Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on May 2, 1963 · Page 48
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 48

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1963
Page 48
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THE scwe AW eoes ro THE GWENDOLYN AY BEAUIY SAUM- SWP CRYING.-Ill TAKE CAKE OF HER. BRENDA STARR OH, WHAT A LOVELY i REALLY SHOULDN'T OUT ON THE OTHER HAND, LITTLE HAT-I've JUST /,, C W E CANT AFFORD IT DON'T SEE A BARGAIN LITTLE ARGUMENTS WITH LIKE THAT EVERY DAY BLOINDIE 1 I WISH THE. GUDER YfOULD COttt DOWN SOON.I'M ETTING- FARTHtft AND FARTHER FROM HOWE/ MILE KFFER WILE GOES BY, AND STIU. THE SLIDER FUES ON AND ON. CITIZEN COMICS THE GIRLS MAY 2, 1963 IS TMIS V THREE 22O OAK )HOUSES S T R E E T ? / UP--. THAT'S WHERE I LIVE BOY---I'M SO TIRED FROM PLAYIN ALL DAY (^UPHOLSTERER ) "The trouble with tours is by the time you get to do what you please, you're too tired to." ISANCY £'it SHE INSISTS THAT YOUR ^/ THAT...THAT5 X SOK-IN-LAW IS HER LEGAL \ HORRIBLE/IT WILL HU5BAND...THAT SHE'S GOINGVK1U ELIZABETH// TO THE POLICE AND DEMAND/^--'· , f HIS PROSECUTION AS A S s± h 1 J ^^. y BIGAMIST/ YES. MY DEAR LADY...BUT SHE'S T.( YES, DOCTOR/ 010 YOU LOCATE LOLA LAROC, DOCTORT TELL MRS. PLUTARK V./- sii^\ p THAT DR. VAN BERNy' *r'fW*-«Ri v REX MORGAN I SUPPOSE ANYONE WOULD GET ^ OF STEAK, POTATO PATTIES, ) I HEY/ THAT SOUNPS GREAT/ V4OW ABOUT ORAMSE JUICE, COPtO TOAST ANP COFFEE? I'D LIKE SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR BREAKFAST APPLE PIE AMD CHOCOLATE MILK SHAKES BEETLE BAILEY HORE I^TURWINS THE: RIVER/ LAREDO 9' ^ COL.CANYON KNOWS ...IT 15 THE POUTE HE TOO* NOW- FPOM iiTil-ANP WHEN THE LAMBETH (5JKL WAS SHOT, 50 WE HAVE A CLOiE PINPOIhfT OF LOCATION WE HAVE PLEASE LEAVE SPECIAL MEANS To US-... WE TO DEAL WITH SHALL. D!£- TPAITDP5... PLAV PHOTO PROOF AFTER FACT...IF YOU IP AU- PROVES AV STATEP/THEN TURKS OF PED UNDERGROUND HAVE INVOLVEMENTS IN THIS.'... WE THINK THE £EPS HAVE PLANTEP A MISSILE WITH " UNITEP STATES* PAINTED OMITS SI PE -70 PE PU3 UP WHEN IT CAN CAUSE THE CKCAT6ST P/S- GENTLEMCN,WE WANTEP THE JOINT . MILITARY MISSION AIP TO TO KNOW AROUT THIS ATTEMPT... TELL ME WHY What Was The Great Ice Age? Win a valuable prize. Send your question, name, address ana age to TELL ME WHY! care of this paper. The Britannica Junior, 15- volume encycloDedia for school and home, will be awarded for the letter selected. In the case of duplicate questions, the author of "Tell Me Why!" will select the winner. Today's winner is: Carol Koontz, 8, Mannvllle, Alberta THAI'S tUHV r DON'T UJA.NT TO START...I'M AFRAID I MI6HT ENJOV IT j If you lived in Greenland you could say you were stil living in the Ice Age! Most of Greenland is covered with a continental glacier and, of course, Antarctica also is covered with a glacier. But what we mean hy the great Ice Age or Glacial Period is when a great creeping ice sheet covered a big section of North America. It is believed that this Ice Age began nearly 1 million years ago and it ended in northern United States only a few thousand years ago. Four million square miles of North America were buried under a continental glacier which reached as far south as Long Island the Ohio and Missouri Rivers. Near its center this mass of ice must have been from 10,000 to 15,000 feet thick. There is evidence that this great glacier formed and then melted away at least four times during the Ice Age! A similar continental glacier also invaded northern Europe and western Siberia. The North American continental glacier spread outward from three centers--one in Labrador, one west of Hudson Bay and a third in western Canada. Most of Canada was covered, though large areas in central Alaska escaped Within the glacial limit in the United States, an area of 10, 000 square miles, mainly in southwestern W i s c o n s i n called the Driftless Area, wa never covered by ice. The glacier changed not only soils and the land surface, but rivers and drainage also. River valleys were blocked and sometimes lakes were formed; rivers had to find new courses. Many changes in animal and plant life also were brought about by the continental glacier. Arctic animals migrated southward; animals which couldn't stand the colder conditions moved to warmer places or died out. The native wild animals found in North America now are only a fraction of the varieties of beasts that lived here before the Ice Age! FUN TIME The Chuckle Box. Panhandler: Sir, could I have $10 for a cup of coffee? Passerby: But coffee only costs 10 cents a cup. Panhandler: I'm a big tipper. Mother: Joey, stop reaching for things at the table. Use your mouth. Joey: But Mom, it's easier to reach for things with my hands. « * * Word Puzzle c A R D M I N E STEVE CANYON Can you change the first word "Card" to the last word "Mine" in four moves? Change one letter in the word with each move. See tomorrow's paper for the answer, Send your tricks, riddles, or puzzles to TELL ME WHY! Give your name, age and address. A Britannica World Atlas or illustrated Year Book of important events in every field will bo awarded for the letters selected each week. Only Sinners This Sunday CHICOPEE, Mass. -- UP)-The Rev. C. W. Kirkpatrick, pastor of the Federated Church, says the sermon at next Sunday's 10:45 a.m. service is "for sinners only and all saintly persons are requested to stay home." The pastor notified his congregation today that he is making the request "so we may concentrate on sinners, to whom we offer a cordial invitation regardless of how large or small their involvement is." II BET IF /OL TR160 IT AH/1 ALVVAVS LOOK FOWARP TO FRIDAY WISHT5,,,THE WEEK ENP AHEAP OF ME.. PROBLEMS,,, HO PRESSURES,,, J THE JOB JAR JUST BLEW ITS LIP/ _ _ HI AND LOIS THAT WAS A TERRIFIC. BOOK, WILEY.-WHAT'S WHAT'S \ WOULD VE LIKE AlUN' YOU? /ME TO SARVE YOU M WM 'AN'YORE FRIENDS 7 NOT WHILE /M LOSIN 1 !! PAW!! CAN VE- SPARE A secoNT? SOME REFRASHMENTS? SNUFFY SMITH PLEASE EXCUSE, SENORA fE NOT HAP TIME TO CLEAN CABIN. THtVRE LOAPIK6 PEPPER.-TOEV KNOW HOW TO HANDLE SUCH THINGS BUZ SAWYER I V/HAR'STU' TGOING UP, ] 1 Rlf^ UAU IK1 TUAT A. AH HA1 NT A GUEST, DID VO' JEST SAVTH' BIGGEST HAM IN TH'WORLD WENT IN THAR? SO IT WOULDM T BE ·VOUR SUITE HOHET FO'METO WEAR OUT TH 1 CAME IN? /TOTHE75th LIL ABNER Pop's going ta bs plentg burned when \\z finds cut you took his car.' Burned, ·simply burned! Ibhg don't up to the you push hei* gas station? There isn't time! got to be home in ten minutes.' Yvonne's battem It's vital,simply vita! that I be home by seven? is dead.Ciovia.' I'm going , to drive her home in ' wnat, Chipper? HELLO! WHEN i WAS IN VOUfc STORE TOPAY I PIP A VERY STUPID THINf... MVS05H! HOW 5TUP1D OF ME! I WALKEP OFF ANP LEFT, MY PURSE IN THF 5TORE5 I'D BETTER PHONE THEM AND SEE IF THEV FOUNP IT! ONE MOMENT, PLEASE I I'LL CONNECT YOU Y/1TK THAT DEPARTMENT; SMIDGENS WAY UP THERE. OKAY-KEEP TOSSING HIM RAISINS AND THROW IN A FEW PEANUTS. WHERE IS HE? WE NEED THAT RAVEN. THE MANOR REALLY COT BUGGED! ( /'KNOW WHAT THAT / Jf ? OUR CMNCg to MARCH/ ro you? wu-o? H6U.O?

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