Independent from Long Beach, California on May 24, 1957 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
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FEATURES INDEX AmusrmenU . .C-9 CliwMMfd . ,.,C-11 Comlrt C-H Heath Notlect -11 Editorial A-M In»IU» Out B-l MnrkeU ..',...C-ll) IVarnon , .....A-H lUilld-TV ....n-1! Shipping Guide C-ll SpnrU ......C-l. A Wonwn , ..R-10, 13 Phoni HE 5-1161 - Cluiifi.d No. HE 2-5959 Independent ' ^m · The Southland's M Finest Morning Newspaper £8 PAGES ++*+ . . LONG BEACH 12, CALIF., FRIDAY. MAY 24, 1957 WEATHER Partly rlniiily tndny lind Saturday. Not much flung* In temperature with a liljh today near ,,· AH. Hlch Thur«d»y, 115; low, SJ. :". VOL. 19 --NO. 268 HOME EDITION-I Of Florida 'Will of God'Edict Keeps Hildy in Foster Home TALLAHASSEE, Kin. t'n- Rov. I^eroy Cqlltns gave a Jew Ish couple asylum In Florida Thursday with their adoplei Catholic dauehlcr, holding thai the child's real molhrr had de rled her "Hip right to be wantcc and lo he loved." Collins also denied on lega grounds Ihe extradition rcquesl of the State of Massachusetts where Mr, arid Mrs, Melvln I! Kills had heen charged will "kidnaping" blonde lllldy Me Coy, fi. Tho true mother stnrtc the action when she found out the foster parent" were Jewish Collins' decision crowned wltli success the Elllses 1 six-year light to keep custody of lllldy, « struggle that saw them exhaust most of their resources Shipyard Visit Set by Vinson Committee Lender Orders Aides Hero lo Study Subsidence Ily WILLIAM HHOOM (Indtp+rvtint \Vaihlni1on Burtiu) WASHINGTON -- Chairman Carl Vinson Thursday ordered a House armed services subcommittee to Inspect subsidence at Long Beach Naval, Shipyard before the full committee ends its hearings on new funds to counteract land sinking there. Rear Adm. A. G, Mumma, chief of the Navy's Hureau of Ships, said anangements will be made as soon as possible to fly the lawmakers to Long Reach. Vlnson's action Improved the outlook for approval of J4.0GO,- 000 In new subsidence remedial funds In the military construction bill now before the committee. The committee Is scheduled to wind up Its work in about 10 days and the Inspection ^rlp will have to be made within that time. FL'MlM roil the shipyard have Iwen tentatively knocked nut of the bill, but Vlmon's action holds out a possibility they can be restored before It goes to the House floor. Adm. Mummn and Rep, Craig llosmer in-Long Reach) testified before the committee Thursday. Unless the HOKO.OOO Is ap. (Continued on Page A-3, Col. 2) Since 19,V they had been In flight, living in seven cities before they moved to Miami Heach, The Florida governor, a Protestant, ruled that Massachusetts had built up a "synthetic" criminal case against the Kllises, loved, Hildy 1 * mother has do nled both these rights to her." "It was the Kllises In truth and In fact, who have been the JUNUIIAM, Man*. UI!--Mrii. .tliirjnrln MrCuy IJnherly, ninth, er nf lltllfl llllily McCoy,' laid Thursday night "I don't irmit to dllM'IIA thf decision" of flnv. Itl.'T, UK SAM) as the couple,, t , ( , |||n , ,,,,,,,,.,,,,. ,, Jrw| , h stood before him, It had been j fl , ( u |u , r ,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,, argued Hlldy's natural mother Imd the right to have the child Klnrlda. Informed of thp governor 1 * derlslnn by the United reared- In her own Cathollcj, ,,,, no|1BrtJ , fnlth. This right, he said, muati,^ n(( , |al|%1I) , nt ln ,,,,,,,,.. more fundamental yield "to rights." "The great and good Rod of all of us," Collins said, regardless of faith, grants to every ilnn't wnnt In itiwim Hit! ilnl ·Inn nr tlm can-." persons through whom God has |]«slired to Hlldy, these first two child first the right to be want, rights as one If His children," ed and secondly the right to tx 1 ... ... s nui!. When the governor announced his decision at · jam-packed hearing room, Mr, and Mrs, Melvln II. Ellis stood silently hold- Ing hands. Both were crying and neither could answer the questions of reporter!. "We're very, very happy," was all Kills could say. IIli wife sat In a chair beside him and muttered, "thank God, thank God," · · · · fOU.IN.H IIKAI) his three- page decision which he said he had Included In a letter sent Thursday afternoon to Massachusetts Gov. Foster Furcolo, who had requested the Elllses be sent back to Boston, There, the Kllises adopted lllldy 10 days (Continued on Page A-4, Col 5) ; Little Hodge Case' Bared CHICAGO'S COUNTY REASURY LOOTED AFL-CIO Unit Raps 3 Unions Laundry Workers Suspended,2 Others Placed on Probation $12 MUlion Fraud Suit in Oil Drill LOS ANGELES Wl-Two oil dex'elopen filed a 12-mllllon-dol- lar damage suit In superior court Thursday, claiming they were defrauded after they entered Into an agreement to hid on oil drilling rights off Seal Heach. J. It. Pcmberton and J. A. Olsen brought the action against ],onj Heach oilman A. T. Jer- glns, his son, Al Jerglns, the Superior Oil Co., and Its president, William Keck Jr. · · · · TIIK COMfLAlNT say« Pern- lierton and Olsen agreed In 1953 to bid with the defendants for drilling rights on submerged lands fronting Seal Bench. SALUTING LOVE WITH A KISS Crowning moment of triumph of love and devotion In an all too hectic world ... the moment when the sleep of a child, si.vyear-old Hlldy McCoy was inter- rupled at Miami, Fla., Thursday, by her foster parents, Mr. and Mrs, Melvln B. · Ellis with glad tidings and drowsy-eyed Hlldy Instinctively broke Into smiles and planted a smncklnc kiss on "Daddy."--(AP Wlrcphoto.) WASHINGTON (UP)-The 85,000-member Laundry Workers ^nlon was suspended from the AFL- CIO Thursday and two other unions--the Distillery Workers and Allied Industrial Workers--were placed on one-year probation for misuse of welfare funds. The precedent-setting crackdown by the AFL-CIO Executive Council came at the House Labor Committee scheduled hearings next week aimed at drafting legislation to protect union welfare funds against "pillaging," Chairman Graham A. Harden Bald some 40 million dollars was at stake, · In suspending the Laundry! Workers Union, the AFL-CIol^ SWISH, A SHANK AND SO LONG- 'high command announced that [it would recommend at the i AFL-CIO convention In December that the unloji be expelled [outright from the big labor or- |ganlzatlon, · · * · · ' THE ' TIIBEK unions were i accused some two yeari «go by a Senate committee of misuse of welfare funds »nd had been under Investigation by the AFL- CIO for about « year. A federal |; grand jury also is looking Into some phases of the cnse. The executive council ruled that the laundry workers had failed to abide by Its order of last February to clean house or face suspension at the council's current meeting. Therefore, It took the first step toward the union's ouster. Storm Deals OutU-S. Flag * · . More Mischief An unrelentitiK weather barrage sent new tornadic storms and crop-ruining floods rolling across the nation's midlands Thursday. Winds of hurricane force :ma»hed Dallas and Fort Worth, leaving flash floods eight feet deep, and' weather forecasters warned more tornadoi might hit parts of Kast Texas. Arkansas ind Louisiana Thursday night. To the north and east, flood least 55 weather-caused deaths since the latest weather on. slaught opened up Monday nighl with a tornado which ripped the outskirts of Kansas City, The latest fatality Thursday was one of those Injured in the Kansas City twister, bringing the city's death toll to 39. * · · · TIIK OTHER fatalities were all In Missouri and Indiana. In rom their homes In southern | dlana recorded" lt» second weatlv when Albert Dcvary, cresti Ohio built up on Ihe Missouri, and Mississippi rivers. Nearly 100 families were forced Illinois, farm activity WHS far| cr dca |h behind schedule in the Midwest: and plains states, and crop dam- aje In Oklahoma was already counted In the millions of dollars. The United Press counted at (Continued on Page A-4, Col. 1) L.A.C.SAYS:- Oil Hunger Th oitlmated 800 million barrels ol oil that might b* recovered from under Ih* ocean and beach within our city limlti li daily becoming more ol a danger., Two leparale ilalewide needs are turning the ye Jet Crashes, Misses Town . CRKSTVIEW, Fla. H'D--A flaming jet fighter barely missed the center of this west Florida town and crashed Into the.woodi Wednesday seconds after the pilot parachuted to safety. The pilot, Identified as Ma], Grady Morris. Jacksonville. Fin., and stationed at Nellls AFB, Lai Vegas, Nev,, balled out at 2,500 feet after the Jet caught fire. Atom-Test Shot of .tale"politician! to thele tldelandi. One Uiu. U the iput Off 9ill Day great need ol money by the itale lor 111 water project. It hai a tail* ol how easy tideland oil money can be had. But it leei now that what it hag had U but an appetizer far the real meal. The lecond iuue U that demands {or oil and gas axe running far ahead ot the amount the state produces. A* our population increases, our production ol oil and gas Is decreasing. A rice president oi the ' (Continued on Paye A-14) ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nev. (/n -- Postponed: wind. The Nevada Test Organization (NTO) Thursday posted this announcement concerning del»y of the projected atomic explosion for the ninth consecutive day. There WHS no extended forecast about the outlook for setting off the blast Saturday. . Trampled by Chinese TAIPEI (Friday) UP) -- An angry mob Invaded the American Embassy today, smashing furniture and trampling the U.S. Mag In protest against the acquittal of an Army sergeant who killed n Chinese peeping Tom. The mob stoned the Embassy building, smashing windows, and then Invaded the premises despite p o l i c e reinforcements rushed to the scene. Some of the demonstrators scaled the wall of the Embassy compound, tore down the Amer lean flag and trampled It. Then they tore It to ihreds. The demonstration was the worst Incident of Its kind against Americans since the Chinese Nationalists took over Formosa In 1945, The attack on the Embassy followed publication of (cathlng articles In Taipei papers term, ng the acquittal ,of M. Sgt. Ilobert n. Keynold* of Coloras, Md,, and Coatsvllle, Pa,, a perversion of Justice. Reynolds hud heen charged with Involuntary manslaughter. (Earlier ntflry Tupi A-ll) Hanging on the arm of her hubby, Playwright Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe exits smiling as they stride up the ramp for a train in Washington, D. C.' bound for New. York. Miller's trial on a charge of contempt of Congress concluded Thursday. Marilyn stayed with friends.--(AP Wlrcphoto.) , - - Miller Hearing Ends; Marilyn 'Confident' WASHINGTON (UP)--Playwright Arthur Miller's congressional contempt trial ended Thursday. His curvaceous movie star wife, Marilyn Monroe said she was "very confident" he would win acquittal. $768,000 Shortage Revealed Phony Check Total May Go Far Higher, State Attorney Says (Combined Wlr* Birvloi) .' CHICAGO -- A mas. tcr embezzlement scheme, reminiscent of the notorious Drvlllc Hodge scandal, has ooled the Cook County :ren.surer's office of about S7G8,000, officials revealed Thursday. Cook C o u n t y ( C h i c a g o ) Treasurer Herbert C. Paschen and State's Attorney Benjamin S. Adnmowsk! said In joint an« nounccment that two veteran employes had been suspended. A grand Jury Investigation was announced. Paschcn and Adamowskl said the money wan siphoned off over a 10-year period through phony checks drawn on the county treasurer. THIS WAS THE lame system of mass production thievery used by S t a t e Auditor Orville Z. Hodge, who Is now In prison for stealing two and one-half million d o l l a r s of the people's money. ., "There are overtonei of slm- llurlty with the Hodge scandal." Adamowskl, a Republican, laid, Pnschen, Democratic candidate for governor last year Until another scandal In his office forced him to quit the race, «aid, am deeply shocked--I knew Federal Judge C h a r l e s F. In the case of the 75000-JMcLaughlln, who heard the case ' 'without a Jury, delayed his vcr- sawmcnt to the lanky play- TIIK ACTIIKSS, w h o s e en. | Tho suspended employes arc ' Earnest Peterson, head bookkeeper, and Milton Baer, suptr* visor of foreclosure account*. , d , ,, ,,,,,,, member distillery workers, the council Raid It was not satisfied that they had cleaned house satisfactorily. It gave them n year to do so under AFL-CIO supervision. dlscTnlli'iVv ^cUoriaker'bv ° f ""T'" M , mnc *' Joie ^, L ' "I wouldn't care to comment cring a period since 1930. Ada- disciplinary action taken ny, , IRU|| Jr _ Bnd ,,,,,,,,, nt Umon ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ,, ^ ^ m(Wjkl sa , d ,,,,,,,._ howcvcri t n n t ( R n n t l n u n r t n ' n T a T n A R Col 7) Cation here just before she and ,,, ,, Ask ,; d ,, , hflt fl ddltlonal shortages dating back (Continued on Page A-B. Col. 7) | h e r p | HywrlK | lt husband boarded m c a n t she WBJ cxpc( . tln( . she to 1946 raised the figure In r/-vwr XT /- I-VTXT/-I ^ tral " '° r NCW Y ° rk '' laughed again and added': "It $768,000, and it might go much HOW YA GOING' Miss Monroe, wearing n tight-'means not at this time. We higher. rrf\ T^r'r'T* \vrir 1 fitting white nnd brown summer think It Is a personal niatter.j Paschen discovered the short- 1 (J JVJlillil , WM Idress, said she would not com-|I'd r a t h e r not sny anything 1 nges (luring a modernization of diet a week to give MMIcr's at- w , rl ': nt was made public during torneys time to file additional TM* aPPC«r«nce before the House * , C o m m i t t e e on Un-American ' r , arEUmcn "' I Activities which cited him for Questioning. The blonde movie actress, who contcm pt, refused to comment 1 . . . . did not attend the slx-dny trial, on her rumored approach to ' Tllr. NIIOKTAiiK was at first talked to reporters at the home motherhood. estimated nt about $500.000 cov. of Mil DOWN ON FARM The this moi j ment on the trial except to say about it." I that "I feel sure that In the end| Her husband, asked the same !he will Win his case. I mean, I'm question carller,.had replied thnt who grumpily sayi.: he cloudy. ex-! vcr y confident ot thnt. I'm not announcing It." bookkeeping methods. He then came to Adamowskl and asked a (Continued on Page A-8, Col, 1) plains today why he quit farm- Ing and became a laboring man. "Broke my leg on the farm and they sent me to a small, crowded hospital," he says, "I r e g a i n e d c o nsclousness, Girl Names Sinatra HOLLYWOOD l'.ni -- Dark- haired movie bit player Shirley Van Dyke, 29, took an overdose of sleeping pills Thursday In hollering from w h a t pol , cc sa | rt wn , ,, , u | c | dp Well Sir, Let's See If Drake Landed SACRAMENTO (KW -- The Senate Finance C o m m i t t e e wants to know Just where Sir "rands Drake landed In Marln County during hl« around the world trip In" the 16th Century. The committee approved n bill appropriating $20,000 for he study so the state could build a park on the site. . Clmiily places, pain, In the m a t e r n i t y Wardj of "'What you need Is lome twilight sleep,' the lady In the next bed said. I asked the doc for some but he said It was reserved for those In labor. "Same old story. Everything for labor and nothing for 'the farmer." Back From Anlarclic LONDON W -- The Soviet antarctic ship Lena returned from Its South Polar expedition Thursday and was greeted by cheering crowds at Leningrad, Ill/'NDKEDS OP seagulls and pelicans have died from an undlagnosed 111 n c s 9 on beaches north and south of Long I)each and State Game and Fish Department experts arc puzzled. Page A-2, TENTATIVE agreement on a wage boost for carpenters in this area has been reached In negotiations In Los Angeles, Story on Page A-S. , a t t e m p t ' after writing several rambling notes mentioning crooner Frank Sinatra and actor Tony Curtis. Miss Van Dyke was found unconscious on R couch in her apartment by a friend, Alice Iverson, 45, whom she had telephoned. Miss Iverson called police and after emergency treatment Miss Van Dyke was transferred to General Hospital where her condition was reported "good." "The ones I have renlly loved, Frank Sinatra, you've done me wrong. You're so big and I'm so small," one of the notes said. The note added, "To my Frank's, Jerry's, Tony's, Ulch- ard'i and last Valentine, Adlos." Miss Iverson told police that the actress was acquainted with Sinatra and Curtis and police reported one of the notes identified Tony as actor Tony Cur- married tq drummer Stan Levey by whom she has a 9-year-old son. The b o y , Robert, was asleep In another room of the apartment , a hospital Thursday, recuperating after writing a series of notes mentioning names of male movie stars and then swallowing sleeping pills. Police said it was a suicide attempt.--(AP Wirephoto.),.. . . - ,

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