Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 19
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Death Notices SMITH--Mrs. Abo* Lucille.'Ave., died Monday. Surviving! 10921 llayford St, died Mon- 63, of 3WS Gaviota Ave, died »« *tfe. Ida; daughter. Miss -jay. Service today. 10 am. Tuesday. Surviving is sister. Mrs. Lena E. Win. Service today, -. 4 pm. Westminster Memorial Park. Peek Family Colonial charge. Funeral Home Cheryl.' sons, ^Deaa. ' VeroJ Robert. Walter; sisters. Mrs.' Alice Wagner. Mrs. Margaret iarnish, Mrs. Florence Hur-j ley; brother. James.' Service b Friday. 1030 Mortuary. SCOLLAKD -- Fmmett Edward. 51. of 335 Tile St; died Tuesday. Surviving are sis- ten, Mrs. Josephine Harrison. Mrs. Agnes Lempke. Mrs. Kathleen Jones, Miss Albina ScoUard; father, Edward W^ brothier. Edward M. Friends may call today and Thursday 9 *X?L. to 9 p.m_, Kolton Soa Mortuary. McCRUM --Harvey G, 86 : Artesia JO.VES (Bcuflower) -- Wil lie, 61. of 9133 Olive St. died Tuesday. Surviving are wife, Fannie; son. Alvin; daughter. All Souls Cemetery. Rosecrans Mortuary in charge. I BOMS -- Mrs. Minnie formerly of 24S Redondo Ave, died Monday in Los Angeles. Surviving are husband, Carl; niece. Mrs. Betty Kuhne. Council Votes Friday on Health Proposal City Council received cvpies tt i of the proposed contract Ute in the day. They called « special meeting for 9 »jn. Friday t r I IN Ajq«ln Lon; men have tNDE?ENDEM-7«9* t :· Beach city cbundl-.Counsel Harold W. Kennedy *«· « m scheduled a ipecUl'.had said he would advise the! 1 ? tor - _ , ,, , , ,, , Grecian Royally s Health Reported ATHENS (UP1) -- A medical | Another bulletin to decide wb«?»her te ssctpt bulletin said Wednesday that condition of her it Their alternative is to re- [the health of Greek Qu«a King Paul, who underwent scind a resolution adopted Frederika has been "com- j serious stonnch surgery last Feb. 4 opening the way legal- Ipletely restored" following aniFriday, "continues to develop - - · ' " said tha husband, agreement. jittack of pneumonia. " [quite smoothly." to vote on the county's pro- payment tmder the contracts posed r'" to pay J176339 for pending the court pronounce- health sen-ices. ent. Supervisors Tuesday agreed; Supervisor B u r t o n W. Service Friday," 1 pm. Little to pay Long Beach and Pasa( Chace made the motion to Church of he Flowers. Forest Jena under a unique, plan^pprove the contracts and Lawn Memorial Park, Glen- whereby the cities would have, was supported by Supervisor Mrs UndTFasone; brothers![dale, Christensen-.Pino Re-their own health departments,|Kenneil On! !,«,- «;t,r Mr* iWdondo A-:nue Chapel in but would be largely reua-.Chamia; Oral. Jesse; lister. Mrs. FJlen|5ondo A-:nue Chapel Austin. Sen-ice Saturday, 2 ~ v p.m.. White's Funeral Home. charge. KARKUT--Albert Joseph, SAUNDERS (Artetta) -Charles F, 80, of 11719 E. Walcroft St, died Tuesday. Surviving are wife. Minnie; of 2511 Eucalyptus Ave, died daughters. Mrs. Lottie Furge- Wednesday. Surviving are' -- - - -son. Mrs. Lorrain Minear, wife, Ida; son. Dean; daugh- Mr,. Delia Hajehauser, Mrs. ters. Mrs. Jeanne Canan. Mrs. - · ~ Jcneva Browne; brother, Roy, sister, Mrs. Minnie King. Service Friday. 2:30 pjn, Sunnyside Cathedral ChapeL Dilday Family Funeral Directors in charge. 75, of 13860 Canoebrook'partments. The others are Drive. Seal Btach. died Tues-lserved by the County Health day. Surviving are wife. So- Department. phie daughters. Mrs. Dorothy The money will finance only taman, Mrs. Eugenia Dettulaijthose health sen-ices which sons. Norman. Paul Serrice.the county is required to pro- Meyer; sons, Dallas, Clarence, Raymond, Frederick; sisters, Mrs. Stella Swansen, Mrs. Nora Boten; brother. Herbert. Sen-ice Friday, 1:30 p.m, Ar tesia Mortuary. STEWART--Mrs. Christina Mi. 53. of 1325 E. Ninth St, died Monday. Surviving are husband. Antonio; · son. Ricardo; daughters, Mrs. Laura Corner. Mrs. Enez Orenles. Mrs. Maria West, Mrs. Irene Brendelo, Mrs. Anna Jaranillo; mother, Mrs. Teresa Madrid; sisters, Mrs. Ygnazcia. Gonzales. Mrs. Hermila Con- VAN WAGONTR (Ana heirn)-- Mrs. Goldie A, 69. of bursed out of county taxes. Only four cities in the coua-1: (y have their own health de- i Hahn and 'Chairman Warren M. Board Dorn, Members of the Long Beach in Derby. Conn, Sheelar's Mortuary in charge locally. was Wednesday, Holton Son Mortuary in charge. today. 1 1 a.m. Church of Our Fathers, Forest Lawn, Cy- vide under state law if a city does not have its own health, department. Any s u p p l e - ] BURNSIDE -- Cynthia, in-jmental service which the ci-j fant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ties want to provide must be James Burnside. 1870 Harborifinacced out of city funds. Ave, died Tuesday. Sen-ice B ECAUSE the county counsel's office previously had ( ruled that the two cities do, B REESE--Paul Edward, GO. not have the power under, 1333 Appleton St, died'their charters to make such' Suniving are wife.'contracts, the supen-isors also mother, Mrs. Pearl called for *an early determi- Breese. Service Friday, 1 p.m, nation" in the courts on the Motteirs Mortuary. SPINET PIANO RENTALS '10,000 nia »» MOUTH IriH IH W- insured savings Save more and corn more with the FirM Fed :raH *herc ycur savings arc injured to S 1 0 . C O O O O A C t r t r f i c a t u cf Insurance protecting ycur saving s against loss fcy rhe Federal Savings and Lean Imwraict 1 Corporation, on .instrumentality of the United State-. Government. ^ printed in the tmi'dc c o v e r of out paybacks It e x plains how each ^Dvmqs account is insured J: FEDERAL (1st) SAYINGS EARNINGS PAID 4 TIMES A TEAR (legality of the pacts. County, CECIL--Mrs. Clan, 63, of 57 U Yearling St, Lakewood. died Tuesday. Starriving are trqs. Mrs. Hope Madrid; brothers, Err.eterio, Santos-Uons^ Arthur^ Marshall. John. Anastacio, Jesuse, Lorenzo Donald; daughters. Mrs. Bev- Madrid. Rosary tonight?, M-i er iy Thomason, Mrs. Geral- day Family Funeral Directors.U^e Melton. Mrs. Esther Requiem Mass Friday, 9 Cheek, Mrs. Jessie Varner, St. Anthony's Church. WRIGHT--Mrs. Effie Ame- Mrs. Patricia Cochran. Rosary tonight, 7uJO. Requiem Mass Friday, 10 am. both in St. lia, 91, of 937 E. 17th St. died Cyprian's Church. Christen Tuesday. Surviving is niece.] sen -pino Redondo Avenue Mrs. Alma Black. Se rvic e ( Mortuary in charge. Saturday, 3 p.m., Mottell's Mortuary. COTTP.ELL -- Sidney Gar%-in. 53. cf 433'/j IJnden Ave, died Tuesday. Surviving are brother, Sam; sisters, Mrs. Agnes Marshall. Mrs. Delia Gurley, Mrs. Mary Fain, Mrs. Marie Ragge. Mrs. Dora Adams, Mrs. Vema Ellison. Sen-ice Monday, 11 a.m., Mot- ttlTs Mortuary. CHAVEZ (\orwalk) -- Jef- ferj', infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chavez, of lOlh Straight Success for Tilaii Alissilc CAPE KENNEDY, FU. t?» -- A Titan 2 missile, most powerful in the U. S. military arsenal, thundered to its 10th COMPTON -- Mrs. Josephine E, 72, of 4442 Nipomo' Ave, Lakewood. died Tues- f f^f" 1 ' strike day. Sun-iving are husband,!South Atlantic. H e r b e r t ; daughters, Mrs. Charlotte North. Mrs. Kathleen Ruark, Miss Alice; sons, . Herbert, Warren. Sen-ice to- °« ' tj test g°STM day 1:30 p.m, Eastside Chris- Kennedy. Only tv tian Church. Peek Family lawichings are planned here Colonial Funeral Home in ^^fKJSST "' ** IT'S 'SUPER-RIGHT? QUALITY FANCY EASTERN Rib Half... 43 Loin Half... 49: RIB or LOIN END PORTION as cut IANCY Ft(SH Sh'lder Roast'- 29 Spare Ribs F4.NCT CtAIN HD r«.i.MH ;OHN (POM its) n I Al Fresh Hams =· 49^ Pork Chops The Air Force reported the Titan 2 achieved all flight ob- as it neared the end at Cape :wo more charge. 83. Titan 2 was declared operational last year and 54 are in armored silos at MENEGAY--Frank D. Tue'sdS- ^rrivfog Ire sorll^ Foree b "" ta Arizona Russell,-daughter. Mrs. Loret- **»«« and Kansas U.Shrepfer; brother, Norbet] A modified Titan 2 Rosary tonight, 7:30. Motteirs ne dl^-^^Manne^ W «** is schedu.ed ne« KERMIN FROZEN TENDEU01N CKOfS , CAP'M JOHN fASTfRN SEA/OOD VAlUfS ,, CENTtC CUT III 79 Ik. MEAT PIES c-'- 5 Garden Fresh Produce OB«EN TUtlET OX BEEF Church. B O Y D S T O N ( G a r d e n Grove) -- Herbert H, 57, of 13401 Jackson St, month. Banish Cuba Visitors SANTO DOMINGO Cfl -People who go to Red China ! Wednesday. Surviving is son.[or Castro Cuba without au- Eddie. Service Saturday, 330,thoriration will be barred p.m, "peek Family Colonial from the Dominican Republic Funeral Home. for two years following their - departure .from either coun- LYNCH (Arttsia) -- Walter^ ry. the fovernment an- M, 62, of 20342 S. Ariine nounccd. Bits of Plastic Made L.B. Man a Jet Pilot By LEE CRAIG I GOLDEN RIPE Bananas LARGE FUERTE Avocados FANCY CEUO-PAC Tomatoes AJP'S NUTIEY Margarine AHANT1C OCEAN fAClFIC Ccd Fillsls 49k Perch Fillels... 57k Fillet of Sole... 69 SUPER-RlGHf GRAIN-FED STEER BEEF SALE ND STEAK ANY THICKNESS Rib Steak Top Round Porterhouse Top Sirloin Spencer Steak MY. Cut Steak Ground Beef 38k TENDEt IAJTT CENTER CUT AISO STIAK ALSO CHAI «r SIIICHN i;f AISO T-IOVE SONt- LISS SOME uss tom- tESS 79^ Chuck Roast 89- 0-Bone Roast 98- Rump Roast Clod Roast Rib Roast I 7 . 9 Fillet Mignon Ground Chuck .. .5Sk Ground Round 129 I h. 159 I I*. LEAN TINDtt 8OKE IN kONEltSS AISO lUM FUST 5IIIS lONt- itss 67 3949- 6779- 79189 Ik. ..67k Capt Donald W. Randle.'noted specialist in the eye Long Beach Poly High gradu-'aids. ate who is a fighter pilot. . . . . owes his Air Force career to HOWEVER, RANDLE had two pieces of plastic, several friends in the right Handle. 33. whose parents,' places. Also, he wasn't hurt live »t 225 W. 31st St, has by the fact that he stood at Mr. and Mrf. W. E. Rarj^e.^tbe top of his class. By the wanted to fly since he began'time that paperwork which to toddle. [would have disqualified him After graduating f r o rn'reached Washington, he had Poly ia 1948, he attended his wings. And he was al- Long Beach Oty College for'lowed to keep them. several terms, then enlisted in | Randle returned last Octo- the Air Force. !*« 'rod Viet Nam. where he . . . . [flew 75 missions hi six HE SERVED a year as an l months as i T2S fighter pilot. enlisted man. but this failed He's now with the 1st Air to satisfy him. He wanted to Commando Wing at Eglin Ail I DRINK be a pilot. So Randle took a chance. Force Base, Fla, He wants to jo back lie applied for air cadet train-ifor a year, this time, ing and passed his physical 1 like the food, I like the examination... wearing ccn-'people, I like to fly," he taid. tact lenses. l"l waat to leanl ** language Everything »ect well until and be aa adviser to * Viet the final physical before grad- Nan n|tter sqaadroa. I think union. Whea Randle walked r l can be of real service, if into the room, the doctor they 11 let me go back." pointed s finger at him imme- What about his wife, Fran- diately. ces - irw * lne ' r * wo children. That man is wearing con- Susie, 6, and Sheri, 2? tact lenses." he said. "Ill miss them, of course. It was the Lc«g Beach But Frances i« an Air Force youth's hard hxk that the ex-jwife. She know* HI do what aminir.g physician was a.I have to do." FOODS TOMATO SAUCE Cream Style CORN Early Garden PEAS $155 PRUNE JUICE YELLOW CLING Sliced or Halves PEACHES $100 39«( Ouert Eettt. FRENCH TOUCH HAIR SPRAY* ,32 14-*t. Cans SPEAR rCHKT CARVING SET* 49 C «* WISCONSIN Cheese CONNER; KIPP Snacks MUD CHEDDAR Con 59 10' ·T Tuna a!SB« fc j* Pet Food ^ f^m ttfi witntscotoueo LIGHT t 6',-ci. $ I 00 BEER* ff,'i ,^ct. 89 CHUNK g Can, | -"^ BEER , ^ ^ ITAniST TUHA SS Purex Bleach* 25* Six. Ajax Liquid* , Ajax Dry Detergent 1 \S-tt. fil Sc Off D*al 36 1 i li33 l 79 f S!l M I SYRUP J!f n £. 69* Hills Bros. Coffee 2A. ^ 4 S 14k. Cm Prxti Ifftctivt n.n. An J.. . rV 17, II, J» 1 Mar. 1 4243 3426 5116 WOODRUFF E. Seventh E. Second LAKEWOOD Long Beach Long Beach · T«i«kl Htmt »kftc t» lit -- Of'* In/«r M CHAT MuifflC t MC« m co»ott

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