The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on September 27, 1978 · Page 20
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 20

Galveston, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 27, 1978
Page 20
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6-B Wednesday Morning, September 27, 1978 Television Programs (Wednesday) BIG DANCE September 29,1978-9:00 P.M. till 1:00 A.M. Nessler Recreational Center in Texas Gty, Tex. Presenting for the first time AUGUSTINE RAMIREZ Y T1ERR CHICANA PPresole tickets at *5°° a person will be sold at the Nessler Center Thursday, Sept. 28th from 6:00 P.M. till 8:00 P.M. Doors will open at 7:00 P.M. the day of tht done* Bring Tim Ad For I ffUE Arimiu«m WiHi 1 PAID Admitfian Good foi these Ifjiuiei only C ovpoi ro< ft*e v" Vs.--«r, ^ p-' FL-W oaivi-iN sT/mnoo N. UONO'l 51 MGHI ^jsffiKWBBSwsaassaaszsisi^ GALVEZ PLAZA C 2S3S^ 744-5228 BROADWAY AT 61ST EXIT EVERY DAY'TU 1.-30P.M.-S1.5O So don'l qo straight ID see thit movie! CHEECH& CHONG'S UP IN SMOKE LAST2DAYSI [H 5TH SMASH WEEK! 12:20-2:15-4:10 6:05-8:00-9:55 NATIONAL " LAMPMN. AMIMA1 1:15-3:15-5:15 7:15-9:15 MOW SHOWING! 1:00-3:10 5:20-7:30 9:40 UNIVERSAL AMUSEMENT'S 52nd&Broodwoy 744 -4S5Q 'WESTWORLD^was for children, 'TiiRfWORLOiwas for teenagers, iSEXWORfiD' f s for aduHs!0 lESUt 80VH • SHARON TKORPf • OESIREE WfSI • AMSfH HUNT • ANNETTE HAVEN JOHNUSLK .J»«W!«HI-«NTHML.SUnn!H«UU<(l-U»Olf IBNC-JOtUmM r 1 .*»-., I, liUTrBOIINItUG •«.•<»• I. ««HONYl«lllUI'»««'liOI»N «>«•!«» J, J °"",V ! tHIMDN' »K1IUI • IJ. I—. I. tOM1 MtVI' • Ir-. i. '»>' ' CO! • «~ h»i r "^.i'i. I (, |[Mt IIHrlJK - »„• vtv^r.*, «0«i«l MMISatV.P.U-^^s^sr.ti C015<« —..MM, . I,«H TIIMNCI ODOKNd MlmCMKIUII • »~ MIMn>l.->IUNI > COI iSStw cun»Mi ] Plus: John C. Holmes in "SOS OF FULFILLMENT"! Matinees Daily No One Under 18 Admitted ' Late Shows Friday & Saturday ((Morningj) 5:00 ^rj© PTL PROGRAM 6:00 Q NOT FOR WOMEN ONLY fi$| NEW ZOO REVUE ffl VARIOUS PROGRAMMING CB Q?D THREE STOOGES; LITTLE RASCALS CD VARIOUS PROGRAMMING The Show (MON.), Kids Are People Too (TUE.S. Viva Houston (WED.). Black Outlook (THUR.). TurnOnlFfll.) 6:20 (6)Q SUNRISE SEMESTER 6:30 O THIS DAY O 89 RELIGIOUS PROGRAMMING Q ARTHUR SMITH SHOW Q CENTER FOR OPEN LEARNING 8 CBS NEWS VARIOUS PROGRAMMING Villa Alegre (MON.). Kids Are People Too (TUE.). Vegetable Soup (WED.). Animals (THUR.), Playmates, Schoolmates (FRI | 7:00 § TODAY SPEED RACER CBS NEWS MISTER ROGERS 03 TOM AND JERRY (El LEAVE IT TO BEAVER A.M.HOUSTON 7:30 QSt POPE YE Q SESAME STREET § MORNING SHOW <S) HAZEL GOOD MORNING AMERICA 8:00 O@i BANANA SPLITS (63 f) (D CAPTAIN KANGAROO (TO QD WOODY WOODPECKER JBQV LUCY SHOW 8:30 G©; LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Q EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) CBGD GREEN ACRES 9:00 e PHIL DONAHUE SHOW (3_9 MOVIE 'Affectionately Yours' (MON.)."'Phflff (TUE.). 'Saskatchewan' (WED.), 'Green Light' (THUR.). 'My Pal Gus' (FRI.) CARD SHARKS ALL IN THE FAMILY _ FATHER KNOWS BEST M.A.S.H. MOVIE 'The Redhead And The Cowboy' (MON.), 'Run Like A Thief (TUE.). 'Bad For Each Other' (WED.), 'Asylum For A Spy 1 (THUR.). 'Mr. Soft Touch'(FRI.) ffi GOOD MORNING HOUSTON 9:30 O HOLLYWOOD SOU ARES ®QCD PRICE IS RIGHT p© COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S 10:00 § O HIGH ROLLERS Q3 PARTRIDGE FAMILY HAPPY DAYS QO WHEEL OF FORTUNE ®O LOVE OF LIFE O EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) § 03 ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW JOKER'S WILD FAMILY FEUD 11:00 8 O AMERICA ALIVE @ CALENDAR GO O CD YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS © 09 MOVIE 'Sword Of The Empire' (MON.), 'Storm Over Lisbon' (TUE.), 'War Italian Stylian Style 1 (WED.), 'Silent Gun 1 (THUR.), 'Beach Blanket Bingo'(FRI.) § © HIGH HOPES $20,000 PYRAMID 11:30 GD O *D SEARCH FOR TOMORROW © MOVIE 'The Blazing orest' (MON.), 'The Flying Missile 1 (TUE.), The Lonely Man' (WED.), 'Interlude' (THUR.), 'In Saigon: Some May Live'(FRI.) (B RYAN'S HOPE ANOTHER WORLD FLINTSTONES PORKY PIG MICKEY MOUSE CLUB JENERAL HOSPITAL 2:30 MIGHTY MOUSE _JO M.A.S.H. Q EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) _ MICKEY MOUSFCLUB ALL IN THE FAMILY FLINTSTONES 3:00 DR. WHO _ ©> BUGS BUNNY; DAFFY DUCK Q MICKEY MOUSE CLUB (JQG MATCH GAME m Q3 SUPERMAN (MON..WED..FRI.) Batman (TUE.KAquaman (THUR ) § DINAH d?) SPACE GIANTS MOVIE (EXC.WED.) 'Impasse' (MON.), 'The World Of Suzie Wong' (TUE I. 'Shakiest Gun In The West' (THUR.I, 'Reluctant Astronaut' (FRt.l. ABC Afterschooi Special (WED.) 3:30 ODDCOUPLE Ifft FLINTSTONES LEAVE IT TO BEAVER )O DICK VAN DYKE UUAS, YOGA AND YOU SG3 WOODY WOODPECKER I ©GILLIGAN'S ISLAND 4:00 Q BOB NEWHART flQi SUPERHEROESSHOA Q 00 © I DREAM OF JEANNIE GDODD SIX MILLION DOLLAR MA™ 8 MOVIE (FRI.) 'Handle With re' § SESAME STREET ©TOM AND JERRY IN CONCERT: PAT BOONE . ED.) 4:30 § MARY TYLER MOORE flf KROFFT SUPERSTARS MYTHREESONS MOVIE (TUE.) 'Silver Streak' (TUE.), Baseball: Race For The Pennant (THUR.) © Q3 BATTLE OF THE PLANETS BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 5:00 SCENE AT FIVE S3 BEWITCHED MARY TYLER MOORE }Q HOGAN'S HEROES _ MOVIE (MON.,WED..THUR.) 'Zeppelin' (MON.), 'The Apple Dumpling Gang' (WED.), 'American Graflili' (THUR.) Q ELECTRIC COMPANY 26 NEW-Old Favorites •; CHICO AND THE MAN Mon-Fri. at 5 pm «,PV. © Q3 CHICO AND THE MAN (D(|) NEWS IB © ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW 5:30 NBC NEWS BEVERLY HILLBILLIES CBS NEWS BOM SANFORDANOSON MYTHREESONS NEWS (( Evening^) 6:00 GGCeJGffi NEWS QQ9; BRADY BUNCH Q OVER EASY Host: Hugh Downs. Guests: U. Utah Phillips, folk-linger and storyteller; and Rollo May. psychologist. (1QJ03 NEWLYWEDGAME CD CBS NEWS CB 015 CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS Gu est. Vincent Price. 6'. 30 B BONKERS Q9; 1 LOVE LUCY Q NEWLYWEOGAME C63O BEWITCHED Q MACNEILLEHRER REPORT 00; 133 CAROL BURNETT AND FRIENDS CD P.M. MAGAZINE CB © MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL Atlanta Braves vs Houston Astros (2 hrs.. 30 mins.) CB NAMETHATTUNE 7:00 Q O DICK CLARK'S LIVE WEDNESDAY Guests: Suzanne Somers, Barry Manilow, Natalie Cole, Melissa Gilbert and Edgar Bergen. Magician Steve Baker will attempt to outdo Houdini's famous underwater escape. (60 mins.) GUNSMOKE O CD THE JEFFERSONS Allan Willis, the 'while sheep' of the racially-mixed Willis family, arrives in town after a several year absence and finds things ju st as he left them, hostile. (Pt. I. of a two-part episode) O MOVIE -(COMEDY- DRAMA)' * "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" 1975 Jack Nicholson, Louise Fletcher. Free-spirited drifter feigns mental illness to be transferred from a prison farm. Struggling against the ward's oppressive system he lends his fellow inmates a sense of hope. (R) (2 hrs.. 9 mins.) Q GREAT PERFORMANCES The Berlin Philharmonic with Herbert Von Karajan accompany cellist Mstislav Rostropovich in a classic performance. (60 mins.) © 03 MOVIE-(DRAMA) " 'Lady From Peking" 1971 Nancy Kwan. (2 hrs.) CB EIGHT IS ENOUGH Joannie's professional debut as an actress becomes a bittersweet conflict of interest for Tom. torn between his role as proud parent and his unexpected assignment as theatre critic. (60 DISCO (( Afternoonj) 12:00 _J(D NEWS , . ERRY MASON LL MY CHILDREN 12:30 DAYS OF OUR LIVES _ J GD AS THE WORLD TURNS Q EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING (UNTIL 3:30) ©03 ACCESS 1:00 F.B.I. ^ GREEN ACRES 5NE LIFE TO LIVE 1:30 DOCTORS QD GUIDING LIGHT GETSMART I I LOVE LUCY 2:00 SUBSCRIBE TODAY! 744-3611 presents another "SUPER DISCO PARTY" with a DANCE CONTEST 1st PRIZE.... 2nd PRIZE 3rd PRIZE. .^.. FRIDAY, 9:00P.M.'till-.00 A.M. MOODY CIVIC CENTER (UPSTAIRS) SOMETHING SPECIAL MONTEREY DINNER 3 2 19 REG. 3.75 89 DINNER ENCHILADA^ DINNER ^ RJEQ. 3425 REG. 2.65 MEXICAN ^K^ RESTAURANTS WEDNESDAY ONLY mins.) 7:30 ffi O (D IN THE BEGINNING 8:00 OQ WEDNESDAY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES 'Zuma Beach' Stars: Suzanne Somers, Mark Wheeler. A once-popular singer becomes involved with the problems of a group of teenagers when she goes to the beach to unwind and forget about her faltering career. (2 hrs.) O 3?; MOVIE -(MYSTERY- DRAMA) The Borgia Stick" 1967 Don Murray, Inger Stevens. Suspense drama depicting the underworld infiltration into American business which focuses attention on major crimes billion dollar investment in legitimate secu» riles. (2 hrs.) GDfHD WEDNESDAY NIGHT MOVIE 'Three Days Of The Condor' Stars: Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway. A government researcher for the CIA becomes involved in international espionage when his co-workers are massacred. (2 hrs., 25 mins.) Q MAKING TELEVISION DANCE Choreographer Twyla Tharp explores the creative relationship between television technology and modern dance. Performances include a rehearsal ol 'Once More Frank' with Mikhail Baryshnikov and the premiere of 'Country Dances.'(60 mins.) (B CHARLIE'S ANGELS Kelly falls in love with the handsome stunt-flying grandson of a notorious crime figure whose enemies intend to see that the young man doesn't live to inherit the family fortune. (60 mins.) 9:00 O THE PALLISERS Family tensions boil when Lord Silverbridge bucks the family's Liberal Party heritage by winning a seat in Parliament as a Conservative. The young lord irks his father's ire when he romances a beautiful American woman, whom Plantagenet considers an unsuitable commoner. (60 mins.) (fgj Qi) MERV GRIFFIN Guests: Orson Welles, Joey Travolta. (60 mins.) ffl© UNTOUCHABLES © VEGAJ A woman is killed and Dan discovers it was a case of mistaken identity, which leads him into the lives of three attractive Beverly Hills' socialites who go to Las Vegas for fun and adventure away from their hu sbands. (60 mins.) 9:30 O BASEBALL: RACE FOR THE PENNANT 10:00 e Q tuB NEWS (S8 DICK VAN DYKE SHOW O MOVIE -(THRILLER)** "Ruby" 1977 Piper Laurie, Stuart Whitman. This lady's a tough, hard-drinking eccentric manager of a rtrive-in movie near a forbidding Florida swamp. (R)(85 mins.) O DICK CAVETT SHOW 'Is English a Dying Language?' Part 11. Guests: Edwin Newman; John Kenneth Galbraith; Agnes DeMille; and John Simon. ©Q3 GONG SHOW CB® LOVE EXPERTS 10:25 ®QOD NEWS 10:30 O O THE TONIGHT SHOW Guest host: Don Rickles. (90 mins.) B © 700CLUB EVENING AT POPS 'Steven DeGroote' South African pianist and winner of the 1977 Van Cliburn International Quadrennial Piano Competition, Steven DeGroote joins Arthur Fiedler and the Pops. (60 mins.) _ LOVE EXPERTS (J?) MOVIE -(FANTASY)'" he Seven Faces Of Dr. Lao" 19&4 Tony Randall, Barbara Eden. A western town is brought to it's senses by parables performed by Dr. Lao's traveling circus. (2 hrs.) Q) BONANZA 10:55 fD O (D CBS LATE MOVIE 'Hawaii Five-O: The Flipside Is Death' A daring bank robbery is carried out under the cover of a mock military emergency squad. (R) 'Kojak: Sister Maria' Stars: Telly Savalas, Kevin Dobson. (R) 11:00 (Joj 09 EL HIJO DE ANGELA MARIA 11:30 a MOVIE -(DRAMA)" "Two ties For Sister Sara" 1970 Clint Eastwood, Shirley MacLaine. A whiskey-swilling nun and a rough, tough mercenary gunslinger collide. Action and adventure combine with comedy during the 19th century revolution in Mexico. (PG) (105 mins.) O ABC CAPTIONED NEWS ffi POLICE WOMAN-S.W.A.T. Police Woman-'Bloody Nose' Pepper becomes involved with a paranoic priest and his wife, resulting in her cover being broken. (R) S.W.AT.-'Dealers In Death' Hondo sends Doma Luca and T.J. on special assignment to track down the supplier of sophisticated automatic weapons being used in a series of crimes. (2 hrs., 15 mins.) 12:00 0 Q TOMORROW Host'. Tom Snyder. Guests: Kitty Kelly, author of 'Jackie Oh!', Lester David, author of 'The Lonely Lady Of San Clemente' (60 mins.) O SSJ NEWS gift @| PTL PROGRAM 12:30 G39j NIGHT GALLERY ffi rjj ATLANTA BRAVES REPLAY 12:55 NEWS 1:00 MOVIE -(MUS1CAL- "Cocoanut Grove" 1938 Fred MacMurray, Eve Arden. Comedy with music about band making their way to Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles for an audition. (105 mins.) 1:45 (B NEWS 2:45 § Q3 MOVIE-(DRAMA)'* "The I In the Kremlin" 1957 Lex Barker, Zsa Zsa Gabor. A secret agent uses Stalin's mistress in a plot to assassinate him. (2 hrs.) 3:00 NEWS 3:20 MAVERICK 4:20 (B © WORLD AT LARGE 5:10 (B® NEWS 5:30 JB® ROMPER ROOM NETWORKS AND STATIONS, RESERVE THE RIGHT TO MAKE CHANGES WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY SPECIAL SHRIMP GUMBO BY THE BOWL OR TO GO BY THE PINT PO-BOYS SHRIMP-FISH CRAB - HAM ROAST BEEF SHRIMP DINNERS 8 FRIED or 18 BOILED *3.90 DINE IN OR TAKE OUT SHRIMP 'N STUFF RESTAURANT 3901 Ave. O — 763-2805 OPEN n-OOA.An. DINE LEISURELY UNT/l 7:30 P.M. CLOSED SUNDAY TRY DAD'S PLACE, FISHERMAN'S WHARF Inn-troducing the new Super Salad Bar. Pizza Inn features the new Super Salad Bar. Try it... Ws've got a feeling you're gonna like it. p.................^ Buy one pizza, i get the next smaller size free, i c "~' ' ^^—^— With thij coupcA buy any Qtara. Large ty rrtedum uze I pzia at regular menu p«»ce and receive one p«a ol the next smaller are with equal number o* • mgredents tree Present this coupon with * guest crx«-b • Valid thru Oct. 4,1978 SS-1 Coupon Not Vabd For Gourmet Pizzas 2101 BROADWAY 763-1660 Pizza inn. tt \Wve got a fcding you're gonna Kkt NE WSCENTER11. THE NEWS HOUR BACKED BY WALTER CRONKITE. WEEKDAYS AF 5. Walter Cronkite stands behind Newscenter 11. One hour behind, to be exact. Watch the CBS Evening News at its new time: 6 p.m. And warm up for Walter with Newscenter 11. Houston's only full hour newscast. Newscenter 11 will go to any length to bring you local news. After all, we've got Walter Cronkite looking over our shoulders. Newscenter 11 and Cronkite. ^"^A/ewscenferl

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