The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 10, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1920
Page 4
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THEJDAILY FREE PRESS Local •Ai'-'Premo -is a business visitor i |.. M;SS ^ ob {.^ ay of Ses - er - s yis _ St. liouis., i.ting Miss ; Thelma Eubanks. ;; . Mrs. A. B. iWolf is visiting 1 ,; '•tives in St. l;ouis. .>£ -Brick ice cream in 'v'ler's. all flavors a Adv. '•?!? .-Mrs. H. 'F. Jerd-on was a St. Loni: '•lyisitor .today.. :>':.- ,31rs. EBa MoConmick -was in Car- y,;te-rVille yesterday ion busines?. •'^. Mrs! W. T. Taylor 'of GVIurpliysboro ::'.visited f-rfends here yesterday. V= Delicious maple rtut and straw- ''..borry at Fowler's. Adv ^ ''Mrs'." Edith House returned yester- • '••' r djy .Jjom 'a visit with friends :'•• Her- If"" •'':'. _ _ •;' Mrs. Earl Noel -and 1 ilr?. J. N. • Kow«41 ". Voro. ~ •• yesterday in Muvpliys- Xv. .Siss Myrtle Casleton of Eltevil'.o V;7»us, guest yesterday of lirs. C. '• E.' liuneari." at Sponsor's •Bulk, garden seeds •feed store:—Adv. — " ': Mrs. 'Anna Moo'dy and- Miss Mattie Trooaugh were guests of -Murphys- -.borb" friends today. .. Mi's. iLa-wjrence ^Brooks and Mrs. Bessie iFerrill are guests at tl:e Roy Lamar home at :Cot>den. ;>' 'Mr. and "Mas. James Morris of Cen-: tralia 1 "were .guests 'Thursday <-f Mi'.' and" ,Mrs. Joe M. Anderson. t \ f Sweet ,peas and nasturtium seed s»ld in bulk only at Sponsler's feed store.—Adv. ' 2 2-6t ' ..' Mr.. iand Mrs. Ernest Brook? have returned; to their home .in Cob'den, after a. yisit with -Mrs. S. -B. S-: rulers. Eal-ph Huthmacher of Grand Tawer and Miss iBessiei -Miller of lla- kaaida were guests yesterday of 'lliss L*rira (Etherton. ':-,Di-the 'charity homes, in the chorus jgt^'jn the dark' hauats of the city'? sJunis— people called her THE BEAT. •fiarth .theatre- Monday and Tuesd April 12 and 13. ? \ ay -•H. C.'Rude, KaJph Johnson, I.yman M<*>re, iChas. Williams and ,c4or. ? c Stocks Jeft yesterday for Detroit, Mioh; ,-They went 1 'to-Detroit to drive sane Uodge cars through to'this city. : ;QnSon sets *i*re.—Adv. at Sponsler's feed a2-6t T • ; airs. O. T. Newnran and children -:are.'jta;,sts of relatives in Central; a. -,-iMr. and Mrs. H. A. Gr.andslaff of Gle-ndora, Calif., are spending a few days on, business here. Mr. Gi-and- .Ji .. | Delicious home-made .candy -at the Methodist .bazaar"April 16. alO 'Mrs. C. L..Ku-;:hes and daughters, Jewel and Lula, are visiting; relatives jin J-ohns'ton 1 City. t -. . • .home made pies in town jat tlie Imperial Cafe. , 'adv aid-It 'Mrs: barker. Chastin«'went "to Chicago' last njeht .to spend Svmday- .with Mr. Chastou'ae; ' • • • Come early, aai ffrt first choj,c« of plants for summer blaomms 1 .' Methodist -bazaar, April 16. alo Eat at_the Imperial. Caf«. alO-1. -No ne'tfcl 'for 'sun.-'bums and- freckles. Buy , a bonnet at five Methodist bazaar April 16. I ^Q _ Mr;, .and -Mrs.; Jacob Artz oilthe Bigdon addition, who have 'mude their home here for the past twenty T7fy^->*(- tA.n^* n J .<• .. _.., . J CHAPTER II line! told him. his, delirium, so MiieKnight j He'-felt in .his.• "pockets; ^ I Well,..the!Malay was'ari'iiitt'lligeut. f.i?\- : jlow; he woiiltl gel: wortl to the' sli'rp-. •ami n .written 'massage al'ter •-. all |(wouldn't make any difference—it all I depended oil'the ship's-skfpper. I .The _skipper would wait, .or . he, I .wouldn't, after heai-ing the Miilay's" | story jiist as.readily.'ns he would, for. I ' a written ..message. He began to'malie i / signs, pointing' to . Hie . other, tlieii in •the .direction of, tlien. to himself, and thfin' to. the ground, /.indicating that he would 'stay huhiml.j . •'An(U''Jiurry—quick—Pobi/' Wallen. !ende(l ! 'anxiously. '.. .. '.Flie Malay nodded^ 1 ""'.-• "Pobi ->-;qiiicIt," he' rop'cftted —. and started,off. at a nui along the'palIi. Wallen wtiiclied rtio. niim disappear, and'.after n '-little wh'ile started on again liimsolf—aua then ' gave it up completely. He wr.s down and'put,, raved land h'e.was furiously angry with him- Tho Great Ship 3 MAGNIFICENT STEA3DERSJ «t Ship "SEEANDBEE-- "CITY OF EPJE" - "C!TY OF BUFFALO ] »Oo Great Ship SIIE.ACTIJMIE.— «« '- ^-- "-~r j CUEVlp^AJSB — Ually, May 1st lo Nov. 15tt—3 T-,™r-, „„„,.„„ _ o/oo p'M ? EASTERN • . J Lewe BOTK«O _ „ „ , 7:30 1. M. f STAKED TTMK 1 Arrive CUWELMTO 'f™^, . ' Leave CLEVELAND Arrive BUFFALO ' leave, tomorrow:- foi--M 2 kanda. They will make their, home ' wife their .daughter, Mrs. Mason Taylor and family, who U ve new- Makanda.' SMALL CROWD AT WOOD MEETING meeting The Leonard .Wood ..,_ lms a , the Amuse-U theatre last, night was attended by., a small , crowd. *T-he speaker' was" "Milton ''Naramore "of Chicago. / 'He ,spoke " of "Ge'neral vVood as a, military-man and. what he believed he would be as. a statesman. • ' Carbondale ! seeing a\ ,Lowden stronghold .the crowd.^;'iast night was what was. expected, although 1 those pres.ept were..very, enthusiastic over th,e . . Wood. " • . ,,Ge.n. Miss Annia Thetford Piasses Away :Miss Anria ThetfoiB, *g»d about 38 'ears, passed 1 away at a hospital: at Jacksonville Thursday. Heir . home vas at -Aldridge, but sh4 has ..been at f.ack5onvi!le two -weeks for treatment : or a- nervous affliction. ,-• The remains v;ere*h-rou^it Jhere at noon .today -and taken to South .Coun- y Line for 'burial. • -Miss Thetford .-was a sistei- of 'Chms. PhefJord, formerly of thfe city. .- On the Road to Pobi. "Mon/' expostulated the Scotch] trader, "but you're fair daft! 'You're but out .of 'the jaws of death, and I'd no say you're all- the way out at that.! Bide a bit, Uiere'll- be anither in a ; month—;or iji two, anyhow."- I Wallen,. standing in the center of 1 the little/galvanizccl-iron-rpofeci store-i house, 'his eyes on the native who. had' entered a moment before, shook his' head; - : -j "I've 1 got to get-away, MacKnight,"! lie said earnestly. "There's no use -'talking about it.' What kind of a ship ' does.he sav it is?" I -- ,. • : '•MacKnlght flung out}.a question in | ^^^ big smoke boat," He w;lltol .There' was one .thins dominant ,ih self for the. state lie. was in/ . .JTheYe .wasn't anything to -do . but- wait. He .might make a'-mile before. iy to take bis life; to stab ! at him treaclie|'o'us,ly, without .warning.' ouf: of the'dark. Singapore 1 Singapore! never oiit of his .mind now. To 1 gel there, to • -force tho truth, the motive, f ,. ^ Mso -n. story'behind nil this ' the native tongue. 'He , snys it is a - iic,niij-» IL is a oig smote Doat, „-„ „ « .. .. ,. . :> — translated the trader, "which will he! " Se ° f T ^' h -' s . mind abnormally NOTICE! •To 'anyone yrho may hare received permt. ' for Jiuntiniji.: fishing, trap- . . . , sing or: other -kind of license for 1919.920, and did not, for any cause, re-- eive the license, ca'ri ^haVe the same . . ;- , .stiff, who left here' nineteen months ' by ca ^' n S a 't City Hall, phoning 01 srj;o,. Tras Jormerly chief clerk to the writing me for same. I have sereral 'dhiedf dispatcher of the 'local I. C. di- licenses that have not been called for. : j^cg. ' w _ j BROWN, .City Clerk. WEEK APRIL 19!! SHOWS .. .Bigger, Better, Grander, Than Ever , Fifteen Big Attractions .'••,..• ;. . . /Five Big Riding. Dunces . ; .."..'. •: Senational Free Acts Good Music • •. - \ , ' DAILY SHEET PARADE An amusement enterprise of Midway Attractions that are clean, classy and entertaining. Midway will be located^on the.East Main. Street Show Grounds on McGuireVlots. /•: by way 'of saying it's some steam . coaster that's so smii'll it's no! able, fp' occommodale its o\v» -cock-1 .roaclies,-d>-e'mind! 'Mon, pay no al-! ten'tion to. it. . What's anither month or so—and you'll lie strong then, and— ' ' ah, mon, but' T hate to' have ye ;jo!" i Wallen, gaunt. and thin from hi.-; illness,' shook his head decisively! again, though (he other's won!;; hai? ' brought a quick responsive smile to' nis lips. . j Sis weeks ago a proa from the Til-' 1 lage here had picked him up ;H sea ' and brought him, as it: were, io this big-hearted man's door. He owed his! life to 1 MacKnight. • j ."It's no use, MacKnight," ha an-! swered. "I've got to go." [ - '"It'll be that black devil in .'"injra- > pore 1" ejaculated the trader, screw- j ing up his'wizened face and pullint;: viciously at bis beard. "You'll iv> play j the fool,' AVallen. It's not fit v-u are' to go. Listen'to me, uion: it's. :i matter o' twenty miles across the island, as ye know well, and no conv.'yanpe. ye mind. And it's no regular r.-suler that's called, for none Is due—who'll have put in for 'water or the lib-, and will be sailing again nt daybreak." "I can make it by daybreak. Mnc- Knight," Wallen staled quietly. For a moment MacKnight sttrod at Wallen, then his hands dropped from Wnllen's shoulders: • • "Well, go, and be damned In you, Tthen!"' he said gruffly, deep in his throat* to bide his emotioii— and, turning, stepped abruptly oulsiih-. There were not many preparations to.' make—very few. Wallen's worldly possessions were his only through the generosity of the trader. But MacRnight did not stop at that now, for, five minutes latei-, as Wallen started for the night's tramp across the island, a jinlay ' guide, well loaded with supplies, start- i , ed with him, while MacKuight cursed '. ! with earnest profanity as they wrung each other's hand. : At the edge of the cleat-ing Wallen' looked 'back.' On the great Warded : figure that leaned against the door j frame of the* solitary trading siution ' ! Wallen's eyes lingered. j | The man waved his hand and i shouted: . . i i "Mon, ye'll no forget MacKni;;ht o' ! Arru! Ye'll no forget MacKnight, j Men!" I And then suddenly a mist dimmed } Wallen's eyes. He tried to shout •back—and couid only" wave hi.s own hand in return. And then the trees hid the trader from view. Forget MacKnight! Hie man wbo i had nursed him back to life as a j mother would nurse her child! For-i get that solitary human outpost of ! civilization—a man with an iron fist, ; a barbed-wire tongue and a heart as tender as a woman's! "No; he would not forget MacKnight! He forced a 'smile to Iris lips. One ! made strange friendships in these far parts of the world, and made 'them under strange circumstances. The chances were a thousaudTio one that he and MacKnight would never meet again—but, for all that, it wns a friendship that would last. / Twenty miles across tlie island before daybreak! • - I , Wallen fell to wondering what sort of a .ship and, more ^pertinent still, what sort of a skipper was on the ship that had'put into Pobi. He had refused MacKnight's offer of an advance of money, and lie hadn't a 'penny—but he was satisfied that he would not be refused passage in any case. He could work his way. ' A white man who knew his business was worth bis weight in ^old on a ship any time in these parts.. It was true he wasn't any too fit yet; but lie was fit enough for that, fit enough—a dull flush came into his face, and his eyes hardened-p-fit enough to get to Singapore somehow! He had not forgotten that ghastly afternoon in .the reek of the pest ship, . Hbr th'e CMnamaS ,wH»had died In his his frfp now—Drink-House .Sam pjjihe Malay'got back—but what" g'ooa Singapore, the man who..lmd tried, soj was that, mile!' 1 .One thing was certain, any further exertion 'would bring serious consequences, if tho so;ions consequences \vfire_not.alrenri5' an established fact. A tropical island was no health' resort for. • of. fever-shot body,,'nnd a' relapse of the. slow. fever that, had followed hhj recovery from'yel'lovtr jack .would, ho-r-lie put it pithily in his .mind now—goodl-'night 1 'to- Singapore nnd everything elsb.! ,-. He might-as,well .admit it to him-' pelf—he wasn't- Ht to. work his pas- page. .He.began to regret, that he-had' not accepted MacKnight's offer 'of money. A^Lec all he eoiild' ha,vo paid it back-to i the trader by mail 'sooner or..-later.' 1 ! . . , but tliall --.was. a 'vain regret!' Ho liadn-'t taken the. money—the thought Hint he would not be able to work his .passage if necessary --had never-pn- furcd hlS'hctid. And-now, even sup- from .the liuinun spider thaflurked^in his wob, and then-—his.fists clenched fiercely—and then settle with tlie man himself! ,'•'-, And' Hint was why he must get. to nht JYO^A,-,: daybreak, • before ' this .on. .steadily, withont And then; with' a little of surprise, as the Malay made signs to halt and set'abftut' kindling- a fire, lie noticed, for the? first time that it" had grown almost dark. ':'And also, 1 to .his surprise, h'e,noticed that' where ho had experienced no fatiguu before,, he was,.as he sat down, suddenly grateful for the rest. lie scowled .a Kttle over, his dipper of tea that the Malay luid prepared— and rubbed his leg muscles vigorously. They twitched nervously as-Jio put his Nvoijrlit upon his legs. -That was bad! His lips set grimly. Well, bad or not, they'd have to take him across the. island before daybreak! They started ou again. An hour went by, and : he was obliged to rest—arid., after another Tho Cieveland & Buffalo •• -Transit Company id, Uhiy ... hip , B EE ", Tbo Or «-S E S A — , pasacngcr St.-anjcr ou >n!un<£ wrntcroof JfcoivorW. Sleeping '-copacityj- 1^00 pns 'you- on?" . .',•".- • -. "Tes,-"' sfiirl Wallen eagerty. "Tes; but the skipper- 1 -" ' i ^"Oh, I priieses that'll be all. right!", said Mott queerly. • "As near as I can figure "it you'ra-'the one on earth the . skipper, wants to sae." ,"•'•• • , . (To Be ContlrniPu} Presbyterian Church Congregation Meeting , The annual 'congregational ' I ing 01 the' Presbyterian church was iid at the church .Wednesday even-. ...g. The meeting w;hicii was largely atttwded .was opened with -a piciiic, which was thoroughly, .enjoyed by those p-irtieipating-.. , , r ... Th's reports'"-from the' .various orr ganizations of the church_ showed , that it was n a splendid coridiiioh, | / ' financially, .and otherwise. / The motion pictnic^''which were to ! Prof. G. 31. Browne and. J. 51. be g-iven for tbe 4 Benefit of the Amer- 'Johnson, elders, w*r«' re-dectesi, also ican Lsgion has been postponed until "*""'• ' " " further date. Those who Ifave purchased tc'cets may get a. "return of .their' money irom those of whom the -jed trustse to nil the .vacancy of J tots_were-bought: The Legion re^ Winters, who resigned. <Rev. ^W. Vf. <H. Goddard and Dr. -F. L. e' elected deacons to succeed then:s?Jves. Frank /Dau'dar was elected trustse to fill the .vacancy of J. 1 j. start and many more after that, to rest again and again with alarming frequency. And, worse still, his progress be was walking kept growing less and'leps. It was black in the 1 tropical forest. He could see nothing, and ho stumbled constantly in the vines and creepers that everywhere overgrew the path. He was at last forced to admit that he was not making much -more than a mile ar> hour, and twenty miles at a mile an hour was—be groaned. It was breaking day when Wallen finally gave, up—gave np when will take*, not only- a penniless passenger, but a sick one as well? means of ju'dging-the time there in.the forest, save that it grew hotter a-s the morning advanced, nor Imd'Jiciany idea how long it had :ieen .since the had left him, when at last at the sound of voices he ,1-Sised up suddenly, supporting himself . with his back against the trunk of n tree; Came then: thc / pad-pad of horses' boofs, and, the'Malay, running, burst into sight around the bend' of the path a\fe.\Y yards away, while a girl's laugh rang our—and was instantly checked 'as- .she. and a man riding beside her also came into- view. "Oil!" she cried. "There's someone' here! That must have been what the native pieaijit. ..And—and I 1 think he's hurt. Quick, Mr. .Mott!" She .had slipped from 1 her saddle nnd was running toward him—a little figure in white, brown-haired, brown- eyed, whose-face was now very'anx- iously puckered- up in., dismay .a?id .concern. .-.Wallen wondered a little ,1-ickets _..„ ^^ ,„., ^ , _. u ,... _.. •rets the inconvenience which has re- .Eaajeson is pastor of the local Bres** |Ts'ultecK'from' the" ^picture show .h'sins b.vteriart <jhurch. - •' ' • • : .-'- -.postponcd. , AMERICAN LEGION, j • -——,Ad-v- R'§ TJtE 1>IA5ION1> B X&aio<>! AskyotipDrupplKtfor" *;' l '-cl. l e«-tcrsl>lambn«i fti IMUs In Ktid-nnd «old mecunc- ooxes, scaled with Blue Ribbon. f - nwo no other, liny nf . l>lffi<«» A «UA§D, I pjf£t,g; i f^5 y=ar5kno™3sBcst.Safcst,Al«aysR<:irablc SOL8 BY DRUGGISTS EVERYWKER5 STRAY HORSE TAKEN UP : I have, taken up a, stray -horse, •i 'ijla'ck with, ^white spots in forehead. ••: OV,--er can li'iv-a same by proving : property and paying for advartisinif' . i and other costs.—R. McAnelly, 1402 j'S. Buchanan street, Marion, 111. 1 . Adv a9-3t power, and the grit of the man that i vaguely' who those people could be did not know defeat, no longer suf-, where tbc. Malay hnd found them-aud strength to go somehow .'iie didnt 'like the man's face. _,. __ , - "Hello!" exclaimed the man. "What's The JIalay, regarding him anxiously, offered.^y signs to .carry him on his back. Wallen, froin where he had , flfeng himself down upon the ground, half rose to accept the offer, then <&^ Half r.ose to Accept the Offer, Then Shook His Head. at- , arms -whispering of Drink-House Sam 1 of Singapore! Forget! He had thongW ' Of n/\t>l!nm «!«» -« -•• ' ' •" - >~~— ~-* shook his head. It was no use tempting that; it v/as too far. He was bitterly convinced that ho had accomplished little, more . than half the cliaUince. Bnl thore mnst he some way out. Ho wasn't beaten yet. He had to catch that steamer. ' Suddenly' lie lookccl up. xes, of course. Be hu'd been a fool that he h;nl not thd'iight of it liours ago when he had first begun to realize'' (.lint he was playing put, insiead of it now when it might be too lute, when the. steamer might be already gone! He couldn't speak the 'Unlay, tongue, but BlacKriight would have told the man why they were crossing the island. 116 cc.iild sonil the M;il:i>- / o'h nhentl, and follow Iiiraself as fast as .he could.. **If ' he could write a message he' might oven get them to send, him help ' from Pobi. wrong? Hurt?". "No," said Wallen. a .little weakly; "done up, I guess, that's pll. Nothing serious." I— Could .you tell me it' that Steamer.that came into Pobi yesterday is still there? r overdid it a bit trying-to get in from MacKnight's across the island in time to catch her." . "MacKnight's!," echoed the girl quickly. -"Why. .that's where we're going. jTsn't it, IVIr. Mott?" "Yes,'.' her . companion- answered, looking curiously at Wnllen. Then to Wallen': "We met this- native fellow on the road, but couldn't , make out what he wanted. • He was going toward the. town, but turned and/ came back with us, and kept running on ahead. You needn't worry - about the steamer—we're 1 , from her onr- selTra. Tm secsnd «fiicei>-but, I- say, you're too seedy to stand up there and talk!" . Wallen-was swaying uristeadily as he leaned, ajainst -the. tree. / . "I'm all.right,".he ssid. "Just giddy v for a iaoment. ^I'm—I'm. rather anxious to make the. ship." ' ~' "Well, there's no hurry now," Mott returned. "She won't sail without us. Look here! You've, come from MacKnight's; you say. We;.heard- nt Pobi that there was a survivor from the bark TTpqlo there, arid we were'taking the ride over—Miss MacKay and'I—to investigate. Is there any truth in the story?" *•,••' Wallen gasped. What interest could they'have in the Updlb'!' "A little/', he said, with n faint smile. "Seeing that I'm the survivor." "What!" ,ejaculate?! ' Mott. V "The deuce you. are! Well, then"—excit- edly—"cau you 'tell us what became of Stacey Wallen, who was the first mate on hor? ' Wallen laughed .a Tiltle hysterically. "I am Stacey'Walle.n," ho said. * There was a cry .of amazed excitement from the girl. Mott, gassing 1 in utter surprise at Wallen, tilted "the vizor of. his cap back and mopped mechanically at- v bis :forehead with ,a handkerchief. '••'. Wnllen's laugh .died away, and he looked iouslj 1 "I—I don't understand, 'of course," he said.; "But'the. point is, do you think your skipper will -sjlve'iim passage.? I—I didn't sav« anything from the TJpolo, .and.I. was. figuring qn offering- to' ; .work, my.way, but I'm afraid I'm hardly up'to that-for-a spell." "Could you ride a horse, d'ye thinlcj"' inquired Mott-with apparent" irrele- VanCV./ "if .this Mnlny hnrn nnft T'holrl- For Benefit of Carbondale V ; --Base Ball Club SATURDAY NIGHT MUSIC ^Y McCOWAN'S BAND of Marion j. Admission $1.50 Per Couple. Ladies Without Escort 25c . , ' Men's,. Women's, Boys', and Pumps.' Values up to $9.00 all widths-new and 'nifty. , aU a ays only. x $4.95 A. B. WOLF & CO. REMEMBER; JUST' 5- DAYS: ^ J : ? * from one to the other anx- •FREE - P1? if i? APRIL 5th to 30th ' ' WiH- Give To Every. Purchaser of Casino <-' , - Firestone Casin ?-Qoodrich or ONE "GORDON" 'K'ACV' o.»,- ; '—_ J COVER EASV-ON TIRE . • •;' -OR- •// .' ONE PAIR STEWART LENSES -OR- GARAGE REPAIRING AND'ACCESSORIES , —The House of Quality— \ i' I'

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