Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 43
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 43

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 43
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I J Hopped Up About Bunny By TEDD THOMEY K"l believe ta the Easter Bunny. You don't believe the ij Mter bunny. But are you aware, by golry. that · of our sffly jtubbornness we may be missing out tl tiling? _ _ jg among us ia Long Beach are (oiks who think there r« »y be aa Easter rabbit after alL And Fm not -- talking about little people of 3, 4 and 5. Fm talking about adults. And I can assure you that these adults are not ready for a one-way journey to Nut Street or Booby- line. They happen to be intelligent, alert adults who find ftrange objects on their front porches every Easter morning. Strange objects like colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and candies. Take Ken and Ruth Schwartz, of 7222 Rosebay SL. for example. When the mysterious eggs ini cardies started showing upon their porch every Easter ijtt, K en thought Ruth was playing a joke on him, and Ruth tl(ought Ken was playing a joke on her. Finally- they convinced one another of their innocence. Srycral years passed before they discovered what was hi ippening. Friends of theirs. Tom and Elaine Marks, of 627.1) Keynote SL, were visiting their house in the still of thd night and dropping off the goodies. Mil. and Mrs. Marks are real, honest-to-goodness Easter bunnies. Each Easter they arise at 3 am. During the EKCt five hours, they go hoppity hop hop to the homes of 20 or 25 friends and acquaintances, quietly depositing treats! on front porches throughout Long Beach and Lakei.cod. 7. key do it just for fan. particularly enjoying dis- truii Ssg goodies to the homes of new acquaintances vcho ccn'J it* the life of them guess where the eggs and candies THOYIEY f. SPOT NEWS FROM TABLECLOTH ROW: A frequent guest at the Hawaiian restaurant. 4645 E. Pacific Coast Hwy.- is handsome film and TV star Ray Milland. Accompanied by his wife and daughter, .-he .enjoys the. Hawaiian's Cantonese foods, especially the. exotic appetizers, and oftea chats lengthily with owner-hostess Thelma Mack. . . . Fve burned Dp a few choice adjectives in the past raving about the prime rib au jus at Jack's Corsican Room. 5430 E.' Second SL. but here 1 go, gladly, again. That prime rib (J4 on a bountiful dinner) is MILLAND superb, wonderful and magnificent. . . . And I don't mind raving either about the quality of the grilled swordfish dinner ($130) at Welch's elegant restaurant on Atlantic Avenue at San Antonio Dr. It's a terrific treat.... If you're looking for schmaltzy Bavarian beer garden atmosphere, and an excellent, modestly priced steak, try the Hofbrau dub, at 22 Hart PL, near the L.B. Arena. It's $2.25 until 30 pjn, when the community sing-a-long starts, and $2.50 thereafter. It's a bargain at either price. And Cere's good news for those fortunates among us who remember the Sunday morning brunch at the old Crow's restaurant Bob Crow is now featuring the brunch at his extraordinarily beautiful Mr. Cs restaurant. 5305 E. Pacific Coast Hwy. Offered are salads, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, rolls, melons, other fruits and other hot entrees. Served from 10 am. to 2 p.m, the brunches are $2.25 for adults, $125 for children. * * * THIEF WITH A POETIC HEART--The painting of a nude girl stolen last month from Don May's Gay 90s restaurant on Signal Hill was returned recently via Railway Express frora San Diego. The thief, obviously a philosopher who likes to live dangerously, lent it back with this note: truly, distinctive FOR OVER A QUARTER CENTURY RESTAURANT INDEPENDENT--Pia» V?* iMdl CM*/ +r**T. UriL MO, · 7rowM«fiJtwj»ao»...,. ? atmospherecft2egatce ._,, 4 Ifgt*s at Alfreds. Exqvitit*,. £ Cfca/i"a«ifoJCWst.«." ' _ :« GA 3-2168 for reterratioiii'i_ f 1* K3OUSE OF WONDERFUL CANNELLONI-- I suppose it'j t s cause Italians are basically warm-hearted, fun- Jovbi g people. Maybe that's why their restaurants are so . iater'e sting and full of original touches. Take Joe Manno. ' for fib.tance. Joe, who owns Manno's Pizza Den. 5607 SouiySt, Lakewood, recenUy returned from a trip to Eng5iad and Italy. He brought back a pile of colorful Itaiui travel posters which are now displayed in the rest^iaant's front dining room. Where do you suppose theyfre? displayed? On the waits? Don't be silly. They're pastinj to the ceiling. making it the most colorful and nova I ceiling in town. Mrs. T and I admired the posters durii R our visit to Macro's last week. But even more we £ ilmired the delicious cannelloni, a dish you won't find! featured at any other Long Beach area restaurant. CamVeUoni consists of large egg noodles stuffed with a heavenly mild mixture of rich cheese,- eggs, parsley, and '{spices. They are baked lightly and topped with a mejj* sauce. Manno's serves two large cannelloni for $2.75 i with a hearty minestrone soup or fine salad with blue cheese dressing, Italian bread, coffee or tea. | Foodnotf: Manno's cho serves the most unusual pizai in ft rivn. Called O'Cazon. it may sound Irish but it defi- Tulcijr isn't. It's a huge. folded-over ptzra stuffed with xalaitul. cheese and eggs. On« O'Caron (f35Q) can serve /oui'i persons. Joe mentions it on his menu in this uncorc- vcntfanal way: "Nero afe it. Caesar craved if. Columbus forj'pt to bring it over. 1 * "Not the quarry, but the chase. "Not the victory, but the race." R O O M featuring: CHARCOAL BROILED STEAK DINNERS ii m LAF^AYETTE Holel and Uanala. UOADWAY AND II NO EH--DOWNTOWN HE SSill PRIME RIBS Tfc« wcrtd *re*Bd *t boost «l rt« Rant h f rant l*«f . . . ciywtort! NOW IAMQUET FACILITIES TO 151 L U N C H E O M £··» r»cur Oriwrrtt ISKCHIU* BQB MOREAU li . f t * DE1T. OF UNUSUAL SIGNS --Are you a turtle? H a n , you're iavited to enter Nik's Viking Room and Coffee Shop, 3400 Cherry Ave. through its unique rear tnt nnce. The whole thing is sort of a gag. but it works. Oai the rear gate is posted this sign: "SECRET TURTLE DOOR TO LOUNGE. USE FRONT DOOR AFTER 9 PJ.!. W/CTCH YOUR STEP. PLEASE." i Alter you enter the gite. jnu walk straight ahead to' a door. But you don't enter through that door. Instead yo ; » read a sign on it wiiich says: "OKAY SO FAR. NJ1W THIS WAY." An arrow points to the left You go i lew steps in the new direction and you encounter a tVfcd sign which announces: THIS IS IT." j J And there, finally, is the real rear entrance to Nik's. Vtyy convenient, too. Takes you right post the men's end lid its rooms. I f JOTTINGS OF A FRISKY TABLE HOPPER AND Ni\ME DROPPER: Are you ia the mood for some fresh, ,'appetizing, just right Chinese food, modestly priced? Then KVisit Yee'i Kitchen, 5003 Faculty Avt, Lakewood Center, kAAere Cantonese family dinners are the feature. ... If f someone in your party wants Japanese food as well as f Chinese food, then try Jack Yamashita's Chopstick Inn, { 2051 Santa Fe Ave. The Inn, which has a fancy new ': banquet room ia the rear, is open daily frora 1130 am. i to 10 p-m.... Bargain hunters are continually impressed · with the $1 and $120 dinners at Clifton's, one of the ' Southland's most beautiful cafeterias at 5006 Pepperwood /Ave, Lakewood Center. Featured nightly except Fridays 'and Sundays, the dinners, include fir.e entree, salad. "Unsurpassed Continental end American Cuisine". COMPLETE LUNCHEONS DAILY Large Assortment of Specialties from Oar Complete Me no HUR · COCKTAILS *#**%·% *** BANQUETS 25 TO ^^'^^'^IS '*''""'"''''£ **V : *-' ? "«^* Ijaf^Misfi*^ B B fe t-*iV*?. ^**M'1fi3s 1*it*iif4?St!l® MANHATTi 1909 E. 4th STREET · HEmlock 6-0620 CiOIfO HOHOtT World Famous SEA FOOD n 4*} ff txr trv Stss Kecmi. Yff'U tt tirr ttrr trotted and KICK. JflTH C, K7CH.«C · \ " F A M I L Y ' ' " ' ' RESTAURANT: LUNCHEON DAILY JPECIH CHILDREN'S UEKU VISIT CUR GIFT SHOP EXTENSIVE BANQUET FACILITIES 14278 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY SURFSIOE · AT THE SEA GE 0-1523 '; ACltS OF fill FAIIINS Visa Or ttikmMln la Grtl itef *.i^x ^ S For /hi? Finest SI oaks--.Soa Food Prime Ilili-Chicken The Only Place of Its Kind on the Coast »· Art fma » «· fh. HE 7-5124 733 E. BROADWAY '.whipped potatoes, roll and beverage. . . . Another place which features an outstanding )I dinner is Mary Lou's I Cafe. 5705 Atlantic. It includes the whole works--soup. salad, entree, vegetables, beverage and dessert. Delicious too. · ou* ewn no · evt own nil · out om PHI · IF TOU WANT . . . ft f'vt »amten* i« llrj . . . tfe^ ly for ier«i VtrTcTott SOUTHtlfJ FlltO CHICKEN. Ray's Range forrri«rfy Kcy'i H^f CltSON et OlANCf · out c«n rut · out evu fits · ov* ami rici lAU'JWv^VvWViWj THE WELCOME MAT tS OUT... Rixby Knolls' ncircsl mnst MODERN Hcstaurnnl KEN'S RESTAURANT NOW OPEN DAILY The exciting modem Spanish design PLUS delectable cuisine ii a cew cScensioa ia c2ning for TOU end your !CSU!T! Indulg* ycurjfll... Din* at Ken's Resturcnt Soon! FINE FOOD · COCKTAILS 3918 LONG BEACH BLVD. · 426-2336 IAHT HOOM C10SZD SUNBAT Mr. C s ANNOUNCES A SUNDAY MORNING BRUNCH EVEST SUNDAT II AJ*.-: PJ4 TOU MAT CHOOSE TOUH FAVORITE SALADS · POTATOES · SAUSAGES 1ACOX · SCHAMBLED EGGS* BOLLS MELONS · FRUITS · HOT ENTRIES UO.TS $2-25 CKltltl DISCI II SI-2S let Rtlcrvationl, AVT. r. 2JM STIIIT I£SEIVATX)XS JACK'S LUXURIOUS DINING ROOM FOR YOUR DINING PLEASURE LEISURE DINING IN ELEGANT SURROUNDINGS THE TENDERLOIN the refiasrant that glorifies bee! Here you may enjoy beef in the shades of elegance from the exquisite tenderloin to the mere common chopped sirloin. WHH« cfinTng af the Tencferloln Be sure fo ast for your FREE MEMBERSHIP CARD fo rte ALL NEW TENDERLOIN CLUB WHERE YOU'LL FHNO . . . Entertainment tetCunss George Kainapou Kuulei cnsic -- hula -- Cealents* -- Araericea Food* Tropical Drbikl 4 MESa LUNCHEON Cockta3 Km I T2I UO i VJOS. fcn HCDAT ....... _,,,, FASHOM SHOW I0;ns ^^ Tun. Fit Nooa ct · K==i=l rAcumzs S4S E. PACTJIC COAST HIGHWAY GE 3-7«7~ ... our specialty StvtraT VoritfTci fa Ctioat* Front Trtat Yosr Family fo Our oad KavioK VILLA BELLA OM »u «j«. -- f rt * SJL f n -- ar*t rat. · Tk« SWu «lt · ITcfitan* Ktft f« (r«t4 · Frttty Gi^i fi »t»* j* f trftc! w v y f f co^p^ HI T. IHI W. fACJFlC COAJT HI6HWAT 4363 ATLANTIC AYE. GArfield 6-5533 NOW WITH A NEW LOOK! DcEcten Ckor-trofcd Sfcok ·rrti VTA S«c» *r 5o'ti lt\tt ' $ 1.95 melody cove mi * ctosib" SONOAT rorKr.tirs j K

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