Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on November 4, 1950 · Page 11
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 11

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1950
Page 11
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UA Air Force Recruits Surest!-Baity CEtlihrtt Saturday Evening, Nov. 4, 1960 College. men and ivomen intei' ested in becoming air force officers should apply next Monday and Tuesday. ";Capts. William A. Ham and V. K. Sliero, -recruiting team, .will establish their office in building T-G, room 1, at the University of Arizona to .interview prospective cadets. Openings are in the aviation cadet pilot and navigator ,'tyainin; and for nonfiying commissions Women are eligible to apply for the latter division.- Anyone accepted \yill be commissioned in the reserve upon comple tion of training and may compete for a regular commission during three years of active duty. Alma Trio To Perform JOn VA Campus Sunday the new liberal arts on the University.of Young Israel CItiJb In First Meeting : The first fall- meeting of the Young .Israel Married Couples' · ··club will be held at S p.m. tomor f row" : "in the .home of Rabbi Abra- jham M Danzig, '2245 E. Seventh st. THe ;sUn lecture- on; the current, po- ^fiitlcal situation in Israel. · jf An Informal question and ^ iswer period will foUow, The eye- *ning Tull be concluded with refreshments and a social hour. Rab- .y bi Danzig is spiritual leader of the ' Aoung Israel synagogue. ^ i The second.meeting of the Young -.JTsrael Habimah Players -will be field at S p.m. tomorrow-In ..the 1-sjnagogue, 2443 E. Fourth st. Offi- fcers "Kill be elected and :a new^dra- 4 x |jnatic project will -be started. Reg'-, j-uiar meetings of Habimah'will be Jon alternating Sunday nights. ,, f SVS' C1KLOS RESERVOIR RE- i f p o i t for 24-hour period ..ending-at ' |7 a m , J\o\. 2, 1950: Available stbr- , "age--241 acre feet; no change in 'past 24 hours. · ' ' ^^_. : One of the nation's most noted chamber music groups, the Alma trio, will perform' at 3:30 p.m. tomorrow in auditoriums Arizona campus. The'concert wilf-be the second of the season for the Arizona Friends of Music. Mrs. Thomas Ellinwopd, president of the local music group, said reason tickets stiil are available fur the remainder of the concerts. .Members of the Alma trio are Adolph .Bailer, pianist; Roman! Totenberg, violinist; and Gabor Rejto, cellist. DIN NG ROOM IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC -\IOE PALOOKA ^ :,'·--·»· 3®3S ^am i ;.'v -·!-:;-p^« fi, /·»-··JT »- ,5' ; : "'-'-i.t^8.'4,' ;s, ,,ur*' CStaisna .·-·^·H^:-r* v'?^ -, GUEST RANCH ' T" ,,'\T ; ; " DtoHNC ROOM IS'OPEN TO' THEJW8UC · -?.'. ' Texan Takes Commclnd Of Superbomber Base LIMESTONE, Me., Nov. 4. (/?)-A Texan who has served 42 months overseas has been named commander of the huge new air 'force superbomber base here. Col. William;A. Delahay, former deputy director^of air material -of the . eighth/ air'- force base,. Ft. Worth, . Tex., . succeeds Lt. .Col. James R;.-Wiley. Wiley.has been iircommand since Hast June. Col. Delahay, who has been in the Mediterranean, Pacific .and eastern areas of. operation', is a native of Corsicana", Tex. He is the :on.'of, Mr. and Mrs.. B. T; 1 Delahay of, Corsicana. He played-basketball and football.at Hillsboro (Tex.) col-1 egei .: . ·' ; " - ! eaeaez ^ ;t SMORGASBORD DINNER All Saints Hall "490'South Sixth Areiiue Sunday, November 5, 1950|j 2:00 to 7:00 P. M. Delldoug Food Delightful Dinner Music 11.50--Adults:---Y- 1.75--Children under 12 Spbniored by Damian Club Tucson's Finest , Chinese Food c -"r^ : -c Serving .10 Course Dinner for only "Try It -- Tasie and TeH" Club flamingo OPEN 4 P.M. TO 1 A.M. PIZZA : Eat i'our R E A L I I A I I A N F O O D VILLA* NOVA R E S T A U R A N T DI7TA SERVED ri«-4"M 5 P. M.;ON- M U S T A C C I Q'i K; t at- all Simes . 1 fflSEKNNERS ; .FOOD Tti TAKE OCT Open 11 -A. M. to Midnight .Satnrday'Til 1 A. M. " . ' Across From .· · ' GBEl'HOUND BUS STATION 94 West Broadway Ph. 2-9157 PIZZA LOOKING r FORA REALLY GOOD HAMBURGER? Yon can find it-at'.'Scfi'aimet's ,?it. Only top qoility beef -Is used .and .ive grind, it; frcsli -every day. Then it?Is' cooked on bur special hamburger^rill and placed b e t w e e n a' delicious Sesame seed toasted buE.^; We arc open week nights till midnight;, so try; one of our hamburger's for a ' delicious late snack that you can feel certain is really top quality. , : '· . ' Hours: : ' · / · ·.·Weekdays, 3 P. M. to Midnight Sundays, 12 Noon:to 9 P. M.' .' · -- Closed Mondays --· · i Home of the Arizona Cowboy Breakfast · if Dining Room if Coffee Shop if Curb Service ; ^Fountain CENTRAL DRYV-INN RESTAURANT \ OPKN 7 A. M. TO 2 A. M. STOXK AT SPKKDWAY. e*§ HOPALOHl, SORCY, MARSHAL BUT MEBE'S WHEOE WE PAW COMPANY/ I'LL WEED TH' HANDCUFF KEY AN' I'LL BE ON MY-WAY/' ^^-^\ . ( ._ x^»,» ·»piejft« FPEEAT ' LAST/ NOW TO HEAD FOB ' S'JLPMUB CITY AN' RUIN CASS1DYS LITTLE GAME/ bi.,/v«i|« · -OPEN EVERY DAY ' FOR'FINER , , · HOME-COOKED FOOD Dine in the Patio by the' Pool ·-- Indian Room for Special ParKei .:-·-- GHOST RANCH RESTAURANT 801 -Cess Grande Road . '' OPEN 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. 'fv ILL GO IN THE BASEMENT TO HELP, AND YOU , TELL MY MAMA I'LL POKE IT OUT WITH THE BROOM .Sjf'fc'Ffc LAWOH * DO YOU KNOW I WHATS STUCK \ IN THE LALINDfjy ) CHUTE, MILDRED? " ^* Chir PIZZA ROOM NOW OPEN SERVING PIZZA DAILY from 5 P. M. We feature Complete Line of Italian Foods: Now That You've Tried The Rest . . . Eat The Best At LI'L JOHN'S CAFE Open wfek days 6:30 a.m. until l:0'n a.m. Open Saturdays 6:30 a.m. tinlil 2:00 ;n.ij). -Sundays 11:00 a.m"..'to 1 a.m. Beer. '.Wine 101 W. Sixth Ave. Phone 2-9121 t? W PUT YC1)P5=LF AT V/ £A5S, MAJOR. CANYON. 1 COLONEL,! D!PNY\ WE VVELCOM5 ANY WANT yci/ TO THINK \ EFFORT THAT WILL We WERE CUTTING ) LEAD INTO YOUR TtEEiTCRY/ ELUSIVE GA3OI.W But art is Judy, you ought toW practical, Corky. ·telf-Kick to-lay'.off y~ Do you know 'art. and .get-into \( that soine'painters -something practical.^ get $3000 or more for pictures? Fl AM TOLP THAT THEOF 'M'5I£U CK05' 15 AN AMERICAN COLLOQUIALISM. 1 J5 IT SUEPRISIMS THAT M'SIEU MEAN-S A l. IMPORTANT PERSONAGE? A5LE To AVOIP 1EIN6 ON YOUR LIST OF KNC'/VM 7^ CH=ETAH CLAIMS TO HAVE-' fEEN .M'5IEU e'KOS:.. IF "SHE SPOTLIGHTS HIM HEEE, W£- WILL NOTIFY YOU ATONCs, OF COUK5E.' I_ HAVE SEEN THIS ) CHEETAH ..IF YOU ^ '5HOUL_P-CARE TO TEADE ASSI6NMiNT5 WITH J«S: I 5HALL SEAT YOUR I 4* Ifing And.that some illustrators'get' $1000 and up-fbr, --^ a drawings' v^ Crossword Puzzle . ' . ACRiSSS - ·U Small-cubei I. StoUhtaln: . '- '-V'cdmb. form : L Apostle- to '. ' ' : t7. Arometlc urotxfT 89. Wealthy 41. PI1» ·«.-ArtlcI»~. - 44. EnRUsh'JtttK 45. Generoui 50. Segment In the Turkiih army Bl. Like UlL ml Pi | I Fl 'it. Scent. 13. Male iheep 14; Russian hemp 15. Heavenly food ,,. ,,,,,,, 17. Compass point 6J, Seat of th« 18. Genes at duckf Unlver«Jtr 19. Dlzsy ' of Maim 12. Epoch 65. Repetition 24. Negative 56. Ed(t» 25. Conjunction (58. Roman rotd 25. Former L ! : S. B3. Hastened Preildent . 60. Speak ,-· Z1, Tanpze^----, (1.'Salanmndtr | E | V | A l U 61 It- · M dS ·That advertising artists get big prices, and even. cartoonists make money 1 ? Come to.think )f Rick.says' \ .of it, maybe'-;/] so. But he' ' t art is S.( admits you're OitK TR.4CJ, H* fTitttvi *',nn1* Solution of Yesterday'i Puzzl* . . . river II. Alwayi 34. 'Meadow J5. Wild. ox'. DOWN 1. Portunrutu tltJ* S. Mountain In Creti 1. Met . 4. Sea «nr]» Enjoy our Group s DIXXERS or A-LA-CARTE _. " with .WINE--BEER--CHAMPAGNE HOURS: Saturflay, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday, 2 p.m. to midnight Mon.-Pri. 4 p.m. to midnight GINL ING'S . 2004 So. Sixth Ave, Foods i For = ORDERS to-' = TAKE- OUT = and Reservations aa for parties = IMal 3-1621 = 4-7 i'3 Pardon, ol chap, but. the food is milch better at BROADYVAY- 'M AF Nc a- f- 8. Conjunction 6. Hindu quten T. The end I. PmalnlrtR to a dinner I. Indlgtnom Japanes«i variant- ID. Two-toed »loth 11. Not so much 16. Italian rlvtr 20. Road ux 21. Printing .necessity ·22. Flaii «au» !S..Donat« 27..-Full-of chlnk» .-{S. La«: comb. · form .".10. Story 1 31: Not any 32.. Portal 35. 'Armadillo 3S. Word used In · colleg* : · " ch««ri «.. To 42. Frulu 4S. Rowing Implementi 8. Support 47. Grafted: heraldry 4t. Continent (9. Ireland · 53. Untried 54, Worthies! leavlnj ST. Belonirlhf to mti SCENE: A-'SPOT ON THE HIGHWAY, MANY MILES FROM THE CITY CHECK THE OIL AMD OAS WHILE I GRAB A SANDWICH. . WHATS THE MATTER? NOTHING. PID VDU HEAR A KID'S VOICE-KINDA CRVING? HUH? aa'rrs ME, CDS, FROM TWE ROAD CREW. i-iVe . CAPTURED T.V WIOpLES^ AfMEH BY A! Capp I The refined, builefproof Neiu York apartment of, " ' | WELL, DOC- ) YOU NEED TO GET i WHAT'S ./AWAY FROM ITALL'i . YOUR ^ IF YOU STAY. HERE, | VOIDICT? J YOU'RE APT TO . S.UFFERFROMA "* k SHOCK--ABOUT , ^5,OOO VOLTS, I'D. SAV. Do, It Every Time u.^ By Jimmy Hado COULD X XS( COCTOR A ,.. .SIMPLETEENSV-WEENSy ,, - V ^ V UTTLE QUESTION? |T WOSl'T j · - ;KE MORE TH^I^ ONE EVER/ DOCTOR AW EVERY COCTOR'S SECRETARY KNOWS THE CHARACl'ER SAY'STM AW W£ QUOTE - QUESTIONS, 3C MINUTES -4NDTWREE APPOINTMENTS L/ATER SME'S STILL GOING STRONG SHOWS NO SIGNS OF ' WEAKENING Kip'kmnY #VI ^ /M ( '«- __^£ OKAY-BUT I '-- EX3NT KMOW MOW WE'LL BE ABLE A SOFT BUCK IN L DIS JO!KY DUMP- WEBEEN DRIVIN' T'REE D4VS, BOSS. WHY DONT WE. HOLE IN HtRE? IT'S UNCIV/UZECX'7' MO POOL JOIMTS, NO PROTECTIOW RACKETS, WO SLOT MACHINES.r NO , CHANCE T'MAKE NO BETS OM AH'LL BET DAISY, MAE * 'DOWT KETCH LI'L ABNEP?, A/^IW Tf -JI-1 AH'U. BET- WIDDER YOKUM NABS BASIL RUMBONE-7 ??-SOTHERE IS- SOMETH/N' THESE SQUARES IS WILLIN T'BET dHff" WHATEVER.IT-IS/ --;· WE'LL'TAKE IT OJERTf, Alex Krnmontl (TS KIHD OF \W TOSES M=, SIR.., I'A\ SEEKING =f INK/BAWTION ^BOJT OtvE Of YOUR CLIENTS'MR. CORNBJUS DCRPS... ANNIK. THIS LETTS? SISN=D C.L.V..., \B THE ' BEFORE I ANSWER YOUR OUESTIOM, I HAVE OHZ 0= MY CTVN...WHY /THE SlRL \SHO DO WJ WANT ~O I R=C3V=D THAT KNO\V? t NOTE 15' 'V AUSSINS! By Harold Grey ONLV Sfi FAR THERe OUST DONT SEEM TO gg AMY FOLkS-6UT WE'RE COMIN' DOWN imo A VALLEY NOW- BOUND TO BE:PEOPLE DOWN THERE- our ,-TW?E- WmPBO 1 WOOD SMOKE-AND A CHURCH fiP«*E«.IT'S A-TOWM- BS THERE BV DARK, IF WE HURRY- DID JA, NOTICE, SftNDY? OUR LITTLE BROOK. ; ISr3ETTlM'Td BE A CREEK.OR f?UN;Of? DRAW, OR BRANCH, OR WHPCTEVER- FOLKS CALL IT. HEREABOUTS

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