Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1976 · Page 9
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 9

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 26, 1976
Page 9
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Daughter, Wed P1 n!!?-!!!°YNTAIN, Ga. (AP) FBI Receives Papers From Socialisl Party atfPr, Howard "Do C a l l i n g r m was married own- (he « eukcmj: from at Callaway'Gurdcns, Ihc tann ly-owncrl vesort. '· A spokesman it (he south |i Borgia resmt coiifiinied t WASHING PON (AP) -- Niei Freedom of Information Act he Saturday ccremon !c ween i EHzauclh Walton Calla and Ttfrrcnco Mn h ml t ie of San DicBo way and Tflrrencc Mich lc l Con sidini ' " rassmenl'of legyl political ac; tivilies. Calhy Pcrkus, an official o! tile Political Rights Defense f u n d winch is f i n a n c i n g the J p i r l j lausnit said tlie H a l s U d d - - - _ _,, ..,, document raises questions Cdmiuiale, Krcd llalstcr'' - iml other government agencies, about whether an FBI agent 01 1.05' Angeles',..', in, compliance The p a r t y . seeks ; damagC3 lor informer stole the brielcyse. w i t h his request ' under' the allegedly unconstitutional ha ' received papers taken I h e document uas made a ^ a l l the briefcase of the So'- able to 'The Associated Press. Workers n irl s l i r a [|, c m uci]dl dealing with presidential candidate, an FBI Halstcud's missing ·' briefcase memo says. ma} hccomc 'in important [ac 1 lie document w a s part ot tlie ct of the parlj s $27 milhon be the She said, after discussing , the mailer wilh Halslead, lhal his recollection ol the incident d i f - fers considerably from the KBI vei'sion, Halstead could not reached [or comment. I h e censored copy of memo furnished to HaLstead deletes details o J h o w the .FBI ob- Mined the papers. -In the memo Dec. 3, 1963. the agent in charge of the Sacra mcntp qrfice.says he is sending "two- envelopes containing personal papers -of Halstead a n d ' lileralure'rclating to the Socialist Workers party" Ip FBI headquarters. _' , '· NEED KELP? For ebnlfitentia'. Information or assistance on: · ' V.D., pregnancy, drugs. parents, school, vocation, ; rmawsys, etc. ' Cill : Confidential Hot Lin* · " 442-2682 Snn. thro Thnrs., 7-11 p.m. Fri. ind Sat., 7-12 p.m. DAILY PROGRAM KTEW, Tulsa, Ch. oh -iiihte -In Fajelte KTUL, Tulsa, Ch. 8 . li;h:iniil 4 on r»btt In KajKletlllr) IM.F:, .(HKA.VSAS TIMES, Monday, April 26, 1976 » H a s Operation 1NGLKWOOD. Calif. (AP) -- ,c:inr Walter Maltlmti was HsL- (! in satisfactory condition jit it ospUiil hqre after undci'Hointf sncix-.ssful "hy-pii'ss proce- ur/;" heart npci'.ilion. cloi-R at Daniel Freeman iospital rfcscril)cl t h e opcr- Ucm Saturday night as t-loclive alher t h a n emergency sur- v- M a t t h a n , 52, stars in the cur- ciu movie "Bad Npvvs Bcui's." spokesman snid he \vas cx- iccteci to recover in Ume lo be- in work nn a new Eilm scheduled for production r n early u m m e r . To Discuss Issues FORRKST CITY, Ar^ (AP) -- - Democratic gubernatorial candidate frank Lady oKTones- boro Saturday called oil Gov. David Fryor to discuss .the issues in tlit? current ciimfini^n. " » ';-Hltc;il rally at Forrest Cily that he had riis- i, several issues o.f vital imo-tance to tli° voters'of Arkansas. "And, as of this date, we still await the benefit tif Cov. Pryor;s opinions on these issues." ,i.. Lacty -said the primary Issues arc the K q u n l flights Amend- me ill, Ihe right-to-work law, taxes and constitution;)! r e f o r m . Springfield, Ch. 3 KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsu, Ch. 11 i.o,.,..,^ Tulsa, Ch. 6 KODE, Joplin; Ch. 12 LISTINGS, ; ,KFSM,Fa t t S m i th,Ch. 5 -- · ^ ^ ^ Programs subject to KOAM, P i f r t s b u f g , Ch. 7 tch^ti a «. «bi* i. r aJ «tt«iiifi change without nnlice .^. '... . , ·_·''· : . : -,, j _ . ,, . : ,_' - ANMCA ml. MMtC SIIVINS. KM POU, JAM GUIS. [RIM tAIOS o CABLF ot Fayelte^UJ 1«1 W. Mountain St. -- Phone 5n-TT3» Cowplpte Home En1»rlainm»nl Cd.l« ServU. All Am Televislcin . FM Radio Time - Weather ; Special tvents Malhias Discount Sfores Inc. S. K l n c k (2 blhi. louUt ct W-sfrrn Bnnls By Tonr L;ima, Juilln Work Brwls Bj MOVIES ON TV Monday Night 7 0 0 p m Ch 2 3 5,7 ' A Girl Named Sooner" (1975) Claris Leachmon, lee Renieck 7:30 p.m. -- Ch. 8,12 "El Dorodo"(l967) Jolin Wayne Robert Mitchum, Jomes Cann 1 0 3 0 p m -- Ch 4 16 ' Go Ask Alice ' (1973) William Shotner, Julie Adams Tuesday Night 10:45 p.m. -- Ch. 6,16 "The Delia Factor (1970) Christopher George) Yvolte Mirnieux BARBARA WALTERS , . .reportedly o//crcrf $1 million a year contracl Barbara Walters Top Rival Six-Year-Old Scott Molt By JAY S H A R B U T T ' I \vr-"ldii't be buck this week. NFW \ O R K (AP) Barbara I h c \outh is being represent Walter's acceptance of a · c o n - T ' i : · .M'ks wilh WW\VW by Iwo tract reportedly paying her $1'agents from the/Monster Chik m i l l i o n ' a year tor Eivc years to Wdency, a lalent firm t h a t rep ' NBC' and cd-atichor the: "ABC. Eyening'News" and do other. ABC projects is now over- a more interesting story. Scott Moil a 6 \ e a r o l d \\ds year for. 10 the 1 o\onmg program of 5300,Nin \cars to Kicht Action Neus WWWW TV in Ha Tf he takes thp job he 11 noL only be" the first-fi;year-o)ct to .nchor an evening news pro- resents top child stars as \vel as news personalities below the legal age. Jack 1 "Swifty" Sprat, one o the' agents, s a i d he couldn' comment ori Ehe reoortcd offc ohWWWW-loihis client. 1 n ie j|)])r MflXniLT EVKMKfl * r . 00 - ErAd Bunch Nei * _ Zoom Adam U Family Affair * · 30 Inside OklAhoitia Education N t n 2 3 5 6 7 -* 600 Hei 2 1 H E A R I N G AIDS SALES *f SERVICE WARDS HEARING AID DEPT. EVELYN HILI-S PHONE 44 3-1591 CARPETS CLEANED in your liome or place.of business by Von Schrader (Jry-foam method, No hiss · Nn muss No odor Call today for free estimate. TRIPLE A CARPET CLEANERS if G 30 - Lcl's r f o To Ttie Us Coiicermtim OklAhnma In ReMe Lawrence «lk Bill D.irce Ouldoors Adam.13 Wild KUigdom , Hollywood Square * 7 00 'Mmie On Tha' Bocks RhrxJa V S \ Paoprs a * 7 J8 M \ie Why 'Me* Phylli* * 8 00 All In The Family * 8 "10 Breast: Cancer Maude Jrc Fo- citcr -A-3 30- Kupi Stiw * 10 00 -- 6. 7. 8.' 10,'12. l 10:55 -- ke K«cr lief Sroat 11:00 -A. Penpif Ian M 3 p.nri.-7 p.m, Mon.-ScTf. V*W (he relufni alni n sphe/f ot ""f Kfir Rack "iThc'Vorking Class Hero 21 N. Block 1-9 Mon.-Sal. Oklahoma In ^t\ ^ 11:00 - RlK Val1e» ARC New* * 11:30 - Kliiabcth -Taylor: Child Don'l Lose business bcnause n( an unanswered phone When it rlngs^--We answer! FAYETTEVILLE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE, INC. 442-9827 Tuesday Morning G:20 - roi«i f 6:30- *6 40 , N « i * fi 50 - Twlfiv In Apricalture *6:55 Exercise Wilh M-nlyce Momcnli ri Mcdilalion * 7:00 - nd Politics an, Mary Hartman llicent Jlsrhle Machln* and Ihe ResllMS ...... 6 Make A Deal 1:SO l Thomas Remembers *ak« My Advice lelixiy Mfllin«e All My rhildt^n bil Donahue , - 11:55 -BC Nes*s ! TUESDAY AFTERNOON if 12:00 - TablaUllc * 12 15 - Of Our [Jin Ithynie and Rtason 00 - rvic* TcAching Proer; (JO.OOO Pyraniid 1:30 Break The Bank D«ID: Guiding LJ^tit ^ l OB -Ml In Thft Vam'ily Genera] Hcipital Atiolhtr. World . . * 2:30 - 5atch Game Electric Company On? Ufa to LU* if 3:00 - Somersfl SMge Of Niatt Mf^irr Rose/s \ Gciffin ... BcvriU-hcd Rln Tin iln Uncla Zcb ne Slreel * 3:55 - rcfie Wilh Mariyce 4 00 - Tell The trldge Fa Carlogn* gram in a minor market, he'll also be the higlie,st*paid,-6-year- old in the history,'of television news. Variety." the shoiv-bix bible, summed it all up in *d-headline: 'Mutt Tot, Hot. Welb liiUull the neu gc-ner al manager of W WWW-TV dc clined to comment on .w*ial nan ey was o ffercd the Mot L lot. "All I can any is that its a subslantial offer." h". said The lad. who joined nv r pri'JLo or fair in Scott. He als umturlgcon declined-to' say iE the Calvi Coolidge blcnientar\ Schoo uhcre MoU is finishing hia Ins \ ° n rnd offcrrd to m i t e WWWWs ffer. : Buf' a school spokesman sa : it's unlikely that would happc 'All we have to offer is pcan b u i l e - , ' cooks a n d . recess, quipped, 'AH this talk about money academic grumbled \\WW\\ Tidball Scott Mott is a pio\ name an anchorman \ o u ca trust. We Eecl people wii licve what he says. 'And,-' he 'chuckled, might, even boost our raling Don't Eorgct also that anchor The Farmer's Daughter by popular request w i l l repeat SHRIMP CREOLE for "DINNER FOR TWO" Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of this week. 8 95 for 2 521-8686 are Recommended Johnson Rd. between 71 Bypass and Township RcesV wasn't available T o n tcrviews. His secretary said he was out playing marbles and * 7:30 - C7ovl Time; Consuircr Surv 13! b Ijavcmc and Shiclei"' ·A--,8:00 - jp i ""i, ng o v o h t i d (oi i ^ w s Tiriball was asked why the 1 ' didn'l nrtucc MoUs salary to.-sav $100,000 and iise the rcir.Mimng $200,000 to hire more reporters ;unl cameramen 11 to actually go out and cover the news. 'That's also academic," he said. "IE Scotty accepts our of- i n in i go a" \,ur euorlcra and [.'.imeramen lo ay him Pld Fashion,Thick Crusl or our Original Thin Crusl Great Savings on America's Favorite Pizza with This Valuable Coupon Offer '.. MicLey'MotiM * 4:30 - Club ily ^ Andy Grilfilh Rerrriy Hi!lb1llie Klrclric Company niUi^n'i Island """"" TUTMAT F1ENW6 * S-.'M Brad}' Bunch We Rent Typewriters t Rates By , ^^^^, Day ^^§^^^^ W««k Month Humphries Typewriter Rentdls M M Bl*rL 521-7SAO N« DIOCK . , ·" l "* JOV John Chicle * 7 30 -- j Mornina' 1 Show . 1 * 8 0 0 - c nl I** Kan^aroa * A!M. nThhom. . . PrKfl Is Ri*H t Mov c t Celebrity Swtrp*Uh«» High Rollctt 1 i- 10 00 -- flarohH ID Sen « Teachinf !»«·«·· f Vrtwfl of Fortunt Dinah! ' Loye of U(« ,. · ft I *, IB IS 1 «, !0, 16 9 t, "V " 1. i, 5, T *, .U a. a. s. · H ft.'U :...«! i L^nTlZ Pr0 ** Zoom Family Affair * 5:30.- Collcge lor Canliw* New-A . . ; J. 3, 5, **,' ' "" 2 1 FAcnin? Dillon -a llh AgroniV} 1 Hc-gxn's Heroes *J ch M - law of.Th« WiW TKanire Knnl Adam 11 N«- (Untfid Cameri Hirti. Mlllc Hippy nsj« ........ A. t 7, S, 10, 11, i fi. 7. *. ID, 12 Martin S 1 , 1, 3 7 mw . , , .- s. W, IK \\ 5. fl, 11 S^iirh 10:00 if. VOBI fln I ^ou 2. 3. 5. 6. 7 10:30 - Fenj]jj-3van:a (Timary 2, 3 Man' Hartman, Mat)- Hart WED. Ihru TUE5. PINK CAR" Starts 8:10 MRIHDRlfiH PACE it 11 gniitiniuri STEALIKG n»fiS Pizza inn. Your Choice^ B ly any Ola fathton Thick dm! Plraa at 'larmartu pnte receive oncOfd Fashion Thfck Crusl Piitaol equal or less menu value tree Buy any Original TMn at iegu'ar menu pnce and recerve April 1 llh please PLCASL PRLStNJ'.MTHGtJtST CHECK IHEBE »«E1 *0 1HIKCS 1IHIS WOflU I H«lt.. - FAMILY NIGHT BUFFET : EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT FROM 6;00 TO 8:30 PM ALL THE PIZZA S SALAD YOU CAN EAT FOR S1.79 - ' CHILDREN UNDER 6--994 ' · ."RID* IN AP1MKCAR" When it comes to lunchtime at Bonanza, You can afford to be choosey! "The fight sequences 9 . 00 are crunchingly ONIY spectacular.' HARD ·^··TINtt · PLUS · 7:15 WHJIEUNE; FEVER^ Chicken-Fried Steak mth rich country gravy Juicy Chopped Sirioin Steak H 79 dc(n with baVed poaloM French dies, Icxasloasl iind a a'ad [roniour r. And for salad lovers, Bonanza's special Salad Platter is a natural at only ftV9Q 11 AM TIL 4 PM Monday through Friday, at Bonanza! v * Where Lunch is our specially! 2356 North College/Fayetteville

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