Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 6, 1960 · Page 35
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 35

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1960
Page 35
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rue mi* Ure ur wwt swe WAS HOPIH6 W»* IB (BEAM! RUMAFTBK m cwg ALBItJO AW Of W AW 60T iTASHED HI THE Blti CFYOU FKLOW : BRENDA STARR Hill lUUHl 1 ' (. I HAVEN'T J SEEN HIM . ..ALL MORN IN7, WHERE'S AN^ BOSS AND STOP CALLING ME DEAR BLONDIE ·CHMWAfWa-/ ITU. MA*t* AtOUNP, A *OOP 00HK/) «QMIMOPy /· OU0.1D 1C THE GIRLS CITIZEN COMICS JUNE 6, I960 . PAGE 35 SLANG* WORDS ARE NEVER PROPER DON'T USE SUCH WORDS HO-HO- WHAT A DOPE-WHAT A SAP / WHAT A I CREEP '- ONLY USE WORDS THAT EXACTLY DESCRIBE THE SUBJECT kttp tolling mt I'm not iconomictl mi here this is tixtk drtu this y«# I'vt mtd, this oU belt with." HADNT KUN OUTTA OAS YOU'D NEVER fiOTMi/ TELL tM I'M PAMELA ·TONE, DAN/ THEY I'M AWAIO THEY HAVE, ACTItfM WMELA REX MORGAN SARSE MAPE ME TURN AAV I KMOW. IT JU5T STAKTEP TOPAY VOL) NEVER HAP THAT TICODBLE BEFORE FALLIN6 OUT OF BEETLE BAILEY tion-.' IT CAN 8E60NE, IF U£ UX/ES ME! OM-H.' our IF-IF HE D-D-OOESNT! OUST A POOR, MISQUItDED BOVf MOD ALL. RIGHT, SIS I BKT-TIME HOODLUM AMD HBJWTK DOPE RUNNSJS OW STILL igVE TH' ORPHAN ANNIE ILL Ni f CINT WM6N I «*T TO Y£W WAHP.WIM *AY Ht WAHTED YEW Tso T'CAMP THK *»MMt(t,TOeN Off T' 'fALL... I H«Tt*»Of I no« \«vv AIMT AIMIN' OS A CAW THOIWHTY pf YtW, AHfAP - WT IT* LICE CW«* AND *AVt A CWU.'/ WITH INJWBONTV...VSW| POB'T KNOW W*M ««DW A-COMIN'.' I TELL ME WHY What Is St. Elmo's Fire? Win » valuablt prize. Send your question, name, address and age o TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The Brl- tannlca Junior, 15-volume encyclopedia for school and home, will be awarded (or the letter selected is the case of duplicate question!, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner, Today's winner Is: DENNIS DE VOGEL, » Mountain View, Calif. St. Elmo's fire is one of tht many interesting phenomena connected with lightning, and to understand it we must review again what takes place when lightning occurs. All matter is made up of two kinds of particles, positive and negative. The two kinds of particles strongly attract each other, and if they are separated they have a great tendency to reunite. When a strong negative or positive charge is built up in the base of a ciaud, it induces an opposite charge below it on earth. Electrons start moving from the region of the negative-charge to the positive. They gradually build up a channel or channels of charged particles between the earth and the cloud, and wh«n there is a great surge of electrons a lightning flash occurs. Now. suppose instead of allowing the charges to build up until the strain is too great and must be broken, there was some way of enabling the charge from below, on the earth, to "leak off." Instead of a lightning stroke, the charge would leak off in the form of a "brush discharge." Thi», by the way, is exactly the way a lightning rod works. The point of the lightning rod enables the electrons to leak off. St. Elmo's fire is the glow that accompanies such a "brush discharge" of atmospheric electri- ity. It appears as a tip of light n the ends of pointed objects uch as church towers or the masts of ships during stormy weather. We usually hear a crack- ng of filling noise at the same time. Another place St. Elmo's fire Is .ommonly observed is on the edge if propellers, along the wing tips, ·windshield and nose of airplanes when they are flying In dry snow r in the vicinity of thunderstorms This discharge may sometimes be trong enough to cause static in the radio of the airplane. * · * FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Fran: Au revoir. Joe: What's that? Fran: That means good-by in French. Joe: Carbolic acid. Fran: What's that? Joe: That means jood-by in any language. * *, · The Trick B«r Want to know how to send secret messages in invisible ink? )ip a clean pen into vinegar and write the message on a sheet of icavy writing paper. After it dries it becomes invisible. To read the message again, hold the aper an inch or two above a candle flame and move it back and forth slowly. Sea* ym tricks, riddles, or putrltt I* TELL ME WHY! Give your name, aft and address. A BritMitka World AUu or illustrated Year Book ef 1m- pertMM events U every field will bt awarded for Out letters tekwtod eaefc wctk. No Tipping Rule FORT WORTH, Tex.--UPI-Bad check artist Scott Evans won a reputation as a big tipper among bellboys at the motel where he paid a (960 bill with a rubber check. Criminal Judge Dave McGee sentenced bin: to two y«srs' imprisonment and said, "at the stau prison you will jet free room, and board, and incidentally, there is a no tipping rule." Yo« On Be SURE... if It Factory AutWiitd ; SERVICE MA 4-6622 · W»*«T* · Dryers i STEVE CANTOfl YOU7PRESIDENT? HA'.HA'.HAlHA!'! NOT Me,i y SURE.W.COW.O.N CODLO NEVER SHOULD \ START HINKIN6\ MAYBE IF I M NWd WHIltlM YOUN6J CAN 0CGOME PRESIDENT, CHARLIE BROWN,., r7ci' TO 'lO.lBS ONc'R AVP CWT S1CAL I r\vOUlPN'T WANT TO THEf?E SOES THE , MUS ."WET. S Nir CUT ^ . »^ POh'T STEAL ANYTHING ...PONT STEAL ANYTHING... ASOUT THAT Nf:\V f-iNc-PR /. ^A\ RIP KIRBY BUT I TOOK- 7..JW RJGWT EWCK INT'EM.TBOSE HIT THE U/flTEE CW THE SHOT UP JVE HIVES BEHWD WE 3HEP ·^frtfTfr'ff* 71WDED 50/HE EftD ORG THE WHO WOW ? 1^ JOO TO 1... M SECOMD PLAC MORIBUND", P4YIMS ST/LL KEFUSIUS TO BELIEVE THXT THE OT4TL»E OF "MOM' tOS- ? SES»£S M43IC4L QUALITIES, SP/D£)f IS TEST/US ITS WYSTEftOUS POiVWC XT MCf TIMC* CWX HUWOffP-TO-O^i SHOT.' BIG BEN BOLT WHftT'S SO SOW ABOUT THftT? HE'S BEEN DOIN' IT EVER' BLESSEt DAY FER THUTTy NEARS SHH-VONDER GOES PA\M OUT TO CffTCH ft NflP AG'INST HIS FAVORITE TREE STUMP WHAT AILS VE, LOWEE1Y? VO'RE TREMBL1N 1 LIKE LEAF SNUFFY SMITH E OF AUTO HOBNS,THC CRY ?0f A HOT-TAf/iMt FEPPlERi ANDTHEBLASTOFAiHJKtlOX FROM THE IAR IELOW. BUZ SAWYER A IT 1 HAIN'T A LI'L , PERSON, SUM ?} IF THESE ABOMINABLE SNOW-HAMS TASTt AS I GOOD AS THEV SMCU- \ AND PEEL-- I'LL MAKE I GET THAT PORTABLE STOVE GOING.'/ It tua* hot wheni\ h« got it. He let | it «tand too long. It's steaming noiu,y Okay, the customer Shall I take him | is always right, another bowl ? The customer complains, Gideon, that the soup isn't hot. Didnt you care 1 for) It wasn't as the soup, |- ^f hot as I Sir ? /^..r V_ like it. GASOLINE ALLEY WILL YOU PIPE DOWN? NOW.fVE COT TO START CERTAINLY. · IT MAY HELP US LOCATE HER RELATIVES. *POTS, GUESS WHAT HER NAME IS. HALAKAHIKI"! THAT MEANS PINEAPPLE. AND I ARE DIVIDING THE ONE GOOD OOSe-UP OF THAT TATTOO OH H Iff ANKLC, MR TBACV. LADIES LIWAQV RIND. NOW, -SW« DICK TRACY tl.tPHA.HT- ^ OUD KifNG AROO

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