Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 47
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 47

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 47
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KWM T« 91 S PRUDHOM'S INCOME TAX SERVICE 31 vrs. «mt location AIM ATLANTIC Ave. GA 74979 fti St«l« (Hem D«d IIS «. UD. [AX consultant, 15 vtars exo. Your home or oHtce. SalarlKJ or wact earners. Federal 1. State comalete, »12.50. 632-3SS5 INCOME TAX fxo. tax consultant In vour home 10. State Federal. 42! -un "AX consultant.?! vr$. t-xo. Bonded, 7 days, ill nrs., vour home, my olc.. Mr. lurt, «5^5JO; 4399545. 'UBLIC ACCOUNTANT. 1 come to vouf home or office. Call secretary l»r aoot. J2I-J013 EXPERT TAX SERVICE - W.50 UP. 43M534 or at-Kli ' TAX EXPERT 21 YR. EXP. In Your Home 512-- (35-6971 KOUSEN Tax S«rv. m your Home. Reas. rates. Mr. Coob. 597.1963 Home or office S2 uo. 856-3555. 'Sill Ittiness 940 Opportunities 52-58 KEGGER Btrr Bar, same owner 15 yrj. Mrs. 10 lo S P.m. Hard to believe but true money maker! si 0,000 will handle, property included. Good Bf Hflowcr location. J 8 REALTY WA 5-3000 MAJOR OIL CO service station for lease in Garden Grove's new underpound utility district. Excel opportunity. Invest- FRANCH '?N E TRODUCT,ONS, Do vou need S70M annual inrome? Want to operate your own business from an ofc.? Verv *m. irwest- ment. inio 8-5 o.nri. 714 £70 4480. $2000 FULL INVESTMENT Fire extinguisher business INTERVIEW SALESMEN {5131 4i9-i5EO 6BMB53 alt. 5 Liquor!! (Owner Died) widow must sell at once. Best Long Beach ares. Gross 513,500. Good lease. Phone 599-2^01. LIQUOR-- DELI. DEPT. In esiabl Super Mkt. Bio DISCOUNT for cosh buvcrl FRIEDLAND CO. 432-5072 Now closed, account death In fam- Ilv. Will not rrnnen. Musi srll tn sMIIr Estate. Lister ROflltv anvtim* 425-6486 unlimited POP. tor voung man w/nifincv .ambition, reauires SJOr»--terms. 7 P.m. to 10 p.m. tor ^m.oint. 423-B80B Donut House -- beautiful Priced for oulcfc sale. For Info call Mrs. Becker owner. 7H-B26-3731 SflljnwiCH Sriou, 4 coin-on pool tables, iuke box and restaurant wiuiD. After 2 p.m.. 531-8901. RE-.SIAURANT, clean seals 40. 4256 E. Anaheim, new crpts. prkno. IWOO P.P. or rcas. offer. 436-0171 KERN County- Cocktail Bar, dining dancing. $30,000 dnwn or tradr. 863-08c8 or (714) 526 6997. BARBER SHOP, Artesia. 2 chairs, good business. Rent S6D mo. Must sell, S1000 cash, firm. 865-9153 Used IV Gilt Shop. P.P. 57,500. LUIer Rllv. Anytime 42.5-6486 8MAI 1. market w/Beer ?. wine. Cafe. By owner. 10341 Long Beach Blvd. Lynwood after 3 p.m. only. 100' FRONTAGL, S/W cor, 1/th 5, Atlantic 2 brm house, gas station, renalr oaraoe, Rltr, HE 2-1030 BEAUTY caulo, supplies, or bus ness + above. See lo appreciate. Call for aoot. FJves ?. Sun. 925-11Q5 CAR WASH S. GAS iU.000 Gr. Small iiw. 1 hlcr Rltv. Anvtime 425-6436 AUTO REPAIR -- Wonderful rVau- tMinn. 5-mnn coeration. Raroa n *t $14,300. Gannon's. GA 38426 CANDY SUPPLY ROUTT LlOUOR LICENSE rtBTFR-- 50 kecjs. Own qnmes. S1200 mo. 514,500. BBB GA 3-0965 CANCELLATION DEADLINES Sunday ... 4 p.m. Friday. All other days . . . on ads less than 140 ines 3 p.m. day before publication. ***BBBH ^w PwWWvW T^V £H[NCHILLAS r CAN MU ^gjY | ^OJJR INCOME POTENTIAL UNLIMITED .'SMALL INVESTMENT .'TRAINING PROGRAM .'WORK IN HOME OR GARAGE .·WON'T INTERFERE WITH .'PRESENT OCCUPATION .'FINANCING PELTS PURCHASED HERE. (Ogr R»re»rs only) UNIVERSAL CHINCHILLA BREEDER 1150 E. ASH. FULLERTON. 714-870-1063 or 529-2161 CAt L COLL C CT RANCH OPEN (or INSPECTION SAT.. SUN. 10 AM. lo 5 P.M. TEXACO OFFERS Modern three bay ranch type unit Now available in Long Beach CALL MIKE DONNELLY at 835-826 1 days OR CALL DON ROBERTS at 422-8952 eves LIQUOR -- BY OWNER. Gross 9 t . Rent ISO. S29.750 + STOCt-' Mrs 7-7, closed Sun. ".olidavs. SNACK SHOP -- In D-lrklng lot of pcyitlar discount siore. Owner tired. S25.000 P.P. Or take workino partner. GANNON'S. GA 3 S426 CLEANING PRESSING S. LAUNDRY. Norge Vlllaoe Professional coin operated. Call owner. 7719811 BARBER SHOP-- 1 chain, 2 working, no reasonable offer refused 428-423-1. di Cnerry Delamo, NLB. 633-8476 after 7 BEAUTY~salon. Bv owner, Ltcwd orea. Established 7 yrs. Profitable, good loc. Write Box A-3EOO, Ind. Press-Telegram, cm Pine, L.B. DRY Cleaning Agency Mgr. CXD. alterations. Percentage, xlnt. opportunity. Stonrwoort Cleaners. 8ftl- KOSHER-STYLE DELI 20 yis. bust L.B. loc. Xlnt terms FRIEDLAND CO. 432-5073 EGG roule. Start vour own. We supDlv coos wriQlCLflle from our ranch. Call for prices t info. (71J 5!7-A86d BEER BAR", must sacrifice-W.OQrj T.P. or moke offer. TERMS. .1371916 or 865 9750. SANDWICH SHOP XLiil. loc. Must sell. J32-1277 FRIENDLY BEER BAR. Rounduo, 6727 Long Beach Blvd. Low down. 537-JBI5 after 5 D.m. BIXBY Knolls Coffee shop family restaurant. "Cxcell. ootentia!" Off street Parkino. Ph. 428-2114 CARPCT A Uohnlslerv rlennino, orosperous business. Net $1000 month. After 5 p.m. 457-2841 LOVELY" Beauty salon '-- Seal Beach. Reduced fi*om M500 to $1250. Call 596^505. AUTO PARTS store-machine hhop. South Ray area. Inventory plus equipment, illness. FR 2-119B LIQUOR STORE. Mom and Pop livino Quarters In back. 510,000 mo. 834-3715. COCKTAILS -- Rixhv. S?0,000 Hn. Consider units Bel. Hts. Ant. 4V 0764 FOR SALE -- Small socci.ilitv res taurant, NLB. Low dn. payment. Call before 2 a.m. 423-2970 CHICKEN-TO-GO. Complete .4 to 9 Only S4000 diwn. Agt. 437^764. Nr. College. Terms. Apt. 437-0744 BfcfcR -- 8 ooer $7500 -f month. Call CLIFF for terms. «7-0764 BCCR -- "Tiki decor." Apt. area. J20CO down. Agt. 437-0764 RADIATOR -- Muffler bodv shoo on PCH. Terms. Aqt. 437-0764 opcr. Norwalk. 53000. 424-4171 AUTO repair garaoe for lease, xlnt. loc. 435-0309; ffves, 596-9595 Inc. Net 20%. 423-4963, Hiatt. CONCESSION Trailer equipped 16'^ perfect condition. 925-0912 LAD ITS Sportswear, downtown Long Beach. Ask for Mgr. 436-2143 RFSTAURANT for sole, seats 63, S68-9133 BEAUTY salon. 52000 terrm avail. In busv area. 421-2060 S F*NAN S cfAL NS SECURITY AND NO JOB LAYOFFS RICHFIELD DEALER -- WEEKS PAID TRAINING --FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE -LOCATIONS AVAILABLE CALL Henry Rocha MA 9-41 II FOR STATIONS AVAIL. IN L.A., SAN FERNANDO VALLY 1. SAM GABRIEL VALLEY Aft. i tun. wknos. RH. 2I3;'«« 4931 Bob Abbott 7 14-774-0800 FOR STATIONS AVAIL. IN SO. BAY, E. SAN GABRIEL VALLEY. ORANGE COUNTY I SOUTH Alt.'* urn, wknds. Rfis. 714. 525 4035 FOR YOUR BUSINESS VENTURES Cneck firs! with the clearing house. We offer the following for vour consideration: C E S S P O O L SERVICE-- GIFT SHOP TRAILER PARKS-- BEER BARS COCKTAIL LOUNGES-- GUEST HOME-- LIQUOR STORE fc COFFEE SHOPS. R.E. Slore. «7- 5427. eves: -121.403S. Restaurant Beer 4 Wine COMPLETE-readytogo LEASE OR? xlnt location, wsti 100 next TO Marrl's pizia. Air cond. etc. Call at Marrl's atttr 3: p.m. for Dortlculart. 449 E. BEER BAR by Owner -- paneled Beauty, 2-BR. aot., 2-car oaraoe, no contracts, too manv extras to list. Asking S11.SOO-- S2.000 dn. or consider eauitv on 3-BR. house. Principals only! SAVE. 83CM361 NOVELTIES, party goods, cards. A business that's different. Onlv MOOD dn. tony Faust. 112! W. Lincoln, Anaheim 714--535-9339 Business Oppor- 945 tunities Wanted WANTED to lease or rent a garaoe with at least 1 Hydraulic lifts. Will be used for automotive alignment and braki shoo. Ph 429-0867 aft. 5 PM WANTED-- Laroe Beer Bar or Cocktail Lounge in (or near) downtown Area. Send full details to: Robert, Money to Loan on 955 Real Estate CASH One di*v on aand titlft 1st 2nd R.E. Loans Payments on seconds low at $8.33 mo. -for $1000 Int only We Come to Your Home Day cr Eve. 7 day week AAMES MORTGAGE CO. 432-7474 860-5544 It MR. PHONE SERVICE REALTOR LOANS ON HOMES, FLATS. STORES O.Y.O., APARI'MENIS, LOTS Fast -- Lowest Payments on 1st i 2nd Loans FOR REFINANCING, TAXES, Remodeling I Medical bllll SHOP «. COMPARE COST TlltrRf: IS A DIG DIFPrRCNCE HANBERY'S 3?00 E. BROADWAY GF. .341? NEED MONEY? Borrow on votir noniff ORANGE Julius. Illness forces sate. 1 1ST A 2nd R.E. Loans-Any amount Lvnwoori nr. Sears. 639-3497 1 AAMES MTGE. CO. 432-7474 |^^H PERFORMERS! From autos to zither* . . . everything goes in the Independent, Press-Telegram Classified Section. Thousands of these powerful little money-saving ads are published e v e r y week . . . itudied by tens of thouiandi of cur readers. A peor'e-to-peo- ple marketplace for the Southland--What have you got to tell? 8jJP«ff Classified Ads Tfci bithluitt Mtri WmtM Win! U» 4 lndtpiii'Mti PrMf.TtltptM NttiiM HttllRMl long Beach HE 2:5959 Wltewtr TO i-1721 U*«w**4 M M7M A«4M ^HM '· V f AAl ^^·M^W WWWT* IWI /"/^^l MMty M LMM M 911 ···1 btaf* 1ST t 2ND REAL ESTATE LOANS CASH FAST Consolidate Bills BORROW ON YOUR PROPERTY EXPERT COUNSELING IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME. South Bay Mortgage Co. Contact Broker Direct Days-- Evenings -- Weekends JZ?:L!*L.- *Zy.'-Z* RETIRED COUPLE hoi money to lend on 1st i 2nd mortoaoes. Coll Bkr. 860-2294 WANT QUICK ACTION? 1100,000. new £vall. for Isf L Jndi. GORDON GETZ BKR. Toll Free S31-4533 LOAN-- Rcftrt. Proo. 2nd TD's. NO LOAN COMMISSIONS. Coll Mr. Varner. Toll Free, CAO-7517. Seaboard indust. Finance Co. NEED MONEY? Borrow on your home. LOWEST CHARGES. RAPHAEL Realtor HA 9-59)7 43S E. Spring Trust Detds 960 Will Buy Today YOUR 1ST OR 2ND LOANS TOP PRICE. NO WAITING. HANBERY'S 3?00 ET. Broadway GE 4 3419 20% DISCOUNT on several will secured 2nd TD's on booming Orangt Co. property, 10% Int.. 3 yr dite date Phont or wi'ite for free Inlo. sheets. Beverly Jackson Realty, 17171 Beach, Hun- tingion Beach, 7U-3J7-6033 i CASH ON HANO -- 1 PAY TOP SI l tor 1st i 2no TD's. Quick action. Get free bid. Call ULM 43J-5751 QUICK..CASH FOR TD'S BRACKEN MTG. CO. HE 2-79W $2055 1ST TD oays $45 mo. 6% Interest 15% discount. Elsinore Drooer- ty. 42-1-OU5 CASH FOR TDs METRO REALTY CO. 597-3437 Money Wonted 94 B construction. One o! tne linest in Lono Beach. 3 years old. 3 Units, all electric, air cond., dishwasher, tile batht kitchens, S oaraoes. G'OSSK aoorox. SI 5, 000 yr. The 1st ADurox. SSO.OOO. Property worth St 40,000. 599 1833 WANT J4Q.OOQ -- Going business. Fire forces owner to build new business building. Red Top Rlty GF 9-2179 GE 9-3465 10% 2ND, 51500-530 Der mo. 5 vrs. 10% 2nd 53500-S70 per mo. 5 vrs. + P.P.P. good eaulties. American $11,000 8% first Owen REX HODGES CO. «7-l251 NEED 1st loan S7000. Pav 8%. Small homt told SIO.OOO. Bkr. 423-0463 7V3% 1ST trust deeds. Various amounts above 55,000. Rank-tvDfr security. Mr. Campbell. HES-S6B1 PRIVATE cenltol wanted tor 1st -2nd TDs as nigh a 10%. Bkr. X22- 7917 NFED 522,000 1st T.D- on 6 Sunwt Beach units. Lots worth more than loan wanted. 592-1412 eves. WANT smo. 2nd T.D. willing lo oav 10%, 1 vr due date. Priv ply Call after 6 p.m. NE 1-5431 (Public Lltl.) J2500. 847-1270 $ home,"?'.', with 15%° disc. 3 42*5684 1 1 | iMii lE^TTA if £ Real Estate Wanted 980 OVER 321 HOMES SOLD since Jan. 1st, I'M. For FREE evaluation or purchase of ertuity-- call NOW --No obliQdtlon. D. Van Lizzen Rlty 5 9 1 - 1 3 6 1 HAVE TO SELL YOURS? CASH ADVANCED TRADE-IN PLAN Have All Cash Buyers For 2- i 3-bdrm. homes. Lakewood, Plaza, Carson Park Lot Altos area. Clean or dirty. Call . . . L. Lamanto 431-210J John Read Rltv HA 5-4416 DON'T LOSE IT ! ! WE'LL BUY IT ! ! Richards Rlty. HA 5- 1251 ! OUTRIGHT PURCHASE ! WE'LL BUY YOUR HOME ON FASI ESCROW--FREE EST. THE REAL ESTATE STORE 434-5731 597-3391 SOLD OUTII NLB listings urocntly needed. RATAJACK REALTY GA 3-5J68 5913 Oranac Aft. A p.m. GA 3-3975 HAVE buvers for 2 3 bdrm nomei. We BUY- SELL-TRADE. AL RUTZ Realty 591-3366 Wanted 3- 4-bdrm. homes Hove buyers, will advertisf. PAGE CUNNINGHAM GA 4-8113 come. Call today. ROYAL 634-3430 NEED 2 3-Br. hotneS in BHIflow- CASH FOR YOUR HOUSE WHITE RFA1 TY ASSOC. 594-2454 QUICK cash to owner. Need 2 or 3 Br. near Douglas. Bkr. HA 1-1761 CASH 1 WEEK for your house. FOREMOST REALTY ME 4-3055 Howard Kogan, Rltr. 438-0871 LISTINGS wanted. Have anxious buyers. McGrath Shank Co. --39-2121 Real Estate 985 Exchanges HAVE 5 BR. HOME 4- f. 1-Brs. close in. Clrflr. Want mnrf units, TDS ir submit. HAVE 2-bedroom home +4 units, Wriglev. Clear. Want units, TDs or submit. II vou have a Trarie, cnll i match It un with one of ours. JACK BERRO HE 2-3444 3 BR. i FAMILY RM. 1 Bath. POOI . Last Lono Beach home for Rossmoor home. Eq. MOULD REALTY HA 57496 HAVE: S35,000 eauitv in 8 newer deluxe units. ?-Br. -f owner's 3-br., 2-bath. income $11-500 -- Asking $64 900 WANT: 3-Br.. 2-ba. in City Ciilege vie. SUBMIT all trades! /MOORE HAJ8481 CLEAR 10'U'S, Pacific Ave. -- 6 US E. 5th. Also ooori rquities In 4 2- 3-br. houses. All or part for more U's. Owner. 436-2641 WANT units or stores. Have pood $39,000 2nd TD. Owner. 963-2915 or Eves. (313) 788-4493 HAVE TRADES. Write or Call SAL OCCHIPINH R E A L T Y 2005 Palo Verde, L.B. 598-5577 TRADES--UP DOWN HE 6-J3J5 PICKERT 11!? E. Ht St. SACRIFICE 14 UNITS" 1750 mo inc nice r.rca GE 9-M79 4 AC.. Ml. clcor, sen or exchange for good units. Civdc Mason Rltr. 428-2790 975-7314 BY OWNER-- 6 units S650 Income Wilt consider clear house 434-5553 B^«|MA^ · IB^^^LJ^C^ 4A4l WMHWm IHWITTIW f TV (FMULI BelShort, business ernr. S stores 2 trot acts cai tx of- (·?* which are needed here. PRICED TO SELL A-l REALTY SERVICE 433-0403 SHOPPING CENTER 5 stores * rni for iDd.tsion. In booiiina Orane* Co. 0*'npr will trace L.R. Easlstde. Submit GE 9-0347 MC CONKEL GE « 2U1 REX L HODGES CO. Commercial-Indus- 995 trial (Sites-Lots) 75,000 SO FT. INDUSTRIAL 570.000. We Have Oltiers, call SPECIAL SAVINGS BY OWNER 60x283 R-3 tot. Barn older nouif . C-3 Lot on Paramoynt SKs S t 5 S ; 0 Good ttrms. Bkr. HA 5-1211 Income Property 1000 (FOR SALE) -A-A P|pY ntaliiYo^'- J-i i 1 ! C A -- L-* "' LJ A t. ,-^ Spanish design-Gold Mod. Loe. 3 BR, 2 Da, firepl. pnv vd. i 3 ?-BR rentals-tenants ouarrtntfed. 6 car end. oarfloe-ioe DatiDi. Air cond. -f all extra feature]. Open House-Salurdav A SundAv. 4112 Green Ave., Lcs AMmilos 423-4558 430-1134 1 1 1 1 PINE AVE. 12 SIZEABLE Unit* on 50M50' lot. alley, tor onvious personal reasons owner ion-p't lo veil Price 15S.COO. SUBMIT. Lloyd C. Leeaom Rltr. CLAIR LEEDOM GE TS57S _3XM E.. Anaheim _ GE ?-?HJ 5 U BELMONT SHORE Corner loc. Nr. beacn and *.hom. 5 turn. 1 Br. soot less acts. 3 gar. The $7920 vrly. inc. easily raised. Owner will finance w'reas. down. A-t REALTY SERVICE 433-0403 5?23 F. ?nd St. Customer oarkino 4 UNITS-- $37,500 4-2 bedroom studios, Income ^3'0 mo. should he more. o«s olt-ms, ww caroet A drapes, only SSOOO down. Rex L Hodges 867-7273 "s'UNltS-EASTSTDE $?9 1 500-lnLome S9S5 mo Bit-in elcc. siovca-Aqe s Vi- Lovely court on 2 lois-Scp garacnsl Will trade for ? on 1 or dolx. ILINE PETERS HE 6-7278 i 16 UNITS + POOL Gold Medallion, oautiful condition. Price less than / X's cross. Will sell or hade. JOHN READ Rlty W35 Soring Open Eves. HA 1-17,1 ~BY OWNER-- 4 UNITS Lor Bird In Bell 3--2 hdrm .S yrs old w/w carpet, bit ins Nice A urge 1--1 hdrm. older S3ES mo. Inc. 533,750. Full price 52,750 dn. Take over a net nei money maker. LO 4-/43S DOWNTOWN CORNER 3 store rooms Dlus 14 rooms f, acts. Fully occuoled. Income S6B5 mo J5?,500 Low down Ph. Cooper Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 Attention Investors! V,'* return on 6 units In Wriolev 4 l-bdrms. 2 2-bdrms. 5 furn. Must see to aoorc. Only 154,000. JOHN READ Rlty 6345 Spring Open Ecvos HA 1-1751 .STOP LOOKING! 1 have the 10 units you want. 7 Years new! No vacancy. Good location. \Q".'- spendable. Coonrr Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 $55 to Gi-- 3 UNITS. mcnt. Close !o DOWNTOWN. JOE GA 7-5418; cues 126-237I REX L HODGES CO. 3 Units-- $21,950 Lovely 2-Br. house S- sninll dunlex. TOP CONDITION. TOP INCOME Easy to buy! HOWARD RUTLEK REALTOR 6176 ATLANTIC AVE. GA 3-6478 PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP 3-2 bdrms i-l bdrms. Eastside. A-l cond. Always rented. Un- furn. Long time tenants. $85,000. Submit Iradei or down. Norm Ide Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 INVESTIGATE NOW 6'/2 X's Gross w/xlnt financing. 5 Units, nil 3 Br's, low vacancy Ethel Henry 426-7855; 426-3324 REG DUPUY REALTY 8 UNITS Good location. Income S1S5 mo. Priced MTM,900. Low dn. Cooper Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 --WANTED-Have client with 130,000 cash Need 10 to 12-units- East L .B. or other oood location. Call . . . Bkr 598-2456 cvc: HA 9-6463 8-UNITS-- $49,900 55,000 dn. Assume good financing. Woll-keut units, no vacancy. Income 17500 -- SUBMIT!! .'MOORE HA l-Stai oan charge or oav oft oenaitv, with 513,000 dn. on 4-2 brs. 8. cor. lot, DOtential income S560. Unfurn. Equity build-up under free fcnt 8. Oood inc. tax shelfrr. HE 5-E445. BELMT. Hts. Fixer-upper. 9 units. Try $4900 dn. Fin. S47.000 at S405 mo. Inc. S700 Bcvlngton Rex Hodges Co. 4 3 7 - 1 2 5 1 A RARE BUY! 16 Units, Pool, 6 vrs. old. il,J50 nc. Flexible terms. Drive bv 2-74 Lewis. Bv npot. Dlease. Call Mabrv RltV GE 3-3471 GE S-57H2 OWNER MUST SELL 5 sharp stucco uniis 1 ?-br.. J 1- br., t oar. Pr. $43,501) or submit. Ed Grant Realty 59S-33SS FIX-UP 4 UNItS. $16.000 PAYMENTS S104 MONTH Pot. income S?40 unlurn. or S300 '""^ELLISON RFA! TY 59M317 SHARPEST 3 UNIT BLDG. IN E A S T LONG REACH A R F A Deluxe balcony style SS32 Inc. Sub- ' A P T S UD to 67 units also 3* houses all in good urea, build an cstatr. Grt oood fax shelter for details call Alexander Bkr. 55!-5i/4 units with established income. Priced to sell or trade. Rltr. Bto- 9566 9-- UNITS, S yrs old. Close to market schools. No rental orcblem. 51,045 Inc.-- FP $96,000 Bkr GE 33222 LOS ALTOS 6 units. 2-2Br. 4-1 Br. Inc. S9300 yr.. only 575,000-- owner 596-6124. RENTS WILL DOUBI C IN i? YRS? Buv every tncom oroo. you can 1 U 17,000; 4 U 520.000; 1500 Inc. J3D.OOD. Snaoiro 829 DA SY OCEAN BLVD. 15 units, best location. $145,000 Terms,. Owner 433-8282 4 UNl'lS.'Mod. 1-brFurnl E. 7th~St $4300 income. S3500 down. Retired Realtor -- owner will carry 2nd TD. FP $32,500. 430-5665 OWNER must sell -- 6 furn. un s. W6,5W, S5000 dn., no loan cost. Inc. 5517, low rents, lot 50*150. Pine nr. Par. Cst. Hwv. 435-7637 6'"UN~ITS~Blt '53. SJ3,SOO. Inc. 5510. Owner ooino to desert. Submit. ELLISON Realty SW-1317 Own YMT Ow« 1011 VILLA RIVIERA FABULOUS VIEW. EI»9KC* In decor, creates on* of fhe most o»- siraolf acts. L B. 2 6r. or (1 t 4n) 4- studv. 2 baths, bit-In KIK Air conditioned, lg« wardrobti. GE 4-7437 GE 7-3W2 LOOK AT THIS OYO · j blk to 8i«ov Pk. 2 B R . Car. I'i ba. Din rm SI/.9'O. LOA dn ; Owner will carry. Hurry* Cooper Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 3M2" E~~3r.rst~Aot.~l6r Garaoel : sl.'.»». 2-Br. Loe. Dflyate oat.o. ' J033C. 1-d St.. Aot. 1A. Submit. f fn m.Ku!afe front 2-b'.. 2B.1 Wl ??'3 CHRISTOPHER 597 65S3 1 BDRM VIEW APT. V.'ITH OCEAN BEACH A 'eai D-JV at S19.50C For aoot. i C^l; b.^ier J37.)2M; tia-CMA ' R F X .:ODG C S CO ; ""FULL PRICF $4200 Ht S: nr BuDv PL. OWEN REX DODGES co. 437-1251 O'.YNFR - ccrno. turn. 1 br. elec. kircn A-A crpt , gar. at 1227 E. . 1st. =2D. J3247U or 432-4802. : WEAR n^rkets S. town. Lower 2-br. *w»rc-r!r5 On'v 113.400. J'.M PICKERT HE4-434S UPPt'R front )-or . new crDt A . twint. SpotlMS! Onlv iiSOO. JI.'A PICKERT HE 6 .1345 | J4900. GA »-ll« or 437-445S. ESTATE 5ALF. 2-BR. ELECT. Gar. S12.900. .WAGNER 437-3925 HE ,'-6!8S SIMMONS J7 3S10 Terms. Bkr. HE 5-7449 Condominiums 1020 SPARKLING NEW 1 4 2 BEDROOM CONDOMINIUM HOMES In beautiful 30 unit CONTINENTAL TERRACt 2500 E. 2nd St. From J 17,350 Bank financing With Carpets, Drapes, Garage (ONLY A FEW LEFT) Security building, Sound proofed. 2 Blocks from Ocoan East of Bixby Pfirk Opsn every day till 5; TOBIN CONSTRUCTION CO. 434-7991: HE 5-2535 "CHATEAU LISA" Long Beach's NEWEST Cojid-jminiuml 2101 E. 2nd St. (AT JunipCfO) Facing beautiful Bixbv Park OPEN DAILY 1-5 HURRYi Excellent selection still available for IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCYI ALL 2-BDRMS., 2 BATHS. GOLD MEDALLION award (or total electrical excellence. Furnished models bv Carl'j 25 YEAR LOANS AVAILABLE HARRIS ROGERS. Builder Condominium Specialists LAFAYETTE 140 LINDEN 4355681 CONDOMINIUM APARTMENTS TO S25.5HO Duplexes for Sate 1 025 ?-balhs, 1100 *a It fnch. TDD npt rented S300 mo. Lower vacant. $6-1,950 Call . . . REAL ESTATE STORE "NO. 3" 53I8 E. 2nd St. 4344731 NEW LISTING 1-BORM. each, side hv side. Ex- ccllenl cond. thruout. Tiled bath. E;iblbidc. R-J, 40x150 lot. Interne S200 mo. Sell or trade tor North L.B. home. Try $2,000 dn. 5318 E. 2nd St. -- 434-5731 BEST BUY Foreclosur* i.-.'e. 2 bb« on lot. Live in this 2-flr. ?or only Sin. 1-BR hse pays test. Clean, modem stucco. Xlnt arms GAGNON CO. 435-4848 BIXRY PARK, NEAR OCEAN 2 bdrms each double garage, Rede- tor In out! New roof! See this today! Only $31,500 Mine Peters HE 6-7276, GF fl-OiW 3~UN"ltS "$T5,900 WRIGLEY $225. Inc. GE 90479 2 HOMES, 1 lof, S6000 rin. F.P. $19.500, built 1953. PAGE CUNNINGHAM GA 4-8113 S3QO DN. Only S390T Home or Inc. BELSHORE, ocean view, 2 bdrrm furnished, S39.0QO 434-3i52 2 BR. Gar. built-rns, draoes, 577,500. Hawaiian Gardens. 532-9039. Lots for Sale 1030 R-l Will subordinate Ownrr- Investor will subordinate purctiase of J-25' ft. lots lo quali- lied party. Colorado A, Ultimo area. Long Beach. Call Tooaz 1-6877 or 933-2900 6931 MYRTLE, SS500 DOWN BAL. 5145 F'LR MO. 6.6 CD INT LARRY MILLER GA 7-81W Choice Ocean View Lof owner R2-49V? x US'-- S. allrv. R-2 50 x ,-icurox *00' will suhor. Wilt lake 11 units. Balsa Cnica Rd fron- tafe overlooking. H. Harbour B93-OMJ WELLS Realty -^Q-dOZfi HAVE p'ans for Apis, or homes. Will build on vour lot. Financinn Avaihble. Reasonable. 639-1223 2 CHOICE residential lofs In tenter of 1 kwd Bv ownrr. £630-3i Loom- ALAMITOS Hats nr Mionnlno A aoif course 50x130' corner i22,500. 7\«- 543-1278 Bkr. SOvlSA ATLANTIC Ave. Nr. St. Mnrv's hoos. Stcnoall HE A-7002. Lots Wanted 1035 R-4" LOTS 'FOR BUl'CDERS" Olrier houses O.K.-- Belmont Heiohts ,irc,i. Bkr 597-2431 Ranches Acreage 1045 ATTEHTION lTi'VESTO"RS. Last chance for large orofifs In Los An- oeles County land using leverage factor with small commitment. Call after 6 PM. 433-?5/4 FREE large map of SHU Diego County 8- land brorhure. Garden Real Estate, corner Hwy. 395 76, Fallbrook. R-2. SU5M. Phc!,in or Weiss T A K E Over 5 acre 1 .- No On. S20 mo. Pine trerv County Rn^d. Utilities. (213) 731-8473 160 ACRES v.'ith new 4 BR house. Alley cor. J£xl32, R-4. S19.750 GLENN HOPKINS RLTY. 435-M50 ^OUntain DeSCFt 1050 Clenn. Priced to sell. Owner. !342502 3 UNITS $15,900 WRIGl FY $2?$ inc. GE WW_ BY owner. Triplex", Corner Del *rno £, Oregon. Oil riohh. A-l cnnd. 540.000. J23-5330 516,000 "P.P. 10 : -"dn. 4"Units"w/tjar. Compton. GA 6-4576; GA 3-2618 TRADE what vou have for what vou · ,l^niTcv~rM"T:Se~RA"Kii(r want Bkr. 423-CM63. t ,, ,,Jf t 9 N f,J '" TM£ g^ 7nT " TRADE ANYTHING - ANYWHERE ] , j^FR Rcaltv Anvtime 425-6486 BOB COLE REALTY 434-9945 EXCHANGE Specialists HE 6-726 JOHNNY HIGHSTONE 500 E. 4th. TRADE 12 rms., 5 brs., 3-ba., 2 fire- nl. Soanish. L.A. HE 6-3966. _ 1 Business Industrial 9VO STORE BLDG CLEAN. OWNER will finance. Low dn. Good for user or investor. $45,000. IDE Rex Hodges Co. 437-1251 530 E. PAC. CST. HWY. 47x135 All« C-2 rone. Sub, dn. Owner will car rv 1st at 7% 121,500 full prce SALSMAN REALTY 437-070 NR. ATLANTIC Carson. 50 ft. 1 tenants. Inc. $7200. Price WO, 000 Terms. E H Lockwood GA 7-899 WAREHOUSE BIDS. North L"nq Bf*ch *000 n. it 134,500 For Information X24-1M1 rentals 5175,000. 25% dn. clea 0 W.C 714-^5-2301 Chain link (ence. House in front 119,750. Gannon's. G A 3-642 HOT Sjwt, 13*' C-3 tor. 16950 dn 5581 Cherry, L.». GA B-559 1 SEE 2420 E. BroadwdV; ine homi -t C-3 for business. GE 4-4392 7 UNITS. Inc. 1530. Gd. area O-i y HE 5-1422 HELDE 507-7720 j FOR Lease -- Hotel, 38 rms. -f own er's aot. or manager's. Low vacancy factor. NE 8-3?91 D.m. 'til 9 1 HOUSE, "R-3 lot, 12532 Row Ave. Downev. Eves. 1213) 243-8544 Hi. S4500 dn. Bkr. HE 2-5694 553? INC. 63x200 lot. 533,000. 5~3,000 BRAND New 4-1 br. apts- at 434 i South St. Mr. Bunch TO 6-9791 DELUXE Units or BUILD on voyr lot STATEWIDE 424-1637 GOLD MEDALLION 4-PLEX on Co ronado. Call 434-4481. Income Property 1005 (MOTELS, TRAILER PARKS) MOTEL-- Palm Desert arcs. 8 nic» unlti w/kltch. + ownfr'i 7 hr.. 2 ba. home. Consider some trade 585.000. Wrltt own., PO Box 607 - L.B. A BE.'UTY! 37-soace trailer pk. o river's edoe nr. Senuoifl. Onlv ^ 575.030 wltn WO.OOOdown. Brk. 439-OM2 ? RELIABLE 3up55 fn «wm^ pivmnts on jml Motel, Phone 597 7869 LAKE ISABELLA Own vour own mobile home nt, also home sites, 500 yds from lake. ClnSf lo ihoficina renter. Stair County approved. Lots on hiah side of voile/ which gives bffluti- tui view of Kern County Volley P.0° r Bo° Fm i3. Isabella. "'cai f. 93420 or coil (714) 379-24S SHASTA LAKE tifui cabin site. French Gulch, nr Redding. Off Hwv 99. Full nrice $5.000 - Less for cash. Call us lor information . . To see pix. .MOORE 597-4354 BT6 BEAR LAK'E-- J Br. home S19.5CO! motelette on lake. Rentals Lois S995 UD. C.iOins S4.000 UD LKt mao. CAROLYN COOKE (213} 691-3M3; (714) 8663484 or write Box 275, 8ig Bear 1 _ a k e MOUNTAIN cabin, furn. hv "owner Arrowhead WonoX nr. lake, 311 yr. NICE 3 BR, 110,500 terms. Vicfo'r C V^ood, Pltor, 32750 hwv IB. Lu rerne Voliev, 714-248-9213 213-834 2327 20" ACRES Colo~R'ver, lake view wll , rternc'S S9SOO, S80 mo. P.O. Box 7416 FuiiTtnn tnr man A ciclurr S A nr. Hornet secluded hidcawov noOO' el., water, doer, quail S5500 S55 dn 714-633-7710 aot 8-10 a.m. HIGH desert HesDerla, 2 acres, Taih or ferms 596-1 792 eve* PERRI5 Vnlley lot. mobflt homn t - cabana, utll. fn. 866-5470 2''j ACRES Newherrv. Old Hwy n Freemont Road. 130QQ 421-809 INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)~^.I1 Out-*f-T»wii 1 040 (PROFEITY) SAN DIEGO RESORT 120 Acres, large oik tr«j, rea'ed pool, Recreation hall, olcnir flrouids. A w Steofctoj- Realtor. (714) 2J9CS35 3» W. tttcrtt St , San Dieoo. 9H01 Out-of-Stote 1065 (PROPERrY) LOT. Frwynont National Forrt, }JDil£5 fQ'A 5Ai£ All Areot 1070- A Home With a Future!!' AND A FINE PAS'i" Rdii.D. --J ranch itvle r-ome on a 'Sx'iW R-3 lot across trom o'anee orovs m a Iial area-withirt walVino Ci^t-*T:e of gramnw. Jr. hiflh sctiotil*. r 4 baths, huge rectancular rancn house fciicnen win room for tn ; family" foo-n. nigh ceilings m living roo.-'i wtn coiv itreptare. 34x15' COVPfM oalio-- AH ttlH tor WISE" BUYER BETTER *CHECK : THIS ONE!! AETNA R^ltv : GE 0 10Sv $21,300 SI 28 PYMT. A^iumf exuMna In. and pav only i'.: D » interest. Best of all vou on not havf to be A GI. 3 larg« beo- ' rooms, ? ftaths, rich oanellina. · nice carpets, huge family Utcnen. ? c^r gfl'aoe. covered psiio If v^n i^'inaiff t-v 110CO flo^n f-HA or no cipvvn if vni! »re « Vetrrsn if \ou u*rd vour Vfl loan oav fin ,4500 tin. C'Q'.t to ions RMrh. C*i: jiO-756i, onen PI.M. WALKER S LEE Inc. $16.750 $108 PYMT. 1 Yes, It'll b vour crunce rn ov.ii ! vaut own 3 beorooni houif A\- \-jine i'. FHA A ,tn ointi. oily S10E, Includes M*oi 1' voii flown omt. Needs a little p^lnt, but what d buv. CaU for nio'e Information, 430-7544, onen eves. WALKER LEE inc. only vou will get ihis o-ie-- ml* lovely 3 br . ] ' * bath, snlny hdwd floors, bit-in R A O , util rin. fnr · washer S. firyer m this love v : " S T A R D U S T " nomf. VA no rii. less than rent, too nricp "1.900, ' 10 Mr . . . on GET 'EMM ; DIAMOND REALTY i (313 S9S-2314 ( 7 ) 4 1 A35-.S¥J i $16,500 -- Gov. Appraised · $100 DOWN m no down to GI Fast exmrsMnn on flDoroval of credit 2 spaciouf hedroonis · Be^utllul family kitfh fn - Built In BBQ - Huoe 2 car Q* raop Call 594-4453. WALKER LEE inc. OLDER FOLKS Trip convenience cleanliness nf this 2 Bdrm family rm home will aooeal to you. Short walk to snooping, bus DOS! office. Cheerful Kitchen, remod. bath, nice din- ino rm. fireplace In family rni. $22,000 -- less if cash. John Read Rlty HA 5-6416 LOW INTEREST SMALL EQUITY ? baths fancy ones too clus 3 bedrooms, large mvwed nntlo ft\ clean as a pin. About $4000 down to low Interest FHA loan at S'.i%. Oil 429-5924, open eves. WALKER LEE Inc. PURSE PLEASER Jl 6.900 FULL PRICF 4Bdrms. -- Fnmilv Rm. - 7 Batfis. Just $50. GO MOV** Ynii n. if vou art / nualifie'l Gl. MOULD REALTY HA S 749A 2 STORY J BR. S26.6SO OPEN SAT SUN ONLV Plush oirnctlno, cust rlrnnf^ S, ter br. mi, " oullnidn baths, 10x50 pool size rear vd. cinder block fence. 19035 Grayland Owner. 865-073? 3-BR., P/a bdtli. 2 (.ar gar. Cov. Dfltio f. BBO. Range/oven. BIQ fenced yard. Block will. 1 blk to Knotts Berry harm. 15 min. to L.B. IIA^LL'S REAL'IY 866-2236 AVAILABLE 24 HOURS LESS THAN $6,000 INC Wff ran helo vou ouallfv In own vour own home. FHA will heln you with Hie oavnils. For info . . John Read Rlty HA 5-64 16 4137 Norse Way -- Open eves VA REPOSSESSIONS 3 4 Br. homes. All areas low dn No loan fees. Anyone auallflei but priority to Vietnam Vets. LAKEWOOD HOUSING CORP,, -W-Sfl76 5464 Del Amo B66.373A POOL in beautiful terraced vard. A- Br.. 2 bath. Big ice loom. Draped, rarnetcd. Central vacutim system. 15 mln. to L.B. Also 3-Br. w'oool. Buy eauitv S. take over GI loin. HAZEL'S REALTY 97B-77.V AVAIt ABI F 24 HOURS Professionally Idiidscapcd. 3 f. fam-rm. 2 Ig. baths, rrots, drnv frpl. BuMt-ins- Fountain. Covered patio. Cement drivf. Fxtras. HOME + CASH 3 on 1, exlrn sharp, sec gnraqp^. beaut, owner's house. GI nr 1 HA terms. Only S32.SOO. MURDOCH R E A L T Y HA 1-3727 $100 Down to Anyone 2 br. nr. Bcllflower. Hdwd. fin. crpl., drapery. Oct. anr lor vard, 6 fruit trees. S15.950 MURDOCH R E A L T Y TO ^-97AI $100 Down to Anyone 3 br home, hrtwd tlr*., hlo kikh lots of room. $15,500 MURDOCH R f A I T Y I O A - 9 M I $100 Down-- 2 Bedrm Only S15.9BO-vcrv share, loe R2 lot. Pvmts. S117 mo. P it i. MURDOCH REALTY HA 1-372/ 2-BR. nr. beach. 127 Rovcrof Immerj. occupancy. $25,500 or trade for land near Vista or Car «.- barf. iS.OOO dn , terms. 431 6753 NR LONG BEACH FREEWAY 3 brs.. I 3 i baths, guest hse., lire nlflcs, w-w. FHA or VA LISTER Rltv, anytime 475-MSA EQUITY BROKERS 1046 RedMdo Realtor! 434-6731 THIS ole' house t aues* hoi^e nr. Spring J, Santa Fe. Vacant. Excell. terms. Onlv $13,500 on 1 Ints. Alex- anrler Realty 591-Si/J. Lakewood Plaza, 3 bedrooms brautlful larof rnvered n.i'io fenced backyard. 4108 Rosebfly St. 421-8035. SUBMIT ALL"OFFERS."3-Br. - 1- Br. duolet over J gar nr. ICtfi ?. Oronge. Owner v/i'. csrry. Bxr. v to12-59l-B069. VACANT CLOVER ( J K. 3 BR, 2-ba. Fireol., Ige lo:. S20.500 FHA or Vet. Larhon A t oil - GE 1-i200 R E N T Ootion to buv-) br. or 3 den, S160 mo. Office *l 1*301 Lhwd. «f?9 N 50 OWNER MAY C A R R Y Anchor Rlty 434-9302 -139-7-Ml GI SPECIALIST-NO DOWN Wvnns, S30/ Atlantic Ave. 4234443 Eucnlvntus 591-3158 for aont R.E7~OFF~ICE "FOR SALE'-comDeti S500. 58W Orange. 422-372J e ve^ Alamitos Boy, 1075 Naples Islands NEW. Waterfront Listing 3 Bdrms.. family rm.. I 1 - tH Oh garage. 30 !t. float on ran«i ROD CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 100 E. Ocwn. RtMltO". KE ?·!·.* 1 -- New Listing Studio Duplex. 2 Bare i 2--60' Open Water GoroeO'js comfor'ohle 1 Rr t auoit. J'.j batni, rii'if Redjction S18.0CO. MUNTZ REALTY 5S36 E. 2nd SI. GE 1-M Bll-ins! Clean! S26.MO. 0«tn REX HODGES CO. 137-125 Alomiros Heights 1081 i Open-- 386 Los Altos 3-Redrms, P baths, enclosed ofttio tlctAched workstion, room for bo* or trailer - 20x28 garage. Suoml ANDR'EWS REALTY .M-»»3 LOE. lot, 1 Br., Room lo build BARTHOLOMEW Realty 433-940 WE'LL HELP YOU WRITE ADS FOR QUICK RESULTS HE Z-5959 HOMES FOR SALE ArtMio 1015 NEW LISTING j 3-3R 1-* 9A. hfiwd f!on«, w i oett. d-^r«; ig* W !'/ R^ »iM- i ing g!«s dOO^ (o £«)·- M'-M). Aiiume 5% low. CUTE COIV 2-B9. nn ^ T M 1 lit O/."*' will *inan« At W$ M-. S12-5TO FP SEEKING QUALITY ; Se* thi% rusfom Bit Rsr:-i tfv*» homt i« cnoice Arre^iA ioc^'iT- ; PrirH to Jffl ^f $35.'W). Arte^ia-Cerritos Realty 865-9566 SEE THIS ONE! Beauti'ji Artesla loc. 3 Sfd-oc--. l * n, . tui'd- air^j *:i'«- Ne-Ai,^ M-ntect Inside, d ost-is. a'ar*«i r^'voutl Swec-s" 1 s*^'- ''"o!ace i . nice coveren 'Ula ( "^, f '^ COGBURN RLTY. CO. Icllf lower ' 1090 BARGAIN HoW 50*135 lot. aood'RelKflrwer Iff. Mn it ttil -- Make of*ff RAY SMITH R E A L . T V ; LOT 40nl31 R3 9547 Lo\ Ancrlf^ Belmont Heights 1095 f KARMlNf, ? A cr-. ? i -en .if". . . h'rck 10 oce^n l on to nw M A H F I R 4 R C A l T Y OF (-M^ HO'.'.F f. 3 APIS sory, O.VNFR witl --". !.-»·' Aiii'Mar Rltv 434-03J3 1V» ?M1 ?*J Ol'INCV t ^^ .'.f- «--,T-' ANDREV.S R f f A t . f l i - 5 J - ' i HOME A \iror*.r'.'6*.nf"' '\'.' ·* * BEl. HfclGHTS. ? A dn -O.l-i 5 1 S 1 7 ? C 0 fluvi oood 2-3^ ·ii.i.-'i . 315 Vgonnc Ave. *W i'^ )U ARGONNF V BR i 1 ^ ''' ^VOO DN., 5133 .MO «3-.l".l NICE older 2 BR 1 PA. "c:-p P i ,-or. lot, Bv owner. ??ni F 1 il Belmont Park 1100 3 BR., (am. rm. I 1 , on.. crrMs. MHO . Belmont Shore 1105 ' BY OWNLR. Bc.liitiMiHv rr.-.iMri ; hr.. bll-'i kilrh. ' . .1,-i-ict " H'FAR"OCCAH ft BA-,^ HEMF. 'REALTY r.r ·. -r^' ":-BR."NR. BEACH, «i :y» Bixby Area 1110 ~ 3 i" DEN-- NiCTT" Lovely nomc. I 1 . Oitl. NicrM rirn vou'll find. Firepl. Oroct. rj^iirv 1 More! Lels ua tell vou more i HOWARD BUTLER. R E A L T O R S176 ATI ANTIC. A V E . GA 3-M7B 3-BR. FAMILY RM. 16x28, 2 b.ithi. Din. rni. C«rpet?H. Flrcol. 10C6 Jurav- S. L. Starr Co. 4 2 3 - 1 4 8 7 4371 BOYAR Lovelv .1 Rr. Rc.ll tlrc- ol. nice yd. GI or FHA orCal Vet fin. Don Brlslow. 476-7779 4735 " GUNDRY"""?" "B'R" w-"w~crcV, "Fruit trees-" 191-7inS flftcr -1 : weckrlavs Bixby Knolls 1115 Spacious 3-BR. · Mmilv rm. 2 Hrcnlcs ? b-ithi Hno" Int Flo Bnkpr JJA-BSJl Large 2-Bedrm -f r\rn n' looks Pflllo. Rm. fo' boat. Mr. mkt^- Fin Bdkfr i?fr RR7? Open -- 3 8 3 5 Lime 1 flror 3-RR 7 bflth. Unit hf^1. Lflfppi. rjr. evervrhlnrj. .Must ^pil. 1 7 0 1 Marshall PI. SrMuou 1 ; 2 BR BH-ln flrrt. k-iich ·n. flreol. It's nice. 4?7 33M Near Park Vorv llvpablf! 2-Br. den ? baHn Must srr. Mrs. Mnmmonrj .174-U.S/ HUNTER Assoc. 426-6577 NEW LISTING 2 S I O R Y COLONIAL LaiQ^ Mulnu rni. inror -;rnflrfl1^ rlining rm, J BR'S, ? h.itn--. l.irao lot. Be the f i r s t lo sec! Bixby Knolls Rlty GA 4-8523 F-OR RC.ST RESULTS REG DUPUY R E A L T Y California Heights 1120 Fixer-upper Rio 3-RR. Nr. schools. Low down. Mn. Hsmmon 424-1457. All fixed up Gorgeous 2-8r. den or 3-8r. Dream Mich. Flo Bflker 426 13 S 79. Xlnt duplex value 2-BR. Cflth. Vnrv prlvflfr. No* pnlv i]I.9SO. Mr. Whitcman 427-843'?. HUNTER Assoc. 426-6577 " $2500 "TOTAL DOWN Stwn J Bdrm, 2 bnlh cornr-. IWO sa M. Ccin-clinfi. drflnc^. Mr^o'. Snrlnklrri Hkr. HA i-1251 Carson Park 1125 NOT SOLD! WHY? -- Best niiy" Comnarr *, SC(" 3-BcrJrms, WAV c-irpct'i. draops 'tlrfli arp.i Only S?1.WO C^ll SFE ?. trll Ub whv! MULLEN REALTY HA 1-1/76 CVC' HA "MOM "PRICE REDUCE*bT750" 7 Br. "A Model" cn'got) bath new i ww, lac cov. catlo. FHA loan of - '17.000 may he imued rit .i 1 *'WARREN Rlty. GEO-1033 ; 7-B3. IOC. lamilv rm. Bv owner Block wall lent.* Rv r,wnrr. W- Cerriios 1127 NO PAYMENTS FOR 60 DAYS HEATHERBRAE Ar-i-^ rohe ?l'l 5Af?ll7 Buildors Repossession thpdral ffilir.^s. TniS nousc n^', 2300 sa ·'. [l ^-ng nre-i VJil" i'nr oets, dr.'ices. c^tto. fencnO' 'its ct 1 riccorator w.iliDflDe'', we) b^r ^nd tco m^n/ othnr et'"di to mrritiin r^cver lived .n L o c a t e d in C-'v c' n'nlv! °C-iM Mr^D'jnlflD 714-3JJ-21/1 . l Owner !r iiniferred -- rryii sell rlr 1 oant 2 Slorv. 4 br. 1 fuimilv r m homr, 2500 sn. fl. of luu'V 1 v old undc'0"c«:ri. ^ssjt'-.c 1 rtroe HI'A tf A', int. I I F - F A N Y R E A L T Y SV.-.V53 CiTcTleArea " 1T28 BARGAIN PRICED No'j. 2 3r corner. Bonn', riom \\f /i9 mflkf offer. WARREN Rlty GE 0-1033 BA"RGAIN~BUYER"S ·"OU'LL DUY V/MEN V OU SEE THIS C U T E ?-3DR'.' 4. OFK 7 t A*. /,K O N L ' 51?.9W . RAY H A 2 L E T Rltr W.M't^ . " 2331 ROSWELL'J'BS A bco^,": ' A f i D R E W S P F A L T Y r ^ W l f City College Aroa 1130 "FIXER UPPER" to oct there \'f.'? V/cll DO'O.V -nsr- ket Volue -- 3 Vlngsize cedfcms 2 oaths · tlrco'flcf · cov i;-Uio On large loi to ?n ailev - Ju^t ,1 : i'tie paint Is ail it needs. Ca : ^6-4473. WALKER LEE Inc. ' "TRST"T'"IME~6FFERED! " SPARKLING 1 3 Bdrm., fircol.irc, | w-w carccting, new dr-toe^. ^c- tactied f? room. Fr"? f.'.flo.f ' Cuct ranoc included. 123,350. i JOHN READ Rlty ', «45 Snrina Oocn Eves. HA M71 ' G"| OR FHA Must Sell '· P«-modr;lcd 3-DR., oIMn kltrrtcn rustom flrflocs. Be^'itv at S21.500. - SUBMIT!!! - .· MOORE HA. 1-34?1 i ' "BY OWNE'R 3-RR. .i. R'FIA.LE cash to loan S1S,3M ^t Vi - M2 mo. Choice vea. S C E THIS' Siifi '' 3 BR. w/w crpl. rirfloe^- 01 tic dp idChctJ gar., block fence, ^pnn iDominguez 11 4( PROVINCIAL ?.Bcdrm, 2-car pa race. Near school f* market. G' No down, J16,500 -- R.E, Store 597-3391. HOMES K)R SALE Dominguex 1140 Downtown 115ft Just listed 4-8r. NO DOWN TO VETS ^.I-HJ" F"^. OM 1 / yi.vf} 7 b'« !i s»aci. CJLL rooAYi D Van Linon Rlty 5 9 1 - 1 3 6 1 'AD«NCEO~T?4DE.IN PUN Eastsid* 1155 It's Clean Convenient John Read Rity HA 5-641 6 127 GLADYS-- VACANT Lloyd C. Lnfidom Rltt. J301 H A^^-*-I» r, = o ."J' N F A R RFC^SATnii P»rl. TM Pi-"C St-i'T-i.-i p i t ^ r.F 7 21.-J r-? 7 u** Drive by 932 St^nloy A ?.3c1'm. w/rfm.vf Vltch. R-4 in*. RelT Hodges ^GE'fo'w M : - - V - : «,, i - C - J . W.I VI lot ? Re IT", A !-3Mrms TID 'Tn 925 Dawson Open pm 114.1X10--66^! HfSR* *ii-535S. OF ?0;.%l R H X I HOnr.FS fiESJ Rjv : ',vd 'PC lot Sl*137.C." f-i--pri. FA f-.n M-l 'W (21 f S3) S^Tvjssen R|t r . J3,1-?-L« ·!'·! F rMnrpfl Pnnr IT V 1 '4- 1 run, Avr O.'il-V I3"-7**|1 El Dorado Park 1160 nvr" c .i?i. f h f ORHi.i,M.n'~ ^.^P li-nnfi rm Dft^fh f-lf ^r.f: /)jn RING R A R E c lHD_ i MUST "5AC3iriCE"~6»r ^-Vj"!! _ "* Gardcna 1165 R O S E C R A N S P A R K 2 8rn. 1 Oah - cnvfrrd nit'- dccn ww cirnellnj. Llitcr Hcillv anvtlmp JZS-M^i Lakcwood Area 1175 PRIPP RPHI ippn Out-of-i.iwn *av. "SELL"!! Dutch VilYlfiP Prlrp ^2fl.'J^'V- C.Jin vitj frit It'?"" 5TOTI.ER Re,-ltv SERVICF JUST LISTED Sturp, very rje-tn 3 Bdrm. r.?^r .',\«v Co. Lflk^woM Cnlr hrrj'.v-* Hnpr'.. rhperful fmnt Vilfh. IQW^IV v*r;\. DA* in 12350 rin. faM oo« John Rond R l t y H A l - 1 7 6 1 M4i SPRINT, OPE^' E x '=5 Divorce Forces Salfl RFAUTIFIJL T R t - L E V ( E L H O A A f i 7 4 Rrv. 2 hflths, hit in wet bi . ALL HAVE OLX cms A RE MI riFUL LANDSCAPING wilS nn- r\f' hlork walls. f-^OW s.-J.iffi LOV/ AS 10% DOWN ?0-2JWJ WANNA SAvrlYono ?' 5 "! 1 ? O K 1 WII-L T A K E A MONTH 'O Cl EAN BUT V/HAT A BUY 1 3 BR 2 RA. CORNFR HEAR CENTER. *22,?GO. TRY S23W) DO'.'/N. JOHN READ Rlty t\*\ Sorlno Oocn Evr% H A t - l / i l 3746 PALO VERDE v.irrf. cl'l)le. n.trd'ic. ' cinder blo'^i terirp, service nordi New ^'l ^cirjols, hus A stiTDDlng Center Call Flo Brcndu J23-7050; J23-5527 DEGLEY 900 L-B- Blvd. HE A-9751 NO DOWN GI t t a t mo. cays all. 3-BR. B*«trl Verde A Del Amn. CflM for snot ReVt Hodges HA 5- 1207 LARGE CORNER 2-BR. i^mllv rm. B*m;iHUil- b'a fam rm with slldlnq piass doo's to POOL irefl. FlrcDl. flir cond. V'tba. Lol\ . AAOORE ' VT-ii-y · HARP 2-BR JW6 CONQ'JISTA Priced to iijll. Owner ourrhfli^d nrw !-nnin. For Into call Security Rlty. Investors LAKEWOOD MANOR 1 hr Pi tf] f ,fakf mP f . Irfll. b"- · n-i - dishwasher. S2S.W- GL FHA ,UU«DOCH R E A L T Y TO tt-Wl $20,950 T hr rr Mav CO., WW rrtili C'f»n ?. -.hiro! THA/GI. JUST LISTED! 2 b- r.insc 'o schools A Miv Cfl. BLAKO RLTY W7-1791. ',77.iU1 OPEN HOUSE I 1 P M. - Vaoint 3 BR. ' b-l'h. i!M CONOUISTA (Spll G 1 · S71.SPO - Rllr ) NEAR CANDLEWOOD . nccdi work. Carp?!,, n^tio. Dbl f7ir S19.500. SUO mo. P f, ' MURDOCH R E A L T Y TQ 6-9'61 DO YOU NEED??^ BOBBIN'S R E A L T Y " 123-3-0? "22»40' POOL" i n, . rjrn, I** bfl - ^ l( 'nv d 1 " ^"" RY Q.VMER, Im/^edHf" rv--«;l -- ,d . !a. sh-;rfp *re= : bo , D ; f ii^. rjishwgshfr. w-v; r?i-. ·T ·?'!. ~.'Z* , ? Cflr -J*r f j l - . S??.7JS MM jOitt- S t . L'-*4. SM . CAFV/0'On~M~AYOR-- Tmrri!'-. J ?' ; A-itn hooted filterM ori! PH- tc-mi cr no dav/n GI *3' COO Ff* f-n^-,V,QSI R E A L T Y ;/= J-305? Pocl timo cam.»7 T r.drm, vi v. CD'5, d'05- Z0x21 · Wm« 'mtv. 471 1 °933! RVC5 *P-'2M ; SAVb //ONEY. 3-BR - oeri 1'* BA, ;!( Ranch stvle, r.e^J^ w^-k b-)t flt S20,700 Ri»r S*5-flf«S. cac h ~ r v -.f fO" 1 ' Si'c 0.' Own^r s Near S^oorifiT Cen'er i sc"iils_ ·.v frsl. :.AbV.'Oob '.'ANC^ '. 4-n '-r-. '-.-;' -v r'pt'. ^w.n fJnd" ilk v/i 1 22.7*1 !2i-?W , ^Nf?~5AYS~SELr~T~Manr~l S3"ip funi'iire, d^l ivti* \ A REAL 3uV 3-BR, 2-b-i. Ccti- r-j- i tin. 3ig lot. Good location. WOFF07D R E A L T Y HA 5-1?° ; BY 3-B' , 1 fcrt. 1 c*f w W -a crpt., loc. cav'd Mtlo. V.'j'V , 10 Mav Co. $21,700. 365-1?;? ! NO Dn Gl 3 S, den, 1*, ojf~. 533.5CO. Nr ,yv Co- Roval. o^- j BY Djsnrr srurn 2 BR S13.2jO V^- · wnt Mir i 5213 Montair, Lakft- woa-1 TO 7-7S35 3 3R., fotg., romcleWv remocfelei. Pool. Bv owner. WS-W?' ' Eves. 593-2S63 Skr. US-7W . BAY "vfew 'P-ioli Wav Shake roof ; Lovely. Leasf-CD, WOO -138-3130. WOODY S'-MTH, Realtor 433-07*3 VIKING REALTY - 4214941 «58 WOODRUFF («t Carsont ? ^TOPY. 4-p£; , POOL JW W* · I'i .in! M'l iimi'iumnri CLASSIFICATION II 75 LAKEWOOD AREA Continued on Page C-22

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