The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas on October 14, 1993 · Page 18
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The Galveston Daily News from Galveston, Texas · Page 18

Galveston, Texas
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Thursday, October 14, 1993
Page 18
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g 6~B THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS THURSDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 14,1993 What's on TV today ••••••••••^••^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^•^iH 'Animal House' stars John Belushi on TBS, 7:05 p.m. EVENING 9:2o _ ., 7:0 ° (TBS) MOVIE-Chikf's Play (1988) Calh9r- LIJ MAD ABOUT YOU After Jamie loses Ine Hicks, Chris Sarandon. An ordinary doll her )ob, she has trouble finding outlets for her takes on homiddaJ tendencies after being pos- nervous energy. A P 9066 sessed hv tha transmWatari e^ni n < ., (,;«,. Dl MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PLAYOFFS National League Championship Series THURSDAY EVENING. ;!r Game 7, Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia •3 Phillies. From Veterans Stadium. If gama 7 is ^ not nocsssary,'In the Heat ol the Night;'Eye y to Eye" and Top Cops' will air on CBS. (Live) J P 321375 ^ 03 MISSING PERSONS Connie faces a .:< crisis; Ray's former boss disappears with | chronic regularity; a young immigrant angers a ^ drug gang leader. A P 35733 ^ O MOVIE 'Mountains of the Moon" (1990) |»- Patrick Bergtn, lain Glen. An account of the tri- JSj als and tribulations endured by 19th-century *3 explorers Burton and Speke during their search ~| tor the source of the Nile. 12035 y E3 SIMPSONS Homar is forced back Into '%_ college alter he fails a competency test at the f- power plant. A P 33240 % B STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERA- J< T10N A visiting ambassador conceals the f t> dead;/ secret to his successful negotiations as sessed by the transmigrated soul of a killer 32179055 9:30 13 BIENVENIDOS Chlstes contados por tos me]ores comediantes. 53153 (AMC) MOVIE 'Flight to Tangier (1953) Joan Fontaine, Jack PaJance. A plane crashes and the pitot and passengers bail out, beginning a hunt for a $3 million tetter of credit. 830714 ( MTy ) R£AL WORLD Becky thinks that Eric wants more than frisndsh'p from Julie; Heather B. raps about dale rape. (R) A 1 51 559 (HBO) OEF COMEDY JAM Featured comics: Royale, Yvstte Wilson, Faizon, Reggie McFadden. (R) A Q 344207 (TMC) MOVIE "Exposure" (1991) Peter Coyote, Amanda Pays. A photojournalism Investigation in!o a murder leads to a violent confrontation with Rio de Janeiro's drug lords 9043191 10:00 f> A , RSE NIO HALL Scheduled: R&B group Earth ' Wnd & ^ e - ^ophonfet Evwette Harp, eay secre o s successful negotiations as ' - wee •K he attempts lo use Troi to further his reputation ac(ress Ashte y Judd ("R"by f" Pafadse") ' 50608 P 50608 19 CHEVY CHASE Scheduled: comic-magi- dan Rudy Coby, actress Alexandra Paul. A P 49530 10:30 El CHEERS Carfa's son Gfno decides to enter the priesthood; CBff Iries out his stand-up \ / • —-"— r*~*, i TKA t W3J-,T%»Q. nil VVW COHlSdy &C$. tyj 65424 j weight shoe salesman decides to get in shape (TNT) MOVIE "Red Dawn' (1984) Patrick - after a vwaoous psychology student captures Swayze, C. Thomas Howoll. Colorado teen~ agers adopt guerrilla tactics to combat the Soviet and Cuban troops that have taken over % A P 44443 „ (WGN} MOVIE 'Sword of the Ninja" (1982) * Scott Glenn, Toshlro Mifune. An American boxer is caught in a dispute between two Japanese brothers over possession o! ancient * family swords. 661207 (MAX) MOVIE 'I Donl Buy Kisses Anymore" (1992) Jason Alexander, Nta Peeptes. An over- his heart. A 591397 .-(SHOW) MOVIE 'Ghoslbusters' (1984) Bill ,- Murray, Dan Aykroyd. Freelance ghostfight- ers run irto big-time pdlergeists when a demon their hometown. 483917 (WGN) HIGHLANDER: THE SERIES Dun- fH " "~ — 'J -" •••- f- — »w jj^i t+nt* ITll^n | Ci UOt IIUI J » / --- — .-—-—. — ^»i. i i >i_ ^^iwiii^U UUll J _ tries lo reach Earth through a Manhattan high- cai] discovers that an Immortal friend has > rise. A 412207 7:05 •j (TBS) MOVIE "National Lampoon's Animal j. House' (1978) John Belushi, Tim Matheson. In ' v the early 1960s, the repulsive Delta House *"- frat brothers battle the suave Omega House S and the college dean. 98297066 TV 7:30 IS B3 WINGS Joa and Helen must stay in a ._. cabin where Alex and Brian hoped to con"^ summate their relationship. A P559 r ~ [9 SIN BAD Zana and Little John enroll r " : David in a cooking class. A P 61511 -* 7:35 :>,•: (DIS) MOVIE "Doctor Zhivago" (1965) Omar iV? Sharif, Julie Christie. Rve Oscars went to this '.adaptation of the novel about the Bolshevik Revolution as seen through the eyes of a sen- 658135S 3»?sitive Russian physician. A P 88141743 8:00 13 SEINFELD Jerry and Elaine are apprehensive about being the godparents to their friends'newborn son. A P 87H Q STORY OF LADY BIRD JOHNSON A proffle of the former first lady, tracing her contributions to LBJ's career and her rotes in conservation, Head Start and the nalionaJ movement for beautification. A 46801 IS MATLOCK In an extended flashback, Ben remembers his first case as a defense lawyer ~ a case championed by Ben's dad, Charlie. A P 11153 B MOVIE "Why Me?" (1990) Christopher Lambert, Christopher Lloyd. A haist by two undergone a drastic personality change that threatens his sanity. A 314040 (ENC) MOVIE 'The Wild One* (1954) Marlon Brando, Mary Murphy. A small town is besieged by violence following the arrival of a rowdy gang of motorcyclists. 9998462 (MAX) MOVIE "Night and the City" (1992) Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange. A small-time hustler's plan to launch a boxing extravaganza puts him in jeopardy with a no-nonsense promoter. A P 7731998 10:35 CD TONIGHT SHOW Scheduled: aclor Ernjlio Estavez, singer Bilfy Dean, fitness expert Susan Powter. A P 669235S ED AMERICAN JOURNAL Hurricane Andrew victims swindled by conlractor fraud. 10:45 B3 PEUCULA "Los Hombres no Deben Llo- rar" Yolanda del Rio, King Clave. King Clave, en gira por Estados Unidos con Yolanda del Rio, se enamora de esta, perp Yolanda se va con su novio y King Clave con su amante 9991207 (SHOW) PRIVATE SCREENING WITH GOLDIE HAWN The actress discusses her past films. (R) 11600733 11:00 (AMC) MOVIE "Confirm or Deny (1941) Don Ameche, Joan Bennett. A war correspondent in London sacrifices the biggest scoop of his career because a woman wont transmit the story without official approval. 253917 (NICK) ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS m~™~ »r i .L, —/-•••"--• ~j •"- \mwi\j Mi-rncu niiv-nuu^ rHtJjfcNib incompetent jewel thieves leads to a cross- A woman consults an attorney about her hus- COUntrV Chase With tha nnlira anH irmonian v,,-j ,,,u_ i u.i: ;. . band, whom she believes is a murderer 351462 hijackers. A P 1228424 (SHOW) MOVIE The Human Shield" (1992) Michael Dudkotl, Tommy HinWey. A former CIA instructor returns to the Middle East Jo rescue his kidnapped brother from an Iraqi megalomaniac. A 3072789 11:05 fQ LATE SHOW Scheduled: aciress Sean Young, comic David Brenner. A P 5496511 B MOVIE "in the Custody of Strangers' (1982) Martin Sheen, Jane Alexander. Parents struggle to win the release of their teen- country chase with the police and Armenian <| terrorists on their trails. 64207 ,J (AMC) MOVIE -Confirm « Deny" (1941) Don (HS) BEE GEES: GOING HOME Highlights of « Ameche, Joan Bennett. A war correspondent the frve-time Grammy Award winners, includ- .-, in London sacnfices the biggest scoop of his ing personal interviews and footage from their • !f 98 lir aU3 ^ 1 !' 0man Won<l transmit tha '<*«« Bunion tour. (R) A P 632795 ^JSSSiSS T,^.- ^L ( HBO > ™™ "Under Siege" (1992) Steven , : (LIFE) MOVIE "Scandalous- (1984) Robert Seagal, Tommy Lee Jones. A Navy SeAL .- Hays. John Giekjud. After he meets a pair of temporarily assigned to the galley defends a | con artists en route to London, a popular tele- nuclear-armed battleship from psychopathic :,vt3on reporter finds himseH accused of murder •- • - — IJ 771337 £{USA) MOVIE "Ladykiter (1992) Miml Rogers, j John Shea. A forensic expert's investigation [ into a series of murders leads to her married i lover and his unsuspecting wife. A P i^fENC) MOVIE 'International Velvet" (1978) tfJTatum O'Neal, Christopher Plummer. "Nation!> aT Velvet Brown inspires her rebellious niece • to pursue a stot on Britain's Olympic Equestri- J r an Team, A 5818085 cuhofvigjantes. A 941269 (TMC) MOVIE "Sexual Response' (1992) Shannon Tweed, Catherine Oxenberg. A jealous lover's obsession with a radio sexologist turns Into a nightmare of fust and murder "437337 8:30 03 FRASIER Martin begins communicating . via tetescopa with a woman in another apartment buidhg. A P 7849 Q HERMAN'S HEAD Herman's dream of a " larger apartment becomes a nightmare when Heddy becomes his neighbor. A P 38795 9:00 _ CD LA. LAW Hi hires a private investigator . to investigate the husband of a murder vic- - rim; a man claims a home-shopping network ; exploited his wife's disorder. A P 6207 j, O MYSTERYl Ancred family members !' be ? in f 906 ^ anonymous letters; a can of rat j~poison is discovered and Alteyn demands a f post-mortem. A (Part 2 of 2) P 33337 a a m CD Mnld LD ® CB m 6:00 Rowanna 6:30 Cosby 3917 _7:00 | 7:30 Slar Tr A: NsxtGww. 44443 •Hot Sh«ur (19»1) CM* ShMft. A Portfofo [MorxyTalX FullKotm Coadiq N«w$795 Copt Q 81375 Ent Tonight Fortuna9l35 Cur. Alfa? October 14 64207 •HMi«notJu»W{1»2) fl 941269 •DortofZhly*a<)-(196S)Om>f Shirt, Equal Tim* Almanac 5511 PozMf/Donahw 1847356 lady Johnson 46801 A 088141743^ Tom Snydw 1850820 Gotten G. 10:30 ChwrsQ Irate DM Nan 0435996 ftaiyi.W. "Hmntdnt oMh« Hoon' (IMP) Patrick B«<fr. 12065 IsrinlaidA |Frasior Q 7649|LA.Uwn 06207 Persona] Mystsryl Q 33337 S«v»d727M ArayjoHail r\ 050608 |LoveCon. Major Uagua Baabal Rayofo: NLCS Game 7.8mvM at PhUies 32)375 Simpsons •(1968)V«lKilm»r.n (Conf d) Missing Pysona n q 35733 Matlock n DOT Hujaraa. un Carrino S8608 £1 Potion del Amaranlo 79630 "Focdoo.,- ft (Cont'd) Val8ntira5191 Guadalupa 42035 In Cofr592SStH9rman 38795 "Infcmrtonal Valwf (1978) T*um fffW. f\ 5818085 • •— ...... . Unt»Loo> LaLobaHeridalSII Equal Time 11:00 11:30 Night Court 12:00 TwiSghtZ. BM Goy: Going Horo 632795 Pozrwr/Donahu* 6312801 Charts Rose fl 89424 News 7688462 Nawsp Ton^ht Show nq 6692356 Am.Journal Chevy Chase A Q 49530 Nightiina "C**fk d» to cot' Bad Araia, Jwy Beynoto. 62849 Notra.lM Tl* Itean Seaton' (1»5) Kurt RmidL 84017998 •tetyta [Hunger [Joy-Mujic |Carrpb9Jl3 "I Don't Buy MMM Anymow' (1M2), HU P»«pfe« n | "ConfM«iont of a S*M Kill*- Nofa'as 87646 VBVW CaiMn (Lf/a) 37025608 Perry Uuon: Event dth8 Day 260511 Happen. Major Dad Wings 0 Sportsctf. Kictoff Pregama Outdoors Animals .ooney 164627 "Sticmt R«»pon8«' (1992)437337 Torn; MacNftJ-Lehraf 75733 In tiwHaatdlha Night 726191 |LaH Night f\ 5459849 U« Show ft q 5496511 iLwBrowrT M'A'S'H In <M Cmtody of Sttjnyft" (1982) "Tht Wild Or*' (1954) thrian Brando. "Ui HomtfM no D«t»n Uonr' 9991207 'Valentin*" (1983) Anthony Quinn, Jx» Sanz. 287207_ Kill Ltn* r -tight and fa City' ( W2) n Q 7731998 ViSN Showcara 9068563 | Invitation lo Lita sesaToT i* (1991) P«l* Coyot», Amarxta Pay*. 9043191 J.Dixon |Cap.-N9W3 [Haart 8703795 EvanloJ the Day 62917 "Ey« of fa Storm" (1992) Happenin (Comicview lljM}Bill tfeffity,DanAyfaoyd n4122071 "DeathBecome*HM"(1992) A Q8344733 Video Soul 951207 Murder. Sha Wrote Q 605795 Hawn 'LKfrkiltof* (tM2) Mini Royrt, John Stm. A q 625559 Comedy Staling: ProtMsimal Master? 366820 iMforaad JQ3hkoshFly-la423153 NFL Football: Los Angeles Rams at Alanla Falcons (Uvs) 513998 Screen Sc. Major Dad Cape Horn fishing 90085 ATP Mag. Pat Con. Mysterious BuBwinWe WaScns141172 Making of Gattysburg 8006608 Design. W. (Marsons Molorsports Partridge Cyds World 77375 Paafca Movia 452530 Gat Smart Machines Dragnet MotorSpofts Hour 57511 Nawhart Father Dowting MystariM [NFL Post Game 531040 This Week in NASCAR 67998 Chal!angg599199 M.T. Moofa JM.T. Moore 700 Club 777511 Wings Q Rights 6369172JBIood 2227912 IPolicy 999370 "Th« Human Shidd' (1992) ft 3072789 tComicview SportswntfH 236240 Midnight love 296375 Odd Couple QuanK-rn Leap A q 276733 Molorcycia Racing 617707 'R»d Dawn' (1964) Patrick Swaya. 483917 HS Extra Mysterious Pacifica Van Dyke Movie 353820 Lucy Show Bonanza 787998 "National Umpoon'g Animal HOCM' (1978) John Btlutht. 98297066 | "CKkft PUy* (1988) Catherine Bck*. The LJ8<«Fox*«'(1941) Bern Davit. 439714 "Sword el lh» «n]«'(1962) ScotlOenn. 661207 Beavis-Butt. Beavis-Butt n Search a.. 950852 )afl08 Una [Ctry News JnsoivBd Mysteries 154646 HerenciaHaldita 80424 Frse Your Mind Forum 786269 Real West 694563 MTV Prime ft 795917 Daman' at the Hot Spots LALawq784801 EIMa!efido61117 iNawsQ 382153 Bowling 45135 Machines Hitchcock Bordsriown Siperman Mansion Challon Donna R. PaidPfog. ,"C»Htif« 2; Th« Main Courte" (19861 "Corfirm or Deny' (1941) Don Anwhe. I "Right to T»gw' (1953), Jack fti»M Loved Three Orchestras 294707 Nashvila Now A 255795 [Night Court [Highlander:The Series314040 (Th« Big fix" (197fl) 55520 ' (1984) flobwtHayi, John Gialgud. 771337 Beavis-Butt. [Baavis-Butl [Evening at trie Improv 204064 (dub Dance n 307730 |ctryN&ws Alternative Nation fM 91171 El Derecho de Naeer 19375 [Enrique Polivoz 99511 Unsc\ed Myataries 783172 Anabel 11658 "Confirm or D»ny- (1941) Don Amtche. Real West 8S15S9 Dancin'at the Hot Spots Hacer91)757 Mysteries Todods Orchestras Nashville ThHysomethingp 322511 Carabina lluchalbre TV conversion table Sneak Preview KHTV - Houston {IND Ch. 39) THEDIRNFYCHAMNFI THE MOVIE CHANNEL SHOWTIME Community Bulletin Board/l.O. HOME BOX OFFICE KUHT - Houston (PBS Ch. 8) KTXH - Houston (IND Ch. 20) KPHC - (NBC Houston Ch. 2) " KHOU - Houston (CBS Ch. 11) FOX- Houston (KRiV Ch. 26) - in Stereo Q - Close Captioned (R) - Re-run Gai. KTRK - Houston (ABC Ch. 13) ENCORE KXLN-UNIVISION KTMO - Telemundo (Ind. Ch. 48) KHSH - Shopping CINE^AX VH-1/The Comedy Nerwork EWTH/TBN - Eternal Word/Trinity Broadcasting VISN/ACTS- Religious Network TWC - The Weather Channel C-SPAN - House ol Representatives TNN - The Nashville Network LIFETIME BET- B'ack Entertainment Television USA-USA Network Gal. TCI 763-5321 ESPN - National Spons Network CNN - Cable News Network TNT - Turner Nerwork Television Storer Cable (713) 645-2311 HSE - Homa Sports Entertainment TDC - The Discovery Channel CNN 2-HeadlineNews NICK-Nickelodeon ~~~ FAM - The Family Channel WTBS -Atlanta Suoerstation WGN - Chicago Superstalion AMC-American Movie Classics MTV - Music Television A & E - Arts & Entertainment Channel CNBC - Consumer News & Business Channel GALAVISION COURT TV ~~ Request 1 Request 2 Gal. 43, 99. 62, 81 wiLitsfunwjuniT ^^ TV Week& Entertainment Guide Available each Sunday in The Galveston Daily News 24 Hour Listings VCR Plus Codes Prime Time Program Descriptions Sports Movie Descriptions [Pop CULTURE "Baywatch" star David Hasselhoff enjoys a parallel career as a singer - and has become one of Germany's top pop stars! The 6'4" Baltimore, Maryland, native was waiting tables in Los Angeles in the mid-1970s when he was spotted by a casting director. Roles in "Police Story" and "The Love Boat" led to a seven-year stint on the U.S. daytime soap opera "The Young and The Restless." 1. In which short-lived 1980 sitcom did Hasselhoff p!ay a character called Shake Tiller ? 2. Name the series in which Hassethoff co-starred with a crime-fighting car called K.l.T.T. 3. What is the name of the character that Hasselhoff plays in "Baywatch"1 uouueyong [STARGAZING j.^eJ aico de Fernando Rore para ayudarte a -expScar los gracjosos vkteos envfados por los jtatevkientes.9563 (TDC) CHALLENGE A Norwegian explorer i takes his family and his camera crew and saite i forlhe North Pofe.(R) 599199 ; . (MAX) MOVIE "Confessions of a Serial Kiler* . (1992) Robert A. Bums, Dennis HI Inspired by ! -. tha horrific story of Henry Lee Lucas, one of ^America's most brutal serial Miters. 507398 jSfSHOW) MOVIE 'Deelh Becomes Her" (1992) | Meryl Sreep, Bruce Wilfe. The secret of eter- i J nai Be p»s (wo fomwr friencfe gainst each oth- j-er in tha spedaJ^ftects fantasy from Robert | Zenwdds. C\ P 8944733 (TBS) MOVIE "Critters 2: The Main Course' (1988) Scott Grimes, Liane Curtis. The small town o) Graver's Bend is once again invaded by carnivorous hair bails from space. 6127658 11:20 (TMC) MOVIE 'Eye of the Slorrrf (1992) Dennis Hopper, Lara Rynn Boyfe. A motel on Ihe edge of the Mojave Desert provides a bleak setting for a stranded traveler and her two mysterious hosts. C\ P 93534675 11:30 (LIFE) THIRTYSOMETHING A video dating service may bring "Mr. Right" to Melissa and eiyn. P 322511 (TDC) SECRET UFE OF MACHINES The origins ol the light bulb and other forms of etectric light. (R) 125269 (USA) QUANTUM LEAP Sam stares into the barrel of a six-gun after leaping into the fife ol an elderly, once-celebrated gunslinger whose former partner wants his rightful share of glory, n P 276733 (WGN) MOVIE The Big Fa" (1978) Richard Dreyfuss, Susan Anspach. An unconventional private detective is drawn into a case involving political corruption and murder. 555207 11:35 O LATE NIGHT Scheduled: Steve Allen, actress Trffanl-Amber Thiessen, Charlie Wans' A 5459849 CNN is on Channel 26 CNN-2 in on Channel 30 Both offer around the clock news related stories Associated Press The art of fatherhood NEW YORK — After the affair, and the divorce, and the break-up, and the reunion, and the next break-up, and the sequel, there was a happy ending Wednesday for The DONALD and MARIA; a baby daughter. The little bundle of joy — the fourth child for Trump, the first for Maples — arrived at 12:50 p.m. in an undisclosed Florida hospital, Trump spokeswoman Norma Foerderer said. Trump was with Maples for the delivery, anri their daughter weighed in at 7^ pounds, she said. The couple named her TIFFANY TRUMP. The name, selected by The Daddy, is a reference to his art of the deal: Trump's purchase of the air rights above Tiffany's cleared the way for his Trump Tower on Manhattan's Fiah Avenue. "He's thrilled," Foerderer said. "He said it was a miracle. He's very, very happy." The baby, who came five days before the due date, follows years of love and war between Trump and his blond mistress. His affair with Maples led to his split with wife Ivana in 1990 and their divorce two years later. He and Maples have since gone through a highly public series of breakups and makeups but have never married. Maples had been staying at Trump's Palm Beach, Fla., estate awaiting the baby's arrival. Facelifting experience NEW YORK — She made her name as a dumpy everywoman, but ROSEANNE ARNOLD has no apologies for the plastic surgery that's made her look better and feel better. "We're not in a perfect feminist world, and we never wfll be. And even if we were, Td still have plastic surgery," the 41-year-old star of TVs "Roseanne" says in November's Ladies' Home Sliver of things to come American actress Sharon Stone smiles in the wedding gown designed by Italy's Valentino as she models for Valentino's 1994 Spring/Summer ready-to-wear collection presented in Paris Wednesday. Journal. Arnold says she has undergone breast reduction surgery, a nose job and a facelift. She's also dieting and exercising. "It makes you feel really good about yourself. I mean, you have flaws that bother you, and to erase them is great. It was like reversing years of abuse that I've done to my body. I feel Arnold like I'm starting over," she said. And what of her fans who saw a rotund Roseanne as a role model? "Nobody can be fat philosophically," she said. People are fat for protection, I think And it was so hard for me to let go of those pounds. But I notice the braver I get, the more weight goes No bodyguard to help her NEW YORK — Police apologized Wednesday to WHITNEY HOUSTON and BOBBY BROWN, whose limousine was mistakenly stopped at Kennedy International Airport by nine gun-waving officers looking for drug couriers. Charles Knox, superintendent of the Port Authority police, delivered the apology personally in a phone call to Houston's office. His call reversed the department's previous statement, which challenged the singer's version of what happened Sept. 30. "I offer my deepest apologies ... for the unfortunate and unwarranted stoppage of their vehicle," Knox said. "Both the Port Authority police and Ms. Houston have always agreed this was a case of mistaken identity." Knox said he is investigating whether to discipline the offN cers. Houston Police stopped the limousine because they mistakenly believed it contained drug couriers. Houston and Brown, who are married, were detained even after Houston flashed the officers a peace sign and identified herself, said Houston spokeswoman Lois Smith. Houston, whose recent hits include "I Will Always Love You" and Tm Every Woman," is in Berlin as part of an international tour.

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