Independent from Long Beach, California on February 27, 1964 · Page 17
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 17

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1964
Page 17
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th Bernard Shaw. to t, v A .. -INDEPENDENT »·" '"* "·· tun. H». r. tx ^ f THE LIVING THEATER r*-*r. : ~TT^ --y Repertory Company Bows Friday By GEORGE ERES b« rich at all costs, and of the USC TV department Mine." starring Lyle Talbot , [every woman to be married! Winning pays will be pre-| « · . « ' at all costs, must without a seated at the annual Drama} OFF BROADWAY THEA "J v:.ui_ jcjjjjtjfic j o c i a l cr-'Day at long Beach City Col-|TER had to turn away pa , produce a ruinous kg* May 23. | trcns Saturday and Sunday )f p o v e r t y . ! · · · · |night. because Ron Hope. c , Jtution. mfantj SEAN MORGAN and FrarJc'jn»Ie lead « "ITM* La mortality, a d u l t degeneracy Corsentino teamed up as an Douce," injured his arm in a The troup win perform in' inJ ' v *Othin« thi ' »"»* men 'act when they at El fijht scene during the Friday «r.eTheater Upstairt (Mor gin»«' Jr " d " 'Camino College. mght performance. Show had Hall). 853 Locust Ave i In the-cast are Garth -n WM the r e m i t of to «e canceled the two nights. Shaw w»s his own best Howard. Merrill Ann Hiddinjpeople't . reaction when we but resumes ^Friday^ night. press agent and here's what Jim' Dougherty, Al McLean.'Corked together," said Mor-j ALBERT P1CKAVANCE is the play's all about, he says: Patricia Bucar._ Frank Blair, j^m. f rom clowning together introduced to local theater "Prepare yourself to face a Travis ^Bryan. Nofle Medina- ttey worked up a club a c t -- ' a u d i e n c e s In Community trumpery story of modem haa, Nancy Simpson. Laurie songs, dances and coraedyJpijjhouse's "Oh. Men. Oh London life, a life in which. Romkk. D a l e C o n n olly.'corsentino won the best \\r o m e n"* closing Saturday as you know, the ordinary Vfcnja M. Artukovic and B.j 'night, will also have a ro!e man's business is to get W. Slavin.' | means to keep up the posi-] The show will play Fridays tion and habits cf a gentle-through Sundays for approxi- man. and the o r d i n a r y mate!/ eight weeks. Student$ j woman's business is to get get in for 50 cents --anyj curried." - performance. Shaw always had a lot to' FOL'R more manuscripts r. say about his plays, and while than last year have been* Just reprinting a p r e f a c e submitted in the original one-'f" would be the best service we act play contest sponsored couM perform here, we have by the Council of the Livin; roora for maybe just another Theater. ! paragraph: I Of the total, II were in the -The vitality which places adult category; 9 by high character actor award at El Story dea i $ , it i, , professor nourishment and c h i l d r e n school students and 6 from | Camino and has played sum-' f^se intellectual fortress ofj first, heaven and hell a some-'coHege students. One chil-mer stock in Monterey and at|- lloof _ unr isked idealism" is ·what remote second, and the'dren's play waj submitted. Pier Playhouse. Chapel The-: cha j ;enged by , student. health of a society as an or-; Dr. W. David Siever, presi- ater and in the American · · · ·,,,,,,,. ganization n o w h e r e , nay dent of COLT, said judges Field Service production cf CALLBOARU. u:t-Broaa- rnuddle successfully t^ough'wiU be Lyle Talbot. actor, "The Wizard cf Oz.~ Mor-way continues castmR for the corcparatrrely t r i b a 1 Rosemary De Camp, actress; gin's credits are in college .The Balcony 1 to 0 pm states cf grtgariousr.ess; but Alice Wright, teacher; Dr.'shows. Sunda- »u0 to 10 p^m Mon.. in 19th century nations and Stanley Kahan, of the State; They're together in the day at the theater, ..M Lime 20th century commonwealths College d r a m a department Magnolia Theater's produc-Ave. Nine "**·**· o u n S i he resolve of every man to and Dr. Edward Borders of tion of "Take Her. are r.eeaea. j Lin* SMdl If- tk«. M. r. «* INDEPENDENT-f«3« A.',' .night. ! in -Breath of Spring." to: open March 6. His previous experience is in the east, primarily Baltimore. · · . · -PS. IS3", by David Rayfield, opens April 3 and will run through May 10 at the UCLA Humanities Building auditorium. Sydney Pollack. TV director, directs the play staged by the University Extension's T h e a t e r Group. ."*,-·' '»«' *."'* ' * "I feel so insecure."- Don't worry. We'll . . : · · 'i be in a TM ' California v } : . Federal. - ! J savings -; . j ?: account { *' when we; . \ get out. ; j | of this? i i , t. . ' i Jars are for jam, not savings. For real security choose a California Federal savings account. You get federal charter protection. Billion-dollar assets-strength. And 39 years of rock-sound management policies. Who else gives you all these quarterly dividends at a 4.8% current annual rate? No one else.That's why over 400,000 savers in 50 states and 100 foreign countries save here. 12 conv«nl«ril ol/kt* to «r»e jfOU HMdju»n»« cUt; 11 w.ishir* Evd, Let A.ige!«$ 17 ANAHEIM UCU ROCK ECHO f»BK CKlNIDt H:US Hourwooo 4705 Simtrt B!vi itV*rmont) loAngt:es27 H.622H UMUXKOOO . D J 7 2 2 S 1 t'l H.ilvS-.o I M 3 S 1 9 1 WUUCUMU MI5W.!»hB- UAft(e!n W 7*321 Inglmood 4 nun vtnoet *') 377 em tiivttr:FiitrtlS**iist I Itii fi: UKCWOO9 IOS ANCtllS 4J4SWoxSrufl.«. («o»nto«n) I C j A n s f i e t l / It* 7 9901 JUNCHO Hn KESED4 U t * - f t t » M S T 6 3 5 7 0 ic* Cerp. . fti»-»lHetr.t /9J.t f*»kS/t!em PUMTHE IT'S EASY...HERE'S ALL YOU DO! {lff !'S HOW YOU WIN! I -*' liorrt GET THIS SET OF ALL FOUR CARDS AND WIN . Win One Of These 1964 CHEVROLET STATION WAGONS In The "Friendly Stores" Sweepstakes! i ra--' » 1 1 » v«u r«t · M I !·-.-. 1M Inktt p-oauct , I laTilk l» 1 221« J " d *' *" i_*l^L1_.) I ·* f"*^o *» A 1964 CHEVY II NOVA 400, 6 CYL, 4-DOOR STATION WAGON equipped vith radio, automatic transmission, vhite-sidewalls, (license end soles ta included) v/ill be given oway at a drawing to be held March 19. A 1964 C H E V R O L E T IMPALA V-8 6-PASS. STATION WAGON equipped W i t h power-glide transmission, power brakes, power steering, white-s'dewalls, radio ond heater (license end sales tax indudedi will be given crwoy ot o dote to be announced later. Get a FREE "FRIENDLY STORES" entry card ever/ time you visit Market Basket ·--you don't have to buy a thing! Note: this card is ~m two parts. First half is colored yellow on trie front. Lift off th« perfor. cted tab. Underneath it you'd find the key vords or phrases thct determine whet you ·will win (see "Ho* to Win" of the right). Detach tnrry-bfank talf of earo*. fill out end deposit in on* of th» official "Friendfy Stores Sweepstakes" drums ct Market Basket. You may win a Oievy 11, Nova XOO or Q Chevrolet Impola station wagon! JERSEYMAJB CATERING ICE i CREAM ASSORTED FLAVOSi }i-GAL. COC CTN. CATSUP LUER FULLY COOKED SHORT SHANK PRICES E IfFKTiVH THU RSDAY THROUGH SUNDAY, FEB. 27- MAR. 1 HAMS SHANK PORTION US DA. GRADE A FROZEM HEN TURKEYS CALIFORNrA GROWN ,,* LB. All Market Basket Stores Are Celebrating The GRAND OPENING OF MARKET BASKET AT 6751 FALLBROOK AYt, CANOGA PARK CERrrs GRAPE JELLY 33-OZ. A^t JAR "f ^ CRttN GTANT CORN LB, (i BLfTT PORTION tAS CUT) LB. 49c LUER FULLY COOKED SHORT SHANK WHOLE HAMS " BONELESS CENTER SLICES. IB. I9e Lenten Seafood Specials ICELANDIC FROZEN-- T-LJ. KG. BREADED FISH STICKS i PORK LINK SAUSAGE 4 ! $ 1°° HUNT'S 65' PEACHES U.S.D.A, GRADED CHOICE BEEF 7-BONE ROAST ROUND BONE SHOULDER SWISS STYLE STEAK BONELESS FAMILY STEAK LB. 37 C BONELESS CHUCK ROAST "67' FRESH, YOUNG CALIFORMIA ICELA/JDiC FROZEN COD FILLETS i-i5. rxa ICELANDIC FROZEN PERCH FILLETS PKGu jo* *** YELLOV/CLING SLICED OR HALVES, IN HEAVY SYRUP STREAM-FRESH FROZEN TROUT 12-or.FKa " · flH H ·· ·· Jii FRESH FILLET OF OCEAN PERCH OR TRUCOD IB 59 FOR BAKING OR FRYING 4fc ·· . WESSON OIL 25 59 ROASTING CHICKENS 39 tCONOVY OCAIITY (SKIU TEARS I II. LJSDA GRADED CHOICE EEEF 7-BONE SHOULDER STEAK.47' FLOUR MAKES SO MANY GOOD THINGS. MAYONNAISE ,VW1 59' CSEAM STYVE OR WHOLE KERNa GOLDEN. DEAL Of ^f CCC 55 DOLE PINEAPPLE* GRAPEFRUIT DRINK HUNTS TOMATOES SOLID FACK S I-OZ. CAM rAUS. IV MARKET BASKET ALL PUR POSE DETERGENT 49i COVET CLEANSER FRESH LEAN C-I1TY C* IOWA F^.RWS SLICED ,. u . BACON 55 DIRT'S OUT WITH TIDE PRICE INCLUDtSSeOFF : JiYGR-'DC CENTER CUT SMOKED PORK CHOPS GROUND BEEF SWIFT'S Oewecitesseit Now ... of Morfeef SUPER SIZE BLUE CHIP STAMPS » Jlu* Chip St»"r^» tome Vi TWO ». : :t5 -- tf-« ri t'.ii ' standard ILtR AIL VEAT FRANKFURTERS ALL £t£F FRANKS. t-LJ. fKS. HHARKOV SALAMI 'H jrt one SLf ER-SI2E it BASKET stiao COOKED HAM 1 0J CA.« f IU. A W.5E n tf-e Savirji 8=cV «itri S'.'KR-S'ZE 5TAVJ3, er »,rh) el th« standard anri. TJEW SAVER E00« JnigrvrJ U »c to* vin on re» eva.f ct'« « Wjjfltt Bxirt chec IASK.ET ALL MEAT OR ALL llif SLICED BOLOGNA \VlSCONSiM TYPE'' CHEESE AGED CHEDDAR SWISS SLICED CHEESE MARKET BWOT 5t»CEO KMURAL SWISS CHEESE Ml; MARKET IAS«T OXESLAW, *ACAJ!ONI OH KAUH SALADS CC'tlKXT 1«4 H«'1IT l*tilt It. 79 CANNED PICNIC $189 SHOULDERS *' 37 1 fOLG£ff$ COFFEE S L S . C A N J I J T Ml. RQ« 1 h 3L8.CANJ1.»t OJJ O*/ IM3TANT COfFtC. 16-02. JARjl.ll Pnet IncKjdci S0« Off CH BROWN OR POWDERED SUGAR DOG FOOD ORUVER SO HANDY TO USE 2EE TOWELS fRICE INCLUDES 3« Off IS'/i-CZ. CAVS GIANT ROLL SiL ASSORTED COLORS TOILET TISSUE 4 Rat. FKG. 25* 29' SUNSHINE ' Krispy Crackers HOIU'EL Chili Con Carne me. i-n. Martel WITH IEAVS . Rifz Crackers STAClC PAC IJ-OZ. »KG. MARKET 1A5«T Liquid Detergent 33-OZ. IOT. 81' 33* 41' r Frozen Foods SUNSHINE STATE CENTRAL AMERICAN BANANAS 9.25 STlTE REO-'LAR OR SUPER. HAIR SPRAY t»CH \VASHINGTW EXTRA FANCY If WOOART GOLDEN DELICIOUS ^ ^^ APPLES 3 29 FRESH NUTRITIOUS ^^ g^j ·· CARROTS 2 - 15 6? ORANGE JUICE 4 , CA.f^IS O't.ICA TATER-TOTS COTTAGE FRIES S4ZE TOOTHPASTE ««i-OZ. TV1E THROW RUGS tEAUTIFlX COLORS AKO CCSI.S GIANT MONSTER BUBBLES ir WXAM^V--WArES I'JJIUi 3 TO t FEET tONG! T 4 . O Z . P K G . MIXGft *-ATCH KIT C JTAH KIST--A COv»LET£ tENTEM MEAL, TUNA ft $-00 PIES O *» 1 SXAtEE PINEAPPLE CHEESECAKE OR CHOCOLATE CAKE vow LONG IEACK--3030 Nerth ItBflow.r Itrd. at SpH. ? ; 1000 ShiJcbeter «t E. Aiektim St. - . : - - ' ' · ANAHEIM--1121 Las Ai)r!«t St. at Isfl Ki. ANAHEIM-STANTON--10SOI Maq««Ea «t Cerritet , 3UIR5W£X--U12J S. ItDftawcr Ifrd. el Horror* · C ':".'--l"JNor«fc leii] icock Ilrd. of leitveni --f 29 W. Comme.wtoltk at Nicholas HUNTINGTON IEACH--7742 CcHnqcr. Wtsf et Itoth INd. (H^fc.or Itl NOIWALK--14021 S. Pioneer Nerwolk Square LA MIIADA--149M YaOcr Yitwel Jteitc/ost; Hf 4f AdtKa Or. o» l« Mtreda SlioppTt? Cuter SANTA FE SMINGS--USSO Tc?t;rap1i Keodi. tt« Santa F* Strict Sl.oppl.9 Ce.t.f WILMINGTON--12f Lomita ot Main

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