The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 10, 1920 · Page 3
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 3

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 10, 1920
Page 3
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THE DAILY FREEMtttEgg NAZIMO —IN— - Keenly^ alive to the zest of life- Nazimova embodies her restless, ever .changing personality in this wonderful screen portraiture. Now she wears the sombre mantle of tragedy; now she is.radiant with the smiles, 'the 1 .quips and-the quirks of comedy. .-'•-. THE BRAT, pronounced pheiibm enal success, gives full play to ev^erv temperament of her swiftly changing moods. ., - ,'./ _ By reason/of its-extremfe humane appeal "Thd Brat" has become a living adored personality to Millions, • -V :SDAY,AF1 "A Very Good Y oiin • ' ; ' -•' - •• ' The sight of 'her cut like' a knife into his tender sensibilities— his modesty was sorely shocked. So, turning. a face that was scarlet, with shame -he closed one eye and^-H-eaVens ! The creature wink- f>rl Viii^lt •- • ' ed -An appealing and humorous story with exceptionally strong situations; . ;-j "Also Ruth Roland in '"The Adveiitsires oi' Ruth" '.MONDAY—"THE.BRAT"'featuring the great / s ' ''and unrivalled.NAZIMOYA. ' Tirc PEOPLE'S COLUMN In Advance. One month, 1 per word ..... One week, per .w.ofd. ...15 .08 <_/iic vyiecuw^ yei .w.viu., ........... ..we One insertion, -per word ..01 Three insertions,- pet word Oj WANTED. WiAjftTED—Girl for general housework. Will .pay', from $8 to $10 3 "Week. .Phone 441K Mrs. Searing. lots 259K. room modem ho^se. s. 410 North SP Baton. .Rock eggs 354K. •' ' FOR SA'LE-rSfx- room house,** *• . , ,„ V-r.' i/"* Tr*rry*wn- .bargain. '•See Henry. C. A •pbr.tutiity for a live -.wortenaa; business eataiblish'B'd; .new and repair work; 'married man preferred*.- Stieady w.orEf in. a- live fruit and fa-rm tavn. Address ,13ox 192, Anna, ill. a8-2wks FOR SALE—Thoroughbred Kbp<!e island Red -eggs for. cheap. Phone 270K. setting, AS— 6t ~~FOR~SALE—Wiilard-. storage "Battery—6 to 8 volts." May berseen;at. Settlemoirs shoe hospital. Good" as new. WANTED—At. once, & housekeeper. '•' 'Good,wages.. Cill/364X.~ :a8^3t. POiK. HEWT—Boiom. Ladies preferred. 210 Maple. . . a8 7 3t LOOK IN Piairtde.l, go to Centr-alia and other • DU QUOIN MAN-'-DIES Southern. Illinois towns to investigate the operation'of municipal water and! / light systems, • particularly water! T AT HOLDEN HOSPITAL Committee Appointed To Go To Ceritralia To In- Guy Hartsock-; aged 46. years,Bradley | died 'at Holden Hospital last nig'ht •ith, em-', after 'an illness with pneumonia. The remains were taken to - his home at Du Quoin' -today for with the light and water/, funeral and burial, service-,.-presented opinions' to 'the! ilr - Hartsock was a pumpman at_ council test 'Wght. ' These set forth the Security ir/fae iii Du Quoin. He syetems. City Attorney ^ Lloyd M. Bradley and Attorney T. ~B. F. Smith ployed -by tlie city to investigate the •legal phases of the situation here in Rebekahs Give Canned j _ _ ~ . • Fruit Shower To Member .ui-rGofcD TO-THE; OLD SALOON iMr. and-.'Mrs. J. K. J-olmsori, whose j American Wine Growers' Association home was .destroyed by fire recently, Hokls '* 8 Sixteenth Annual Con- ,wer. e given a canned fruit shower at ye ^°" ^ ew York - , .their np'arfhWtedn' the TBevger buil'd-j' Nov ,. j^ Apl ,, ' )V _ Unnlt B j[ e .m.2! k-st might. Tne shower was. jrrvc-n j opposition, to the i-eturu of 'the saloon •by^ne Garttondale Rebek-ah lodge, of -;\v:is expressed -in''il.resolution adopt'ed POSII.IQN WANTED—'Clerical ' or .otherwise, .about 4 ,houi;s- a day. Address "R" cats. Free Press. a7-3t FOB SALE—100 acres 4 miles southwest of Carbondale. Well fm- J. T. Turner, , CarboHilak, proved. 111., Koute 1. a6-6t FOK SALE—Modern five room cotj, tage or. Cherry street. !mmerwte> possession.—K. A. Taylor. WANTED—Tof hear from party having farm for sale. Give price and_. description;— '-L. W^_ Borah, box 3, Champaign, 111. A3—f,i VVANTED—Girl for general house- •\york. Good references. Good w.igSs.'Mrs. Fowler, 408 Sbudi Pop- lar - . A7—tit WANiTED-nGirl for general house. -work. Must have good references. /.which they ane members. '••by the Juncrica'n Wine.Brokers', asso- The evening was spent iii a social ! ci «''ion at its. sixteenth nhnnal con- way 'by the Jai-ge number .present -and i.™ 11 " 0 ". ''Eld in tli« Waldorf-Astoria refr.eshTnents'^e-'' - i "° tel - ' '' refr.eshTnents'^ei-e'ser,v,eld.' ' bpccial meeting Shekinafe methods: and'.'. by .which it .would?/ is ' survived by *his wife an* mi. ccj. . j..•'•••• "»-'"""'•' """..MIC^IO uy .wuicn IL .w-ouia?/ '» survived Dy Mils wire an* . one IhC Situation [ be possible for the, city to pursue t 9 '; daughter, Jtfrs. Honour Rrye of Al- Wfcere The Plant Is Owned By The City—Attorney's Present/Ooinion The city council last nAgUit appointed a committee from the; council, 'coniposad of Joe .Aitdersoii and J. W. assure proper water and light service. ' ton, and other relatives. The city plans to continue its drive ' '''-*- • • - ' against the C. I. P. ,.S. Co., in- view ^ „ • • X of finding meajts with which to pro- ' Behind the scenes with Nazi- vide Oarb,on.d!3.1e with an adeuate wa- I mova ' fol!ow ller to the »'S ht ter and'light service. ' | court, watch iher sensational dance. I enjoy her-wit. Earth Theatre, Mon- RSAB THE APVgKTISBiMBNTS' day . a " d T ' uesda y A P ril 12 and 13. T j Il: Vns me mismiinagemonf'of .tlie sa-luon, rhe.nssbcliitlon- declared, which j w:..s i-espoiisihle for the enactment of I the prohibition law. . " Lodge; . Appeal WANTfiD—Young men and g'irls for factory .wort. Experience not required. Good wages. Nine'-Jiour day with ten hours,-pay.—The 'Oliver Typewriter Company, Woodstock, 111. te24tf FOR SALE—We buy, raise and sell fur-bearing rabbits, and other fur-bearing animals. List what .yon have with us .stating your lowest prices on large lot shipments. The Fur & Specialty Farming Co., .$15517 "N. P. Ave., Fargo, N>Dak. M19—1mb. FOR SALE—House, at 705 West Pecan. Terms reasonable. Price right. Call or.write Charles iijfors Carbondaie, Til., " AS— 12 cia meetng ekinafe Lodge; . Appeal was made in (lie resolution No. 241 will meet Monday after- ; to oonprcss nnd the legislatures of the noon at 3 o'clock April 12 for work. I v *V' Irius states to permit, the ' hire of sale. tlie following T. A. WEAVER, W. M. H. C. MERTZ,' Sec. - AW—2t _ .. . ^ : - i SCHOOL ELECTION ' NOTICE Notice' is hereby'given that on Saturday, the 17th day. p£ April, 1920, an election will be held at the City. Hall in -School .District 95, Jackson County, Illinois fb purpose of electing the school officers: .1 President. 2 Members. The polls will open at 1 o'clock 1 P. M.- and close at .'5 o'clock- of the same day. By Border of the Board of Education of said District. Dated the 27-day of 'March, '1920. j. arn V '"" W. O. BROWN, Pfesidcnt.' Attest:—FRANK C. K-R.YSHER, j' A9—3t Secretary.^ Paid oat on order of iComm. of highways 1638.80 "''"?« an(1 ] >cei- arid their or gentelman m CarWondale for Watkins . Famous Pro- drfcts. Watkins goods known every^ where Big profits. Write today. Watkins Company '51, Winona', Minn ' • • • ' LOST—Cameo pi", between Elm and Normal Ave.; and downtown. Phone 218. Reward. AS-2t LOST ;Grajr overcoat between • Springer street and Bayliss Field. Ed. JicGuire. FOB, i FRAME NEW TRAINING PLAN To Stave Off' Defeat Senaiors/Prbpose. '•• Voluntary System of Drill for Youth's of Ninteen. ^ Wiisliiiiston, Apri'r :.• .^-Detait of the compulsory imivprsaj milllnry train- ins provision of-the-iuTnv reorsaiilza- tion 1)^11 was conceded hy son.ite p'ro- poncnts of tho plan and to'stnvc off n vote on ll)e issue they plnnno'd to snh- .stitnt-e n ^rqsra'hi for vohmtnry frain- insNir foiu- montlis for-all. youths h'irie- teen or morn yenra old. It was understood Hint a.canvasa of the sfen'sitp showed 54 or niriro Eepiihiicans and ibout 40 % in- 0|)^nsif),pii to Minpulsory training as provido'd in the , . FOR .RENT— Furnished -rooms. Girls preferred 1 . 502 Carico ;St. .aip-6t FOX, RENT— 'Six;- room house>. large lot 'and) garden.^ 810 ~" West Main. a9-3t Frances E. Wiiiard, Founder W. C. T. ,U. Above—Polyglot Petition. „ Anna A. Gordon, President Nat'l W. C. T. U., and Julia F. Deane, Editor Union Signal., April 6, 1920, -ba.1. on! hand. .$9361.11 U, S. REi^GE RENT BOOST ROJLS-MINERS Wage Conference at Pittsburgh Breaks Up When the Operators Ask Increases. Pittsburgh. Pa., April V.—A conferee of representatives of tlie United" Mine Workers, district. No. 5, and coal opera tors held here to consider ar••—'--intent ot President WllSon's wfi'ee FOR'-RENT-40'. acres, southeast or Carbon'dale. Apply 801 South Washington Avenue, Carbbndale, or phone 469X. ' . . • ^ A9—(5l FOR .RENT—Five--acres- ; good corn land if taken' soon.'See E. Patten. . A9—tf LOST— Somewhere' between Fowler's ice cream 'parlor and the Methodist parsonage, a ring with small diamond set in black, onyx. Reward. Helen. Geyer. A6-6t F,OJJ KENT—Large .furnish'ed- room; mradefc. -Mrs. A. .M6Cormdck. a.8-3 FOiUXD— Wrist \vatch -on Normal .avenue. ' Call 234K. a3.0-3t F. L. LINGLE, M. D. General P^«ct!o« Bp«£lal Attention to -'Eye, JE«r, «isd Thrott : "- ;3i«mew Flttei Phone:.: Residence 330-2, O!Hc« HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorney* »t Law Phone 262 K / Suite 112-115 New Hamilton B ^ REjtT^F^orit. room down-, stairs, private •' entrance, at ,.S. C. j Chandler's, 402 West Walnut. I A8— 3 FOR RENT—Furnished rooin. Mod ern. > Gentleman preferred. 21 Hospital Djave. Telephone 69. M26—6 Turks Destroy American Orphan- ; settlemeut ' brokeF - 1ID shbrtly age at .Harouniyi. noon. The break came when Hie operators submitted a proposition to .increase .— -| the rent of niinere' homes, .othe into'. Two Thousand Armenian Children Re, ers? representatives refused, to listen" moved Under Fire and Taken . f ° . th ° ^roposnl nrid the coirfbrence •to Safety. broke up. No date lias been set .for , another, mectin ' - / 'cm? OFF Tn TO im UP Among those 1 who have secured passports for foreign travel o\i business are Miss Anna Admits Gordon and Miss Jnlin Deane of Evanston, Til., where the national !;u:idciuarte;'s of the Woin< ' an's Christian Temperance Union are . located. Miss Gordon is the national president of the organization that has worked, for jisilf a century to secure the passage^ of tf" prohibition amendment to the federal Constitution arid Miss'Deune'l.s tbe editor of its official 1 publication; .'ilia Union Signal. They :irc bant upon 11 missioil of great importance to'the. organization which/is jendiiig them—-Hie making of & survey of genera! social conditions in.: countries .U'e world over in. the interests of the campaign, for world'.prohibition and for the prosrum.\>f social better- inen^ wliicl) is included in the plan of •work for tlio nest five years.' 1 ' . Miss Gordnn and Miss Deane live-In 1 EvBO.sIon. III. Th-;. 1 nationnl head- qnnrfefs of the' Woman's' Christiaii Temperiince Union are addition built to tlie.--forn.ier home of Frances \VIllarfl: founder of the orgimizatio'n'- both in America and,'filter, in practically every country ofjthe world. This • home. Best CoUa'ge, is. the rpsidenee ' of Miss-.Gordon and is just over the threshold .from the -Office'^. 6£.'th'e' nu- ..tional u-easnrer, Mrs. Margaret Mim'us, and the national corresponding secr^- fary.j.airs'. FriihcHK P.-J?arksj_.aj>i4;th!& cfb'tef of- tlfe 'iiViijiy ^departments of worktliat are carried on'by the women of the. union. ,In'one of the rooms of Rest Cottage, that sho'wn in the accompanying picture, the'Polyglot petl-. tion was written by Miss Wiilard,-.that momentous document which was to serve" as the beginning of the campaign for world prohibition and to become a conspicuous feature in every convert -tioc and public demonstration in great centers. ,.The names... attached to 'the petition number seven and a half million; they were written by women of . :. April-,-'.—Turks have destroyed ..the village of Harouniyi, n.oftlti-'ast of Adann, and burned the American orghanage there. . ., Two thousand Armenian orphans were removed under fire and taken to Adana in safety by, William Gilbert,' .'„ ""T" ' A Jr.. of Yonkers, N. V. They willVob- < " C1 H cn S°< A ' lril "'— Fln "'' i? due for ably be sent to Cyprus, as the Ad ana • ™°°> cr "°9 st in price before long! district is'much disturbed > , The production oii. winTer- wheat .was 4 for Experts Say Big Decrease in Production Soon Will Hit , the Consumer'l a very large way to the outcome of the i B ni'«;ay • communication lias been 1 ^^ - at , v' ollt °° P Z C0nt lts3 -"V 8 figllt which has madiMlie United ' ' "" " of 'America :t sober iKition. Miss Gordon and M'KS ' passag Status have assage on the steam.s!i:i) I'liilmlalphia ailing March 20. Thar first stop will' be Southampton, ilu-nce they will "n to'Lomlou to participaiu in i!, e world'. \V n T TT ,.,.„! ..... ..,_.. ., . W. C. T. U. 'com- heltl there April 1S-2: their sojourn in Lnhilon .;i'iit;on thnt jvill be 'i - a.part of every race, .color,, nationality, creed i b , een iuvit etl to be tlu; suests'of 'ih« The mere mounting o j ! countess of Carlisle in ii-, 0 cr.silu of the sheets.of signatures upon strips of ': the Ho^'nrds. After tl K! convention iqusliu consumed two years 1 ' time. It c!oscs these two AiiK-rifan wo;n;;n \\-\l\ has been presented to'three govern- S<> into all tho now-l'prmuil cininn-ies-nf EM i V 'PO. as well as into ii, 0 ' ,,1,|. ' iH r,| possibly into Kgypt and Hit- nuar Kasl Just how. far south and oust their itinerary can be extended will d:<pc>],d i!->011 conditions of 'travel'and Hie possi. biiity of securing passpor*. een eppVY'™ 11 ' tlliln '^ vc;u '-.- The.ilepnrtiuen over ! of "sncuUure, wliicb . sprit out th '' ments and has been in every country on the.globei' . Sicce. 1874 women have been working in .the. Wbman's-Cliristlan Temperance;'Onion, for. it was then that tho individual; effort of the little groups of Crusaders be^an to be concentrated -in | 'Just before tlie local; then state and national unions. ItJ.vas in 18S4 that the, Polyglot petition ..Was penned -by Frances E. Wii- lard, "when president of the American i3nipn ; -and of. the World 'Union as well. Ten y.eiirs were required to .secure the signaturesi ..and then- the opportunity cam§, to present the colls of muslin- mpunled| nauies to Grover. Cleveland, president, of the United States. The effect was, .of cpurse, only moral, for the',Mmes,.6f t 'tte-;wdrneti. attached' to h mpotin- nf. i|, t . .,„. mini'convention of the W C T U i n Atlantic City, N. .1.. ,^'t :;ov',.,,,i w r Miss Gordon and Jriss Dwir.c v.-ili r u '- turn'to America to give <|-r,. i v ']ibrt of their journeying'to the do!e-"i'i...; ••>-. serabled , tiiere. La re er tlu-y again, Ibis timexfor tlje Smitii A !:i?r i- cau 'countries, lliem-e to Australnsin Now Kenlaiid, Burnni^ Indi;,; c'hiiin and Japan.' This., torn: will consume rliv- bettoi'.part, of a- year,. :iiiii\viiK.. („,. .. secoful return td Hit; vcnvoiiiltin :(? fnr petition.have no legal weight with'.the 192f,'the time and L , .>..- .,„ ,.,, gOYgrnrnent.^^But It has conttibiued'in [hot vet been decided upon. • :•'•'-'.' "-..-.' V .. ' .'.....'" restored between f Adana and Ale Turkish nationalists' have ttikcn control of tlie village of Bjirdlztij on ' the southern side of the Gulf of Ismid, I about 00 miles from Constantinople, ! c f m "f' but there are few indications of trou-'i abau dqnnient .and assuming average bje,in Anatolia. .- j influence)! ir/i(Jl harvest Hailjin, north of Adana. is still cut olf from .the oiii:s.ii.le- \vorld,"~;'i:ul other Armenian villages are-being besieged by the Turks, advices received here. .Hundreds of refugees 'Rail Strike Forces Big 'Boost in Rrice are arriving in Adana daily.- Tlie riiil-' u-a.v hetwee'n Adana and Konia, to thu nortInvest, .has been cut. "• ' -. . Danind Fcrrft Pasli'n was forinally iiulucted into offlce as grand vizier and i - - -^ announced he would, in addition, bold | 75 cents il . 10 ° P" 1111 .'!* f pi-' potatpes here, tlie portfolio of minister of .foreign i ™ I ?' w i n-1 . c e.!s $' $7.05. Tlie affars. . .'-. •-.-- ' j railroad sitliatioji was given as the l.nstnictions read to the now g.raiiij I ^lM°L;j.' -J,.-,MT--I- ' : - ! vizier when installed in office dnjiWe j — —^l^- 1 -^- "••—-- v v'.'.•. ' : trmibles pi-orliicpd 'by Turkish nation.- ''FOR SAILE—Residence on. 402'West HENt— r l.<wg i iumished .moms 'Modern. 40CT West Oak St., .. ?JDR REN*—^Two rront rooms or*! Style Shop.ipir office or sleeping rooms Apply Mise Rieth, Normal and Monrcx St. ' FOR RENT—2 - unfurnished "Yobms for light -Jiousekeeping. 401 Wcs'l 'Oak. .'Phone 3091..' A3—3) FOR : RENT—Mtfdern rooms $1.75 per week.. Board .$5.50. 109 Eas Granii), 1 .block east of Normal. / ^ '• • ' A3—3i v .FOR RENT—Farm-, 40 acres, east ol Carbondale, good .orchard , and fine place . for cantaloupes. Also grain crops. Reasonable, terms to/reliable party. ^''Apply Miss Maggie Rieth; based them on .its ,' acriiii^c planted last De- llo\ for iryerase anreage Experts in- the grain market in 'Chicago sny'it's'a safe forecast that'be- foi'e many numi'hs (he. effect wilf be felt in tbo -flonr niiirK'et- at Kansas City^— Ntw Price - Is S7.25 to $7.S5. ,. Kansas Cit.v.'SI'o'., Apriy 9.-—Wliole- i palei's-'annoiyiceri :in ^increase of ^1 | 75 cents ~ FOR RENT—Storage ior hougehoH goods, in the one story,brick building cement .floors,. on alley back of »«f Barfu Theatrs. .Apply Miss Rlei». ."..FOR .FOit SALE—Fine White 1 Rock egg£ (for hatching, $1.50 per -15. Adolph' Do'di-liet, Cemtraiia, 111. ' * a8-3t alists sml s.11.1.] prolongation' of Qa-k' t'un'shmeiit of orgnnizors and aators. of:.ti-o(lblu .was. .-ui-geO so lliat '• ",^ 11 "jM -\faitliful .subjects' .may he, more'!" ,' ;C . Street (and three other ar.d one V"a.eant lot on "^x^st . ; nittire, now -at'--402-- West-Oak St. se are. bargains if taken at on*:.* _.,....,..., iinited;' vv,itli. the'siiltiina'io and T c .;J 1 P° 1 ' a - r j'3'.v- at Mrs.' ,PhiiiipE 40'0 "vV.. the. caliphate and, former -ix-lntiii/is ho i.'O'at St.. H. v A./Graiidat6fF. 'A.10-3S nstsihllslied with lite great powers so! . ''-' -"'- 1 — . '' ', ':' \ ''" as to-mittgate the .pence Drills, aiid Im- ', FOR &ENT—One" br'two" fiirnislicd prove the economic.situation." ," - co'miected'i-bbms, Ver.y,reasonable;' i.f'or working girls. 704~,JVest Walnut•' ; Street;' .., ' .' .'•'.• AlOr-St FOR SALE—Five room house, "502 S. .Rawlins St.-; C. H." .Crowd). i?h'o!ie-46SY.. ;' ' •: • A96'. FQR SALE—Well.', located seven- room cottage ,two lots, $3600;'al- 'so dandy five room cottage, good condition, $150a.Terras. See' : Braiich. ••-•'•'.' *- A10—3t FQR SALE—11-rooni modern' house, in- good .condition; fiiiQ location," one block-' frotri, 'square, 305' W. Main; price reasonable. For further information • call a't^ 108 N. Poplar or: phone 824. A7—fit SAOJE—Surrey. Go6d : ' «6ndi- ' tipn, 'with top. " .Se v e S.JST. Fowler at i'owlSr.'s' cindy'stbi-e;- '• ni86flf '. ' '•"•*'• ' " • ••' : - ...• 4 -. JIQ'E •309 Cherry. 5 room Ti-ouse. CALJ3WELJL, M. D. MeANALLV BlWLDtrjQ ~ .211 West Main 8tr«« .; 21» 4 P.»^ tARBOND'ALE KITCHEN <oma Made Candles and ice S Telephone 3<4 Y ~ : . . Telephone No. .159 JESSE HAYES Moving and Work. SUPPLIES Phone 233 ^A^BRA^DGN, J EYE "'ffflnla Bld a . OUR PRICES '- ;Phqne"342 K ^ K

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