Independent from Long Beach, California on January 24, 1975 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1975
Page 25
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Earl Wilson Sjof : Recession in a Rolls i PALM SPRINGS - "In ; Palm Springs," the great ^'satirist Mark Russell said, "Nelson Rockefeller jj considered tacky.". I J l couldn't find much Recession here on the Cali- fprnia Gold Coast. It was 'about 85 degrees. They RATINGS C Genera! Audiences. All o^i admitted. A tf* Parental Guidance suggested. All ogw admitted. R fiwtrided. Persons urtder 17 not admitted unless accompanied by parent or guardian. -Adults Only. Nooreundei- 16 admitted. NOTE: If two features have different rat- rngt, the more restrictive rating prevails. MANN THEATRES OPEN 7,30 (G) JLESUEIffl? IE IIOW.MID OffiTAddffllUAND* GONE WITH THEWINDT ( "OPEN 6.30 m ' GENE HACKMAN IN THE FRENCH CONNECTION /Oik Centupy-Fox COLOR BY DELLM?^^ AT 6:15-10:20 -PLUS-, 'THE SEVEN-UPS" I l^'««N» THi.mts AT8.3DONLY OPEN 6,15 (R) . m 'CINDERELLA LIBERTY" AT 6,30-10,30 *»NN THEATRES ROSSMOOR ·» OPEN 1,00 (P0| · 1 The Trial BillyJack DELORESTAYLOR TOMIAUQHUN ffi AT 4,15-9,25 THE KLANSMAN AT!,157,30 MANN THEATRES OPEN 6,45 (PGJ TheTrial BillyJack TOMLAUGHLIN [TO AT 8^35 ONIV --AND-- j "S*P*Y*S" | AT 7tOO ONLY BAVlisTal'Beach 340 MAIN .1 431-9988 n I "GONE WITH THEWIND"io) 'la Mii-aaa, AlmUra., Firestone m-Mt \ HUROK presents THE VIENNA CHOIR BOYS World's Most Beloved Choir Two performances SUN. FEB. 9 ii'Jj'l' 2:3(r 8:30 Ofl!^ JB.SO, 5.50,4.50,3.50 TICKETS NOW! At Music Center; all Mutual Agencies, c!c_ say there's a swimming pool for every three people. ; , , · "It's the custom," a fellow told me, "for the man . to grumble a-bout his poverty while Rolls- Royceing to the country club for his golf while his 'wife is looking for new jewelry to wear to lunch." One sign of the non- recession was the opening of opulent tennis and golf additions at the New Canyon Hotel, which is a baby born of the successful m a r r i a g e of American Airlines' and Americana Hotels. The New York brass -- Mario de Genova and Jim Heimbaugh -were smiling about the capacity bookings and bright convention outlook. They gave a couple of parties where Freddie Martin's orchestra played for "body contact" dancing -- remember? People holding each other? William Demarest, 82; Don Wilson; John Cbnte, prez of the TV station; Mrs. Leo Durocher, and people like that were making it quite clear that no recession will be tolerated here. ' ' . IT WILL just be asked to go around to the ser- Leading lady needed-- fast By VERNON SCOTT Earl's Pearls Today's Best Laugh: Rodney Dangertield complained that nothing goes right for hiin: "For instance, I bought a watchdog -- and it told the wrong time." ' . . Wish I'd Said That: The trouble with some families is that they have Cadillac tastes and compact incomes. --Arnold Glasow Remembered Quote: "Brains are not a handicap to a girl,- because the smart 'miss knows enough to hide them behind a low neckline." Earl's Pearls: With income tax time coming up, it's well to remember-that New York is about 220 miles from Washington -- as the dough flies. . A H'wood producer wants to make a film bio about Lee Strasberg, the head of Actors Studio. He even has a name for it: "Stage Coach." That's earl, brother. . . . . the most munificent pidurc DAVID O.SEUNICKS nwouoiotiof MARGARET MITCHrUS GONE WITH THE WIND" 'CLARKGABLE ! mm LEIGH J aa* »LESLIE HOWARD j OLIVIAdcIMLLAND 4275 Allonlie A,e. ong'^A . 424-16lf JOS ALTOS 2 DRIVE-IN Son Diego FWy. 1 BelWo«f Bl.dl NELSON ROCKEFELLER 'Tacky in Palm Springs' · v a n t s ' entrance! Mark Russell made the point ( that southern California has its own peculiar outlook. There h a v e been predictions that California will fall off into the ocean. ' "When the West Coast of the United States is in N e b r a s k a , Governor Brown will be able to say, 'I told you I'd- get the state moving.'" Russell heard that a Palm Springs citizen met a -Washington chap and asked "How's Nixon? The W a s h i n g t o n i a n replied, "Nixon resigned!" The local fellow said, "He did? You mean Agnew's President?" Russell repeated a rumor that he'd heard: that Kissinger's planning a trip to the United States. Despite all the optimism about the economy in Palm Springs, Mark declared that it's not so happy in Washington where he lives. "I heard f r o m my bank," he said. "They want their toaster back." Betty Huttoh, having fattened up to almost 100 pounds, will return to Show Biz at the Riverboat in March singing the old favorites ... Ruby Keeler is back in Lacuna Beach, recovered from her stroke ... Alice Faye \vas given a surprise party before returning to Palm Springs after the closing of her show "Good News." That closing will remain one of the mysteries of 1974. Alice Faye wants to do more. "I got a little taste of it," she admitted ... "I hope I get a job real soon." David Frost Caroline Cushing flew in from Sydney and stopped at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. HOLLYWOOD (UPD Jeffrey Konvitz is a smart lawyer who got rich almost by mistake while t r y i n g to b r e a k into movies as a'producer. , Konvitz is the 30-year- old author of "The Sentinel," a best-selling novel, the paperback rights of which sold'for $200,000. He o f f e r e d Universal Pictures' film rights for $300,000 with the proviso that he write the script and produce the movie. For openers the brash, personable Konvitz banked a half million bucks. Now Konvitz is in the driver's seat and loving every moment. AS AN attorney for the bankrupt J e r r y Lewis Theatre chain, an executive at MGM and agent for CMA, Konvitz hankered to be a producer. But he lacked two .essentials- money and a salable property. He set about getting a property by writing his own novel. It took two' years, from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. every night while working.full time during the day on his legal career. However much money he has now and however popular his book, Konvitz faces the biggest problem he has encountered since completing the script. "I can't find a -leading lady," he complained. "This is the story, of a girl in her mid-20s that audiences could believe is a fashion model, who looks vulnerable and sensitive and can handle emotions f r o m instant happiness to instant terror. "But the terrible truth is that there is no such person as an under-30 female motion picture star except for Liza Minnelli; and she's not right for this role. . ' "And my definition of a star is a woman who combines charisma and talent. Maybe there are some girls with talent and some lunatics' ma. But no one who; combines both. - · "NATURALLY I'd like; an established star withi name value to help at the; box office.'Assuming;; there-is no such girl, it is? irrelevant if an actress; has a marginal name ore- no name at all. i. PACIFIC'WALK-IN THEATRES LATI SHOWS IVWY fUIDAY It SATUIDAY BARGAIN PRICE I Mon-Frl. tM - 6:30 - Sal. 12:30 · 5:00 PM - Sun. t. Hoi. 1Z:30 · 2:00 PM | IIAKEWOOD CENTER: Mon.-Sal. 12:30 · 5:00 PM $ 1 5 0 IDMISSIOI DISCOUIT CHUMM All Sects $1 'til 7:00 P.M. Mon. thru Thur. « « Mr jsT raESEMT THIS »D PGi - - ·» DRIVE-IN THEATRES 633-4646 WHIP INFLATION NIGHT WEI.-TNN.-FIII, Ml 1MIPJ. MIT (Sm.a Complete Program) Mmllilon $1 P«r P*r»n, Undtr 11 Fr» "CHULLEKSE TO BE FREE" ( oi I "THE BIHBIER" m "VANISHING WILDERNESS" ( G "L«U6HIH6 POLICEmH"w CO-HIT "THE DOVE 1 AIRPORT CHARLTON ---- GEORGE HESTON KAREN KENNEDY BLACK tailing Hills, Torrone. 335-2600 '. Poc. Cit. Hwy. Cranihaw | "THE CLANMAN" [«) I "S'P*Y'S"(PB) SCORFA+ IN PASSION... 4 ADULT HITS COLO. M FILM THAT'S RED HOI! NOTHING CENSORED V. YOU CAN'T BEAT EXPERIENCE IN THE ART OF LOVE. PRIVATE LESSONS STARTS 6:45 P.M. ONLY LONG BEACH DRIVE-IN SHOWING! FOURTH HIT (X) (4.) AROUND THE WORLD WITH FAHNY HILL ban Diego rwy. crt oanta re Ave 834-6435 WELCOME TO SCENIC ATOKA COUNTY Pop. 10,000. Cross burnings. Rape. Arson. Murder. It's a great place to live ...rftUHMetyou. LAKEWOQD CtNTtR WALK-IN Camjltwood '.531-9580 FRENCH CONNECTION (· rU».UVI"UH|M) OPEN IJiJO P.M. LAKEWOOO CENTER WALK.IN .Faculty at Cindltwood 531-9580 LAKEWOOO CENTER WALK-IN Faculty it Cindlewixxl 5319580 RtCHAID BURTON THE KLANSMAN ID THE STONE KILLER ID OPEH 1*30 P.M. _ LAKEWOOD ^CENTER WALK-IN ' Faculty it Cjndlewood 531-9580 _ ' MEL BROOKS' BLAZING SADDLES ID PLUS · OtOSOl SISAL BLUME IN LOVE m LONG(EACH TOWNE WALK-IN " Atlantic and San Antonio 422 1W1 Carroll O'Connor · frnolt oorjjnln* LAW AND DISORDER (i) LORDS OF FLATBUSH (*) on.-frl. Op«n 6 · Sol. » Sun. \1 Noon PACIFIC DRIVE-IN SUPER SWAP MEETS · LONG BEACH Drive-In ^Wednesdays-yarn to 3pm Sat. Sun.-Bam to 4pm · VERMONT Drive-ln- Sal.s Sun.-8am lo 4pm Family Fun! Profits! Bargains Galore! PACIFIC DRIVE -IN THEATRES | NoiUhrii Fri. Open 6:15 pm · Sat. I S«n.-S pin. Shows slsrl 6:151 Children E thru II - Me · Children Under 6 Free! LONG BEACH CIRCLE DRIVE-IN 101 Hiniy and Lakewood Blvd. 439-9513 OOU»LEIlllSM»SH! GENE H«CKM*N FRENCH CONNECTION m ·un. SEVEN UPS(W) LAKEWOOD DRIVE-IN Carton at Cherry 4249931 (l.)nNDEILOVIN6CAIEw (t.)HIrKO(D (].} STACTANDHHGANGIIOTEISw VaSlX) NO ONE UNDSI. II (X) EEr Kl.J AFTII SCHOOL TEACHERS (t "» /{M IEACH ME TONIGHT |X| ;0 ^Dm/{3.) MIVATT LESSONS (X) ,7"/4.) AROUND WOILD FANNY HILI LON08IACH LOS ALTOS1 DRIVE-IN n Diego f'wy and CAMOLl O'CONNOI ERNfST B01GNINE LAW and DISORDER ID LORDS of FLATBUSHoo) LONO BEACH LOS ALTOS 2 DRIVE-IN n Difgo Frwy and ALL TIME CLASSIC! GONE WITH THE WIND 101 PLUS . MMLO THOMAS JENNY (G) LONGIEACH LOS ALTOS 3 DRIVE-IN : B*llllo*»f BlvfJ 425-7422 3ICHARD BURTON THE KLANSMAN ft) PLUS · SUTHERLAND GOULD SANPIOMO SAN PEDRO DRIVE-IN GaHey Streel So. ol Anaheirr 831 3370 ALL TIME CLASSIC! GONE WITH THE WIND (0) nut · ref«auM* t «ouu S»P»Y»S (·») PARAMOUNT. ROSECRANS DRIVE-IN L* Ve wood Blvd. it Rosecram 634-4151 ONLY ARIA DRIVE-IN SHOWING! AL PACING GODFATHER PART II (i) NIOHTir AT 6:45 1 10-15 P.M. SORRY, NO PASSES1 COMPTON COMPTOM DRIVE-IN Rostcranl -- |Wtit ol Atlantic 6388557 RICHARD BURTON (l.)THE KLANSMAN (R) (2. HONEY BABY po) (3.) S»P.Y»S IPOI ,CARDENA TWINVUE DRIVE-IN [ South Figueroa at 152 Street ' 324-51J7 TENDEI LOVING CAKE (i) STACY AND HER GANGBUSTHSm GARDEN A VERMONT DRIVE-IN i.' Vitmonl Ave. it Arusii 323-4055 I Brookhunl (So) 9622431 ONLY AREA DRIVE-IN RUN / LtlOGEST CAST EVER TOWERING INFEDNO IPO, LiGiND OF Hili HOUSE(Ki IURT RITNOLDS THE LONGEST YARD («) PLUS · PETER FONDA EASY RIDER (·! Sin Diego (I*Y Iiistol 10 olflim toPiulll'no lellloThcItie 5453313 CARROLL O'CONNOI ERNEST IORGNINE LAW AND DISORDER m LAST DETAIL (.1 WIITMINSTin HI-WAY 39 DHIVt-IN , DOUtlE till SMASH! GENE HACKMAN FRENCH CONNECTION in PLUI. SEVEN UPS (M) »UEN«PARK BUEHAPARK 0«IVf-IN Lincoln West ot Krott 8J14070 GODFATHER PART II in NIOHTLT «T 6:45 « 10:15 P.M. SOIRY, NO PASSES! BUENAPARK LINCOLN DRIVE-IN - Lincoln West ol Knott 527 2223 EARTHQUAKE |PG) NIGHTLY «T 6:S t 1:«J P.M. SO««Y, NO PASSES! A WILLIAM ALEXANDER-BILL SHIFFRIN PRODUCTION '·· ; -'··'·:."-:RicHA:tti.v^ ;; LEE BURTON ' HESTBICTED - - - - A TERENCE YOUNO FILM ; iiurtu CAMERON MITCHELL LOLA FALANA LOCIANA FALUZZI DAVID HUDDLESTON LINDA EVANS .«i i SIMPSON .. GARTH E.. I ,n^p,«i. t .rBILL 8HIFFRIN EwduHuwniirWILLIAM BRADFORD HVIE .jj., b, MILL AKD KAUFMAN ud S AMTJEL FULLER WILLIAM ALEXANDER D ir.ei« h, TERENCE YOUNG Technicolor- A Paramoun · Faculty at Candlewood Lakewood Center · 531-9580 LAKIWOOD CENTER 3 CO-HIT STONE KILLER ID San Diego Fwy. Bellflower Blvd. Long Beoch · 425-7422 LOS ALTOS 3 CO-HIT SsP.Y.S (PG) SHOWING NOW! PUTTER H SHADY ACRES MINIATURE SOLF! 5555 LONG BEACH BLVD. N. LONG BEACH · 422-3563 BEFORE 6P.M. DAILVAFTER6P.M. AND SAT. SUN. · MINIATURE OOLF · ARCADE « »NACK IA» fo CERRITOS TWIN CINEMAS ^tf, Open Daily IMS Phone CH1JI2 or 9HIOU Open Daily IMS Phone «*U1I or 9HIOH .·| II until 1 P.M EittPI Sundar I Molidayl AMPLI PARKING ® CERRITOS MALL CINEMAS ·,'· until!P.M. MATINK ® WESTMINSTER MALL CINEMAS «l»until 1 P.M. ,, '. ,,,.,.,,.. o,,,TM luiii ly«» I HtllAin DAILY · '. , Ooen D»llv 10:15 Phone (714) 893-054(1 »«·'und., » Hol,d.,, Open Dally 10:15 Phone 924-7724 WALT DISNEY'S "ISLAND AT THE TOP OF THE WORLD" » PLUS 2nd BIG HIT (B) "FRENCH © WALT DISNEY'S "DeliRhtfully outrageous." VOIGHT IN I JULIE ANDREWS J "SOUND OF MUSIC" (0) PHANTOM ofthe PARADISE m _ j i -- riu-- "THE n»v ''THATWIUBEJ yf^f THEDAY" IN | "AN OUTRAOIOUS PARODY OF YESTERDAY'S SUPERHEROES" (X) ·7MI SEVEN UM"(I) PHONE IT 14)1*1-1 MS . lOICERRITOi CENTER »OJ f W Y . A T SOUTH U --riu»-- JANE FONDA "BARBARELU" ^·O W . ·lliru\vi t viiiA\ii SAT, SUN. KIDDIE Sornl -^ ^ » - B l l l i - I "WILLIE WOIIU1 II Charles Bronton j "THE LEGEND THE CHOCOLATE "DEATH | OF FRENCKY FACTORY" WISH" I KING" ID TRIPLE WOODY ALIEN HITS "BANANAS" i»o "SLEEPER" i«i "EVERYTHING ABOUT SEX" oi ©BURT REYNOLDS "THE LONGEST YARD" --PLUS- WALTER MATTHAU SRUCE DERN "THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN"(») "AN OUTRAGEOUS ·^ PARODY OF YESTEROAY'S (X) SUPERHEROES" njTT ! 'i ·; TTTVA __ .--AND--. "TENDER LOVING CARE- SAT. t SUN. KIDDII MAVINEE "WIUIE WN» Ul TH{ CMCIUTl FIOTMT «xl "CKULITTtt «U" WliTMINITER MAIL. UM WI«O WT: AT»OtI» AVWUI

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