Independent from Long Beach, California on May 24, 1957 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 2
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P«g« A-2-.INDEPENDENT kHih, Calif., lAtmf, May 34, 1*1! The World Arou By HOB WKLLM .' Benny Hooper Jr., the 7-year-old Manorvllle, N, Y., youngster who was rescued after 23'/·! hours at the bottom of a well, took his first steps Thursday since his headline accident ' (IKINNINfl and a bit s h a k y , the blue-eyed youngster sttpped hesitantly from his hospital bed, Doctors said he might no home today or Saturday. When he docs, he'll find a few surprises, BENNY SAID one of the first things he wanted to do after he left the hospital was to go fishing. Thursday Tampa, Fla., City Council, Chamber of Commerce and Tampa Tarpon 'Tournament officials Invited the boy to try his luck In the Gulf of Mexico. THK TAMPA groups a g r e e d to provide Benny and his parents a free vacation for as long as It takes him to catch a tarpon any time during the tournament. It runs from June 15 to Auj, 1. . ANOTHKH ALEUT organization, the N a t i o n a l Pickle Packers Assn.. Is rushing a whole year's supply of pickles to Denny's home. This bonanza goes with the title of "pickle man uf-the-year." WHILST THE current «no Domini Is not yet Jive months ·long, the pickle people picked Benny as the fella who got In and out of the blcgest pickle of 1957. They foresee no other serious contender for the rest of the year. /-·;/J t When Leroy Jeter decided to,attend a glblet sup- IslUlLUt ppp m Carlisle, S. ·., he h«d no Idea he was re- ganled by several as the piece dc resistance, LEItOY HAD his ear bitten off sometime during the nipper. Union County Sheriff J. Harold Lamb said charges of assault and battery of high and aggravated nature have been filed against two other persons. ' HAL BROUGHT Jeter's ear. the main evidence In the case, to his office In a paper bag. lie said Jeter had been treated by_ a doctor In nearby Whltmlre. THE KHKIHFF was asked why Jeter didn't take his ear with him to the doc. The officer said that with all that gravy and all those giblets and whatnot they couldn't find the ear that night. Set Reward for Clue to Mrs. Scott LOS ANGELES (UK) -- The attorney for L. Ewlne Scot Thursday pouted a $5,000 reward (or Information as to the whereabouts of Scott's long' mlsslne wife, Mrs, Kvclyr Tlirosliy Scott. Atty. 1'. Itniill Lnmhros B«|! ho wus "firmly convinced she Is alive." Scott, 02, Is churned with rrmrderlng his wife and stealing hinds from her $600,000 entnte The 03-year-old woman dlsap- [wared nearly two yenri ago. Scott was returned here Insl Saturday from Detroit after he- Inc apprehended as ho tried to snenk ncrois the U. S.-Canadlan border. He has .ilentert the charges, saying he jumped bnll icre and fled a year ago because he felt he could not get u fair trial In Los Angeles. , · · · · LAMHUOS HMD he would iroducc a mystery wltneii who claimed to hnve sold Mrs, Scott a travel ticket In late May or wly June, 1955, He Identfled :he witness as o ticket sales agent at a "terminal, depot or other accncy" and a former Ice sergeant In another city vlth a "fine reputation for In iegrlty." Lambros said the witness vould testify he sold a one-way ticket to Mrs. Scott and that she told him, "I'm leaving my uisband but he does not know t," The attorney said the man re ported this Information follow. ng publicity concerning Mrs. icott's disappearance and that n Los Angeles police detective nvestlgated. · · · · "WK EMPHATICALLY do 17 Dewanl Rlckley, 42. of St. lenace, Mich, Journeyed C*O ov'r to RfC e « City Thursday to hanc hla head In court and admit, yeah, he wai the fella who's been robbing teaeulli' neiti, HE PAID a 510 fine on a charge of possesslne eggs of a wild bird. WHATEVER MOVED him. tho Judge Mked Dewerd, to ·wipe seagull eggi. "WELL, JUDOE," Dewnrd answered, "I'm one o' them fellas who's never satisfied. I wanted egE In my beer." * * * Coiipl" of days «KO this shabbily dressed citizen walked Into a market In Taccma, \V»«h. After loiterlnc about for a bit, he tried to make off with a Jug of vino from the wine counter, 1IOWSOEVEH, he was detected by H clerk, who relieved him of the muscatel and ordered the would-be thief from the (tore. THURSDAY the same shabbily dressed ralph walked Into the store, strolled up to the check stand and presented a battered, personal check, . . , "CASH IT, please," he ordered. " ' "' " THE CLEHK. recognlzlns his customer, refused. "I remember you," the clerk said. "OF COURSE," sflld the stranger, "I wouldn't try to cash * check where I wasn't known." ROYAL HUG I-OR BABY Some day In the far-distant future this baby will tell friends about being this close to Queen Elizabeth II of England, but right now Her Mnjosty is just another woman to tho Infant. The meeting took place Thursday during a visit made by Queen Elizabeth to n nursery In Copenhagen, Denmark. J Kern County ; (Potato Growers Face 'Disaster' BAKERSFIELD, Calif, Wl An emergency meeting of Kern County potato growers, who produce most of California's potatoes, wa» called Thursday to discuss threatened economic ells aster. Last year Kern County potato ; growers got 48 million dollars for their crop. Since the market collapsed two weeks ago there's been talk of giving potatoes away to anyone who will come for them, to save handling costs. Francis P. Pusaterl, executive manager of -the Kern County Potato Growers Association who called the emergency meeting for today, said the current price to growers of $1.40 to $1,65 a hundredweight would not cover the cost of production. not want to Impute anything eprchenslble to the Los An gcles police," Lambros added. Perhaps they In good con ciencc felt that this was not a good lead. Hut In our opinion his Is a good lead," The attorney said he would iroduce "some photostntlc mn- crlnl from the cast that will Indicate Scott acted In Mrs. Scott's behalf many times" and hart her permission to sign papers. "I am completely confident of the ultimate acquittal of Mr. Scott on all charges," Lambros Elated. i British Factory Owners Raise Pay LONDON Ml--British factory owners Thursday handed out 70 million pounds 1196 million dollars) in wnge Increases In ex change for a 12-month pay standstill by 2!i million manufacturing employes. · Agreement was announced In London after a three-hour meet- Ing- of union and employer representatives. The men asked for 10 per cent--and got 11 shillings ($1.54 cents) a week, or Just over 4 per cent. PLAGUE HITS SEA BIRDS Gulh,Pelicans Fall in Mystery Illness . »/ ......»/ .... . LOS ANGELES (AP)--An undlnpnoscd Illness killed hundreds of seagulls and pelicans between the Palos Verdos Peninsula and Manhattan Beach recently and Thursday there was a report of a similar plapae 25 miles farther south. · A spokesman for the State Department of Fish and Game' said marine wardens are checking a report of sick seaculls in the mud flat area of Sunset Beach, south of Long Beach, · · · · . . HE SAID thnt on May 11 and 12, lifeguards reported that perhaps 200 seagulls and 100 pelicans had died and others apparently were sick In the Pnlos Verdes-Manliattan stretch of tho Santa Monica Bay. The condition was temporary, however, and by the time wardens found dead birds they were loo decomposed for a diagnosis of the ailment, the spokesman reported. "What the cause was wo don't know," ho added. "One possibility would bo food poisoning--botulism-n bacterial Infection derived from food organisms. It can come from decaying plant life or It could be, In tho Santa Monica Bay area, as a result of decayed food in sewage disposal, but that's just a conjecture. "Until we can get our hands on a bird that's cither III or has recently died and make a laboratory study, It's Impossible to say for sure." Nikita Would 'Torpedo' U.S. With Milk Output LONDON, Friday (/Pi-Soviet C o m m u n i s t Chief Niklta ·ihrushchev was quoted today as asserting increased Soviet meiit, j l i t t e r and milk production would be "a torpedo against the 'oilndations of capitalism." Moscow Radio said Khrushchev told a meeting of aRricul- tural workers In Leningrad: "This will be our great conquest, for. ut present, the U.S.A. nfluenccs the psychological qt- Itude of literally the whole rVcstera world by the volume or ler output." The broadcast d e c l a r e d {hrashchev said, If Soviet farm- Fast Life Hj PETKONIUH JR. T1IK JUNK 4 ELECTION will have only one proposition to be voted on. It U tlm Sfl.Xll.nim Imnit In. *u« t» Improve the city nnti'r IT WILL IMI'IEOVE the storage and distribution facilities. · · * · Affording |i cfflclnl», In- frcht Hint honcl redemption wllj l»n palil for out of Hater llr|Mirlinrilt revenue. · * · * HUT IT TAKES a two-thlrils majority to carry the bond issue. · · · · That U cllfflrult to do In nny Hrdliin nhrn unly line Inane la to lie. voted on. · · * · THE ANTI-VOTE can nlwayi be depended on nt the polls. · · · · It K i l l lake noliif real rum- plllKlllllg to Ret out rnollKll yen MJte« In ritrry tills l«lie. Weather High and low tamptraturaa at rt. rorttd by tha Unltad Statai Waathar "lurtau: H. L. 1 Baach 69 S3 Okta. City Loa Angalai 68 M Omaha Lai Veyai 69 56 Phoenix 80 !6iPlttaburgh *2 51 j Portland 786/91. Lou.I mnv.r 6? 37 SI. Paul D.i Molnai 69 46 Halt Laha crs do their best, the Soviet Union can surpass America I n j milk production In 1958 anil equal Its meat production by 1960 or 1961. M. L. M M 7041 8361 8261 12 40 6242 Bifrolt 74 59 SanrranciiCC «« 5? Fairbanks,A (,6 44'S.altl. MM Miami 85 HU Tharmal 80 Ut law Orleani UO 77 Waihlngton »2 64 Boiton Ihicago laviland Danvar ... N*w YorH 77 59 TIDES INDEPENDENT C«rrl«p «ln B l. Copy By Mill Month Va* _ fcl.OO M4.00 _____ 100 1.00 34.UJ dally a.oapt Sunday al Slutri It. and Plna Ava., Long Baaoh 12. Calil. Entarad a. aaeend clan mattar Mar. 21. 1*43, at uotig Baacn I, Calif. Adibdicatad by tuparlor Court, Loa Angalaa County, Cxt. I, 1Mt, D*cr«« Na. C.1O2»0. I I VE3 , Hlqh tidal today will ba 3.3 fttt at 6:57 a.m. and 6 fttt at 7:03 p.m. 'and low tida will ba 1.3 fttt at :?9 p.m. High lidti Saturday will ba 3.4 feet at 7:49 a.m. and 5.3 frtt 4t 7:30 p.m. and low tldel will bt 0.6 foot at 1:53 a.m. and 1.4 fi«t at ;0^ p.m. butinut: 5 : 4 7 ; 7:53, N Arrested VIENNA WF--Police iinosted about 100 ri'fiiKoo Hungarian students who demonstrated in front of the U, S, consulate Thursday hut returned them to their suburban camp at Schuc- chat. spring LOOK AJ JHESE VALUES! BUYING POWER DOES IT! ·pun 3 lknr». Irl, · For Work, Play, Casual Wear ' · Long-Wearing Sanforized Twill NATIONALLY ADVERTISED UNIFORM PANTS AND SHIRTS A natural for xvotk »nd perfect for puttering. They're fully cut »nd scientifically sized to fit every build. All arc in long-wearing Sanforized twill, uniform pants Tan, Siid 29 to 42 Grey, Siiei 29 to 42 Sprint Gtttn, Saei 29-42.. uniform shirt* TM, Sim 14'/ 2 I" Gft), Size SPECIAL FACTORY PURCHASE! Matching Chair SHOULD SELL FOR $149 Divan Makes Comfortable Bed for Two! ROUND-THE-CLOCK COMFORT! EUREKA SWIVEL-TOP CLEANER Super-powered lor faster,' better cleaning! Extra quiet,.. lightweight, too! 95 Sprnct Green, 14 { /2 PHONE AND MAIL ORDERS FILLED Mm'i II 'ori Cltita MAIL AND FHONI ORDERS FILLED MAY CO. LAKEWOOD Ordtr Boird (100 LaUwood 8I.J. Optni Lalt-ood. Calif. ., I,JO A.M. Quan. | llam I Sli. Color | Frica I Nama Addrau ._ -.( ) Caih ) C.O.D. Aft .hliifln, thariM h.vinj L'Bll^l Pa lt .| Voiia! »« h.irtllna «h«ri«a (or U.O.D.'a. PT o-2a A · NOTHING DOWN 75c A WEEK New England . . Reversible . . Colorfast · OVAL BRAIDED RUGS OTHER SIZES... COMPARABLE SAVINGS! * 8x10..$32.95 3x5..$7.95 2x3..$2.95 ca LAKEWOOD PLAZA, 64I4 Spring St.-- GA 9-59I9 - BELLFLOWEfl, 1 68 10 Bellf lower Bl.-- TO 7-2745 7 WILMINGTON, 909 Avalon Blvd.-- TE 4-4548 F U R N I T U R E S T O R E S I ... ;i,ong D««aL I" 5 E « Anthilm . . HE 8-521 1 beacn m Am«riom .... HE 2-5444 OPEN MON, FRI. UNTIL 9 P.M. f - i

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