Independent from Long Beach, California on February 4, 1960 · Page 65
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 65

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 4, 1960
Page 65
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PJI ZS I TM Ltd* ·««h, III.. Tnuri., Fib. 4, ifl ;By G. K. HODENFIELD WASHINGTON MB--In an office next door to Arthur S. Flcmming at the U. S. Department of Health, Educa- tijm and Welfare, there are several dozen stacks of letters. "All the letters take sides, some violently, in the recent "L'affaire Cranberry." All will be answered, signed personally; by Flemming. |At last count the letters were running about 18 to one in* support of Flemming's warning Nov. 9 -that some cranberries had been sprayed with a weed killer known to iriduce thyroid cancer in rats. .Aides say Flemming expected to be criticized for his action, but felt the average American consumer would be in his corner. ;THE CRANBERRY episode is; only one of several issues on which Flemming has spo- ' ken out. ;For instance: Although he is a loyal member of the Eisenhower budget-balancing team, he has sev- e - l times urged that teachers' salaries be doubled over the next five to seven years -something most educators say ca,n't be done without federal aid. He denounced the loyalty oath which Congress tacked o-ito the student loan program ·of the National Defense Education Act. And he spoke out strongly against school closures in the Soulh to avoid integration. H e attacked f r a u d u l e n t weight reducers, which he said were fleecing o v e r w e i g h t Americans of 100 million dollars a year. He denounced what he called false advertising of some dentifrices. He cracked down on the bootlegging of pep pills to long-haul truck drivers, and cited evidence that their use was causing accidents. HE ISSUED A STRONG statement in favor of fluori- ration of water to prevent tooth decay. He took a strong stand against air and water pollution, and backed his Words with court action to clean up several rivers. Shortly before Christmas. he warned that chickens fed stilbesterol, a female hormone, were unsafe because tests FhfnvC'U Mich use uf the drug might cause cancer. And hn warned private insurance companies to "take care of the needs of the people or see the government move in." * * * * DESPITE ALL the contro-j versy he has caused since he took office in the summer of 1958. !· lemming is perhaps hesl known in Washington as a man with a knack for s n f f talking congressional committees into giving him pretty much what he wants. .In a lotal of 19 years in Washington, Hlemming has held 10 federal posts. He has made a lot of friends, i n f l u - enced a lot of people, anci learned to walk through the political jungle and bureaucratic swamp of the nation's capital w i t h o u t breaking stride Flemming leads n spartan life. Six days a week, when he is in town, tie keeps office hours from 8:30 a. m. until 7 or 7:30 p. m., and a recent Flemming Is Firm on Any Issue He Believes In vacation was his first In more than a decade. SOMETIMES, just to keep ahead of a mountain of detail, he'll get up before dawn and work at home for several duties, much 'of Flemming's hours before breakfast. He neither, smokes nor drinks (although he isn't stuffy about people who do) and avoids the cocktail circuit. W e a t h e r permitting, h e tries to get in a 40-minute A'alk every morning. This keeps the 6 foot I 1 /, inch secretary at.or near the 180-pound mark, and is prob- ably the reason why he looks much younger than his 54 years. O U T S I D E HIS official time is devoted to his work in the Methodist Church. Aside from an occasional baseball game on Sunday aft- Washington ernoon, he has no hobbies. Flemming never uses profanity and seldom raises his voice, though one newspaper agencies. reported that at the peak of he cranberry hassle he did explode with a lusty "dog Before entering government service he held various Truman called him back to posts at American University on other commissions and IN 1948 HE was the first alumnus ever named president of Ohio Wesleyan, but three years later President Washington as assistant to in Washington, and for four the director of the Office of ficer with a listed telephone years was on the editorial n - ' »/_i.:i:--..·__ · . . '.. . staff of U. S. Daily (now U. S. News and World Report.) From 1939 until J918, during the Roosevelt and Truman administrations, he was a member of the Civil Service D e f e n s e Mobilization, i n charge of manpower. In 1953 he was named director of the Office of Defense Mobilization, and as such participated in meetings of the National Security Commission, and also served Council and President Eisenhower's cabinet. * * * HE RETURNED to Ohio Wesleyan in 1957, but resigned as president there the next year when he came to Washington to take his present post. He is the only cabinet of- number, and reporters" feel free to caii him at home any time it's necessary. During the cranberry fuss he expected to get a lot of "crank" calls at home--but he didn't get one. "Maybe the folks who would have called didn't nuw I spell my name with Iwo m's," he said. "Or maybe hey just thought I wouldn't :alk to them anyway. But 1 would have." Added Attraction H O L L Y W O O D (UPD -Earner Brothers' publicist Bill Latham has an added Incen- .ive to plug hard for the pic- tire he's working on, "Tall Story." His two-year-old son, Dana, plays the part of Ray Walston's son in the comedy. ARTHUR S. FLEMMING Speaks His Mind FLORIST WEDDINGS · PARTIES · HOSPITALS We Deliver HA 1-1417 Wrf 5515 E, Spring: 7 Per Cent More Meat Slaughtered WASHINGTON ( U P I ) Red meat production in 1959 totaled 26,051,000,000 pounds, up 7 per cent for 1958 production, the Agriculture Department reported. Of the 19M volume. pounds were beef. u p 2 p e r c e n t f r o m t h e previous y e a r ; 943.000.000 p o u n d s were veal, down 15 per cent, 11,131.000,000 pounds were pork, up 16 per cent; and 732.000,000 pounds were m u t t o n and lamb, up 9 per cent. Lard production for 1959 was 2,610,000,000 pounds, up 16 per cent from 1958. T h e n u m b e r o f cattle slaughtered during the 12 months was 22,951.000 head, 3 per cent below 1958. Calf slaughter at 7,772,700 head was down 17 per cent. Hogs slaughtered numbered 81,5SS.-! 000 head, up !5 per cent.' Give BLUE CHIP STAMPS FR02CN FOODS SWANSON SWISS STEAK DINNER -49 C CREAMED CHICKEN DINNER- 49 C MACARONI CHEESE -35° PRICfcS EFFECTIVE THURSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 5, (,, 7. SPRECKELS FINF GRANULATED DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE JUICE 46-OZ. CANS $100 HUNT'S i PORK BEANS 30-OZ. CANS DEL MONTE SLICED PINEAPPLE CANS C SWUCKER'S Cherry Preserves" Orange Marmalade Grape Jam I2 jS Apple Butter "oz 4 BONUS TAPE NOTICE The final date for redemption of Bonus Tapes will be . . SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20 STUFF AND BAKE OR BARBECUE. CENTER CUTS WISHBONE ITALIAN Dressing HnuoC-FMIZED FBtMCM, f - O Z POT., 5!c JIF CREAMY OR CHUNK Peanut Spread I8 M ZR 4" 49* PRICE INCLUDES 5c OFF SCUDDER'S Potato Chips 7h p lympic Blanki Hert LIBBY'S X-OZ. CAN Vienna Sausage MARKET BASKET Ammonia QUART BOTTLE PETTY CROCKER Cereals ·EACH WHEATIES, I C - O Z -- KIX, 9.QZ. CHEFRIOS, 1 0 ' j - O Z . 29* PILLSBURY --3-LB. PKG., Pancake Mix 2-LB. PKG. PRICE INCLUDES 6c OFF Bud Syrup 2-i-o:. EOT. 35 s JACK THE BEANSTALK CUT GREEM BEANS 2 16 OZ. CANS 28 OZ. CAN, 25c 35 CLEAN, SCOUR 6 SHINE-SOS Pads 2 19' 45' CHIFFON--PRICE INCLUDES 3c OFF Toilet Tissue 2 ROLLS · IN PKG. PETUNA REDMEAT TUNA COUNTRY FRESH FLAVOR Allsweet r MARKET BASKET 4 I - L P CTNS. Krispy Crackers I - 1 B . PKG. JACK 6 THE BEANSTALK Blackberries 1 6 - O Z . CAN 25' 25' FOR BAKING OR FRYING Snowdrift n-oz. PKG. 15 TENDERLEAF ' BONUS PACK" PKG. Of 53' Cat Food 6 6-OZ. CANS 23' 49' RINSO BLUE 59 s GIANT PACKAGE JACK (, THE BEANSTALK SHOESTRING TRANSPARENT, FLEXIBLE PLASTIC FLOOR CARPET PROTECTOR 30"x6 FT. REG. 5 00 HEAVY DU;Y, ODOF.LliL, V.'ATEKrKCOF, SURFACE. HAS MANY USES 2 LAMBURGER FRESHLY GROUND MIXTURE OF BEEF AND LAMB. SQUARE CUT SHOULDER ROAST POTP.OAST WITH VEGETABLES LAMB CHOPS ROUND BONE or 7-BONE SHOULDER CHOPS RIB CHOPS LARGE LOIN SMALL LOIN REAL ARISTOCRAT OF ALL LA'.'B CHOPS 79' 79' 89' SHORT CUT, SHANK REMOVED . LEG OF LAMB GRAND DUCHESS IR07EN.MEAL-SIZE 10.or. PKG. STEAKS LARGE GREEN--BROKEN SIZES WE · MSESVI THE KlGHT TO tIMIT QUANTITIES BAKERY SPECIALS/ CARLOAD SALE SWFFT SUNK 1ST NAVEL S[T OF THREE--8'..", 10", IS" M II 3-RING AUTOMATIC ACTION ZIPPER BINDERS $1.98 VINYL PLASTIC COVERED, ASSORTED PASTEL SHADES i-US I A* J.PIW5 VINYL lOOSELEAF BINDERS^ WITH DOUBLE B O O S T E R S AS'.C^TED PASTEL CCI.C Garden Fresh Produce 5-39 AVOCADOS 2 15 NORTHFRN -- j^ RED YAMS 10 DANISH VILLAGE FUERTE BUTTERFLY ROLLS 35' TILLAWOOK CHEESE I-LB. PKG. 65' MARKET BASKET 8-OZ KG ftif* SLICED CHEESE 29' AMERICAN, P i V f N T O 0". SWISS V.AfKET B A S K E T · 16-OZ. CTN. A ·· POTATO SAL AD 25 PEC.ULAR 39: PKG. OF « COLLY MADISON PETITS FOURS PKG. OF 6 A W SVei Toy to To*ob I REfl. 35c There were 15.413,700 head L(Jng Be£jch g| vd _ 'geles i f « h eep slaughtered, a n d l a m b s LONG BEACH--3030 N. Bellflower BELLFLOV/ER--16123 S. Bellflower NORWALK--Norwaik Square COMPTON L ^^'^ DA ~J 4014 Valle V View SANTA FE SPRINGS--11550 Telegraph ANAHEIM --1221 FULLERTQN--920 West Commonwealth.

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