Independent from Long Beach, California on May 23, 1957 · Page 66
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 66

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 66
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P9 Z l -- P 5 Z2--P3 Z4--P22 ZS (MVjlMlh (Cim.), May Drop Bushel as Measure By 1.YI.K SCmVII.UXfl KANSAS Cm', Mo. H'.KI-. Like the old gray mure, the Mis nourl mule, the old bucket and walking plow, another lom;- ·tandlng farm tradition may lc On the way out. Thin is the bushel, R standard of measure used by farmers for centuries and possibly dating bark to Ililillcal times. Modern technology Is forcing the bushel to Rive way to mcas urine by weight. The reason- no one quite agrees Just what Is a bushel. You might say that a bushel Is the amount of something that can IK- put In a bushel basket, mich as apples at the super market. Hut In some states, the basket Is filled tn overflowing-In others to a line level with the top of the container. And again, contents of the bushel usually vary In weight. No itt-o bushels of apples weigh the same, and no two bushels of wheat do either. This variation has b r o u g h t on tho common practice of selling by the bushel- pound method, and causes con tiderablc mathematics. For these reasons, the U. S. Department of Agriculture, itatc ngcncies, and leaders nt th» grass roots, level arc attempting to do aw»y with the "bushel" as « term of measurement and use "weight" Instead, TIIK K A N S A S NTATK JIOAlin OK AtlKICUl.TIIKK re rently a n n o u n c e d that the change-over probably will mean that sometime In the near future, the state's wheat crop likely will be measured In hundred weights instead of bushels. Farmers presently take their ivhent to market, weigh It, and divide the weight by GO, the number of pounds set for a ·tnmlnnl bushel of wheat to weigh. The wheat then Is sold by the bushel. Hut lenders now sny. why not nell the wheat, and other products, by weight, rather than · through the process of dividing the total weight, then multiplying this by the price per bushel. Roy Fret-land, secretary of Kansas board, admitted there would be difficulties to the changeover but »ald they would be only temporary. The hardest thing, as Freeland visualized It, would be getting farmers to speak of yields In terms of "hundredweight per Here" instead of the common "bushel per acre," And of sentimental value only would be the passage of a long-standing tradition, one that served well through centuries before scales came along to make measurement by weight more practical. New Luxury Trailer Park Set-to Open One of the larRcst nml most modern mobile home Imlces In the Southern Callfornln area, thf new Ilnhln Trailer Villa, built by Volk McLnln Co., Is opening In Garden Grove this \veck. Luxury features Include an extremely force heated swimming pool with hl-fl music plpel In under the water. Next to 1he pool Is a colorful Run-deck urea partially covered by lattice work. The furnished community rluli housn will provide accommodations for buffet dinners, clanccH, and many other forms j of entertainment. Card tables and Indoor games, and a fully equipped kitchen, will take care of the frequent seasonal and *[edal event parties which will be scheduled. Tile recreation area will In chide nhuffleboiird, croquet, bnd mlnton, plng-ponc. volley bull, horseshoes, barliecue and color television. A special feature will be the greenhouse for use by amateur gardeners. There will be two well located laundry rooms with latest equipment, private showers, dressing rooms and toilets, drying lines and even H cnr-wush rack. · * * I.OCATKP ON 11.3 acr«s. tho new trailer park will have 171 s p a c p R , Including accomoda- tlitns for the new '35-fcet "ten- wldes." Designed by Allx-rt I. Swltzer, one of tho. nation's leading mobile homes pnrk builders, llnhla Trailer Villa Is meant for adulfs only, with no pets allowed. The entire park Is landscaped, nnd has decorative ornamental lighting throughout. Kach trail- rr spncc is surfaced and patios HIT of concrete construction. New optlonnl features being Introduced are cabanns and "ra- mndas," the latter being g a i l y colored canopies adjacent to or covering the trailer or patio ·puce. Precaution VICTOHIA Wi -- Under Brlt- · Ish Columbia'* new traffic act 1he victim of H car thgft can t* taken to court, at well as the .' thief, If he failed to turn off the motor, lock the Ignition And remove the key, LET'S HAVE A FRYING CHICKE YOU WILL FIND PURE DELIGHT IN JIM DANDY'S PLUMP AND TENDER, FRESH. WHOLE BODY FRIED CHICKEN ... AMAZINGLY FRESH WITH A DEEP GOLDEN, RICH COLOR, REALLY APPEALING TO THE EYE. AND WAIT 'TIL YOU TASTE THE LIP-SMACKING CORN-FED FLAVOR AND THE JUICY TENDERNESS OF THESE CHICKENS .. . HERE IS REAL EATING PLEASURE! DELIVERED FRESH DAILY , ..THERE S NO TWO WAYS ABOUT IT, JIM DANDY CHICKEN IS REALLY WONDERFUL . . . IT LOOKS GOOD, IT SMELLS TEMPTING AND TASTES DELICIOUS ... AND MAN-0-MAN HAS JIM DANDY TRIMMED THE PRICE THIS WEEKEND. DON'T MISS THIS BARGAIN . . . LOAD YOUR FREEZERS, TOO, AT THIS SPECIAL LOW PRICE! SERVE WITH CHICKEN No. 300 CAN CUT UP-PAN READY CHICKEN FRYERS STEER BEEP . . . . 4jib .35'* 7-BONE "} ~7 i CHUCK ROAST . . . . . . 3 / ib ...USDA CHOICE STEER BEEF HADE CUT CHUCK ROAST MAZOLA OIL, qt... 49' TOBASCO SAUCE. 35' ROUND BONE CHUCK ROAST FRESH LEAN--PRECISION CUT GROUND BEEF FRESH FILLET ROCKFISH 39{. FRESH FILLET SEA BASS 45. COCA COLA . . . .6'"55* "PORK end BEANS -1 r"if 1«J CAN . . .25. APPLBERRY SAUCE JIM DANDY SLICED BACON SLICED THICK OR REGULAR REYNOLDS WR/\P NOW. new... frozen CREAM PIES FOX DELUXE FROZEN . DEEP DISH APPLE PIE I O'/i-OZ. SERVES TWO PAPER , NAPKINS UNION ROYAL BRAND ALL MEAT LARGE BOLOGNA By tho Piece . . . .~J -7 J|, , . Han't What You S*tv« At A CHICK-N-QUf To Make H A Sun- Fin Success/ CHICUNI 1AUICUID · OOAM l»ur CMNUIIT SAUCI ·OTAtOfS IAKID IN MTNMM IO1IID OUIN I COCA-COLA VI Of ciHf IVi 1 Vl IWIfMtl IlkMCt Mtt 2 It ) krUUf.frrn cMctm. «ffl It* *· ·In, tutlmi, *r ktttrt nl l«| It fnpmtt ttlMtl MMUM Motol* Ol, l.mon |ui or y.n^oi, wol.r, Hit. lugar and TabaKO Mo Mwctpan. Miol In boiling. K»«p hot for bailing ehici.n. Mi* thoroughly bcfor* *och ' bailing. If you prt(»f a highly MO lon.d MUC* lncr*aM ToboKO ond odd ffuttord ond Wof(»lt*fthir« tow(«. I. IvrUcM CMtllMI* H Ming holm or quort«k hook wing tlf b*- hind ihouldir join! onto back. Brv»H with lh« bo/b«w« tovc*. Mac* D« grot* i«t 12 Inch*! or mof« fro* K*o« -- ikln »id« owoy from Hoot, C*«k ond bolting ·od tl«M. Alkw I to 114 houn totol tooting lux. DraeXkk hould Iwlrt ·aiih/ xrt irf Hllgh folnl. If port, ar« in«d,thkkMl pl«CM thovld b* forH«nd«r. JuH Mora Hn*«g bruth chkltfl with ony l«rt«**r Mvo» or UM for dunking. lttdMrOv»«(t Hoot cHkkM. iklit lidt down, In ihollow baking pan linrd with Ktynoldl Wrap. ta»t »«h MIX*. Plot* III prth*at*d hoi OWM (450° F.) until lightly browotd, oboul ;S ninut.t. ttdxt h*oi H 355° F. Turn »kin lid* wpi bmt*. ConllniM boklng 21 la 30 mlnvlM. (art* fr»- qutntly to UM all tk* MUC*. Tvrt for don«n«H at d*icrib*d obov*. S«rv* with *au« drippingl. Total cooking lir»« (of 2 Ib. r*ody l«ook brollini iO to 60 minutn. *EM(*l!«At rvtulti d*p*nrj upon »low cooking -- glowing cooll (no* lom*) ond propvr d.ilonc* from h*crf- * J'/i Sill C«iv 19' ;,.C.n 1Q, 30J 5;» Cm JIM DANDY FARM FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ROASTING EARS AT THEIR BEST . . . THE FINEST GOLDEN KERNEL C O R N THiRI'S A NIW HOMI-SROWN FLAVOR IN FRfSH. tONC. GRIEN CUCUMBERS ...... . · · _ 5« MAUY MESH . . . RIALIY TRIE.RIPI Q B i ^ GRAPEFRUIT . . . . . . BIG O ; LB - BAS PMSH KOASTID JUMiO ^ . $1 VIRGINIA PEANUTS . . . . . 3 LBS ' ' JANET DAVIS fROZEN CHICKEN PIE TREESWEET fROZEN ..... 4-OZ. "^ ».. "^ T ORANGE JUICE . .2'" 2.3 GOLDEN STATE PREMIUM- ICE CREAM, -1/2 gal. . 80 COUNT PAPER WRAP 10' 4100 ORANGE AT CARSON. LONG BEACH 2056 PACIFIC AT WILLARD. LONG BEACH 2214 ATLANTIC AT HILL. LONG BEACH _ IN LOMITA -24911 SO. WESTERN AT CRENSHAW PRICES EFFECTIVE THURS., FRI 4 SAT. SUN., MAY 2 3 . 2 4 . 2 5 - 2 6 limit Rlghli R,i.».d $.!·· I« »· T "' kl """'

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