Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 20
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P«g« A-74-1NOEPENOENT LMW ··«, CUK.. ttarv. fn. S. Show.Time M Prtt..- « li 4.» | It -d»v ·t c«n*Kt» Cntt.- IJC. £-«. jv« Win *K Pronr Stringer.' I IS. ·P«m pic*w.- i.K. u oc. *««rl» Jonrv- ««. till. "«tx» *- |yt »*»." 1.40. P.OXY -nn Si* »:· n Vtno.- Kf. ? .«·. f JC 1.9. *-*«0rrl ·* t.fv^« Curtt .A fu.rS-st, i a. -in cwnnr.- PALACt ' -FKT Pr^.- wot. JH. 7 M, J! ». -Eton Prow f«s» M"i«.- n «. J. I B. l:a "Frent.K- trtraina.- lilt. I StW:MLt:n. . IAST NAME, ADAMS Nick Is Stassen ~* oi 'Oscar 9 - Race By JOSEPH FINMCAN vn HOLLWOOD (UPI-Nick Adam/ bid for an Academy Award is one of the best organized in a film industry [which treats the Oscar race 'as if it was a political cam- · ,*-,·. .8,V WEST CQAfi? OrCM liOOM · Ivijii Pirtlm '·LOVE WITH THE 8 '' PRpPER^STRANGER" Nick Is one of the best campaigners. He is to the Oscar race what Harold Stassen is to politics, an enthusiastic contender. » · · · If THERE were primary elections where an actor could battle for his Oscar. Nick would enter them all. Nobody should argue with JNick's desire to win. although some persons have. The thousands of dollars (pent on his advertising En filmland trade magazines for his candidacy i has come out of Nick's own 'pocket. Tardy TV Date at Last to Be Kept NEW Y O R K (UPI) -- A lira, dark, handsome Britoa named Dirk Bogarde finally is keeping an American television date that was planned for hira six yean ago. NICK ADAMS Has ·Oscar* in Eyes with the idea that I appear in it opposite Harris," Bogarde said, "but [ was tied up in films at ho-re and couldn't take the role. ; : . "It is nice to get this second chance, especially since Jute is still the leading lady. I love ths play." · · * · COSTIGA.VS original television drama, one of video's most honored, first was presented on the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" schedule on the NBC network March 24, Hoodlums oi England Like 'AduW Cinemas LONDON (UPI--British filra producer Herbert Wikox said Wednesday "adults only" movies have attracted hood- hnns to Britain's movie houses and squeezed the family out The X-certificate fllraj ·-- (from which persons under 16l"G un * of Nayarrone." "Laware excluded) has probably rence of Arabia" and Torn |done more to kill the cinema Jones." as family entertainment habit] These were as British TV. Bingo or bowling Vy couy t^- ^ ^ii, "with 1 ; roDed into one." Wil- gnat British actors and a' cox said in a speech to the Wat American producer with syal Society of Arts. the know-how and. not unim The X-certificate has at- portantly. all the money he traded the cinema hooligan needs." and the cinema hooligan has' driven the family audience away from the cinema." Wilcox said. He also said that the ordinary British film with its stereotyped plot and cast "is already as dead as a doornail." 'Except for indigenous comedies and small realistic 1938, with Miss Harris and |flll:l ?. «* localized interest, Christopher Plummer in the British films five years from leading roles. now win be stone-dead," he It was a live performance said. "From their ashes win IMPERIAL. f.-- ·. M t. cx««« nt »s;i a noon . [the Oscar this year for his just before perfection of re-! emer ? e great international He's not the only actor^^ fc, Twilight of Honor,"[cording of shows on video pictures and the best of both .,,,,,;,,,=,,, rv,,.r. »,«-. Metro-GoMwyn-Mayer stu- tape that makes possible re- worlds," peated future use. The Har- He cited such pictures as ris-Bogarde p r o d u c t ioa-- "Bridge Over the River Kwai," jof studios which produced jthe pictures. ' ! N i c k was nominated for t 'campaigning. Others 'done it, either personally 1 through the corporate offices] UNLESS j-ou remind them saw* script--wiH, of course. L flKEUJOOD HA 5 2i30 41) I lime. OKN 1:1 J--Hit fAUINC PADLKEWMU Cnii - hst lick Fran VuU Tior Stin Inml Ttai» Osj-- Hit. tat. I Sit, Un. IIJS, lotion lOe I. Color llfi susnm THRIUER! umr i|uii03t iiiiT-tout "PLUCKY PLUMBER" nwit 43A««i - CAMCT Cl-Hil "HIC£ GIRL" CRIST OPEN l:»-flEI PAUKtNa lonliitM tor 4 ICtOEUT MUDS ItcMiitf Inl ridin, lut tiitcta "Hil U2MI f£o° PM C Kll !».«. ^ r P.M. Onrv -TNtCIEAtCNASE- r^BCtMOMt i st^oMat SAOTI ce i not OBM I.U JK* L«ni»»-Crri LnM ·Utdir lit Tia TIB Tni* M C a t O I -- I:M.II U "MARY. MAIIY""" BAY )« «*- SeU Kt'Jl 6! OPE* I M JOHN W A T H f "Htiintock" "KingToffffSun"/ **0*fd JUST NOMINATED FORO ACADEMY AWARDS! EliA KR7ANS co-Furvit "FOR LOVE OR MONEY" STARTS MARCH 4TH Gary * Audrey Grant ^Hepburn = Charade AT UA OF COURSE appearance in this country, but it is his first 1 J vid90 drama anywhere, if+*«*VR** middle of last year. AU thosel March ls other pictures that people! T*" 1 * ^ .o" 1 / '^ B ^ arfe ^ » were nominated for are stQl ^i 1 ? 1 in theaters now." Adams, who is known in Hollywood as a fighter for what he believes to be right, said he launched his Oscar campaign without any financial assistance from his picture's producers, MGM. which touted its blockbuster *How the West Was Won." 'If I had a big picture like The Cardinal" or Tom Jones' and it was a big smash 1 wouldn't have campaigned at' a!L Look hers Tex got behind "Cleopatra." \Vamer Bros, got behind 'America America" and Columb ia.TheCardinaL"" "It's gotten back to me that] I campaigned too hard," Nick said. "I just believed in the part I played and I made up ray mind I was going to da this. The members of .the 1 academy apparently backed me up and 1 appreciate this." "MERLIN JONES" "ROCK-A-BYE BABY" r ^..«. ^ I PJH. * »»»*»»»y " NEW YUM YUM TREE 1 * or» OF LOVE" | ^ j t+*»»«*** PACIFIC THEATRES OpiRt I PJC lomliitid I Buirs! i Wit* tti rrepif Stnntn* ·firfj rick Oi* iirou sa L ». i-'v . lor TM . "WHO-j M1WDIN5 THE ITCUC T- inn KJE. Oct» HE 7 Z721 OPENS NOON ^AUt. KFWMAK "THE PR!Il- "CUHJ FIGHT AT C O V A N C W E O E C K * 1KOW JtAtTI AT H · CMILBtCM VKD» H FtEX cunt Af Traffic C Ct HSIJ *AVERICA AWEHtA- *PALU SPR WCS T.EEKE1D- 1S 11TJS Klinr. Soring HA i 743 -PARIS PICK-UP- , 9 Tn m coi.ot -T HUKOOI) PAIA.KE»MA» Jt """SOB THE ,» ]Zt ^ Cwn. Owrrv -GUNF1HT AT T" C* t9a COMUNCHE CREEK' X-|IHrM« "COt-IATM SIN* 3" UIC01I . OF .AIT1.0N- 3r lJ^i P.rt slM ; t 5 OUE l E»- tiil»r c«no«l PAIXIEWWAH Kr. C*. Cr. IL COMANCMEOEEIC- Alt Color Action -SERCEAMTJ S- JAKSJ ROXY l?7 W.CCtJK Tn ·*· T«TI«C *RAIDERJ Of UTTE GUIF* Craorr PECK -- Ckarlha KESTO* tun IYE! -- Cott"110 COUITRl" V O I K I E tMtTH -- C»r«r Tint Siae* Stii ti Vim" t PINE AYC. -- PHONX HE IOI HOri--TANCT from EAST 1EIUN FIONT1U KtlllTI, li.»| TI I .I_-lMi w:tt friMT ·iU II I IIOT'I W i l l iiJ IMPERIAL I OCUlBV CFM L ««,, ^ Sf]OW|NG It* ITII9I. ll.i'I II Kill 1C1JIII IBICIIII lltT fltnll! I P.»_-l«lllt«. IIII:C~ limit. Itnil IIHT1I 1 P ·--'1111 tll»ll~ ICDONOO IH1 IF Hill HI »»!U · nil litl,lni»» H i - 1 THEATER UPSTAIRS ,, i ,,,!,,,,,,,, U. iipirt.rj ti. «M AN and SUPERMAN | CurmilPM. · CM ITJ*. nn. ut ax OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE 111 LJMI XI 7-1111 ei STIU l^riRMALADOUCE" cvtTAm «T i a PL m. cx-iir. U.M-IUM. tin THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE , LYLE TALBOT TAKE HER, SHE'S MINE" - - .iiim ..» **. In I »~« i Illlt -- tnrl. I II -- H piM «..«» -TII pun* Ihl.t H 111 M Ml ». MBIIIDIIT M Mill "ill urn* Fit Ml( ciorc IIITI ·tut »iii i PUMI ·ni i piti i» WI1MIN6TON Illllll lIlMMI*!*" 'I tHTI ·Hill U 1 (II (ll* IllTIIIITttTI itl Km. J21I.-1I ·IIIITtl, III lit »" r.n »·! lli«H OMMUNITr PLAYHOUSE ituiu iiut ill I in*. »:· :«i linn'i -IIILII nttl- -»ii mitiii in tiinr* ji N r~j~i » j a t-tiii UIT I rUFBIUKlS 1121 L 1I1HIIK "OH, MEN! OH, WOMEN"! r»j«trur, ro; ruiojr. i n.» _ urvtsiT. i » . . . en OPENING TOMORROW! 2 KITES ONLY! YfoHJ frta'ttrt of a New -4m«r?eo» fell Opera. 1 "MSBCi B r HUGE?, onj Frl end Set. On!y -- 8:39 pjn. _ AIL SEATS $1.50 Long Beach City College Auditorium T* tntntfitn, U I-IHI -- t»»l fa»H lnl'ii'i a titr linn »i:it. r^»ri TI iin -ttiiui itil- -iioii 11:111* ITI» III »4 W. tl« t I till "irrm u in sur* -- i.ti i9iiii~ -- Jiii.i inuiowtt mil HIM tttnim* n. n "in run-* i.w i» ··111 II Til »:tOU- l.a it Ulllll Untn. r»Mt«M n t till -in n TII «nni- _ -jiivuu ir_ni_ii«in' _ ptiimii niufn.t. «i i mi -*ii. »nt- _ -tmiT IP TIIIIIS* _ lOIIItl in ». *n»rr« ·IA^ IM^-, ··HUf JCtlf i rti riivuMiii^ H4IHT lx.n'1 '·mil Jim- iir* u. Nothing can dampen the spirit ofa Pioneer saver A Pioneer Saver has the one effective protection for almost any eventuality- i MONEY. There are now more than 50,000 Pioneer Savers enjoying the cozy feeling of having their savings growing steadily at the high 4.35% current annual rate. If you'd enjoy the snug feeling of knowing you've removed the clouds from your family's future...start now to make payday Pioneer Day. PIONEER SOTGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION long Bttcfi Offict: 232 long Bttch Covkrt · · · · Jtkpkont:HEmlocls2-643S · · · «i ACCOUNTS INSURED TO $10,000 Hint Offict: 324S WbMt BeutortrA. PMnt: Dunkirk 561 SI Robert * Sprtgut. fattier*

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