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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 2

Carbondale, Illinois
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Saturday, April 10, 1920
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HE DAILY FREE PRESS Established , v " |«ily 1903 N Weekly 1877 Press Publishing Co !£ MRS."JOHN T. GALBRAITH Vi) Editor and Manager __ Telephone - - 218# , • : •• Terms j Subscription <il-5 cent a week. J Advertising/Dills due weekly. | Job .work .strictly... 'cash. § ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION $7.81 *J| Entered at the postoffice at Car ••"ondale,. Illinois, as' second clas atter. Office in . the Free Pres- ding] West Main 'Street. THE DAlLt fEJEfi PRESS First Methodist .• Church Inter-Church World Movement . past weeic. These ' slides i-.idi- > A. C. Geyer, iPlaistor. • '^. cate some of the .discoveries of the Sunday'schodl- at 9.-30 a. mi. I/ouis World Survey of religious, coudl- Renfrb, • superintendent. .Services of ', tions>- They arc informing. and in- public woBship >at. 10:45 a. -m. ' and ' terestingl : ' • x 6:30 |p.jni. ' , _ _ _ iMoMi|Bjjf seffmon, .baptismal service ; ,ynd m:eption,<>f. members. The evening service will have --Sox dts special feature, illustrated lecture). 'on "(Chris. U; S. Senate Authorize?' invest) ( gation of Rail Waikout. r . , . • ''.'•-' " . ." ' f . % .._edr yesterday, and Cherch of Qod taity'-and •'World 'Democracy," iSev- enty-iive (beautiful and instructive pictures.- Note 'the change -of hour to K:'30 j>. m. Junior at 2:30 p. m. Miss Yost superintendent., Christian Church r M'RS. FRANK O. LOWDEN jjf >VJie-of the Governor of Illinois )H JOY! PLENTY f] OF GOOD; WATER THIS SUMMER 'We h%v-cl just closed a contract to iah'dle *lie, celebrated ;Cne'al ^Spring.* pneral- Watersj i iWithnr tvfc weeks we'.viill receive |ur first Supply and then ybu can call Jour"grocer or' dniggist and t'av* : |a«e of this celebrated water deliv-, at your .door. . / ' | We expect to sei-ve this splctodid -ater at our .oafe during the sum- per seiasoTi. . . 'Advertising anatter will appear rom time, to time in .these columns. |ivin,g : tn>\r,emedial qualities of these Ironiterf'ul -water's. • TfiEiWINAL' CAOTE. a'dV '-_' 'fey rpraWi: ;G. Bastin. .On-'acco.unt of jnafters over .which \vc 'had -n-o .control it was necessary to change' the time of our Easter- program to April llth, so that all passes t:'king part in .the jEIastor pf- fering"-iior thto orphans ani -a.\d • people are asteed\ to -bring their offering tomorrow morning. We look for the largest attendance of tKei yeso.- thus '•M. Kveryone will want to hear and see jViilda-ed .Wright, t'he orphan girl ;h:t is ,-beiivg cared -for by the King's Daughters' class. She will te'i at Bible school Sund'ay morning:..arid on | 7 : 3Q A. M. ;he program "in'the "evening-. •The special Easter program will be jivc-n in'tlre'evenmg-\by thei .children, it great .pains the leaders 'have QM-O- isred ^wliat be our ,best .Bister a'ogram at .7:30 in the civenimj. At .10:45 ,a. m. .the 'hour of worship met communion. All members are '.skcd to •observe this sacred remem- irance of our Loi'd. ,. CHRJSTIAN SCIENCE CHURCH Corner of South' Normal Avc. and .Vest Elm Street^ . -"j Sunday sc1io0d-.•p) a. m. Sunday niofning?se"rvice 10:45. \Vcdnesday.. evening service 7:45. Subject, for .the Sunday' service: Sin, Disease and Death, The free reading room and circu- .atmg- library is open ever/ Wednesday, and Saturday from 2 to <1 ,1. in. Authorized literature is for !oau and for sale. All are cordially welcome. Corner Wcist Elm and: SoiitiH Normal- Avenue. Services ne-xt Lord's -day held in our house of 'worship. The 'remodeling .work has taken longer than expected but the dedication services will be held: Sunday. Bible s'c'h.ooi -at usual. hour, 9:30". ' •Elder ,'s. -\\*. Parrisli of. West Franltfort will- ,be'.present to- deliver the dedication address. I-Ie' will also b£ present c,t n'ia-ht with an inspiring 'message. LEmcayone '\vha possibly can is invited to attend'. Elder O. W. ; Sidener Pastor. \ , : ••St.- Ands-aw ? s Episcopal • .Sarviccs at St. • A:idrcw.;s Episco-. pal CO.urch• Sur.dsiy, 9:00 Oa. in.. Holy Comimiiiidu with sermon, Evening- prayer conducted by Rev'.'It. M. Gir.m of'Chester. ilck Says Public Opinion Mjist Be Used to Force^Men to / i . Rfeturn to V.«orjsl- ' ^Vasbington, April; 10.—An investigation of th'e .unauthorized, strike of switchmen . and. ^ other railroac] employees was orde'red' by:, the senate. Without: a record, vote the senate idopted. Senator McC'ornilck's." resolution directing tlie interstate commerce committee to inquire .'"respecting any existing strike" .of any inters( ; aie raif- roncl employees not conducted or au-' thorized by any rqcognizert organization of railroad employees," and'-stib- mit a report to. the senate. A favorable report oii the resolutipu was made, by the senate expenditure committee. -Supporting his resolution Senator McCormick said the. country'n-os "confronted by a very gnuve situation brought about-by the'.'failu're of the •president to appoint the federal labor board," .authorized 'under provisions of the railroad act. What is needed no-*! 1m. said, "in .default'of the appointment of the board, is to bring the' facts before the public, and mobilize public' opinion.." There, is no other way to force tlie riien back to work,", ho -declared. . . President Wilson, is understood to. have .decider! on tho personnel of the rnllroml labor boiird. and White House officials, say the nominations probably will be sent to the senate. ' Presbyterian CMirch 'Sabbath .School at 9:30 a "m. Preaching- by the pastor at 10:'!5. a. m. This will, be the commtuiicu occasion. -Every member, "should be present. Good music is provided by Mi55 May Anderson. If you are a stranger, us. If you arc at home, to be present at church! HUFFMAN QUITS p. o. : T0 ob WITH HIS FATHER Kyle Huffman-, who has been a clerk in. .the postoffice here, resign- terday.and will in the future; be in thevturnitur.e store"'with jiis'j father, ..G.^R.V HlTffmaii. His. position at, the'- po'sto'fficc wilj be', filleo by'G'u'5 .Sizeniore,' who was formerly at; the .p.osto'ffice ;her.e, but has recently been•• iii -the'^ southwest. .'-'And idol', ."of..'the world's "Other Half;" a.! nameless ..'>.' waif pi the streets was THE" BRAT. ..A quaint little bodji • leviable', in th<j extreme. Birth •Theitre/;Monday .' aiid: Tues- day/AipHfl? /ahd, li'' ... flow to Lower Your Meat Bills , Office of • ' ' The f: .of Carboiulale ftitfnrfiip. - . . .1 • i^ -is. -a^staternent by &fhaw, in the county .• . n&iM&';. of the amount ol i>u1>iiiJ Jfafi^ revived-. and disburs- $ by.diiW.'dffliig-'tSe fiscal year , end- in £&• the; Sin". .diV of 'April;; A.. D. tlie /ambiirit: at 'public SUFFRAGE WOflUAYS DANIELS Secretary of the Navy Tells Mrs. Catt North Carotins Is Sure to Ratify. Washington, April l6.-DecIaration year above stated,..the amount ol pub- t nf the North Carolina Democratic ,lie funds received, and: the sources funds. b.ft'liSn"il:'.&t th'e cpmnieit'se,men. of Said,' h^eal-y6a.r;-the, aiiTOunt ..of | piibiifc funds rfectei.fed,' ,and ; frcifn What .spUi-ces refc&ve'dj.'the' amount .^pfpub- He iun'd'g "eigiEwiedi and for what'.pur- Y-'- Hints From the Department of •>' Justice poses expended; during . .- said. . fiscal year -ending, as.. afpre'said. ; it . * The -said Solomon. Cjcawsnsw, .being duly sworn, doth -depose and' say, that the f oliowHj. statement ,by him subscribed is a correct of fee. imouiit of '.public funds on Hand at the commencement of the fiscal year above stated, .the .amount of'pub- stalo. convention in ; favor of of the v.-o'man -sufCra; sary. First Baptist "Cfiurch j so high I. am asham- |d to .A'dvertiss tile .price, ip.ut by coir.-' 'jarison you might .gave money by [rading-: at 'Sa-ysher's. ' iAdv. £>eath 6n!y a matter of short time, 9:30 Sunday school ' P? 11 ' 4 waii untii P^ 133 ah ^ »cnes 2:00 Juniors. .Mrs. Stewart Chanel-] Mome iiwnraUe disaweS.^ Avoid iei . - Supt ' painful consequences . by taking 6:30' High School. B. • Y. P. tj. Clyde Wilhoughby leader. j 6^0 Senior B. Y. P. U; Mr. Wolff, I p.-eh.. ''-'•'' I 7:30 Evening worship. | At the evening 'hour of worshin | »h e wor ]d' s standard reir.edy for kidney, there will be an illustrated talk by Iivsr, bladder and uric acii saoibles — tho the .pastor, usi'ng the /Hundred! National Remedy of HoBw.4 «inco 16B6. ,.,',.,, , ' , . , ; Guaranteed. Three siz°Cv .ili drat?pieit') slues which have been used in the • .^' V f m »,i, £', , t , * , S ra Sgi3ts- • . > toot for the nau-.o Go!d Ii'caal on every be"- -..-.— a 'c. amend m<!iit I'.ieans "it is all over but the shouting," Secretary Daniels said,in a telegram sent to Mrs. Carrie bhap- rmTn Calf, president of the National Woman Suffrage association. "The Nor'lli Carolina legislature, shortly'to Mr. and Mrs. .'C. C. Stiller have re- f" ™ ,;".»> »*siojs Is' certain turned to their homo in St. Louis, £-1,' L'£ tli'VfrT "^ ^ "^ ... . s ... ,. ,_... , t'-niff Uh the thirty-six states iieces- after a visit .with Mis. Millers — ~ brother, John Goliiher, and wife. ' 'SIMMONS is "FAVORITE SON" Named by North Carolina Democratic Convention; Entered in June Primary. • . " Raleigh, N. C., April 10.—Senator Simmons was named as North Carolina's "favorite-sou" by the state Democratic convention, which elected delegates at large' to the Democratic national convention. His name will be entered in the June primaries. Blkson, lenn., April 10.—Unuis'truot- ecl delegates were elected t6 the Republican ''national convention at a meeting of tlie Eighth district convention. • > by • . icaa on >»n£ acboaS ap i=niti;tio.-> SHONTS WIDOW WiNS SUIT. Order Removing Her as Administra- trix Over Estate Is Vacated ' by New York Court. Ne\v York, April 10.—2irrs.'-MUIa D. Shouts has been ruinytnleci by the appellate division us administrator Ot the estate of TlieodO|-e 1*5 Sliputs, long head of the Intel-borough ami fat years associated • with Chicago Jntejnsls.' The decision was unanimous. All (he points presented, on behalf of the widow by her attorneys lire "reaffirmed in an exhaustive opinion Glstl by Justice Edgni- S. K. Merrill:- " ..11C XU11UZ3 ±:t;\.lil V.*^«, »>."• .--- — froni which received, ar.|d the amount expended, .and purposes' for which.ex- pended, as set forth in said statement -SOLOMON CBAWSHlAiW. Subscribed and before me, this ftth day <jf April, N 1920. • . . . W. J. BBOWN, Notary Public. Funds Ueceivcd and from Wlia Sources Received . TOWN FU-jjb' ' Afnouot of public funds, on . $ 448.85 the commencement ,of the fiscal yeary commencing .the day of March,. 1&19 ........ . April 1, 1919, .received from Ed Woods " ......., ..... .. April 1, . 1919, neceived from 6.00 ..': S. Roberts ,, .2000.00 Sept. 16, 19^9, received from W. S. .Roberts ............ 1859.99 Dec. 16; received from .W. ' S, Roberts', dog ta.x! .'... '",",-;.; 177.40 Total received, all spurees...$4492.24 Total .paid out on order of board •3724.36 Bal. ,m hand April 6, 1920.-.$ 767,88 Paid out dur.ihg .the year .on order of .auditing board : " .For auditing ......... ."....$. 49~:OD For groceries to poor ....... 266.49 For assessing ... \ ..... ----- 957.50 Drugs and -'medical services. 220.25 •Ovearseemg poor.. . . 1 ........ 213.00 Widows'- 'pensions . ... ...... . 481.00 Cash to poor . ..... . ..-.. ;...'. . 34.6.00 •Prin!ting ....." '. .. :-. . .-;". . .'_. 33.65 -Electipn supplies ..;.'.....". 35.55. Poor and office, i-ent '. .......' 343.00 •Town .clerk's' fees '....".... '. .: d65. : 31 "Election supplies ... ..... ". . • ' 7o:bd Coal 1 to poor •.,..*.- 77.50 OCMT rn *»!i clothin -'?'to poor .'.; ; .'.'.-....... 27.54 SENT TO JAIL Burial of poor .'. .'.. .":•-Jtfe.50.' I Rosalind, - Cour^+css /of Car^ I lisle, Pres. Worltl-W. C. T. U. „... In i-fr&e - Westminster Abbey, Whbre World Convention Meetings Will" Be Held.' • .r.— ^—; :—. ~~~ «~-w*j in LIU.. (jiHenuiuKUL \\iis iniuyiL'u wicn man, States, Miss Anna A. Gordon. j :ig for of the future. The nt- Jand Miss Julia Deane, editor of the of- i tninm.eiit of the-chief objective, the |ficial publication of the-organization, I prohibitive amendment, has freed the H^R Union Signal;'will leave our coun-: organization energy for extending th<J ! .for England on. the steamer Phils,- i :nniy other -sorts' of welfare work in Ipllia,, sailing. March 20. Miss Got-i which it has been '.engaged and the'se- n,.)peing one., of tne .secretaries of the i curin? of a million-uo'llar jubilee fund' orlSs Woman.'s, Christian ..Temper- |,. 1S provided: the means with which to .ance Union, he i u ,, UT y :out "the-extensive program that T^ri^,, tfro weeks in advance, of the ! ins beeu'lald out. Departmental work ^nna A. Gordon, President W. C. TV U. of. America. w.orUTs convention of j A jubilee convention'was held in St. j presiclpnt'of tho World's W C T u! stian Temperance i Louis, Mo., ir November, at which re- and of the British Union will be~h'ost- .--... ^'? n( ?.9.f 1 -. Tlle n»-; ji-icing over tlie. \-ietory o£ the federal ess to .the delegates among whom will Sfl£ ALrr^..* 0 : :'"' en<ll ^ nt W '? S rW?, with nlan^ be the president of this state. Plans will be developed to malse^ the wartime experience contribute to the f-ur- thering-of prohibition hi those .European countries that had to recognize the -value of prohibition in : the' iinny, no doubt, as'the sn/me experii'.nee was utilized in this country fo crystallize Two Women Refuse to Give Bond in Bearing at Capiiai and Are Locked Up. 'Washington, April lO.-^Eefu'sing bond offered by counsel, two of-the -Irish pickets arrested yesterday for pLckEUug the British embassy, Misses .Mary Gnlvin of | Pliila'delphla and Maura. Quinn of.Ta:niiica Plains, lias's., w.ere' com m ^tteil to, jai 1 « f'ter a' prel iiu t- uary bearing befbrfc Dnited States Commissioner -Ilichardson.' JO TRAIN CIVILIAN FLYERS Army Will Accept Those Who Wish to"Receive ihstruotion.-pMust .be Be-f tween 20 and 27 gear's of, A v ge. ' ' Washington, April 10.—Civilians who desire to be trained in aviation" will be accepted as students, by tlie army air.service, It was anoriuhced. • Applicants' must be between 20 and 27'years of; age and possess the. equivalent of a high school education.' ' .: iTo.tal .out .... ..... ..$3724.36 Funds Received an4 From What Sources Received .ROAD AND'.HRiDiGB FUND ' March 29, 1919, Balance ia treasury ........ ........ , ..$' 99.91 April 12, 1919, 'city of Car-'. •bondale '.'. ________ . ' ....... 55.2'0- Jurie 28, .1919, from. W. S. • . 'Roberts, county 'treasurer. 4800.00- Sept. 16, 1919, from same... . . 275.47 July 31, 1919, '-Floyd -Brown, 'Comtn. .of Highways . 1 ... ; ' 12.50 Dec. 10, 1919, ha'ri road, re- . pair . fund . .'.. . ...... ' ." . ... . 75.00 HIGH' LIVING ON LOW-PRICED '•• '-.."•'• MEAT; ' '„ • ' ^ • i - • "I iaon't see how-'yon feed * family ot.five and pay sb little for meat," saic Mrs. Smith to; Mrs. Jones : who stood just over the ' back .fence. For 'Mrs Jwnes always servfed'appetizing dishes of fresh meat, 'apparently. In • endless variety, anil she-never haa big njfea i bills. ''».'' 3 .. ..' ...'."'••' ^"I'll show you how-1 do It" said Mrs. Jones" to Mrs. Smith.' "If you come but here every day this week we'll compare notes -and find out the "•way to reduce meat bills and yet live as .well if not^better than over." . . Monday's mprhihg conference'-', at the back fence discussed Sunaay ; aih- ner which i Irs. Jones had;,iuade from 3% pounds of chuck b'ee'f, a.'little oleomargarine, seasoning, and trimmings prepared as pot roast. The leftovers went into beef croquettes anci were enough for Monday's dinner. "It cost me, at 20 /cents a pound, just 70, cents for good meat,for two meals .for five; people," said Mrs. Jones..- -......- 1. . Tuesday's . report showed a - bill of 75 cents, .for three pounds of .spare; ribs; out of whicB'Mrs. Jpnes-had ; :pi;e- pared a full meal of ^sauerkraut and sparerlbs in fhis mapner: ...She put, spareribs' in boiling water sal ted i with one-half tablespoonf ul of salt and.-cooked until iueat began to separate from the^ones. She removed and aripinged on .a platter, surrounded Avlth border of sauerkraut, one cupful of which had been previously heated. On Wednesda'y Mrs. Jones described how she had fried a pound and a half of calf's liver, costing 60 cents with -onions .and celery:.-." ,. : ... ..' \Vz pounds calf's liver,. . - . ; .. .4 tablesppbnfrils oieomargarlne: 4 tablespojpnfuls diced celery. 4 tablespobnfuls onions cut up fine. Seasoning. She said: ."I put four- tabiespoon- fuls of oleomargarine, four of'diced celery, four of onions cut up fine and seasoning into a pan; the sauted.In. this sauce and served piping hot. •' I saved' the leftovers for creamed meat". On Thursday she. had cooked chopped beef'in a oakihg dish, two costing 32 cents The; leftover went ,intp .creamed meat enough for,Friday. : ."'": ' " •'..'.'. - "It can't be "done," .exclaimed Mrs. Smith, but Mrs. Jones furnished proof In. the form -of these recipeb: Chopped Beef. '.; 2 pounds hamburger ground;, . % cupful^omato reUsh, I. '. % 'teaspoonlul tabasco' ^sance, ••• Lean beets. .. Mix 'chopped beef wi&_ tomato relish. Add; : tabasco sauced" Seaspa well with.salt and .pepper. .Put into baking dish and bake two hojjrs, bast- Ing frequently with high quality o£ ta.ble sauce. Serve • garnished vith beets cut" into quarters. . . . Creamed Meat. ,Add all leftovers together. Add ons- halfs^ca'n plmentoes chopped, one green pepper and two and one-half, enpfuls of white sauce made from flour,,evaporated milk, water, oleomargarine ana seasoning. Serve on:-rounds of toast Saturday's^ meal was prepared by Mrs. Jones out of two and one-half pounds of flank steak fol- which 'she paid 65 cents, and which came on the tablo stuffed with bread crumbs, vegetables and seasoning. - "Now," said Mrs. Jones,' "let's actd up and see what the week's meat supply has.cost." This was what' she fig- .70 .75 .60 3% Ibs. beef $.20 3 Ibs. sparerlbs at 25 • 1% Ibs. calf'sy^ver at.... .40 _. 2 Ibs. hamburger steafe at JL6 ~ -5^ 2% ibs. flarili steak S£.... .26 .65 • ' '•>,-' ' $3.02 'Some"saving!" said .Mrs. SmiOu 'Do you know what I have been -pay- ng for- the. :satn.<! ^amount of food value, and not as much'^^rartetyi at tfyat?" She jotted downier own ex-~ jenditures for a week which were these:; Monday—i% Ibs... rib !am» chops at.".'.. $.50 $ .87 Cuesday-^-2 Ibs. sirloin at" :42 ^4 Wednesdiiy— 2% Ibs. beef ' . roast (prime ribs) at.. .40 '.... 1.00 Thursday—1% Ibs. veal on leg aV. .v. .45 -. .67 Friday—1% Ibs. porfe ten- derloia at, f 55 ^2 Saturday—-1% ibs. calf : sweetbreads at 55 . ^o Sunday—3& Ibs. chlckea at ••• i. .45 . 1.57 ..,-.--.:.;•.. " ' $6.57 (These prices were accnrate at the ime-this article was prepared. The market may have vaSed a few cents P or down since that time.) Hints From the Department of ...,-; •: "^;v;••« Justice ; MUTtON UNWISEliVi AND :c temperance in- irz^sandworkers-of romiuence I I wunlon. . After the- ; conv'erition has'been i '"^ •• *~' : :S';?Jheia.Miss Gordon and Miss Deane will struct! , on; . ,,,.., ! M)oj*Vin ti tniVn nt H,^ Zrr,^iA- ,-n : -+i,« ju,. "' ihis \yorld- conveiitiou of the. Worn Union will - fjbegl'in a tour.jOf the; %6rid' in : --tlie inter-' * hl X w 'orld- cqriyentiori of the. Worn[ .'Jests, 'of fur^ei'jbg 'AVoMd 'proliibition «u's Tenujcrance Union will [.^tie goal. whicVfias-befeu'feet'jEbr tlie'il<e held, in the^historic Westminster -ff.itiext five years\ is%rvi£-e; ' •' : hull.'' Rosalind,. countess of Carlisle, public sentiment'for prohibition. , In th'e arounil the world trip- that will follow the convention In y Louilon, to grown out of tlio war, countries in which government principles lire jii process of development, with the .hope that ,they will prove fertile fieUI's for the cultivation, of iiruliibition. seinl- meiit. / :\ :i LET'S ALL JOIN THIS CLUB Campaign Against High ". Cost of -- Clothing Started . Down- in Birmingham, -Ala. . Birmingham, Ala., 'April .10.—Two thousand, Vill walks of-life .have .toinedf the; Birraingham;'Overall-''clu in a campaign. ii s -airist:-the'ihigh' cost of ctotluiig. Started in ,tne'• spirit-of jest, Hie^ifl'ea. rapidly gained, converts." Gndsileu, Ala., tApril .lp.—Rptatiaas appeared ut their ' weekly" riuncheoii here in overalls.. Senator TJuderwooij' was a guest.. . , . . \ - . Total .......'...'......... $5318.08 Total amount, paid out pn" or- . der of .Com.- of sH-ig.hways^5302.74 April 6, 1920;/bai: on-hand.-. , 15.34 • HARD; ROAD 'F/u^D .Funds' .received Mai-ell-29, 1919,'balance' in .treasury ..'.'. \ ;' ;,.;..$ 27.35 J.une 28,. 1919, .W; S: 'Eob. "• ., .'• er.ts, county 'treasurer.:..; 12"00.00. Sept. i6,'..191.9,.''W.-'-S.. v Kob-. .- erfjs, -county.i .treasurer. .'... 8030.'10 Nov. 10, .1919, hard -road.'jte- " pair fund .'. 275.00 Total . .amourjt : received. . . ,$4532.45 Total .ja;d- out ort order 'of -.•. > €o'mm. of 'Highways' -; . . . •'.'. 4305.17. .ii'd .'.$ : 227.28 . "•' -.'.;• -"Jruhas'^received .••.-. Sept.; i(),''"i'919',.'-^.;.^'-'Bob-~ : .-;- ."' , ; i . • ; • • . • , . . • •. ;.jsioi'e tea J3i-ts, county :tr«,asurei-.-/.\$liggp-.Op. ily;. wha pa ( ThevBat More Lamb Campaign'Which Is being conducted tWoughour the country, at the-present timelefore col! leges, 'domestic science .(ichbols, women s clubs, various insti&tions, public schools,,; meat markets, etc., has brought,before^ the ; general public the value, of lamb as' a food product, but especially, has it, .demonstrated the valve-and.ecou'omyi.ot the cheaper'cuts of lamb; which.have been"neglected. It has been a. contention, of the retailer for years rihat a great part of the Lore quarter—the ' :neck,. : ..shoulder shank and. brea>t—must, be sold at a loss or eventually reach the scran or bp'riebos:. -, ' ' '• "Spine retail .butchers bone out -these cheap fore-quarter, 'cuts, p B t them through the meat grinder,.season them and .mold them up-'into ' Iamb patties putting a strip of bacon around each one, leave tKfem, in .the c'oole- over night and sell all of them nest day at good prices; Many butchers could s°ll more,than .they can supply.' The'butcb- er has thus turned into an asset or prp.fitni.aker ..that, portion. \yMcli "ha; heretofore been considered! a loss Steaks and,roasts.can b.fe -had^froz •the shoulder, larub-rolls £rom theieek bTeast and shoulder, ?and. neck slices •are obtained by, .cutting, the-neck in • sections crosswise, so,that the meat has the appearance'of chops and is a verv inviting dish when used: as'a stew or '.potted lamb en casserole. The cheaper., cuts of : lamb, are made 'from the .breast, shoulder,, shank and neck 'which combiueU are about 18 per cent . of- the lamb. /• .'...." Lamb. is_a heaUhful fpqd for all neo- ..ple.. It is very, nutritious, ..wholesomci aftd.palatable aud in caloric,value it is equal or. superior to any other meat .'•The boned apd-rp.Ued shoulder mentioned. abo*e. is used for'rbastihfc^u?' .poses; it can alao be eut to any desired weight .or- can- \% sliced inio Saratoga'chops; _ . - : . United. States- government; statistics tell us that each .year the. average housewife, buys for/ every, 'person f her, household only -about -5.-pounds ef lairibj.: as? compare* - : with f about' 7J pounds, of,pork, an<l ; .67. ;p,0umls'- 0 f If,vail American- families; used lamb' one daj»a weefc ; it. would meau Wore than '20.pounds.;of lamb aEnnalljr r,6i- capltat.or four, tunes'-'the present-con-' sumption, -..i: .'..--• . ..More than..that,«:head:'of. the'fam- "-' w>1 " "•"- .the, biUs; .Kould-ho-do^t encourage purchasing the cheaper lamb cuts instead of merely " a few" chops at a time. A shoulder -of lamb, being smaller than the average bee! joint and less expensive, should appeal especially to, small families. The marketing expeditions shouTo .pe an education in economy. '.., It usually pays to shop before you ouy. *' .. . * ,, ' " ' ^ It usually pays 'to: do your markeOna personally rather than telephoiie your Lamb ./steaks' and lamb chops take but a few 'moments' to cook, but they are the most expensive cuts. As -a" lamb is not all chops and steaks other" atd less e5 pen slve P:lrtg of ^ anima] H- K SeS and Can beJm ^e into dishes. .Breast of lamb contains more meat than bone, y et it often — thS PriCe of P° rk s P^e-' some retailers on,acconnr of Hmited demand for the fore-quarter cuts hnd It-necessary to co compai-ative levels of til % w meats m tlio fnii <: .Afferent cents/' 46% Beef— Sirloin, 45~ V ; i Mutton;,St ew With * : *»--i Potu^St 1 ^^^

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