Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 16, 1972 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 16, 1972
Page 23
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OF CCJKSE« SOMETIMES 1 j LIKE I WANT TO 'RUN ! AUW FROM I REMEMBER HAVING THAT fEELINS ONCE WHEN I WAS AT THE DAISY HILL PUPPY FARM,, I' CLIMBED OVER THE (FENCE, BUT I-WAS STILL »-lb JoHM l-IMBY- YUKMTTi'STESUKE DISHWATER ASAIN.'' OWi I'LL. COME TO DINNER, OAlSY.BUr LAST TIME 1 THE SOOP TASTED LIKE DISHWATER.' NO/SHE. SAYS IT'S AW SOKW TO FOUL UPVOUR PARTY, BliZ. HIGHTAIL IT TO DULLES AIRPORT.' A SKYJACKING.'.,. MERCURY AIRLINES. THEY'LL GIVE-INSTRUCTIONS ^,A'*%gf23ZSJ°»''xt 1 m ceRf'iy weee...we ror on Y£P. r V» VVAS GONNA «KATE AU-TtfE WAY To ASIA Mrttsff-- UP \H AN AF«BMOOH Of CONSTANr/NOfl.e--- 1 ^/^«iv U ^£ l S^ s ^/^ AT/A ^ T ^^^el po T Ne /M/fi/fTTty bW?g££C' C/ No \u*a*jZ~?,ii*,i?- PUT THE stymie ON us TH 1 BftRLOWS SCRflPPIW' THEV'RE OUT !M THEIR FRONT VflRD SOIW'flT IT HflMMCR LET'S SEE-WHAT SHOULD I 00 FUST- PATCH TH'ROOF, MEND SOCKS OR MOP TH 1 FLOOR? -BUT AH MUSTNTTHINK O'MAHSELK AH GOTTA FIGGER. eXJT SOME WV TO PROVIDE RD'MAHLI'L FAMBLV'S 'FUTURE- AH IS-SOB"'- I AHOU.ER / SHELL-- ) OUTSIDE AH LOOKS GREAT-- DELICIOUS/ TASTfNc MADE! ' PURE-- MAVe MV rPee-- r KNOW WfUT I'M t WOUtDNT GO WlMM)NlMTH IP I MRS YOU, DAWOOD, DO YOU BOO-HOO--THAT'S THE LAST TIME I'LL EVER ASK THAT QUESTION THAT'S THE LAST TIME I WON'T PAY ATTEKTION WHEN SHE ASKS THAT A*? ·Believe /t orAbt/ :4 · Nonhwflit Arkaniat TIMES, W*d., Aug. FAVIT7KV1LI.I, ANKANIM SISTER UPANAVAUA CEYLON, A Buobfiisr ,NUN .-". CONSIDERED .THE MOST ' SrVWAN -.'.HERMIT IM CEYLpN, : ISOLATED B/IRE CELL ANO ' EATING- ONLY HANDOUTS LESTER L. COLEMXN, M. D, Doctor Names Picnic Perils W1KDBLOWN WATEFMU NEftR SANT-CLAUDE, FRANCE TH TKESSUS BROOK ' DROPPING OVER A HIGH pRKipice, is ONLY A THIN SIREflM IN THE LOWER FALLS, BUT IS FANNED INTO A BROAD WMERRILL AT THE TOP BYSf/GH MWflS OF THE WOOD SORREL OPEN WIDE DURING- DAYLIGHT HOURS, Bur FOiD CLOSED EACH NIGHT "-^--- FRANCES DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 20) Excellent planetary influences should .send your stock soaring. Industry, construction, manufacturing, finances especially favored. Make stridess forward! TAURUS (Apr. 21 to May 21) A little more restraint may be needed to improve your chances for gain now. Don't rush into things. Plan and prepare well. GEMINI (May 22 to June 21) What pleases one may not please another. You may have to juggle a bit to avoid undesirable contention and hassling. Some new offers worthy of note, however. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) A sharp and, in some areas; unexpected upsurge of activity. But you will have to keep order and maintain the right tempo to keep pace. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Energy, thoughtfully channeled, and earnest effort should bring top remuneration and recognition now. In dealing with others, however, be careful how you choose your words. VIRGO (Aug. 24 to Sept. 23) Note signals, ; trends, Where can YOU. assist, devise a new method or just lend much needed moral support? Your responsiveness could lead to a big day. LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) You may find it difficult to get things done in the way you prefer. Also, you may run into unexpected snags. Take all in stride' and avoid argument. Everything will right itself. SCORPIO (Oct. 24 to Nov. 22) Y o u r Mars is excellently placed, encourages lofty am- bilions, stimulates your talents. On every front, you should do exceptionally well. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 21) Dedication to obligations will pay big. dividends, especially when you. have resisted the temptation to veer off, let things go. Inventiveness, originality sociability stimulated. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan 20) : ' . . ' - . . Take precautions to preven miscalculation, to coitmerac the efforts of troublemakers Make sure YOU are on the right track:"'with-.the right data. No guesswork! . AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Your stellar influences more auspicious than otherwise, bul you will, have to watch your step nonetheless. Avoid friction with family, close associates Some tension may be evident. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) You may not reach the peak of your expectations but, if you keep things going and have faith, you will achieve in the long run. Take clever short cuts. Weed out nonessentials. YOU BORN TODAY are e x t r e m e l y progressive anc highly enthusiastic about life amd.people. Your" personality is truly outgoing and your buoy ancy is contagious. You have great pride -and dignity although you can indulge in ex tremes if off guard. Your talents are many and your gifts of salesmanship and 'leadership are outstanding. You love beauty, too, and if; you do not take up art as a vocation, may take on one or the other avocationally. You have a lively imagination and anything you undertake has a touch o: originality. Birthdate of: David Crockett, American frontiers man. Crossword By Eugene Shefft ACRQSS . 1. Incarnation of Vishnu 5. Swiss river 8. Gasp 12. Algerian city 13. Slender finial U. Mets player IS. Overcame 17. Steak order 18. Inquire 19. Spanish hero 20. Nobleman 21. Haggard novel 22. Sloths 23.Greek philosopher 26. Handicraftsman 30. Vcrcli opera 31. Wapiti 32. Ancient Irish capital 33. Brilliant ornament 35. Dogma 36. Obscure 37. A fuel 38. Dinner course «. Greek letter 42. Resort 45. Dyer's vat 46. Hold back 48. Tear 49. The Juhgfrau 50. English queen 51. Fruit drinks 52. Born 53.A romance DOWN 1. City in Italia 2. Macaws 3. Disguise 4. Pismire 5. High home 6. Imitated 7. Free 8. Syco- · phants 9. Culture medium 10. Famous fiddler 11. Numerical suffix 16. She loved Narcissus Avenge lime of solution! 26 mta. Answer to'yeslerday's juzzlet 20. Mprsel 21. Criteria 22. Sacred vessel 23. Dance step 24. Labium 25. Girl's name 26. Pub specialty 27. River in Poland 28. Land measure 29. Burmese demon 31. Tree 34. Disease of sheep 35, Tense 37; Canadian peninsula 38. Girl's name 39. Old 40. Smooth 41. Far: comb, form 42. Rational 43. Fastens 41, The dfll 46. Operated 47. Hoofing slate 22 37 17 27 10 t-lb Picnicking is a universal form of relaxation; but It. is us- onishlng that it brings so much distress; People-.who are "refrigerator :onscioua" *in their homes )ecome -parllculiirly careless \Vlth foods served, nt picnics without ' proper rotTlgerqllon. Unless food is protected by some sort ot refrigeration while traveling to a picnic spot on i warm day, it can spoil and be responsible' for serious stomach and intestinal upsets as well «s food poisoning. Food poisoning is caused .by bacteria that . multiply ' with frightening ' speed. .There are certain foods that can be easily contaminated, by bacteria, and provide an, excellent, soil for ;heir growth, ; , .The'.\worst.:.offen'de'rs. among picnic foods are those prepared with mayonnaise of custard, KEEP SIMPLE Picnics can be fun if the foods are well c h o s e n and kept simple, Foods that spoil easily should' be ; avoided. It is a mistake to believe that "cold cuts" are immune from contamination when not refrigerated. A portable refrigerator is the best protection against this unnecessary illness. Each year, in the spring, summer and early fall, ) receive requests to repeat 'a column I had once written about stubborn Plantar warts. These warts on the sole of the feel are often painful and incapacitating.' Warts are a strange kind ol Novation of the- skin surface. jCiicrally, It. Is believed that his is due to s o m e - k i n d of filterable virus.- An Innumerable number of ireatmcnls have been usoU for Plantar warls. The success of Irentment varies, Some arr good. Qthers'pre poor, I catnc acioss a treatment devised by Dr. R. Workman Carslaw, of the Victoria Infirmary iri Glasgow, Scotland. At the timq he first reported his method 'treatment, almost 90 per cent ot the patients treated were successfully! and' permanently cured. MANY USED IT Many of my readers have used the method he described and written to me to tell me how successful they were In ridding themselves of Plantar warts. Dr. Carslaw i uses an ointment of linseed oil'and podriphyllum in lanolin. This Is spread on a piece of gauze slightly larger than'"the \vart on the bottom of the foot. This solution Is kept in this position '.with a waterproof plaster for seven days, Then it is removed. The' treatment sounds simpla enough, but should be used with the permission of a doctor, especially if, there ,is any circulatory problem that needs special precautions. It Is said that one application is often sufficient. A number of chiropodists have tried this with gratifying results. . "... Some of the other methods used are cauterization with acids, electro-coagulation,' and surgery. , · B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Masters' Individual Championship Play) North dealer. North-South vulnerable, NORTH * K 8 3 V A K 8 « 7 3 2 *K1094 WEST * A 6 5 V 0.43 · 8 6 5 * J 7 6 2 EAST A Q 2 V J 9 7 2 · J109 * A Q 5 3 SOUTH A J109 74 · ' V id 6 5 + A K Q 4 *8 The bidding: North East Sooth West 1* Pass 1* · Pass 2 * Pass 4* Opening lead --'two of clubs. One of declarer's most imp o r t a n t chores is to manufacture tricks that don't exist naturally. 'Sometimes this is an easy task, at other times difficult, but in either case it is helpful for declarer to postulate how the adverse cards must be divided for him to make the contract. . · ' · ' - . · Consider this deal where in the natural course of e v e n t s S o u t h learns all he needs to know to bring off a successful coup. West leads a club, won with the.queen, and East returns the jack of diamonds. Declarer lakes the ace, leads,the jack of spades and loses the finesse {6 the queen'. ' . . Back comes another diamond, won by the king, and declarer leads a low: trump to West's ace playing dummy's king on it. West leads a third diamond and the following position arises after South-leads a third trump and cashes his last diamond: West V Q 4 3 *J7 5 North V A K 8 + K10 South *, 109 .V 10 6 5 East V J 9 7 + A5 Declarer, who;; lias a right to assume from ;tl;e play · to tha first trick; that\West led from four clubs to":the. jack, now leads the ten of'spades.'-' 1. If West discards, a heart, dummy does likewise, thus squeezing East who cannot spare a heart and therefore discards a club. Declarer plays a heart to the.king, ruffs the len of clubs, felling East's ace, and in that way makes the rest of the tricks, · . · , 2. If West discards a club, dumrny and East each .discard a heart. But when declarer now crosses to d u m m y and leads the king of clubs, he simultaneously traps East's ace and West's jack, and -in that-way--scores the rest of .the tricks. PONYTAIL 'I never agree to go steady with a boy until I ask some very Important questions... what kind of a car do you tlMES Classified Ads Get Fas! Results. Try 'em. Just Dial 442-6242,

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