Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 1966 · Page 4
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 12, 1966
Page 4
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FA0E4 T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN SATURDAY, MARCH 12, IW4 i. PREFERS PAY PLAN Richard Boone Denounces TV Rating System BfDAXPAVIIiARD Oarea Stafi Writer Until a proper raring system for television is instituted, there is "Ebsaiindy no chaace for a change" to anything faecier OG UJ5- S Speakisg yeggggy : 2 TKSOC Press Club foru fee ssr ssgE'EStsf as spaesn. Ctams SB acar- asx, soar* ssnc BBOSE IHSE IB aiiTnrp m- ZSE actwacss are -wtsat pesdie *3Ei "23! I dae*r rsak SB IS CtHaS IS "58 5i5 IS pesofe. ·trfis ; Boost «aM .zss tfrfote |p ;poSS3daas, not network oik, is fet best hope fe- acfem is iefennng television's wssle- liadL He admilted, however, ftit no poSfician warcis to ran .fit office with affl three major iMwuki opposing Ms candidly. 'The star of "Have Gun, Will Travel," "Medic," and the ' "Boone Anthology," said his po- sftfoo is "that popular television does not have to 'be bad television." . " ' . . ' · 'Boone said there is a possibility that he will return to television -- pay television ~ which another dramatic series. He has been dickering with ex-NBC #*sident Sylvester Weaver to reassemble his repertory thea- 0 · - 9 1 riiiCc S Dinner Aids Charity HOUSTON - UPI - Britain's Prince Philip shared champagne and lobster with 750 persons last night and raised nearly a quarter-million dollars for charity. Today he planned to talk i about jet planes with airline officials in Dallas before flying to the West Coast and more money-raising activities for Variety actor Richard Boone | Boys' Clubs. His plane will [make a brief refueling stop in Tucson. City officials wjli greet the prince. The husband of Queen Elizabeth n told diners who paid be- r.veea SlfiO and Sl.OOO a plate :.o see him about his interest in Variety International. An esti- ma;ed'S215.00Q was collected. He is a life member in the charity organization which sup- por« clubs for youths and chil- He was to fly to Dallas aboard eren's hospitals. s_ Sra-ifl international BAC111. is«e Bailss-oas^d airline was the Erst b America to buy the British ttrio-Jet passenger plane. Ear Jer yesterday. Phiiip took a suniaatsd space rice with as- treraa; James A. McDiviU. The Cipt was part of a three-hour jusar of fce nanued spacecraft " ceaSer soiiiheast of Houston, The Prince, playing co-pi!ot. .took part in a mock link-up of \z test capsule and an Agena | target rocket simulator inside a . tall hangar. The maneuver was fee group and produce snows for similar to the system to be fol- Richard Boone the communications combine Weaver heads in California. Boone, who makes his home in Hawaii, said he also may do a series there for CBS television "which would be the start of the film industry there'." On location here to shoot 20th Century Fox's "Hombre," Boone plays Cicero Grimes, "pretty obviously a villain." But he isn't role I'm working "right, a cliche won't come out as one." worried about "playing a I've played 11 times. If Publishing Confession Galled 'Grave Danger' *SAN FRANCISCO - Iff) -A U;S. court of appeals judge says rrewspaper publication of a suspect's confession creates the $Msibffity "that the defendant will be unable to get a fair ·*£'Newspaper interviews with fiopects are fraught with the gfoivest danger to the adminis- .tritfon of justice," Judge Ben C'? Duniway wrote in a ma- gftly decision. · ; *£. . . reporters, unlike offi- cfers of ihe law, are under no legal obligation to protect the rights of the accused," i£ jurist said. l-Joo many reporters, he fSlded, "seem to regard it as ir right and duty to get the y regardless of whose rights tjiey invade or how they may iii?ade them." ;'»The judge said his feeling on published confessions was not, bdjvever, the reason the court s£t aside the bank robbery con- yitition of Anton E. Evalt, former Navy petty officer of Ta- colt, Wash. 7A new trial was ordered for Evalt because the prosecuting attorney told the jury that Evalt ' * l walk out of this court a man" if the jury found him Innocent by reason of insanity. Evalt was charged with robbing a bank in Twisp, Wash., to get money to buy a sailboat. In writing the 2-1 majority opinion, Duniway said Evalt was turned over to two Wenatchee, Wash., reporters for questioning when he was taken to jail. They interviewed him in the presence, of the sheriff and an FBI man. The reporters and officers were not identified. ' Duniway said, it was not the duty of the officers to permit or arrange for such interview "nor to use the newspapermen to do their job for them." The judge said the prosecutor should not'have used the reporters as witnesses and the trial court should not have received their testimony. Duniway said he "reluctantly concluded" that the newspaper interview did not violate Evalt's constitutional rights. Judge Walter Pope dissented. He said the defendant was eager "to make confessions to everyone in sight who would listen" and that in view of the insanity defense offered: "I cannot believe that the newspapermen's testimony was so prejudicial as to require reversal." |HQM DECA SPEAKER | Youths Hear Praise For Retailing Career lowed when spacecraft meet in space. The royai tour started in Miami and the_ prince flew his British twin-jet to Texas. He will visit Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Toronto before returning home. Area Councils Back Senate BUI 94 Tucson's seven poverty war area councils are urging support of a Stale Senate bill which would help elderly on welfare io pay the $3 a month medicare "nsurance premium. .. . Those on old age assistance will have great difficulty meeting premium payments without some help from the state, said Robert Silvas. "Three dollars a month does not seem like a lot of money, he said, "but if it has to be tak en out of a subsistence grant, i can amount to ,-i/eal hardship for the elderly poor." Senate Bill 94 provides for ad justments -in the grants to cover the cost of the medical insur ance. Panel To Discuss 'The New Films' A panel discussion on "The New Films: How to Take i All Seriously from Antonion to Andy Warhol" will be held tomorrow at 8 p.m. at the Jew ish Community Center. Topics to be discussed are film censorship, th_e Auteur theory, cinema heroines from Monroe to Monica Vitti, Warhol the film underground and Hoi lywood. Panel members include Dr Robert Hammond, University o: Arizona French professor; Rob ert Campbell, experimental film maker; Mrs. Shirley Pasternak in charge of JCC's film pro grams; Charlotte Cardon, Ari zona Daily Star .writer; an- Charles Emery, manager of th Loft theater. - No career open to young people today is more rewarding or growing faster than retailing. That was the keynote on which Robert Rives of Los Angeles, regional director of the Sears Roebuck Foundation, opened the sixth annual Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) state leadership conference at the Ramada Inn last night. Retailing is open both to high school graduates and c o 11 e g e graduates, he said. The basic skills are general and the learning process never ends in retailing, he added. While some careers may seem more glamorous, Rives said, retailing offers opportunities f o r showmanship, art, style, design, science and diplomacy. The variety of jobs in modern merchandising is vast, and the number of executive jobs is larger than any other industry he added. Both expansion and retirements are creating a vast demand for nowcomers in the nation's second largest industry, Rives said. As for -advancement, it is based on results, and youths cnn advance faster than in industries where seniority rules. Free Musical Event The city parks and recreation department will present a free musical program at 2 p.m. tomorrow at the Armory Park band shell. Jack Jenkins and his group will play. Presiding at the opening general conference sessions was Miss Pegge Clark of Rincon High School, state president of the high school division. Rudy Friend of Douglas is president of the junior college division. Attending were 432 students and teachers. Two Tucson students w e r e among four winners of the first state $100 college scholarships announced last night. They are Larry Dixon of Rincon High, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Dixon, and Martin Ochotorena of Pueblo High, son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Ochotorena. Dixon, who works at Sears after school, also gets a chance at ;.i national scholarship. Also winning S100 awards were Alexis A. Burnham of Safford and Candy Casler of A1- hambra High, Phoenix. Competitions in displays, advertising and public speaking were the conference busine^ today. Winners go to a national conference in Chicago in Anril. An awards banquet will close i the conference tonight. Felix Heads Ariz Land Title Office Arizona Land Title and Trus Co. has named Armando Feli the new manager of its Nogale branch office. He succeeds Miss Marth Guerrero. who has bee promoted to public relations an business development officer. Arizona Land Title also ai nounced the resignation of a torney Stephen Alikes as tit 1 officer. He- has taken a position as Santa Crux, deputy county attorney at Nogales. I TO APPEAL DRUG CONVICTION LAREDO, Tex--UPI -- The ttorney for a former Harvard irofessor sentenced to 90 years in prison on marijuana charges --Citizen Photo By John H*mm«r All Lit Up From a 20-story height, lights on the new downtown Tucson Federal Savings Tower are now shining with long visibility around the clock, spelling out "Tucson," reporting the time of day and giving the temperature in continuous rotation. It's done-on all four sides of the building. Report Tells Of Avra Valley Water The Avra Valley is storing about 16.5 million acre feet of round water to a depth of 1,000 eet, according to a study made sy the U.S. Geological Survey ind the University of Arizona's Agricultural Engineering Department. The report noted that large amounts of water are being withdrawn to cause a regional owering of the water table. A map projects the water leyel for he spring of 1970. The study was carried out by Natalie D. White, W. G. Matock and H. C. Schwalen. It al- o covers the Altar Valley where here has been only minimal development. IN HOUSE VOTING Legislators' Retirement Bill Not Likely To Pass PHOENIX--(Rh-The controversial lawmakers' re- irement bill, which passed in the Senate by an 18-10 vote yesterday is regarded as almost certain to die in the House. V One of thsoe who voted against it, Sen. Ray Thomp;on, D-Yuma,- gave these 'Teaions: "I served in World War Is,'so to Army retire- am entitled ment. , "I should qualify somehowifor a welfare check. . · "I am entitled to enter the 'ioneer's Home in Prescott. · i "I can get Social Security.',. "And 1 am entitled to meet the surplus food truck wheri ; it comes our way. In addition, the 71-year-old Thompson told the Senate: "On passing the school ;at Alamo Crossing several years ago, the teacher asked me] jto look after the children a fe.w moments while he went home to put out his dog. "This duty entitles me to teacher retirement." The bill would provide pensions of up to $300 a month for retired lawmakers over 60. Sen. Thomas' Knoles, D-Coconino, said "I feel we are adequately reimbursed." Those who voted for the retirement pay included Democratic Sens. Sol Ahee and -Ec Kennedy of Puna County, Dan Kitchel and A. R. Spikes of Cochise, Harold Giss of Yuma Robert -Hathaway of Santa Cruz and Fred Udine of Coconino, NOT DEAD YET Road BetiMtificcitioji Bill Wins Support PHOENIX --W-- The Arizona Highway Commission wants the: highway beautification enabling; act, tying the state with new' federal legislation, passed into law. The commission unanimously appealed to the legislature yesterday to pass the act. It pointed out any other course would "delay for several years the next phase of federal road building -- local roads and urban freeways such as those needed by Phoenix and Tucson." The plea brought immediate response from some lawmakers. Sen. Robert Morrow, .D-Mo have, the chairman of the Senate highways and bridges commit tee, agreed with the commis sion. He had expressed belief tha the bill was dead following fail ure of his committee to approv it Thursday, but Morrow saic yesterday he would call it up again if any member of thi committee asked for it. Sen. Ben Arnold, D-Pinal ''said he was strongly in favor o the measure and indicated tha as a member of the committee he would ask for it. College Demonstration Bill's Fate Uncertain PHOENIX -- UP) -- Despite the 59-11 vote in the Arizona House to prohibit disorderly conduct and demonstrations on college campuses, the bill faces an uncertain fate in the Senate. The lateness of the session is cited by those who feel it ma; die. Rep. Tony Carrillo, D-Pima says he doubts that the bill is constitutional. "This bill seriously infringe on the right of petition and pro test," Carrillo said. Professor Gets 30-Year Sentence Renewal Vote Canvass Slated The City Council will meet in special session at 2 p.m.' Monday to canvass the votes cast n last week's urban renewal election. At'.7:50 p.m. the Council will hold its first regular night meeting. The vote canvass is a formality which will confirm that the $15.2 million project was approved by more than 59 per cent of the 17,363 voters who cast ballots in the March 1 election. On the agenda for the evening meeting are five zoning matters, a proposed extension of city water service to South Tucson and resolution approv- ng an application by the city for federal funds for sewer construction. said today he would appeal on grounds of religious freedom. Dr. Timothy Leary was convicted and sentenced in federal court yesterday along with his 18-year-old daughter Susan and both were ordered to undergo pyschiatric tests before f i n a l sentencing by Judge Ben C. Connally. He gave them 10 days to wind .up their affairs. Altercation Causes Bar To Be Closed . State Bquor control agents temporarily closed the Colonial Club, 100 S. Meyer Avenue, early today after a patron was beaten about the head with a truck tire iron. Paul Alexander, 29, of 732 N. Perry Ave., was treated for severe, head lacerations at St. Mary's Hospital shortly after midnight and then transferred to the Veterans Hospital. He was listed in satisfactory condition. Police said they found Alexander lying in a pool of blood on the floor of the club after being summoned there by a barmaid. Witnesses told officers Alexander had had an argument earlier in the evening with a suspect hi the assault about a debt Alexander insisted the man owed him. After an encounter at Johnie's Flace, 145 S. Meyer Ave., Alexander and his suspected assailant entered the Colonial Club where, witnesses said, Alexander drew a knife, then demanded and got six dollars from his companion. A short while later, the assailant returned and struck Alexander several times about the head with a truck tire iron and then fled, police said. ADVERTISEMENT As low As '47 To $ 75 A Mo. Buys Pretirement Living In Veide Meadows Apt. Home Tucson developer Sam Witt reports enthusiastic acceptance for Pretirement Living--a new concept that lets you enjoy retirement benefits even before retirement actually begins. . Pretirement Living was designed for couples who are active now but would like to "taper off," Witt explained. J , By buying a Verde Meadows apartment home now, he pointed out, a couple can not only start enjoying leisure time activities years earlier, but enjoy important savings, too. Experts Suggest "Tapering Off" Experts in the field of geriatrics warn many people facing retirement against cutting off their active lives too quickly. '. "Many feel lost when retirement suddenly appears," one expert said recently in Tucson. Verde Meadows provides an ideal setting for the transition period between full time activity and the leisure of retirement. . Savings To 50% Reported Residents in the 140-home community indicated that .they are saving about half what they previously paid for "rent or on big home payments. "And that's -enough for us to enjoy travel and other activities we never thought we'd be able to .afford," one resident confided. Monthly payments start as low as $47 a month for studio apartment homes. One and two bedroom apartments are also available at comparable low cost. No "Big-Home Worries" When you leave a big home for a Verde Meadows apartment home, all you'll miss is the work, Witt said. Desert landscaping eliminates being a slave to your grounds, and lets you enjoy,travel without maintenance worries. Yet, enclosed patios are large enough for gardening if you like. Kitchens and floor plans have been specially designed to keep maintenance to a minimum. Built-in range and oven, .garbage disposal, and cooler are included in the low cost. Carport and patio fencing are also included. Ideal Recreational Facilities The Verde Meadows recreational center offers an outstanding program of activities. But Verde Meadows is not at all like the regimented retirement communities you've heard.about, the builder explained. While scores of retired couples make their homes in Verde Meadows, working couples and single persons also enjoy the freedom to enjoy their own lives in pleasant surroundings. Preferred Location Because of Verde Meadows' central location, many residents report considerable savings in travel time. Just 9 minutes on the Freeway takes you to the center of the downtown district. Veteran's Hospital. University of Arizona, Davis-Monthan are all close by. Models Open A few apartment homes are ready for you to move in. Model apartments are open daily except Saturday from 10 a.m. to dark at 1338 East Irvington Road, just east of South Park Avenue. You can secure additional information and a free illustrated brochure by calling 294-9421. 1958. Almost New Tires. Motor Overhauled. Radio. Leaving Country. S575. Firm. 793-1654 r,:is and l.ijzht Hill, Hunk IMiiru-v Onloiv* You ran pay your cit cit Water Bill ami Bu Berkshire Rexall Drug OF DEALING WITH THIS INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENCY FOR MORE DETAILS ! CALL THE INSURANCE NUMBER OF TUCSON WE SHC)P AROU ND FOR YOU. We're not bound ' to any insurance company. If you have special re- quiremenfs, we have our choice of many companies. We offer many kinds of policies. YOU ARE OUR PRIME INTEREST. Our success de- pends on your satisfaction. Your interests are 'never sacrificed for any company advantages. We get YOU GET MORE BENEFITS. Give us a call and ask for an explanation of the benefits you can obtain by placing your insurance with us. 444 Leary, 45, was ordered to pay a 130,000 fine. Susan was ordered to a federal reformatory for an indetetroinate period. Freed on $2,500 bond apiece, the Leary's flew home to Millbrook, N. Y., where be -operates a "foundation" dedicated to experiments with such drugs as LSD and "sacred" mushrooms, which cause hallucinations. . Attorney John Fitzgibbon said an appeal would be made after psychiatric tests and,' the final sentencing by the court. "Freedom of religion will be the angle as well as freedom ·to experiment," Fitzgibbon said. Leary,'a psychologist, works with drugs associated with certain sects. . Fitzgibbon said the. sentence was mandatory. Leary got 20 years for transporting marijuana and 10 years for failing to pay tax on it. He admitted ownership of three ounces of the weed found on his daughter when they were arrested tying to enter Mexico last Dec. 22. S m u g g l i n g charges were dropped. · . . - · : * According to the lawyer, max? imum sentence was given pending outcome of psychiatric tesl that could take as long as 90 days. . , Judge Conally had 'n'o discretion" as to the length" of tba sentence he imposed yesterday; Fitzgibbon said. Connally himself pointed this; out in passing sentence. Leary heard it impassively. S u s ' a i i cried and called out to her father. . . Leary left his teaching post at Harvard in a dispute with university authorities. He said it was over money rather than, his experiments. Harvard satd he "absented himself" without permission from classes. RACING Enjoy the lickety-split action of greyhound racing.. 11-Race program Wed. thru Sun. 8 P.M. Admission 500. Clubhouse 50|£ extra. Pari-Mutuel Wa- gering: Daily Double, · .Quiniela, "Big Q." TUCSON GREYHOUND S. 4th Ave. at 36th St. Reservations S34-J531 . 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