Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on June 7, 1930 · Page 11
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 7, 1930
Page 11
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I Mf «W I no You'll be surprised At the few changes needed— And how small the cost! " ' fea a life, in tfie "ofd 'fibiw yet." W,>lh thttt sturdy did bagfs, Th0 fenn BuildeM cart created madifh hottie ( ' th, all the wanted convenlert<ie«( „, ( i ( th<f,«atl«f action of an up-tfa-dat6 hotoe you Vlll, haVS d Hi Wtue-4f least ddufcte tha c6at'0rth« irtli>rovertiettt&. _ ll plans arta.*idvlcp foi 1 rtJodeifnlrftn^,yo\ii < hbnie will b« fUf nlulhrid by tod absolutely PBBB. Cal.l us. There is ho obligation. '* J . *> I > j . inc: \ No Money Down , x 18 Months to ( ' H23 NlnetPehth itffcton IM J|(~ _lL^(. ..Iri .4b O JettfiMbrt tttttttt .I . ,. L i . i j j,. i«J.j.i_ . i, tb had pttfcif , A Mm*. n.kUftd has since, toted „ to>fl,, instead Idltig <Jn«i dan find i i a the Wve and that *• fiumttef file 'have suttwed Jrohi ftrti N6W Ktote the CoritrttsU we are on aUrhhier tlrtie. Ana that's aboiit'ad .the summefvot e^efa ,<*t>*»? .that we have been having tot the fcast . month. *hls letter is written «%' nljl*| ^tay, In,M(ay th6 Anie»lcan',a tKolfghtr turn^to light flumnter ctdtiies-. aiid traw.hats and cobllngf drinks. WelU ov&r her^ it is just the reverse, " The therrtortetcr has jalayf ully, •ered Just abbut ten decree* above )6oitit on most days. Men are PLUMBING '" , AND HEATING i. ' Theve are very feVitems that enter the holme which are more" essential to one's comfort than modern bath fixtures and a good heating system. As direct factory dfstributors we are in a position to supply your n^eds •at the, lowest possible prices. ^ / Bath Outfits, complete .....$57.50 Closets ............: .*...' 18.50 Range Boilers 7.75 50 ft. % inch Garden riose..; 4.00. ' 1* $eptic Tanks, Gas'and Kerosene ^oter Heaters, Vylvfs, Pipe and Fittings, Electric Pump&. CONSUMERS' i Plumbing and Heating Supply Go. 1905 Ninth Avenue Phone 8135 Beating their winter iinderWear, wln- tet riuits and winter overcoats attd feeling dafcn comfortable in therti, .too. In the ottlces, if there is central 'heating, the steam is turned dn. In the (homes gas ' fires or fibal fires , We brightly burning and psople hug clpse to them for warmth and comfort. tthe sutt 'sometimes Shines, but ^the .winds that blow around London's .narrow streets are icy. They 1 ,. Heena,' to/ come straight from Iceland, > * If you get out you* geography and lottk at a map of the world you will' not be surprised. In fact, the surprise is that fingland is not covered With snow and glaciers. It^would be, were It n'ot for the miracle of the gulf stream which tempers its climate. For England is in the same latitude!' as Labrador, one Of the coldest, most dea- olate and barren lands on the earth'r surface. • ' • The gulf stream Wings its modifying warmth from the tropics up to Great Britain, but is often offset by counter* I balancing streams-'of cold atf straight from the North pole, for Great Britain Is an island and has an ISlaiid Climate. By and by, if the wind from the^ndrth changes, England will have^ something like real summeiv-almost American summer. But never for long periods. Summer c6mes in patches. • j ., It is a curious thing that nobody has ever written a book or a thegls 'upon the fact that the gulf stream hrfs changed the whole course of World history, Had there been,, no guW stream, the chances are that the tough, splendid,, t enterprising English race would never have been developed In this island;. Instead of being packed with people, it might have been 'a Labrador wilderness with Laplanders 'or a -kindred face dwelling in sparse settlements and moving at ,tlmes from place to 'place with their reindeer. There would have been no great Engish literature, no splendid 1 epic of English' history, possibly* -tto UJaUed,, .States. ' Canada, Australia," -New .^eaiand. At least, they would not havevbeen ait we. Jjnow them now- .-. , The United States, instead of 'belpg at bottom the product of 1 the genius of the English-speaking peoples., would have -been French" or Spanish. 89 with the English Dominions. The whole story of histolry would have been different." Whole splendid chapters would never have been written. Great poets would not, have sung'. Great soldiers would not have fought. Great scientists would not have invented. J For the race of the Washlngtpnsr'and JefCersons and' Lincolns, the Crom-' wells and Wellingtons and Nelsons, the Shaltespeares, Mlltons and Shelleys— the Jong line of Bngllslpnen and of Americans of British stock, would, never have existed. All the British story' would have been non-existent. All the American story— so far as Brit. ish stock Is concerned — : would--not have existed, ' .'.',. , The 'World romance would have been written by Spaniards, ttaJlans, Frenchmen and Qermans, A?»d so far none of them has produced a. Shakespeare or an Abe Lincoln.' t ,^ ..... , i P1JEA FOB CWSANI,INEf5S. MERINO, Mont, June 7.— Qr«at«r consumption of dairy prSduots will be obtained if the cows, milk and butter or* clean, members Qf the Merino Progress club were told by Walter- B. Freeman, state dairy commissioner, at a recent meeting, freeman advised farmers .^o k»ep their cows clean and provide them with clean quarters.- ; Cooling of milk as soon as It is drawn was urged, 'and he suggested! that c,rearn be delivered within four days, SAFETY. P^r Tfottr Children fence not only instlre's protection PLAIN AND FANCY WIRE PENCE In Several styles' and 'heights, 12c t« _,„ YdQf Property An' attractive and sturdy and safety, but adds to the ' HOME MOD KNOW SSMSBET'TCvS' V ...„..,.„* .;><>> letter Living and. tfdftftffif Abottt Through ing Methods. FLOWER GUARD Easily erected without' posts or- rails. 22 inches high. ,Q*» ' Foot CF \ TREE GUARDS f Fancy, woven wire, gix feet' high'. 4? inches In diameter. - ' " - z;»oh TRELLIS WIRE ' Welded square mesh. It will riot sag. 16 inched Wide. Kf, l FOot , \ ** ** WALK GATES Ornamental/top-. Heavy tubular frame., • $£.50 " $4.50 STEEL POSTS —, Complete with Clamps, SOc" Each Barbed Wire U. S. Poultry Netting S. J; Wolf* Hardware Cp. 1712 Eleventh Avenue ,' - Phone 2-7048 ACT ,N€W! r •- ' • , ' ' ' " . • . ' -The Introductory Offef of on. any of the three ABC model* will end soon. FREE Home Demonstration in Your Home * C c: B"^ • sWi ^u F- WT} ^ iv • r^ii^i •_ i< (The Porcelain Wafher) ^ If yqu have long desired to* own this wonderful washer w|th the Spinner attached, be sure aqd act now, as jhis exceptional ,oiflfer will end very soon. The ABC Spinner offers you every thing you have ever dreamed of and more, that a washer should ' 'have. See it today. J. E. Heaps Electric Co. 10Q4 Chestnut Ave. Near Postoffice Phone 2-1022 There is nothing tSartleurarly neft in the idea of h,6me m6dejpnl«(nb/. It has be«n« going on lot years. i lh lh* However, it represented q lem (at the-Mom* owner, tedjutrlftfe con- ,b}e time and ertttrt id father various sources the suggestions and data that Were to change^ Ihe Old house into a moder* home, And, some' times even theVtne nienlat picture of the "new home 1 : wM more or less MaV. ^ '' , , ..">» , V I But na* all that It ftwng MJ«' hom*. oWh*.' ,U«* can generally 'Obtain all information,-4d«lc«i and help Bo much Interest i* apparent on the subject of home .mddirnizblg that the leading financial; professional, bust" 'ness and tivio interests in many cltiM throughout the^dttuntry 4re fostering a moveiWetit,to (promote bettet* living and "housing conditions. , To increase prosperity bf improving .houses through fitt)d«rniclng, and in this way cause a city-wide rise in property values, i ' '' , " * ^ , lh-the past it Was necessary for any* one wishing to"modernlze their hom« to liave A Biibstatitlal payment, and in most cases to nay tne entire amount When the lott is cdinpleted. New, how ever. Any 6h«, Whether he may own a cottage or the largest mansion can, modernize, his honfe by means of a monthly payment,plah that has-been Worked out/and hiade available to Altoona homa OWneti by one large contractor. Under, this plan a home owner may have Almost any work done .Without malting any down payment, and spreading th«T cost out over a period of as long .as eighteen months. WOMAN PAYS HUBBY'S , DEBT TO TICKET AGENT LIVINGSTON, Mont., June 7.'^ £>iogenes lived twenty-six centuries too early.'llis quest for honesty would haveVnded successfully in Livingston the other day. 4 - Harry' MotroW, Northern Pacific agent, was v -Selling tickets when a woman came to his window, purchased a fare, started to leave, hesitated and then returned. " ' ' "Were you hec«," she inquired, "two years ago?" ' , "Sure? 1 i » ' "Well, here's 5 cents. My husband was just that much short two years ago when he, bought a ticket and you supplied the difference." , G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co, Miner It Shipper Of HIGH ' , Page Rusty Loudon •• ' • AND Miller Seam Coal Time Weight ,... Date, Sold to With a Full Bin You Will Not Have'to Worry About Prices or a Comfortably Heated Home Next Winter ' I'ONS Customeri Derownd This Weigh BIU ' cur CCAL NOW While prices are lowest for the Year. High Quality—Clean Lumpy Coak-Best to Hold Fii'e NO CLINKERS TO BURN OUT YOUR GRATES < This Coal is mined on the Mountain and hauled direct from Mine to you by Trucks owned by Residents of this City. Order from one of them and Protect Your self'lay (Demanding our Weighbill) -, , 0, F, EICHENLAUB COAL CO., Dial ff^lO •^GRANT'S 1412 Eleventh Ave. Paint up*-'and use Grant's Prepared Paints , bigh>gr4d«; paint made by ope of the largest paint manufacturers in Aroeriea, The generous qil content gives » high lustre, finish, v/hile the durability of Grant's payit has been' proven by rigid tests. The price can't be beaten at JOc a quart,—and a quart covers a lot of space. BERLIN, T1JM COMBINE. .'BERLIN, June T.-MLeading European actors will emulate the idea of American film stafs^and form a United Artists' corporation for the-taJkiep Max Reinhard will,' direct 'their first pVfcion^a-'mttfeal WWjgSf Jean Jaques Offenbach's "Paris Life*.* It will he produced in German, French md English.,: II INSURANCE premiums and tax payments must 1 be paid at specified time*; if you tack the ready cash we cart advance it to you at unusually low > rated. "A Friend In Need 1* A Friend Indeed" \ v « Altoona Discount Co. 1425 Twelfth Ave. Phone &367S That You Have Finished Housecleanin Arrange to heat your home with McGllIRE , SPECIAL COAL, the coal that give an abund^ ance of heat, but 'Si ^ S J 4 yery little dirt Once you use this -famous \ Coal, you wifl always ,£ use it. , 3 McGuire Special is positively one of the finest coals that can be bought ajid the price is vefy reasonable. Ask someone who has used it. T ."t Us Fill Up Yotir Bins" Now for Next Winter \ • "-.•T ? :-'b McGUIRE COAL CQ. 915 Nin.teenth Slleet^ ;'•> .Pick Your Refrigerator For Life-Time Service '•? *v| ; v S 'Vl i ? ' • 'V ', " } J Now is a good time t» mention tliat , there's a vast difference'in Refriger- /], atori —and that it pays to get the;kind that is built right in the hi '•ii S '3| '" M ;d The New Gurney $1 7-50 JL If up —and that the extra cost of a good refrigerator is wnall a» compared wiih the better and larger «erviee that H —and that a good refrigerator will pty for itself in the ice it wives. ^P^ ^^BB^^^ T|(|F ~m^ ^s^^^^ ^^^ff ^^^^^F ^^BP^ ^^^^ 1429 TwelJth Avenue »* v--'? > v . r ?a %/7^ -H */-% "* .«f»iJ, "

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