Independent from Long Beach, California on February 14, 1958 · Page 16
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 16

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 14, 1958
Page 16
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Page B-6--INDEPENDENT L.n, I.ech, Call!., Frl., fill. 14, 1«« Enters Plea of Innocent HOLLYWOOD-- UE-- Television - actor Harry (Tim) Moore, 70, best .known for his "Kingfish" portrayal 'on th.e Amos 'n Andy show, pleaded Lnnocent Thursday to charges of assault growing out of his firing .a shot that'missed .-his . wife during an argument last · -U v _.. The actor said he . became Comedian 'Rochester 9 Improved H O L L Y W O 0-6^ (HE) -Comedian E d d i e (Rochester) Anderson, ' 52, was reported irate . wife, Vivian, , showing m u c h ' improvement Wednesday ---the shot only to indicate his anger and. did not intend harming anyone. Mrs. Moore refused to press . charges but the district attor- Dr. -D. A. Hawkins .'reported at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital that the Negro actor had other factors-were involved. Anderson w a s replaced -in Thursday night's CBS "Shower of Stars" program by gravel- voiced comic Andy Devine. MON'S "Food Host of the Coast" 2116 PACIFIC AVE. Long feach Ph. HE 4-3774 ney's office filed, anyway AND. GROUP . Steak .Dinners NAPLES Now Under NEW Management »USS » WITH DIUS --DtNNY MARTIN FRANK HURST at th« ORGAN -- SEA FOODS -- PRIME RIBS DINNERS FROM 2-00 The VILLAGE SPA 17847 LAKEWOOD BLVD. HEART BREAKFAST AMERICAN tCAMTOrKSE.FOOD LUNCHES-DINNERS-COCKTAILS J - R E S T A U R A N T Long Beach, Calif. .Specializing in PRIME RIB AND CHARCOAL MOILED STEAKS Catallni Swordflsh Brolltd Horthirn Hillbit Esstam Sullops ...i..._ Jumbo Gulf Shrimp Dtnnvr Served from 5 to 11 P.M. M. 10 10 P. M on Sunddy EARL LANE t at th» Fiona SOUTH STREET AT ORANDEf MORTH LOHG BEACH ·S^iiteS Inlertnlnment I ^ty-;-.'·*£'·' Jimmy Meant a?Sii'S: »tre» of Pork!" pital that tne JNegro acior naa ., . J.L-«au."==^ «*.·.*» -~ : m . .-T 7? ,···' collapsed apparently as A result less (and presumably still' thirsty) attendant-^ r.t r*TM,.!!! «.vrmiis«nn:'.nTiri an whn had installed the-tire several weeks. -n Jim of physical exhaustion;-and an upset stomach, but tests were being made to. determine if any Bottle of Holy Water Latest to Blow Lid By TEDD THOMEY THE PAUSE THAT. DEPRESSED--No 'wonder ;tire sales" .eyes" bugged out the' other day -while he ire at-the Anaheim; .Tire Service, _ . discovered; that the ."object which caused-the. tire -to go flat · was a Coke rattle--INSIDE the tire! "It had .been left in' the Basing' by a care-.. who had installed -- -previously, af a local gas station.. The bottle ivas badly chipped -.and' scratched from its journey' of-.many hundreds, of miles in the tire. . .But it was ' still capped--and three- quarters . full. " · ' ' . ' . ' . "It was the most fizzless Coke I've ever .seen"- commented Ellwooa. "Man, it was flatter than the'tire." · \ - . - . . ' A GAT JUNKET TO MEXICO * :·: ' ', CITT--Mrs. T and I SEAFOOD - . . _ . . .. ... » L-..I GIFTS I ' Sirfild* Dining You'll Remember! Cell OIneve 0-1113 er RaiervoHoni 16278 Pacific Cst i LUNCHES · DINNERS Open 11 o.m. tfl a.m. Dally Closed Tuesdays Old Mexico CAFE Serving authentic Mexican THE SIGN OF GOOD FELLOWSHIP TOP SIRLOIN STEAK DINNER SERVED rf.m. ro f p.m.. 7 NI6HTS A WIEK COMMUNITY SINGING CARL ZELLER n) th» accordion -- dud ADA at the organ A/ROBINSON HOTEL Ilk. S. ·( Otiin, I Ilk. E, it ABirliu HEmlock 7-8817 donned our sombreros this week, hitched up our flop-eared burros, and- ambled ovej to -the Mexico .-.-City Restaurant ;at 1147' South' St. For only $1.^45"each; we had.a terrific dinner of freshly-prepared Mexican''foods, .each* item' delicious and [appealing. Waitress Edyth'Ferrin:first brought r 'us a la carte j salads (25 cents each), which.-included lettuce and shreddec ; cheese Jightly touched with garlic. Then she brought us the |lS T o. 3 combination plate. ($1.10.. each) .which included, tacos with plenty of meat.and lettuce,'.'enchiladas .with lots:of melted cheese, frijoles (beans),"Spanish rice and coffee.' We also ordered steaming hot. corn tortillas, with butter," for the magnificent "sum .of 10 cents'each, . .' ': ' r Verdict: A great meal, and the price'couldn't be 'better. Owned 6y Gloria,' and' Jimmie Jaurequi, the Mexico City . Restaurant-lias a beautiful new banquet room and a large .new-second, dining room named ]or the Jaurequis'-baoy son,-. Jimmie J r . ' ' - . : . - ' · : - . ' -·:···· . " '.*· * * . . - ' . - " " ' . · : ' · - . QUESTION: For crying- out loud, why is Ken McConnell demolishing that beautiful, large building Which houses his Dinner Bell Restuarant .at 3908 Long Beach Blvd?.^ _ ' , . . ANSWER: I ain't, got the answer. McConnel, .originator J the 19-cent humu'rger which swept the country,'won't tell anyone what'his plans are--not even .his mother! ' ;. · ., NOTES WRITTEN ALL OVER A TABLECLOTH WITH MRS T'S LIPSTICK AND WHICH BROUGHT TJS A GLASS OF WATER FLCNG BY A WAITER WHO THOUGHT OUR BOOTH WAS ON. FIRE: You haven't -yet tried the; round of rcast bee£ at Arnold's Serv-Ur-Self restaurants at3925 Atlantic and 5100 E. 2nd St.? Then shame, double-shame, on you-because that beef 'is' extraordinarily good". .' .'. Jerry and Josephine Reynolds, are still getting raves for the ?L75 special steak dinner at their decorous Melody Cove restaurant, 1960 Santa Fe Ave. . . . And, hey, l o o k at'this: The-big-, new Giuseppe's Italian restaurant is now open at 5338 E. 2nd St. Belmont Shore! "Friendly, lively Giuseppe Consentino, the owner, s e r v e s authentic Neapolitan fare. "I. know what authentic means, too," he tells his customers'.'. - .'In the mood for something really'spectacular and sensational? Then order the charcoal-broiled New York- Cut steak ; dinner, 'at -'Oscar Contralto's Apply Valley Steak House, 733 E. Broadway. Jt's $4.50--but, boy, it's worth it. Long Beach .vocalist--poetess Ada Potter Wiseman--now white-haired but still lovely--celebrated . her 81st.. birthday Sunday night at Jack's Corsican Room in Naples 'by singing I "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes.'/.accompanied'by organist Bob Moreau. .She was a smash hit * . * ' * . ; AND THAT, SIR, IS A RECORD--Congratulations are in order for Bob, San Jose, bar manager of Grisinger's Peter Pan Canadian floonv,1700 W. Pacific Coast Hwy.-, who is celebrating his 25th year in .the bartending profession. .- . :· A native of the 'Philippine* and' ». natural athlete; Bob woo the U. S. pentathalon championship In t h e - J u n i o r Olympics »t Atlantic City In 1929, performing, in the itandlnf broad jump, 75-yard dash, chinning the bar, baseball throw and basketball throw. Now 47 year* old, he hag a large- family, Including six boys, three girls and five grandchildren. During his years in the bar. business, he.has served at the Lakewood Country Club, 'Virginia-Country. Club, Palos Verdes Country Club, the Pacific Coast Club and Meadowlark Golf Club.' . " , · '· And .what do you suppose he's the most proud of? His Olympic championship? Or his/jobs at all those swank clubs? Nope. ' · Bob is most proud of the fact that during, his £5 years of bartending, he has never--not even pnce-^-had a drinfc himself! · . ; · ' ' · : ' v SEAFORD, NTiT. --' EE -Another bottle kept things pop- jlng Thursday, at the James Hermann home. ;·. ,';Nassau Co'unty police came on.the run and carried away theVculpiit^an eight-ounce bottle.."' of 'holy water- ''that had blown, its . screwed-on cap: It was the same bottle. that let fly-a week ago. . -... : "Now I'm .getting frightened, said Mrs: ·Hermann. Bottles of all sizes-and shapes have flipped their 'lids at the home in the last 10 days. Police are mystified. The police technical laboratory at Minepla, N.Y., issued 'a report Thursday that no '.'foreign agents" had been found in bottles of shaving lotion, mouthwash,: etc.,Light and power, experts checked the home, without turning up a clue. The ; -pbpping bottles have stumped, atomic experts at Brcokhaveh. National laboratories. . Mrs. Hermann said she fiUed a number 1 of bottles with water Wednesday and. set them on various shelves as. decoys. ,The lids have remained undisturbed. 'Volunteers -.have, 'come; forth by, the score with explanations for the mystery. Some said the cause .was jets . cracking -the sound,barrier.; The Air Force denied it: Others -said itwas traffic vibrations from a nearby highway, or : an Vuridergrounc stream that-is undermining the area. Still others insisted ghosts or radioactive rays were,..'to blame. One., person said the house was too cold. Another said it was too hot. '. ..Bi Band to Honor ·. Nebraska .University The Lone Beach. Municipal- Band will honor alumni of the" University of Nebraska by play-r- ng "Huskerland". during, a rar i- dio. broadcast at\2 p.m. today:.;' n- station KGER. Monday -night the University., of Nebraska Alumni Assn. of Southern ^California .will hold ts' annual^charter day dinner- dance- in ; the' Pacif ;c" Ballroom. of the Statlef; Xx» An- , geles. The?'university, was iounded .89, years ago. .. , % . FCC OKs Crosby DealforKFOX .The Communications Commission Thursday "in Washington, D. C., authorized ..singer Bing Crosby, and associates to acquire radio stations .KFOX- AM-FM, Long -Beach, for $170, '000. ilie purchasing group holds interests in KCOB (TV), La: Angeles; KGLC,,Miarni,.Okla. and KANS; Wichita', Kan. D I N N E R S ' .S«rv*4 compliti with t'oup ir ' ulirl, itirtlnr «i only , ,, ta R E S T A U R A N T 41M NORSE WAY, HA S-f 121 Conor A Uk.wo.Ml live-.) Steah» tit tor a KING King Arthur's Steak House Phon. HArriion : S-911J ~ -· 5511 E: SPKNG'-'ST. Spring at B«llflow«t JACK'S CORSICAN ROOM 5430 E. SECOND ST. NAPLES li/jrvr/ous Dining Room for Me Smartest in Dining flnsurt BOB MOREAU .1 at frit Organ ( GE 3-9506 CLOSED MONDAYS Evereite Boyette's CHARCOAL BROILER Featuring DINNERS 5 'HI 1:00 A. M. COCKTAILS From 4 p.m. 'HI 2 a.m. ENTERTAINING NIQHTLT DON LIE ILLIS at tk» Organ · fine FOO.I e · Cecktdll . Cleied We.Vl.ldoy. It07 E. SECOND ST. . NAPLES Try Our DELICIOUS DINNERS . : jeaiuring Charcoal Broiled Steak* : {'Finest 'of Foods--Eoctything , n _ i'/*. .. i"_^J. J.'/^lli--'A (ft 11 *KtJi yj . · vnf «-- TM^« '// ISenxd Goaf. iGra^^Ql HAY McAlil »*:thi Pla»« Have you Heard BILL HOFFMAN /af«/y? fmr l»e Lit In ' _ FOOD -- COCKTAILS and ENTERTAINMENT In leef ··«* . . . If* _· THE VILLAGE I2VJV 2099 «t //Wowtr Ifvcf. GE 4-2611 Cloiiu Hon. Hwn Tin., W»J., Tkin. 4-11-- Fri. * S.t. 4-2 A.M.--S«». 1-1 _»IZZA DEN M07 SOUTH ST.. LAKEWOOO b,t--. x»r . For Rt»mi;em «»i Fee4 le- Ce . . . . Call TOrrej i-2113 «r lOrrej (-fill Thi Errtln Family Will tnjiy OBI PIZZA ITALIAN DINNERS Beer -Wine F A M I L Y m S T A U R A N T g IUNCHEON -- DINNER o S.rv.d In tunpllnt butf.t Kyle · fail of Hwy. 39 by Junto Ann freeway RUENA PARK, CALIF. S«rviiiq 9uality Feed af Medirot* Pricti for the Entire Family . · · · 3925 ATLANTIC AVE. SI 00 EAST 2ND STREET Giuseppe Jr. Says: . NOW OPEN! Come in for authentic Italian food, (l-know what autbentie means, too!) ftafur/ng flit finest ITALIAN FOOD Watch (or Our Orend Opening G I U S E P P E ' S ITALIAN RESTAURANT S33I E. 2nd Sr., Itlmonf Shor» S -For the finest Steaks - Sea Food Prime Rib - Chicken T A I / V M ' B O O M S KVOTO MELODY COVE iANOUIT «OOM--A«c»«»i«««»»» · 4( SPECIAL STEAK DINNER $1.75 NH'.LM... "mi.i»iiiMf -- I».. II l» Hll.I! tlU., WMl., Tfcon. t Sm. . I F.M. t« II F.M, Frl. * Sit. t P.M. - 12 P.M. Cloud Mondiy 1-«2I C, A R H I N A For Bmrvitionj Cill FA 1-16*7. Upon Dilly (Entpt Mondiy) from I P.M. Wi Art Now Opm Slindiys from 3ilO P.M. The Paufi Cummin's COCKTAIL LOUNQE RESTAURANT COFFEE SHOP FOUNTAIN CARSON at BELLFtOWER BLVD. 11560 E. TELEGRAPH ROAD, NORWALK I The Only Place of Ite Kind on the Comfi 733 E. BROADWAY · M i . Hi 7-5126 jBrMrJ^f f ^f.^^^^ ^^.^9,^B,*"^·^J.^f^M , / Is Pleased to Announce · - A NEW'MENU. 1 " . Dishes Made from the. World's Most Famous Recipes! .Coquillc of Deviled 'Crab Meat .-_---. stern Scallops Saute'.': . 1.95 2,25 ; 2.75 1.95 .2.75 ,3.25 JjHawaaim' Mahi-Mahi Sauted in butter '. Thufingcr Bratwurst with Red Qbbage :.... · Grcnovilles (-Frog Legs) .". "Provencilc" -Omir Khiyyim's- .. .- .Wondrous Shish'.Kebab-Among many,^many others (Children's portion 1.00 less) Dinnerj include Soup or Saltd, Potito, Vcgietible, Dessert, · Coffee or Tea 4200 LAKEWOOD BLVD. JUST' NORTH OF'CARSON AT NORSE WAY "HArrifbn 5-1723 ' Complete Dlnncrf STEAKS--PRIME Rll SIA FOOD 2508 SPECIAL "V ..P I TURKEY DINNER 7 5 SERVID DAILY S - l f l P.M.- · ^^ D«/;cfous Spor«ribi and Cfcicktn Mtafy SoBdwIcfcM Ior«Q Meof* by Wit Founrf *o Co Longhorn Bar-B-Q Werf Corner Picifie «nd Willow TOPSIRLOM^J Make ReserviitKms Now for Your Holiday Pat** 12 FEATURED MENU SELECTIONS DAILY AT Wouldn't it be nice to... this week at your favorite restaurant?

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