Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 45
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 45

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 45
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ere *jmt»bk. Clfc. ovtr hydrwllc . portable. (r*v*r used) iiOOO or * AI * «*w 771 Amp. AC wtldtr, }9?.5t. GA 7-144* or GA ( 4-9P30 Alr- MUtefi 2jf (TO H MOVtO) 30 FT bv *) It. at! metal blag. Must bt moved trvn Paramount Park, Uiio paramount Blvd. Send infor- mil bid by March 5th, 1V69 to City Manager, 14420 Colorado Av*, Paramount. For info., 633-1554 CWM ft SMHHH 250 "** MARCH 1. HOURS » to 5. Pr«rf seis 1955 tta.50 Proof sits 1969 _. $1?.50 Proof «ts 1943 S13.W 1932 D. Qu«rt*r» J32.00 1969 S. Pennies roll .tOc .935 S. nlcfctls XF.'AU «.7S 1WS S. nlcitlts AF/AU . . _ S2.1S Nixon Sitv. Inaua. W-edal-ws. 19S? P or D pennies BU ri .55c 19M Mint wls .... ,. i2.95 i ea. p*r customer until cont. PACIFIC COAST COIN cXChanot 3520 LONG BEACH BLVD. LB. 15 btocfu No. San Diego Frvry) 426-93/9 NEW Stamo Store- 4W L.B. Blvd. Large ·Sl0r!m*nt of iUrnoi, albums, stamp boo's. cata!o9-jfs, suPDltmintt. 432-SI15 Control, Sofpftet 260 COME ONE! COME ALL! MINOLTA CAMERA SHOW SATURDAY MARCH 1ST FREE DRAWING FIRESTONE CAMERA CENTER 949J Firestone Blvd. DOWNEY "Tht Purole Building" (1 Block West of 60S Freeway i Pre-lnventory Sale Photographic equipment, photographic suDplies, tape recorders. BIG C!TY Bl PHOTO SAVtNGS 1719 E.Anaheim 591-5(31 CA.V.ERA Repairman On Premises. NEW LOVM-OW Discount Prices on all Famous Brand Cameras ana Prelector*. FIRESTONE CAMERA A HI-FI CPNTCR. "The Purolfi Bulldinc" 9494 Firestone Blvd.. DOWNEY. 16 MM Revere Camera never used. Bell Howcll projector. Viewer WE BUY, SELL, RENT REPAIR Likewood Camera Center 430-3129 Mercury Camera Center 432-4471 ^es^X^^cSil^'ttSsTw! 11 aZfezt Gorogi Sal*t BIG GARAGE SALE ft, BABY NEEDS FEB. 25TH THRU MARCH 2ND 2-LI0hi twl« lmo M.2j, standing lamo H.OO, 4 TV travs 42.00; 3 n«w crib pads $5.00; Cosco train- Ing oottv Si.oo; Handscratt sterll- irtr 12.50; bottlt warmer 75c; Hirkerwar* (tone china servIee/6 X7.95; IQUS formica ttblt w/4 chilrs $9.50; luogaot car loc carrier 112.00; 7 win* glasses $1.23; mi*c. babv needi «nd clothes, rfisonablt. AIM Rosebav.St., L.B. 431-1035 ctter 10 «.fn, oleast. CHEST of drawers; unk bed set comotete; mattress twx sprino*; lamps. End tables; cofie* table; cannier tor snort narrow box; la- bll chairs; youth ctialr; toys m\K. ,-CW Snowden Lakewood. MOVING-- metal desk, 1 twin bed, sewlfte machine, elect, motor, Mas- chord organ, pnono, globe, many misc. Items. Girls' bike. 925-0346 FRI. SAT. King slie hdboard nlotit stands, Mediterranean, metal frame on casters, $100. Old dresser, mirror misc. 20802 Wilder St., Lkwd. 860-1559. GARAGE SALE Furn., books, dishes, misc. You namt It, we have it. March 1 2. 2452 Qstrcm Ave, Long Beach building hardware, antiques* '67 BSA, 650 motorcvd*. Misc. tO Gaviots, N.L.B. FR1GIDAIRE U cu. ft. refrl». W5; Singer portable sewing macn. w/tablt 4 buttonholtr $57.50. Misc. 30# Iroquois. CORNER Kltchtn booth, washer, stove, dwwn* wi t bed, rwrrlo. coiKh ctwlr. Misc. 925-5637 10349 Monttrwy/ Beltflower dlr. GARAGE saia. Frw coffee, vacuum, wool hand brilded rug. Spirit fir* suit, odds A ends. Frl. Sat. EVERYTHING MUST GO! Deen Freeze, like new S25D. Misc. household Items clothing. Very DiMING table w/4 chairs- Rugs. BBa. Vacuum. Lots of misc. 4126 Gavlota. 42-3I08. Furniture, household Items, stove, refrlo., freezer, washer, etc. Mar. } 2. 3650 Lemon Ave. als. 2018 Stanley PI- due north 20th Stanley Ave. Look for signs. to 6 o.m. 10* Junloero. A little bit of everything! Stamps, etc. 13 Elm Ave. L.B. #8. GARAGE: SALE, Fri. p-4. cor. Hed- TOOI.S, toasters, irons many Miscellaneous 275 for Sale 20 LAWN mowcri. 2 R, 3 h.D. gas motors, lots of spare parts. All for 11758WQ068 SEVERAL Cornel sets of hardwd ore-finished kitchen cabinets. Will !,elt wholesale (7U) 836-1238 CARPETS-- Contractor has surplus caroct several colors. Will se 1 at cost. Dlr. 638-9311 RUMMAGE SALt The Rummase Coiner, Cor. Pine Anaheim SAT. MARCH 1st. SIO ea. 1 NCR cash reoister. Make offer. See at 795 Gladys. GE 4-3691 ASPHALT Shingles ..$7.88 GRANDFATHER clock Kits, 50% Camp). Free Catalog, Mastercraft. 714-828-6081 3452 Kalella, Stanton. AM-FM, Remington noliftless tvofr- wrlter. 8^-95-10 JIM Beam bottles for sale. Nice selection at reas. orlces. Call 714-6292385. ! MUFFLERS-- Glass or · l ock, In- Alondr'a Blvd.,' BelKlower. '630-6546. 21" TVs $19.95 and no. Serviced A working Hundreds to choose from. 1609 E Anaheim, dlr BUDDA STATUE $75 Lite slie, 300 Ibs. 596-0092 DRAPERY Fabrics-- SI per yd. UD. American Home Draper/ Factorv- 3138 E. 10th , L.B. -1330362 reuohotster now reas. -- 591-05/9. Free estimate Pickup Delivery QUALITY Klnfl Befl, c o m p l e t e usid fPf. Worth $250. 598-5156 TRAILER HITCHES Stir Equip. 6511 Oranoe GA 3-8459 /«AirfRESSicw;~iil ~sTzes. SAVE FLOOR samples-Famous brands. 861-4715. 10 to 9 p.m. dlr. feet condition 598-4277 11 CASE beer box, 3 kco beer tao- Dtr. 534-1544 3--6 FT glass show cases Call 428-1056 CHINCHILLAS, 2 Icm.llM 1 1 m.lle, + all Muloment. S1SO. 531-7513 AVACAOO couch blut chair. Fur _stol«, HoM color. 634-1M8 I=URNI7URE, misc. Case of barber lools, canarv. 597-5240. RESIN Diamond lamps nraoe cluster, custom made. 630-0858. RUGS-- 57.50 UD. Buy/Sell. West KIRBY vacuum, like new/. Sacrif cc. Pll. 421-6895 ENCYCLOPEDIAS new J, used SIO dn. Will finance baljntc. 423-5371 BLT INS, oas Elect, several brands, low orlccs. Dlr. ME 4-4001 BUDDY Rogers Sew-Vac. now at Belt. Bl. S. Artesia Fwv. 925-7415. CARPETS 100% nvlon S2.95 sa. 3423 E. Broadway 439-0016; 438*114 dlr. WHITE bed set, InnTM, tables, w a misc rtas. .!23-707B CARPET LAYER^CAR^i, flTH EDITION of EncvclooedH BrltlKllca. GA 5-7859. WHEEL CHAIH 565: Walker 530. Bwler's, J700 E. 7th. GE 9-79S5 REFRIG. 120. Stove S20. Dble. bed J20. 0«k 57. Dresser 57. GA t-4791 Mger (less motor). 596-3028. LADIES^Ii.kt.nw presses, suils Sales Co., 909 N. Alameda. Cmoln POOL TABLE. '.'' slie, nearly new 5100. 2343 E. 17th till 5 p.m. APT slie Westlnonoyse Refr o. Frolt-lrel, croSltOD 575 GA 4-2W1 MAYTAG Uprlcht waiher, end tables, lamps, drapes. Misc. 429-8095 03 A3 5PORTER ritle, 575; tent 9x12 530; car rack 54. 434-0652 MiictlkMMt 275 POOL TABLES NEW IW SLATE $695 Value-- $295 ouf ch«« ofttwInt'iSitf n»lt. W * 13 MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM Speci«l$l29.S8tabl* NOW $59.88 SECARDS 692-2101 or' V 692-4l67 PMmittirt ftr S* 2tS FvraitMrt ftr 5«l» 29S i hirnifvrt ftr Salt MS hmiltwt tar Sato MS, INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TELESRAM (PMJ-C.lT + MODEL HOM ALL NtW-IUY A PIE A COMPLETE t 3 Rim. of Mo4*rn $4W 3 Rmi. of Spanish ^...$5t9 3 Rm. of Dinish $39* 7' Soft t lovt ..«! JI99 «I2 Nylon Ituft i 3* 10 cu. ft. Rtfrif 1124 Jl" Hiiko Color TV $W Kinf Six* mattrtst it( ....t V9 No rrtvioin Cr»4il Nt*did . -k LONG BEACH F E FURNITURE * :t, A ROOMFUL OK ·IOUSEFUL ! Aulom. Wuhtn _...$!*? 30" Otluu G.I Ringi J13 S pc. Din.H. S.t I 39 5 pc. ltdroom S«t i 19 i 8 pc. Kin| Si» Mratm S( Conttmporary fomplott. R«9. »4« J2W FREE DELIVERY URNITURECO. +'· Optn £-»nin 3 » 'til 9, S.i. 'til 6, C!oi*d Sun. if REMOVAL SALE if ·EVERYTHING PRICED AT BIS SAVINS Rnular Now HIDE-A-BEDS: REGULAR NOW «ii« (2M.95 $I6?.95 Lov« iut ii» . 1269.95 SI69.95 Out«n tilt S299.9S JI99.95 Kin g ilit 5379.95 J2S9.9S ALSO: RolUw.y b«d. 30" $39.95 527.95 Cornsr grouo . $249.95 5149.95 Simmont Twin mail bo $99.95 56.7.95 Rtclin.r cbiiri JI29.95 $99.95 Drop arm lov* M«t $159.95 $11995 NOT MANY LEFT DON'T SVAIT BUY NOW » 10 f Dally. 9 to 9 Mon ?f1. closed Sun E«v terms Bankainfrlcar.T : SLEEP SHOP 50! LONG BEACH BLVD. w"TM""*.^ 1 " 6 '^ Center i Mi»ce«o«t«»j» 275 Furniture for Sil* 2»5 FtirBit«r* for Sol* 295 Furniture for Sol* 2*5 Insinkerator No. 77 54795 Wjste Kln» No. 2700 ' ~'5-4'9| NEW, WATER HEATER! 'I 3 isa^'wmow""'^ 0 """"" 5 REBUILT ELECTROLUXES C °Nlw*HS r 5E l tt cf J 'Sg ntl $34.95 HOUSE OF VACUUM? 141 Cherry Ave. 59J-8715 1 _Octn t to i Sun. 10 to 6 ' PLYWOOD ALL TYPES 8, SIZES ALSO CUIIIKG S DELIVERY LB. PLYWOOD CO. 1151 FREEMAN GE 4-74K .,., JOOO'S OF ITEMS Olllce turn. 1 files, canvas, m»d« t?. r ii- jsiss'V'SicSes^.- S n S6oSo h p r a- a SiBa am3Unl GA 3-5531; ME 30771 REFRIG, Frigidaire, frostfree, bot- to "i frM-zer w itft dr S150 wshr. oood 550, elcc dryer, bunk beds maple compl. 550, 2 chests, porta ble TV UHF HO, Color TV good 5175, misc. GA 3-1133 dlr. RESIN CLASSES Last ctess btfort fail Tijeso'av ait t tv«. Registration SI. tucigdv '"' «r. . FlBERLAY INC. 2053 Santa Fe -435-43U W So6o H ^nJ ERS ~ 10 " Vr * fluara $32«5 wltfl THEfUAOSTAT «?.95 30 or W oal. r glass ^Ined^vo^r CHAIN LINK FENCE Oa v. 2lt running ft. Como etc itocK ol vlnvl coated chain link In cotois. Gates reduced. ATLAS. OPFN / dnvs. NE 9-iQll LEAVING must sell, household items stereo, bunk beds, dlnetie se , washer, Soanish stvle cofinr tol. appliances iet - 1235 W 251st St. Harbor Cltv -£· TRASH CANS i% 50 gal. apt. size, light wt."siA5 Fibres SI. 50 UD. Delivery Tues/Tr . BB Sales. 5301 Cherry 42^4613 Custom Made Draperies 2-J s Draperies 424-5586 STEREO, tge. Spanish console, am- im radio record chaneer, i mo. old, pert. cond. Cost $110, sac. S150 cash or make 12 mo. piymenti of »13. Ph. B32-5222, Dlr. EXCELLENT, efficient and econom!- ca , that's Blue Lustre carpel and upholstery cleaner. Rent electric snamoooer si. tmwrla! Hardware 437 L.B. Blvd. Hi-Fashion on Low Budget CELEBRITIES APPAREL 1333 E. 4th St. Ltmo Beacn CHCRRY French orov. D old diam. tufted hedbd. Never used. 21" Mao. T.V. Excel. Best ofler. 1-W7- 0718 5G. w/compressor, coll, electrics!. Priced for quick salt. You move. S F Iris Co., L.B., 591-9665 Staumr RelaitacTzor VlbrtFor. Silts. Stlan vlirts. Zctoler Facia Unit. Rfee FACIAL. HE 5-9870 Forced «lr turn»ce$ all BTU's 1 to 5 ton air conditioners Bsraaln Drlces. MB 4-4002, hand opwated, S300. Portland hole ^fSW*"* '"* * e " ttd - AUTOM Kenmort washer. Works fint 135. Glrll boyi itinarav bike SU ea. 925-0662 ev«s or wkends. GAS DRYER Ilka n«W, 565. Pwl table SUO. 2 oun cabinets lor 10 12 guns SI 10 each. Pi n» pang tables S2S each. 331-9020 K.IBBEE Bar-B-cue roosllno oven, mod. '- 30699. Large gas unit w/rolatlno travs. "A Steal" 1739 E Artesia Bl. 428-5504 3 MARBLE Tables, recllner chair, twin sire mattress. Corner desk, wla fc wialett, His Hers wedding TRASH CANS DEL. HAZEL HESS GEM1K 0«S StmTiMS E. IMl LIQUORE STORE fix. freeztr, dell. Cash reg : ster. Wall shelves, gondolas wooden itoraot shelves. 845-9750 CHERRY French prov. gold dlam. fufted hdbd. Never used. 21" Mag. T.V. Excel. Best otftr. 1-567-6/18 SG. 2-STEEL b o x e s for oick-up, 12"xl4"x6', S50; Pi slole pool table complete w/cover, liohi, cue rack and beads, $m HE 2-6536 POOL TABLES 4x8. Hew Genuine V*" Slale S450. 634-1348, D r WALL PANELS $2.88 Pre-Rnished 4'xtf Mahoa. All perfect, no seconds. 434-51X3 STEREO solid state console v// radio-record player, never used 5100. Terms avail. 574-5903 dlr. 12 CU. FT. refrlB. Twin bed. 4 klich- en chairs. Orcoa concert organ. CARPET 117 yds., sold nvlon. s?75 See on floor 10 to 2 p.m. 2301 22' BOAT-- Hondas 50 and 305 Hem 392, '59 Ponllac engs. Misc. HORSE, 9 yrs. old, gelding, sorre , 51-15. Piano, blonde spinet 5195. 860-3596 USED 3 i Carman made violin SiO. Bov's bike S15. Kenmore portablo Miscellaneous 275 for Sale DISCOUNT PRICES BUILDING MATERIALS ASPHALT $ _ 8 8 SHINGLES '7 235 Ib. - 15 yr. juor. y4"4'x8 f S059 PLYWOOD *4ea. hi quality -- no itcondi GARBAGE DISPOSALS #333 Insinkerator $24.88 #2700 Waste King $24.88 're-Finished AA8 WALL PANELS *2ea! lit quolily -- no second* WATER HEATERS 30 gal '36.88 40 gal '48,88 Glim lined 10 yr. guar. 12"xl2"Hex nfc STEP STONES Z3ea. 3/16-4'xB' $159 HARD BOARD *l«a. 90 Lb. $A88 Roll Roofing * ea LUCAS BUILDERS MART 14037 GARFIEID (CHERRY) PHONE 634-5143 K.ur, Doily 8-5:30 Sol. 8-5, 5un. 9-1 Muter Chnrgi or BonkAmericard UPHOLSTERY FABRICS AND SUPPLIES .000 Rolls of Fabric to Choose From FOAM rubber «, POLY-foam CUT ANY SHAPE OR SIZE Ovtntuftfd cutnHmi, rtttlM with loam-- 1 Day's service. ACME Mattress Factory 3425 E.Anaheim ! ADDERS-TYPEWRITERS 8ESI adders! S35-S39. (cost S3S5) NEW Royal all-elec. typcwrs. si 16. /.lanjflls SIO. Portable SI 6. Terms. Guaranteed! Price V/arl 705 UB. Blvd. Mr. Tyoewriter, 432-0533. MUST SELL tni% Sunday, 12 noon. Restaurant eouiDment. Stainles*. ! ^teel refrig., ireeier, salamander. . steam refrig. tables, char broil · tr, French fryer, over orilt, oaiw. , dshes, chair; a. tables. 40H E. Firestone Blvd., South Gate. Upholstery Remndnts! '-. ONCE A Y E A R CLEARANCE! : 1000 v(h. Value from «.50 to i S16.95 vd NO'.'.' 51. uo. per vd. i TAYLOR MAID UPHOLSTERY ', A5SS Orange Ave NLB GA ?-SW | Swimming Pools , Ux2S BUILT-IN. COMPLETELY BEAUTIFUL desert rocks, Idea! for home landscaping, flower cactus beds ttc. SJS ton delivered S2S ton vour olckuo. For Information Hoover Spin-Dry Washer RENT or BUY S2.SO a WEEK OVERTURF'S FURNITURE 865 E. 71h St. 432-M01 Bicycles 280 LADIES 1 SCHV/INN 10-speed raclno bike, nil access. 2 mo. old. Reot- ar $159.95, sell SfiO. 43S-8337 Jewelry 215 DIAMOND 9J Karat, oood c.olor, very brilliant. Aporaiscd value 51,845. Will accent best offer over SHOO. 433-3339 between v am. 12 noon only. DIAMOND-? carat lactv'j Croten v/rlst watch, exoutetltv destoned. AporaUed S1600. Best OH«f. 42S- 1633 s ^i CARAT Solitaire diamond wed- dlno set. Cost S663 asking 52ft 852-7171 Sporting Goods 2VO Gun Special Otwblft barrel shot oum, SSS 22 BUHTLINE, 22 MAGS. CHKI5TIAMSEN GUN WORKS 15923 Lakewood Bl. 531-6895 Handguns, rifles, shotauns FIRESTONE GUNS 9494 Ftreslon* Blvd. DOWNEY 12 GA. shot auns. 22 puma automatic Wincn«ter 9J, hand nuns. 423-4456 eves weekends. set BOW. Excellent shape. (134-4156 or 634-2451 2 WIN. Mod. )!, 20 A 1?. Over A Under, 20 guaae. 634 £420 Furniture for Sole 295 INDEPENDENT-PRESS TELEGRAM Classified Home Furnishing and Merchandising Advertising Cod* Any advertisement which contains mtslewjlna COPV Is not acceotibte. Commercial a d v t r t l i - erx must Include the "Firm Name" or word "Dtaler." Personal diitress daimi and Dtrsonal oronuns are not acceptable from commercial advertisers. Pnns* or claims Inferring merchandise i4 consloned are not acccotablc. WANTED Rtsponslblt WrtV to m«kc pay- merits on S rooms of furnlturt In- cludino sieve, refrlg., stern TV. No down payment. Pavmt. $12.50 ALL 'FUR'NITU'RE LIKE NEW Eastern Warehouse Furn. 2074 Santa Fft 436-4261 BARGAINS GALORE Stoves Refrioeratore Living rms., bed rms., dinette* rugs, chests, fames, etc. JS SAVE « Leonards Furn. Whse. 5588 ATLANTIC TERMS made drapes, plenty of wall to wall floor to ceiline sizes. Deep cut orlces! The lar«st stock in his area of King Queen guided custom auilted spreads, «1 cut prices. Al Greenwood, 39-ii E. 4th, 433-9552. F AND P L O A (U.S., SfaSe, City) L ! G (Forelnn) E i S (Cliurch Special) S 1 TAYLOR SONS, INC. 1501 OREGON 435-5691 RCA Auto washer, 525, 35" cas range S25. Mahog din rm suitt w/4 choirs, $90. Mahofl twin beds w/nlaht stands $35, Rollawav bed SIS., Misc. kitchen war* step stool, high chair, roller table 273 Cnerrv Ave. GE 3-6523 SPANISH DINING ROOM; better auality buffets, chinns, tables chairs. UP to 50^i off. LONG BEACH FURNITURE: CO. 554 LONG BEACH BL. HE /-7633 LIKE new Wai. d»sk $75; coffee tbt. 525; 1 fold chrs. S.!0; 2 nlte stands S-50: dble. bed S35; orig, paintings ilSO. 597-7?02 DUNCAN PHYFE table, chairs. S90,- China Ctibinet $(,5; m:ihog. coffee table, 2 rnd tables $45; excel, cond. Sofa $30; chair S15. 597-153? stove; refrig. Cn«st of drawcrs; dinetfe set; Misc. 925-5437. 107^9 Monterey, BellFlower. dlr. SOFA chair; ocdroom suite; stove; refrifl. Chest of drawers; dinette set; Misc. 925-5537 "NO fanrv Frills. No Fancv Prlcss" NAT FRANK FURNITURE 12W Gavlola W1-J426 SLEEPER SOFAS 599 16307 Hawthorne Bl, dlr. Lawnda · w/beautiful aullted matt., never used. 598. Worth S250. 598-5156 MOVING Antique furniture, china Bric-a-brac, etc. Sat Sun 2B12 REFRIGERATOR, TV, Queen headboard miscellaneous articles. 290 Glendora Sat. Sun. from 10 to 5 2 WK. OLD furniture. "Leaving city." Best offer. 597-SM2 2 STOVESr r*frio.f dincttt set, misc, items. 438-81W 3-PC. sectional by Krotnler 550. HARD mapie^drop" leaTlableT"?" chairs, good cond. 436-4690. MOVING MUST SELL FURNITURE, BARGAIN 434-23-J6 CHINA cabinet 68" hiqh. ·'S" wide. LOOK MEDITERRANEAN NEWLY ARRIVED DECORATOR GROUPI Eleoont kino tiled btdroom sei with m* ten ina triple dresser mirror. Kino size oed 2 commodes. Distinctive llvlne rm. Includes s H. sofa with matchlno love seat (quilted). Spanish aafc. : iouare commode (with doors), hex commode (with doors) heavy , matched cocktail table. 4 decora tor tamps. Stunning dlnlnp rni in- i etudes elegant Soanlsh table 6 chairs. i (WHY PAY JiOOO OR MORE ELSEWHERE??) $697 Your Home Can COME ALIVE . . . with Our Glamorous Decorator-Coi related Package ! ! . . . Will ep«rate put-ol slate credit OK Servicemen Welcome O.S. PETERSON 5390 Long Beach Bvd. Cor. LJT Bl. -It Mirktt GA 2-7IW FINANCE CO. REPOSSESSION NEEDS RESPONSIBLE PARTY TO MAKE PAYMENTS 5 Rms. Furn. Appl. FULL PRICE $173.88 W.H iat. equity free. 5 rmi. lutn. Appliance. Full bal S173.3S. Pvmts of si.w weekly includes 7 PC. living rm. set with tables t lames, 7 DC. dineite. 2 bedrrn. sets, rifrio nnge TV combo. Ask for LOT No. 2-J4. Out oi state credi OK. Free Delivery. See Daily 10 n.m. to 9 p.m., Sal. 10 n.m. ta 6 P.M. Sun. 11 a.m. to i a.m. ASK for Tom. Dlr. GA 3-042 1 1639 F. ARTFSIA 81 VD. IE. FOR RESALE 5 ROOMS OF NEW FURNITURE PLUS APPLIANCES Lrtt on l*v-*wav av custom*- Paymtnti of only $10.13 Mo. Ttelr l«$ your gain Roy's Discount Furn. MM AttMttc, LB 10 a.m. to t o.m. Sat. Sun. 'til 5 O.m. Out of State Credit OK Nothing down on A.C. GA 3-K4S SPANISH furniture. Returned from model honiK on sale at less than wholesale! 3 rooms $399. includes 8 - tiulltwl sofa matching love seat, 3 Spanish oak living rm tab es, 2 decorator lamps, painting, massive King-size 11 -DC. bdrm. suite with box springs mattress, nil king-size Umtni, bdrm. lamp*. Spanish oak 6- PC. dinette. Full price tor everything, $399, pay $20 down, 13.99 xveekly. Will separata for quick sal*. 20th Century Furn art, 9772 Garden Grwp Blvd., in Garden Grovi. Open dally 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.. Sat. 10 «.m. to 4 p.m.. Sunday 12 noon to S p.m. (714)530-5240. Fr» dcllviry anywhere In So. Calif- mod*! homes. Savings up to 70%. Spanish quilted sofa love seat, 3 oak living rm. tables, 2 livlno rm. lamps Spanish painting, El Pres Idente king-size faedrm suite, oak triple dresser mirror, king head- fcoard, kind-size mattress box springs, 2 commodes, 2 boudoir ainp, 6-pitce Spanish wrought iron dining set -- ONLY SJA7. 520 down W.50 weekly, fcssv credit. 5948 Westminster Ave.. Westms r. (714) 8H4J34 daily 10 a.m. to 9 n.m. Sat. 10 to 6 £un. 12 to 5 SERVICE FAMILIES Contact S/Sar. Mel Rtad (ret'd) for all vour furniture, TV apolt- anct news. A ··nnt unioue household furnishings olirt designed for miilftarv families onlv ( no clown. Cali HE 7-7633 (dlr.) tl| 9 p.m. Stove, S25. Refrig., 425. Bar bells, Furniture for Sale 295 USED FURNITURE BARGAINS Twin flit Inner- $OI9 spring maHrnt .... *· Photnli plot- $1419 fom rocker '^ Modern iln?!. $|AI9 iota unit · ' Kraehler sleep-er-leunge with inncrspring $JLOt9 muttreii " ' 7-pc. dinetrt with Z extension leaves. $^IO9S Good condition.. TM * 6 reconditioned gas range to choos* $/| O89 from. Guar. .... ^ * up Frigldalrt ?30'^ refrigerator * * Zenith console t portable color TV ittt. Written guarantee. $OS5 As little as ·**!!. --No Money Down -Hundreds of Items McMahan's FURNITURE STORE 1895 E. Anaheim Long Beach Octn Mm. t Frl. 'Til t SSI. Til 4 P.M. Furniture for Sole 295 Furniture for Sale 295 Mediterranean Spanish Groups luy Now at Discount! Incl. kliw Hit barm. »l. trim drcilerf mirror. 2 Ige. conv modes. King ill* btd Incl. 1HMII, BillOWl, PlIlOW CHU, mm. «m t blink,!, f willed ion 1, lovncit, t Sun. end tiDia. 1 M. Spin. coffM tibli, ] biMi. 5»jn. lible l«mpi, J Btlrm. llmoi, 1 rtvily IK. fedt./^im/N.wMr, Out of Sfofe No Down Payment M.J.B. Discoi ; S31S Long Ito I DflllV 10 A.M. lo r P.M S Sunday 17 i GA 3 5-ROOM GROUP Must sell fr deliver to responsible party Ail new furnitura olus ?fove, rtfrig., washer, dryer and TV. Also included--? Bedroom sets, I with twin bKls; living room furniture complete wit!) 1 end tables* coffee Table, lamoi, Die- tureSf rugi and dlnelti set. $7.50 PER MO. Full Price $214,84 Credit O.K. Terms or Cosh int Furniture eh Blvd.. N.L.B. »tum»v 10 A.M. 10 i P.M. 10 J P.M. ·8002 AUCTION SATURDAY. MARCH lit. 7:00 P.M. : BEFORE CREDITORS TAKE OVER STOCK WE WILL SAC| RIFICE $70,000 worth of new t used (ornitur. t jppliancu. All must movi immidiattly «t PUBLIC AUCTION »* coit or below coit. Don't mill thli opportunityl Bring your truck, trailer or what hdv» you! Wi finance with good crtdit, also Bankamericard ; FOR INSPECTION OPEN DAILY 9 A.M. TO 7 P.M. BONANZA FURNITURE J APPLIANCES CORNER OF 3IST 4 SANTA FE AVE. 424.2910 Ftirnittll* tor Sate 295 Furniture for Sale 295 B S F TRANSFER ; STORAGE OUTLET , Modern Living roon et 139 ' Lamos and Taoies *a. . ? · Dlnelte Set, 5 pie--e . S?* · Mod. Bedroom sets SS^ \ Bunk set, rompl. w matir. SJi' : Cr.caT, 4 drawer . . . . . sio : Siove, guaranteed ^3 ; Retrtofirators, ouaranreed . .. . $4U Hde-3-beds _. . Si9 SPANISH SOFA i LOVE SEAT S1W NEW MEDITERRANEAN to tarlh crlces on old world turn! lure-- Special Grouo Include-. S-il. sofa, matching love seat! Spanish oat cocktail table 1* matching tamp tables, pair of lovetv lamps, laroe 9 drawer dresser S, olfite mirror v/itn mdfctiing commodes and head hoard, bed frame, soii-io AAat iress; alio unusual wroua'U iron ditvno room ^et. $477 BUDGET GROUP 3 cornet. TM.,m TERMS-- FREE DELIVERY 1131 GAVIOTA L.B. 5V1-743 OPEN DAILY 5 TO 5:30, FRIDAY TO 7: SUNDAY 11 TO X pj , Keturned From Model Home 5 ROOMS all new furn. -f appl. FULL PRICE $179 NEED RESPONSIBLE PARTY to assume 5 rms. turn. appliances. aa . J179 ovmts. $1.25 wklv. tncl. 9 DC. llv. mi. with tables lames. S pc. dinette. 2 complete bdrms. + stove, refrig. and washer. Out of state credit OK. See dally 10-9, Sat. 10-6, Sun, 125, 5874 Atlantic, No. Long Beacli. Ask (or Lot if SO or Call Bruce. 422-0989 Abandoned Furniture Returned from finance co Responsible parly needed to pick UD oayts, 5 rooms furnilur* 4 arv pliances, full uric* $164.95, payts $1,99 weekly Includes 7 pc living set with tables tamos, 5 pc dinette, 2 bedroom sets, refria, range, washer dryer. Ask tor lot 104 or Jack. Out of stat* credit OK.. Service families welcome. Free delivery. See daily 10-9 except Wed 10-5, Sat 10-5, Sun 12-4 11951 Valley View, G. Grove, 71* 893-1312 dlr. EXQUISITE (Spec, order, broken contract) SPANISH FAMOUS MAKE 9 Piece Dining Set INCLUDES: buffet; hutch; banquet size table; 6 hl- back, velvet upholstered chairs. REG. price $1029.95 NOW S7?S. Terms to suit LONG BEACH FURNITURE CO. .··54 Lona Reach Bl. HE 7-7433 ESTATE SALE Furniture, antlaues, pictures, bric- a-brac, hand craved nieces, livlno rm., dlnlna rm., bedroom, misc. Good cond. Reas. Leisure World. 4308393 or 43/0421, Mr. Reillv 15010 Hiiwthorne Blvd. Wed. 7 p.m. Sun. 10 a.m. The AUCTION that SEMIS BETTER GRADE FURN. APPLIANCES. WE also Buv ft DO PAY more for the BEST! SP Z-1771 or OS 6-3127 CRUSHED velvet 96" sota delivered to Decorator in wrons color. S30fl value, must sell at 1130. Matching chair SiQ or rnatchlna love seat available. 371-9577 or see at 16907 Hawthorne Blvd., Lawndale. Dlr, BOX Sprlnos matts.-- used. 55.50 ea. up; new king sels, 312 coll, princess nuilt S99.50; chest of drawers new- SIS. Jack's Commission Houie, 1418 E. Anaheim Si-, BARKER 7 ft., quilted sofa. Used 1 time on TV show. Must sell today, tta. Call after ll a.m. D*o- orator, 16307 Hawthorne Blvd. Lawndale or call 371-9577 BEAU. Woodard din. group, cosi over $1400. Fr. Prov. loveseat, massage belt, unused. Rd. marble top coffet tblr., lamp. Reas. DOUBLE Bedroom set "the best", dark walnut 5300. Beige f sota, very nice $120, Beautiful mink Antique nion'ooany dining set, ulano couch chair. 2 br. sets. Oriental Belmont Shore. DISAPPEAR Clothesline S3, white 7 ft. Nuugh. sofa SiO, rattan chair S20, Dinette 5 DC. S30, Bar ijO, 4 tires I4x7:5^-50c. oa. 591-4278 SACRIFICE 8 ft Med. sofa love seat. Coffee end tables, lamos. '/ we dining room set. Never uicd DUAL BEDS, walnut corner uni:. w/storaoe. 395. 427-7744. MAPLE Furniture, like new dropleaf dininfl set hutch, deacons Bench FINE Liv. rm. sectional, beige, MX Divan (nauoahyds) S35. Lot- Refria., xlnt. 550. 431-H20. Spanish MEDITERRANEAN Old World Elegance 4 COMPLETE ROOMS Returned from DeLuxt Mode Honiei. Sell all or pan. Larce new S' sofa and chair wltn expOj*.i cawed wood, with matchlno dec i a)or tables, laroe decoraior tampi tnd oil painting, 5- PC. Bedroom Sitiie Includes 7?-ln. drriser and mirror, nuoe nlTe stands, tun or kino sire headboard, twin* bedroom suite with chest and a verv attractive 5-pc. dlnerte was pilled «t 51095. Will Sfcarate. $595 Terms to Fit Your Budget Bsst Buy in Long Beach EDWARDS FURNITURE 1639 E. ARTESIA, LB. 423-0421 Hrs. Mori. Ihfu Frl. 10 d.m. to 9 D.m., Sat. 10 a.m. to A p.m., Sun. 11 a.m. to 5 o m. NEW FURNITURE Slighly Damaged S F TRANSFER Box Springs Marts both . SW 7 Kino sittV wti S OIK* w 5 martcllvfng room ««t» sllfr T 592? ATLANTIC, "LB^** TAKE ON PAYMENTS 1 need lomcune VJlth or wllhou' previous credit experience to tak? on payments on tlie following *'nfv«r u»**" mad*) horn* and floor sample merchandise. Jusi PJV fhe bales t«x and «tume Hiese oaymenh. 3 rms. of MODERN JU.^2 mo. 3 rms. of DANISH 518.03 mo. 21 In. COLOR TV 51] 76 mo. AUTO. WASHER 5851 mo. REFRIGERATOR .... _..S8.32mo. proval call 437-K33 'ill 9 p.m. Ask for Crtdit Manager. S«rv tt families Invited. Dlr. Antiques 300 Closed Sundays i Monday* Open n-8 dally. GA 2-4987 13JO Ef. Market North L.B. pression glass. Thurs. Frl. eves after 6:30 p.m. all day Sat. Sun. 3300 E. 1st St., LB. WANTED ANTIQUES CASH HAID 422-9311 THOMAS organ, wood stops, foot Dump, light oak finish, good cond, $250 cash. TW 3-2J10 NEW SHOP-- LCAL'S Antlatics 1346 E. Broadway. L.B. open 3 to 6 v;k days. I to 6 PA\. wkends. LVF-LYN'S Antloucs -- Hours ll-/. 1054 Market. 4!S-ol44 Open Sun. Furniture Wanted 305 WE PAY CASH ONE PIECE OR HOUSEFUL Furniture, Antiques Appliances, TV's, Be. A D A M S 860-3470 CASH IN 30 MINUTES Good Used Furniture J Appliances 1 piece or houseful DAYS 426-85 18 INSTANT CASH FURNITURE WANTED REFRIGFRATOR5 1 StOVES -V Call 925-5637 -\Ted or Clyde Day or Nife Small Ad-- Big Cash! SO 1 can D3v MORE for v.ur hirnirure BDDllanr"-; 1 oltxr. or houseful. For fast. coure*o'.n service, call anytime. CHARLIE 437-1914 QUICK CASH for lun. acoli. 634-6879 Drr working or not. "Ben." HE 6-2336 FURNITURE a Dnnlianccs V/antcd. BOX SPRINGS 4 MATTRESSES »t APT. HOUSE owner oavs too dollar S5.95 ea. BR.i : , 1131 Gnviota. for oood furn. aop i J23 3^2 Furniture for Sale 295 Furniture for Sale 295 SOFA BEDS HIDE-A-BEDS RIVIERA BEDS DOZENS OF SLEEPER SOFAS ALL ONE PRICE $f»f)95 O7 including mattresses Th etc sofa beds have all been c o m p l e t e ! / reuphoUtared' and are just litg new. B F TRANSFER STORAGE OUTLET 1 131 Goviofo (3 Sireeli of Cherry, (L.B.) 5 9 1 - 7 4 5 8 Furniture for Sale 29? Furniture for Sale 295 f vfAREHOUsfaSRANcf YOUR BEST BUYS!! Mattresses JU 3-Pc. ledreoM Stt $13 Dinettes $27 n*tkt «l 5 Lamps $ ' Tables S 1 Dec. Chairs S 5 Chufs S26 Single Comer Unlt....S4l lunks -- Complcr* S73 REPO-- 3-RM. GROUP 6. re. tearoom, 5-Pc. Dinette Jl QO°° 7-Pc. Living Room-- AH for · OQ · ·· IB FURN^tljRE 1020 PACIFIC COAST HUB HWY., LONG IEACH SfM718 Household ApplkMCM RECONDITIOf Ranges . $39 Washers $89 ^ Uncond ^ FIM D ^ Hug«-H B O N D S 1 965 E. 4lli St.. L.I. Open Daily 8 Saturday $ ' * * * IIOHeoMkoM 310 Radios TttevMo* 330 Applwiicn ^1ED Used Appliances up Refrigs. $49 up up Dryers . $79 up tiorully GuarantvW iliv»ry and InitillatiMi ug» S«!*ction F O V E W O R K S "S;n C 4 1923" 432-I7S7 M 4 -- Won. 1 Fri. 'til ? i! i -- Sund.y 12 'til S k if it if if Furniture W«ted 305 fiaim Orqans 320; WE PAY MORE CASh For any near new or us Furniture- Appliances Color TV's-Steroos Pianos-Orqans-Stove Rcfrigerators-Bedrm. S Din. Rm. Sets-Office PC. OR HOUSEFUL Day-Nite-Sunday LONG BEACH C A t 1 422-932 S'J^ROUNOiNG PAPA'.Vt ' 9 2 5 - 1 5 J TOP PRICE PAID! Furnitura, Applianci Antiques, Tools Misc. Household Got Sporting Goods PROMPl COURIEOU. ONE PIECE OR A HOUSEf BOUGHT OUTRIGHT OR SOLD AT AUCTION REPP MOTT, INC 2501 E. Anaheim GE 9-0277 Household Appliances '"MAYTAG «uio washer 2 ii MAYTAG «utj wiitur reiiul new. 1 vr ouar .^ KENMORE 3 1[X) luto Washl built. 1 vr puar. ..... T FRIGIDAIRE iQuorellne. 2 retrlg. Guar. _ G.E refrig 2 door. Gu»r. ft HILL'S ft 5650 Atlantic Ave Open Man S. Frl 'til 9 Tues. Wed Thurs Sat tl UNBELIEVABLE Floor Sample REFRIGERATOR 2 door (siJe by side delude 70 cu. tl. wllh automatic Ice maker. REG. S6J9.9S N0\ Terms to suit LOHG BEACH FURNITURE JS4 Lonn Be.ich Bl. HE STEINWAYS : ^ MARD TO FIND NE'.V : S T E l N A A Y S -- HOW IN MOCX · ' f.\ 'Xa'.-tjl G*jnj . Jj.i5 j Contfrmporarv Wa'n!.t ll.o^O Louis 15lnC^soi« J2.W3 M walnut, used . S2.Wi i 4| Ebony Grand . . $2 SOO Ctiickerho. KimiioU Grand from · TERV.S FRfE Dri-ivF^v " v i Humphrey Music Co. , ' ":OU^ S T f i ' J . V A Y nf.Al.EV BTS · n\ r -LD HF -· J'^ -urn l ' PIANO" ORGAN L CLEARANCE 1 A S T J DAY'. PrjcTict Piano*, j N COn-,CMr" I^VI ' t-.)-, 1 O-ia.* from S4)S ' O3G.\\S Him-'.onj So.iieK i.-"-. : ,, , Co'-n MIII..L-TS s.*3i _ - · Wurlirrtr C'OTiao ii9S ·N ' ' ViA.'JY. '.V.ANi V '.SlPf " " . J TF^.'AS TO S Y f ' A f i s ST. AUBINS ; i??C c Aiihei"i ^jj \-V) FEBRUARY'fAX SALE " ; Pianos -- Organs 1 A.I floor nioceli, rieniov -- rc-*iM! ,, 1 returns on sale. tve n undrtd% o' * s ' (JoU.irs o.i itie Instrumfiil of our choice. Cnoocc trom UV.VHEY Yamahii and Guitiransen. *'··· J^ new oru-ini tioii i4ti. r^rnii, no Carlsen's Music Shop : l?404 BELLfLOV.'vR Hi VD ,.. I TO 70052 Be'lflOWff TO 7 ?43li UL "j Bll; So.: Arteila F\W- Conn, ThOMMS,' :tnib'.ill. Fili'v · RENT ft rt i ii v 1 . BUV 1 New Chord . V ^? jit · 1'ied Jiuifii't Orjani . WVi UP ·j*"/* NEVV MODLL VAirli tidr- versatile J I U , as 1.3,000 « ft rt 51, MS PRIVET LE;SSONS INCLUDED The MUSI-CAL d l'a1« PrAYER~~PTnnoi-.viu^eirer"Pliinol.i SIX Hardman-- on all puroose family tllKt Piano-- V cast jryles i finishes. _.SW Lge. ael Smltti'i 40J5 S«pulveda r, re- Culver CUv-Wnlcs Blvd. off ramp -r-t** San Olego Fwv tX 80/OJ; or d P?i; VE 6^946. Dally to S p.m. Incl. C W RESPONSIBLE PARTY to mnke SI 6.36 mo. Daymanls wi LIKE piano bench. Call Humphreys Music Co, 5: .?? US L. 3RD HE 6-4FA I CONN LOWREY ORGANS KAWAI STORY CLARK CUM8ALL PIANOS ALL MODELS ON DISPLAY NEW UStD ( R O M 1W ST. AUBINS ' 14S9 Rent a BALDWIN Oroan 510 mo. Full credit ,f you buy on our CO. "Rent-to Own" p lan with 5 vrs. to 7-7633 pay b.ll BILLINGS-BALDWIN tors, twin crlsoers InroB treezer PIANOS ORGANS RENTED SAI p PRIPP tHH RS . C*SH PORUSED PIANOS J«LC riMV^C ^130.00 | MftHY USED BARGAINS. FREE delivery. 1 Yr. guarantee i PIANOS ORGANS TUNED. DOOLEY'S HARDWARE! ^AEri|W!2«^-H§?«» 5075 LB. Blvd. N L R FOR YOUR OLSI*»O NEW Avocado Frioltliilre 12 cu friacrator + matching Wedp ranee «79.iE, Copper available. Your rcfrioero or month buys both. Baker's ances 9th 4 Pacific, open ev HE 2-392-1 L. B. Piano Company ft re- Herman BRUN GA 4-7031 c , w °°. d i OWR'EY onm. YAMAHA punoj * h jl£ CARLSEN'S-- B67-OD52 * V,° 17404 Bellflov.'er Blvd., Bellflower . D D HAMMOND Oroan model C2 console A Hnmrnonri ton* csblnct JR-20 NEW avocado 2-dr. retry., small c vb"* tl ac " ''c,'r;rVca~~aTrTn dent In side Reo S2699S-- HOW STRAUot PLAYER PJANu, sfw.95 Your rISig 1 siOrn" WAL XH, T c F ^f H ^^S OI 2oi C i l 3fo D Baker's AonllAnros. «h Jt P*HI!r. W ROLLS, S395 CASH. J21-14V? HOTPOINT hioh oven elec. r copoer. Reg. S379.9S. NOW S SID mo. buvt ii! Baker's ances, 91 h PaciMc. DDen HOTPOIN1 oarbaue d.SDoaal 519.95. Cash 'n Carry! BaVft P tances, 9th 5. Pacllic, Open Rofrigcrators $39 i Autom. washers $65. Guam 128 C. P»c. Cst. HWY. HE SALE! 'Hotooht elec. drvers. S149.9S-NOW $99.95. SIO mo one! Baker's Appll-incts, r,icl(lc. Open eves. HE ?.-3WJ lAI'PAN delict Blt-ln cook oven. \Vrotlsserle, jlnlnle^i inlsh 535. 425-J33 PH LCO Copotrtone 2 tir. r ^.iO. wlndovj air comJihoufr Aooli- HfcGtNT upright orantl reconti. eves.. piano. Beautiful, 1300. X3S-1314 or 439JOS5 or (714) 093-198. prk« Want Pianos - Organs s Ao- CASH PAID 43-W21 evev BABY or«nde olano. Small, new P HiANSFi=KRl"6. Must tell bwut. nteed. wrinht ui.ino. SI7S. 433-07r,'? f-2336 | Buv or Irnde Pianos S, "RM" Organs. Harold Driver 436-9777 buys .QWFRY spinet oroan, Llncoln- Ih 1 wood, maple, $500. 438-609A °MCCI w llnul txrtl. cond. GE 8-7144 etng. Musical Instructions 325 8500 BEGINNERS Plono lessons In my RENT COLOR TV $12 MO. OPTION TO BUY 868-3777 ORDER BY PHONE Colorlind TV Op«n 7 Dayt 9 to 9 P.M. 426-262J 426-3628 RENT TO OWN $8 $10-- $12 Television i SicrecH Free Delivery Repairs OPEN EVES t SUNDAY 2462 ATLANTIC. DLR. RENT COLOR TV S STEREO RCA i ZENITH WITH OPTION 10 SUV $ 1 2 MONTH CALL DAY OR NIGHT tdir.) TE - 227 TV Rentals-- New" O'-TION TO BUY 436-3209 JOE WARD'S Corner 4th J L.B. Blvd. EtMb 1? vn. Fr« D* Ivtry COLOR TV STEREO WHY RtNT? sell for lets «f niontn than vou can rent. 35 motf- *:* to cfiooie from, all linancM wt'h only s? down A tax. Trade in *»owjince on vour o d 7V (wort.- ino or not) Ail make tht down pjivmeni, no credit riMdid cftll Hi-F! Sterie 335 N*b.\ l"69 General Electr c stares -iviioie ji 1 ' long walnut wood c«a- inri. Oelus 4 ^D**d itereo r«ord p-jver. LOW uric* s DOJS b t b»- c.imc of illde too. SALE PRICE J 127.00 90 day serv ce In vour homt jnd full guarantee DOOLEY'S HARDWARE bO/i L.B. Blvd. N.L.B. STEREO-TV CLEARANCE IA5T 3 DAYS SAVINGS TO 50V. HOflbf. Horn-- '.VURL TZr.P ^ ' I M f r ^ F'ANAiONIS FEDWS OP COURSE ST. AUBINS 3JAO F. Anaheim 43S-Ui« "STEREO. HI-FI \VHY RENT? 1 sell for MS w month than vou can rent. 19 mod- eis tu dioose jrom, all financed with ONLY W down tjx. Na yrtvious credit needed, d r. Call HE 7-7633 Ml 9 p.m. '67 PENNCRSST wn mit con»l» AM-FM Multiplex sFcrtooUvtr, ·* tract taoc deck comb n/itlon. Ex- PACKARD Bell HI Fi, A.WFM radio xtnt. tone. S60. Conioanlon recort cablneT 170. RCA HI FI S25. 306? Iroquols, LB BEAUTIFUL FRUIT WOOD HI F: console with records S50. 425-5352 or 4J4-2098 HEALTH STEREO 100 waM. 1 V*ar old. Fxctl. cood. 597-70JA. tlOO Norelco mlVe, $40. 599-561 ' TV, Hi-Fi. Radio 340 (WANTED) WANTED lor cash, used black l white color TV s«ls. Alio hi fl stereo sets. Dealer ^39-5327 TV A Radio Renoir 345 G D. KT7P tS COLOR TV SERVICE 11.95 tordnteed reoalrs -- ll makes AIRS In vour home 55 mki m.; S20 Incl. Dortl 1, llbor. Col or B «. W. 77M4»] WoDc for lets. 2020 E. 4th 43*051 TV S«rylc« tt-prtfer Lkwd * HLB HA 7-1790 *v«. 3090 Atrport Wav HOME Catli-- 1 ·,m,-» p.m. Wort O'.iar. 7 davi. Reas. LB.H 437-4716 Sewing Mochimt 350 TOUCH Sew ilant-ntedli, mjr cnased In 196*-- Tram trred, want party to tnk» over pymts. of 15 mo. or 142.20 cosh. Machlni can ilgiae* buttonhole, hem, overcast ielt winding bobbin. Cuar. Fo mart Into call Dlr. 531-9694 NEW PORTABLES 5».«5 Sales, rennlrs, parts SEWING MACHINE EXCHANGE 947 PINE AVE. HE6-IW GUARANTEED USED SEWING MACHINES Irom . . . . S9.9J PASKS SiTW NG CENTER SMI Long Bnch Blvd. GA 2-390 MUST Sell Singer Prlbl. ZlglM. 1 vr. old «9.«. J38-75XS. PRINTED PATTERN 01 u ». t/yBltoJ. __ . . j horrw w 864-7400 Tricio Strcle j GOOD cross lop terM«. 149.95. · 'Sic. o«S r ^°SE a ""n! 9 " 1 Radios Television 330 : too S, oven. v;/rotlsserle, st warranty WOO. 435- 13] J D J2 or (714) 8931898 HUY a oood air-conditioner S Bnker's Appliances, 9th P Ooen eves. HE 2-3924 STOVES- quatdnfeed BF 1131 Gnvlota 5 1 ) Gold rotisicrle, ".has everv R'SP'RlcT. "Gie model vcrv'c v.'FnGFV/ooo QZ* iipt. si« '.60 4 KENMORE 30^ in., pa-, ,i,n fiAS ( Sfovr uo YOIIW mo^l conmlrie iflc Seirs, 51 ti 4 1..U. Blv.-1. HE HOFPOIMT elec. innoe. In i. ?lfW. V.',-.iher, HO. 477-3494 Musical Instruments F-AR'N'SA" Comtio~ComDart J-SOO. new, SiOO. Eolphonc f'yitorn guitar S700 ne-//. t S300. Come iPt /14-R2/-048S 08 "MODEL Ludwio "drum CHrorne access, tamp, w.'c* 1 iiool cdrrvino cases. J23-3S FEHDEP Bass r. box 3-nc Brit orire. C»M 549-1344 * SILVFRTOME BftSi ^mo and ouitsr S100. A*k fnr Brian 8327 FENDER " oeiujte' "revc'-b C'own fu/i tone. Like ne-t 0037 PEARL 4-pieCfc drum set, ma cook ' NAVY-NEWCOMERS InlB " RENT A NEW TV III en : or itereo hy week or mantli 9 - J(15; Rent fhe Nicest Sets at 75.55. Jhe Lowest Rates in Town d " r ' SHOP COMPARE i.,8! RENT NEW COLOR TV "nev/ Purchase oollon -- Nn red tao* wno- TUCKER TV 639-8565 767 bq. in. picture lube. -,T5iv SALE PRICE $277.00 7-tlR? OUAHIIY LI/.MTF.O «." ' DOOLEY'S HARDWARE 5075 L.B. Blvd. N.L.B. ,-,,,, " ~ Y RENT-- TV -HI-FI '""· i $10 Per Month nir 1 A l ! vze^ P'*/ '!' -110. no deco'iit ' -- ! Open 10 to :3. Deliver .i-iv.'.he'ff. Also Sales Service ? ' * MAGNAVOX Color T V - ^50.00 OFF trcani fJolfilno DN. 36 mo. to oity. Why Si"ni rCnt TRADER TUCKER 1001 5. long Btach Hlvi. Comofon 99^ IS ' · oricss of tr»e veor!! 73" 'or H3V"5 u . · S15 mo. buys 't! Bdkei'^ Anoi:- iifiei. ( ,mces, 9tn Pacific, Ooen ives. '*' A ' HE 2 3924 OF 1. 1 Pa/ only 1st wk. rno. no den. Oe- A//, COMP. AM Ham radio Nation, r.o-.- . 431- ice transmitter, Dvn.imotor 14 Vo^l OC. Misc surolus radio pans, e'.. ^2. ea. 7U-776-5317 LUDWIG DRUMS, NEVER USED « ,"£· Zne-^e"^" is^on Sou'r MODFL 427-4K3 set'. Call 437-7433 until 9 p rn SUPERB Mvlon string guitar D-"!var» 21" ZENITH color remote TV. E.'party 434.8691. eel. cond, MaOl» cab. S2jO Pnv. Slivertone eler. gultnr fe dr FENDER amp. '67 Super rove dual Stvw/man. Like ne 1 *. 47" VOX Clurjrmn ba-is" g'TltaWsO ! VlOLlNTMx1nt."con(l. Genn'^n | Pianos Organs " CbLOH~TV STeREO BUYS ~.. p ; ; "GOOD USED'TVS 0 '*' U FARAHCF SALE-S10-SI5 S19 ·· · 113? Pine Ave. dk. Lona Eeath ' I "' f:ei 31" RCA roio'ed r^ .Valnyl c.iD Xlnt C0"0. i?SO. S'2-1745 b^ore 6 3 J K 3 9 RCA'ntV/ 23" TV 1 l'yr-o\3~r^.t'.r~e 320 · ;UD() console W5. J3S-13U or 4^9. niiino Perfect cond. 4?4-9!35 coid UHF, S185. 435-4620 BABY grand electrified t piano. S1000. LU 1-8209 fltt 5 for cash Antiques OE30C±=3 o AMini , Q SUNDAY, M) O Van Loads Fro i Arriving FOR FUR :|| CAL g u:o\\ii o 14100 PARAMO ![| L. BURL 1 ioeaei== !aver TV RENTALS «. SIO. i il? '"o. DTI. Vorev't 342 Pine Ave. HE 4292? !n,v.'j COLOR TV-5 used dlJo B'.V. P.iv 77-103S ' fash, anv rendition. TO 7- 3510 300 Antiques 300 LI; AIJCTIOX j ^RCH 2nd -- 10 A.M. n New York and Canada "oo Lot* for Listing THER INFORMATION L 925-1515 ID'S AUCTION S UNT BLVD., PARAMOUNT ESON, AUCTIONEER =ioc3Oi lecaocss. »ar 4970 »**r SIZES Jfflt" 4 * irTK ^·V " J -'"-\ F§ 7 ¥ LJJr QUICK .'i-armhole tun , \c looks sleek and smar with pants or shorts Sew the trio in coo Dacron-couon. with con trasl binding. Send now ; Printed Pattern 4970 ' NEW Women's Sizes 3-1 .36, 3S. 40, 42. 44. Siz 36 (bust 40) takes 4V i yards 35-inch fabric. i SIXTY-FIVE CENTS b coins for each pattern- add 15 cents for eacl . pattern for first-clas mailing and special har dling. Send to Anne Ac ams, care of Indepenc cut, Press-Telegram, 7 Pattern Dept., 243 We.' 1 1 7 t h St., New York, N.Y 10011- Print NAME, AD DRESS with ZIP, SIZI and STYLE NUMBER.

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