Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California on July 16, 1961 · Page 110
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Independent Press-Telegram from Long Beach, California · Page 110

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 16, 1961
Page 110
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RADIO KLAC'STO KAB-790 KEZY-M9B KF1-640 KH1-930 KFOtf-1280 KBIQ-740 KHPC-710 KGER-1390 KNX-1010 KFWB-980 KWIZ-UBO .FMHIGHUGHTS WAYNE AND SHU%TER V . SUNDAY, JULY 16, 1961 7:00 A. M. KFI-- News; Radio Pu1r!t KABC -- American Farmer KNX-- Wortc Mews R'rtdvc KFOX-- Bill Patterson, to 11 KGER-- Forward In Fa'th KHJ-- Pat Boooe KNX-- Sunday Symphony *:30 KFI-Hcmc Town KABC-- Concert Hall KHJ-- Reserved lor You KNX-- Church of lh« Atr KGER-- Kour of Faith KFI-- Christian Selene* KHJ-- Defense -- Vels KABC-MIIton Crow 7:55) KNX-- Dimension (7:55) 8:00 A, M. KFI-- News KABC-- Dr. Bot Plerc* KHJ-- Layman'* Hour KNX-- Church ol 1he Arr KGER-- OirTst'n Brotherh'd KFI-- At Home wllh Music 1"30 KABC-- Charles f. Fuller KNX-- Sal) Lake Tabern'cte KGER-- Voice of China KGER -Wo rid Llleraturt 9:00 A. ML KFI-- Music lor Horn* Folks KABC-- Bible 51uo"y Hour KHJ-- Radio Bible Class KNX-- Kew* KNX-Unlveriily Explorer KGEfR-- Airmail From God KABC-- Radio' Bible Class KHJ -- Voice of Prophecy KNX-- Sluart Novlnt; tnvl- ' ration to tearnlny (9:35); Seneca's Philosophy KGER-- John Drown KMPC-- Baseball; Angels at Senators list) KMPC-- Warm-Up (v:«) 10:00 A. M. KABC-- WInos of Healing KHJ -- New*; Paul Comptan KNX-- News, Srxirls; Old* You Grow (10.101 KGER-- A. Harl Le* KGER-- Waihfnofoo Reoori KFi-Dodaer 'iandiland KAQC-- Dr Duff-Forbes KNX-- London Report; Troian Dioest (15:35) KGER-- c.nos?o PeODlc KMPC-- Warm-Uo (10:40) KABC-- MusTc' Masters: KGER -- Dan Gilbert 11:00 A.M. KABC-- News; Your Child KNX-- News; Sunday Seen KFOX-Sgueakin' Deacon KGER -- Cn. of Open Door 11:15 KABC-- Frank and Ernest KABC-- Message of lirael KNX-- Science; Sun. Scene 12:00 NOON KABC-- Sound of Wor'hlD KHJ -- Pele Miller, news KNX -- News; Analysis 12-15 KMPC -- A/irjels Clubhouse KHJ-- Paul Comolon (lo 3 KNX -- Su n rf ay Scene rCMPC-- Baseball: Anoels al Senators (.2nd came) CABC-- Dr. BIllv Graham KNX-- Moscow Scene; Robert Werrlll 112:35) KGER-- Rev. Victor Glenn 1:00 P.M. KABC-t*cws: The Week C MX.-- News; Sun. Scene !GER-- Dr. Orar 'Roberts 1:15 KABC-- Flair :FOX-- Bill Patlerion CGER-- Hour of Foirh KFI-- Batter UP (1:35) KFI-- Baseball: PlHsburoh Pirates al Dodgers 2:00 P.M. CABC-- N em; Busirm» CGER-- Worm Vision KABC-- Flair] CGER -- Laymen's Hour 3:00 P. M. CABC-- Monday Headline* CHJ-Pele MIIKr. news KNX-Ncwsj Sports; Sunday seen* KFOX-- Cat Wo/IKrnolon KGER-- Full ··3ol«l KADC-- Flair' KHJ-- Cal MMner Ito 41 KFOX-- Ar] en' Sanders KGER-- Tempi* Tlm9 4:00 P. M. KADC-- Hews; FlaTr KGER-- Charles E. Fuller CNX -- Georo* Herman; Sunday Scene (4:35) KFOX-Cal Worlhtng/on KGER-- Family Bible Hou tFI -- Scoreboard; New? 5:00 P. M, KFI-- Bandstand KABC-- News KHJ -- Pele MHler, news KNX--News: Sunday Desk KGER -- voice of China KFI-- Sontn^Ne^er Die KAflC-- viroJt Pinklev KHJ-- Cal Milner KGER-- Rev. Carl Baisett KARC- Sidney Walton KNX-- Dooo Edwnrdsr Sunday Scene {5:35} KFOX--Arlen Sanders KGER-- Rev C. T. Walber KFI-- Senators' Report KABC-- As We See II 6:00 P. M. KFI-- Scout Jamboree KABC-- News; While Hous KHJ-- Mewi; Civic Forum KNX-- News; Sports; Johnny Dollar (6:.(» KJ-OX-- Pioneer Roam KGER-- Rescue Mission KABC-- Georoe Sokolskv KFI-- Motorists' Melodies KABC -- Erwin D. Canham KHJ-- New Teslam't Light KTOX-- Soc. Sec.; CHP KGER-- Radio Bible Ciats KNX-- Suspense (6:35] : "The Man who Knew How lo Hate" 4:4$ Fl-- Books in the New it ABC-- Q'sca* AsslDnmcnl FOX-- Fire Dcpt. («: ») 7:00 P. M, CFl -- Nc-*s; American Wov CABC-- fJews: Issues Answers (7:05) : Sceaktf Sain RiYvbufn H-- New?: Family Th'ltr NX-- Ne*s CFOX-- Arlcn Sanders GER-- Gordon Palmer 7ll5 NX-- Science Editor CFl-- Ooera T» tor Everyone: "The Gondoliers" KADC-Dr. James FlfieW CHJ-- World Tomorrow CNX-- Wai-Id TonloM KGER-- Dan Gilbert /MS KNX-Howard K. Smith (-OX-- LB Power Squad KGER-- Bcfhel Hour 8:00 P. M. CABC-- Heralcf ot Truth CHJ-Marlon Theater KNX-- World Music FeiH- -vals: Beroen. Norway KFOX-- Why. Teacher? CABC-- Church In Horn* CHJ-- Ch. ot Open Door CFOX-- 1st Foursquare i*4J KGER-- Sunshine Mission 9:00 P.M. KABC-- Vo!c* -i Prophecy KFOX-- St. Germalns CGER-- Bethel Church KGOS -- Lutheran Hour 9:15 KFI-- Bob Comidine KFOX-Covnlry MuiTe J:3* KFI-- Meet the Press: Mohammed Ayub Khan KABC-- OiarTei E. Fuller (HJ-- Hour of Decision J4X-- MutfC for the MlddN Mtnd KlOX-- He raid ot Mealing KGER-- Zlon Hifl Baptist KFOX-- Paun'c Report 10:00 P. M. KFI-- News) C. P. Moc- Greoor Show 110:05): KABC-- Uont a Life Hour KHJ-- Music, Cal MHner KNX-- 10 o'clock Wlrs FOX-- Glorv Beautv Ch. 10:1! KHX-- Music (or the MidcHe MJnd KFI_CathoJlc' Hour KABC-- Revival Tim* KHJ -- Public Service KFOX-- Arlen . Sanders KG E: K-- Spirlhl Bli 11:00 P.M. KFI-- News; Chang'o T1nne» KABC-- Christian In Acllon KHJ-- The News-WT»e«l KMX-~News;Huch DouDlai KGER-- Blshoo Conedy KFI-The EJeVnat Llohf 11:30 KABC-- American Scene KGER-- Circle Mission KFI-- News tll:Ml MONDAY, JULY 17, 1961 7:00 A. M. KFL-- Pat Blshoo Reuorl KABC- -Frank Hemincwav KHJ-- Dob [-reed, news KMX-- V/orlct ,yew R'ndup KFOX-- Jack CAorrls (to 10) KGER-- CJirlst Faith Mlss'n KFI -- Hit ftie' Ro3d KADC-- Red Mcllvakie KHJ-Perrv Allen Sho* KNX-- Soft Crone Shew KGER-- Aubrev Lee 7:30 KNX-- Frank Goss T:45 KFI-- News; Southland KNX-- Bob Crane Show KGER-- Heaven -nd Home 8:00 A. M. KFI-- News; Hit the Road KADC-- Cliff Fnolc; News KHJ-- Bob Greer.e, news KNX-News; Sports KGER-- Wilbur Nelson KA8C -- PMJJ Harvey, news; Red Mcllvalrw Snow KHJ-- Perry Allen Show KfJX -Bob Crane Show KFI -- Reporter; News KGER-- Voice of China KFI-- And v and Virginia KABC-- Wendell NoWe; Red Mcllvalne (8:50) KGER-- World Missions 9:00 A.M. KABC-- Sims-Rolfsofi News KHJ-Bob Greene, news KNX-- New* KGER-- Luth* ran Hour KABC-- R« 'AclTvalne KHJ-- Fr^nV Car roll KNX-- BoV Craoe Show KFI-- Ladies'"oav K GE R -- John B rown Hour KABC-- Enrl 'NloMrngRTe KNX-ShKV in Hollywood 10:00 A. M. KFt--Hews; Swlno?n' Years KABC-- New*? Brkfst Clut) KHJ-- Bob Greene, news KNX-- Hws; Arthur Godfrey CFOX -- Toni Brennan CGER-Rescue Mission KHJ-Frank'ciVron 13:30 KGER-- Overcomlna Life CGER-- Rev. LeRoy Kopp CFl-- Emohasis 110:55) 11:00 A. M. CFl-- News; SwirvoTn' Years CABC-- Hank Weaver, news CHJ -- Bob Freed, news CNX-- Mews; Art t ink teller CGER-Bible institute 11:15 KABC-- Tello Test HJ -- FcanX CarrcH KABC-- Carlfoi Fredericks ·CHX- Garry Moore Show; Crosbv-Ctoonev fll:40) KGER -- Sunshine Mission tFI-Emotiasls (11:40) 11:4S KFI-- Pat Bishop; Sports KGER-- Dan Gilbert 12:00 NOON KFI-- News; Farm Reporter KABC-- Paul Harvey KHJ-- Bob Greene, new* KMX-- Noon News KGER-- Thru the Bible KABC-- Myror" J Bennefl KHJ-- Jack vaoner Show KNX-- Nelson Mdninch KFI-- Calif. Aorlc. H2:20) KNX-- The Story Line KGER-- Dr. Orr Blb!« LFI-- Hart to Heart '13:35) 1:00 P.M. KFI-- News; Take 11 Easy. KABC-- Jay Sims; Q. Howe KHJ-Wayne Thomas news KNX-- News; Story-Line KGER-- Airmail from God KA8C-- Pame'la Matofl KHJ-- JacK Wooner KGER-- Me ixi for Today ;FOX-- 9ifi Collfe (to 5) KGER-- Christian Crusade CGER-- Health TalJi 2:00 P. M. KFI-- News; Take It rasy CABC -- Jay Sims; Swayze CJfJ-- Bob Greene news KNX-- News; Storv Line KGFR-Soctal Security: Peter Slack Or oar 1:15 KABC-- Wendell Nobte KHJ-- Jack Wsoner 2:30 HX-- Nancy Hanschman; PhllJD Norman (2:351 KGER-- Georoe McLa'n 3:45 KGER-- LHff tine KFI -- Emphasis {2:551 3:00 P. M. KFt-- News; Marv Hlcltox CABC-- R. James; Swayze CHJ--Tony LaFrano news KNX-- News KGER-- Yculh for Chilsl KABC-- Ooen'LIrte CHJ-- Mike Secrest KNX-- Pat Bullram St»w KGER-- Dan PiVe Show KPI-- Music Time, C, C«cH ' 3=55 KFI-- Emphasis KHX-- Personal Siorv 4:00 P, M. KFt-- Hews; Dave Shaw KABC-- News; Sports KHJ-- Ted Meyer*, Mews KNX-News KFI-- Music Tim*, C, Ceetl KABC-- Flair KHJ-- Mike Secrest KNX-Paf Byflram 5how KNX-- Chas. 'Colllrtowood; Pat Bultram (4:35) KGER-- Rev. Abe Schneider 4:45 KGFR-- ChrFsKan Counsel's KFt-- Sports t4:Sn KNX-- House Cali (4:55) Freberg Ushers in Tiger's Year TODAY Paul Werth with Grimm fairy Tales at 8 i. nj. on KRHM. . . . G e n e Krupa, Pearl Bailey, Les Brown and Woody Herman at 10 on KPOL. . . . Les Elgart and Sammy Davis Jr. at 11 on KRHM. . . ·. White Memorial Church at 12 noon on KABC. . . . Comedy by Melvin, Sahl, Freberg, Woodbury and others at 3 p. m. on K R H M . . . . Mantovani's "Exodus" at 4 on KGLA. . . . Joe Bushkin at 5 on KNOB. ... A documentary omCalifornia's migratory farm workers at 5 on KRFK. . . . Howard Hanson conducts the "Family Hour" stereocast at 6 on KFAC. . . . Alfred Newman's "Port" of Paradise" at 6 on KRHM. MONDAY FM · Hi Fi albums with a modern touch from 7 to 10 a. m. on KBIQ. . . . KPFK offers Renata Tarrago in a guitar concert at 10 a. m., John Leonard with book reviews at 11 a. m. and "The Trial of Lord Byron" at 1:30 p. m. Latter is an experiment in biography for the BBC. "The Chun King Chow Mein Hour," starring Stan Freberg in an hour-Jong comedy and music special, will be t£Wasi.'p r n'SuBdaj;,'#eb'l 4, o n ' , . , - . -- ' " -- T - j j ^ ^ ._ The special presentation, to be aired on the eve of the Chinese New Year (4660 -- Tne Year of the Tiger), will spot' ' ' ! ' bferid of They'd Rather Be Funny Than Lovable IV lighf /., _ -.satiric', humpf.; : ' NEW YORK (NEA)--Johnny Wayne and Frank Sinister have a message for all their fans: be patient. They're not too happy with their first few "Holiday Lodge" programs, either. But, given time, they feel that they'll be able to reach a compromise with the format they were handed, and "work something out." "They want us to be warm and lovable," Wayne says. Presumably, "they" refer to the network, but Wayne didn't elaborate. "Warm and lovable!. Who needs it? We're supposed to be funny. SHIJSTER A D D E D that "there are precedents for a situation comedy to be funny --Bilko, Lucy--and also precedents for a situation comedy to be bad." The format was worked out before they were signed. They've tried to adjust to it, but admit it's a slow process. For the first time, they are doing comedy material written by somebody other than themselves. "Trying to get writers to give us funny stuff written within this format is the big problem," Wayne says. "And I just don't know if we can do it within 13 weeks." w«or FALSE TEETH T ·at, chew, imiU with REGULAR OR HEAVY CAUSE D E N T A L C U S H I O N S keep ««A ov4 ... ploli vwf Helpi eota pr«nura en evw Hclpl pr«yent eJkklng M WW WK HIM · WtHN JfftU 60 ' GOOD COOKS ATTENTION! Have YOU Mailed Your Favorite Recipe Yet? IT MAY WIN A BEAUTIFUL GAFFERS SATTLER RANGE FOR YOU ... $100.00 worth of BAKERY GOODS delivered to your door FROM YOUR HELMSMAN : · : or ONE OF 114 CASH PRIZES. Each year the Independent, Press-Telegram publishes a cook book made up entirely of favorite recipes of readers. This year we're striving for a bigger and better edition . . . and we want YOUR favorite recipe to share with others . . . exotic dishes, fancy desserts, or fust plain "good home coolcin 1 " recipes will be included in the Cook Book. Send your favorite recipes today . . . and you may be one of the winners. CONTEST RULES K Type, print or wife legibly, your recipe or recipes. 2. Use ONE iid'e of paper only. 3. LEst ingredients completely, giving accurate meaiur»- . ments. 4. Mate your direction! clear, conciie. and complete. 5. Indicate clarification m which YOU with to nf*r your recipe, 4. Bo iur«- to include your name, addreit, *«d telephone number on EACH RECIPE, 7. Mail your entry lo: Mildred fianny, Coot Boole Corvtett Editor Long Beach (2, California Fr.tnei m-Jit bo po-Jmarled not laler than MIDNIGHT. Sunday. July 23rd, !96I. ffi caie the lame recip* it lubmifted by two or more contesfanfi. th» one bearing the earliest pojimart will be irie only ona considered. All recipes, both winners and non-winneri oi prizes, become the properly of the Independent, Pren-Telcgram, ar.d- may be reproduced in the Cool Boot. Names and *ddretset of contestants will be oubliiHed with reciper. None will be returned. DecUIoru of the jwJges will b* final. Employeet of the Independent, P/esi-Telegram and fheir families are not eligible fo enter the confett. WINNING RECIPE WILL APPEAR IN THE INDEPENDENT, PRESS-TELEGRAM COOK BOOK EDITION to be published Sept, 3 Prizes Awarded in 38 Classifications l.Appetlun, Conopti, Hors d'Oeuvrcs 2. txbc:oe Disitt* 3. levcr«)*i kot «r f elrf) 4. Cotes 5. Co«dj end Nrtt A. CcKserales {maldiih«») 7. Cheese DldiM t. Cookie* ». Dietetic Dlihet 10. Dishes for M« Only 11. Dishes Made With Wineorteer t2. Eggl (ways of preferlng) 13. Fish and Seafood: 14. naming Diih« 15. Foreign R«lp« 16. Gome Cookery 17. Hot Breads (notyeacM Coffee Cakes, Muffins 18. Ice Cream, Tees, Sheibels 19. kings, Delsert Soucef, Filling; 20. Jami aid JelllM 21. Leftover! 22. Marinades, Meat SoVMi, Gravies, StlrffiRof 23. Meat* 24. PiM 25. rotate Dtiaet tt. PonHry (lam«) 27. Quantity Heclpej 28. MefrtgeratoT Desserts and Puddings 24. Icllstiei and Pick)** 30. Rice, Spogfcetti. Macaroni, Noodles 31. Salads 32. Salad Dressing 33. Sandwiches 34. Soups 35. Vegetables Jt. Waffles, Hot Coliet, Fritters 37. Yeast Breads 3f..Yor»slii ' Spoon

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