Independent from Long Beach, California on January 24, 1975 · Page 21
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 21

Long Beach, California
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Friday, January 24, 1975
Page 21
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Roman-style atmosphere at Pudge's Waitress Betty Shelton relaxes 'at P u d g e ' s Steak House on South Street. Owned by Pudge Warneke, it has a cocktail lounge, dining room, banquet room and entertainment by: Tony Treece's modern country group. -Staff Photo Lonj Such, Calif. HI,J*n M, 1WI I ^" STEVE McANDREW 6EORGINA ROMERO RANDY KEMNER ! /* THi THREE OF US 9:00 pm to 1:30 am Tuesday thru Saturday. NOW A P P E A R I N G IN "THE CROW'S NEST' RLSTAUMfjr Seaport Village, Long Beach · 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. every day of the week Entertainment every night of the week · Jolly, "Hour'", Hors d'oeuvres,4-7p.m. 2 1 3 - 5 9 7 - 8 8 3 1 s.-W REAL AND PHONY EARTHQUAKES GIVE ME A THROBBING PAIN IN THE JAW .--Our timing was,, atrocious. We spent $3.50'each to get shaken,out of our seats during the screening of ."Earthquake." the ·Edwards Cinema-on -Magnolia Stifeet iivCosta v Mesa. A"few nights later, the Long Beach, area was shaken by a/. series of .three quakes which... seefned. far \yorse than: they were because our imaginations =r-.-stimulated by that dratted movie -- led us to'believe that California was falling apart and sliding into the sea. . The movie quakes are remarkably realistic because the Edwards theater has Seiisurround. Big me-., chanical loudspeaker, -- vibrators are: set up in the front and back of the .theater. .They aren't used during thev early parts of the film when Los Angeles is rattled by minor quakes. But^ when the biggie hits -- the quake, that" turns,L.A.' into a pile of screaming'junk -- those'floor vibrators goJnto action with powerful effects. · · The theater's seats vibrate and the people in them vibrate as "the screen thunders with such action as- skyscrapers lalling- down, giant fissures opening in the .earth, . and, a dam burstikng. Those who aren't smashed to a pulp by falling debris are drowned by ,a monstrous flood We crazy Americans have always loved that kind ( of entertainment We pay good money ;to:be frightened ' out of ourwits. ' : ·''-:-:··· . Those vibrators at the Edwards Cinema are so noisy they make conversation difficult. When I tried to talk to my wife and daughter while the biggie was destroying L.A., my voice box didn't work very well. It ; was like trying to talk under water; a very strange - sensation. We enjoyed the movie very much. One of the I biggest shocks was seeing Ava Gardner --. once a ', svelte sex queen -- in the role of a fat slob. That fat · wasn't simulated. Ava isn't a blimp like Shelley Wini ters, but she's working on it. After the movie I had trouble sleeping that night ' because my lower molar kept throbbing with pain as if still activated by those vibrators. But that throbbing was nothing compared to what happened a' few nights later.. It was 3:22 a.m. -- as everybody in town well remembers -- when we were awakened by that 3.8 shaker which tried to throw us out of our beds. I came awake with a bounce, believing I was Gharlton Heston and hanging by my fingernails high in the" air as that skyscraper disintegrated all around me. I hardly slept the rest of the night. My toothache kept my head shaking and rattling. The following night it happened again. At 11:58 -- we were awakened -KA-POW! -- by that 3.1 jolt which made me think I ; was Lome Green suffering a heart attack in the basement of a skyscraper that was falling on my tooth. The third night it happened again. It was just a gentle shaker that hit at 11:38, registering 2.2. But my easily wScjted tooth thought it was being kicked by Genevieve Bujold. .;'.- ..,:': . . ·"· ' I've still got that vibrating toothache.. I think I'll sue Universal Pictures and Sensurround for a couple of,. million. But I'll drop my suit .if they'll Jet me spend my nights at the Edwards Cinema. People in the theater are never troubled by real earthquakes. TENDER,JUICY STEAK SANDWICHES AND PRIME RIB AT TENDER, SENSIBLE PRICES AT . PUDGE'S STEAK HOUSE -- A'restaurant editor with a sore-tooth? As Ollie always says to Stan, "This is another fine mess you've got us into!" I should've stayed away from that movie so I. wouldn't endanger my occupation (the best job in town) of chomping into thick steaks and other goodies in restaurants all over' the map. ' ;. ' · I was a little worried about my molar as I took my wife and daughter the other evening 16 Pudge's Steak House, formerly J.G.'s restaurant, 1032 E. South St., a. few blocks east of Atlantic Ave. I needn't have worried. The steaks and prime rib au jus .at Pudge's, are so tender that my tooth was no problem. Pudge's is now owned by John Warneke, whose nickname is Pudge because he's a heavyset fellow who's 5 feet 10 and weighs 200 pounds. Pudge was born in Sioux City, Iowa. Formerly an outstanding athlete -baseball and football were his specialities -- he has lived in the Long Beach area about 15 years. He was formerly manager of the Amble Inn and formerly owner of Tyro's Supper Club and The Rib. His staff at Pudge's is headed by a friendly Irishman, manager Pat Ryan -- born in Carlow, Ireland -- assisted by some of Pudge's longtime employes! including Beverly Simmons, Mae Hcndrickspn and Fran Maupi.n. My family and I enjoyed our dinner very much : because Pudge and Pat are wisely aware that people are sick and tired of high prices. We tried the steak sandwich; $3.25; the prime rib au jus, $4.95, and the top sirloin, $4.95. Everything was quality, all .the-.way-;.'The '.highest;ftrrce'-at, Pudge'? is $4.95.-.Most of the dinners the $2.95 to $3.50 range, making: them· true : inflation -'-fighters;. All include .soup and a big salad, a fine.baked. potato,.or rice,,vegetable of and warmlbreads, dark arid-white.' - / . - · : I'll go on record here and now with the statement that Pudge's steak sandwich is one of the best buys in town. It's a good-sized steak, not a ministeak. And it's served With soup AND salad and all the other items. Pudge's -- designed in a Roman motif -- has red linen .tablje cloths, iTedUnen napkins arid other nice touches of a'goijd dinner house. We had attentive service from waitress Betty Shelton. Other dinners include the queen top sirloin, $3.95; ortega pepper steak, $3.25, and such sea'foods .as scallops, oysters and halibut steak, all $3.50. The-luncheon ideas include lots of hot sandwiches, $1.35 to $1.75; the steak sandwich, $3.25, and the hot prime rib sandwich, $3.50, On Friday and Saturday nights there's dancing and entertainment in the big banquet room to the big country rhythms of Tony Treece and his band. Pudge's is closed Sundays. Verdict: Congratulations to Pudge and Pat! We like your style, your?generosity and your prices. ENTREES THAT PEOPLE RECOMMEND TO THEIR BEST FRIENDS: Suddenlythere are two Mine. Callendef-s'.restaurant's in Lakewood,' named for Long Beach's famous pie lady. Don Calender's, 4771 Candlewood St. just west of Clark Avenue, has changed its name to Marie Calender's and .has hew menus. It's a glamorous nostalgia restaurant which now features such old-fashioned dinners as ham hocks with beans, $4.50; beef ribs, $4.75; chicken pot pie, $4.25, and thick juicy prime rib of beef, $5.95. All are with soup or salad, cornbread and a mouth-watering slice of Marie's luscious pie. The other Marie Callender's is a a few blocks west-at - 4419 Candlewood. Both are open for luncheon and dinner. (To avoid confusion, maybe one should be called "Marie Callender's West; the other should be Marie Callender's East.) The biggest is Marie Callender's East which has a cocktail lounge and nightly entertainment. One of its daily luncheon treats is the Frisco Burger, $1.85. You want to see some happy people? Visit the French Riviera restaurant any night and see how pleased the customers are as they .realize that this unusual restaurant'Still'has such fabulous dinners at fabulously low prices as pan-fried whitefish, $2.45, and prime rib au jus, $3.45. They come with tureen of delectable soup AND salad, rice (or baked potato with the prime rib); vegetable du jour and a loaf of wonderful hot bread, The French Riviera is on South Street near Paramount Boulevard, open for luncheon and dinner. Dinner is now served on Sundays starting at 2 p.m. Also featured are such beauties as filet of sole Marguery with white wine sauce, $3.25, veal Monterey with avocado, $3,25, and-several others at $2.95. The restaurant is 1 owned by wizardly, cost-conscious Mehmet Gunsay, a very nice guy with certain house rules: Children'-.-under 5 aren't admitted and during busy periods the-guests are-asked not to dawdle .at their tables when finished dining. Here's a noble suggestion for businesswomen or housewives looking, for a fascinating place for luncheon. Visit the glamorous Stuft Shirt, a view restaurant at the water's'''e'dge, 2241 W. Coast -Hwy., Newport Beach. Complimentary champagne is included with each luncheon,"'The Stuft Shirt is equally, popular at dinner, serving continental enchantments with rich sauces, from about $6 up. The Green Goddess salad dressing" at the Shirt is one of the finest I've ever tasted. Each Sunday the Stuft .Shirt features champagne brunch,.colorfully gourmet, for $4.25,' H:a.m. to 3 p.m. There's dancing nightly to the Finishing Touch: featuring Gene De.Valle. ; For a splendid teriyaki steak dinner, $2.95, with: soup and salad, try the Moon Garden, a house -of Chinese quality At 17831 Lakewood Blvd. a few. blocks south of Artesia Boulevard. The steak also comes with pork-fried rice, ,tea or coffee, almond and fortune cookies, om Honi and Chay Ng, owners of this spic and span, · modern establishment, open for luncheon and dinner, feature Chinese dinners, $2.50 to $3/75..The Golden. Moon Dinner is a fresh-creation for $2.95, including steaming soup, golden shrimp, barbecued "rib, chicken chow mein, barbecue pork fried rice, 1 tea and cookies. If two order, sweet-sour chicken sticks are added; if three order, sui mui is added. Moon Garden is a truly outstanding Chinese restaurant; also featured are beer and wine cocktails. SIGNIFICANT THOUGHT NO. I FOR TODAY: Do .you realize that if you walked on your hands more often, you would never get corns on your feet? '. ALL DINNERS INCLUDE Soui or Sana, POIOtt. VmlaMf. HOI Roll I LENNY'S IDEAL FAMILY REST AuHfiKf 16437 Bellflower Blvd., Bellllower 864-0911 DAILY DliSNEK SPECIALS «i«» JAN. « TO JAN. » PrimeRIb ...................................... IM ind Ur-M Klbt ................................ J.M SwniMiOimIrt ............... ................... MS Vtil PirmWini ........................ , ....... Mi CHMdlMUClblUN .......................... 1.15 SimllSMrlltMPMt ........................ I.M «^~z Tt» Or" ·!*· M' Om WUr. 1 KM. M I rMJ'lmiil, M.M. N FRI.l i*T. Sim Mtn. TUM. Wed. ·!OM1M»01 Hit IS BACK! Li¥b juiKIELAim, JZZZ, » wilt MUSIC STARTS 9 P.M. · I P.M. SUITOAY ENTERTAINMENT t DANCING · COCKTAILS KM STREET : ' IM ~ V/WH, FAMOUS FOR FRESH SEAFOOD DINNERS SHOE 1930 COCKHILS . DINNER WINIS Open Bully 11:30 i.M. 10 11 P.M. Closed Mon: t Tins.: 1400 PACIFIC COAST HWiV SEAL BEACH 431-3022 Velvet San-Diego Fwy. 426-0391 'i Mi)K Bi-3u("l Dining ReWeivo ON BALBOA BAY, NEWPORT BEACH 2241 WEST. COAST HIGHWAY NEW! CHAMPAGNE] LUNCHEON Complimentary Champagne Luncheon. DJNCING N1GHTIY TO THE . . "FINISHING TOUCH" lecturing GENE DE VAUE Roservaliuns (1-714) 646-5057 Sunday Brunch e luncheon · Closed Mon. MH^B^CawBHHIIIMI WEE CvMESE fOOU STILL THE BEST VALUE IK DININfi LUNCH served Daily 11:30 - J p.m. I DINNER served Daily 3 p.m, ·? p.m. CLOSED TUESDAYS [SPECIAL BANQUET DINNER | for your Special occasions. , also FOOD TO GO 850 W. WILLOW, L.B. at Golden Ave. 427-2727 DINING "·* ·x . . . Has been a tradition with Francois' Manhattan for over 30 years. The finest .Continental or American Cuisine with elegant service insure your complete dining pleasure. Luncheon Dinner Cocktails Banquets Closed Mondays . rancoi* 1909 Eail Fourth St. al Chcfry, Long Beach HE 6-0620 . MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED CONTINENTAL and AMERICAN CUISINE AKSftLOBSTER*SEAFOOD served in a gradoits manner in Long Beach's most faeaUriM resfauror WED. and FRI. NOON FASHION SHOWS and Deluxe BUFFET LAS VEGAS CHUCK WAGON SUNDAY BRUNCH Children $«25 , S425 under 12 f- Adulls 6285 E. Pacific Coail Hwy., long Beach Phone 430-0585 Banquet facilities to 800 ling Arthurs 1 ^ STEftK HOUSE "the Eieg-ant World of Prime Rib" STEAKS · PRIME RIB · LOBSTER Breakfast to Remember Served Sunday ' 9 A.M. to 2 P.M. But let us plan your reception! Wonderful things happen when Alfred's fake over the planning of your Wedding Reception or Bridal P a r t y . . . something you'll always cherish. Serving from 50 to 250 persons . . . or more. Call and plan your wedding with us today. 423-6438 Presenting the One and Only TONY FOX at the Organ Bar HA 5-9113 SPRING AT BELLFLOWER BLACK JACK 5 ROOM VICKIE UE * APP6AJKIH V6.P.THKU SAT. TWO URGE. VMCl FIOOR.E6R* PIZZA ST. fie. UON LUNCH DINNER · STEAKS (SANDWICHES , · SEAFOOD · CHICKEN ' fODD ALSO PHPABFD.TOM). 2790 E. WILLOW-SiCN^ al Temple- 427-84.40 SPECIAL! HAND CARVED itli sage dressing, giblct arai"j cranberry sun LAKEWOOD SHOPPING CENTER BETWEEN PENNEYS AND MAY CO. Lakewood Blvd. and Del Amo, Lakewood ANNOUNCING 1 the opening SPECIAL DINNERS COUPON GOOD ANY DAY. . . . Marinated beans, totted green jalad, choice of dretting, patta, moslaei- ole. bread, sherbet. I I CHOICE FILET MIGNON WITH EGGPLANT STUFFED CHICKEN VEAL ALMOND ISRAEL YOUNG TENDER OUNG TENDER teQ RABBIT, saute, Cactiatorra .......... fc . . . A NEW INNOVATION' AT"UDO'S «ESTA"u«Aft ,l~ ;6UI|' WW rmtFAll LOUNGE Wilt It SHVING lUNCHiONS 1 flNNitS IN '.,,.A WA«M CQNGINIA1 »TMOVfME«t . . · FEATURING STEMS indSEIFOOD indCOCITIItS ~ non DIMMER . . . . Mo*«1.4S UfIN D*ll» H A fcl TO M » M, ' . ! " . ' · MIPAT i ATUIOAT II A W TO I 00 * ** ^r:^, 1 ,?" 1 ' 01 PHO«'421^)509 2790 I.WIUOW AT TtMPLl, SIGNAL HILL I STEAK SCAMPI VEAL CRAB SAUCE MORNAY MONDAY tnru THURSDAY AND MOT Hill, CANNUIONI or VIAl PAIMKMANA Now entertaining at Puccini's Artesia Heltn Rewil at th* Piano Thur, thru Sat. 1 lOCftTIOMI IO IIIVI TOU AITISIAt I61-3*l IOMG»I*CH.414HIT

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