Independent from Long Beach, California on January 24, 1975 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1975
Page 23
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Hot fresh bread with each dinner General m a n a g e r Tom Kostoff displays loaves of hot sourdough bread included Mth dinners at Long Beach Velvet Turtle, a multilevel, early California motif restaurant, 530 E. 33rd St. near Atlantic Avenue and the San Diego Freeway. It f e a t u r e s luncheon, dinner, banquets, special wines and entertainment. Among the dinner entrees are many steak varieties, tournedoes of beef, teriyaki beef brochettes, abalone with almonds, prime rib, silver salmon and lobster. -Staff Photo By TEDD THOMEY " Mtaf Boll and Domenieo't Special Sandwich** · Chicktn Cactiotort SUNDM DINER Prime Rib .. 5.25 SCALONE Scallop and 1 IK tbtloitt Cutlet Wil* INTIIMINMINT NtOHHr 1 lOVIir VIVIMNE Your Hostess Beverly Spano HAWAIIAN GARDENS 6M-SS41 21608 S. Norwoti Blvd. 6I LUNCH . DINNEI i COCKTAILS f«ll! HID SMCUl STEAK DINNER B O R I S DINNER Polynesian Style . U 01. Portertiouse STEAK DINNER Tu«. thru Sal SUNDAY ENTERTAINMINT Open Won. thru Fri. 8 a.m. to ? p.m., Sat. Noon-! p.m.. Open i:00 p.m. Sundays 588 [. Willow, l.B. 426-4609 reotunng auperD JAPANESE CUISIN Specializing in TERITAKI SUKITAKI A WARNING TO RESTAURANT OWNERS . ABOUT THE RED SNAPPER SITUATION WHICH HAS BECOME A LITTLE FISHY - It's a cruel world, as many California restaurateurs have been discovering. For years, businessmen from the city of Roquefort, France, have made life miserable, for Southern California restaurant owners who serve bleu cheese 1 · dressing but call it Roquefort. Now they're being attacked from another quarter. : Businessmen from Florida are trying to hook them in a controversy about red snapper, a sea food that has gained popularity in California restaurants in recent years. '. For about a decade, the Roquefort cheese people . Save brought suit against many American restaurants f and threatened others with suits. Back in the 1960s, *;· .such a suit forced a Long Beach restaurant, the Swiss; K[ Village on E. Broadway, out of business. *'f "-. Many restaurant owners in this area are now so vjaware of the situation they won't'allow the word .^Roquefort to be even whispered in their dining rooms. Tfhose astute Frenchmen once collected on a damage |-suit based on evidence that a waitress accidentally ''used the word Roquefort instead of bleu cheese when ^ discussing salad dressing choices with her customers. y~ The Roquefort interests can't be blamed for their !·'' cheesy attitude. They are protecting a superlative ' . variety of cheese produced only in their area and sold · ;throughout the world. They've been so successful that champagne bottlers in the Champagne region of France are threatening to bring suit against California champagne interests and others who. make champagne -, throughout the world. The Frenchmen insist champagne is a French word that cannot be legally used for : .-beverages produced anywhere else. Whether they will r ..i be as successful as the Roquefort people remains to be ; seen. The champagne issue isn't as clear-cut as the ^Roquefort matter. Recently, the restaurant owners of California have been warned that the red snapper industry in Florida is mad at them and considering legal action. Red snapper is a splendid table fish native to the waters off Florida. ,. There is also, a Pacific red snapper, which is quite ^ different, but which has been .called red snapper for v many decades. ' Pacific red snapper is so plentiful in local waters ' that it can be taken fresh to restaurants only hours ', after being caught. Patrons prefer it to frozen sea * foods that must be thawed and thereby lose some of their delicate flavor. Pacific red snapper is from, the cod family, which is why the Florida red snapper people may have a pretty snappy legal ease. At any rate, the restaurant owners in this area would .be wise from now on to list the local fish on their menus as Pacific red snapper. The word Pacific theoretically will keep them clear of a pretty fishy legal situation. SEEN AND APPRECIATED BY A WANDERING I: 'A restaurant that often has fresh Pacific red snapper on the menu, for luncheon and dinner, is Walt's Wharf, 201 Main St., Seal Beach. Designed in a rustic fishing wharf motif, Walt's serves its entrees on paper plates. But it's one of the best seafood restaurants in this area, because No. I 1 chef Cliff Mobley has a technique for charcoal-broiling fish and shellfish that results in the most wonderful flavors. Red snapper is $2.95 on the dinner; so is the fish'kebab of shrimp, scallops and fish broiled on a skewer. Walt's has a big variety of ocean items. The facilities include a fish market where fresh fish are on sale. Another top dinner value, especially appropriate for those on budgets, is the $1.85 chicken pie dinner at Phillips Original Chicken Pie Shop, 737 Pine Ave. Manager Ray Moffett and his well-trained staff make those pies fresh daily and they are good. The dinner includes delicious coleslaw, creamy whipped potatoes, lots of gravy, hot biscuits, butter, honey and choice of cobbler, 'Jello or rice pudding. The Chicken Pie Shop has a big variety of hot and cold dishes and also a well- stocked delicatessen. It is open every day, including Saturday and Sunday, for luncheon and dinner. · Hamburger devotees from everywhere are aware that the Carl's Jr. restaurants in this area have unusually good char-broiled hamburgers. Did you know they also have terrific junibo chili cheese hot dogs for 70 cents? In this department's opinion, those chili dogs -with chopped onion and mustard,-- are gourmet combinations so delicious they ought to win some kind of prize. Carl's restaurants are takeout operations, but they also have modern dining rooms. The service is excellent. The Carl's Jr. restaurants are owned by Carl Karcher, an innovative restaurateur. DINING IDEAS THAT AREN'T HARD TO SWALLOW: It's large, handsomely furnished in the style of (Continued next page) CHINESE FOOD Formerly Pierpoiat Cafe TOM COD Serve Lunch Special Open '11119 P.M. ORDERS TO GO · 424-0857 2264fMIFICHE, IZTPJZRfi'JZP. Direct from smashing successes at Hawaii's Cinerama Reef and Duke Kananamoku's, Tani is an original...he creates an excitement all his own. Tani 'headlines a Hawaiian Revue that promises your most memorable'night of entertainment in years. It will be "a happening." Two shows nightly. Dancing from 11:30 to 1:30 Friday and Saturday. First show each evening is a dinner show. Make your reservations early!: (714) 531-1232 1 .. I COMING FEB. 4 ... THE SOCIETY OF SEVEN | RSNB NAWATT'S Famous Hamburgers, Chili and Pie 4306 ATLANTIC AVE; LONG BEACH ^ PHONE 427-6869 y MR. /· MR. STOX lunch · dinner cocktails-dancing 1105 east katella ave. anaheimi 714] 639-2994 rLOCArfSSTI COMPLETE DINNER ·Short Ribs $1)65 Barbecued T ·· Meaty ·All beef Knackwrst I Sauerkraut our own recipe For Lunch Captain's Plate Poitromi, Corned bed, Horn * lurtex. o-B-0 See*. Roa* beef. . Served with baked beans salad IVfcVl '2 $J79 S9M3ST 4JM E: LOS COYOTES BIAS. At TRAFFIC CIRCLE 226 S. Harbor Blvd.' Santa Ana, California 92704 . Appearing nightly (except Monday! In the EAST-WEST LOUNGE Tommy /ong Trio end lus/i 9 -.00 pm to 1:30 am SINCE 1929 FAMILY RESTAURANT "SEAFOOD DINNERS AT THEIR BEST" W» S§fv» ody th« f!o»«t Canadian Halibut, Lebilir Tail and Jumbo Shrimp Plui your Favorite BEER and WINES Child..n', Availabl* OPEN 11:30 DAILY - CLOSED MONDAY PUnty of FrM Parking availabl* 6790 LONG BEACH BLVD., LONG BEACH NE 2-1366 FAMOUS STEAK DINNERS AND COCKTAILS Eastern Choice TOP SIRLOIN $4.45 Choice PORTERHOUSE $5.45 FILET MIGNON Witti muiliioom topt IpH.TJ Delicious PRIME RIB $4.95 LOBSTER TAIL $5.95 STEAK and ' ,, . , . . ·LOBSTER $7.45 --MON., TUES. WED.-SPECIALS CHOKE t , oe TOPSIILOIN 53.»S MUTMrONOM ». »c WiA muihroom cap! ·. - · W**.^ 1 * Dtlkioul PltlMl til Auilralion lOBSTIItlMl ... From Old Mexico MEXICAN FOOD ATMOSPHERE and TRADITION Eot your lovorite foods from Soulh of the Border surrounded by the charm and atmosphere of Old Mexi- FOOD ESPECIALLY PMMRED TO TAKE OUT $4.45 $5.45 HOURS DAILY: 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Your Host Tony and Triny Guillen 3503 ATLANTIC AVE., LONG BEACH GA 4-3005 ycur hoili Tom 8. Helen 1 Crvho 250 E. Fourth Street long Beech » HE 2-9522 'J j "CHARCOAL BROWED SEAFOOD" luck Dhin«, l«t,"««. f ·" l» W FRESH FISH MARKET Ml WIN STREET SUl IUCH 598-4433 mum FAMILY RESTAURANT GINA 12149 SEAL BEACH BLVD. ROSSMOOB CENTER «1-8J4; --LUNCHEON SPECIAL TUES.-FRI. ALL THE SOUP . n r YOU CAN EAT ,1.35 CANTALONI SEI OUR HANDING CHRISTMAS TRIE JOIN THE SPIRIT AIL VEA FAMILY V RESTAURANT, OPEN DAILY 5 A.M. to .10 P.M. 2955 BELLFLOWER BLVD., LONG BEACH AT SPRING -t"-^ 1 / DINNER SPECIALS SERVED DATS SHOWN 4 PM to 10 P.M. * MONDAY 1/2 CHICKEN i. -1.85 TUESDAY MEAT LOAF 1.85 WEDNESDAY SWISS STEAK 1.93 THURSDAY BREADED VEAL CUTLET 1.85 FRIDAY TOP SIRLOIN STEAK 2.65 SATURDAY T-80NE STEAK 3.15 SUNDAY ROAST BEEF . . . . . ' . . . . 2.95 Dinners include: Soup or Salad, French Fries or Mashed Potatoes, Hot Rolls, and Jello or Sherbet i CHILDREN'S MENU __/ Woodruff at Hosecrans Bellflower. 925-5222 Springdale at Bolsa Huntincrlon Beach (714) 897-0055 SUPER BREAKFAST SPECIAL FRENCH TOAST · Served with 2 Sausage Links, Whipped Butter i Hot Maple Syrup 79° MONDAY thru THURSDAY SPECIALS (FRIDAY SATURDAY UNTIL i P.M.) dinners include soup or salad, choice of baked potato or rice Hawaiian RED SNAPPER . 2 . 2 5 MAHI MAHI 2.45 GRILLED SEA BASS 2.95 TOP SIRLOIN 3.25 NEW YORK STEAK 3.75 LOBSTER TAIL 4.95 STEAK AND LOBSTER 5.95 LUNCHEON also served daily until 4p.m. 16278 Pacific Coast Hwy . Huntington Bch. · (213) 592-1321 3901 E. Coast Hwy · Newport Bch. · (7141 675J900 CONTINENTAL!RESTAURANT LUNCHEON, DINNERS COCKTAILS PRIME RIB · STEAKS · LOBSTER FEATURING DON LEE ELLIS AWARD WINNING ORGANIST - VOCALIST OffN 11 A.M. MON. TH«U F«l. SAT. ft SUN. FKOM 4 P.M. ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS (714)828-1780 907 S. BEACH BLVD. AT BALL RD. ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA 4 Miles No. of Garden Grove Fwy. I Mile Soulh of Knott's Berry Farm FRESH TASTY SEA BASS DINNER BEEF TENDERLOIN EN BROCHETTE DINNER Soup Salad, Polalo Homemade Dessert Bcveraoc FhlHH It' 639-OIU Complete ITALIAN CUISINE · DINNERS » PIZZA * BEER « WINE ALSO FOOD TO GO PHONE ORDERS READY ON ARRIVAL OPEN 5 P.M. DAILY -- CLOSED TUESDAY PARKING IN REAR 4722 E. 2nd St., Belmont Shore Phone 434-8403 FAMILY RESTAURANT Conilitsntly good for OTM K ytanl t Chicken pie dinner · Fried chicken dinner · Chicken noodle dinner · Chicken giblet dinner t Giblet noodle dinner · Swiii iteok dinner · Baked ham dinner Ditmm Includl Whipped Potalwi. Chick- ·D CtOTT. PHI. Coll Slaw. Rol Bull.rmllk Bltculti, But1»r and Roa«y. Choice o( D*i- Ifrt and Cofto. 16506 LAKEWOODBLVD,, BELLFLOWER 25-5061 ELEGANT DSNBNG ON NEWPORT BAY on the deck of the extraordinary Victorian Mansion THE MONTEREY STILL 2601 W. Coast Hwy., Newport Beach 645-8444 tjpCharlee Pong's in an Etegint 'Atmiisphert FINI WINI5 · COCKfAIL.I (714)117^*11 _;_ lUllOAIDINOkOVIUVB. 8AHDIN MOVI Announces 2 Oufsfanding Restaoranfs in Lakewood Center 4419 CANUIEWOOD 634-3612 Serving Unctwon Dinrwr ' Plui Fr«h Whole 4771 CANDLEWOOD 630-6123 Serving LurxKeon ' ' - rM«m, COCOAIS LaGtaoe VWl Pacific Co.ioc Hijihwj Tornncc; Dlif. · Pho.rc 3 HAWAII'S £ B I I I E LirttCHAUN EKHIE MENEHUNI AND THE WAIKIKI TWINS ENTERTAINMENT · DINING . COCKTAILS SUNDAYS: FAMILY DINNER t SHOW! PM · CLOSED MONDAYS :=2£=3£==K==aC=c: 3C Dinner Served Won. itini 5 i;COIoB:30pmondlrom ^ II.-00am to 1:30 OT on Sun. S Hot Entreat /· DINNERS for S 4 :.*4fniNNERfif/! !lh, tll\, mi «r Itn Olnnm it ll.ot «K!I Iplui lai) VALID ANY DAY THRU SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1WS (list Mil* !sr »M«»t») i, LONG BEACH 4780 East Pac. Coast HWY. (Cmoblk. So. of Traffic Circle) Under new management 433-777* kl' ^ fc'^JBfclNG THIS COUPON WITH TORRANCE 1306 West Carson (At Normnndle) 31M11S

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