Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 16, 1972 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1972
Page 24
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OR .'LEASE . . . , . , ' , . . 4)--REAL ESTATE--WANTID 44--REAL ESTATE- SALE OR TRADE. 41-- LOTS FOR SALE 4C-FARMS ACREAOES 47--REAL ESTATE--FOR SAL! LEGAL NOTICES 1--Announcemenfi NOTICE KEN'S SCHOOL AVE. SHOE REPAIR Between Center and Mountain, 7 S.' SjjFioql --'-%'. Block south of ,nevj l High Rise. Phone 521-9342 2--Coming * Events .AUCTION Tuesday,, Aug. 22, 1:00 p.m. 500 East Emma St. Springdale, Ark. COMPLETE DISPERSAL OF THZ GROCERY - DEPARTMENT OF I/AYMANS SHOPPING CENTER We are quilling the grocery' bus! ness and will sell at Public Auc tlon the following equipment an grocery stock. Our overwhelming appliance busl ness has forced us Into seeking more space. Must vacate grocery department. COMPLETELY -i .NOTHING RESERVED LAYMANS SHOPPING. CENTER All equipment has some age but V In perfect condition. 1--M' Refrigerated Produce Displa- I--6jf8 Walk-In Cooler with Com pressor 1--10'.Milk Display Case--upright 1--6''Open Refrigerated Display 1--12 Meat Counter with compri sor 2ft--late Style Grocery Basket same as new) Approximately $15,000.00 worth o Slock ! 1--Toledo Scales 1--Hobart Grinder 1--U.S. Sllcer 1--30x30 Men! Block 1--Sleak Machine 1--Desk ' Chair TERMS: OASH PtiAN TO ATTEND For Further Information Conlac MR. LAWRENCE LAYMAN Owner 501-75I-I86I JIM SARGENT, JR.. Auctioneer Ph. 501-751-57Z7 -- S01-632-M42 -- 50I-751-93M ·oar: Siamese cal. male. Ml jromv in Baldwin Community. Reward. Phone 442-2231 or.'MMCT. -OST: \Vhlle Toy Poodle nsjned Peppy, "ast Spring street area. Reward. Phone 12-8074. i · YARD'Sale--112 8. Hill. Friday Hud 6» urcfay, 95. Bnby bed, men's *nd women clolhcs. 839-3129. OATIAOK Bale-SOS Lake flequo)ah noa nnMwIn. 9-1. Thursday anrf Prlrtr C\iuch*s, chair*, playpen, baliy tier. rflihex and miscellaneous. C,\n\QK Rale. Thursday, Fri., sal. 1-7:. p.m., evenlnfi only.' Part I" block IM alley In back. 410 E. Hufllsvllle Rd. 1(1),; ___^_. iMLR Ihrounh SHInrday. mmllur Jewelry, clolhei, oollli, jtJawware, clubj, llrcl, misc. 819 ravls uecon nouno off Irfverell), YARD Hale. Thurxlny «nd Friday, All 17 * 19, from 7 «,m, o fi p.m. 1 lilnliloai. H« H .Uvtrtll. ^_ WB TiUY USED FURNrrURB * APWJ ANCKfl. Dione For home deliver of the TIMES, Phone 442-6242 --Coming Eventa oberf's Auction House Hwy 71 N,, Springdale aim Tuesday lc Friday. 7 p.m. Open 8-8 fi daya for coii£iffnmcnt PHONE 751-5840 or 751-5203 WE BUY SELL, Uied ForaJtui* BJIO Antlqnem, Aaber* Trading Post - Pralrlt Orovt. FbOM TYPIST: Hlmhte-lliisfsretl culle [or jluih orilctY.lWup. :cirto.' X.HAY TUCII: Irie Insllluilwi looking tor licensed person. Btne/ils uluj ISOOO. Call carol · · · · · ' . OlIEOXB!l;.lils;hlri.rllc arcs necda p»l- ly imlli. «nJ .who can I»n4le lh« money. IH8 pall Jan intgAi,: opniy. lo lt«rn · business in .. Inviting, otftce. fS2 up, Call Carol. TEUTYPB OPt This l« a front dfsk Job where you meet all Hie public. Ex- lr benetllt To ISM Ull Carol KEYPUNCH: WIN ?o-»3».·llirtliit bul will conilder trainee ja|l J,n ' aEOAETAKY A olarrtour Jot) In this rU Ing llrm where Mil promotions move you alnve.lho J.H6, Call Carol. KINANOE VIOB PRES! 'Institution ' look. Ing (or toan credentFnls A arc willing to pay i prloei 'Ca|l: Carol. SUPERVISOR: Ark. corp. pays' more than {9000 for one able lo manage ware liousc. Cull Jan TEUjHUS: They will 1 train you in .(heir method!. If you enjoy Ahort hours. f309. Call Carol BALES KKC: Lii:e Industry needs (etch- In? smile al front desk they will pay 1375 or mor'e.'Oill Jan. BOOXKEKPBn: For one nho can handle the books but able 'to make the oFftcc tick. HJ3 u p . Call Carol.' · ' · ' · · MANAOEtli For Ft smith mullHlne In. surance Agency. Very fine naltonttl Co. Alto BUpcrvtsor for college", 'rnarke working nut of Little Rock. 112,000.116.000. Fee Pd. Call Jan. oirraoiNO pBRSONALrrY: Needed lo meet and 1 serve the needs .erf hlRh'lrafllL area. The smile makes dollars. Glart !3K Call Jan. arECIAU'ED.lclir, certain si«c.«d. or elementary with 3 hrs. spec. ed. or BMP, or exp. Cat] Verjrit. _VOC. AORI t'flir. (or Ki'lortda. Jr. base Ij S73XI, srl III 17400. 11000 more for Ss. Call VLriiil Simpson. . ' CLASSROOM' TOURS: Elem, (mostly Easlerij Ark'.)'Spec, ed.-(all over Ark.) Spanish-English,. all kinds science, m a t h band-vocal, middle, school music, Ji brarlnn. Call. VerjrlL Elmpsdn^ . COACHES:. Need Jr. HI'ass't (oolbal coach, basketball coach cert. In set, 01 math for Ark, an. assl. iine coach fo; Kans. To »SOOO. : Call Verijli: PRINCTPAI^: Intermediate, ?9S50. Assl sec. princlr*it $9000. And' others. Retoc In ArV. Call Vergil' Simpson. COUNSELORS for public schools. Certl lied. TO $8500. Call Vergil.'. --Personal! ISTER ANN CHURCH Nursery attendant needed fo morning and eveninff Sunday services Phone 751-6737. . . ; : . . . . . MORNING cooV, good salary: cooVs help er. Apply af'Bowen's Reslaurani. PALM RBADER AND ADVISER e tells; the past, present und future on ve, m'arriaae, business, hcmc, -healthy mpanlonship and dtyorce.-Any problem, o matter how big or little. Why worry ni be unhappy? she brings happiness the [onely, and unites the separated you're unlucky In love and marriase, e n , Sisier Ann . it the .one to see,be. -ause she can and will help you und lell what to do. pen Dally Sun., from 8a:m. to 10 p.m. 2J31 South School (Kwy. 71B) Soulbgate Vlliaee .cross Hwy. Irom Country club Road) Phone 412-6541 Fayeltevllle X)SB weight with New shape Tablcls. day supply only |1.4J, palace Drug. --School! Inttructioni i HIGH. SCHOOL AT ROMS rploma Awarded--finTsh apidly. Write r [ree brochure. America* School, Depl. T, Bon 72J5. Little Rook. Aik. 72207 HESCHOOL EDUCA.MOM, 3-6 . year ds. .Tne Leamnir Cehler. 322 \V. Mea-- Call 442-7087 or 442-7162. TOP INSTRUMENTAL and VOCAL INSTRUCTORS Enroll now for fall instruction. "Mano, Organ, Brass and String teed, «nd Percussion. All ages -- In»I»t on the finest all 443-2131 from 3-5 or 521-5733 . aiter S. ' i--lo«t Found CONSIDER!! Good Salesmen Are Trained . . . No! Born and neither are docfon, lawyers. X)ST: 2B · ton Hydraulic Jack between Vtnfrey Valtey and Cane Hill via west Fork. Phone KM-53D5 or 82-1-5377 collect. [XST: 2 year old, male St. Beraard amed f'Ramiey/' CaU 5in-6097 alier p.m.-Reward. -Transporfatfon OAK lake one or Iwo, passengers [o (ol- owuig cities: Little Rock, Memphis, NaShvJIte or Ixiulsvllle. Leaving IJUi oi - u g u s t P h o n e -141^239. 7--Business Opportunities FOR SALE SHEET METAL SHOP Healing and Cooling Radiator EquJpm«nt Good Tools . Good Busfncss Same location 18: years Phone 316.564-2540 or 316-378-2160 Andy Bogerfl ' Box 276, AHoona, Kansas 66710 dentlsta or engineers. iii -isan" "be »n outstanding- salesman and^eam JSOW. $10,000, 115,000, J20,00 qr more, a year your very^ first year. YOU NEED TO BE: · .Age 31 'or. over · Ambitious · Energetic · Sports Mlnderj · Have . ft hijtn .school .education or better YOU WILL; · ;Attend 3 weeks oi school Jn Dallas, Texas, expenses paid.' · Be guaranteed 1 {600 month to start IF YOU QUAUFY, WE GUARANTEE TO: · Teach and irafn you' to our Euccessru I sales methods. · Assign you (o Uie sales area o! your choice under the direction and guidance fll a quail (fed sales director. · Provide Ihc opportunity (or you to advance Into management as (ajt as your ·ability will warrant. Fringe benefits include unusual pensions and savin ITS plan. Call liow tor personal Interview TXan D'Agoslfno Tuesday Wednesday, 443-4323, 9atn-Bpm Lonz distance call collect. THE LITTLE WOMAN "TCmustTx; a 1 real gourmet recipe. It takes two hours to prepare and four hours to clean up the kitchen.**; 0-Help Wanted- !EBD Heir. mu*t be over 18, Apply In erton, Bob's Taco Hufj 611 N, College. WAiNTED: fidrt time or full rme, Commercial equipment, o experience necessary. Reply to Box K-40 c/o.TKe Times PiDACIiKR needs responsible !ady eep 4-year-old [n my. home. Must 'Ide own transportation. Phone 442-7490. iATURE LADY .wllh coHtclion experl- ·hce. Applyat ironlgomery Wards, I ^HevHIe. · ' ' dishwasher - and wallre wanted. Apply in person, Joe : ptra.r,Tlo's Tl-Sltualiorts Wanted-- PESTS, TERAAITES, ree and SHrub Spraying Pheldri's Tree Service 846-3899 ohd 751-4580 ' WISH TO RELOCATE : IN iVW ARKANSAS lecklnjr posllEon as plant or manufaclur- nfe ongitieer. Solid mantifaclurJ'ng, mnln- eh^ncc, and tooling bacfcuround. Also supervisor/, purchasing, and sales experience. Competent to design machines or atlaehnicnU rjd.-. familiar with i and used 1 machine tool markets. Will be n Arkansas sometime we*k of Aujf. 14th. Call ,(918) 838-7814 nights for Interview. AW s tude n I wa n Is job as apartment manager for next 3 years. 8309 Fair- iaVe[i,LUl]eRoc)t. 225-2117 coltccL 16--Services OHered-- Motors Steam Cleaned $3.00 Car Wash $2.00 Lube Job $1.50 FRANK'S MOBII - - SERVICE STATION 230 MM! St. ^h/HI 2-9713 NEW~Never used T Mercury oulboa motor nnd iras lank. Priced for qul le, CflLl 521-5325. '.. ' 18--Camping Sporting Goods - ROCK WORK-i-AH kinds. Fireplace, .bar benue" pits, retaining, wallf, flags sleps, patios. Phone -M2-66S4. ' 30 YEARS selling experience plus secre tirv, station wagon and office avatlabj to distribute your product or service ~ i Northwest Arkansas. Write; 723 W. Su. set, Sprlnffdale or phone 751-OSOO." CHILD care In my home. All hpcs. 6:3 a.m. to 6 p.m-.Mondsy Ihrough Frfda Phone 443-7530. GOOD country horn e for 3 or 3 chll dren to live in. Coll (377-2118 or write ;, James Brian, PetLlgraw, Ark. PART TIME accounts receivable book keeping or,clerical- Afternoons only. Ma lure lady. Phone 521-6549 after 1 p.m TINY TOT NTJHSERY 6 Openings for Fall 512.50 for One Child S22.50 for Two Children $30.00 for Three Children Home Cooking, 2 Lunches 1 Excellent 15 Inner Meets All Ark. State Laws All Employees Licensed by Slat Drop-Ins Welcome 521-2024 or 521-2941 TAJOR Service SraUon for lease in SprJngdale. If Interested, call 442-2171. VB HAVE a wholesale txulneis. all cash accounu, growing ty leaps and xunrf». We need a dependable associate your area with (900,00 minimum to nvesl in equipment and Inventory which · 111 ium,.i»er about Iwo times monihtr. ncome potential exceptionally hish. All ·eplles tlrlclly conllnenilal. COHSOUDATED CHEMICAL CORP. Freeze Dried Products Division 3815 Mofllrose, Euilc 120 Houston, Texas 77006 MUNDROMAT FOR SALE. Phono 5a-l211 · 3-Money To loan NEED MONEY? Prompt-Courteous-Confldentlal Service LOANS MADE ON Jftwelry, Diamonds, Guns and most anything of value. ROCHIER'S JEWELRY 7 E. Mountain St. Fayeileville 10-Help Wonled- The New RAMADA INN of Fayetteville Opening in Mid-September, and Interviewing Now AUG. 17th-19th : till 5 p.m. Doily DON'T POLLUTE Non-toxic, non-tlfuninable, bio-tlcgradabl products available at .very icasonab! cost. Bab- safe with money back Kiia anlee. For dcmonslrallon or product Li rormallon contact R A N D Y T U R N E R 841 Fritz Drive Phone 521-7650 NEED A BABYSITTER? Trained and experienced, for children all age*. All hours Monday throng Friday. · ' · - . ' (10 weekly [or children over 2L 112.50 weekly for Infants. Call 521-5429 I CUSTOM Uphotslery. lckup and delivery. «3-5-UO. p.m F B Manager Housekeeper Maintenance Asst. Manager Cooks--Chefs 3901 N. College Fayetteville, Ark. SCHOOL HOURS POSITION 9:30 a.m. · 300 p.m., dally, Saluntayj DAYTIME dlshwlshlr winltd. *e«kndi opllonar. H iou meet our r«sulrenilnu, °". Jf»d_sUtlml ^larv. Apply In r*£- poilllon «u«r«nle«s btinr lh«a amji« "" noonie. K3rp*rlenc6 rtedrtbli In chiurch or suncfiy school trork, PTA, scoullnf or communlly work;, elo. OH OM733 or m-3033 i Her 1 p.m. son at Bonanza Sirloin Pit. Hffy n DAYTIME Help, Must be able to nork 10-5. Apply in person only. DAlrylan Drlvl-ln, 61 and Raiorbjiclr ltd. CXDOK ! Good Puy Good Working Conditions Molting Pot Restaurant Phen* X42-2740 1MK MollieriT Il«ve tm wWl» fitlina , Join lha rravhouit Co. No dillvtry c^!*o»'n(f. Jiut thow loyi u n d iahe orf, Kelp mother um |U Ine, \\V WO at 4WM. · BTP.UCnURM, sKel'drldinian. Kxnlirnl orlu.llly, 901-712-7311' Olotnl duel «l ArkiniM, Inc., HOO WMilir, Cort Bmllh. - ; , . : WANTf.lli ffaltUnnci iKnenni! lor tarl)' raomlnl ihUI, Ptld vi»ll«i, llbtnl · Lore diicntinly, hosnIUllHllon *n4 olher mmpinx btnttlta. Apply personnel, Dll- irdi. CONTACT WORK Tired of IrylnB to «ctl or alarvO We palrl Baicaman Mr. Bob Harris J57I.OO In one week. Our discount and l i q u i d a t i o n service make* every buslnca* and pro'eastonf)' man R live prospect. Von colled no nnonc.v AS we pay you in advance and cuatomeri pay us direct No Investment by you. Write Man after, Box 4117, Cleveland. Ohio 41113. WANTEDi Exp«rl0trc*jd C4bl« Tool Drll|*r AI I'limp S«rvEce Rlx Oper«tor. Cftl Hjukin Pump Service, Sin A n t o n lo, T«XU. Arc! Coil* 512, 22?.2721 Free estimates Call -II2-9M3 NOTICE Farm B u r e a u Members For Your SAFEMABK TTHES , Batteries Call or Come By BOB'S AUTO SERVICE 1M1 N. Levcrett -- Ph. U2-7181 Painting Interior and Exlerior. Guaran lecd work w i t h .a reasonable price. F're estimates. Norman Umber, 521-W3I alter MOA1.TBX JIOBfLB HOME 8BRV1C nnrt repair. Oonifilelc servlc* on mnbll lomrs. Phone 75B6370. do HouiB Cloantnjr, Phona · 52 6--Services Offered REFRIGERATORS PAINTED match your colored appliances Factory Duplicate Finish. Pickup and Delivery FALWEU, BODY SHOP Phone 442-9358 Termites? Pests? lay Johnson 521-375 17--Boats Marine Supplie 0 H.P. Johnson motor with gas lank, xceltenl condition.- J1SO. Phone 521-135 'HREE 12" boat o(Hi tires. Phone trailer wheels 921-0581. Area's Largest 5th Wheel QUALITY Sel. Exclusively 5th Wheelers. ' Exclusive Dealers of SHADOW 5th Wheel For Your Car. OZARK .R.V. CENTER Hwy. 71 ANDERSON, MO 20--Motorcycles 1071 HONDA 175 Scrarilbler. Iwo helme Excellent condition. HOO- Call 521-3170. O--MotorcycIa* ·t 250C2 wJLh R«eJ Vfllve, Call Sam, 'Jit at Hondo. I'Hor.c J3-381.1. 0 HONDA 175 Otrcel/Trsll, excellcnl ndlilon. H». PhoM.ijulog. 'SiA^WV WVVXi'V^Si^VNrNA/^^*S/N^^^AiM^^ --Autonioflve^For Sp|«-- 62 CHBVROLOT - pickup. eclcJ. Phonn 4115933. ' m F-IDO TORI) pickup, like new Iradt. Ph,on« 816-S635.. (3:00. W8 MBHCURV srohlerey. excellent'con. ",lon, aood lainllK Cir, automalk, |«M , air, svUI take :|ma]J car aa trade-In. ' ' ' - · · 72 QTO wllh'BS'erylhlng on it For a a l e Irarjc. Phone MJ-2172. , CHEVnoLBr impala, poster ilcer. If, power brakej. new tlrei, new brake (Itm. |850., Phone 58 OHBVROLET Caprice, automatic, r, radio. In sotyi condition. 1750. Pnone - miili t tlaot, air condlllonuiz, au malic Iransmltsloh, light · blue. Going cmany, must icIL Good condlllon. 00 caan. Phone 5a-)Jtr 5 MO, lysf down, IffJO Ford plL-kilp 1 . uatom--power-- automatic. 20.000 miles, . Phone 442-32S3. VOLKKVAOB!)'Super Bcelle. A/C, M-KM radio. SOCO mile warranl/ Like ew condlllon. ^43-1410. alEer s p.m. 962 ItAMBLEa CJaialc -l-door, fi-c !r, slRndard- IransmUsfon. Clean. New ·akojoli. 1200. Phoi)« 442-8178 066 PLYMOITOI Belvedere. Blue, barrel'carb,; \ ipced pojlfrac, a«h. Phone 75I-M97. MC Wreoker, 620 . ucrles, on *tralj?h kr, wUh J020 rubber. Hedin's Sfi BorV-lce ^2-1600. I, disc, , , : , , icclal jnlerlor, new (Ires, console, a u t latioj man/ extra* Including l a l e s t a : Isleil ror WSOO. 16.000 miles }5sO ood cycle lor equity and lake up )93. jo. payments phone after 6:30 p.m 21 -7263. . 963 VOLKSWAGEN. »1295. Will Irade fo !der plcxup or-car. Piione WZ-W. 970 PORp COBRA, excellent condlllon '.'S C.I.J)., 4 speed transmission, 'CraBe aKs, new tires. Reasonably priced Ca «er 6 p.m. 751-1)238. . .,EXTRA sllclt 1057 Ctievro|el 233 enelnu power brakes, .power steering, air cond lonlng. JI250. Phone 442-SOS1' allcr .959 AI/ffnN Healy Sprite In good con dllton- J325. Phone 521-5396, alter 6. .963 FORD - Station Wagon. Brand ne . .ires, automatfe transmission. Phone 443 2845. . . · · . ' * , ' , - , ONE 13S! HO-TD. Best o'ljcr can Su Vcltow, brand new interior and origin engine. Runs very good. 443-2014. JAGUAR X-KE, !BOr 1966 Dodge Plckui ong wide base wl,n rack, i375. 19- FORD 2-Door, JKO. see at 1141 S. Schoo Also 19'. Cabin Cnilicr, 75 HP and U dcm Trailer. !S75. IS SI V8 FALCON nanchero. 1 Good shape You palrif. Phone 751-8212. 1972 CtfKVY , King]wood Wagon. Powi end air. 4700 m Lies, 13933. Phone 5Z1-2U 1S65 PONTIAC Catallna, V-8, aulomall ^ower steering, power 'brakes, 4-doo Clean inside and out, new tires'.. One the cleanest In N1V Art. (SCO. 75L0637. 1068 CHEVY Nova, automatic 6.: Exce lent condition, clean. 34,000 actual mile Musi sell, 11000. 521-5167 . between 6- p.m. ' MUST Sell this week:'1969 Opel Kade Rylly. Bed with black .stripe. Big Opt engine.: In-excellent condition, (950. ^ 26=6. . , CAMPING alt year'wIU] 1971 VW cam er. excellent condition. Phone 443-2128. 1965 VW, white. 40.000 miles on new « HIM. 1630. Cdii 521-1028. or tee at Lin'deiE after 7 p.m. 1950 CHEVROLET school bus · campc in good condition, make 'offer.. Phi 442-6927. " ^ -lOffl CHEVROLET Pickup, Reasonable. Call 846-3513.' 1030 MODEL A Ford In excellent a dltlon; original engine. Collectors He: H300. Phone 521-1077. Arkanw TIMES, Wed,. Auo. 16, 197fc FAYITTIVILLE, ARKANSAS 3--tlveitpck--For Sale )Uft caws with calves, One 2 year old aui tuji, c«n alter 5 p.m. 113-Jim. YKAR old Palamlno geldlnz, 2 youth Idla*. 2 Ulue .Tick ooon hound pupr, rooilhs old 25--Horn* Ne«d»-for Sat* Vp rriB-es In foal lo reglttcrcd Appa- Both »IM Phone 8392811 OOK COMPAltB-ANVWHERE REGtSTBHED ANGUS BULLS f ge 16 months and younger..Price asonablc. F a r m ' l o c a t e d 3 miles B t t i ' H I w a y , 4J-- W mile North, lone Homer Fry, lin-2529. FRY ANGUS FARM CARPET HOLL ENDS REMNANTS Orange Tweed Shag 12' x IS- OUR year old quarter mare. Well broXe, laddEc, bridle, and additional tack. 839-2642. avis Leather -Shop--Saddle* : 'TacX, epalred armlnEton, cuitom 257-5803. made. Hwy 170, 4--Dog*, Cats VYETTBVim) 7. H u m a n_e : . Society is 2 year old male Labrador Retriever IEO Illtcr''of/part .AuslraUan Shepherd uppiei. Phore Kl-3020. 1'JTEN -'needrrhome. Would-iyou llkn to Honey 'Oold'.Shaf 12' x 6' . , , Snanlfth Oold ha«r Jonquil'Shac 12' x h' , Tropic Moss Shag "' " «' ..,.,.,, Royal'BIue Sting y X 11' Gold' Sp^rk Sculptured Copper Sculptured '" U' x 11' 1Z' x 12' Gold Tweed Sculptured Gold Sculptured "' x 15' ' . .... 12' x 6' Avocado 12' x 12' .,.,.. _ U' x S' ., Inc^ tibld I Z ' . x IS! 15' x 16' Burpt Amber Sculptured 12 x 12' ', Fern Green Plush i2' X ' B ' ' : ·501:23 d o p t ; i t 7 ' No" charge. 30 p.m. Call' 521-J660 alter BAGI Z puppies Three* females, $5 each ne male 810 Phone S211565 (50.50 (54.00 SS1.00 {28.00 S52.75 $21.50 $78,75 JSISO ne jTiaic piu i nuii c ujji ^AM REE: 3 'hslf Pcrilan-hatf "Slapicse -Mint One grey and while, one yello* nd while, and one tiger stripe- 7 we«kj 6. «3-20H; OR Immediate sale: 5 akc pachshund upplcs; Champion backifrbuhd. S'A weeks d and very ffiikj- Call 531 6307 Uustin Gold 8 X 3 ' , |alco Gold Sculptured 7' 3i 8' Grclna Gjrceit Sculptured 12' x IT Moss Sculpturcd · 12 1 x 12' Leaf Green Indoor-Outdoor 12' x 12'. Blue Green Tweed Contract 12 1 x 7' , $1 Tiffany,;Grecih" Indoor-Outdoor LACK and yeltow Labrador Hetriever uppios 5 male r 3 ferVlaEe, |2Q ond up 'so 1 par oid 'mate Pointers $25 521- BS' · I - ' . KVERVBODV reads liie -ITOBS -WiNT Fs.. you' ar« , T ' I .KG refflslefed (serrnan .shepherd pun- les. -Phone '442-6069. BBAGDE puppltB, AKC reglstralfon 'pa. icrs fumlihed.-'Phone 521-1307, or SEC t 9ffi Ovcrcrpal. 5fOiO ?;^°° $13,13 55ivno $5^ 33*50 ttdvance Company 3 East Mountain Faycttevllle, BEAUTIFUL .TOY: POODLE PUPPIES Reasonable Phone 7S1-OI07. ' Harvey's Tropical Fish New ^Location: 2605'/a S Thompson (Hiway 71 South) Springdale Shop 761-1092 Home 751-9153 DOG ' GROOinNCJ AU Breeds Phone 751-720!. THE FISH BOWL Supplies Tropical Fisn 8t Open 10 - ^ S O Q pm Tui Sunday 1 - fl p m 442-8700, 249 E CIcb Turn East at Sunbrlte*' Janitor Service - : on North CoUeee Sat,. burn; 25-Hottie Needs-For Sale SEARS black and.white 23" TV, · with Alt-Fir'radio and stereo. Good condition, |150 Cell 7510593 Vista $\?ap Meet, eveo Saturday unrlav 1 mile South of Bella Vfcta . - and on Hwy 71 GB REFRfGERATOn, hot wafer HefcW wood heater,-'(a'bfe and chairs, odds and end s. Phohe 41Z-6S05. ALFALFA hay..: «;S. bale: Call 267-3^11 or see on the-1C East bypass. ANTIQUE High back plat\o - stool, dressing (able, fjfioa brae r silverware lunulure, pJc* lures, "typewriter,' 'small' appliances, ilka hew , Ward's 20,000 BTU Mr 'rondLMpiicr, excellent Q.B, itde by side rcfr!s«ralor, toots, garden, furniture and more 2106 Ina Springdale ONE exercise bicycle $60, tall slzc hn )i5 CQcpplete sc\ of ladles' soli 75 antique , mandolin sewing chine 3D T^one 521 3659 NEW Bell Hnwcll,slide projector with rerhole control.! phone 521-583J. MEN'S" : and women's 26" bicycle. Cal] APARTMENT size^Frlgldalre wllh Ireezer ompartnicnt, ?35 t .Also small, porcelatn* top'taWe. Phone 443-5131. " ' BOOKCASE bedstead and 6 drawer Art er. Both'HO.... Phone..442-40U. COFFERTONB'' feears, gas 36" ranee, Also maple' round table - wlltf 4 pbaffs'. Phone 5Z1-5TH alter S p.m. LARGE, chesMype Deep- Freeze. Call morrjings or be- Fore 8 p.m. 442-6059; 1365 MUSTANG. Power siee rintf, lircs and Interior.' ?450 or offer. Phone 521-5746. MOTORCYCLE; SALE. SL 70 -- $349 CB 450 - $1085 OSSA Pioneer- $895 · Honda -- Ossa On Sale Bikes no trades, no coupons please HOUSE OF HONDA Hiway. 71 North 521-3813 Sola ends August 22 137(1 TRAEL and Itoad 90. helmet Included. Phone 521-1562. JOIST sell. jrnduallnB. 1071 Yamaha 250 Enduro. Good condition. (560 or best offer. Phone 521-5-132. . - t!n YAlilTAHA 350. Must leli, 1500. Phone 521-1122. 1969 HONDA CL-125. Good running condition. Flatf helmet and shield Included. 1250 c»sh. -UMD5S. NOW IN STOCK 125cc C-Z Moto-Cross D D SUZUKI Hwy 71 South -- 521-2811 Fayetlevillc, Ark. Te Be Sold At The WASHINGTON CO. SALE BARN Saturday, August 19th 145 ANGUS CATTLE A Complete Dispersal Consisting of: 50 Arigui Cows, 3 to 7 yeans old, with calves by side 10 Angus Springer Cows '15 Opon YflarUng Heifers )8 trulls, n to 16 months old 2 Registered Angus Herd Sires This U a clean, local herd of cattle. For further Information call 442-6275 22--Machinery Farm Equipment 9-N FORD tractor, reconditioned, good rubber, S6T5, See. at Johnson's Equi,v ment Co, in Greenland or Phone 413-3922 before ^ 23--Livestock--Kor Sale 1 YEAR 'old galled gelding, broke KenlTe, $200- 2 year old gelding, halter broke, 3100. -U3-39W, FOR sale: Registered Palomino Fox Trot (cr. with almost new saddle. Phone KG- 7570 In RoBcrs 1 , T^VO icglslered Quarter il side. One ycarlins 1 442-295). mares with foal 'a Int. 443-1S91 or GE alr-condUIoner, 15,000 BTlT, prao tlcally new. Roper range In good condition. Phone ·142-4951. BRBAKFAEn 1 or dinette set conslstmg ol booth, * formica .table ' and two chairs. Avocado-creen color. Oak Plaza-Pharma cy. .'Phone '44VIT7. KINO 4(ze mallress and box- springs, like new, $75 cash or comparable item for trade. Phone 442-.KS7. JfAKE Beaten down carpet nap at door* waj-s bright Bnd tlutSy again with Blue Lustre. Lewis Bros., on the Square. GERT3 a gay girl i -1 ' r e a d y ' {of whirl alter cleaning carpets with Blue LUslre, Rent electric shamptJoer JL Folk FumUnre, 603'W. Dickson. FOR SALE: Good diit, .ItHXT' yards or more, will.-deliver. ;Atso' lacge concreta and .roclr. Ideal'lor heavy fill or rip rap, ;e T. .V. Wall)s. at Mew, Federal D!dg. site m Faelleville or call 4434455 ^ HAILHOAU^ DAMAGE ,t-, BUILDING KATERIALS-' S3 Hlgh\vay. Intersection of Main Street Across from Farmers Coop, Van Burenr Ark.;-Phone 474-Sa Paneling . . , . . . . - .. $2 anj UIde.SIdih'^--B grade Plywood' '_, ' Plywood Plywood Plywood Farlicl Board 2x4 Studs . Doors, all .sizes Ceiling ·' Tile' Banquet Tables, B ft. x 8 ft. Folding Chairs ,, Roofing Outside Paini Kitchen Sinks (Prices subject to change) APPLES-- All. varieties. Bring 1'A mile Wedtnffton Road, -Lincoln. 81H 3344 GOOD--*'speed record pniyer, $15.; Portable typewriter w 1th case, very good condition, $2U. Boston rocker. JIO. Large Avon collec tion, niiscel I a neons bptU ss, Aifier Horns, cheap, 521-1522, HOME gtjown - beans, beets,' tomalfjoa, squash, : -apples, grapes, etc, Bert T5-Wo, ml.. \V, .of TonlUoffn. 361-2235. GOOD (ill dirt. Free, you haul it. ' 18.000 BTU air condilloncr. 2 j^ars'Sld, like new. ?150- Phone 521-fMM. WROUGHT Iron mobile home steps, 24" and 31T' heights. Plione 636-9JW, Roger*. SERVICE DIRECTORY --Air Conditioning-- AlrCondltlonins, InsUllallbn ;. Strict. Reasonable. \\so save tn used alf-condf- Uoncrs. 521-W15 or 531-UM. , YORK Sales A Service. Central nnd window units. Free estimates. Paschal 751; nights 751-7C-0, -Bullduzing-- J. J, Bulltloiinj, La n A elea rin s Barth worlr. Phone §39-2SI3 and 839-2617 --Bushhoggmg-- ojglna - Trc« Trtmnifni · Trc*s d - I-ols-Clcared »'Frec osllniale. Darrcl Outfiria, 833-3tnl ALL lypes of BIlUSiniOQGINO, PLOWING and DISCING. Phone 442-2732. l/XJK! Haulms, movfciu irash Bervice, Have injcie slouk nick. Vou nam» It-We haul It dnsonable, s3-2lT9. CUSTOM Bnish-hoffglnff In Fayettevllle aic,v Free estimates. Phono 443-5131. TO Pf,ArE AN AD IN TIHS SPACB WOUt-D COffT OXLY J12.S PKU MONTH --Carpenter CARPENTRY WORK Remodeling und Finlih Wnrlt Phone RBMODKUNa. Room addltlonj, Car- porta, Patios, Pancllnir, Painting, Anything In home improvements. i HO^^B Improvements-- RcT«1rj. Cabined, piincllns, eleclrlcjtl work. ChUdren'j piny Miulpmenl, dome, jyi, 44S-7Q37. RB^tOD^!JL^^*O. carports, ciblnctSj tiOUJ* Icvellnit, roollns. repairs, reialnlntf walls, Orlvevvayi, pAinllnfi. -.43-1671', 5a-3il74. riOMT) lmprovem*n(». Cartxntry. Mint* luff, pjp*r ha nil ti a, ceramto Ul«, tile floflrs. Hom« building. CARPE^^^3R-F.^^ Ihe turf In bom* bulHIng, KmMfetinr. ?*$*· M* Driveway. Phone i42-8S71. --Concrete Work-- CONCRETE) irflrV ol ill lyiws. 25 years evporlence- small Jots welcome. Also pl-nter pa.ich.lni, Phon CONORBTB WORK-Qufl|ly ictnnbly nr]«d l-'rei esllmatej. C*U T. ' at --Dirt! Gvave) r Top Soll- TOP soil creelt sraveJ, road mjieriBl lvcrtd. Billy Gre^lhowa. Pbonp U2- TIAULTNO--All " kinds. Lawnmowlng and yard work. Phone «2-5149. · \\TI.L haul top Mil. .Travel, all kinds and dial. B'2 loads. WAyna Cale. Photic LIGHT Hauling -- General Cleanup T.*t us Keep your hedges trimmed. Fast service, Reasonable. U3-518I. . Aids HEARING Aids, · Raoear ' Salei and Service, Batteries and accessories, Montgomery Ward Hearing Aid Dcpt ^43-5191 --Paint Popor-- S S SPRAY PAINTING Guaranteed Satisfaction. Over 25 Years Combined Experience. Modern Spray Equipment. No job too large or too small, For Free Estimate Call Rodger Seratt. 443-4716 after 5 p.m. REGINALD D. Kcltey, Spray Palnling SlfllMna Residential, commcretal, In 1 ttii!,trla1, antf farm- Free estimntes, Sat' kfac.lon yuaraalWHl. Phone 443-7518. PAINTINO AND PAPERIMfl Interior and exterior. Free estimalej Phone K9-3137. W«H Fork PAINTINO--Interior and ExlerLor. I-x rlenced. Free eallmale.- Call 443-74S2 alter fi p.m, -Rock t Stons Work- AIA, TYPBa ROOK WORK Exp«tlencM - Kxce!!n( Work Phnnc )M-3I8« SBTAINING WATJ/I - FIRKPLAOE3 PATIOS int TONEKR M-5S60 Of W.37J1 All IVixj , -- Quallly Work Frac Kstlnulei -- nofereni-ri JM KUI - Phone --Rooftng S i d i n g -- -^ ANY type roof .rejiaired o[ replafefl. Guttering - Aluminum Sfdlng. Free esll* mates · Insured Workmen. Ph. ta-sm. .-Septic Tank, ServicB- SEPTIO TANK3 PUMPED, lines repaired, lowest rates, · local business. Phone 143-3203. SEWING machinery repairs. AU m«Ves and models, years experience i ; : e a estimates. 'All work eua'ranteed 7117^D. SEWING LESSONS. Instructor cnced In all" type* of sewlna. phone 2S13 or 830-9^66. 2. phone SLIJ- TO PLACE AN AD JN -nnfi, ' SPACE WOULD COST ONL? ** «22j PEfi MONTH -^ ·--Tractor-- * TRACTOR BBRVTCilX Blade rfoH, (Travel and jop (Oil spread, plflw*rj. dlsclQff. and ' bnish-!!Off?lna:. 4I^?^T»{ -- Tr«« Sorvlce t« LEE PERRV TREE SERVICE " Pranlrj, TlDflnj, Dead Woodlnj * R«- movinff. Liability InsuranM. Phons 445- 2E07. -TV Repjair COMP1.ETK Television flervJee In ywt home, evening, neeliendi and hol!Uy| a ipeclally. C^ll Ted Stahl. 83^l-3lR7. -Upholstery-"CUSTOM upiioLsrriRY AND RKPA'HT Frco Pickup A"-» D«]Jv*;y. C (W-W.ll , -^ -Venetian VKNV;TIAN tJllnds-.Retnpo and Rapaks, New bIFniis 4nad«, to order. Kite Ali* mates. Call Oabfl^CoojXF/ -rW«llj *' Pyitipir' /McNEAL PUMP twminr. Reda, talo And 8«r»lr«, rixnt UMCI*. Rcbccc* ItiMl TO PLACE AN AD IN TIHl SPACK WOUI.n OOBT ONLY Hi's reft

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