Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 48
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 48

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 48
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Unt Itack. Cam, rtHn. Aarf t IH1 sn ·t.i grv fc-'^ _^.. BOIUNGKOBIH- lunfht Sjorti ICtdf Horse Racing i\o. 1 Sport One of the plagues of working in a sports depart- inent is the constant telephonic question: ·What Is the greatest spectator sport In the country?" The answer is difficult to pin down because most times it is impossible to secure an accurate compilation Of the mazy spectator sports in the US. However, at hand we have a document that answers the oft-voiced question. It includes the attendance figures of ALL major sports associations In the nation-the National and American baseball Leagues. State Racing Commissions, NFL, AFL, VS. Trotting Assn, NCAA, AAU. Ring Magazine. S o c c e r Associates (Inc.), hockey and basket- bin, among others. Are you on the edge of your c^'tr awaiting the answer? If so, here it is: Thoroughbred horse racing, auto racing and harness racing rank 1-2-3 in the U.S. in spectator sport attendance! Lest you golfers, bowlers, softbaHers or outdoors- men rise cp in indignation. it that 900 COMPETING Gigantic Prep Slate Today By DOUG IVES There'll be a lot of running, lumping, swinging, throwing, splashing, stroking, hopping, tumbling, 1 huffing, puffing, panting, cheering and groan- last) prep day in which all the spring sports take place almost simultaneously. Nearly 900 athletes, give or take a few, win participate in the four baseball games, three ing in the prep sports world swim meets, four track meets. TERRY Versatile HENDRIX LBCC Spiker today. In case you forgot the advance notice some weeks ago, three tennis matches, one golf match and one gym meet. There are many high lights. today marks the second (andJThe first Blair Field twi-night twin bin headlines the show. The feature game pits tmbeat- Poly in the nightcap against rival Wilson. ELA No Threat to Viking Trackmen! Winless East Los Angeles,that saw the Falcon's streak won't be much of a threat to'of 16 dual meet wins in a row Long Beach Gty College's snapped, Joe fanning jndi- talented trade and field teamjcated he may switch men today, but then who will be around today and run them 'or the remainder of the dual meet season? After hosting the Huskies, only D Camino and Valley stand between LBCC and a in different events than they are used too. East LA. does have the top JC broad pauper in the state ia Rocky McKeever undefeated season. The Viies (24-1J4) and Elmer Jett (6-6) wfll be heavy favorites the win challenge LBCCs John the "spectator sports'* category. You people are involved ^!n the highly-recommended participant sports department S. . . and, consequently, not included in the survey upon K which I am presently touching. K For those of you who are Inclined to get engaged In £S barroom arguments, social club debates or fraternity cr- UTganization discussions, let me now tabulate 1962 official JV attendance figures for spectator sports (and may I suggest I 'you dip this out and paste it on the bathroom door or ?» oa your hat brim to save future telephone caHs): ·~: 1. Horse Racing 37,257,070 S 2. Automobile Racing 31,200,000 £T. 3. Harness Racing 24,157,382 rf 4. Major League Baseball 21375,433 «V: 5. College Football 21,277,162 " 6. College Basketball 12321,808 t» 7. Minor League Baseball 10,047,568 K 8. Greyhound Racing 9,041329 '-- 9. Wrestling 5,430,000 «^10. Fro Football 5^06,347 £ * * * J^ THE NEXT FIVE SPORTS in attendance evaluation f; 11. Track and Field 2,750,000 {£ 12. Professional Hockey 2,436,000 *;£ IS. Soccer ...»....«···»...······»········ 2,200,000 "14. Professional Basketball 2,163.154 ·£15. Boxing .....*.......... 1,660,000 5; This entire report does not Indnde high school sports. »_~ Figures on prep activities would be impossible to assimi- ··~ late. Despite this official report. Fd venture to say that r-'. high school attendance figures in football and basketball y easily would capture a place in the top 10. v - THE SURPRISING FIGURES probably are the at- l. tendances of auto racing, harness racing, greyhound rac- Ji ing and wrestling. , It has gone without saying that for many years (II ·V, to be exact) thoroughbred horse racing has hired more J', fans than any other sport. The reason should be obvious: f *,, The gambling aspect aVi The same might be said for harness racing and grey- £.~ bound racing . . . although HI confess I never had any f" Idea either sport registered as high in attendance inter*2 est as the* above figures attest. A major reason is that t " neither harness nor greyhound racing is recognized in *". many states. [- ALTHOUGH I DOUBT it wfll ever catch racing T (thoroughbred, harness or automobile) in attendance, football is progressing with fantastic strides. For the ninth successive year the collegians have ~ boasted an increase. ;; The National Football League--for the first time In V Its 43-year history, surpassed the 4,000,000 mark in regular ^ reason attendance. , ,, Baseball--especially the National League--also Is * - moving ahead. The NX. smashed aU attendance records 1 -, last season. And the Dodgers led aU clubs with 2,7*3,181-: the largest box office count In major league history! S",, Really, only one thing disturbs me m this entire polt f*,The popularity of wrestling. J-; It's a nice sport for little, old ladies, but are there '-"; that many nice (!) and naive little, old ladies in this robust | £ country of ours? ^Streaking LBCC 9 fHost for Valley \;- It wouldn't be hard to im-|a 10-10 record and ; agine Gty College baseball ( there*» a good reason not to i coach Joe Hicks as a ma^take it easy. 'with few worries. His Vik-l The main reason for : fags have gotten off to one COT Is the fact that Cerritos · of the best starts in Metropol- »nd Bakersfield are wen wfth- 5 ftan Conference history with a, miking distance with only' two losses, and there'* stiH 11 games left to play. Steve Sunderman and Joe Stacker win pitch today for LBCC in a double-header on Col- Valley given a chance of making a good showing. Coming off a rousing 7745 rest of the way with, only Rambo in the high jump. Otherwise, it could be a near sweep for the Norsemen. Top Southern STILL ON the baseball 'root, St. Anthony--also un- xaten--plays a crucial game at Notre Dame. Both the Saints and Knights boast 4-0 records. In track. Poly goes after its fourth consecutive win, but the closest battle, and the one which should decide second place, m a t c h e s Lakewood against Wilson. Poly also is news in swimming, but the unbeaten Hares probably will be on the short end against all-mighty Downey in the meet to decide the Moore swim title. over Cerritos Tuesday and Northern 1--1 * -- · rrt*rVav #A *4iiak California California Yd/icy,'Lee 49cr Honorccs Ralph Lee and Don Vancy tave been selected track and field "athletes of the week" at Long Beach State College. Lee ran a pair of fast half- miles in the Oaremont Re- ays, 152.4 and 153.1, white fancy threw the javelin 198 eet, 4Vi inches. The 49ers* are idle this week. Their next competition s against Arizona at Tucson Tuesday night. marks to date (followed by LBCC bests): IW-jjBoer, (ISCO 14 t»», Hnmta (Kttan) t « fu^yi. Moert and ~ HIT PANOKAMA: After T besesaR name*. Porv» Otcar Iiraa ar Wltsotra Jatm McKta are the top k, tars at .411. ... Kx* Naves ta leadir U. Antnonv bl Caftulle Lcasu* ptav «f.~ a U mart. ... For mosa wtia look ta na luturi. Minikan fcoki Uk Ina t*v t bvt b» basaoaa next year n uadl iaa Mran H Icidrl wll« ' na -- Kortoa tea. SAC tu. Plerca' ""'· *** *·"*! * 1| » FoaftiH) Aa. Davit 49.;a. i · · O»--O«lane» CSama Ana) l.njn. ten- . TT TT TT 100 (San Matn) I 54.5. Oavl I:H.L n n n MHa--Oelarm (Santa Ana) 4 n«. Mowtl (Saa Jtat), u. Hunt 4:22. On. 1 Billa-WMkl (Plcm) »;15.t Huff CSan «aac rgj. JK. Hunt 5an Bernardino) U.*, JofirnaaToaklanal Bf LH--EJ. LOUD San Cine). Hen' · CLSCC) At, Jonnica (Oakland IT) SM'i * |»--Orff««Y ( C) IU» las) .. . .___ .... ._. rvcortf. aid mart 173.3, Oamn I9U. SmilH l«-ri. Krvatf hJtn»--McKewcr UT^ Lrvt 0aklanf JH. I Today's Prep Card kfwoca a) MHtlkan and SI otrt Oarna, Do« tU tm.: mv Wilson. · BJ) Wilson. Ullimai Blair I Jordx\ :m at pownrr. SL Anttionir 24-L HcnorljL. ' ' "~" " *" ""jwinitnijtff--Ocwnev at potv, Mlgk bma-- BumH rVaHavl HJ.i. Laktwooa, Wlnoa a) Toner (BlaCIo) a-a. Ujrnto an ran ««ja -- Fane* (CerrfloO U4. Chase (San Ua!eo U-l. Oamoloa Ue. . Jorlan at JullUikan, aa U at Wlhan. lilS » m. Ttmn--follows fcawtalt vTiedu't. Coff-Lakewood n. Jartxi at UrOnkl, J:U a-n. IVL Hockey Results ma EBSH Kv«T.Ln'HKB3iitrj«i.UE3i iKSin.8s nxt.Tat in i tmruLSMni pLADES- ^'(Continued From Page OI) f-» lixw not a single p e n a l t y t called. After four first-period _ 5 infractions, fans were treated j^" , I to the nifht'f first and only [ tnat . *«cuffle as Seal defenseman rieM m Klfml |0 _ ^^ [ Larry McNabb traded Wows came after 12 innings of play Jwith Stan MaxwelL BothW saw the teamsTtied, 3-£ t club's benches emptied onto SrovSerman fcas beea little I the fce, but order was re- j^ f enational in confer- I stored. of , twia for Buir » .- ^VuMttX . (JO. »»wa OAJ 17 A :nii5 · f-lca- ·QP-m ·allVp.rhalaT- ' - rW KT1a4C t jaBsa*. 11 "* ^~ Ovainiuai I. only one earned run in IS innings. Top statistics: AT to -- Konmrer n, Tkonaa 4T. «^SfSS»iM.»r il l7»^ES liS fS*^^f- tV5.--i.riS:. -noRDV »««« «n« fftafftt luwmtf an« Irnit* £ f)»-«»riai i -*· 10 fi'^**SiI!;'i," l£IS *·*·· * *"· "* gn * ; ***· »·» '.if*^JTiJ*- ·""·.favaa a. i'i aria, ana: iwan tau . Jr * M *; - - TUcxnal J, Otrmt a. Censaivn t (4 lanFranCKj--Tana-!,, »ailt-Jattra 14, teel «, snaw Mamha '0. «o|an--0-BV-es U. TMrr.aa IX Cmal Ian frtnOsa. ·-«-'-l n - · »^r. . ----^TJVIM H u 1 I ft* M Words.Words.Wordo. Until you taste KE3SLER This is a remarkable whiskey, Incredibly light to the taste. (You will find its America's tightest-tasting whiskey.) It is smoo!h...gratifying...wel!-bred Fw generations, men have affecfionatefy called 'rt 'Smooth as Silk.* Try Kessler at your favorite bar and prove it to yourself. The price wiH please you. It's as remarkable as the whiskey. $145 * I u it State Tackles Cal Poly - ... .at. Long Beach State'* base-) The two teams conttnus ball team makes a second CCAA competition Satarday start in league play when it with a 12:30 pjn. doublehead'- takes oa Cal Poly SLO today oa ttft caucus dia- at 3 ; mond. _ . . Righthander Tom Gritpen- relief performance Tuesday er at Blair Field. Righthander Ed P«ny win start thVfirst game as a reward trog. with an ERA of 2.09against USC and after 34 innings, vrfll be on Snyder win go in the ieeond the mound for the 49ers. (contest. ' - ' -""· TRANSMISSION SPECIAL ADJUSTMENT $£50 Drir. 'a JoJrr". W.TJ tf,nl ANY ffieta cr nc4at ear. . . . Jl yesr trani- ·mi7« SUPS. JEW cr SHIFTS 1MCOUECT. lir.'i yoor cJosca ta J cnj SAYI! to., a REGULAR 12.00 Of £ H 7 D4M A WICK Us* Your tankamaricarj or bitaroaflonal -i MIKE SHOTT Jordan Horler Tonight Cherry -Anaheim Engine Rebuilders 201S Icsf Ajoleim Stntt -- 4I4-I4I1 - , AS : S li SMOO7 I'L-K SMOOT y : v/^S -: Si L) ILK- :SfytQOTH"AS-Srkt MOOT B MOOT MOOT MOO7 MOO7 Moo; SlNAOCpfH^AS'SU **r*r-rrt--A CM jJ.Qt /."T^v^O^' · SAVE NOW! TUBELESS \VHltEWALlS BLACKVVALLS I NOW WITH TUFSYN BY GOODYEAR BLACKWALLS 2 for $ tabcleu. piss tax B 2 tint oU your car 24 All-Wealher"42" 3-T NYLON ·^·TUFSYN Cooijeit'i si;cr-dcT«Ue s y H f e e U c nibbtr -- lOBjhest Coo^jrer ever used la acto tires I 15 MONTH WRITTEN ROAD HAZARD GUARANTEE NO MONEY DOWN/ FREE MOUNTING/ NOW WITH TUFSYN BY GOODYEAR WHITEWALLS for 7.SO z II cr tJ9 z IS la!e!«i. p!nl tu tai Z trti e2 fast at $ 29 NATION'-WIDE ROAD HAZAID AXD QUAUTT CCArAVm N VrUTrNC -AB Kcw · AEU Tirti Art Ceanmzceif N'otioa-VTuJc: L Aislsst lorsal rs«J Uzrdj-le, t!ovnt. bbdc trnii. es!i - rurpt rrpiiraila imnctarei. Uciite d la enfinal CWBCT lot ss^a ef aoea» tpteiSei''. X. Aiaiatt»j ttttett fa worlntsiiJj xnJ material atiOunt *»« ai ta tmt or nukizt · Coodjnr · trt dealCTi fai tia US. or CiuoU wn dale mdjutscal i3o»iaca es ctw tn locdca cr^iul.' trtaj drjti mnaouas aid c»TTtcfCooJjtai prict.* PEDERSEN TIRE (0. BARNES 271$ L ARTESU 6* :-SIIJ -- MEM4II t muow G A 4 - K I I -- K I-lltS GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES 1018 IUCH (44 E. Aiiliia Jt TCRKAICE 2121 Timiei I SAI fECRO 4JJ Sutl ficifie ATI. »».JFS-«J}JiilTEl-Jlll ISS AUDI 2 I I I Iiimiwtr Ilii. fion CE 4XII lElUlOWES 1122$ Iinfliwir f k. ME J-II2J * TO T-a7l"4 lOIWAlK 14121 Hum Clil.'.'., Men UI M74I ; it Haij RJckfitU, Tiitt* nl Skin Jtafim Bfifljjljj l.i Gieljnt OiiKiil Sl{i ' *

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