Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 25
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Harness Season on at Santa Anita Today By ERNIE MASON WMtern Harness Racing Assn. celebrates its 20th an- niverwry at Santa Anita today and 10,000 fans are expected to get the four 1 week spring season off to a fast start. And being St. Patrick's Day, tis only fitting that the $7,000 Pasadena Pace, the feature on the inaugural program, should draw a field that includes Sharon Irishman, Paddy and Frosty Dale, all names that figure to give the hunch players their inning. First post throughout the meeting will b« 1 p.m. L i m i t e d to 4-year-old pacers who did not win $50,000 in 1965, Wilsker and Ohio Valley Stable's Sharon Irishman may be the logical, as well as sentimental, choice in the Pasadena. However, h i s opposition appears formidable and includes the aforementioned Cecil G. Adams' Paddy and R a y m o n d Nehl's Frosty Dale, a s w e l l a s ABC Stable's Freight Comet, Ed Schafer's L u m b e r Add, Marsh and Carliberg's Midnight Fire, Risemin, Levine and Mincer's Tarport Prince and the Kemmt Stable's Trotwood Jim. Thursday's secondary feature will keep in step with the St. Patrick's Day theme, as it has been named the Shamrock Pace. On hand to congra.ulate the winner of the Shamrock will be lovely Quinn 0 Hara, young motion picture starlet and former Miss Ireland. ROY BETZ'S, I Harness i . Handicap Golden Gate Fart) CCIeer and PMl FIHIT RACE--t WrUlUi: KIOWJ Kin, P|neda..._..»% Klowa Kin, P|neda..._..»V« S 4.M S 3.» r V?!Bal Rose, Canessa H.«fl 16.*) "'·'· Royal Chide, Mall SJO ;-! Time--l:l(Wi. scratched--TemDeit Tenv .·;JDO. 1 SECOND KACC--« Hrtonn: ft.tarn's Roar, Hall 7.14 S.OO 3.00 'Windy Blews; Schmltt 4.*» 3.30 'ijovern, Jennlnos ., 3.40 ; Time--1:10^. Also Mad I., Honour '· Flight, Orphan Host, Set to Sail, Gar, '' ll THIRD RACE--4'A fullOMS: 'son Julio, Medina .» 3.W J.M Shadaglo, Pineda . . 4.60 5.00 Wise Nagea, Mahomey........,..--..-. JJ» Wanner, Makeup "Cremej FOURTH RACE-- 4 HI--FIRST Hana Thursday, March 17; Clear-Fast Pint Poll 1 a.m. 1 mile coadlllcneil tret, mar-ens and under. Purse IUOS. Cheer For Me, DM Xpert Allen, Vall ~ PP river _ennls ... .. -- " .,,, .'alles Key 9 Nassua Hanover. Rapone l Count Coal, Corley ... .-.- 5 Sir Galahad, Leonard 1 ' JD *J%iiT.mrjr :..:. :.".: A mu be · v amsr , o,_ Dorwood, Hagen .... .. ... 7 U....^^^TMTM.^..... ._ 3 Figures among stragglan - Cwnmtnt The one to beat .-. ..., Will keep them honest Dinoerous ill the way, Not without a chance Outside threat Requires too raw Would be a surprise Duchess t Rod Bov. Miss ~ ._ 2-1 . .. 10-1 :.:: in -.-20-1 SABER HURT, WILL BE OUT SIX MONTHS Trainer C h a r l e s Whittingham confirmed Wednesday that Saber Mountain, California's leading Kentucky Derby hope, has been injured and will be out of action "for six or eight months." Whittingham, t a l k i n g from Hollywood Park, said Saber Mountain suffered a fracture of a small bone in his right knee. The mishap apparently occurred, the trainer for the Howard B. Keck Stable continued, during the running of the Santa Anita March 5. The derby was the first loss in six starts for the Kentucky-bred son of Bagdad as Boldnesian was the victor. TRICK RIDING DUE Just Horsin' Around The Pacific Indoor Rodeo coming to the Long B«ach Arena March 25-27 is Southern California'i largest rodeo. In three years it has attracted 103,787 spectators by blending the violent action of the cowboy out-of-doors with the smooth showmanship of indoor spectacle. The feature The "Saddle-Lltes," two are Connie Griffith, Carlsbad, girls and » boy, will present an exhibition of trick riding Tex and Jjmmy Medeari5i which rodeo producer Lex Connelly calls "the most daring riding act since the Russian Cossacks first came to N.M., Kathy Crowe. Houston, Pasoiiena. Tex., but the act :: dominated by Dick Griffith.) teacher and trainer of the America in the 1890s." Theselyoung trio. The last world are acrobatic stunts they do-| chami()n when , rick n d i , .. on '°P of ' under . around and contests were held, and also act at this years frve per- over the horses as they race the wor , d cnampmn buU rider , formances is a perfect blend around the arena." of both. : The "Saddle-Lites" rtoMt: 7.3 J -- Ollcano King, Pineda - 7.3 J.« 3.40 Mill FrljBv, Jennings -------- 13JI 5.M Princes Princess, H. Moreno. ......... - 3.20 Tlmt-- 1 :OWi. Alio Tom's Pie, Anjen- lino, Sagebrush All, Prev Count, Emissary, Gllcla. ·iW^SEgOND KACB. 1 mil* pata. AM MH. CHlmlng prlct $1100. PurM $1100, Primrose star, Thomwon Dale Spenoler. Elvlns - 6 Colonel Direct, Conroy 5 Snappy Tass, Wlshard 2 Captain Rebel, Rangno ( Private Alex, Luther I Nu Lu, Williams Jr 9 Meadow Wilsker, Grenler 4 Scotts Cash, Bachert 12 Mr. Cricket, Turcotte 0 shatter Brooke, sherran , 11 Holds an _ __ _ The one to'eat JZ-I..- .' ------ 1 -- 5-2 Could take It all .......... ---------------- 3-1 Demands support ........... ------ ..... -- 4-1 Not without a chance ------- ..... -- 6-1 Longshot threat ------------------- 6-1 May need easier ----------- 10-1 15-1 20-1 30-1 Figures to trail Only an outside dianca Not with this field 'pRiVAtE'ALEXi B Scratched Bud H., Daulton ... - LONCSHOT-PR1VATI '103--THIKD RACE. 1 ml. Sun Chief, Dennis.' Z I Hard to pick aoalnst him Scottiih 0«lon, Tlshar * Rates a threat Anctyi Dream* Greilfar ~ - - 7 floures all tht way_ AnbvsDream," GreYlt LuSbJr CoX BaTMton Andvs Russell, Wlshard Peak, Hunter .;..::: : ^o N Nlla'o5a**-*uj|B!jr K conditioned paca. 5-YMr-*ldt and undtr. Purs* 1*». y a rd *° pi**.? 0 * 1 "** hlm -- H _ _ __ -2; 6 HeiMTrnake it'a tough race... *-\ \ 3 Could surprise ,, o-l 1 can and must improve. 8-1 2 Probably nted5 easier 0-1 5 Figures to trail 1S-1 "iM--FOURTH RACE. 1 mile pace. Noble TassV Russell ".I'.Z.. Jtrrv Perkins, Short Carole Bardla, Wheeler * May tak Patcnwio Taia, Galkln .... . __. 3 Must bt Pamoer C., Jacobs * Sold '°! nm. ciaiminfl iKica taooo. Purta ti4QQ. ,, 7 Always tough to beat ! ° Houres closa - - · May tak* a part . FIFTH RACE-4 furlong t: Arrlvederla, Lambert 4.40 3.20 7.80 Veiled Skies, Chaoman. .... . 5.SS 3.30 Kenbo, Van Lom 4.60 Time--l:llVs. Also Lari Ann, Prttty Patch«, Lemon Lady. SIXTH RACE--* 1 furlongs: Jet O'Fortunt, H'ma'i 6.80 3.M 2.eo Annala, Lambtrt 2.80 2.60 'iid steel, Harry - d.oo Time--l:10tt. Also Morsean, Ready Re- 1 lief, Occcann. Paris New York. SEVENTH RACE--4 furlongs: ! Daddy Bob, Canessa._ 7.60 3.60 7.60 Post Road, Harmatz 3.40 3.80 Flett Hand, Jennings . - . 2.80 Time--1 :OW'3. Also Quick Sucetsslon, Chltf Editor/ Sur« Fellow/ Velvtt Bars. BtOHTH RACE-4 furiom: Best Dancer, Lambart 6.00 3.20 2.SO Low Man, Pineda ,,, 3.40 2.60 Right Man 2nd, Rushlow...--.... 4.W Tlm»-- i:OW*. Also Kip O'Rulla, Elta Knock* Rty Tuerto 2nd. NINTH RACE--4 furkrui: a-Joytut Return. L'mbt 3.80 3.80 ? 60 a-lts Smart, Yan« ..,, 3.80 2.60 Mil! Bandlera, Vollk* 6.80 Tlmt--l:09*'s. Also Marti B. K., Every Breezv, Sugar Test, Blnmar, She's a Corker. a-Elmort-Schllz Jones mlrv. Pamper C., Jacobs . * Brldw Pilot, Allan 2 Palmer Cash Cumban, Jones-- i Hanlev Bill, Cunningham 5 Quean's Hebo, Wlshard B Lullelva, Grenler .-- 10 Jan's Pride, Suartt _.,,... .11 ClUflht .,.. ongshot threat Toiwh one to figure. 10-1 Nvtds easier -- 15-1 Appears least Mkalv -- 20-1 Scratched Scratched "TOS^FI'FTH" RACE, i rniia conat)eftad pact. - A 4-yMr-tld fillies and num. -- i «7*i. swwt Knight, Elyln* . _ · Oftly ntad oaoi h Lisas Diamond, Ackarman 7 Sharp contttxtir Rtgal Girl, Ratwne _.- ? fMfifn* ,dos« Carrie Cain, Graham Munchkln, muncnK n, noiw.ii ·-- -- -f y° ^....-v. .. -- TM..^.--·· ; , Wlttv Hannah, Grenler e Come! here sfiarp _ l-l Flaafv Gal, Daulton 3 Alwavs a threat IM ETSr Baov. Wlslunl - . ' Little to recommend _. ..15-1 l.'j. La»S, Sherren ".."V... ._ 4 Field looks too tough »1 IQNCSHOT-WITTV HANNAH. iSP-JixtiTRACE^ i mile cemntiened ute. -vasr-elas ana up. p»ne ta». -,f. r.inorshort -- 2 Edge In a tight race -- 5-2 an :::::'::::::::::::_:::::.:. t-i ...jwav race _.... 10-1 Would have to lurprlia ,, 15-1 Puna $2» _ 4-ye««--oll« and up. Clalmlw pnea l»«. BETZ BEST Mest Prababl* Wlnnir--MltfnliM Plre Best Bet--Yonkers Knliht In 9th. Beit Many Prmwct-eo.«nel Direct In I Win Mrljr~4un Chief In Jrd te Sweat) LengvlMt leedal yapmter C. in 4th. Lucky Louise 1--Theo Toby, Nassau Hanover, Duchess Ot Dorwood. 2-- Dale Spangler, Bud H, Nu Lu. 3--Sun Chief, Chlco Ptak, Scottish Oe- ilon. ^--Carole Bardla, Jerry Perkins, Lul- lelva 5--Fleety Gal, Carrie Cash, Rigal Girl. 6-Chlef Pilot, war Counsel, Uno Com-; 7--Shawi Hill, Voladcr, Pprfcc* Riy'hm. 8--Sharon irishman. Lumber Add, Fros- V 9_Yonkers Knight, Fitment, Sharon Tufli. I BEST BET--Sharon Irishman In 8th. ! BEST CHANCE BET--Free Gano In 6tr). ( . Volador, Dennis . ..... Hawthorne, William* Jr ..... ...... Seeman, Daulton ....... - ........ Shawn HIM, Wheeler .............. Great Reveller, Grenler -Leonard Talbot. Russell The tnoulrer, Turcotte --Como Tan, Trltlen Jr. -------Perfect Rhythm, Bailey ____ ..... Shotgun, Wlihard MardlB, Gregory May prove most dependable . Seldom a bad race Figures all the way 5-J 3-1 ..... 7-2 uwet threat Tough one to figure "»X !««f.«* s L cr . Mav M placed too low . May need a race Scratched Scratched lot-SIOHTH RACE. 1 mile pace. -year-oldi. PurM »700». Tin Lumber Add, Williams Jr. J Tarport Prince, Rapone - 2 Soeee FroSy Dale, (irtnal 1 Utua Trotwood Jim, Vallel Key -... 7 Reoul Frploht Comet, Dennis _ S Way Looks like (he spot . . Dangerous today ,,»_»«_---. 5-2 "--it 3-1 iTly'"closei"»iell ~^~~~~~'^ e-1 tires best race - 10-1 be this good IM probaoiv weaken 20-1 ' '"f^N^'SflO-f-FltbStY'DALE. , 'l«V^HiHtH~RACE. 1 mile pace. All ages. Claiming erica HMO. Purse «H9». Yonkers Knight, wheeler Newport Butll, Daulton Fjlment, Grenltr . ille* (BSard," Volliro"" e Upset factoi Probably go the favorite Dangerous off best -- -~ Stroso in the stretch - .. Some races good enough Will makf the mhustle Wavzac, Hanien --- --· ' " *- ·· » SS^L==== I ^^^^K===$ j Si! M O I , Sharon Tufl*, Graham LONGS HOT-- WAYZAC. f"FOR VW STATION ! WAGONS, CAMPERS AND TRUCKS" CIRCLE © MOTORS "AT THi TRAFFIC CIRCLF" Not with this fltld . I I | . I I 2 CERTIFIED, HEAVY DUTY DOUBLE ACTION SHOCK ABSORBERS WITH PURCHASE OF 2 COLUMBUS LEVELIZERS FOR 44.00 Installed FREE · Husky rear-end boosters for motorists who haul or carry a load. · A d j u s t automatically to give a smooth, level ride ... heavily loaded or empty. LIFETIME ! 4G4INST ALL H4Z4HDS 4S LONG 1S THE MOTORIST OWNS THE C4*. I Liber »sfs net STANOAROS OF SERVICE e FACTOR/ TRAINED PERSONNEL 1081 LONG BEACH BLVD. LONG BEACH · from 1939 through 1942. Grif riders j j t n was notc( | ( or nls S |ylo jand flashing precision, and he has instilled these qualities in his students. , Connie, now Dick's wife, is YONKERS, N.Y. W--Offi- Monday w h e n 241 tickets his prize pupl | A t i n y t n m g Phony Ticket for £792 cials of Yonkers Raceway said Wednesday that a counterfeit t w i n double ticket worth $792.80 had been cashed Saturday night. James Walsh, the track's and the fraud was discovered W..TB counted. One was dis-i she does t r l c k s no woman has covered to have been altered.| ever d n n e and d()es them Because the mutuels clerk, wjth Griffith's f l a i r and snap, who cashed the ticket failed to put it through the ultraviolet ray test, which would have revealed the fraud, he security chief, said there were will have to make good the 240 legitimate winning tickets amount, Walsh said. Clerks normally are paid $30 * night Mason's Special* · 1ST tIT--Sharen Irlthman In Ith. BEST CHANCE BET--Queen's Nebe In PMFIKMD Share* Irltl I TIP-nmr.u liar M eth. . SPECIAL--Tak. Nellce M LEASE Your Mtw Car Or Track From Us Penomlizad Service .. . Any Make ... Any Model -- Abe DAILY RENTAL WE SPICIAUZE 1 In Fumishinq Supple- I mental Cars for / lusiness Firms and V Professional People BOULEVARD RENTAL and LEASING A DIVISION Of lOULEMftO IUICK 18S1 LongBtmhllvi]. LONG IEACH, CALIF. 591-5614 SP 5-6156 Last week of this special offer! Introductory SALE PRICES NO TRADE-IN PRICE SALE '1595 PRICE TRACTION ALL-WEATHER · Goodyear S-T nylon cord and Tufsyn rubber for extra mileage · Wider wrap-around tread for safer traction In turn* · 8,000 gripping edges grab the road and HOLD 33 ·JJOX13 BLACK WALL) TUBELESS SIZE BLACK TUBELESS or 7.00x13 7.50x14 or 7.76x14 ·.00x14 or 8.25x14 NO TRADE-IN PRICE* I| 7 2B ·20 80 '23 30 SALE PRICE* 11433 | 7 33 1033 · ALL PWCES PLUS TAX-NO TRADE-INS NEEDED NEW! GOODYEAR'S FINEST LOW-PRICED TIRE COMES IN SIZES TO FIT PRACTICALLY EVERY CAR! Goodyear M-WMtfcer, fee only low-prided tire with Tnf«yn rubber and S-T nylon oord--Tonpike Rmredl SIZE 6.SO X 13 6.50 X 1* 7.75 X 14 7.75 X 14 8.25 X 14 8.25 x 14 7.75 X 15 7.75 X 15 6.00 x 18 TYM Blackwall Tub«lMt Whitman Tubelw* Blackwall Tubtleu WhIUwall TubtleH Blaokwall Tubelcsa Whltewall Tubalaat Blackwall Tube-Type Whltewall Tube-Type Blaokwall Tube-Type HO TRADE-IN PHICE*_ $15.20 117.60 $18.45 $19.10 $20.7( *23.4S $12.20 $14.SO $12.M · All prices plus tax HEW Leader in Economy- Priced Truck Jires RIB HI-MILER TRUCK TIRE Fmou trtad dnign provid in mlt- lions of milts of hird-drivinf urvictl Plu* t*x and ? rtcapoabli tirn. 6.00x14 tub* IVM. i olv racing. GO GOOD/YEAR THI SAPITY MINDID COMPANY eooOYUK N*TIOK.wmr "NO LIMIT" eUAIUNTIl_No limit en months · No nmlt en mlltt · No limit n to rotdt · No limit at to »pe«d · For tht antira Ufa of tlM trod · ALL NEW GOODYEAR AUTO TIRES ARE GUARANTEED aionit defects in workmanship and materials and normsl road hazards, txcspt rtpslrablt punctunu · IF A GOODYEAR TIRE FAILS UNDER THIS GUARANTEE any of mom thin 10,000 Goodysar tfultrs In flu Unittd States and Canada vrill maka allowance on a new tint bswd on orfffnil traad dapth remaining and Goody«ar'rprint«d"Exchant« Pric* currant at tha tima of adjustment, not on tht hl|her "No Trad*ln Price." NO MONEY DOWN 1 FREE MOUNTING! "NO LIMIT" GUARANTEE! GOODYEAR SERVICE STORES LONG BEACH 444 E. Anaheim St. PY HE 2-0*03 or SP 5-1 «il TORRANCE 2024 Torranec llvd. Ph. FA S-i46S and SP S-298S SAN PEDRO 425 S. Pacific AT*. Ph. SP S-*33» or TE 1-2301 LONG BEACH (Us AltM Center) 2U« Itllfltmr llvd. Pt. SE 4-34tl BELLFLOWER 17*41 lellflewer llrd. P.. SP 3-4473 TO 7-27*4 ARTESIA Ptomr Mvd. NOR WALK 14024 PlaMew Ph. UN 3-1741 SP 3-2*14 Goodyear Tires of Competitive .Vices 4 re Available of Tfcese Good/ear Dealers P E D E R S E N T I R E C O . BARNES j D E L A N E Y 2735 E. AUTISIA Ph.r« 6A 2-S4H - MI 3-7444 ATUKTIC «e~ WIUOW 4UO XMIUIlf Al MOST (t/CMFIELO, T»4CO AHD SHELL STATIONS D)SPL4riN« THI Pl»» «A 4-H01 - Nl t-17«J QuiiA* OUMONO

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