Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1976 · Page 10
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 10

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1976
Page 10
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/CAN'T HEAR ME WITH t^THE UllNPOU) O06EP! MOW THAT W FOOTS BACK IN-SHAPE,HOW ABOUT. 60IN6 AT80 ROUNPS ? WHATSTHG A\ATTER, AFRAID )U PUNCH WVR LieHTS v OUT7 ^i, (JWAKE UP, SLOPPY.' /«**£ f T INJUN flRROW-HEflDS!! THEY'RE G01W 1 PER TWO DOLLERS flPIECE OVER flTTH'TOURIS'TER LODGE MftWU WHflT IN -THUNDER ARE WE LOOKIM' PER ? LES GOT- ONE O'THEeE DAYS O'LL WATCH IF WITH TH' BOY VO' LOVES T- = -THARS TH' '/tosf gooT(FUL S/enr FOR. two CENTS J-'O SO MO WE TO WOTW6R RK5HT NOW/ YOU COM. HOWE AT HOURS Of W2. MORMI.NS-..VOU NW6R M£IP M WITH TH6 CHORES ,,-YOU'RE ALWAYS.6RIPIN6 AgOUT MV COOKIH6,'-- FOR ANOTHER HOUR 1 , DO ion THINK I WAS STUP/P eNOUSM 70 FALL FOR'THAT OLD TRICK? VOU COULD JUMP OFF AT=f4-STORY SUILDIW6 AND THIS WATCH Ptf T LOS£ A SECOND RECORD CATCH Mr. RctoKcr; , Cost your line for a bigger share of the market by supplementing your Northwest Ark-snsos Times advertising with fow cost extended coverage -- USE OUR WEDNESDAY EXTENDED CIRCULATION SECTION -- DELIVERED TO MORE THAN 27,000 NORTHWEST A R K A N S A S FAMILIES. Phone 442-6242 for Additional Information iBelieve h of Noil CCWTHED IN TV* NATIONAL FOOTBAU LEAGUE FOR 40 SEASONS LED THE CHICAGO BEARS PRINCE A PAINTING ON THE WN.IS OF THE miME pfy-wsos Crete, is. ·'THt OLMST KNOVlW 1 PICTURE Of A EUROPHti . MAKfP, TkUCT MMtAGfK, ' PROHOTfl?, Of Fife MMA6ERMD PtAW? w ODOMETER VWS USED IN VIEW JERSEY ft} 190? ' TO MEASORt NSTAHtES IN SURVEYS MiMEiiiiiiiniiMHiiiiiiiiiiniiniira FRANCES^ DRAKE Your Daily Horoscope iiiiiMiniiiviiipiiiihiiiLniiiiLBiM f Look in the"section' in which your birthday, conies and find w h a t \our outlook is, according to the 'stars FOR TUBS APRIL.27: ARIES (Mar. 21 id Apr. 20) Someone may tryto involve \ou in a personal problem .Steer clear of 'the situation -as 1 -- your-- instinct probably warns. ^TAURUS (Apr" 21 to Maj 21) Whatever .your plans, take into account new'- trends ant ideas ''changing rnaneu\ors tc fit current situations' ' , GEMINI (May'22 to June 21) Beneficent Mercury i n f l u e n - j ces now heightm imagination and enc ou ra ge y on r'' Enge hioiis methods Capitalize on al] of your talents-"arid"you should do extremely 'well. CANCI* R (June- 22 to hil 21) e s p e c i a l l y favored lunv conferences making plans for the future puismts which stimulate the intellect. LEO (July 2-1 in Aug._23) f Hold off expansion F of 'autivi- lies until \ou make sure you are within safe limits.'arid can handle Ihc "extras" : ' without deserting primary interests VIRGO'(Aug. 24 to Sept. 23)' Favorable-, stellar influences *.timulate-.-your- ingenuity. Man a g 11) g piLbenl situations c l e v e r l y will be - wiser than reaching for betlpr pro pects ho\\e%cr LIBRA (Setp. Oct Desire to get ahead. Easy do i SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 lo De 21) 'An" assbdale will offer som ii n c x p'c c,l e'.d'assistance rrceplue Tlir proffered hr will be genuine,the motive si · N«r*iw**t ArVnriMH TIMES, Monday, April 26, FATEnEVILLE, ARKANSAS ESTER L. COLEMAN, M. D, otients Should Not e Afraid Of Biopsy I .have a'small growth tn ; lhe| .iddle of my forehead I h a v e , een told that this ihould be icpsitd at some f u t u r e time am petrified? because I know tat a biopsj is done for a ancerous-condition. The doctor old me XI ha f there wa s rgency aboiil (jetting this done E.Y.i Iowa o I am confused. Mrs )ear , Mrs. Y. Many patients react as ou o to the word ' biopsy" and ssociale it'wilh'cancer. .There s ab'solulel. jolweerrthe two, The word ( ' biopcj r o m the , Greek loaning -"life," and leaning "vision, 'Biops\ is simply relationship .tome: 'bios, 'onsis,' the emo\al of fl imal' ' e(.e issue -tor study under. the micio crpe to it rslab ish a diagnosis The :tissue that is · remo'vix s sent'to a-laboroalory where s sent In a'- laboratory -where t is imbedded in a parrafu )lock It is then cut into sec ions so thin" that.they arc bare L- visible. .'These actions a r « stained and f examined Eor : l h nature of '.the''cells and for an change that-may have occurred vithin them, A pathologist is a highl .rained snccialist whn deter _ the'cdndilion of tho lissu and makes Ibis recommendatio or treatment Ui.'the doctor, That is a biopsv" Biopsies .e ]rerformed for m a n y ' easons other than ,- cancerous ( n vesti gat ion. ! The .fuel' lhal,;your doctor ccls-lhaL (here Is';tia..urgency , o biopsy the growth 'on vour : orchcad should-give you added assurance Uhat he is n o t conceined about the ·* con dition Mj personal ( felling in such a matter is that the sooner fou have this study marie, tbe relieved'of i sooner ou will innecessar fear Is there anj w d j . l h a l I can get a list of the plasuc surgeons · in my slat/ 1 " 1 I am considenne Having the bags under my eyes : removed. Miss D.W:, N.M. , There are directpues of icclii^a] specialists i n , all fields. T h e \ list the iiames the qualifications the training and '. tbe hospital affiliation of each specialist I j , Undoubtedly., you \vou!.d'.[ind : capable s u r g o n J n this. 'way do not recommend this way . of choosing a surgeon . Y o u r ov. n doctor n acquainted w.ith specialists in all -fields'. WMh hs Hirectinn 1 you can find the ideal plastic s u r g e o n - , to perform , your operation. _ _ _ _ _ _ iiitHirrciitiiMiiiiiM JAY BECKER Pa\ no heed lo gloumg you are also indomitable reports or sensational .rumors -- especially if finances are i m o h r d Keep on an ex en keel and you should do well. SCORPIO (Ocl 2-J to No\ 2') Be ready to face 'competition. You usually enjoy ' t h e ?'sti rmrlalion of thi.s, but don't burn the candle at both"ends in your CAPRICORN {Dec. 22 lo Ja 20) R ontuie u 111 pi oba bl y bo you now, but don't idle tii away. Get busy on one of yo pellcreatlve projects. I n t l u e n c slinvjiale ..original · ideas AQUARIUS (Jari; 21 to Feb. \'J) [f you've been interested in new project but have postponed '-taking action, now is the time! But be sure you have tbe know-how 1 -and-'enough: rfala to go on; PISCttS (Keb. 2D lo Mar. 20) ·There; are'rtendencies: now lo take off on tangents and to ease up in effort just when more persistence is ni,crfpi] Don I Eail! yours Elf by yielding t o . s u c h j inclinations. | YOU" BORN- TODAY'-rare meditative.' scholarly, -intuitive and extremely sensitive This] sensiliutj works best in Ehp field of healing,, which is why so very many noted surgeons, physicians and - nurses, have been .born,' under the Sign of Taurus..-But- it also'^gives'-you awareness in manj other direc lions such as indention phi losophy. writing and i painting. - ' ' ' " [n On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder t» UtMen' ln*vithil ChamDinilKhlc Pity) Sou tbrie ale r: Neither side vulnerable, NORTH ^ A 1 0 9 3 2 · 6 4 + 10 6 3 2 WEST *J 6 t » K 5 4 » A J 18 9 6 .1 Z « K 1 · SOUTH * A' K 7.4 3 2 EAST 4 1 0 9 1 » K 7 ' 4 J 9 7 5 rhililary antl scicnEific affairs foi- insEante. you believe that the /'impossible" can be done -- and dp it. The ; word "genius' best sums up the well-developed Taurean brrn. on this ""date Birthdate M: Gen 1 . U.S. Grahl ISth Pres U S \ Samuel Rose, inventor (Morso cnrifi) Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer 25 Blue-footed petrel 2S Fencing · sword 77 Breed and raise 28 Beechnuts 29 Buckeye · SUte. M Defense arm 31 Olympian goddess ,15 Conditions (colloq) 38 Charge with gas 40 Pronoun 42 Grand Coulee 45 .English . spa. 17 Drinks .. slowly ·. 48 Beehive - State 49 Lenlenl 5* Spool for thread 51 Chalice 52 Spasmodic twitch, 53 Scottish explorer ACROSS 1 Airplane Hight .record 4 Tigers, el al 8 Gives a bad review 12'Harem room 13 Border on 14 Layer of the Iris 15 Wood apple- 16 Monk's home IS Ragout of game 20 Mobster's gun 21 Prussian ...river., 24 Pianist 44 Fictional dog hero 46 Send,out officially 50 TwirvhulJed vessel 55 Give -whirl M Neglect 57 Chinese dynasty 58 Beginning for sage or tor 59 Rate of movement 60 Layers 61 Skittish DOWN 1 Tennis strokes 2-Concert. halls 3 To chafe , 4 Girl's name 5 Turku 6 Large cask 7 Male deer S Golf dub"9 Abhr.'on map. 10 Biblical name 11 Speak 17 Vitality 19 Chinese VIP 32 Spend them in Florence 23 Heating vessels Avg. solution' time: 27 minr 28 Solid'stone V monument .32 Mature - · ' 33 Reclamation w'Sea'birds MSoeial ' '·' ......occasion 37-Hindu god 39 More' - · - g r o s s '41 Trifled 4.1 Flowing :; garment 4 A Q 8 4 The bidding: Sooth 'West 24 Pass North Pass 34 Eact Pass Pass lead -- lolir * *. Opening earls. Here is · a fine hand playe B o b ' H a m m a n , Texas star demonstrates the -power ol ositwe .thinking, West led a low heart ."arit ammah saw at once 'that i ic outstanding trumps wen ivided f normally " 3-2)~ tin on tract? would depend : on -who- icr he'could hold rhimself lo e club' loser. Hamman j-jdged that .H r WcsL iritnii iiniiininuiiini iHimiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit immni^m nond rather than a heail and h e therefoie starled bv crediting East \\ilii 1 one of liie ligb diamond honors. He also., assumed from the opening lead thai basl had a joori portion 61 HIR missing learl strength since West wijuld surely have led the king of hearts had he held thc-K-Q-J or K-Q of that suit. it: followed that \ East could not also have the king of clubs, since 'he would · not have remained silctit v during the bidding had he lielri that card in addition to thV.G or 7 points i\e was marked with in the red suits, Accordingly,; \ a f t e r , wiiming (he'-heart.,,lead; with the ace. Hamman _rejected tlie club finesse. Instead, at trick l\\o, he played a ''low .club lo the ace.- Tlie ace caught a big fish, the king, and now Hamman was w/cll on the way to' m a k i n g the contract. He played the ace of spudcs. followed b a spade to Ins queen, and next led a low club from dummy.-v planning lo finesse: Ibe eight" if LCasL followed low. -Bui .East put :in the nine of clubs, won by Hamman with .the;tiuoen, a n ri; Wcsl,. now discarded trick, llamman of (rumps, diamond on th« 'then drew L'-asl'a last trump,coiiccded:a club and ; l\vo diamonds to ,'tliR enemy, id in thai way brought lo a _ ad held the A-K ^of riiamorids conclusion e would surctv have led a' dia-i well-played hand exceptionally. LAFF-A-:'DAY' "Slanlcy'Kcnr|(rbnder?..." THE LITTLE WOMAN "Coulil you take il easy dn Wm today? Il's his birthday.'

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