Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1976 · Page 13
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 13

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1976
Page 13
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47-- Real Istate-- for S«U »1.0X) r»0\VN and *i*unv- Join ol S-n.Mn m lhU-|arj;p 3 PFl. 2 b*!h brink tamp wild . oveitlud living rr«m and Hie, r W, r.irpolcd. utility room atvl more Call 7SM203. or Ijiry Holm**, 73143U, Arcade Itra] Kstale Coir- S2l-%5fi, . \"/ ' ' ' " · ;.; 'Something Special It's "3 brdrnoni.1 and iK'ii viilh fitrpfar* D fc a h r ea 1 age 1 *rvs 1 iw^ -*d Ikhi* Mr- Ml ani nU wt^ ,, pfctd ihrnuchotii, chn(«l jMlia anr] jar rten arva. blickop drive-, SpaMth [J.iR- 47-- RMfl'Eftfat*-- for Sd« , NOW AVAILABLE COH.MERCIA1, IOT. Kxc*llcnt l*Mtl"fl ""I" Cty : Alntini« rat-on CXtw*(. H-O wmng allow* lot an?' ,lyp* .of 'o(fttt-s and nw^Jum · la; h!6h rfwirfij' nmiltl- Iami1,v housing. Cill Ray Bun* 5JL4015. n\ nltlvf, ' ' ' - ' ' ' . · ' ON TOP Of Ihf brjidilul Ozark MounOiiiw k Ihls riuatnl, 2 BRp| j^ ^me m M( _ Oajlor. Kauri- *UXIK fireplace A.- kiwUy pm« pawlinc. Good outbuilding IhM «Hjld be i»cd as a groAt IioWiy »hop. 47-- Rwil tstate-- Jw Sak .SPLIT, LEVEL PiGW-3 BEDROOM -- HOOT SCHOOL -- : LARGE DKN ON IJOIVER LEV- Eb -- .Sfi.ickus double satac« -- Call C. HJ B*trs 4)3-1316 or !2l 685*. DEVELOPMENT l.\ND WITH ALL VT1U1IF.S AVAfl, AHI.K OVER VI mile on exfsttnf! blacMop [did. Trrm^ hy owner. Call Klwjxl PuthaM «3-i31fi. 47 R«»l Ettoft-- for Sal* 3 BORM BRICK $23,900;;, (860) North of IT of A. Hi bAihs, *n. heat, [AC unit, fcwerl hark yard, over- She 1 car gar. nice rfiade tr««. ; O-.«W iMVinq cJ1y. Appro*. $9,900 loan «t iV*%' assumaWo. , · 4 FURNISHE DAPARTMENTS (Ml) Walking dj'frtflnre In dwirtwn nnd UofA. Im-onw · of H20 [*r 'nv.. lenart* pay utilities. TV eAWe rtwn* '" «** u/iil. 1-2 bdrni, 31 Mrm units. «ch 47_R«j| Estate -- For Sale · :M HOMES , '.,;', BISHOP ADDITION. SEVERAL UNDER CONSTRUCTION 3 Bcrfioom J tall balhs carp*l ilsh \aRh«r, dixpo^al. plrctric ranee, ctnlral hral and air. all brick, menace optional. Double wood paneled Aaublo faras*. 47-_Real Esttite -- For Sole IF YOU WANT A QUALITY HO'AtE- YOU WANT A MK!TON HOME1. I37,0»-^13.UCO m; sioux CT, 3 BH, Mparale rflniny. caircle^. aJI exlras you uould want, fireplace, calhed- ral rcillnss. custom cab:neifi by Darrcll, COIlMr'R OF" KIOUX Sr CHEHOKEB 3 Itll. c"V««J vorvk, cAiTCted, all ex BI El'j,v now A- f:rk your OMTI cd^rs. Sec our lionies by Oming by during tli» day, or call bulWer. Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Monday, April 26, 1976 * .13. rATETIEVTU.E. ARKANSAS '. ..__'_'' ' ' : ' ; "* ' n In *· 1« be i n n r £nsi«1ioi NEWLIN REALTY CO, BM en 4^^0W DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH Wn-idcd seclusion can be found on th L 75 a n o loi rn Ml Seqiioj-ih A r?f "landy Fipr only Sll.iW. Call Joe ! 112 6517 W aer« nii -- just 'oM [Good tPTni.i. a y 200 E. Poplar Fayetteville S CD sfi's*:^ 521-3900 FATTCETTE 1202 N. COLLEGE OFFICE H2-i3Sl ·lose lo V. ol A 33 ACRES PRAIRIE GROVE REDUCED PRICT: on this 4 btriioom homo with alnwt OiXM *i - II. M heated spac*. t l M r a ' U r g e 'lanilly Call m v m f r apiwlntnwrH A IOT OF Sl'ACJB« price. 21;33 ACRES ON' H l G l i W A V - 1 4 , n?il In IMtU.S- T R I A L V A R K . 7 3 ' FronU^e - 7nnrA l i R h l irxlustrial nr heai'y cut i ner cja!. f2^0 per acji*. · Listed by Ha kell Utley 4IW316 ot: te*, -412WII. HOW QUIET IT IS! H321 AWAJ P from the htuile and bustle I Lhp t r a f f k "n JXHII very cr*~n Z^i on p Rood " well. fireplace Ini txa\ lights, '/ange. .carpus find drapes hu AJJ Hi J o M a n alive, ihls is '.whal tu e been l"ok"ui' for! LiMed by V^'ilma locllok. 521-a^OO or 531-7087 *fcf DON'T HAUL THAT BOAT) $28,500 to $31,200 VA FHA 'trt Uw lake lBea ' Sine. Tlicn, walk 1 back 3 Iktmt. l 1 .^ hath hrlrV: .SIM N, College. -- 4134316 i: i.. uiie George Ca IW3) Walk rlow and' drop : In 'J-C In thii vciy nic w/wti h*M A- . .. and drape* and relax No b^at \t loai /ish alr*adi ; clranert . . . you oan rill nj'Q- ih* 1 c«ivMiknce. Llilcd by Wtln w)!lch. 521-8XO or 521-7067. ·WANTA-. SMALL FARW?. . Ualh home? We'v . sot if- £ 2 hdr AND, Uwy'J ov.ii. HI ihey . n and sreal lor li^in', LiM«d by Aua N e a r R chtand \ e" 3 b«incmi hon p^ tialli ien Mteled arvl a 2 room gui liriuw v%10i bath. Cood outbuiltfinas. more than haU fn srau. Priced al JW.COO. Call HEINEY REALTY CO Hwy. 16 East , ,442-9236 COUNTRY CORNER , ham EA r^M IfO acres .show plac t^dtoom hwL'pe.- e» hoiisc. ord ICKllO iv-uliry IIP 70 acres of up]!. rievtlprod : p lest in limber; Good' supply i .of rflv. I; ol BA ionn in about Ifi miles Imm. rayeUovuie. 'At- hall cleared and ready lo be Sewed cra= rf bu er dinlro Evwrenl bui bE Sftcs Pr (^ -I HOC*XCQ LOVELY FAMILY HOME eslablljhtiJ nelchbdrh »vL Large UvlnS oom 4 bedrfwm-:. 3 bnlhs. Urge fenced backyard, H2.COO. Call 443-2510 :aU tlUKFEY CART Efl KB.V JIKNDKUSO.V ·JAAIES W. BAKER -- BROKER BARER - ASSOCIATES REALTORS 161S N Collegn 521 1300 V F W O H K MAHDEH TrTTl MtfJ BUYAHOME I a S UJ Country Setting 521-8500 1985 N. Colleg n home. 2 hrc. iorl«x;J dtck, or an appoint- fall Polly Bell or Murl Sleed BUITERFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT _._ west »\. SoiiLh »id« of Drive In Ihe icr Hwy. 71 North. H tulle west inlt WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 MELTON HOMES 442-2326 521-3895 ]IF,DI!CKD NOW irse, level M -- p'us '_jr*1 mmins' r-f ili U-*ffi ' UL! ftt\ or" VA D fi?a ftealU 7 1 222 TO 3311 FOR SALE BY BUILDER 200 E. Poplar Fayelleville IN SWEETBRlAR 'IN LINCOLN. T*S with ' 2 b^dnxim trailer hcxuc, ;ood iencc, Porii. O u l bull ding*. Phone Builder GARLAND SMITH 267-3393 1 6 A Adjoining Blacktop L.IFK unattached garage. Home i* pi lock .and Boston sidins. central h^al bedroom, 'lireplaw. Pond. 1 A sscluded f- \ ns arid . yet convenleni location. V can buj 1 it for il7.EH». Wooded 5 Acres :h 1?69 Baroratt S2^12 moWIe hnr irood condition wiih flue Jor ««: a arid rock wxri bo* added/ l*ui u« You ran get. in (or minin um ·n ea-rnert and - balance lifce re The pne« Ls ju.«-(93W." NEWLIN REALTY CO Weil Kork. A r m a n i ' s e m S awes tnsl ntnnrtlle squ»r« on tt nlim itlrtgc EslAtcs. Open iunkcn family rnnm , opomnp m\n large th fabu] us x e- Fo Ixrfroom. 2 · full idscXpcd and resdy t o ' g o onlj- W9^ 273-2993 or 451-6525. Legal Nolices Tt5 BirV, SOL CS PEWT, CAU. LADIES CHOICE Se« Ihls 'custom buill 3, BR. 2 hilh brick home 1GW1 E*j. l(. of juxurj-" )i«as s-pace. Fulb- caipe«5 on large level In-* sluddert loi with fenced yarrf. Has ( a!1 pooriirs; deluxe'fdlcfien, double garage WBFP." CH/CA. ulilily 'mom And pjtk on qir*t rtreel. Ro« Schnol, Priced Ic eU. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 3 RR ranrli «l1e - home «iUl douliti ga'raw'In West" Fork. :.\H cH'y lililltie W D H O-*-ner "ill wll nn cnnlrart In drrvn pajTnenl (o qualified buy. 521-3900 WE GET HESULI5! ..SUNDAYS ON YOUR OWN DECK Mule jwjr husband valks to Ihe golf JT=e Iro beatitilul new three, o barh conleinrora h o n « ,ra .ijualiU'.in .Oii« or Faj'elt*- ing area 'with' cal^dral' ce.llng. iton« lireplacp f 1! carpeted Jejg\Ve tamisr iJcrtC* in Swe J.JT5W Call And r ase e« nrtar pn ac 1 CUSTOM BUILT TRAILER On larpe trea-studded' lot overlooM w e l^itte. Uhc new. irisadc and o bed mom, 1 bilh. FAYETTEVILLE REAL ESTATE ·E TO : CAMPU5 1 hs i bedroom hou* hss a v-piral d nmg 'room rd a daiched R r ?e WouM be A good Lncorne propeily -- PHICED !n the low teens. Ci!l Vc nan Tan'cr 331-6611. ni phu S3] -3667. R -3W Lindsey Associales 412-7101 257-3J3G 443-2346 "Developers of Hylond Park" :on. a lake fronl hontr? Up sour 1i!esljl«7 BeUer see m htlck · horru;! He r \\1ik-h -ts full) 1 carpeted. Jui-n!thed and vacant ready To move Info. It I s - "It practically real sharp. O^Mier can nlle swa pp.rt £ /or real csaie n\y SO (PM (rom twr [ront porch le vialert a* Beaver Late.-Here Is 1100 litfsred location. You'll love the ipa- xby. Trice Is ociy ?2J,500. usurpajcd lor trailer hon e wnlort .liis 14*x70' Is s'tUng xi t«« !irfr Ir.fs overlooWnE Ihe lai.e Ttif« an rflo- JIB spnn ol *aler lo imgaU ers anrt garden · wilh.' Foujidaiioa and Arches aJreadj' buSt. Nearly ne and lurnishtd. Ji^l buj' the equity and Date Newlin Really Co. 4121553 or 443-tWT I H F TROBATK CO'JKT t WASHINGTON COUNTY. ARKANSAS : T U B MATTER OF THE;ESTAT ab»l Sutton Wa on A K A Mabel Date ol d f a l h j Marc! . An i n s t n i m e n l dalfd October W, 15* la on 111 e Elh rfav ol April, i IU*d to probate a e la ol Ihe Iiling a [ provided .h; 1^ a In The Midst of ons of the belte , Few an . call M 200 E. Poplar Fayelteyille Wallace Hopes To Gain Delegates In Louisiana NEW O R L E A N S (AP) George Wallace zips through Iho slate today, trying to slip Louisiana's: ·Devnocrattc dele Rites into his hag against the [slips ot Gov,. Kdwin Edwards Edwards wanls Louisiana 1 ! elegalion to go to ihe Nationa cmocralic Convention uncorn mittcd. so he can trade off the oies for a presidential plat orm more favorable to Loui ana. Wallace tried lasi summer I ;l 'Louisiana to establish residential · , preference pr mavy, Tlic Alabama goyernc poke lo the , lawmakers an ·hipped up what appeared I c strong sentiment for such irimary. But Edwards dashed , E h o = topes, persuading t h e . legtsla ure lo see things his way. T o d a y ' s whirlwind hrough I.ouLsianEi will Vallace from the airport, her o lunch in Baton -Rouge, quick detour across; the-,sta inc to Roaumont, T,°.x., an ai lorL rallj at Shre\eport and und raising dinner at Monroe IUCK \ \ t D \ t S D A \ He's due hack Wednesday address a free ''connlry-we: ein spectacular" and politic rally at the.'Rapides Parish C lis^um in Alexandria,' His 'visits will sandwich non-political" visit · by Pre dent Ford Tuesday President Ford arrives (ium Ihe dale ol t h e . fir t r bl oj t h h noik«, or they s h ; I L be I barred and precluded [rom any bend I i ^ notice first rubtiilicd 13 day of p.m. Tuesrtay a t - K a r k s d a l e Air Force 1 Base, dines at ShrevcporL's Ambassador Club and appears at-a'military ball. He is scheduled lo leave at 10 p.m Louisiana elects 32.of its 41 Democratic delegates'Saturday with the rest to be appointed hy he stale .-central.-, committee May 8. Republicans choose their 41 delegates In a series of conventions in congressional district 1 hal sprie^, begins Mat 11 Evacualion Begins As River Floods HANNIBAL, Mo. (AP) -- Ten 20 families wer«*'evacuated _'orn this Mississippi ' River ommunity Sunday as the stolen rivet; rolled into low-lying reas. · ' '· , ' ' " ' · The river, 1 enlarged by week-* nd rains, was about a ,half- iile out of H5 banks along a U- ii[e stretch north of here, ac-i ording tn Robert ' J . Long, la'rion County civil defense di-. cclor. . - , v More than ,60 Civil Defense' vorkor's and volunteers were, landing by Sunday nigbl to possibly evacuate more, area residents'by boat. · .' ; \ · "1'ni afraid some of them; .vill gecaughl without realizing it," I-ong said. " The river was 19'A feet Sun- dav night, he added, a n d ^ w a : . to crest al.22%. Flood stag« is 16 feet. "It will be. threatening some businesses in the" Main Street area he said There \\i\\ be water in some of ,the basernsnl- by B or 9 in the morning because water has been coming in pretty rapidly, .If Ihe: rivet reacties ,23' feet, it will affect Lw.Ic.e'as many-businesses.' Several :streets were closed I but Hannibal officials said they L dtd not expect a major flood, iCIRCUtT . COURT OJ COUNTY, A l t K A N A S ian -11 Ulililks" Corporafioi band and « i F e i t this 22nd day of 521-3900 ·ITc 2 3 YEAR ; old 3: bed.tom brick In li ais AF«J. Covered patio, reln fi er. a«tier-dner dra[ve CH/CA, - Nintiwood. Phone S2H4S1 aiier IVARMNO nim?;n No. CIV 76 170 IN THE C t F C U I T COURT 0 WASHINGTON C O U N T Y , ARKANSAS Snuihttcst A r k a n s a s - U l i l i t t e s GnrpirallDi PlainLitf \ Ted . R. MrCnl-tlon and B f l t y Je M OjLston K IE btrtr^danl Defendants. Ted R. McCulstli 752 WUfl* ·Knit or crochet -- clioose di Eonal or buUonerf EASIEST' Directions lo kn or croclict saslwd shawl in o flat piece. Use synthetic Wor led; Helled --· won't slip your shoulders. Palern 752; size fits nil $ For each pallern. And cenls each pallcrn for first- rlnss airmail ant! handling. Sc'nd to: I/aura Wheeler Necdlccrafl I)ep[ ttf Northwest Arkansas 'TIMES -Box 161, Old Chelsea Sta., New York, NY 100J1.; Print N T amc, Address. Zip, P*iItem Number. N r J\v 200 designs to k n i t . cWcl rt quill sew. phis 3 FREE inside NEW J. W. fiabel Veraor Taner B. i,. L«i \ n r e Slanbcrr? Hal Modlin I j n n 'Cms* nt Bruok3 yj Sannemaa BEAUTY OF COUNTRY in beautiful are ycA close lo I I [ of Fayelievine. i n formal hviiis ar on arproviniaieb' ** ac cacti honie. ¥ay a North- 3 bed- pa me Moyes Construction Co. Phone 443-2669 BEAurnrui. a bpdrxim icrc large garden t. 631-5531. HOUSE AND S't ACRE THREE URGE BEDROOMS, EXTRA LARGE BATH WITH TUB AND SHOWER. EXCELLENT . IXKTATION FOM SECOND BATH BETWEEN TWO BN I) HEDROO MS. VER V NICE KITCHEN WITH Pl£.Vn f OF COUiSTER SPACE. 11REAKFAST AREA OVERIXMKLVti BACK Y A R D F R O M ' PICTURE \MNDO\V. MCE SJZtCB roMAL UV1NGHOOM. WA1J. 1IE.\T A N D ATTIC FAN. LIVE I N THE CITY WITH COUNTRY AT- MOSIMIEnE. PRICE $17,500. 5 ACRES apF of Unrc RT Cali fi? mrt . etty uned In appear Lri Ihti C w i t h i n th'-ly days' and anwer Ihe . nlaint .the · PlaintUI in the. Above titled ca se Wliness , my h a n d - a n d *»l ol Coiirt this 22 day of April, IP 6 Alma Kollmeier. Chancery ,Clerk By; Kaye ChapreL, D.a c 26, Mar J, 10. 17 FOR SALE BY PRIVATE PARTY well, septic tank, and a ted on Hwy. 62 brlwrcn d Fanrdn?ton. Pri« iT Coll Ron Burns 846-2 V83 ASBELL SCHOOL onlj' one Block. .This three bedroom has large Vitchi-n vvith Built-in cooking ura * All n« iv wall in wall ca rpct. CtnlraJ fmriiLiorJns-Cardfin sp«, ne^l a H Pric« only S20j(0.00. A Great Buy. FARMINGTON A Itw! iVAUiy -- Brick and fra lion on nlr* level lot wiU ?lfd, lo\elj hiichwi Hurrv p ic« M oni\ yn y»o MOVE IN . f m mthoul Tool Fr\ HP He iltree bedroom home, bath ari ho pr. Dinins room, Boanifd eel as flmily room, nil newly I«! nled. -om ·Icldj 1 (enc«d yard Ih line hruhhe-j ind Sturte trees. Price i a bArga 442-6640. FARM , All Itwed . . Variety rA ) acres o ^ e r h*]f in Graw quipped \vilh 3O\fJ3 Ic-aiins am. otirrah. load ins chuli ns fiiiit lre«s. p^nds. Fine nsar PW hime, wth'ocnual plus r^l «S.(XX.00 . ·ill Ira ; for ,\ill h* 1 p finance Call (c ra REAlTOfl 521-6700 LIKE MAGIC, triangle seaming seems lo whitlle inches away from your waisl. You'll ove the feeling of ease, compli- mciils you get in this dress. Printed Pallern '167R: Missrs* Sizes 8. 10, 12, H. 16. 18, .20. Size 12 (bnsl 3^) takes 2'ii yards 5-inch fabric. fnr each pallern. Add 33 touts for each pattern [or first- class airmail and handling '.NEEDLECRAFT IScncl 7n cenis. ;Crochet with Squares ?C:'oc!icl a Warrtrohc ·NiEty Fifty Quills .Kippta Crochet Sew plus Knit Book Needlepoint Hook Flower Crochet Hairpin Crochet'Rnok Instant .Crochet Book Instant Money Book .. InMinl Macramc Book CATALOG Sl.OO SI.00 si.oo .$1.0(1 .81.25 Sl.OO .$1.00 *$1.00 51.00 . si.on,no PARADE OF APRIL 25th I h r u . A P R I L ' 3 0 l h - For Sale By Owner; 34 acres all zoned R-2 - Frontage on Zion Road, easement to Old Missouri Rd, approx '/ 2 mile east ol NW Arkansas Mafl. Call 521-4789 or 521-4960 Reward Offered in Series Of House Fires MORRILTON T , Ark. (API A !S1,000; reward was -.established Sunday '. in .connection with a series of house'fires'thai burned at least seven slruc tures and injured one-person Cnnway and Pope counties" late Saturday and r^rlv Sundaj Sher]ff IMarlm Haukms Comyay_ County said the re\var M a-i far mfot "nation leading I the arrest and. conviction of .lh person or persons responslbl (or (he fires, Hawkins also issued a « ing'to properly' owners 'with v.a cant structures to be on ; lh look out For any suspicious a such as when the river reached 29 feet in 1973. Low-lying sections of lyity-'een Alexandria. Mo,, and Kcokuk, Iowa, were impassably Saturday.because of flooding oh the Des- Monies -River.' according to the Marion County sheriff's dcparlmonl. There also,was some flooding on the Missouri River hear St. Jo eph but it was primarily in lowland areas and no farmland or homes were affected. The hea\y rains caused flood ing along creeks :ind strearns in north-central Missouri but the Putnam County s h e r i f f s of fice.said it was not'expccied to endanger cropland or homes at his Irme- Arkadelphia Paper Sold ARKADELPHIA, 'Ark. (AP) -- Robert .E. Fishes has purchased the Southern Standard, a weekly' newspaper.h e r e for more lhah 100 years before it suspended publication in Feb. .The purchase price was not disclosed. Fisher, 52, resigned as Editorial writer for : t h e Arkansas Democrat last fall .to take a position .with the iVeterahs Ad ministration at \\ashinglon He reportedly resigned his position nilh.lhe. VA when he'learned is bid lo buy the newspaper ad been successful. The Southern -Standard began ublicaljon :1868. liie Stand u'd's circijlaiinn was 3 121 m livHies in the. area Five structures were -;.d Teacher Strikes Hit By Speaker sUoj ed b\ firp m Conn a\ County and at least two in Pope County Archie Kubanks. .66, \vas se- rioustj'' injured when firs de- slroyed-his home in.lhe Jerusalem corhiniinity north of Morril,ton. - Eubanks.: said; he -was awakened by the fire. He was-.taken to. the Conway Count* hospital at Morrtlton hen transferred to a .Littte [lock hospital None of the structures that burned . had , .electrical connections, authorities said. Officers said all the struc ,,,rr vt ere beUex,-d to ha\ e been \acant except for the one in which Eubanks lived. LITTLE ROCK CAP) --Carol \pplcgak', n - high school Elng- Esh (earlier from Grand Blanc, Mich., said Saturday -ihat-tbe public has. .lost faith in teachers. 11 The teachers are out- .walking on picket line instead of .eaching,", f jUrs. Applegate said. She told the Arkansas Association of Professional, Educators that isachevs tin not have t any inherent right to strike, 'The idea that .one: has the right to strike against hi Tel lo\\ man this is something 1 don f, see," she said AAPE was organized ;in -1975 35^ an alternative organization for educators 'who did :hot .want to join the Arkansas Education Association and its affiliate.' the National Education .Association', UNIMPROVED An«. al»3l \'i mile ftffr bl 'good valley land xivA wnr lisnlaWe Un be Jiff 001 th , [anil, " J4B.OOCI Acrei nea »nrt hjuse Homer L. Cox, retired . , school; administrator, and execu- said .The AEA' has about .17,000 mem- ti\ P director of AAPE -AAPE has. 750 members; Bufz Arrives ATHENS, Greece (AP) U.S. Secretary, of -Agriculture Earl L. Buiz arrived m Greece on Saturday fro ^Malaysia to begin Ihe I urnpean part of a ]fl mhon tour after visiting Ine Asian nation- to promote Anier Anne Recovering LONDON 1 (AP) -- "She is in \ery good ruck (condition) Sh« sliould be riding again within a feu ureks ' sa5 the roval ptysician who tended Princess Anne. after her recent riding accident, pr Kichard Bajhss phj i cian to Anne's mother. Queen bh/abelh II \\ith reporters Sunday at the King Edward VIII Hospital 33 -Anne, looking , pale and shaky, walked .niil unaided . . with husband. Ml. 'Complete Gift Book ,...r-.$1.00 ' C o m p l e t e A f g h a n s No. N $1.00 12 Prize Afghans N'o, 12 5fl cenls Rppk of 16 Quilts No. I '50 cents Museum Quill Book N T o.'2-.. : .50 ccnls . I S Quills for Today N'o. 3 . , - . 5 0 cenls . · Book ol 16 Jiffy Rugs 50 cenls Anne Adams Pallcrn Hcpt. 438 Northwest Arkansas T H U S 243 17 SI. New York, NY 10011. Print NAMP:, .ADDRESS. ZIP. SIZE and STYLE NUM- Bfcll Gel V $3.00 'pattern free -choose it from NEW, SPRING- SUMMER CATALOG 1 . .Packed with h u n d r e d s , of grewt MID. sporl, cily,,- travel slylcs. Scud 75 ccnls for Catalog Now! Sew plus Knit Book ...... SI.23 Instant Money Crafts · · - . $1,00 Instant Sewing Book ......51.00 Instant'Fashion Book ._.,. 5 us hy owner. Writ !ncat«! yj~ sores on hfacktnp about 2 mile, o" \\e 1 Fork n w n t a n rtrcAra some **n c c« il« Ifir 'THiildin?. (IfiiXW enri t«nrji by "r,TMcr- In nine Spiinps area on b! rkUip le^ iffl * acre toart en hUcklop, close "in Fayetleolle OT SprirP- rfste I 000 1 h lenii h) w i r 4t\ Tcnvn. JSOOO. Terms. ^0 Acrrs m hfaeWop of Window. (11,000..Terms by i NEWIIN REALTY CO, FOR SALEBY OWNER Unimproved land. Good rw'rf. 3 t I (f I E phwa) 71 Stwih Wrsi Fork ceful aivl qald. S'-04 dnivp, mmlh. inclodps Inlfrxvit 'jlSA-t7Sfl TI 1 [vr mon ti nmlrf ·: inlcre-, SlMKl dnwn, UM f*r TJirmlh, inriud. Park OPEN WEEKDAYS ;30 4:30-6:30 SPONSORED BY ARCADE" REAL ESTATE CORP, · COM1.EY CONSTRUCTION CO. k_x1 to lake nn h isrwnt i m i l r r a . Eath (IM \Vfaver' (hnii'tc" 8163508; FOR Sale hy TO RF, MOVKD . . . Pnc**! lo ft^ll- Tliyr Rainy Day Frisbee Frisliccs were used In coin- lie tit inn d u r i n g HIR National Frisbre TnnriiRTiicnt sponiior- eri by (tie Unlverslly ni SUs- sachnsctls, AmhersL a n 1 HnmiishirD Cnllogc on Simdn? aEiernnon. Frisliccs w e r e used for proteclton tr*ra (he rarn br Ihs fans, (AP ·

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