hall Improvement, S56.000 6 Street improvement, SI37,370 7. Program Administration, S200 Total il.008,570. Citizens are urged to provide written or oral comments and ask questions concerning Ihe entire budget. Copies of the proposed budget are available for public inspection in the City Secretary's Olfice between the hours ot 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Final approval of the Revenue Sharing expenditures will be made on the same day September 78,1978. Published9 18thru28 AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR THE PROTECTION OF SAND DUNES; PROVIDING FOR A LIN OF VEGETATION AND ESTABLISHMENT OF A DUNE PROTECTION LINE AND DEFINING THE SAME; PROHIBITING AND MAKING UNLAWFUL THE REMOVAL OR RELOCATION OF SAND DUNES WITH CERTAIN DISTANCES F R OM SAID LINE AND REGULATION O SUCH AFTER APPLICATION FOR AND ISSUANCE OF PERMIT. PROVIDING A SAVINGS CLAUSE; PROVIDING A PENALTY OF HOT IN EXCESS OF S200.00 FOR VIOLATION AND PROVIDING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE AND PUBLICATION I, Anne Willis. Clerk ol Ihe Cily Council ol the City ol Crystal Beach. Texas, do hereby certify thai tne loregoing is a true and correct caption ot the ordinance adopted by the City council on the 21st day of September, 1976. In testimony whereof, I subscribe my name hereto officially under the corporate seal of the City of Crystal Beach, Texas this 21st day ol Sep tember, 1978. AnneWillis Clerk of the City Council of the City of Crystal Beach, Texas Published 9-27 thru 106 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT AN ORDER DATED 9-JO-76 HAS BEEN ISSUED BY THE UNDERSIGNED AUTHORIZING THE NAME OF THE ARCHIE MARIE OFFICIAL NUMBER 50097J, OWNED BY E.L. MOORE OF FREEPORT, TEXAS OF WHICH GALVESTON, TEXAS, IS THE HOMEPORT, TO BE CHANGED TO PRODUCER. SHIRLEY S.MELILLO BY DIRECTION OFFICER IN CHARGE MARINE INSPECTION U.S. COAST GUARD GALVESTON. TEXAS Published 9-24,27,28,29 The village council and the Zoning Commission of the Village of Jamaica Beach will hold a public hearing regarding the adoption of a Zoning Ordinance tor Ihe village of Jamaica Beach. The meeting will be held in the Village Office, 16428 San Luis Pass Road (the Fire Station Building), Saturday, September 30, 1978 at 10 a.m. A copy of the Zoning Ordinance and Map may be examined in the Village Olfice Bam 5pm Monday through Friday. Published 9,15Ihru 9 30 001 Lost and Found LOST: 9 week old Part Lab Pupoy Red coal with rto collar Vicinity of island Softool, under Vets care Contact 740 115? V500 REWARD ~" No question asked l»r relurn ol Ifw. iewelry & Broom jewelry box taken Wed Sentimental value Vicinity 57th &, Seawall Blva 744 3783 FOUND: MALE Iriih Setlc-r. v.cimt/ ot 57tn & S Phone 744 3734 between 8AM «PM. LOST: man prescription glasses Vicinity West End Reward. 744 4806 FOUND: GERMAN Shepherd puppy, female, vicinity of 15th St. Prione 767 0297 alter 6PM REWARD FOR INFO leading to sale recovery of 2 Python snakei. stolen 9 21 78 No questions aiked. 763 6663. LOST-PLATINUM 12 diamond ring, vicinity 45th i Ave S.CGcHandsl REWARD 763 458* AMERICA IS BEAUTIFUL Bids and Proposals NOTICE OF SALE Pursuant to a Resolution passed by the Commissioners' Court of Galveslon County, Texas, on me 18th day of September, 1978, tne undersigned was thereby appointed a Commissioner to sell a certain strip ol land being a rectangular shaped piece out ot 19th Street and a second certain strip of land being a rectangular shaped piece out of Avenue J in the San Leon Townsite, Amos Edwards League, Galveston County, Texas, amounting to approximately 636 square feet. Said parcels will be sold to the highest bid of Inc ad' joining property owner, but for not less than the highest bid ol the adjoining property owner, but lor not less than the highest appraised value, plus all expenses in connection with said sale, subject to all of the conditions and reservations set forth in said Resolution authorizing said sale. THEREFORE. Ihe Commissioner will on tne 16th day ol October, 1978, at 10:00 o'clock a.m. at the Soutn entrance door, first floor of the County Courthouse, Galveston County. Texas, sell to tne highest bidder (providing he is an adjoining property owner) for me highest price bid plus all expenses in connection with Ihe sale ot the above described land. The Commissioners' Courl reserves the right to reject any oiler ol purchase if deemed unreasonable. A detailed metes an bounds description of the above described tract may be Obtained from the County Right of Way Department, County Cour thouse, Galveston, Texas, T. W. Barker. Commissioner Published? 20, 27,104 Personal 4 PREGNANT S. NEED HELP?? Call Birthright. Galveston 7448104. Dickinson, 337 4204 We also need donations 6. volunteers who are pro• life. Unwed Pregnancy For help with unwed pregnancy call EDNA GLADNEY HOME Fort Worm, Texas 1-BOO- 792-1104 Announcements 5 tlOO REWARD for info leading to the whereabouts of a 1975 yellow 400cc Yamaha, stolen from *Slh & Snerman Sept. 17. 7657160. 006 Lost and Found LOST—YELLOW LAB, vicinity 18th g. Ave. K. Answers to "Buck" REWARD. 7636533. cxt. 360, or 763 0823 alter 5. LOSTrHOUSTON 8. MAGNOLIA St., LM. Full grown male beagle. Red & black, wilh white paws, chcsf & tip of tail. ilOO Reward 765 6946. LOST: 7-YEAR OLD DACHSHUND Answers to P.?te d under medication. Belongs lo liMIe girl wiln cerebral palsey. Lost in vicinity of Ross, 3rd & Muriel in La Marque. Please call 9J3 392Vor 765 53991. ask for Mrs. Jecker. SMALL REWARD. LOST: Large Ulack Lab. Answers to Big Boy. Wonder away from 1000 block ol J4th Ave No., Texas City, 9 15 78. JIOO Reward. »48 4631 or »35 6189. InLovlnfjMimoryOf JULIOUS A. MORRIS WnoPnMdAwiy lYtwAgo l*pt*mb««-24,l?T7 Not a day goes by th»t we don't mink ol you Although wt can no longer ite yovr face, you wilt alway* live in our heart and inour memory. S«dty MliMd By Wife. Millie Marrii; Daughter «. Son in La*. Gloria May 8. Deario Crawford. Son & Daughter in Law. James i Sylvia Morris; Sister in Law, Christine Vucanovich; Grandchildren, Derail Wayne. Darlent, Deborah, Dxtna, Donald, Dawn, Oeann Crawford & Jamet (Jirnoo) Morris Jr. -', \ !n Loving Memory O» LOUISE BIRD Who Passed Away 1 Year Ago Tod ay September 77.1977 What would we give to you smile. To sit with you 4 talk awhile. The blow was sudden & shock severe, to part with you we love so dear. We often sit & think ot you. Things you used to say & do. We have many lonely heartaches i. shed silent tears, but always a beautiful memory to the one we loved so dear, God only knows how much we miss you. Sadly Missed By Daughters, Diddy &. Betty Jean; Brother, Jack; Sister-in-Laws; Son in-Law's; Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren,! Other Relatives 8. Friends. ,-:.fe In Loving Memory Ol Buster C. Carton Who Passed Away 1 yearsagotoday Sept. 24,1776 Today recalls sad memories of a LOVED ONE gone to rest. Those who think of you are the ones who LOVED you best. Sadly Missed By Mother Opal Wiggins Brother Jack Carton Sisters Helen Pepln and Grace Koke Nieces, Nephews, & Friends Furnished Rooms- Galveston 15 EXCELLENT ACCOMODATIONS Near UTMB, kitchen, clean, moaern. Reasonable Apply No 1 Rear, 302 Ave. C between Tennis Courts BREEZE MOTEL, 6435 Stewarl Ro., country living, weekly rates, bait & tackle 744 9149 Furnished Apartments- Galveston 21 1 BR. completely furnished All utilities included m renl. SI70 mo. 1100 dep. I BR oar apt completely furnished 4170 mo plus utilities. iloO dep conalctmgr at >706Ave L 2 MID-INN is midway between town S. beach where there's lovely I room kitchen apt 1906 Ave M 3 ROOMS & BATH. Nicely furnished, clean, utilities paio Renl reasonable Apply 2ll427lhSt. BAYOU VISTA. Furnished 1 BR efficiency. 1150 month. Aault. No pets 1 2369294. 9 5 daily. EFFIENCIE5 AVAILABLE for rent by week or month Apply Sandpiper Motel, 2nd t. Seawall. __ WANTED-ROOMATE over 25 to share extra large West End apt Reasonable. References exchanged. 7443141 . NEED FEMALE roommate for 2BR apt. Rent t!40. All bills paid Call Marian, Days 948 5443 before 10pm 7444847, 1 BEDROOM elliciency, furnished, close to UTMB H60 + deposit. No children or pets Call 744 7067. FURNISHED ONE BcDROOM apartment. 1618 M'.V Phone 762 n?a. SLEEPING ROOM. S75 month Near Seawall & Oowntown. Call 762 6024 SMALL BR IV kitchen apt. SICO. S20 deposit. 762 9347. VERY CLEAN FUHN.. duplex «08 Ave. Q, across Irom Gaiv. College. Fenced yard S. garage, 3 rooms J. bath, air, carpeted, t, recently redecorated. 5275 mo + deposit 762 9668. alter 57442788. COMPLETELY remodeled (t lur nished 1 bedroom, kitchen, livingroom, bath, wall to wall car pet, drapes, Ac, water only pd No pets. S200 mo.. SIOO deposit. Aptl.2406 ave.G.. 763 1076 FURN. 3 ROOM apt., J200 mo. plus deposit. Character references By appl., 763 2891. ONE BEDROOM furnished apt. 2Vi blocks from UTMB. medical student preferred. No children, no pets. Phone 763 3747. _ EFFICIENCY APTS. 1150 per month. Billspaid. HIGHWAY HOUSE 5tt Ferry Rd 7639446 I FURNISHED, 2 BR apts, on West Beach. i!50«75 mo. 511 bills paid. S150 deposit. 1 year lease 7656009. 34C* BROADWAY (rear). Furnished eft. apt. JI25 mo. Adults only, no pets. Phone 765 7439. J317 AVE. P.—1 bedroom apt., wall- to-wall carpet, air conditioned. Nice neighborhood. No children or pets. 1200 mo. 4- utilities. Call 765 7597. WEEKLY RENTALS EAST BEACH HOLIDAY VILLAGE 763-5389 S.S. GALVESTON MOia •02 Seawall llvd. 763-743 • On the Seawall, T.V. & pod. All bills paid. Large 1 BR apts. $290 mo. $25 deposit. No pets. No children under 12. Furnished Apartments- Mainland 22 NICE APARTMENTS for renl weekly. Reasonable rates. The Highland Motel, 4020 Hwy. 6, 935 9350. IBR Very rice. Carpeted, A-C, no pets. Deposit i references. Call 9865320. . SMALL FURN. APT. for rent. S175 mo. E.I. Tarin & CO..945-3384. Who died Sept. 77,1977 God called him from among us, to his eternal rest. Sadly missed, but God knows best. Sadly Missed By Mrs. E. Jlmenei 8. Family In Loving Memory Of MyAVirher RUTHS. BROWN Who Passed Away Sept. 27,1975 Sadly Missed By Son 8, Daughter-in-law Mr. & Mrs. Louis Rager, Jr. Sister, Blanche Brown Brother, Anderson Brown Relatives & Friends Unfurnished Aparrments- Galveston 23 ln Loving Memory Of MR. WILLIE PHILLIPS Who Departed This Life One Year Ago Today September 37,1977 Thinking ot you in sorrow, We always call your name. But all That's left fo answer, is your picture in a frame. Dear Lord please take this message to our Loved on up above. Tell him how much we miss him, and please give nimour love. Sadly Missed By Mother, Mrs. Octavla Phillips And Sen. Gregory PrtUllOTS. Family Furnished Rooms— Galveston 15 MEW FURKISHED rooms In Inc heart oi town. Weekly and daily rates. Phone 763 0243 between 10AM 11PM or 763 3740. MONTHLY >i WEEKLY He- comodations. AC, color TV. kit chenerrcJ available. Maid service Call765-77Mof 76S-7745. _ IDEALLY LOCATED within walking distance ot the Medical Center, is this 1 BR apt. in the Historical Section ol Galvcslon. S150 mo. 4- ulll. 1-524-8286. AVAILABLE SEPT. 15, t BR,, IVi bain apt. 231 1 71 St. 1295 mo. Children under 1 years only. All utilities paid. No pets. Deposit required. Apply 7312 Seawall. 744 4401. _ 2 BRS4106 Ave. S. Water paid. Children under 2 years only. No pels. Deposit & references. Apply 744-4401. 7312 Seawall. 1 BR, KITCHEN, living room, bath. S2iO mo., all bills pd. Call alter 5, 744 5016. ____ 2511 AVE. P. 2 BR, 1 bath, living, bedroom, kitchen. Carpeted, water pd. S2SO mo. 4- deposit. 744 8872. 1818 MVi. Two bedrooms, refrigerator and stove turnished. Phone 762 2278. _ 82S AVENUE K Upstairs. Large 4 room unfurnished apl. Appliances. Water and gas paid. S200 mo. References required. 6 month lease. Apartment open B-6PM daily. 7622541. ___ PARTLY FURNISHED apt. $150. Bills included. 1428 Ave, N. Upstairs. 7429347 __ LARGE SIX room apt. downstairs. Stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer t. garage included. V400 per mo. + lease & deposit. 743 0700; 763 5441. _ TAKING APPLICATIONS for nice IBR apts. Must have local referen ces. No children or pets 743 4471 after 5. _ NEAR UTMB. 1 2 3BR apts. No pets. Call 763 8444 or 744 8918. _ TWO BEDROOM, IVj bain unfurnished. Cent. AiH, newly remodeled, $275 mo. $275 deposit. 765 6387. _ ONE BEDROOM unfurn. apt., cent. A&H. Historical District, $250 month, $250 deposit. Also, efficiency apt. $150 month, $150 deposit. 745 4387. _ LUXURY APT. Large newly decorated unfurnished 5 rooms and 1',] baths apartment in good neigh borhood. Central A8.H. rent J400 per month -f utilities. Adults only, no pets Phone 765 7439. 4A1h & Ave. P Brand new unfurnished 3 room and bain garage apartment. Renl $300 per month. Adults only. No pe ts , Phone 745 7439. __ NEWLY DECORATED unfurn. 2 BR apt. Close to medical center and beach area. AC. wall lo wall car peting, drapes, new froslfree retngera tor and kitchen range. Adults only. No pets. Rent i250 per month + deposit. 765 7439. _ 1 BR UNFURN. DUPLEX. 3807 Ave. O. $135 mo , i- util. Deposit $135. Abe Kellncr Real Estate, 765 6446. 1 BR UNFURN., $700 mo.. S2CO deposit. Abe Keltner Real Estate. 7656446. _ _ _ 711 POSTOFFICE, (Ave. E.I Across from 51. Mary's. 1 BR, newly car peted, no children. $145 mo , lease & deposit. Abe Kellncr Real Estate, 765 6444. NOW AVAILABLE FvNHMtrfeUtdniu UtfftiMNU CASA MARINA APTS. 5151st St.

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