Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1976 · Page 12
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 12

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1976
Page 12
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12 · NorthwMl Atknnwis TIMES, Monday, April , FAYETTF.VILLE,, ARKAIVSAS ^ 1976 21--Automotive--For Sal» 1971 Q RAN DVIl-LE IVnuiac muipmttW, Hep- lire*; SMW ml1«. 11.000. I5TJ DATSUN B2W, 'J dtwr sd,\n, 4 sTMcJ, ficwry a'r, radio.. nujt vihwlj. exert · k-rt condition, IJ.OW. '.Mwne 4434H9. WANTED e*r» and iVicIn I« Parti Any MA\*' or Model Hichttt Vrlcps Pal* 1974 JEEP Pickup. Small rtwn or er o*r for trade-In. 4 mwl 14" 1 ·Blow dry*r 1 hair Hllvr. 1C rvJ AS INTERNATIONAL heavy duly 1 l«v rtftttMd dump, with aUel grain rack am »tock rack in ex*Ueit condition wnh Sale-- MU«llan««ut . hauled. $i?3. Vlsia a^pecd, . *2J. rhono 7SU977. just boy's A M i F M RADIO. S«vd condition.'designed · '*·" -- ·-'·"si'wll. l*hooe UMJda. ivc s:ie Walnut desk and jLiAS , lop. E\«l- Mil Ml 67£0. May tw JASl'VUl Kx«i) 34--ApartmerrH tor t«irt NEW SUMMER RAITS! JENNY LYNN APARTMENTS' now n«*ptlng Urns tor otw ind t^-o bednxun F partment* to b be«lnn1nc June. 1. t«mpus. Call 531-72*0 . Apartments. WO N'. Ljvejell. 5J1-ZTS1.. JASON .\i\irtniftnt for rent, unfurnished 1 bedroom low nhouie. · $1BS pur mn " ' r paid. OOI MUMT After 3 jv.m 72 MODKL J(*iii' Dwie. log *kidd«r for sale, Ji.OW. 1 l'h«w S46W17. XNTWUt: round p«t«5ta] daw foot c. 41" dinmltr. Phaw 73l«39. WEED EATERS, JAR1 MOWERS LAWN GENIES 1571 POSTIAC LfMans, P.-MW ***iir.p. JWVT brake*, A/C. low rmlAWf. call CIQT after 5!» P.M. Bm ortcr, W:LOI. 19CS OIXS CulUw. 2 icxir hard top. V-S. AUto. AM radio. 77,OX actual mitfs. Call 1*73 TRIUM TH TB6 Convertible for jumper (an, (rood ccoditlon. AM/FM radio. Navy Bule.'oHl 521-J«J or 521- J6M. ^ ' '· S.VE tun] Must f*13,- 1975. -1 Aoar SutviHJ UK* new 7S.lil milei, auu*rvitic UaaimHssiofl. 32 m.p-K. Cost 54114. Jiri Mwv*i3-S,cWe B»T Mosvex Lswtx Genie--Cuts And rnpt H'«*d-EUsifr -- Cuts with Fijiag FUJI V?ar Wtiarrfv For information wr fre* rtenvxutr, ·aJl 7SMS6J, 751-WM «· tf rro aniver call , u 7071. LAWN EQUIPMENT SALES P. O. Box 611, FayeltcviUe, Ark. Mot complete lu« ' o f 'Weed-tote* parts In XW Ark. KING FOR A PLACE TO UVK THIS SUMMKKt , GLEN DALE APIS. 105 WUJ, HO1JJ UNTIL XC\V 30 * SPECIAL SUMMER RATJJS * FURNISHED * ONE BKDROOM ·» UTILHIES TAID * LAUNOHY « WALKING DISTANCE TO Uotl * SWIMMING POOl* -» NIGHT SECURFTV GUARD I'OOl. PARTIES OS OCCASION. A MCr l'L.\(JE TO UVK. YOUR CIIOK'E LELVSK OR MONTHLY. CALL . ANYTIME "" . 631 PUTMAJS. - . , Burjundj- »i* vinji trip. im \TV 'La Grand* Super Beetle. 4- *p«d, sm/fm. sunrool. radii! ti ISX and assume painer,u or 1^:0 c Cili 531-2437 aOor,5L». _ _ U71 IJNCOIA* OonUnental. full pow*r, C1590. Cortatt lMlc«* 5 p.m. Kl -K*3; alter 5 p-m. 521-M06. ' - ^ 1915 yOBt) Rant fir pickup, aulomatic. pWftr 5t«r.ns, ATC, real *rw.rp. 13fijO. Ci3 321-23B alter 5 p.m. CLASSIC R Muca ta excellent ronditi «\a!J 331-73^ oc afte i body and mot' . Nwds brt-fe w A call al^leo. BY Owuer: 1^4 MGB, leasini: lie ccwv try, must sell Immediately, 331-4314 aflM * "p.m. . . ; . . _ .__ 1ST4 FORD Ranger pickup «nth liber gasw oirn^r lop. Heo\T-d«y. automatic. Heavy duli* juspen.«o«. Na*' tirea. erilwit coodiUor. Ml«. 5J1-M11. I6.CCO [tolas, 4 4nr , Jui" coomucrwd AM/rM radio- All option. Esctllen eeciditlm. »1.400 -CaJl 44J-6671. ^_ l«a~~GRANDVILLE Pootiac, ««] con£llon. air cDr.riLticccd. elecUic ^ Avvs pover MecrtLS, 4-fltyir naratop, " 1571 "VOLKSWAGEN KARMANN Gin.\ -- jadalij AM/FM, B-trac*. ExctCcEl. J Fhcae 442-7415, SAle: Sewinj; maclifne. NKL riertric foothAll, v*cwin 1 yig . EOMll and veil. = Phoni POOL Tabl« -- ae'* AC.A us* ilex's only l!run!iw.1ci dfilrr and supplies -- 661-9770. Little Roc*, Ark. TAKING APPLICATIONS BEDROOM . ., $115 2 BEDROOM . . $134 All utilities" L paid, unfurnlsh ed, quiet, f a m i l y atmosphere WASHINGTON PLAZA ARTS. STUDENTS 2 BR rctUut in qnfet cmt Irj'sd*, 10 minulM to campus, no pel Available Mai' 1st. 442 : 9»3. TO^'ER APARTHE.VTS. 1 fc 2 bedrooi tumi shed aparttne nU. Summer rale Cltwe to University. Phone 321-1251 44Z-4M2. , , » j'car oM, lik« new. repair, 125. FVn* 531. : u-A. 22--Machinery,* Farm 'iquipmerrt . HAIJ3 Stock icd Hor« Trsiter*. Deale Hairi Aato Sales, Kosws, Arkansas. Phone G36-053J or 63S-C659. 23-- Livestock -- For «!·; 18 YEAH rid mare, amUe. sood rfri'^reji, Prkje kxludta sadrife tact »WO. Pbooe 521-1*11 days, 442430V ' ' ' CAL\tTR lor sate -- Balrj- cal- jtarted caHw. S*« Bill I«TI* or ca!l Bl-HD. H m anr«-«-. Mil ar*a cede LkRCE top 3ratie HrfMeLn HeaT Sprim- er. 4 VMH tfd, A1*a 3 famale Auswalian SVfihvds r*adi- to trail. «c*Ueot stock. Pfeor.^ M^-3814. _ HORNED 'HEREFORD BUUS Service Ags RAGSDELL ' PARM Prairie Grove : 846-3583 TROPHIES ' : Bowling--team sport*. All your award needs. PURVIS SPORTING GOODS 2335 Norrh. College' Irooni · Jum!.*«t apart water, paid. Ava'lib md (all. Keir InV Now Renting for Summtr CUMMINGS APTS. 1 and 2 Bedrooms 4-13-4757 MAPLE MANOR e traiter, in good ! PAJD FOR GOOD USKD FURNnURB AN!) APPtiAKGFa A1£O ANTIQUES. SHOP U3 FOE BEST BUJS IN TOWN. RATCUFK'S FURNITURE Bwr. O W. . 4 4 2 - NI BLOCK RENTALS NBTTLESHIP AND ' FAIHGROUN1 APT.. 153S-1MO NellleihlP. Ooalily un all eledric v.ilh dishwari ?r and r posa!. 2. MOBILE HOMES. NtMoci5 ^ bile Home PL All nails with air. 521 5M . 521-3373 or PONYTA1L SY Owner. M Acrra in MidlMn · Count y ·'»« e\Hte, G txxl teunL' raad. M wily no.-Old · bulLdjitg *nd tpnnK. IN. 43000 down: Good · homeslto. CM I 013 'alter i P.m Fmrm 4 Acr«ig«» 46,000 CAIWMTV chickens, ne«ly remw ctcd homo with -10 acres, more II wante On ' WW1e H L v p r . f i miles wil ul Klkln e U-£W1. P.O. Urn 5-1. KIMns. AC'HKS, large oak amS Klckory Irees, Mtly t Ic I'Oli J300 down, owner tin*n«.-« Phone WL-51TI or 8J9-3297. »,000 BHOILEB' Farm, 80 ad**; old 3 bcdrooni home- good wmUl.Ion sood hAin. ; entile and machinery - Included. Teri«5 4 (j3.000. 761-3616, -10 AC'BKS by owner, beautiful' valley, EooU »vniS. L'low' lo F'nyeLltvUle, H.WI 40MTV mvner - lintnce rr tnrrain" f«i oajfa. MI-S172 or M9-3»2. 47--Reol Estate--For SoU ISO' acre*."wv«i rocm. 3 b«lnwm. bull hrjck hoiw* « t h oscr WW *] ft tw Eracfous ! llrins JPJCV." 1^4 fcaths will 1 wramk lil« and handprinted n-al!r*pcr Central heal and air,, steel trust 40*SeX II, pciwhry. house. . 10,000 'lakin£ hen* or 30000 broilers 3 hams 1 bam 10\60 1 barn" XKW. l' smaller turn. CgnaU and other caUle han*E[ns eii'lpmen ,'/rnH units. Mnrr \v1lh adequate ler allon". 3 beJroom modem house to 1a], fuest ''or'--tenant'. Krtlr* l-walered by pood and lunnLng sir "There s just nothing j ou can say to console a boy at a time hke this his car went to the repair shop and never came baekl" * . 4--Apartments For R*nt STERN Hills Apflrtsmentj, 3 or 3 ". r thone M.1-4T39. OH REST --'Apartmwil si; TERRACE ANOR, i\vai!ab!e during itimrner t*nr», L W1M29 5 -- Duplex For R»rrt 37---Mobile Hornet Space* For Rent 2 BEDROOM mobile horn* between' F Sprijigdale mi Sulherfand EJnve. th. wnier, {urnishftd. J50 clean osit 267-M65. Fanrfrgtoo. In 'tom Bixt Kidd 1-akp. l fescue,' l.*$r«d Butnuda .grass,- 2 miles 'n Fiairi* Grove. $225.000 quail ti«d b u y e r ' -- MTV 10 -ytttt al -iVi^r twere Impro " red pus 62 dc*n GABBARD .REAL 'ESTATE 442-5110 refrigerato tor · rent, --toifumijtied, H electric, 2 bedroom. oetHral air. water iu:d. sinve and furtii*l»d. Indiilrtual borage LEX tuiMihouM, Hwy. 43 East. Kisvv rwom. Mi b«th, unWmshed with iishwaiher. refriKeralor, ranse, drapes carpeted. Large deck .with Mew. WOO mrvilh. deposit required RU-MTH or 73U. ' . ' '. ' ' ' - , , rv\'O bedttwm dupltx, r, waiter and dryer .rpet Ihrou^hout, iwie 521-4013. . ·· 2J7 SUM MIT. 2 bedroom tmfumi shed . flOO rent. No atililiea. Call Kl- FUBN1SHED tv-o b*dmom du w-al«r paid . available lment Oo. 321-9771. 36 -- Houses For Rent BEDROOM brick, carpeted, [erced ij-axe, slova and refrigerator, 906 KeJfc-, ID inoritWy. *50 deposit. 4K-93Q1. New Two end Three Bedroom Homes iTilla MOBILE HOMES Lease With Option To Buy. Monthly Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! 521^450 Entrance Across Prom Holiday Inn abincu and snack bar. DininK wilh firtvlare and bor^ksheUw cotm 2 full ceramic baths, 2 ca IRP, uian- extras. , Priced WS.9CW«n. by btilMcr,'.833-2859. 10 ROOM 6 - bedroom house UOO pel nvflilti, inquire at Rochier Jewelry, 4 East Oni«r Si. No p^one mils, pieawi 'EW r ihr« bedrooms, two baths. Root School. MOO ' monttv ' *150 d*poe;l. V*ar ease, Refercnfis required. About ,MA- Tnl. 331 6S11 days; 4428613 nights. SO FAR AMD YET SO N E A Small aci*3?e · will\ P cieeX in the KJ eUeville schncCs. Priced riRhl A WORLD OF YOUR OWN New hcrr*e with a /abulous view, srtua r.n 1^ aores. I /ivcly Hvina area w lira place. All tri'is can be v out* imly 1.10,300. Ciill Tom Patrick at ; ItW for an appointment EXTRAORDINARY ad) 1 for rjui ck occuiiancy. A rouin .·t-ry nwmber ol ywir Mmjly. lf\ : \vonA privacy Tciice nrounnd La patio. Nicely landscaped and lota Hooi School and priced ai S36, Call Franc Moath R«nt ft«e with «pac* SHENANDOAH VILLA Mobil* home Villag* MARIA H. APARTMENTS 160 2 BEDHOOM lull furnished, central' heal and air, skfncd and Uedtowi. Call 7^-lE47 after 5:00. -Ra»l Estate--For Sale iNTRALLY LOCATED BRICK fKKU TO HK WALKING ILSTANCH F SIIOI'I'INU. ETC7 TI115 IS WHAT OUll IX)t)KlNC V OH I- OH MAI -LVING ROOM. KOI1 MA I. DINING VU H t O E t O O M S 1^ LlATHb KIT HI-N \M l//r^ OF STOHAC.F rj'KllATi: 11HICK (SAHACpK WITH COMPLKl'El.V . CNCLOSTCD PATIO. THIS HOME IS WEIJi CONSTHUfl FT» AND A V?;ilY ATTRACTIVE DESIGN. PRICK (27,500 ! WITH' AS- SUMAtlLli LOAN. IMMEDIATE rossvxstnN. C.M.I HCL biln j ROOT SCHOOL r FOX HUNTER ROAD HICK HKIMICEn 1 ON BavttiM li 'nE*r, .earli 1 . American honw.'.iwo J't il. a.TOO.sriuare tccl, has large liv :droinu. two and hair baths. aU elect ri jnl-fon . ial r din , T Irvel family room, d-Mible B»i dcdiic' door * opener, t .oca led Jicres Ptl.w K9.MO, Vou will cnr -- Call Geors* Ix-^s 4W-7M EXTRA''NICE BRICK Jt in range and riiwi disposal can* wihoui c*iilral h«at larse liA iw* Ivick j x i d Pnc* J-^l aOil C ur,e Ijcviia 41'^JM or 4427391 KINCA1D CO. 333 No. College "LARGE FAMILY HOME' 1 or 6 bedmonvs. 3 bath, large g. ooni sun ilccV, 'ni~« 'ihmbs and p ipc you musi sre In believe, tn a Ji'C arac. Th'rs is vacant and rc or A lami],v lei ' nttve/ in. · Call MAH CDN'A SCIIKA al Wl.1300 or .521 BUILDERS Wc-M ot U ol'A; HM trj(ji a ival buy al J8.SOO. -'Ca This Tot I TNS ai j!1-13iXI n "CLOSE TO THE LAKE r Flag[p area. Near",completed. 3 bed m with fireplace on I ai-j-p. WAJ pa it this for m.SOO. Cill JURY ED.N 9C1IKA M 3314300 or 531-1333. JAMES W. -BAKKR, BKOKER BARER ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1418 N. College 521-130 WE WORK KARDFR ,, . . ,, .Eon.ouLTi, yiyjj**, --Rsnl E«tore--Per Sn BY OWNER ,,.- t.k 3 bctlivomi L^ biUM CK fc A clow 1o schools * shopping Uvln* m KaiDlly-DinlnK-Kitchen, ' baw. -* ^ler bodrooin carpHcd^ S*l/.C''*anirZ ·n A dUhn'jslior, t\stivcrlfd iwT BS :e sviih additional rt bah nnd utJily IH. Slcnn x*lndtf*s. · Trivflcj' Ienc«ft ·Kyaii) \si!h (?H^ Jirftl. Sprifiiidal*^ 133, 7 16353 or J5157Q7 VERY Uplown is o'dcr 3 ticdrixim hoin- has I "its irf ls*i, Inrt'idiog 2 Itrtiilaces, Lnd^nr tl, Urge bjr isiLh built-in af)Uaniiiti 1 a vntiimliif: pr^iJ. nr.t lo mvnlion it flll npiiHaiiTCs HIM! i(iut|i lurntture COMPANY HWV 45 t ^FAYCTTE. Alt, 521-2400 Sherwood. Brok« . ·U2-8*n V" 5M-70SI ·O1INTRYS1DE l i v l n i t / l n Greenland, rk. We liivil* )^u to romrwre ihe-ijuiiHty nd ctiarm of , (his 4 bediwim Z.bath ldi*n *nd hug* (whfnM*. .This l?J) pq. llonr p]an fit* the mnst discriniJnat- K , bsijer. Sun dwk. " i'»J^. fenced in «gh cvak !O^W workshop 'and 3 c*r irage- t-'an assume a |I6,000 ,no(* ** "i Interest 'priced' *·' (29.900.! Phrn« ^-7768 or WZ-95M. EE ENEHGY SAVING FH\TURlfiS A3 KNSJ-RUC!T1ON NEARS OOMrLHTlON. not SchfirJ dfslrict. All Imck, *· he* s 2 b.\lhs, livlnc niom. Aftingn ricn \vith firepJare, double · «a 521-2309 BEFORE YOU PAY rchl. Oiw* Hi fa small . Modem, 1 · large an* i. Ijn1* of wibiiildinR* S 1«* «nlh atxiut.U NEWUN REALTY CO. CENTRALLY LOCATED BRICK N K E t ) TO UK WAITING DISTANCE OF SHOPPING, ETC? THIS i IS WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR. FORMAL LIVING ROOM, FORMAT, DINING TWO BEDROOMS. IVi BATHS, KITCHEN'ANO 1X1TS OF^STORAGE. SEPARATE BRICK- GARAGE VfYTK COMPLETELY ENCLOSE!) PATIO. THIS HOMB IS WT^J. CONSTRUCTED AND A V ER V ATTRACT IVB DESIGN. PRICE sy?,WO WITH ,AS- SU.MAHLK IX1AN. - IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. C A L L : V1HGINLI BRISTOSV. OFflCE: 5^14600, HO)TK( 442-5^17. LARGE LOJS; PATIOS, POOL 12-BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA 1840 N IEVEREU ST. 442-4367 Trf broke j*,-Xle. -H3^3277 dki'si Prairie ,_T*y« ffH-205L eveoings. Swdaj^ and T STUD -- Registered iron Jiray quart- rfror«- fert. Oklahoma Star, and PPCO «n» breedjnji. For information, call rM-SJR- . M -- Doflt, Cots A Pets XX3 and 'Cat BoardinK. I^rge fwldoor ATM and inr'*!c fadlitiea. "At home" mre. OWhia Johnson. «2^392, Gnxwir? ind Training avaJlaWe. wps, call a'T6-2703. FREE p-jpplej, « v.«jks old. Call afler ·M P.m. K.20OT. FREE to HWA homfti -- 2 male pupjrlej. C«(* Mack . and vvttte. Short 4i at red. 7 necks ^d. Hwr,« J21-H1L DOG GROOKMG -- All brceitl -- H Fears eiMhencc -- ' Bonlta VLwer -Hiway 18 E. '-, Pftona 5214331 or 4« 2542. 25~Home N**d* -- For Sat a RCA 21* A'o-F/os* Connorsieur twin, re- rrigeraUr-lr«wr, HJce MW, will rwt fit ^M» in ne.v hoow, Pfexs* 521*tHM. SPECIAL OF THE WEEK This V/eek Only! Kl»/*o Atri cMtKmcri^I ranrt. OT!OW In VJK fnwn. $3.95 sq. yd. advance $Jt** Gempany, Wcitgate Shopping Ctr. ra^ctteviUe, ArScansaa Hm*y 62 ·vies', at 71 Bypaji SOLID Mahogany r^ir-^an-Phyrte tatite ar^l twil/et. jafi. ArXique Duncan -Phylle Mia, 175. or all for 1275. 4M.3SK. TOR Sale: Hot point washcr ar^ rcfrig eiator. Cftll *42-2W7 rx.-twcen 17 p,m «t*}-xiays, awl all day tC L 7 : OT p.m wwhenda. DENNIS HOME FURNISHINGS OUTLET STORE 327 So. School Phone 443-2163 V/-A forrrfl uif. New 2 [«« *° fa Ary * rfwJ' fV" oer* Save ISO ,,.. - *' r ^ Beau Bazs. Re^Jlar P9.5G No-* .. t!D-^ E*ay duly vinp!!es Rvikws, ar»l covei*. Oniy ..-. IM.a Us«4 rf«st of drawer* Ajrtinz a« JO-A- a 113,95. Uwd livin* rw^i wrte wart^s »* low M JD.95- av^ MlectkA oT uwd «*m»- fr^ne Arj|iiu« pun-,p arx) hMcJ. wiH **" tor fid, »»*· «:»*« II- 1 ). 32I-5VK, 26 -- For Sato -- Mh-:«llaneou mis for ***t -Mi rxw. tV«ne «IM Vmday. 618 OtVJiM Su WANTKD 'n ooMignjnenl X'"1 mcn'i wr,niwi'5 xA tihi6ten'* d'/, Klrxf-* t Thing*, y« Bacfcus, Sprin n-Jal*, I?rtf, Vf.tfXft. ' . ' RIDING Munnw*er, Wheel Ifir»* Ira. lw. «" nvrA*r. »«f Uft [TAilw. Wt firm, ri^ri H23f/^. T71IPI,BTIKRf-1 Spanu* cryral *'^n fcUr, anM dipF*d w-ith 3 mairhlng w- ·i*«x. AL«y vanwi ;l*mi '/ Or! Hit* tM /m*rl«n a«iT**. Ph'«« 7M4W7 essrCils chol«. Trcaatire hmitlcg wp- Pliej. Call Abe LlncolD, Rogers. o»WFJ. lEiiie. Saler, parts, service. Lawn cunip- meet tales. P.O. box £11. Phoae ni-1961. 27-- Musical Merchandis* DEtUMS, Lud«.ig. ineullic Wue, Holly- wwd model. - dru mset includfn? cjinlxits [or sale. Excellent oondition. KSO. Call 521-m.X aft«- 4:00. GUITAKS, haaios. msndollTia, rtottnt, vl- otu, cellos, uielelts, (lutes, coronet, mmp*ts, clarinets, aaxaphones, drums, accofdiana and many olliti mtulcal Ea- struraenls. Reil b»r^ala«. Rixhler Jewl- ry. 4 Eaj Center 5m«L 30-- Wanted to Buy WA NT lo toy snial 1 2 wbeei trailer suttahle for hauling xmalt rid;ng IAWTI- ifwe/. 5^1-TJU. WANTED: - - STAMP COLLECTION S, or »Jl /or JTU. Oat! Jack Mnncrirf, 521- 14-- ApaitrtiBnti For Rent o-ATihouse. carpel, air, pool, -all bijls piaid. walking rtisUnc* In Universal y, av-ailaWc M^y 'I5U|. Phwe 521 -SITS or S21-HB3. KURMSHE3J iWrage apartmerX foe ren(. 303^ 59. LOCUM. Qu.el f^rs^n. Ptwri« 442-7110. W7.ry -- ONK PERSON - Sfudcnt AparOn«nl. 2 Mock carripu.s. No pe(s. W2.:?2ai, MAPLE PLACE APARTMENTS .*·«· summer ra'.cs l^r ulrra tYnilcnrpor ar- hi ins. Acrr*a street (ram campu; Or,« or two bedcom /urniili^- Air o-i ditlontd, stia? carpet, solf^raninf! oven* d-sposals, dahMaJ^ier, Virtp!acc, open crilin?.!, Wi«1 V,'rfr»iirw and a uec lop balcrviY- Corner ri( Arkansas awl Jtapl*. Call after 6, 52] -SfluS or 5(21- 167ft. MAO elfency apartmwili «vstl- aWe. .1 ROOMS arA a. rMlh. fumfshcd. uUli lies paid, oUs1re« pzrkn*, avaB^hle L\nGK 2 h(ylrtvnn at Ken Cfairr. Aptl, a:r cuvl.iiuned, p", lar^e palio, r//* I^RCii ejcl/a rJ« 1 bMrT^vn rumfehcff apartment, Carpeted. parie!eri. HW p!ui tletir»c;ly, 7ir pet^. K«« «. UHWi, 1 BP:nnoOM lur/iiifi*d aparmwi. VA UtLBliCJr p*^d. No [*4s. BaM W. PV/ne 443490J AVATI.ABI.E: May 1M and June 1*',. On* htidrwrn fun*h*d spartmerj war IT«1 vtniey. .^ay for summer or ind?hn4« ll.W. Phone yUWSt AtW 5;«. CONTEMPORARY large rce berfrrftni Ape. rtm«tt acrww t rum campus. Arch! WduraJfy dertz/jtrt fnierl'/r, hiult in fum ituie, wive linhttn?. air-c*irx1 il iw-6d , *n Iral h(-i1. JIHO surmr^r raw. wat*r paffl Orfit/crl parkirvR 571-1517, FUR.S1.SHK1 'jr,*; hcdtw^n, air omrtt tlrx-xd. carpel, psntli nZ, privaf* pi rtt MRGB on« IvMroom, dLsh-nAsSier, « r a,r^ilior,£rK. nuiit cnmplex. C»U Vic afle 9 p.m. MI-I'W, FURNIS](BD May 15, rtfUa tVrf- bcdrrxmif nr efKcir.c, ei, qu.el elos/ to c.1 mjw.1 f"*" tinii't stuieflt w mirrlw ftwj/w, No.prti. 44J4W. (JUICT APAR'rMKNTS! S(r! ffX^*'. W GARUNI) OAROKNS will hav« m« a- Iwo V'drwwn var-Aric'-^Ji for .Tunr- 1, 3376 .SummT M(CI avftilaV* To: jtudVtY* CweiHe r^unrtry racillU«, Cail jtf-an lor m^/e infrmaUoi*., and Waverly Wood Townhouses, 1, 2 and 3 Bedroom 3par1m«nts and 2 ' bedroom townhouses. full time main- enance personnel, maid service available^ 60 ft. syvim- niing "jaool, \avndry facilities, shag carpeting, dishwasher, OFFICE 1900 MELMAR, APT. 100 443-2141 . , . " iai.i^ii^sa,^i«^^iM^S?3^^8 m - |- ^^F;' ; j ^ ;.'· *~ : · Sjffl^Ell^ 1 *^ CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency Shag Carpet 1 Bedroom Disposal 2 Bedroom ^ , , 3 Bedroom D.shwashers Central Gas Furnished or Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 POOL . LAUNDRIES , STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BALCONYS CARPET AND DRAPES WATER AND GAS PAID (Healond Air is Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT WILL HOLD APARTMENT FOR JUNE 1. j · · j - . . ', f - T : ' ' ' ./-f f . ' · - · ' - · ' , Ken Llaire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 2x5 ' KTiESTWOOn 1370 Mobil" hiime ur sale. SS500, Call or vwit 1127715, pire B-H. IVcMem Hills. Fa eUeville, Jirfiway 62. 4x65 MORIl^i Home, Ivsn hcrttomn, two ath, completely ' carpeted. Tumishcd, :it/CA aashor-rtoer, shirlwl. tiert drnm, haln link pen. (7.5OT. 413-301 sner 5. MOBILE HOME SITE W.'netes. Tree covered, raved strwia Central- water system. BeM rf lermt. rt'edinsl« ^'nndi. 443-2465 39_Offke Space Buildings For Rmt OKKtCli ipArt av^ilaUc now on Highway 2 Fn Prairie Ciot'e. Call J« BAITI fur ^rpointnicnt. RW2113, mflnHtiifir, R4S-2MI allernty^s and evenings. FOR t^iie; Rirch ». New IStO aq, It, Warehouse or Ushl Industrial llw. Will mmplele lo 'your spctHlicalLniu, For rur her Information phone 44J-SfiM. 60x40 BUSINESS BUUDING Tor Ltflse, jxrpllrnl Incnrtoo. WeiKgsts EJioppifi? Denier. WrJI« to Boi P-43 c/« Ncnhwest Artansas TIMES. P.O- Draww D. Fjs'cttcv-Ule. Ark. 72m. 1JW SQUARE Feel for tease for pro- lesafofial office, showroom, or warehouse. H ithway « Wes1. Iniiilriei may be «ni (- P.O. noit 813. Payett«1IIe. 42-- Wanted to Rent or l»as« VOUNG Couple, want tn retil in tov.n arrf nownir' call ai before the Classified, S31-732D. WOUIiO like in inn on a 1 bedrrom h«i»« in v-ioinllj- of University [hat wfl e avitfsble lor rent in mid-Jww or early July. Pleas* write Terry R. Cooper 1M2A Rra7«s. Jone-shoro, Ark. 72101, o rsll coitocl TSl-wn. · 43-- Real Estata Want«d to Fa*ll(sille S miles), NorUH-as* o Nonfwc«, on paved ,rned, v.1Ui wale acd xas. KeasritxiWe prffie. S2.I-2SOT. 45-- lot* For SaU FOR SAf,E ~ Urge leva] lrt« in MM doulark Atlrfitf^n, All city uU^tlts avail »K* . Call f Is m*nn nailii (Snloam fiprlnss) 331 «W. RFHUTD'TJr, l',i acj« WTod*id lot. no* Urvlvmtly, «WW1. 2 ACRES en piTpnent with central witter »r*teni Tree eovcred and b**t of term*. W«4i»ito« WMte ^(43-2465 46-- Fa rim A Areog«* re.nnrtd tM home, 32 acres nr land anr onnuete Mock huKdins o( 5,Xfl sff. ft .(vil^Wi 1 , lor r-orrwnrrctal pu rrioncfl, aJt A Kfitii 1 bcdr'iom nmise. TM* propen \s Iw-atcd rir highway JuM Mil side. IS. Ruu^lville rity llmlui. · Ex«H«ii nppo [unity tT home and cvimbuiAlir »n-i a Z'-rf lnve*lm«nc. Oil 7K.2WiT, ?0 ACTES ad^rvnif fjTie Wriaori an Cd'y r»ik, Inl^i pnf JW.OOO. Ptow Ml-.ilW nr KWM, WALTER GRAY AGENCY, INC. Complete Real Estate Service ' Siloam Springs FOR SALE BY OWNER traded. .In Maditxi County. Rood conn y niad-'Sprinc; and rfrt bintding riti pre- m fs good homcsite. t!4.KO. Call 442- R E D U C E D A SUPER BUY! rhfsr (htf-e sreal hnics buili by OttU Ifirris In Sequoj-aJi Wn:Ji . have brfln ·dured. They offer three bedrooms, y room wilh fireplace OR one 1arRe vinj BTca with firrptpM PLUS - big fiu can iixjve into one ol Uie*e beaiUiw. all irxlaj- Vernim Tarver 521*511, nights ^1I-M67. H-ZO. 239, Lindsey and (JIBi -- --- t Associates !h~^,"^?« 5K N. Crtlcje 521 Mil "Developers of Hvland Park" I. W,' Gabcl J«-W*J VtrnOfl Tarvw . 331-2657 B, 1- LtHTlJT »1-*W Jo Anne Slanbcrry .(42-f;61 nnl Modi in - 52141M /jntt Cruso S«.7?« Hiram Brooks 4ia-**» Ola4js Sonneman 41263? Your Own Lilllc Acre, nr acres, is waiting tor you roi H«-y. E^M. We have several . iracu land 'ifntcd, in all slws and prices, call loday and m^ke an appointment ^hertoood " * COMPANY SlBSi«*'HWr. 451. K^^*f»FAYtTT£. AR. ·531-2400 fiftn Sherwood, Brok*f p«m RrrtWTi IJiW D«Nie Cowan ' - " ft21-7«jl NEAR CITY HOSPITAL liarjfe eof/wr lot. Five rvnw And Iwl en main Hoar, 3 moms and hath In f basement. Priced a[ only 117,500. V A[tjmtn(rncni. CAT.F, · ' HEINEY REALTY CO. Hwy. 16 East 442-923 NKAT Irtlic 2 hciJmom hrw»« In F il w u« for reniat |10,9:*. For AW* mcnt. call I.irry Holm«, 7M6J11. A e/cta RMt £**· Corp. «31-%M, tia nite. 3 bedrooms. i\f.r\ wit'n hrpplncfi dWiwa«-her and ga rpet«d, double garage., ce nlral fiML snd air, Bi fcuhi, paliu aivd 'x^^' tot, low iniercsi VA loan, a pretii' \iev, J33.400. Call tor a NEWLIN REALTY 83?;2522. or 839-2259 Wesl Fork, Ark ( POULTRY CROPS HOGS CATTLE COMMERt 227 Exeelfenl 3 bedroom. 2 balh hmue rn ilJ acres wilh Illinoi (lnwjj;Ti Ihe property v vHh exwllPrJ mfialshirn. lame eld 2 Hory home wilh rpring lifTovv. 9 ponds, barn a Awn paym cni 2SI 205 acivs. IMs erf waler A hiillflings, J.W.OOO. JJJ LW jtcies, 7i acres nr^n, bujrt-rur?, and plenly nl wa(c 271 IS/WO bto'slcrt in sfcel-tniss house. 3 HR. l,b,nh hom* acres -on pnvenient fM,nO«XOO. "' ' ·' 30fl Nice 3 En house on 3 anres «ilh iww '«-ell-and a spr slianhrrries, ham. wilh a garden already ' lUrted. locals mad about 20, mi. mil oi Fnyrlleiille. ; 2fid HWV 3U r 13 acres monly pailuie. ' -231 H(ft at-rVs, over BOO acres riearfd, barn, aprroxim.ilely 25 \ -W2 320 acres, HO a(res o! limber, wMI pad lor chlchcn -ail 71i aures, nice view - jr ^«l C - J on _ Ninth (Xflf-gc Calf 8,L. Lewis 521-5700 or 443*5360 or KH. Brooks 443-2625 Lindsey ;;;r I ^ 3535 N. Collage, fayeltevill* EXCLUSIVE jMSRfk fTlEI ^^^^Q^^^^u . · · ' ' . · · · · ··^JT ® RELOCATING? We have booklets' with phot descriptions of homes for s over 'the ; ,country -- your home might be among them CALL TODAY! T9 TS r 501/521-

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