The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 24, 1976 · Page 2
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 2

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 24, 1976
Page 2
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December 24, 1976 PACK HAYS DAILY NEWS Twos The Night. . . Dennis The Menace SPOKANE, Wash. (UPI) — The following manuscript, left at the UPI bureau in Spokane by a transient elf, is reprinted with permission of the author: 'Twas the night before Christmas And all through the nation State troopers were waiting, Each man at his station. Why are they lurking With siren and light? For that bold perpetrator Of Christmas Eve night. He rides through the night Flouting all laws. He is known on the posters As Mr. S. Glaus. For years he's been coming On cold winter nights, Hut his little red carriage Has no proper lights. The law is simple. The words are quite stark. An unlightecl sleigh box Is a crime in the dark. Long ago it was worse ... But he's not done his duty By rigging his team To a critter named Rudy. A little red beacon With a flash and a blink. My gosh, if they catch him He'll land in the clink. The lights must be brighter, A beam white and bold, To show him the way Up there in the cold. And brake lights and stop lights And emergency flashers To light up the sky For the Dancers and Dashers. Plus seatbclts and mirrors And his wipers need fixin' To make the night safe For Prancer and Vixen. A whole grand array ... He can't be so stupid ... To imperil the lives Of Comet and Cupid. As his rush to the south our cherished customers ... thanks. Purdy's Pharmacy Inc. 109 W. 10th Hays, Ks. Helping you to 'greetings for a holiday well seasoned with every bright wish. Thanks for sharing our table. 2405 Vine Takes him through every state His sleigh is not marked With its maximum weight. And the EPA people Will join the patrols. They know that the team Lacks emission controls. But these agents and watchers And old Smokey Bears Are not listed among This night rider's cares. » His soul is untroubled ... He won't give a fig; His wife has just bought him A citizens' rig. He'll monitor channels From one up to twenty And even this night He'll have helpers a plenty. They'll warn him of speed traps Where Smolcey might lurk. He'll avoid all the pitfalls and finish his work. In case you've not guessed it, His handle is Kringle. He rides every year with his bells all ajingle. You may hear his transmission In a voice very bright MERRY CHRISTMAS GOOD BUDDY, And to all a good night. Santa Dulls Spirit DALLAS (UPI) — The hookers on Cedar Springs Ave. were just trying to do Santa Claus a favor. Nine found out Santa wasn't in the spirit of the season. An undercover vice squad officer dressed as Santa Claus and trailed by another policeman arrested nine women in about an hour Tuesday night. Officer Ross Salverino, who wore the seasonal garb, said each woman propositioned him as he drove his car through the city's busiest red light district. Heart-Warmers Top • * Christmas TV Fare »r 'CALM DOWN' SHE SAYS... LIKE IT WAS THE NIGHT BEFORE * Postal Commission Drawing Criticism TOPEKA, Kan. (UPI) — Rep. Martha Keys, D-Kan., Thursday criticized the Commission on Postal Service for allegedly neglecting the Midwest, especially the rural areas, in selecting sites for hearings on mail service operations. Writing to the commissioners, Mrs. Keys noted the commission, which is examining public service aspects of the postal system, scheduled no hearings in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska or South Dakota. "This obvious neglect is most distressing in light of the lit us Adore Hi We too, herald the Child _ born in the manger and ask His blessing for you and your loved ones. AL'S BOOTERY Downtown Hays fact that even the Postal Service looks at small rural post offices as one of their biggest problems, as evidenced by the attempts and threats to close thousands of them throughout the nation," she said. "Yet the commission created to study postal service problems will apparently spend almost all of its time listening to people who live in large east and west coast cities." The Democrat congressman accused the Postal Service of doing anything it'could over the years to reduce the quality of rural mail service. She submitted her official statement for commission study, in which she said the rural post office often is the center of community identification and the only visible presence of the federal government. NEW YORK (UPI) - On Christmas Day peace on earth may be shattered by a battle royal in front of the television set. ' That's because each network has its own scenario for who controls the dial on Christmas Day. The first hint of trouble could come at 11 a.m., Eastern time, when NBC breaks away from the usual three-network horrendous Saturday morning kidvid shows to broadcast the services from . Washington Cathedral in Washington, D.C., But perhaps Junior and Jill will be too busy with their Bionic toys to bother with cartoon capers. Real trouble comes Christmas from CBS at 12:30 p.m. Eastern time, with NBA basketball, which the network follows up with the Fiesta Bowl at 3 p.m., also Eastern time. CBS obviously is placing its bet on Dad on the holiday weekend. In that network's Sunday programming, Dad watches televised sports while kids play under the tree and Mom stays in the kitchen, either preparing the Sunday spread or cleaning up after it. Norman Rockwell would have approved, but Gloria Steinem? And whatever happened to going to Grandma's, or is she playing right end for the Wyoming Cowboys? The other networks have scheduled a variety of shows, mostly the kind called "heartwarming" and aimed at children. Unlike the pre- Christmas cartoon specials in the 8 p.m., Eastern time, slot, these haven't been shown for umpteen seasons. That's nice for the adults, but actually the kids don't mind cartoon repeats — they're accustomed to the practice afternoons and Saturdays and greet old favorites like the old friends they have become. On the .day after Christmas there's NBC's final Big Event of 1976 — "That Was The Year That Was" It stars the small screen equivalent of a cast of thousands, and aims at satirizing some of the big fads and frenzies of 1976, from presidential debates to CB radios. NBC has said the show was being prepared practically right up to air time and therefore would not be available for prereviewing by television critics. ; That means the audience will have to decide for itself whether it wants to give up Sean Connery as 007 ifi "Diamonds Are Forever" (9 p.m., Eastern time, on ABCJ; or the regular "Kojak"* "DelVechhio" schedule on CBS, to take a chance on NBC. Most likely a lot of people, will at least sample TWTYTW, on the very valid grounds that at least it's something new" and different, Whether it retains the snap! and sophistication of the old," "This Was The Week That Was" from which at least its; name was patterned remains for the viewer to decide. Merry Christmas. NKW MAGAZINE NEW YORK (UPI) — The psychology of color in gardens will be featured in a new outdoor gardening magazine scheduled to begin publication in February, 1977. Publisher Carol L: Klapper says "Popular Gardening Outdoors" will be a semiyearly, carrying conventional how-to stories as well as features on gardeners' motivations. Ann landers Has An Answer Fading Hope Dear Ann Landers: I am a teacher who is considering resigning from my profession — because I am sick of being called foul names by students. I am sick of students calling each other four-letter words. I am sick of hearing the principal being referred to as "that dude in the office." and "You can't make me." I am sick of garbage and fights in the hallways. I am sick of parents who coddle their kids to kindle the fires of love and brotherhood in our hearts and to greet one another in peace! Our deep gratitude to all. SAFEWAY 2901 Vine The Mall Hays, Ks. May your holidays glow with gladness. Our best wishes to all... THANKS. Mid-America Theatres 2925 Vine Hays, Ks. and take their side when school officials try to instill discipline as their parents should have done long ago. I have hope for my profession, but it grows dimmer by the day. The only solution I see to his sickness is that teachers and administrators will one day get fed up and insist on contracts that permit them to exercise authority when they feel it is needed. Don't mention the city, please. Just sign me — Irritated In Iowa Dear Iowa: Your letter sounds as if it were written in 1968. The teachers with whom I have had contact in recent years tell me that students of all ages are looking better, thinking better and behaving better. If I've been misled,'I hope you teachers out there will let me know. was so hurtful to Johnny he cried. What a cruel thing, to rob a youngster of his dream- world joys! It just broke out hearts. We hope "you will print this letter and perhaps spare other children from the same fate. — Johnny's Mom And Dad Dear M. and D.: There's no way parents can protect their children from becoming "de- fantasized" by their playmates. In fact, it is from their playmates that most kids learn what life is all about.' Dear Ann: Now that Christmas is near, will you please deliver this message to parents of young children: If you have decided your youngster is old enough to be told there is no Santa Claus, no Easier Bunny and no Tooth Fairy, will you please instruct the child NOT to tell his playmates? My husband and I are just sick. Our Johnny, a second- grader, believed in all those magical characters and was so happy with his fantasy friends until yesterday. A boy in his room at school spilled the beans. The disillusionment Dear Ann Landers: I am writing this for my neighbor who is 84 years-old. Her eyes are bad and she has arthritis in her hands and can't hold a pen for long. This woman wants you to put something in your column about people who mean wejl but don't use their heads whe/i it comes to visiting old folks. It seems they always bring this woman caramels or taffy or popcorn which she can't eat because of her dentures. Sometimes they bring dried flowers, which she can't stand, or a bottle of cologne. She's allergic to perfume. The elderly would appreciate a hot meal prepared in somebody else's kitchen. That, she says, is the best gift of all. So please, Ann, pass the word. — The Lady Down The Street Dear Lady: Consider it passed. We ask that His Blessings be upon you, this holy season. Reverent thanks to all. ART'S CONOCO 17th & Vine There is a big difference between cold and cool. Ann Landers shows you how to play it cool without freezing people out in her booklet, "Teenage Sex — Ten Ways to Cool It." Send 50 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgii), 111. 60120. HAYS TAXI SERVICE 628-3712 6 o.m.-Mldnight Serving Ellis County VERN HERRMAN MOTOR CO. 129E. 11 Hoys

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