Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 18
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 18

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 18
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; B:8--INDEPENDENT / n»,,w., r*. 14, m* THE LYONS DEN THE BIRTHDAY MAN: Jack Benny is having, a unique celebration today--the 25th anniversary of his 39th birthday. When he started'"in. show- busi- A'hpn lie Starien in auu.w uw^* o^^r' 1 -- " . - · ···v, ·. · , ness he'changed his name -from off." He started .the;jokes about icss ^ b ,, _ _ ,, ; hi s 'being stingy as-a:humorous EX-STAR DIES ..],' H e l e n Twelvetrees, ;; former star of stage * and screen, who died ia unexpectedly T h u r s- ia -d a y in a hospital at 1 fclmstead Air Force ;;,' Base near Harrisburg, ·f Pa. . P K E U J O O D Forking Benny in Top Tax %/ ·«· Bracket 20 Years Wilding, Bride LAS VEGAS, Nev. (HE)--Mi-«British / interibr decorator, whom T ITT:I j:_« . * A-»V*.«M mncY\'i i nrl i · ._^.___:.. J IA+M 117 «H rt AC /I a v chael Wilding,-former.husband of actress Elizabeth". -Taylor, was honeymooning here Thursday with Mrs;-Susan.Nell,. 42, By LEONARD LYONS has been that important to him He's flovvn 3,000 miles'to appear for two;minutess.on.a TV. show ·explaining: "If "the -show-.^is good; I'll do it--if only to -show Benny Kubelsky to Ben Benny, Then too many people began confusing him with Ben Bernie, and at the Chicago State Lake Theater one day he told the manager to bill him as "Jack Benny." Show people, are so adaptable to quick change that within' 24 '.hours his intimates were calling him "Jack." ? He's been in the top bracket for 20 years. When he played the Roxy, a friend asked how much he'd net from the engagement. Benny tabulated his take, the salaries lor his cast, travel, ing expenses, commissions, the 90 per cent tax- bite, then proposed: "I'll make a swap with you--rii-give you.-my net, in exchange for your watch.' . . . When he was invited to address a testimonial dinner in N. Y., he said: "To give you an idea of how much is left to me, after taxes, I want an assurance ·· «· *·- meat *rveo ai we mum*-.. MONEY, OF COCTlSE. never bride former wife of British! they intended remaining at -the! days, but had no plan* beyond lndu»trt«H»t William TKO, saidlSahara Hotelherri for.sevtrall that. from you there'll be served at'the dinner.' GYPTIAN NOW PLAYING mu mm. wil h ^^. *"~ SOPHIA LOREN QlIBILlIE ALASTA1R SIM -- IN HIS MOST IRRESISTIBLY HILARIOUS ROLE! "THE GREEN MAN" QHMONT JERRY LEWIS m "THE SAD SACK" PlM» -- ALAN LADD In "THE DEEP SIN" ,ltOIERT MITCHUM NEMY Gary GRANT · Jdiu MANIFIILD "KISS THEM FOR ME" David NIVIN · Jun« AIT1ON "MY MAN GODFREY J 1 I A U V 1 A » O t i i J f a J "" «· ·"·*'. way of exploiting himself.'Benny enlivened 'a. Hollywood auction by raising his bids a penny at a time, 'i always heard," .he said, 'that you cannot buy friendship --so I never tried:" The fact is, he's quite generous. During the war he toured both the European and the Pacific Theaters, thriving ; on the heavy schedule. After a quick tour of Africa he reported: "I had'breakfast in Accra,''dinner in Cairo and dysentery in Palestine--all in one day." Despite the jokes.about his violin playing, he's a serious student of the instrument. In .Venice, one summer, his - room ' · adjoined mine and his violin practice awoke me each morning. He was practicing for a fall appearance at Carnegie Hall. He left a fancy ball at the Waldorf one night, and was.found playing second fiddle in Emil' Coleman's . band. HE DESCRIBED his .young daughter as "a third Shirley Temple," because at that time every other little giri was a se'c- lond Shirley Temple. He de! scribed Darryl Zanuck a man of courage and foresight. "Cour age --he hired me in 1940; Fore sight--he fired me in 1942:' His moments of qualm are a the. filming of his TV shows. "When the director shouts, 'Quiet,' before the cameras began to 'grind," he said, "you realize the -noise is in your own head." - . . . Once, at another turthday _ party, Benny stood near his !boss,,. Billy Paley of CBS, and I comment was made about their ' ( r e s e m b l a n c e . "True," said I George Jessel, "except that Paley is the same age that Benny lies about." THE BARGAIN - HUNTER: Whitman Bennett, the book- dealer, took measures to halt a man who plagued him constantly for bargains, Bennett : placed among the "Books For -;' blearance" pile a copy of Eliot's Indian Bible, the first published in America, worth $100,000. He w a t c h e d the bargain-hunter ; come 'across the rare volume, | with trembling hands. The man chose three .books, then brought them to' Bennett--for -a.-final price! "How would -35c- do?! 1 the 'dealer said,- about the: first book. The man .nodded.. 45c?" Bennett asked, for the second book. The man nodded. Bennett then picked up the copy of Eliot's Indian Bible. '"And this, he said., "how. about TheBatfleCty Stray of The '"*", American Commandos FIRST LONG BEACH SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES NOW SHOWING ITS "OPERATION SIDI-SPLIT!" . . . o t o pair of black lact panties almost sinks the Navyl . THE LAUGH OF YOUR LIFETIME! PLUS 2ND FEATURE AT BOTH THEATRES TOWNI -- ALL KIDS JOc THIS ENGAGEMENT ONLY AT RIVOLI A picture you will feel... as well as see! Evw the U. ~ isblushinjitMGM's djptition of th« · selling sloryl KEENANWYNN ANNE FRANCIS RUSS TAMBLYN 2ND FEATURI-- AT ALL*3 THEATRES and FES PARKEL^ FAST ACTION! "AMBUSH AT HAPPY CO-FEATURE EFFYORK TlhWKIM KEVIN COKOUN CIMARRON PASS" Technicolor OPEN · FRIDAY l:4( P. M. SAT. i SUN, OPEN 12HO .... . 6021 E. AnikilH THE DESPERATE HOURS" 8:10 Frl. * Sit, SI.50-FREE PARKINO ' ^ OPEN --· .'FRIDAY ' 1:15 P. M. SAT. ft SUN. OPEN 12:30 QEnivi 8-0531 NOW MAYING $94,000?" PALACE ^^^HONI HI *-*«» "LAW AND ORDER" "DESERT SANDS" "RATTLE TAXI" % OLD TIME and MODERN DANCING. SUNSET '" '''·' C"»''"'»'' Hallrnmn (IUB MORGAN HALL-835 LOCUST AVE. 'WHT KIU I III OMtlaun llin WlC., Fri., tit., III. | ··S-12 Me Jiaa fknt.j IKT poons ADULTS 101 ·· IC1D1 20l JP 1 C°?y BBANT-Friit HHATIIA "THI MIDI AND TMt'WMIOll" tho» 111 III! · lOlIl Jack LEMMON--Erili KOVACI " O P t B A T I O M MAD IALL" lho»« ati Ii4t inly E R O V C Mirlai IDAHO--l» FORD "Tl« HOUII «l till AlfMtHMIt" --HM--Klrt DOUlUt "PATHS OF GLORY" . 'TH and FINAL WEEK! Record Breaking Crowds Say: "BETTER THAN THE BOOK" "BEAUTIFULLY ACTED...Thi« a on* youll -MOST POWERFUL PICTURE EVER DIME OF THE YEAR'S BEST . ,,_ " - Lo»«Il tadallnga, Holly* - - - "PEYTON PLACE tremendous film drama!* -- Ruth WaHrbury. L A. f*dmin«r ,~ V] fCEDAR *· IKE · PRoniHI6-4TS3j Myit«ry TMII«r "WALL INTO HELL" ' --nut-- Mtck«y ROONIY o "BABY FACE NELSON" JKIWYVVALD* "PEYTON PLACE contender for^0»earl* ^*One of the yearns top pictures! | "A real work of screen art!" ~- ORCHIDS!" -ySu, -- HURRY -LAST 5 DAYS TODAY im$f COA lWH164t-0» T2!.':r. OPEN NOON CONTINUOUS NIW JT1AND FOtlCT -- Alt «AII HDljdi_yr : Llvi Ihi Llfi 01 Riliy iHhi HUKTINDTON HOTEL % OP A BLOCK LOKG 1290 E. OCEAN BLVD., LONG BEACH Thl» hotel rum throuih Irom tha boulevard to Uie oc«n. Two lo6BIe«. All rooms have private ba,tn», Drana Siir wall-to-vrall carpatlw . wrmnjt de.ik«, telepbom and dally maid j.rvlce. Larj. dlnlns room laces the ocean. Room amT mean J24.50 week rach pewon. Cholca. ateaki, prim, rlbi ol beet, roast .turKty, baited Virginia' bam and everything rood to eat. No better lood miiy- wner.. Pbona HE. 6-62S3. Our- d in- InK room alto eaten.-to th« outi de public. Club brealtfait 85c; .Tegular dlnnflri (2.15. . -. -.. LET'S GO HORSEBACK RIDING JAHES MASON-JOAN FONTAINE iUXf BILAFONII- JOAN COLLBS HOlAILRDWIE-DOflOTHTDANDUDCE' ADULT CHILDREN CLASSES For th« moit »xc«ption«l iorm of · iciting rtcrtation,. nothing com- pir« wifh hontbick riding. G«n- ·tl't norm «nd «xp«rt initructori 'combin* to m«k« +hii niw.««p«ri- ·n'M'-th* molt pl*«uni 1 «nd-mim- or«bl» in your lift. A . combini- tion of Initruction «nd practical ipplication will g'n* you · sound knowl«dg« of hornm«n»hip «nd _· 1 filling of Hcurity «nd prid« in iccompliihmint and,, in obtaining lh« itttui of a'good ridir. IRIAKrHT «nd MOONLIOHT RIDIS fmr MmmmHt* mit tfttM Allnllmn PHONE HA 5-1705 LAKEWOOD RIDING ACADEMY U3M E. CARSOM ; II N. Aniw*-, UNdwhill J-5410 ' IMPERIAL 317 L OCEAN BLVD. PHONE HE. 63873 STARTS TOD A Y * DOORS OPEN NOON CONTINUOUS ...much more thjan American audiences are used to seeing of what 2^- year- old girls are made of r 14 and God created woman" ...but the devil invented Briffitte Bardot I PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES NOWI OPENS 4:30 luuunts K$T-iaiEi is tutu FUWMU on TK scitai 2ND FEATURE GENE KELLY "THE HAPPY ROAD .OLEUTI runu'^swui-mmi^^F--- · [ WYHH-RfED CURK-M GIBOR-SWIP^^^ LAST 2 DAYS! NOW! OPINS 4:30 feyton flace T H E T H E A T R J4IO ..MAIIOLIA iA 4-1411 0» »TA« -- (Clrtiln ilM "THE FIFTH SEASON" ROAHnJM RANDOLPH SCOTT In "DECISION AT SUNDOWN" THEATRE "THE INVISIBLE BOY" With RICHABPtYEB JlJOpir · 'I eiear full Pinmount ft Conptbn Klvdi. In Piranoiint FRIED CHICKEN! . Carry Oit · »r Horn* Dtllv«rid Silver Wishbone- 4510 E. SEVENTH CEntYi 8-881» "You've nerer ·*· like It." CINSMASCOPI " ·Ml EASTMAN COLOR CO-STARRING CURT JURGENS -- Adults Only -- CO-TREAT "Cffr Of OOLD"~ Authenticl- Real! ROXY OKV All NI6HT * ' mm- ttm OIK II A.K. 40C -Til · F.M. ·«· W/1". Ml. Fill MIKINO Ahw « P.M. Dally. All B.y f.hird.y » lunacy l_AlL,TEOH»IOOLOil HITS-J Vii JOHNSON--WiHir PIDOEON "MEN OF FIOHTIHQ LADY" JMM STEWART--Ulittl ROMAN "FAR COUNTRY" ' Richard EOAN-DUni WYNTER "VIEW FROM POMPEY'S HEAD. FOR THE MOST FUN IN THE VISIT THE WORLD! IN WILMINGTON 5 MILES WEST OR LONG BEAGH v . I BLOCKS FROM THE CATALINA TERMINAL BEST NI6HTS FRI. SUN. OPEN 6 P.M. 5810 Atlantic GA 2-JIII 8B" IRIS KINOAINIG CO-HIT--AtAN LADD In "THE DEEP SIX" DOWNEY "HOOD WILMINCTON THI-IHf IK" DRIVE-IN T H E A T R E S LA ·IIMA.'i;«n : » | lir | UM Mill Marian lraiia".'"VIYA "Tl- « A BUD rtlKIT THI HWIIIU "»" mu-i: ? ;u : . . "TUtlOM «AUl" "IIW NIUI"

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