Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 6, 1960 · Page 34
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 34

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1960
Page 34
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PAGE 34 T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN MUNUAY bVENING, JUNE 6, I960 CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1 Cleanser. $ Rectpticlw in * ptir of *cale. f Put behind bin. 14 Black: Comb. · form. 15 Of * rent form. 16 Rick ·appireL 17 Southern »Ute, 19 Grim.. 20 Singles or doubles:' 2 words. 22 Pub drink. 23 Three: Span. 24 S'mf fflenilT. 36 Stroked in 20 Across. 29 V«m Oibora and others. 23 Will busing. 24 Marpoos. 55 .Stationery ipoikr. -36 Atlantic Citr i structure. i *7 Scout*.' actmties. 88'Pro . 39 Be dented. 40 YaofefinR. 41 Crowbar. 42 Suctions. 4* Abhor. 45 Clout. 46 Exploit. 47 Tike a. tw* at 49 Awards unce 1901: 2 ·words. 55 Maturing. 57 Gourmet's treat: 2 words. 58 PeJf. 69 Refrigerator. 60 Ripper. 61 Capital of French Vest Africa,, 62 In case. 63 Direction to a printer. DOWN 1 Fhror. 2 Siouan Indian. 5 -- for. one's money (powerful I competition): 2 words. 4 Northern tip of AJaika: 2 words. 5 Balanced exactly. 6 Only nonagenarian, among U. S. Presidents (17351826). 7 Columbus* camel. 8 Get going! 9 Get money for» 10 Tiffany's .field: 2 words. II Lake in Cntada: 2 words. Arizonan Says Hitchhiker Robbed And Shot Him ! BARSTOW, Calif.--UP)--An Arizona motorist, found unconscious in his car early today, told sheriff's officers he was robbed and seriously wounded by a hitchhiker "who then fled into the desert on foot. Edward R. Savage, 40, of Phoenix, was hospitalized San Bernardino after emer- In gency treatment at Barstow Community Hospital. Attendants said he had been ·hot twice in the stomach and once in the shoulder. They listed his condition as critical. Lt R. J. Lorimer, commander of the sheriff's substation here, ·aid Savage gave this account After picking up a hitchhiker in Newhall. Calif., Savage became sleepy and decided to let his pas- ·enger drive. Savage was en route to Lake Tahoe to take a job as » f restaurant worker and intended · to go by way of Las Vegas. The next thing Savage knew, the hitchhiker had stopped the car on a remote side road and was ·hooting at him with a .38 caliber revolver. After taking his wallet, the gunman fled on foot. Savage managed to drive the car to a spot on U.S. 91 about five miles east of here before losing consciousness. Deputies at once began a search Paramount OPEN 12:11 .is ionq as you re near SCNOi · e. w. InSCHER of the surrounding desert for the hitchhiker. They said Savage related that the man mentioned at one point that his name was Bill Govnido. Savage estimated the hitchhiker's age at 25. Goldwater Gets Honorary Degree SIOUX CITY, Iowa -tfv- Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz. received an honorary degree at Morningside College commencement exercises last night. Goldwater was the speaker. Three other persons presented honorary degrees were F. Gerald Ensley. resident bishop of the Methodist Church in Iowa; Earl Fullbrook, dean emeritus of business administration at the University of Nebraska; and Ralph W. Kitterman, pastor of the Methodist Church at Webster City; Iowa. Regular degrees were conferred on 101 graduates by Dr. J. Richard Palmer, college president. SATURDAY'S ANSWER OPEN 12:JI P A R K MM N. Park MAHS51 HUHHY! IT'S LEAVING SOON "LOVERS": «:»,!:», M:N "The Most Centreversial SejpMnt of Eatertahimeiit Ym Are Ever Likely t* Discover." --I~A. £xami»cr 'f:. ·*. TWtlsthe Oriftatl Un«t Versiwi 12 Tille, 13 Unit of force. 18 F«ther»:_Poet. 21 .Scboal tmiti 25 .'Tie'/, : vr]te j mu«ic»l coraedifK.. 26 Slip of »OBfue w\ pen. 27 Hunter of tba fkies. 28 Crisp item »erred with 57 Acrosi. 29 Small dogi;- Colloq. 30 Birth of *n inrcntion. 31 Cinrits. 32 Begin. 34 Rebel. 37 do with fig associated Sfiih): 2 words. *1 Ascertain. 43 Member of N.Y. hockey team. U Exile. 46 Bluebottles. 47 TJnadorned: ' , 48 Senor'a thirst quencher. 50 Seethe. 51 Noun aofix. 52 -- wit. 53 River near PinV 54 Small barricade. 56 F.D.R, measure. S525 CASH PRIZE Citizen Charlie's Crossword "The Old Brainbu$ler» "·"·"··"""··"···········»i» PUXZLE NO. 292 1 IB: U H N li 9 F Copyright, 1960, by Tht Bell Syndicate PUCASI PRINT Name. Street ...... City Slate D -- Phono H yw are aot a Cftliea ovboerlber, and with te Mhocr*e,pteife ptK an X in thii »quanu Delivery wfll start this week. SHOW SCHEDULE (TtMH FUMNKHCO BY THkATtftf) BO NOT PLACI IN KNVELOPI AND DO NOT FOLD.' CLIP PUZZtl ALONO DOTTED READ AND FOLLOW CONTEST RULES * ** ytu WBUW »n -. it Tueaon Billy ·tamp) (nd mill to i. Arii. ttnxitS D9 - br . , « AT Mrt ThUrtday. Puizl« re«lv«d l»tw will * *?* wUI ** p * ld for »"«t MluUon. If mor«. than 0 Iutl0 " » w«v«« «im* win tx tquallv "lutJoii «n« only · comet MluUen ««n !?.' ta **· ""'"Hn ot th« 1ud«« i, th« ltten In «ch clu«. D«ef«ion» of th» " " to "* r ** ** "**** CLUES ACROSS 2. A solid figure. 5. Holes in them certainly call for something to be done. ,1. It can look somewhat different at different times of the year. 8. Might be such as to prompt » driver to avoid taking the usual risks. 9. Being this, you may not feel the cold as badly as some people do. ".. · 10. A normal person generally to find happiness in ordinary enough pursuits. 12. A tree. 14. Aw egg has orie. 15. Views can differ as to the significance of Stalin's ·-- jn ; ' recent history. 17. The average man can hardly presume to judge the ability of one. 18. There's not room for many people in a small one.' 19. Favorite animal. 20. It's sad when a woman becomes too _ apathetic even to CLUES DOWN 1. A student may be required to do a biographical study of the -- of an important man. : 2, A gambler's may well seem worse than ever as his · .. luck deteriorates. - · · · · . . 3. Lodgings for soldiers. . ·4. Pea shell. 5. If tricky, can test a pianist's keyboard technique. 6. Being lond of it, its owner would surely be upset to-find one of its legs broken. I.'Deliberately to someone might give a certain malicious satisfaction. 11. Easily got into by high-spirited boys. 12. Money may be a big consideration when discussing the for a new factory. 13. Piece of wood or iron to which a rope Is belayed. IS. Trying to break in, a burglar might the approach of a policeman on the beat. 17. Energy or vigor. · -APACHE: Uft Btfirn it 17-J:1S; i ( H«v» Rock.t. Will Tr»ve)~«:M; Th« Jij Lineup--this; CUnt BehtmoUl -- i -aaTMORE: One* Mon -*1Ul Tcellnc --«:07. lj:a; Tb« Tln«Ur--l«;0«. 'CACTUS: CUcui of Horror* -- *:57, 12:M; Rise and fall of Le«» DU- mond--10:13. CATALJNA: Pillow Talk--1J:«, J:W. .S:l», 7:30. »J6. ·FIESTA: Cuentan 5e un» Mujer-- 7iM. 11:31; 1* Vuelu 0* Martin Corona--«:44. FOX-TVCSON: Fg*ltlv« XJnd--13:», · 4:W. 7:34, 11:OJ; The Pujber--2:C, 6:11, »:«2. LYT11C: AtUck--I.'IS. 4:5J, 1:31; Path* of Glory--3:10. ·:«, i»:38. ·MIDWAY: Tall Story-*:14, 11JO; Four Fa«t Cunt--It-JSf. PARAMOUNT: A* Ixm« AJ You'rt :: i*i inik; jl ',.!'. :^ :!«i' 1 "i HiK'n !'.,,? 'i Caruso's 4'14 N 4ih AVf MA 2 - 9 6 3 7 CLOSED FOR THE SUMMER UFFNER'S HOFBRAU FINEST GERMAN FOODS AX 8-1M4 SabiM Canyon Rd, Ktf M«-«:H. 4:40. t:af; KUUrt of Kilimanjaro--J, «;M, 10:11. PARK: Th« Lover*--«:M. ·:44, 18:14. FLAZA: licnuilti S« Oi*-- 1, i:M. S:t?; Jyilero ImorUi--i;jf. »:!!. »:«. ·PRINCE: Pretty Boy Floyd--7:4J, 11:35; NOOM lor · Gunman--9-ja. ·RODEO: Pretty Boy Floyd--*, 1135; Noow for « Gunman--10:0t. «2S*D STREET-. Vljjt to a Small PUnet--1:30, 11:35; Tfc« Bi« Coun- *--Dflv«-tn thuttri. ' STARTING TODAY Two Outstanding Hit* Lovely Eastman Color "EL SIETE LEGUAS" . , LUIS AGUILAR YOLANDA VARELA CO-HIT In Dazzling Color "CASODEUNA ADOLESCENT- MARTHA MIGARES You can't beat the Worn* on'« View /or netet of food and fathion. Read it regularly. SWIM Wetmore Pool North on Oracle Road pail cemetery to the WETMORE ROAD Open at 12 Noon ·BUS SERVICE TUCSON - NOGALES LMv* rUCSON Itr MOOALEI 7:60 A.M. M.-1S P.M. «:K P.M tiUA.M. 1:15 P.M. 1:15 P.M 1Ii1i A.M. 1:30 P.M. M JO P.M. »*e P.M. I.HV* KOGALta *r TUCSON i-.toA.M. 11.liA.M- *:(WP.M 1:15 A.M. 1.15 P.M. 1:15 P.M. 11:00 A.M. t.M P.M. «:1S P.M. 4« P.M. Greykwad TenniaaJ MA MSI* Open 12.-4J-LAST 2 DAYS! Kirk Douglas "Paths of Glory" Jack Palance "Attack" STARTS WEDNESDAY Academy Award Winner Simont Signortt **« §r rue VEJWS ra»t$Tr POPM Flui the First ^ Downtown Showing McCALL Office Space Available 4560 E. Broadway Building per «q. .,p«r yr. \ Furnished or Unfurnished Choos* from small or large offices and suites with janitor service, refrigeration, hot and cold water, elevator, carpeted hallways and ample ofl-street free parking. With complete furnishings at small additional cost. . NO LEASE REQUIRED * Apply American Homes Association 4SM E. Broadway EA C-24C4 OPEN 12:M FJA DAILY LAST TWO DAYS r Ce-Actioa Feiturf THE PUSHER" His the world's LOWEST PRICED ALL PORCELAIN WASHER · Free delivery " : " . ; : · Normal iutaUatioi · 5 Yr. Warranty en coaxial transmission ·-lyr.Tucswa tested service . ' , .· ...... '. Expert and guaranteed service on all appliances and television. '··' · COMPLETE KITCHEN REMODELING SERVICE ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY 9 A. M. THURSDAY Look for Piuzle Solution and Winner'f Name in Saturday'* Citizen See tomorrow'* Cilittm for "Cititen Charlie', Crmiword Choitet," « Hit containing, mmong othcn, the correct teordi needed to tolve thi$ pu**le. GAIN SELF-CONFIDENCE INCREASE YOUR EARNING POWER Royalties Sought By Inventor NEW" YORK-UPI-The West German inventor of processes relating to the fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps arrived here today to try to recover whit he said was about a quarter million dollars worth of patent royalties held by the U. S. since the beginning of World War II. Hans J. Spanner, SI, said he also brought with him .a new invention--a himmelslicht, literally "heavenly light," which he said is the closest approximation yet reached of natural daylight. Spanner told newsmen on the liner Independence that he had sold rights to the two lamps to the General Electric Co. but that his payments have been held up by the alien property custodian of the United States since this country declared war on Germany in 1941. Spanner, who operates his own firm in Munich, also told newsmen that numbew of Western scientists are being tempted to East Germany by the "huge rewards" offered them by the Communists. He said he had received such offers himself and said that "if the Americans don't do more, they are going to lose the cold war." Cal aaa art a c*h !· 1 .MARTY 5AIELL at the Organ and Piano Dancing Singing Nitely TROPICAL INN 3411 E. Speedway Last 2 Nltes at Both Theatres ODEO DRINCE Negate Highway Campbell Prince 1 KILLING AGfTONDSlAllGHTER A DAME ON His MIND... A SMILE ON His BABY-FACE. AND MURDER IN THE Music Box MwErictoa fPtTtr *»»iw oAv' ** BOY .**· FLOYD THEATRES mo« HIGHWAY LIFE iEGINS AT 17" HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL" "THE L I N E U P " ' G I A N T BEHEMOTH" ADM. $1.00 Ptnon Children Undlr 12 FREE 1lt. DRIVE-IN SHOWING Y. ·rynn«r-K. K.nd.ll "ONCE MORE WITH FEELING" V. PHc«-J. Evelyn "THE TINGLER" LAST t NITE* Firtt Tucion Shtwini Towtrinf Ttrrer CIRCUS OF HORRORS Anttn Diffrlni "THE RISE A FALL OF LEGS DIAMOND" MOO «X PARK AVI Mini Loptx Carloj Bien. "CUENTAN DE UNA MUJER" P*dro Infants LA VUELTA OE MARTIN CORONA" HIBWAl «W EASTSfEEDWAT «i Crii«-M«rthi Vick«r» fOVH FAST GUNS" ' SEE FOR YOURSELF! ATTEND A FREE DEMONSTRATION OF THE FAMOUS DALE CARNEGIE COURSE FOR HEN AND WOMEN In Effective Speaking Leadership Training Human Relations TWO FREE DEMONSTRATIONS Plan Now to Attend Either Meeting · BRING A FRIEND--NO COST . NO OBLIGATION IN TUCSON TUESDAY, JUNE 7 WED./JUNE I 7:07 i SANTA RITA HOTEL RENDEZVOUS ROOM LAST * NITES R»«rin« K't Action John Erickion-Join Hirvty ··fftETTY BOY FUOYD" "NOOSE fOlt A GUNMAN" Jim Oivii-B. M«cLtn« IOKO LAST i NITES Rflartni 2» Action JAhn Ericki«nJfr»n Hirvny "fMTTY »OY FLOYD- "NOOSI TOR A CUNMAN" Jim Oivii-*. MacLim* irwi* rtn iwe · town · JMIDW1S MONDAY on TV Channel $ 10:15 to 10:45 "THE DALE CARNEGIE STORY" Featurino. . LOWELL THOMAS MRS. DOROTHY CARNEGIE THINGS THIS TRAINING WILL HELP YOU DO: · BECOME A BETTER SALESMAN of your Heavy** . ices, your 'product. You learn to sell fke most pricejoss product in the world -- yourself. ' - · DEVELOP SELF-CONFIDENCE.' · SPEAK WITH EASE before conventions, ckibi, church., «,,« business groups. · BE A MORE INTERESTING CONVERSATIONALIST. · INCREASE YOUR INCOME. It is pr.ctic.lly mpeuible t. acquire the stiili taughf in this course without mcroasmf yc«r earning power. : ' ~ · WIN MORE FRIENDS through .cquiring the ability to deal successfully with others. · IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY for names, quickly end ea,ily. , · INCREASE YOUR POISE AND PERSONAL FORCE. · BECOME A BETTER EXECUTIVE. · BECOME A MORE ENTHUSIASTIC PERSON. You this recogn'ned secret of succeu. . · SET OUT OF A RUT. Enrich y*«r W. new interests, new . WIN A PROMOTION. TKe W* way to ,et a is to deserve one. THE DALE CAKNEGTC COURSE MRMRAT W. JHOSSEH. ^T^m -.rr% Ae a

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