Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 46
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 46

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 46
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C- 1 8-1NDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) iMf »«*, CMH., Frl., F*. li, IMt CLMSIFliD ME Mm Office Sifffo* Ml tH*M* ADDERS-TYPEWRITERS BEST udders! JZ5-S39 (cost S3S5) NEW Royal all-tlK. tynewn. J116. R«ond. EXEC. Eledria M7. All GWVIfltwd! it 70S L.B. Blvd. Exotrt Repairs-- Fre« Estimates! »:3M:3; Thurs. (Pm only) ;-9. Typtwritws Add'g Machs. New u»d. Compart our orices TYPEWRITER CITY VJ, E. (ROADWAY L» 437-OSS4 OFFICE FURNITURE STORAGE OUTLET Desks, chs'.rs, f;!rt, water cslers. 17M E. Anaheim L.B. 591-1719 AB DICK Elec. mlmtooraeh. pltiw Bcrwts eltc. folding machine. Closed office. Like new. «!««». NEW 60" EXECUTIVE DESK Pia£ tic iOD. 599.50. Other sills «vslla- We. 301 Atlantic, L.B. DUPLICATING machine, A.B. Dick, IRUNING ctfyflex=».exc»i. cord. A\ake offer. Call SP 5-2930 Livestock 365 FANTASTIC SALE Sat-Sun 12-i 1 ADpaloosa; 3 Arabs, 3 penf't etitTmos: 523 up. l well Broke P.O.A. stud. See Mr. Craln onlv. (213) 294-9450 or tSS-9161 1TABLES for rent. We feed clean. Adi. to E.T.I, trail show creno 7105 Atlantic Place L.B. FOR SALE 1 acre for horses 2 BR. liouse, 3 tack rooms 17 corrals In covered barn. 665-7628 MUST KU laddln 4 misc. rldlnn equipment. Reas. 633-7780 cood offer. S34-5WI Judy. STALLS . . . FOR RENT Klvirtrall Stables. NLB. 422-9241 P*ts 370 GERMAN She»iierd pups, 6 blacks 2 whites, S25 each. Female mother, white* registered $100. Call after 4 BOSTON Terrier*, AKC, female 8 wks, Male 6 mo, all shots hsebrkn. Champion itud «rv. 3579 Oranat CHIHUAHUA PUDDlCS. AKC. 535 UP. Long smooth coats. Stud service for Chihuahua, dachshunds, poodles, mini toys. (7M) 531-1766. BLACK AKC Reo. Win. Poodle, male, 1 vr. Old WO. Call ·fter 4:^0 867-3M3 / DOG TRAINING 437-9131 or 432-0723 dERMAH Shephard PUPS. AKC, 2 DOBERMANS 1 male, 1 female, ema e pregnant $100. both. No papers. 702 W 4th Vi SHEPHERD- 1 ,': Huskv, female. 1 vr, $16 or trade for Siamese ca*. 5531 Daooett, 1 .B. tERMAN Shepherd uupoies AKC. Sired by Wacho Wikinoerblut, 11 PUPPY Town. 13703 Paramount Blvd Hotiydale dist. So. Gate. GERMAN SHEPHERD" PUDS, bure- bred, 2 males, 1 fern, $75 t a. B6- 4796. ENGLISH Springer Spaniel puppies AKC. Adorable. Shots. Reas. ME i-1579 or 471-9100. AKC Reg. BEAGLE PUPS Int'l. Champ on stock, xlnt. with children. Reasonable. 635-3160. GREAT Dane rirfndle, female 7 mo. *xceo ional. Honey Hollow to show tOLLIE PUPS AKC (shots) PET SHOW S3S. i no. (Terms) Will Dlace female adult: J96-9M9 bACHSHUND ouppy, AKC Stan Black tan, 10 wks. mole. 421-3504 1PRINGER Spaniels AKC 11 wks, Ph 596-3994 aft 4 p.m. weekends. J30-93/8. AKC Sliver Toy Poodle, male Sassaf- · ras Champ line. S75. 591-7298. 1 COLLIE pup male, AKC 6 mos. Show qual. B65-S4M; 426-333S. ver, 845.5474 or 426-3338. FREE PUPPIES, 6 WEEKS GE 1.0379 collar, 2002 pattiz Ave. 431-030J. DOBETRMAN, female, pups, AKC, champ on stock. (714) 827-2035. GERM, short-hair pointer pups AKC, 525. 864 7103 ^OUPS.'AKC 7 weeks. '835-6431 SIAMESE stud service-- chocolate sealooint stud. 422-3317 i P R 1 N G E R SPANIELS, AKC. CHAMP STOCK. 6 WKS. 430-3736 2 REGISTERED male Pekingese, AKC 10 mos. old. 591-B9S5 · WANTED - PUPPIES FOR CASH 1«05 Paramount Blvd. 63J-rw88 TOY Poodle PUDS, AKC, white Pdrtv, S100. 431-3809 BESENGI PUPS, AKC. CHAMP STOCK. Real cut«. KO-0229. COLLIE poppies, female AKC w- shots. Sable white. 631-5233. sliver: IS rno. AKC. S100. 325-7253 Arfcr ^ C Mi " faMM Wtlll *^JSP8Stf**~ puw ' or tr«d«. 830-0397 Wilmlnqton COLLIE PUPS, AKC. Show aualitVi Shots. 431-2798. WIREHAIREn Fox Terrier, 6 weeks old. Sharp. 3762 Ocana. 429-OD91 SMALL A.K.C. Pekingese femalt. 1 yr. old. Extra friendly. 432-6692 SOLID blade German Shepherd f«m- 6EAGLE Pups AKC 7 wks oid $40 · piece. (213) 866-2556 ALASKAN Malamut puppies, female AKC. Show quality. 596-5417 COLLIE pups, AKC, 7 weeks. Guar- fcOSTON Bull pups, AKC, 5 weeks PUPPIES-- Toy poodle AKC, Cute ft. BERNARD PUDS females AKC reo. $1504225 (213) 549-1873 F^ ^^ J^^^^^^ (tu XMWi\VKai^t It's fun to enhance your linens with these pretty flowers in simple stitches. Posy power decorates towels, cases, scarves Embroider in nalura colors. Ideal shower hostess gifts.' Pattern 798: six motifs. Fifty cents in coins for each pattern -- adc .15 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, Independent, Press-Telegram, Needlecraft Dept., Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. J0011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. Pita 371 TROPICAL FISH HOUSE 1*05 Cherry, 10-9 p.m. 7 Davs ^rJ'Klk "$?!: BSffAflBSP^L^^ia NEONS 12/S1 TANK SALE STILL ON Coldlcs 69c ao:.i M.95'100: Wormj Sale ends Frldav, Feb. 23th AQUARIUM f! gal. blaze tank stand. Motor, crosstoo filter, glowlux light, tish, creens, rocks., petrified wood. 5150. 59MMS BALA HOUSE TROPICS 3262 SOUTH (Next to ShakeVs) Tues. ttmj Frldav 1 to 8 PJrt. Sat. cUed S ^ SU "' 2n0t ""°OT P ^3 TIKI TROPICAL »711 A'cndra Bl. Beliilowtr THE PUPPY HOUSE Pure 4 mixed brteds. 16«J5 Pcr- am't Blvd. WE 4-WSS, Open 11-S. ALASKAN Malmute oure bred, female, t-i vrjj Sac. 135. Also Alaskan A^almufe, S. Doberman puppies, 6 wks. S15. K31-S013 POMERANIANS "Tiny Tov" A\a!e $150. fm. S12£. Showline PUDSJ 5 wks old. V/onderful house peti. AKC paDei supplied. SSl-SiSS AKC German Shepherd nupoieSj Se« at 12320 E. 212th, Ariesia KHTILS Miscellaneous 400 WANTED to rent gardae ior storage near Oranw ft Art«ia 423-9233 Be- twecn 5 pm-7 pm »oe. 433-3SW GAR. for pnv. storage MS. Nr. Arte- \VAHT 1 or 2 car par. (o r^ni :o store car. Call alter 5-531-9719 5OUBLE concrete garaoe/ drv stor- Sl. DAY-BOARD dog. prlv carden. Sally 722-0?M, J2B-530? L.B.-- SIS, T/a garage, alley. Sally Hotels Motels 405 WEEK DAY RATES TV, Maid service, parking. Clean, kitchen avail Argonne Motel. 1032 E. 7th. HF 7-4063 FOR LFASE-- Hotel 33 rms -f- owners apt or manager's. Low Vacancy factor. Call NR S-399K PM till 9 ern deluxe, T.V., maid. 1047 PACIFIC AVE. 437-735? AL-MAR HOTEL ARTS. RMS. S12 Wk. UP. 1101 L.B. BLVD. 437-9995 OC.I.AN BL. DAILY V/KLY. 2.50 WK. UP Dally rares, TV. Lov- DLX. rms. apis. Pool, by Pk. golf. J30 Wk. UP. TV 4AOQ E. 7th. TWO ObbDO (513 w*tk) 433-9035 s^wi^tfutoj* L VK?St^fSS^^ Rooms for Renf 415 urv home. Color TV. Pool. Ping pong. Heated pool. Horse TO nde Nr. Artesll Woodruff. Owner. 8S7-1270 Lady only -- $40 monlh Best downtown loc. -J04 LINDEN. PRIVATE bath entranca prefer lady, kitchen privileges. References. 439-DOSO 4430 Village. Man. 421-3779; 421- 10. CLEAN, Comfortable, nine , good loc. Phone, nr. bus. 1546 Lo- WEN-- Clean modern, new kitchen, shower, S55 to S65. 432-6297. 18.50 WK. ft up. Rmt «ot. cMV it LIVE ON THE BEACH ir * 1290 E. OCEAN. $60 UP * MAN THIS IS FOR YOU. HSKG. 426 LIME. Quiet, dean 537 mo itNi emoloyed "all eiec home." SliSO 2107 Earl Ave. 599-1036 59 up-clean-TV-refrio-nien. Downtown, 1483 Elm 43?-99?2 QUIET, priv ent. Priv shower etc. 2073-A Atlantic. CLEAN, criv ent 4 baih-prlv. home. 2506 E. Esther. 439-9587. erSf men, prkg. 1200 Alamltos ROOM, EMPLOYED GENT. 5322 LANAI, 429 6386 bo., stall shwr. S14JO wk. 426-7501 ?OOM for rent priv entrance. 161 Claremont, Belmont Shore. loom Board 425 WANTED room board by elderly refined lady. Downtown preferred ROOM BOARD -- Men only. Good food. 321 Wisconsin MEN -- Good meals, flood transp* Housekeeping 430 Rooms GUESTHOUSE, women only, SSO to Sffl, hskpr., maid serv. GE J41B1 Rentals to Share 440 PROFESSIONAL Roommate Con- sultanls. Need · room ma e? Share a house or «pt? Agi 18 to W. RM. 597-5568 new modem house, party rm. Ideal for baclwlors, F. Valley, 7U 842-2171 share 1-br. NLB apt. w/same. Cal OLDER man to share my 2 Bdrm Mobile home. 429-5459 aft 10 p.m. ALAJVIITOS Bay nome to share with MALE to ihare apt. w/same. Privacy. Rets. *».2097 dntn., 585 Incl. util. 435-3D44, n.m. L.B. 57. Girl student Solly 722-0264 Duplexes Flats 445 (FURNISHED) 2 BR, new modern kilch, turn or un furn. Middleaoe couple preferred No pets. Belmont Shore. 433 024/ MIDDLEAGED only-- Clean roomv redec. nr Coles; 2 bus lines -- 944 E. 5th St. HE 6-17M BATH, ww crote, adults, no PC s S1SS. 2883 DAISY 434-1752 BEL SHORE tlSO-- LARGE UPPER 2-BR. GE 8-5782 BEAUT. 2 BR. bulltlns, drapes, gar S137.50 Hawaiian Gardens. 532-903 575. 1 BR flat, immaculate 1551 Elm 434-35J N.L.B. redec. 1 Br. w/oar., adults SPACIOUS, nlco apt. 1 BR + wall- bed. Adults. 949 Pacific Ave. 1 LGE. Lower bdrm. Adults. Thermostat iieat. 599-1586. Duplexes Flats 450 (UNFURNISHED) 775 MOLINO LGE. 2-BR. UPPER DUPLEX, Carpet, drapes. E L E C T R I C RANGE. S150. 423-7027; 423-7931 BEL. HGTS. Beaut, ocean view. 2 farce bdrms., den, Hi baths. Crpts., drapes, bit-ins, fireplace. Gar. 125 Roswell. 3 BDRM, Studio Duplex, NLB, I'/l ba.. all elec. kltch. Radiant heat, end. patio w/bar, 630-lo44 KING Size, clean 2 Br upper East- S105. Adults. 434-9613 1ST FLOOR DUPLEX-- 1 Br., new paint. Stove-refrig. S77.50. Adults. 1710 Locust 591-8822 2-BR. S105 mo. NO FEE. Bkr. 597-3387 SJO DUPLEX, 1-br. mod. redec. ftarg. avail. 1249 Loma Vista Dr. $70 1-BR. duplex. Prefer pensioner. 317 E, 8th. Hours 11 to 6. 1st last. NLB. 430.2204 I-BR. Immaculate 5)25 mo. 550 cleonlng Ice. 144 W. 51st, NLB Apartments 455 (WITH POOL! LYNWOOD-- Nicely furn. 1 Br. 1 infant ok. 3333 Carlin Ave. FURNISHED APTS. All Areas 460 Close to beach, frlfndlv atmosphere 336 E lit. HE 7-9135 LARGE 1 Bedroom apt S75 mo. utll Included-- 1335 Chestnut $58 SINGLE utilities paid/ 1221 E. 6th St Call 434-3695. 17W E. BROADWAY 585. 597-5072; «M038 125 E. 20th 517. WK. Utils. pd., clean, cozy, BEAUTIFUL newly furn. 2 Br, apts. 6975 L.B. Blvd. (213) 639-2?20. 1-BR. Older or icllred man. Shower. Gd are*. No drinker. GA 7-2384 1-BR. FURN., UNFURN. Adults Convenient. 12« CEDAR RCDEC. 1 far, POOL PARKING, ?298 Walnut. Call 426-8921. (70. 1'/t br. utils. pd. Adults NO pctr 379 Walnut. 435-1696 Nr. ill. 1777 Chtrrv S91-0031 FURNISHED ft FURNISHED UNFURNISHED APTS. UNFURNISHED APTS. Ml Areot MO All Arm MO * LAGUNA VISTA * FOR EXECUTIVE LIVING -- ADULTS -LARGE 1. 2 0 BRS. LUXURY APARTMENTS DISHWASHER W-W CARPET SAUNA EXERCISE ROOM RECREATION ROOM . HEATED POOL 1 OR 2 BATHS SHUFFLEBOARD PUTTING GREEN CROQUET SUBTERRANEAN PARKING Adjacent io Parlc Golf Court* PLEASE CALL OR VISIT 500 XIMENO MANAGER -- PHONE 433-1005 FURNISHED APTS. AH Arem 460 * * * * BALE'S FINEST $140 UP 2 3-BR. ALSO UNFURNISHED / BUIIT-IN RANGES REFR1G. S HEATED POOLS BAR BO. J.-CRPTST DRAPES AIR COND. Adults Family Sections 2 LOCATIONS IN L.B. LUAU MANOR 566J Cherry GA S-39JO FASHION PARK APTS. 12-0 E. 52nd Ottr.oe 422-3345 ·±- -X- + *± -A"JT ^ X W X CALIFORNIA LIVING ; 2 BRS. V.-W.o'lv $150 or 537.50 vvkiy. ·^ Wonderful people ^Excellent neighborhood - Hebttxl pool rccreaiion room -.-Private parking Indry. SFree ut In ties S3Q-2D22 NR. BELMONT SHORE BUT CHEAPER -1500 E. 7TH TROPICANA APTS. 1--2 BRS Beaut, lurn. ww crpl.s, pool INGLES by week or month SIB 50 R UD. Ulllitlespald 53 Linden _ _ _ _ -135 71*7 1053 Pine 432-E092 705 W. lit 4357167 fi36 Main See Mgr. Apt. 1052 E 7th SeeMgr. $30 Week 2175 Atlaniic 1 BDRM. Util. Autom rcfrig. Wall io wall nylon. Garbage disp. Linens dishes available. Store-; and banks same block. NICELY FURN. 1-BR. Rig buililn kitchen. Quiet. Near LB Fray. SIM. 220 E. 57th St. 4229519 $120 1 BEDROOM All utll paid. POOL. Close to col- ""^^^."ST.HWY. LUXURIOUS New singles, 1, 2 3 hedrm* 2 ba. furn unfurn Apis. i?9.50 upt heated pool, bit-ins. crpts., drapes, re'irci. oar. storage ockers, good loc. J26-4128 BEAUT! FUL 1 bdrm dpts, fui n. heated pool, carnet, outrinor RBQ* garage. Close to bus. Adults, no pels. $125 mo. 6797 Atlantic, 4223341 St. Anthony's l/ 2 B ' oc!t l-Br. w-w crp. adults *95 426 OLIVE AVE., L.B. 2-BR.-- HEATED POOL W/w crpts, drapes, built-ins, disp. Washer/dryer. Adults. 427-2036. $30 WEEK-- UTIL. INOL 7 BEDROOM. CHILDREN OK. 3390 Santa Ft. 417-92W JFW Singles, S89.50 mo. Util. pd. Built-ins, w-w crpt, drapes, disposal, 5 blks. io new Cilv Hall, close to transoortatlon. 4320315 1 BR. by week or month S?3 50 up utilities paid 4d« Orangft 43?-OA3? ?-8R. furnished apt. Bit-ins, w-w carpet, dining bar. Close to stores transp. Adults, no pets. S13D. Mqr. 428-1385. Telephone servlci frtt. Nr buses. 1700 E. HILL GA 7-9100 $60-- Single, Util. Pd. 7130 RAYMOND Nr. Douglas Lge. 2-BR. Gold Mod. 5225 Chcrrv 422-5124 Big 2-Br. Redec. $175 BELMONT NTS. 434-9474 crpt, mod. furn. Adults 18i6 Henderson Ave, LB 591-7253 DLX. motel apts. hses., pool. TV. linens, dishes, bv park, golf. Daily weekly rates. 4600 E£. 71h S125. Ulil. Dd. 591-3648 '65 SINGLE quiet utils paid working woman preferred 1373 Dawson. ATTRACTIVE 1 BR, new crpt, new psint, disrcsal. 955 Cherry. SIGHT Sound is Frea to renters All areas Prices 638-9353 1465 ELM Ave l-Br. 585. Sgle. S65. Utll. Pd Baby. HE 56093 OCEAN front single, 1 br 2 br, 5100 to 5200, 1040 t. Ocean. SGLE apt prefer, middleaoed. at 536 Matmolia. 437-5W6 2452"/3 Elm HE 5-5120 aftpr 10. Bellflower 480 -- WEST WINDS -- H25 l-Bdrm, furn. Also 2 Bdrms. -- HEATED POOL -- Carpeled, draocs, bullt-lns. Adults 92ir Aiondra Blvd. Rcllf lower 86/-79b $·* BRAND NEW f^ Executive fvoe deluxe 1 Br., W/carage, rll eledrlc S175. 925-5232 867-3854 634-7030 2 BR. Deluxe $130-$ 145 Beautiful. Quiet. Colonial Apts. 9205 Artesia Blvd. 920-1941 LARGE 2 3-Br,, furn unfrn.utlls. pd. 65-ft pool, air cond. Prkrip. 1 BR. 5115; 2 Br. $145 up; 2 pools. Belmont HeTghrs 485 $145 Ocean View Apt. Tree utils., vng. adults, child. Belmont Apts. at Olympic Pool JI50. 2 BEDROOM 321 Loma. Adulls. CE t-Tffl bedroom, holhroom. retriq. disposal 5125 Ulil incl. GE i-7219 1 BR, 1 ge new crpl. adults, no pe s. 3921 n. First -1 -04.1218 1 BR, clean, near ocean, adullb no pets SIM GE 1-7459 Belmonr Shore 495 2 Br. $200 mo. Util pd W-w, ultra nice 438-2012; J34-8193 ^·Bay View Beach Front-j^ til June 20th S200 mo. GE W193 GOLD Medallion, nr. Bay/ very clean, great area for qualified Young adults S170. 209 Santa Ana I BR. i 2 BR.-- OCEAN BLVD Utilities pd. Adults. 4H-8193 2 BR dm, newlv decorated, No Dels. Adults. 167 Prospect, apt 1. SINGLE, gos liqhts furnish. Newly remodelled. 72 pork Ave. S175-HUGE MOD. DLXE. 2-BR BEAUTY! WW, DRAPES. 431-5385 Downtown 535 MODERN, larae, upoer 1-bdrm on E. Second St., $95, adults onlv. FSM Trust Co. HE 741011, cxt. 67. 615 E. OCEAN Sol. dbls., 545 UD 24 hr. cuard 1-BR. upper. Adulls. No pets. S75. Wafer od. 1st last mo. Mr. Rei IV, 437-0421 pensioner onlv. Free parkino. S55. Utils. pd. 735 W. Bdwy. SM WORTH it! Lq ctenn sol, tile ba. kltfh. Shwr. 1018 Pacific. S50-BACHELOR apt.. Ulil pd., 317 Pacific Ave. HE 2-800? S70 SOLE. Ncv;lv decor crptd. Middle-aoed. 924 Pine HE 6-3141 575 WK-- 1 Br. util od. Infant O.K 718 CHESTNUT. 435-5148 1-BR. fum. Lower floor. 1545-B Locust. Apt. shown betw. 4 6 n.m S75 SINGLE, near bus. U1M pd. Adulls. 637 Magnolia. DOWNTN singles $20 up. TV aval . Plaza, 625 W. Ocean. HE 2-9435. yo i bK, uiii paid. Adults. Near hue £11 //.nnnnlia. 437-6663 BACHELOR Apt. Utll pd. 967 E, Broadway. Mor. apt. 7 1 BR furn. ncwlv repainted. 1 older ladv prcf. 428-3158 SPACIOUS sunny 1 BR. Lower $90-- 1-BR. upper. Adults, no pets. 919 Park Circle, 10th M.innoJM. SINGLE Ulil pd Pntlrpd nrrson Call 596-7927 Cholct Inc. Lady. t78. FURNISHED APTS. Downtown 535 332 MAGNOLIA 5,110. upper 1 br., well furnished, oarage, retired or older aulct couple open 10-S 436-2128 (75 -- UTIL .od. nlu single, nr. ocean, v/w trot., adults, f HE CALDWELL APTS. 419 E. SEASIDE BLVD. 225 CHF.SINUT Avt. Clean Snoli-. SM DDIe. SSS, Ulil. pd.. Senior citizens onlv. 439-7010 437-9065 ^ EX1KA Ige. rooms, adults, tall 437-S3?6 Eostside 540 Executive Pool 1 Br. apt. FOR LUXURY LIVING FIREPLACE BEAUTIFULL appointed In wood u.inci Dotting. Llosc to beach and Bixt)/ Park. 2215 Florida St. (Just ni( J!h Junipero.) $!75.2BR.TOWNHSES 2,000 so. it. furn. unfurn. Your rtomt on the ocean Families, pet 1745 E. Ocean 1026 BELMONT 1-br. duplex. Carpeted, range, re- Irio. 575. Open Sun. 10 to 3 Phone 861-5003 1 BR DELUXE $125 GL 4-549-1 lli'3 Slanirv NEAR BIXBY PARK Lovely 1-Bdrm., W-W cm pels, drapes. $140. 1755 E. 2nd Si. HE 6- SMALL rum. cottage to elderly Pensioned woman, no pets 557 utils pd. 10S6 Relmnnt Av(\ L.B. B'R"! "ideal for couple." Private. $85 1 BR ap(. turn, bv week or monlh. Ch B6735 BUS LINE 1302 E. 3RD 595 LOVELY 1 Br. adulli, no pets. 1 BR. $110. 923 Grand. Disposa , drapes, no pets. 439-3838 FURNISHED APT, Utilities paid. S75 monlh 599-3814 LARGE 1 BfJ, PLUS GARAGE. S130 1836 STANLEY «-!-123 Lokewood Area 550 2-BR. Furn. A unfurn. Also singles Heated pool. 5539 South St. 1-BR. $97; 2-Br. S122 Pool, util, carport, 20909 NorwalK 865-8704 North Long Bench 590 Deluxe 2 BR. 2 bath POOL SAUNA BATH PATIOS Elevntor-- JSubteranean Garagl Large Apts Adults. NQ Pets. 555J ATLANTIC AVE. 428-5757 i? AVAILABLE NOW Deluxe all elec. 1 2 Br., pool, Starlitcr-- 500 E. 271h l-Br., w-w crptng, heated poo . AVAILABLE NOW DELUXE 1 Br., pool ratio. 5120 5503 Cherry N.L.B. 411-7536 \ BK. SBO includes utilities, Nr. PBX i31-01BO DELUXE 1-br., pool. S110 mo. Davs, 036-1791. EVCS. 635-730 BR Adults, no pets, $105 mo. 125 E. MARKET XB-0112 MICE sinole apt. S70 utils. W. 6791 Hammond Ave. 630-2654 SOLE. Clean quiei. Ulils. pd. $75. 1624 Puinseilla. GA 2-49?7 $130--2 bedroom apt. child welcome, Bkr. 921-5504 GET on our waiting list. 2 Br., dill, dren, play area. 6901 L.B. Blvd. S55. NICE 2 room man's apt. Back yard, utll. GA 3-3364 428-6421 Orange County 600 2 BR. near irwvs space center pool, Westminster, 714-893-3852 Paramount 605 WE WANT YOUNG adult Singles Couples BALI APTS.. COMPLETELY Remodeled Refurnished All utilities paid. WW carpets draperies. Upper lower available. 2 or 3 hrs. Adults onlv. Small pet ok. (with extra deposit) 1572-J Oranqe Ave. PARAMOUNI 634-1183 BY MONTH or week, extra nice Bedrm sots. turn. 5120 Heated pool, Datlo, Cdrpet drapes \v/bliins. A nice place to live! ORANGE PLAZA, 15552 Orange PARAMOUNT 634-7293 WEEK or month. 1 or 2-Br. Ulil. pd. No pets. Vince's. ME 3-1661 13940 PARAMOUNT BLVD. Signal Hill 63G LARGE 1 BR. Heated pool. S110 1825 Stanlev GE 9-9944 SI W UP 2474 Lewis Apt. K Westside 645 LOVELY 1-BR. w-w cpts, drps, stove, rcfrio. Nr. L.B. Hreeway. 1830 W. Willow S95 -Key nt Apt. 2 Wrigley 655 595-- NICELY furn. 1 Br. 1 or 2 ,-idults. Nr bus 1 stores. Garage for sloragi only. Chestnut Ave. 438-5085 UPPER, redec. $110. Ut. 1 Br. apt Util pd. Garaga avnll. Adults. 18-JO Henderson next to Mag. FURNISHED UNFURNISHED APTS. All Areas (60 LAFAYETTE 140 LINDEN 435-5681 APARTMENT RENTALS S130-S2H ATHERTON WEST 5 Pools and Play Areas Children and Pets Welcoma Furnished and Unfurnished 1 2 Bedrooms from $125 mSXimeno 597-1321 GREAT LOCATION S. Ana frwv ai Rosemead Lkwd Blvd, furn unfurn, 1 br »p s from 4100 per mo, gas water pd. Walk to shopping. Lakev/ood Lanal Apts, 8840 Llndell, Downey THIS IS IT HOLIDAY POOL APTS 5105 TO S13S 1501 E. 4th St. LB. HE 5-171/ CHILDREN ACCEPTED ? Br. apt, carpets, drapes, disc. 628 E. 53rd St. N.L.B. Lynwood-Deluxe I-2-3BR. 1 WEEK FREE Rent. Children ok Euclvn Apts 3130 Euclid 636-5386 NEW 2 BR. Blxbv Knoll! Area 5150-5175 LUXURY 30 W. Peace REDEC. no dep. rea. 1 BR $55 up. BELLFLOWER 2-br., bit-Ins, refrla. You Get Lower Rates You Increase Your Chances for Results HE 2-5959 UNFURNISHED APTS. UNFURNISHED APTS. All Artos (65 All Areas 665 260 Apis But J LUXURY LIVIN( Studio -- t bedroom -- 2 be V Customized Leasing Terms V Rental Furnitur* Model Open 9 Pacific Holida 1 1900 East Ocean Blvd. UNFURNISHED APTS. All Areas 665 · · · · ' BIXBY GREEN 23 BEDROOM HOMES FAMILY ROOM -- PRIV. PATIOS CENIRAL AIR CONDITIONING UP TO 1500 SQUARE FEET --MAX ACOUSTICAL PRIVACY -- CARPETS, DRPES, HUGE --WARDROBES, DISHWASHERS --INDIVIDUAL WASHER-DRYER Large Pool, Putting Green Vollev Ball, Badminton, etc. 6868 LAMPSON (NR. KNOTT) GARDEN GROVE (714)894-3355 · · · · Cerritos Circle $225 Mo. Up Deluxe ? 3r. duplex unlit, com- pi Bit. In evtry detail. AOloittinu vholfiln Country Club. Take Long Beach Blvd. 4 o San Antonio Or. W«t '.* mile to Del Mar Ave. . Right 3 blocks. Models open dailv. ; 10 to 5. 424-758B 473-A44S ELCAPITAN FROM $ 10 MONTH 2 3 B R . A P T S . 4j7]lM 3325S« 1 , a F.Av.. 4mu . 1 BEDROOM -/: HI. cool-- DIx. features :: G.imwe I'dry. -.V Adults only -/: $125 Free Utll. 1059 Wilmington Btvd WILMINGTON Ej5 IS.iO ust 19 Still Available 9 BY THE SEA Ifoom -- 2 bedroom A den V Carpets Drapes V 24-Hour Doorman \! Furnished Models By Carls a.m. io 5 p.m. /Apartments Long Beach 435-4848 UNFURNISHED APTS. Downtown 745 * * * COMFORT LIVING POOL HUGE BEAUTIFUL 1-BR. D-'EN BEAM CEILING ADULTS MOS Rnnco Refrioerator Avaitab'e Hurry This Won't Last! HOLIDAY Af'ARIMFNIS 1501 E. 4th St. HE 5-1717 f "iR. S/6. ''ituvt-.'Afi-iiiV'ouiei. 404 E. P.K. CM. Ir.vq. 437-0907 SPACIOUS" l" 2-Br. Children OK. I t l S Ctdar. Hb 6 2»3 tlrODCS, 5110. AdullS. 421-56E6 Easfside 750 )2LUXt£ 1 BR PtNI'HOUSE. T'LUS GAKAGL". P R I V A T F SUN DFCK 5150. IS36 STANLbY S GNAL HILL. 434-1234 NEV; deluxe 2-BR. Gold medflll on Bit-Ins. Dishwasher. Adults only, 5160, 741 Lonid, Long Beach 42!2 Brs. Nr. Beach $125 Mew decor. 375 Gladys. 438-3160 GOOD Lt.Msidc 2 ui. blr-ni!., tfpb., uoi. /SO Glnrivs ;.',or. Apt. / Atlulti only, no peti. 1 Gi: 1 BR flpj, crpts, tires, ?iov re- ing.Aduits no pets S90 mo. Gu 4 ??I6 liio. 304J E. 4th St. QUIET 1-hr., crpls., dros., stove re irig. $100. Older adults. N'o pets. Nr. stores avail GE B-S364 NEW 2 br. uniurn. opt. downstairs. iniiinl ok, new siove, rciriQ. 1127 Rdvniond, Aul. 7. MODERN ? BR., rrpts., drps.. oir- Ddtjc ctiso., liiufldrv room, tiu el 2 BR. Bit-ins, reirig.. crpts diaries, nins music. See to aoarrciat'.-. 59y- NEW DELUXE APTS. LCJT, Oft new,, pSin M 5 «;n,o Gold medallion opts. AdulK onlv. ""' L - '"'" -- J -J "1 -BR. 5105; 2-BEDROOM. 5125 M. MODERN 1 BR, FRONT 1505 E. IlinSt. L.B. 591-;, Ul Villn C iliri Ann. TO Free mn CYPRESS VILLA A P l S ir,F 1 rir. Pml. .n,,na. sub. 0,1- Near St. Anthonys NAVY WELCOME Newlv decor. 1 2-BRs. \v;i Culb, drps, bit-ins. Child O.K.-- Mo nets-- From S95-- S42 Cerrilos Mgr. -?!, 591-3949 THE ELMS De uxe 2-bedrm, T/j bafhs, fll dec. HEAThD POOL, Sauna, w w crpt, drapes. Lots of bli-ins. No pets. 1550 Elm Ave. 435-2577 DELUXE TOWNHOUSE 2-BR. den, 2 ba., patio, derk. All elec. Bit-ins incl. washer /dryer. Oh Yes, Ige. Swim POOL. Ch Idrcn over 10 O.K.-- 598-241l. CHILD WELCOME 2 Brs., bit-Ins, carpets drapes SJ30 mo. 125 E. Spring St. SI10 UP. Loe. 2 Bdrm. unfurn., ww crpts., drapes/ air cond., udults. 1D1?5 A Foster Kd. Downev 9239955 St. Anthonys 72 Blk. Newer attr. 2 Br ww crcs. drps e ec range adits si 25 737 E 5th St ADULTS Only. Ige ? RR F. den w/boof slip. Huntinflton Marina Surfside weekdays 8-5 773-J15/, eves wpokends 592-5889 STUDIO ivpe S150 2 BR 11; Ua. SI 10 1 BR. V;-v;, drps, util pd. Pool. 156D Locust Ave. 436 3970. UD. Fncd. vds. End. jars. 133C9-B Woodruff, Bellfl. 975-3550 2 BR 2 bath flrenlare, private paho. 51J5. Nr. Knott Lincoln, Ana- LOVELY2-Br. W-w crpls, tiraocs. Adu ts, no pels. 4120. 1738 Locust. GOLD Medallion 1 br., manv cios- eis, crpts., drps. bit-in stove, adults, no nets. 1981 Cheslnut. 1140 ALHAMBRA COURT. 599-1319 UPPbR l-Br uniurn S75. Kodec. Adu ts. 1027 E. 7ih Si. GE 3-2253 SIGHT Sound is f-rce to renters. Alt areas Prices. 63S-"MO DELUXE 2 hr. ww rrot, nrivatp patio, nice area, si-15 J34 1741. Bellflower 685 3 BRS., 2 baths, il6T. Cdrpcib. drapes, bit-ins, very deluxe. Children welcome. PBS 53 1-01 BO 1-BR. d«n or 2-Br sit e'cct. Croti, drapes bit-ins. Chiin OK. NEWLY Dec. 2 Br. w/refrig, storaac pool. 1 Blk from town. Adults No pets. S138. fl£fr0945. ranged 9 1° Br? b'tt. In*?!^^, a^r con. S125 up. 9502 E. Oak 866-4822. POOL -- 1 8. 2 BRS. 5 miles to Douglas. 91M E. Compton Blvd. Belmont Heights 690 BRAND NEW DLX. GOLD MEDALLION 2 BR. 2 BATHS nies, stall shower, bullt-ins ADULTS NO PETS 333 NEWPORT PHONE 439-1241 Plex. Oualit'/ carpets, drapes, dlshw. Adulls, no pets 5160 501 Newport 434-1^60 ALL elec. 2 BR upper, hillins., with or without refrio. Gar. avail. S130. 635 Coronado. 439-4552. Panaramtc Ocean Bluff View 1 Bedroom 434-1029 NEWER all elec 2 BR., l a ,5 ba., tile, blMnSf crpts. drp. Adults, no pets. 3700 E. 4th 596-3693 NR. 41h t Rcdondo. Lge. 2 Br. Go d Med. Cots, drps, redec. S140. Adults. 433-0072; GE 3-6172 OCEAN view. Deluxe 2-Bdrm. S220. 3617 P. Ocean. 439-70M Belmont Shore 700 Bay front Penthouse (New Deluxe). Lgc. 2 BR., 2 bath, elev., carpet, drapes. 439-2792. p ex upper. Newlv carpeted. 1 block from ocean. Adults. No pels. References. GE X-5628 bath. Very teroe. Stove, refrio./ carpets/ draoes. 5260 15-54th Pf. drapes, w-w crpt, No pets. Inq. 103 Bennett. 439-4569; 434-3324. Downey 740 BROOKSHIRE 2 Bedrooms Unfurn. V Carpeted-Drapcs i' Air conditioned · Heated Pool -- Carport -ADULTS- 9250 Brookshlrc, Downev 213-862-4073 UNFURNISHED APTS. VILLA AVAILAl BRAND NEW - G xlT / \HiHJt [ \ IUILO 1 \ AWA % SPACI 1 S 1 BEDROOMS A ELfCTRIC « D")HWASHER~RANG W-W CARPETS -DR Adulli MAXIMUM PRIVA 1127 E. FOR INFORMAT i-iiqe, S16S. 3-15 Wisconsin S125 UP, 2-Sr. iurn. or unlui i., redec. lliu Oflv/son. 438-5304 I BR., w/vv crpt., wood Ddnelino, range, refrlg., S9S. OF 4-8193. Lckewood Area 760 -BR. Lge. and deluxe. Grot., drps., stove, rffrig., gar. Adults. Howard Kooan, Rltr. 43S-08/1 or 592 5v?5 Los Altos 785 Walk to State College 2 Br., 1-bath. Carpel, drapes. BUILT-INS. S13^ mo. 5480 ATHERTOH North Long Beech 300 STUDIO duplex, BR., 2 bath, 2-car gar., living rm., frpl./ den, kitchen w/complete bulli-ins, fully caruet- erf draped. Walk-In close s. V? 0 bv lease. 23J E. Marker, 633-J675. 2 BR. crpts., drps., stove, d SP. 1 Mobil* Horn** 170 (FOR RENT) TRAILER Space, 22 H. Pvt. bain. 9614 Artesia. Mgr. 5p 4 UftfWiiUwd Hrrnei 175 $120 LOVELY 5 rm Tionie, fncd, W/w cpt, fam welcome, nr all. $150, nice 2 br, pool home, W/Y/, drps, oaratw, fncd, fam OK. $75 real nice 1 br home, nice aree DCI ok, near alt. Bkr. (213) 531-8214; 869-2551 Bath. Completely carpet. Elec. Kitch. all aopltances. dble gar. w/elec. eye door. Landscaped, days 591-9562 Eves wk ends HE 6-4933 NR. RKsmoor Center 4?75, like new 3-br., family, 2 ba. covered oatio, all bit-ins, incl. refrio. dtps., crpts. end. vd. E2. upkeep. Vacant Sat. 860-6352 DRIVfc BY: 11931 Jacalene Garden Grove. 3 br. )?i ba. bit-ins, w/w coib. double oarage-, paiio 8BO. il65. per mo. Goodwin Realty 213- MNCLfi'.VOOD Town House, 4 Br. 2'.'s bath, pools/ air cond. w-w cartels drapes. Lease *?40 or purchase S?3,900. 1/14) 827-8475. draws Children O.K. S200. 1st List month cleaning deposit 430- ·; nfier S PM 2-BR. unfurn home, no pels, 2 Kids. Wi mo. Call Won. Inro Friday 4:30 io 8 P.m. 1611 Stanton Patce, Lono Beoch. Phone 433-3486 lieal, ceramic iile. Garage. Baby OK. No pets. S130 mo. After 4 pm except Sunday. 867-7679 ROSSMOOR. Immac ElDorado 3 BR, 2 ba, crpt, drps. All eltc kitch i if i reing. 5325 Incl. gardener. -!3U533or nil 5-431-2407 1-BR. Collage, partially furn. 5SO. Idenl for working couole. Might consider intant. Also one at S±5, unfurn. PBX 531-01SO haths. dining rni.. ruos. drones. «i.i. Qorocie, S?00 month, 1st luM. 436-0915 ww crpt., d^nwhr., fenced yd- Red- cc. ',l blk off Carson, nr. 605 Frv.-v.51iS. 21726 Violeta 3709 SAN ANSELINE o-Rdrm. v.'lth fcmllv rm., exira slirirp! S220, lease with option to buy Io GI. Vacant. 577-4907 t mil., dishwasher, clenn, S200 mo., i n c l u d e s gardener. 7U-- 53/-8/30 LAiibWfJOD bn.iru 3 bf. 2 un., Oil ;is, iipl. dish washer, $225 im. 1st S, Inst mo. C.ill Rob Pell 8A7-/2/3 2 LGE Den hou:e, hdwd., ncv/ cir.f. disposiil, fenced, 2 Children O.K., Pets £1-15. 63J-8878 CLEAN 2 Bulini ncrtt Traffic Circle. Redoc. in out, new earoet CUSTOM -1 Bilrm, 2 bath v/ith car- uelintj, drapes, fireplace. Cal. Hts. l.ense 5250. Bkr HA 5-1251 Beach locution, carpets, yard, chil- _dren nets fine. PBX 531-0180 LAKEWOOD- Nice 3-Br/Crp'ti drps, disp, dbte gnr. Fenced yd. Nr. Lkwd Center. S185. 866--I4I4 LOS Altos-- Avail. March 1st. Newlv dec. 3 Br., pool. 5225 mo. 5956 Ad- tieilv. -!3!-S666 stove refrio. POD! Nr. schls ^hons S250. (Vac.) 691-1906 new VAV, adr., icf. fur kids. Broker 56/-8861 575-1 BR. shovjer, rtJrnace, stove re- frig. 1 male adult only. Application taken. 433-5581 BIXBY Knolls large 2 br i den. Cpts, dros, pool S250 mo. 714-4961300. 2-BR.-- SBO. Nice yard tor children, close to schools shopping. PBX 531-0180 NR. Douglas, corner firepl., 3 BR. crpt'g, drps, siove, brkfst nook table, dbi garage Call 431-1062 N.L.B. 3-Br., 5120. Fenced yard freshly decor., Ige. family welcome. Pet OK. PBX 531-0180 LKWD 2 BR w/loe fenced yd. Nr. schl shopping center. Pets children OK 5145. (714) 827-345-5 tipl. v/-w crp drapes fenced vnrri. s??5 mo. lease only. 431-9527 *7Tn -- n«rncpM o no rvni -- ri^-mnt ' ScAL Beach, 1-Bdrm, 2-cor gar, 51 ti^9£ E £" n ^ni^. · fc;tct;d v rfrd - 2 blks } ° beach, pet rh.lri OK. 53:13 Pinf. 428-4?68. , rt ^ IAn { 7 1 4 ) 943.7459 Paramount 815 i S15S-- 3 br. house alone, fenced, dble WE: WANT YOUNG adult Singles Couples BALI APTS. COMPLETELY Remodeled Refurnished All utilities paid. WW carpets draperies. Upper lower available. 2 or 3 brs. Adults only. Smal pet ok", (with extra deposit) 15724 Orano* Ave. PARAMOUNT 634-1183 LGE. 2 Br. Crpts., draoes, bit-ins babv or teen, no pets. 633-8846 5127.50 -- 2 BR., carpets/ drapes, heated Pool. Util. pri. 633-3541 Sea! Beach 835 GOLD MEDALLION Brand new dixe triplex Qualifv ? ft 'i bcdrms $220 S- 5250 Rcfrig., range. Dlxo shag carpet. \Volnut cabinets, file, washing a- cil. Dishvrashcrs. 1 SLOCK TO OCEAN. Adulls, no pets. 133 10th St., Seal Beacti 42S-J559 or 598-4262 Signal Hill 840 VIEW Or Oil T 2 BR. furn., bit-Ins, retro. AH new carpet, adults. PHONE 426-9674 Panoramic view, all elec, "stove refrig. W/W carpeting drapes. HE 7 5223 LARGE 2 BR. double pull man bath. AM/FM music, Garaae, carocts, drapes, built-ins, 5125. 2110 Gaviota. GE 9-9944 Westside 855 LARGE 2- BFJ. w-w cpts. dmpes. Child O.K. No pets - Nr L.B. Frue- vwiv. 1871 Harbor S1DO - 435-5797 Wilmington 860 S9-1 NICE I-br upocr over garage. Parity furn. Stove, refrig, washer. Crpts, drapes. 429-0639 Wrigley 863 LARGE 3 BR, den, 2Va bath Gold Medallion apt. 21"J2 Pasadena, LB. Furnished Homes 865 S11S NICE 2 br house alone, fncd for kids A nets. Si 10 lust finished, lovely 2 br duplex Home, pafio, qood flren. S70 util Dd, nice 1 br duple/, vrd for fdm pels. Near nil, Bkr 213. 531-8214; 859-2551 SI7.50 UP, 1, 2, 3 br wklv, kids, SIM utils oil, 2 bdrm Io S150. n ridrm SB5 to S3CO, nil areas. OTHERS AT HOLLIS «3» W? 1, 1. 3-BS. wk. or mo. Pet kids OK. Ail prices, all areas. Broker, LOS ALAMITOS-- 1 Br. clean mod. disposal, gar. water yard paid. Teen o.k. $150 J31-5007 OEGLEY, 900 L.B. Blyd. till 6- $125-2 BR. East. Kids, pets. DEGLEY, 900 L.B. Blyd HE 4-9751 S75-- 2 BR. Yard, Cast. Sm. pet. Dcolcy. 900 L.B. Blyd HL 6-975! «5-- 1 BR. East. Adults. DEGELY, 900 L.B. Blyd HE M751 S10D-1 BR. Esl. Near beach. DL'GLEY, 900 1_R. B!. ME 6-9751 1 BR. S70. MO. YARD. WESTSIDE. "136.2855 NLB, 1 bdrm, sen rien. gar adults no pets, 5923 Myrtle. SB5. 1 Br., fenced vd., 1«15 So. Atlantic. 428-1552, HE 8-JBB8 3-BR. house. Lovely yard nat o. Fun. il.ed. 598-2441 1-BR. house. No pets. Baby OK. 1114 Cherry. GE 8-0992; GE 9-527! Eastside 750 IK^^X"^*"*** *i**NX i CAPRI III F NOW OLD MEDALLION macl\ BY) Uy DUS PTS I 3 i BATHS UILT-INS E A OVEN-HOOD *PES - ELEVATOR CY A SECURITY No Pc)| 4th St. ON-597-8666 giir. siove, v/w crpt, drapes, cmln pet O.K. Bkr. 921 5504 PARAMOUNT sml crpted 1 BR enclosed sleeolno porch fenced yd, 535. After 5 p.m. ME 3-0959. NFAR New 3-brdrm, rent or leosc. 772-3W8 eves or \vkends. KOSSAAOOR fownhousc~2 BR. S225 or Furn. 5275. Pool. Gardener pd. DEGLEY, 900 L.B. Blvd HE 6-9751 Joe Hodoe, 1400 South St. GA 37914 3-BR. LAKEV/D. Teens. Dog Joe Hodge, 1400 South St. GA 37914 4-BR., 2-ba., crots. drns., blt.-ins. Lcaso 5225. L.B. (714)5392952 eves. ' SI95-- 3-RR. DIX. Avail. 3/JO. Joe Hodge, woo South St. GA 37914 N.L.B. 1 Br. garage. Immaculate. Fenced yd., nr. shopping transp. S150 rno. Call GE -1-3417 Rltr. Joe Hodge, UOO South St. GA 3- LARGE 3-Br., 2 baths; SI60. Fenced yd., dble nar. Kids pets welcome. PBX 531-0180 5U5--3-BR. Norwalk. Avail. 3/15. Joe Hodoc, 1400 South St. GA 3- CHOICE Plaza 2 Br. fenced, car- onts, 5175. 1st last., ref. GE 1- ·J264 JOE Horfoe, 14CO South St. GA J- 791 4 S175-- 3 Brs., gar., 2 children. SI60-- 3-BR. Norwalk. Kids, pot. Joe Hodge, 1400 South St. GA 37914 3-BR., S1A5. Nl B. Nr. schools park. Excellent condition. PBX 531-0180 5135-- 7-BR. NLB. Avail. 3/8. Joe Hodge, MOO South SI. GA 37914 HUNTINGTON BCH. 3 BR., 2 ba., cots., drps., bilt-ins. 5220 mo. on lease. No pets. (714) 892-2539. SHS_2-BR. 'Duplex. Have 3. Joe Hodge, 1-100 Soulh St. GA 3791 -i 4 BR 1 bn Nr school shoDDino 5837 Oxholm S195 - GE 1-4852 3553 DENVER, 2 BR, car. practi- $85. 2 BR. Adults. No pels. New v dec. 15JOV2 Gaviota L.B. 1-BR. cottage, S70. Adults, l-n? E. 2 BK, fenced yard. $110 mo. 2 chil- COTTAGF, bachelor. Utils. Daid, 1331 Rose Ave. 591-7362. 2-BDRM., adults. S140. 2082 L". 8th St. 431-2644 or 439 6978. 3-BR., 2 bdths, w-w crpfs., siove. Avail. 3/10. S200. NE 2-8862 AVAIL. March 1st. Bellflr. 3 Br., lut vd., pool. 5300. 925-6092 HUN1ING10N BACH vacant 3 J 4 brS170uo. .irit, 7U-893-3585 LOS AI TOS area 2-Br. house. Stove. S175 mo. 598-4351 $115. FIREPL. 2 Br. rten, l'/i hath, kids OK. Broker 567-S361 S85 -- 1 Br., toe., nor., stove Ea*t Wvnns 5307 Atlantic 428-4643 570. 3 ROOMS. Adulls. Pensioners welcome. 1902 Stanley. HA 5-3664 LOS ALAMITOS -- 2 Br. Fenced yd. Water pd. Nr. shopping. 596-5371. Wvnns 5307 Atlantic ' 428-16-13 3 BR. Los Allos for lease crpls.. Walker Realty 433-4317. NLB 2 br S135 monlhly, needs rain repair, 714-496-1300. SI55-- LAKfcWD. 2-BR. + Fenced. Gar. Kids, pels. Bkr. 423-5473 Fenced yd. Kids. Bkr. 423-5473 580-- 2-Br. DUPLEX. Yard. Gar. 2 children. Bkr. .'.23-5-173 2-BEDRArt, newlv decor. Belmon Hits. Adults, no Dels, GE 8 8651. 585 1 BR. 1 Child ok. 1317 E. 8th. 591-0158 S?50-BIXBY Knolls. 2 i den. Pool. Joe Hodge 1400 South St. GA3-79 4 $7S_2.BR. East. Adults. Yard. CUSTOM 4-br. S285. Long Beoch, 2828 De Forest. 714--637-0904 S175--3.BR. Lakowd.- dble aor. DEGLEY 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 5165-- 3-BR. Los Altos,, dble gnr. DEG1EY 900 L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 ioQ_2-BR. Eastside, 2 children DEGLEY MO L.B. Blvd. HE 6-9751 DEGLEY 900 L.B. Blvd. HE6-975I 3 BR. Clean Lkwd. home, w-w, patio, etc. 5180. 3517 Falrman $110-- 2 br. house, fenced yd. oar. ww, child Dot O.K. Bkr. 921-5504 $85-- SEE Jodayl 2 Bdrm. Kids ok. Broker 567-8861 child 8, net O.K. Bkr. 921-55W LOS Altos 3-br., 2-ba, w-w, drps 5180, gardener Incl. 430-0712 yard. Adults. 2231 Locust. 580. 1-BR. $90, 2-br, baby ok, no pets, 2174 u. 17ih. CC '. 1005 335 W. 10th. To see ph. 591-168.' S175-- 3 Br. nr. Freeway. Gar. Kids, pots welcome. Bkr. -123-5-173 rtcns. S65. mo. «kr HA 5-1251 S195 SPAC. 4 Br. 2 ba., blt-lni dbl«. oar. Kids OK Bkr. 567-8861 SU5 LOOK 5 Br. bit. Ins, ww, gar., fenced. Kids Ot£ Bkr. 567-8861 ?, 3 4 Bdrrm. L.B. ft Rossmoor UahnrisMHoMf 171 HUNTINGTON BEACH 4 Br. 2 baths -A225 4 Sf'3 ftffi* W/PO °' ZsS Call Horn* Finders Re'aW (213) 431-0*36 ( 714) S92-4477 EXTRA nic« 4-br. or 3 den, 2-ba., w-w crots., drps., dishwasher, fire- c «'io^5.%i s ^itsi: Wkdoys, i30-l?46; wkcnds, 3I- - DOWNEY f ? Very aHractive 1 Br. housfrj carpet, drapes, ienctd yard, adults only. S11J Wateri. Trash paid. 8123 Prlscilla 867-3854 SIS. HILL, 1 1 Id/2 E. 2'3rd Lovely Home 2 Br. frrt. fenced vd. Car oort. avail. Mar. S. - S150 -- dep. OWNER + 439-4907 1 BR. NLB-- $100 -- « W. 53rd St. Adults- Ml ok, 550 deoosit, 4321-1138; 421-3982 RENT 'TIL YOURS m*l^r mS105mo - P Ui245 GI-RENT 'TIL YOURS 3-Br. 5125 mo. Pl. No down VA. E. LAKEWOOD. 3 BR, 2 bath, crpls, drapes, siove-, refrio. Garage. Fenced yard, water-trash yard sen/, pd. 5165. Adults. 865-0815. S135-5200, 3 bdrm, gar, kfds. OTHERS AT HOLLIS 639-4939 4 BR. 2 sty. bonus room, bli-ins, crots., drapes. La Palma. No iw. l?SS. AYRFA1TY EXCHANGE 425-1231 3-BR., fenced vd. Crpjetlnq, gar., newly redec. J18S Tsf last mo. plus deposit. 3442 Shipw.iy, L.B. (714) 82S-4296 sft. 4 wkdavs. Looded with extras. Dble huge vd. Avail. 3-15-69. PBX 5310180 drauea, huge fenced vd., reativ v.-nitina lor loe. family. Co-^ir .11 odav on this one, FBX 531-01SO RENT TIL YOURS 2 bedrm. 375 mo. P 1. CALL REALTOR 925 1?4S PrafoftoMl *M taiinets Offictf $55 MONTH 3 OFFICE rentals, 5 5 S *?' ,* r B.pWo.Sir^vt tcriai ^'"Wjjjljg, lmDcrial Hl- BIXBY KNULL5 25c PER SQ. FT nPLUXE 930 11 5 rni suite. Hett c°a^. draws .(C.hoi« oi colors) Air, lanltor, utilities. Courtesv te BroV»«. J?;.£953 IBM SQ. FT. ReceDtlon, orivaie o!(ice Loe. rm., 2 washrooms. Xlnt. oV'salis organisation jroira work, etc. S275 mo. 425 Atlantic, Suite B. OFFICE space, oorkino, air coi;a 4125 or UD C ose to W5 -05 FrOTS. Call' «°OS2I Frank. Larrv orMorrit. "110 Los Alamnos KM. ._ . Bargain Hunters Only up Io SXJO so. it. avail. CLASS A. Rich' Call HAROLD 43*2972 450 SQ. FT ncv/ caioen, f'^f-.:. panelled, air cond. tlcc. b.on. 907 E. Market. NLB CA3 Ml?.. _ Parlina. A.15 F. Jth GE 3-133j. . Business Industrial 90S Property (For Rent) IND. BLDSS. ALL SIZES Industrial Specialists J,?00' M! niach. shop N.L.B. 5 600' a lop Sio. Hill M Zone 7,700' OrY^ioe Co. nr. G.G. frwy. M.OOO 1 Uocl: Hi. heavy irar., vd. Bill Brooks Co. GA 6-5924 IDEAL tor TRAVEL AGENCY-- Also suitable lor enxMovment agency. Altrnctivc store space 15x32.e. Froiinv psinlcd. For rent or lease. J5» Atlnntic Aye. HE S-53S9 or HE 2 S«3, Sialiou 4, or 421-8502 eye- BUILDIKG. M-2, aiCO II. w'tcnccj v:.rj S. (i.-ck. IVI2 Euclid L.B. Near Annripim 4 Redundo. At'.o 3','n lol M-2, Lono Reach GA 8- ^iOo.iA. 10 1-6619 nights. CORNER STORE 3rd i Paclllc Ave. 22x42. Air conditioned, lull basement. Immediate nci rm., garaoe. ^ico mo. v.Micr » . / i DU P d. children OK. pjidmwijjii .-w-. Warehouse blag. «w:-LbvELY-ror7i^ oarwE-.v . ^.-..iTMTM-^ 3ft*fF r mo - w.v rpt, dr.T'P^, built-iiK. t^f oar, fenced, EXCEL loc, 2 diil- then £. pel ok. (714) 894-1285 LAKF\VOOD nice 3 br. crpts, dros. riiio. dhlf 1 oar. Fenced vci. rr. Lkv.-d Center Schls. $185. 9?54037 ately." Nice y.irrt newlv decor in out. Kids pet OK. PBX 531-01SO fountain. Beach. 885 Desert -- Rent YOULERS CABINS. BIG BtAR Phone 1-71-1 866 3785 Rental Agencies 895 Owners No Charge io You Save costs with one phone ca'l. We need 2 3-Br. houses avail, now ft during March. Joe Hodge GA 3-7914 WRITE-CALL-- OR CPME to office. No CHARGE to andlord Rents or complete management service. Dcslev 900 L.B. Btvd. HE 6-9751 HOUSES NEEDED! have military tenants waltlno to Icasi unfurn. houses. 421-1*42 BOB OAKES CWO. USN Ret. WHITE REALTY ASSOC. 598-2456 MILITARY ONLY RENTALS SALES Prooertv AAanaoement Service In Real Estate Sine* 1946 BERYL LINVILLE Co. 425-4022 LANDLORDS FREE RENTAL SERVICE Tenanls waiting. Open 7-dvs v.'k. 531-8214 868-2551 (714) 534-6960 OWNERS PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT With a 10-Polnt Rent Program PRESTIGE REALTY 433-9946 NO CHARGF: TO OWNERS List Your Property with MOORE -- Tenants waiting. Oocn /-days -- Call 421-3761 FREE RENTAL SERVICE If you want to rent a home or REALTY SERVICE, J31-35I1. OWNERS-- MANAGERS FREE RENTAL. SERVICE. 6029 Allantlc-- 7 days wk. m-5m FREE RENTAL SERVICE to landlords. We have qualified tenants. WE NEED rentals In all areas. Oualified tenants. Wvnn's. 428-4643. SCHWENN R E A L T Y . Free rental Professional 900 Business Offices BIXBY KNOLLS-- 450 so. ft. 3 rm. suite. Caroct, drapes, air, utilities, ianifor. Only S130. Also 2 rm. LAKEWOOD VILLAGE Office Sonce, furniture avail., nr. bank Douglas. Bkr.. HA 5-1203 S135 OFC. 600 sq. ft. air, uiil. prkn. 4934 LB Blvd. NLB £2 423-795? ft FROM $25 to $75 mo. Air cond. Utll ud. Crptd. «6-S245; 377-Ob71 7th St. £40 month 43fi-?888 ed. Reasonable. HF 5-5815 INDEPE PRESS-TE CLASSIFIED RATES and Ih Rot«5 based on consecutive insertion! earn one-time ra letters and tpacei to line. 10 or more consecut! 7 to 9 consecutive 4 to 6 consecutivs 1 to 3 consecutive COPY DE Day Ad Runt Sunday ,, _. Monday Tuesday _ Wednesday 3031 LONG BEACH BL. FOR LEASE, 100x135 r_-3 zone. Mel Allen, GA 6 5333 MORES* Long Beach, Bixby Knolli ared. Eslab. maior shoupmn ctr. GAS AIR Conditioning Courtesv to Brokers 879-15/0 PALOS Vcrdes 4005 Mirnleste Drive. Ground floor, street frontage, near library and 5 schools. 835-6555 17x60. Jr. shopping center. Mr. Snndler or Mr. Rosen. 597-3387 SMALL office warehouse 1015 Atlantic Dr. Nr. Artesiri Frwy. dav GA 8-5330 or Eves TO 1-6619 STORE Bldff. and/or office for reiil. Hvdrex Pc^t Conlrol, 3073 Long'i Blvd. 436-76J-I '2 OFFICE rooms + 1 store room ft'iZ ionc. 1217 Mcwuort Ave. Call 4337360 or GE 8-E4S7 OFFICE Bldo. 5600 U. parkinn. 6250 Cherry. GA 8-5230 or Ev« TO 1-6619 SlORfc, 16x55, In new shoppino Center, Hunt. Bch. $181. 865-3122. VACANT 5toirt-warmtS-Offlt*. Harry L. Cowan Co. HE 5-4IS9 4200 FT block bldo. w/oifices 3 BEL Hrihts small stor* xlnt location S/Smo. GE 4-9849 GE 4-241 1 Wanted to Rent 910 UNFURN. Store front or house Eastside - Belmont Hts. area. 4 loca artists need studio-work-shop w/fenced yard, util. Drlv. avail. Will rent from $60 to $100 nio. NICE clean home wanted bv businessman St familv w/4 children. Prefer 3 br. den or 4 br. Will accept 3 br. IF laroe. Call (805) CHRISTIAN widow w/bov 13 need 1 Br. furn house or apt. by March 1st. N.L.B. area. Must be in Lind- SIOO 428-6520 DESPERATELY need space for '69, 10x55 Mobile Home. Lkwd., Bellflower or Downev area. 2 adults, 633-2374 NLB rfreu. A 10 12 vr. old. 590. Afler i p.m. 423-7111 WANTED Ige family, 3 or 4 8R unfurnished house bv March 1st UD to S16S mo. 531-0819 WANT 2 BR furn house w/garagt N. of Hill St. (Have stovr, refrig.) UP to S100. 591-1240 WANTED-- 2 or 3 Br. hous* w/faciiitles for keeping horses. 596-1154 S150 mo. North or EasT LB Call 432-7590 alter 3 pm WELL behaved poodle with 2 adults needs I BR homt In Belmont Heights GE 9-4879 WANTED 2-3 BR house, Bellflower 1 child, small dog, by Mar. 15 8661174 ,irea. 2 children, 1 pet. GA 4-5071 drps. 2 elderly ladles. 8636698 N.L.B. Sleeping rm. Mid-sat man. GA 8 6572 MIDDLE age couole want 2 Br uaraqc, April 1st. 423-1010 couple w/sml. Det. 426-2048. w/onraae by Aoril 1st. 43M«a NDENT LEGRAM ADVERTISING FORMATION initriions per line. Skip-day s. 2-lin« minimum. Count 29' 5 average wordi io line. ve days....46c per lin* days 55c per Iin« days___ 63c per line days 84c per lins ADLINES: Doadlin* _ _ 5 p. m Friday 5 p.m. Friday _...5 p. m Monday 5 p.m. Tuesday Friday 5 p. m. Thursday Saturday -..-. 4 p.m. Friday CANCELLATIONS. For Sunday Ad -- 4 p. m. Friday For Monday Ad -- 11:30 a.m. Sunday All other days, 3 p.m. day before publication. Any ad ordered and subsequently cancelled before first insertion will be charged for one (1) day. CREDIT IS EXTENDED (With Curtain Exceptions) TO ALL LOCAL RESIDENTS COMMERCIAL RATES AND DEADLINES UPON REQUEST Advertiser! should check their adl In the first lsu* In which they appear and report errors at once. Th* Independent, Press-Telegram assumes no responsibilities {or errors after the first Insertion. The Independent, Pross-Te egrom reserves Iht right to ·dit, reject or properly c assify all advertisements. Downtown Office 604 Pine Ave. Long Beach HE 2-5959 LAKEWOOD BELLFLOWER GARDEN 6ROYI 4635 Condlewood 9833 E. Relmont 9(24 Garden ME 3-0744 TO i. 1721 Grove Blvd. JE 7-7441

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