The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 3, 1957 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1957
Page 1
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HARt&KCANDIBAm ANSWER QUfSflONS ON POLICY IN LEAGUE 6WD£: MGf ONf rHMSDAY ~ V ' ! 'l TicU Schedule . Hi*h B:6T 3:Sfl p.m. Thurarlay— High 8-.30 and 11:03 p.m. Low- a.m and 3:58 p.m. p.m. a.m. -l:.10 . T/ie Voice of on (rxiustrkrf fmptre- BrozoriaCounf y W««th«r Ccttt Clear !•» nartlr cloudy in* warm through Thursday. Southerly wind*. IxVw around 7» «nl high nar 9< Thur*- nav. WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 1987 RiMospoitw. welcome him-,care of any lo.l angler* and.the Bernard River and-San great «i» for tfw ,. < „ Jr.,,, of Ti^rmen ye.r.y on|to give o,,t information, ae-it** P... Dee, «. flrtte^S if'^.XII.'ClH ^a.™ deep the routine inland and see fishing trips, but at I a.m. Thursday, th* sport of angling taken on a different lijht. Fishing tor fun become* competitive fishing with S5.000 in eept relation,. weigh in be done a* boat« tempor-jthe Filing time n, be fron,; AU wer'on, S a.m. on July 4 until I p.m. Sunday, July 7. 'Time to weigh in fish has been iet from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m each day, except to a highly niceesufHl FWa to We* — —«••-.- - — »»»-i»r-«n i i IT-»I.M, i r ionp TO Kt with norne lard* «ah expected! four-day run to b* brought - ,uh , hit , Th» to only have;then them! that 1«* will •tnt; prizes at stake At 5 a.m. tomorrow, shortly before the *nn comen up. the ^lOth annual Freeport Jaycee ridhin' rienta will open for Prizes will b« awarded Ills four day run. jweight in all case. b,,t tarpon'River, a spot wb-re tarpon'Carl i 0 «« f" rep ° rt that | lnd «•"«<*. which will b* i are generally caught in large'Jack : nearly «• angler., h s v, S i«ned|ji,dged on length. All angler,;number, this time of the vear phy fi.hin. event rf' ( H r *' m ' 1 ' 1 "?*¥ **'"' C( " n »> e *-' i « >« • ™>d*" condition atiand' nulling event and they arelmg in the Fiesta present from the re, '* ""J" 1 * 1 " reaches Registration feet have been : in Teax». and DO si . j j <,*"., prizef ar 'l"** "P »< »* f*r "ngler. while'have been spotted awarded Sunday afternoon, a family may register for«14.!over two montha 'tjnn t n ,i" ."«"' '""• JayceeeMe, have wtablish- InUnd firfiin* mutt be done! However, all o*»r -vpe of'tain Mhn hJT "' ' ed a registration tent on Park *»•«»>«• «*» -»»..•—i n ^i».-_t;__ ,_ ...... M . ' i taln wrln na» th I Avenu* in Freeport and are ,<aking car* of all finhermen •who -want to tign HP for the . prlte-loaded fi«hin(t carnival. The newent item to be added to thin year's Fiesta program will be a Kid« - Jackpot Day. Thi« will come on Satur- 'tlay, July S, from noon until 4 pm. in the Old Branx Rlv- )w Ht the Bert the Alton the Major floods Special prl»». „„ Iver kina.« ca«h ( 0 the sports there in:catches the largest the Tro- 'rophy. ude MS hi writer who fish, and Cra* Creeker *«4a*ii* «•*««• Ke« FUfc Real Snapper Mackerel Speefcfea Triml Tareeti W»n»w Oarnter Mi* K*e«t WH Gannett M. «. T. I. K. ». Wen n«k MMineton T. C. Coley C. S. Carothen Mr«. Llovrf Svttoli ftnne BMdle Frank forfeit Alrin \ol«<m Bill Hunt Twl Conner Charles SermMlw Herbert WMte M-t l*-t 4-T S-4 «-f IS-14 2T-II Z5-11 7-1 4-1 S-ll UM 18H 1MI 1M | im IMS IMS 3M* IMS -LATE BULLETINS- WOT ELIGIBLE FOR A IWHIN' FIE«TA p-l»«, but a pfia* catch a« far at Fith«r- m«ii e. "R. Pllmon, lift, and Bill Walker. right, w»r« concerned wai thi« bij ani- mate* gat wMeh took them 15 mifeulee la Un*. The If pound !i»h wii brought in on a II found Uet Una from Iht Fretport JtiHw. tnfflneer Explains: Settlement Reached After Error Is Found .„_... » ". ••• l^w-^dflterrnin* e-jtortly •wh*l .v.oui » uid :today that a rnathe i be necessary to move trie <n maticftl error and a channel! ings, according to LewU. Af- coat, Mtimato ware tha caiuieiter ihccking the contracloi's .v*ry - .. All youth* who want to get I ;in thif special event will be' charged a 50c entry fee. All money taken in on thin' will to right back into prires for idle youthful angler.. Three prizes, on* f»r the •large*!, smallest, and for th* Imott. will be awarded. Tha Jaycee headquarter* I will be open 24 hour* a day 1 throughout the Fiesta to tak« Polict Report Car Firt, Fall j i Frseport and I-ake Jackwoai Police Departmenta had not au*o miahapa to report over! th* part 24-hour period, but) MM Glut* Fir* wnit did han-| {die an auto blaa*. i : Tlie Freep WASHINGTON—Pre«id#nt EUe«how*r *odjiy n-j«t. »d » propo««l «r a referendum vote on hi« civil rights program MAP.SIIU.RR. Franc* — Three crew member? and « French doctor w«r« rtporied MU«d ra a «ufe ftr« today on th« 4fl,00« Mn u. 8. tarH«r I«in Ctumpiani HOUSTON~Tht Wwther Burwu wid tod*r hur'ic«n« eov.lH form i« th« Gulf this momh but probaWy turn uvrt ta be a dud. HOUSTON-Tipi Hut bowbt had r,*.n pian .>d twa Trana-T.itai airllnm MUM* out ?• rw cr»,.k «,d * CHARLK*. La.- Sheriff noon todty -hat th. l.t..' count a^< rK. h u r,.r toll at 1M dead, with M Known nua*n ( . ^""°*lf ± 5ui ". m r' . 1U °- ! <* C****' OriH. Both car e Wreck •es Two Parked Auto Blazes When Hit from Rear Two nwn wens improving todar from injuri«s i they reo«v*d Tuwiciay night when a car parked be• c.u^ erf . flat tir. w.. rammed from hehini by « moving car. * Th« orarii occurr^ at 9:57 p.m. Tuesday «, war M«. about 100 yards north ~ - — taka a : iioiid»T Thm-sdiy. July 4. .with the Kwimming pool, mov T»«»-Ag« Car.Uao and „„,. 1101 th - n 1 * Auto Su«»1r . TueaJay t« .. >o< thefew that waa repartetl tv. • ' v o^mum tir thw »*evn«bn that M«cow would »o« * major^ annotinc«m*nt regardin, report O t » ^ m the Kremlin leadernhip. make ! oth»r the b*ing Shanks. Clute. wai owner of the parka* car. were, Andrew* told officer* that ; ha wa« jtut ab»ui to w«Ht around t-n the rear of hii car °':when the car wa the point. h,t at . 288. Amount of; "Another moving conui the wttlemfnt with O. E. Mc-iwaa called in and he, too. V>y and wife Pegj?y was $8,-; not permitted by McV», POO. ' t'nter upon the premijW The Jury of. view awardod' lne . P''''|X)a« of VrVey damages in the uual . M a na Inuwwsibit to arlve a?a* nxwinjf «twt ; nar permitted-tJ ftxim-jlaat >uilding fr<»m th« tn * bvtnc iiuufad »0 auto in * /all, Controls BL CBNTHO. .„. oh,n,fl,,g,h. tlr. whe« he port. Food, Clothing And Cash ^rL^:i~:&~™"*^ Asked For Storm Victims >ro«ya. filed »n *»p«-3l throtMsh; llowevi-r. after appaalingiAddmc tht» rj«ur« to the toati o --.-— ;off his water anv time " Akrat' i« county covirts for dainases'io Mcvuva attorneys, -.liiS'of iha U«wl ; 't»k«« f^r r ,.t., ,. r ''• _ •. • »id ' 'At V*ii two '^^ »'t»m ., u,, , ; xc«.'«r « 5 , w , «'.~'M™^^^ if ! —o— „. P ,o,, d e ", :; u .7;;; "r^ ^r^. 1 ?? hi .rn«:rd r c uti<m< H dire<:Ur A u> - th< The Jury i>f vn-w award wa.-.. -. ..- ,)..„..,„ .„ )h T ««.«i»i«.- ' l> /-•»,., ^ . . >»«i .n« H,.,J Cross office in Ann *ton * . u«lilPa** IW Hie TetnaiFllfia. . " . •_ .. I t>\w »...-,. i.,m.« n / „, _... . j G4*A!U. ,l^t!7 nrlum sr.^1 i.>.....>. ....^.— »uu nm raid torneyj th in excess of $2S X OIMI. The Jury of vn-w award wa.-. arrived nt .iftpr employing moving fonirjfior to inspect the struciuit 1 ^ anil furnishing An estin\at*' of the cos' to i'* 1 - rr.nve thi'se sirviottn c* from This niovmp, contractor was not p«>rinitt«i by Mi-Wy t.) make a can.'ful in^r""''ti°n ^i No Excuse Momi IfaiKtloten cauRht man riunbinii tl'irougn !<!tctien \viml.m-. Jic ,4 earns to iix her hu«l>Hiul'» car The attimger left nitei stain mering through hi.< cxplana M Ui» beach i Siidan'a permanent w» U cr»«- U 1IU< P m. • "Hwy of Interior Meccawi Ak- •mvu w« /vpiaiMd taken l 1 ^'- who«t catmtrr lien axtrtde .-„ „, ..,„„.,., ,„ .«- «or. a | W , [w Bf«j(o«i»«f{ M«norUliU> r anitrre water) of tha Nile ton e.timal« _fw mov.. Tha l»««r ctmtnacior't «»i-j HoapfUt but information oni""* 'fueaday th» Rudan«w had 'e »iructure.«, La>wU>mata> for tnorini th* sirurtnr«.i»>!4 rnnrfitinn w.. n»i .. -- •— .._....• i - ^ J J' tn ' flamet. Th« : fire also severely damaged tha) '-Morris car. -•,n BOt , h """" WPr ' tak " 1 «• I Dow Hospital — Andrews -.vtth j a severe head injury, and Morins will! a ponaibte punctuftd Ilimg. according to Palrolmaji ! Harold Clepper. inveatigatin* I officer from the Clute Pnlleai {Department. Clpppar said that charge* of aggravated atsault with a' me- 'or vehici* would b* fll«(J Against Morris. Total Is 14 A dii-ik with the way purp<M*B, togetheT wiih : OV^rflHI If damages to the remaining land owoad by MoVey. pliu NKW YORK , an allowanM for moving-h(His«-{l>08-ton luxury . j(io*r 11. o* _ ,„ hold goo<l» and two montliir-: Trance arrive^ there Tueaday . Thwe " b ' * lon ' weekend « r » "* P" 'P lo k total; with tome MO irewmen and o Q ^ p *'™ nrel of '«e Braxonport Rea Cros. Tha 45.11. fot nirvwor* of n'.rncone aam I at* C^anieron in p.-ogr»«r to na» rna '-'«!«! th* claim • cuun for tli,it i total of 14 abs«mte«» o»i--in* county «jj»rtf«r lots v. eie ram for ttie S»HU. wa« tattled out of liay, July 6. Navigation Pi» ihe toul nun < tint election whvre one canal aeen *J»fed |or heaitaig 3 cominisiiiunt-r IK- se\fcted. County Court, beginning July A Volets CiiiiUB contjiinmg I- would add up to k total i with tome MO irewmen and „",•",• " — — -..™» P w, i •..of M.IM.IS. thre« pa*tong«rV The pa«»en- Dutrict'i adminfitrative gene* appeal fur On the retommtndafion of.l*"- ""V onM *o b« booked °, tt '"* J^' b.iil<tag will b. to their <h s a*ier •hn»ivl u-.a, >M>> tn it. x.rfn.. closed H'lojiy oec»UM alectri- from no Harm'.. 1 » . f 4j\. »n,i 'tit t.on? :oM'rib\.tiun« tne u e-«M •, e !• .aJ Tn« »«F»ie tH IM Atuden . • —•—-" from L. Havre «*"' wh ° h »« r ™?** t «S re- Chamber Has New Manager and l.-mt«d l 's"a°M. Tl "' y * hould ^ mall * d to ! weather i oiiiii.' l ' H ' Hraiona Couiiir Chapter. 't , cnupIi'-Hy depleted Aniorifan Ked Cro^l. Court- ntuiiuii. marked for Hit 'Disaster Re-' idrtni iiui-ji-n of '.htf lief fund." Si.tiijK -.iuutaiiui >fi iiunielen l ( > Tn« many diiasttrs w« havu Harry Schaefer, former man. . .__ . . - - ^— -- —- • ....^ .... ^* J 'la;;- Hinru-cii*. A..JIPV lias t-a^s^d cxyci lenced all over th* {' S s t* tr °^ Ibe Marion County whare i« had been jlnke-. v ?' rln * °' th * omljtaa; will «r uarkeo n, /roil'.of ir* Hens, an urgent :,,,„ fol • ajded fund. Hus year incliiding tornadoes '-""amber of Commerce, if tha I bound, complained «f too much • * ut °", th ' P° wer a >l«n* 'he i Pillot Superniar.,. un Hut-.. :o ir^e; i,» r p,,,,.,,, d;ra«ier ie flooo., and now Andrev ha^-e n%>w manager of the Brazoria :»»rvi«. :"*>' to "« m • n ' w »an*l. wiv ?88 in Fr«epc..-t M -eceiv*, i.ti-. „„ ia ,j i,« n J1IM 1OU K|MI , o mset on County Chambsr of Commerea; contrioutions of fo<xl and i-loth "Auiirey give i,s si.vii a dose cul _ " "' " cleait such a appeal for suppleniffnlal fund.-." »n» : morning, there ".III b< parkeo in frotr. of it I | 1C , Thuisday't Facts. _ j,e was 01 -iriaally^ scheduled" |)ublic«tTbh today. JArtLit Ne«d»<l < The City of l.alic for,four lanef, neen «d Kent ficers »re bu"t""n"™r„!*"." " Yorlt '' sidewalk aupciinten- " "ill »aeking"»n arjfat'who'd'lf' ™* v * , f<,rTnal°'a., tn ;;' ^ n «" v.ew ^0",^' ^'.' .^.n, !f fr*'- *°^-±'<%'' *£SZ' " .!- > - 0 .". r ... plol> " * nrt *' Jt St - on tne screens of would be u.««d for . ^ '- 1 . . .... „.„,, regular budget-nence thin ai '«"'ding to an announcement ur.isn «na ini-ii ucait such a appeal for s M p p I f ni « n I a 1 tr " s wee * bv Kermit Dycha. Sunday morning inr liailei viiifu- i>i"« io i,ear neigh- fuiid.-." »n» said. on,!""- 6 '' '*'"'" '°,''"*''""''''" " dl> ;i "' 1 : '•""' "•"" th "'« " l " sl Brj/orin Couniy itwlf ™* V * M * ! " 1 * 1 ' lh « !rill ' r '« ">«"> wrio.u in Bra/ona major di>aster thii year wilh Ammonj» C'oitntA • Second Chance Though Not Submitted ftoudit tlial vii'UiaUy cuvvr- site count.v. sh« puinivd out: i one need* wt*ie *niait in in !,onif other <u - jnd ceriaiulv it was sinsll tupansou io thtf de^truc- wrought by Hurricane learn S bnno n«?d f«ilt»d first B n« v\ ii- flirt -.tfi 1 -' tiibrru'ti hf: appiii.*! (IK- -* i>:arriii^fc' * Ti; !."•<";-* s . Im t- si mil jnn i»ed oru- nf his hi oiiu'i s wed hi.-, nan c t-'i >-,<.'t uid''- ^ secund 1 1 me a !U-r he io gel ahuig v\ * I H Ins * t'e. A r o u n d r a z o s p o r t HENRY MOKKI.S of JOJH-- Creok m «* ti\ Dt")N f..j> n -t\\ ,,n i\i-.i -I <i S(*l '.' t i t' i'-i'.l '. ! ' 'it 1 II ^ >t.'i IUVI SlililKiil. . . WAT'^KE .i'i.l .--in TUNY. o enjoy ua.Kiu/; Tiit WATX- KES erUo son * « ppf« \seie iHKiii^ HI tut ui- n of tile llc^. i a We Ji«K- ItMIVMlta. > M-r.UOl Vy'tllCil rj tu Lv "j iiiiK' long ' At JIM MKl.Bfc'HT ctcs.iibc-s Sueenv school lni>tr*i git a Birds tiiiL-f glimp.e of « long-lost pe T;i tiium at then special ineetinj ne« i Tin-Miav iu<lii. bin \vere not C!*.«M .illuA«j to i.'ad u. Tin.' jiei'iH.i. <ilHittn t u *., S.ipt. A. T Hi.-ds<H- by J. M IS ii-iuldn't k.'i-|i n titner, but that aj lit could it-auit. OC Jliid ti^ii Ijt'cii iutu cilcula nei tiun bji-k in Maich when IH« le siipfi iiiu-nJciit agn-ed tliat ne ^ vitLild resign if !iu>ir tnal) iialf lilu "" of ;iie Mtiaoi palions «>Keu ""*''' IK- c.juiii ii-aa n. M'" wi'it 1 37? iiaiueii on thtt petition '"' Wiu-n HKKt'd whether lie uia **•""*• i-lu-cKi'vl ihe n sines to fmet if °" 1 **' tiiL-v weie qualified volejTf w , *' sciiouUiairoiis Graham said ^* ^ thai in- had not «oana Giaiiaut said that the i>o*rd ''*' " nHiiJ not »««• thtt petition 6«- •*"* n did not concern Ihe:* 1 "* Lost' Petition Turns Up •ciu *.',iool trustee* got a BltHJMw', attention. : Dm . n , nH „,. „„.,. „.,..„.,.! ..- ..„ ,-_. .,.„ ^..P~, a"™" 0 " jop«n. and on» girls pby*u-a •U'e,« »!fo hjned eight |education post to b* tilled •ai-nns. leaving only four ! The eight hired \v«r« Mrs •loom teacnini positions! Outothy Woodarrt kindergjir f sf Free Summer Concert Scheduled By Area Band >«nc« of 1,1.111 be pijytd in lake Jackson FJIK. iie*i i-.i for this f'riilay From me Broadway »ow, "My fan lady. band will da in?vei4i Wrier* You Live" and "I Could Ul<U*l<il. pi.',I (l4M) D.IKCO All Nlgtli." o^rd wf dae<i(u^ in tu* bdgiinti* t«n\po will ',\< BraKutpurt i*unceit : ^# h«e«id the evef.poptiUr ha» listed dauw o/ Uvu lone "I i.ov* You I'oi Senti u July ia inJ » «Jit»l R«a.ioiis ' in a compo 14. All wttl b* fi«« t u! !(JUoa eutiik-a "Begume «>iti . „,_ , may'val" l«nau> io their Ciis Thu* will ba ioin« fiat , tasiaajL program moyiag parts ^ip« the irom-: Mu«iC Jar tt.» «i si lOlirn t; Dour tad lap 1 %ti|lci when the Fll'dWOVkt ._ , , *!"•*» *k*u> w*U-known ; band »wia«* I»U> a orilliain Bratoipouei_ - - :t. . . . JACK HE ID's, grttt!)X school i;t>nrd- it was t»iw«*a j*0a«a *O d tavorit* iuntw. To.»rranjjeme«l of "Fimctih Fin that both tht sale and ahooiins to be ebout a.i regi-lsr at <:oi:n..|nr peiiUonei* aud Ble4«M. p 1 * H*»rfll «r» tuch t4i.orilM.tCuU." of lirev. ons within th« eily • til merttngs ai ihe council And when asked why it w»«j«a "Aloof tha N»v«)o Trj'.l" Othar piacaa «» b« played limit* is prohibited by la»- ;n men. . . . ATTORNEY tHANK piesentetl »t aboard me*uaj. |featunn( "•- -•" "•-- ---•••-•- ..a-^-.--,- ^ STEVENS, ri-i.-ui-nig I ; H liar- Grahsm replied that Uus w*s tioioa ten. Mrs J*rr> Nell Cockki, tl ementarv mumc: Don Johnson, eighth, giaae: M..-S N«n*. F«rgi.- NOII. j\imor hign inusiif; Mr-.. Ann Stone Tttley. language arts: Miss Normandi* G*ck. aoineinjKing: Kawaid Wagon er, line coach: and I.eon Coucli. .u>nior high footDfcll coach. loom dutie». Trustees allowed an ttxieti &ion unul Ji.iy 29 tor Cb.ail«ii »oi gs. j^ O;>) j , o vacate tne school-own Street C a house he rents, which is lo Oe convened into administrate ofhce.s to aliow liio.«e offices no*' ui tne school lo b* convened 11110 ciMs.>io.oii^. And tU« board purclidsrd football iinnoim.«. and rtirii.unt for the junior hign and elrmen- taiy iicnooi». Tni > morning Hawl Robui «on. rxrcutiv* ipornarv for th* mg CLOTHING fMR chairman of the selection com- mitt««. Dycne said that the. naw chamber official had assumed his duties ai of June 2S. Schaefer n a native of South Texas, and besides hi» Marioa County posi. ha« been manage* of the Nixon. Texas, Chamb«f of Commerce, and also hat jeivud with the Texas StaM Deparirotm of Health. Th« new manager t< nu». r eu His wife Virginia and tw< daughl«r> will move to th4 countj u joon as housing • Ii Low Bidder The apparent low bidder oa •A'O new cam lor tha Like KSOU Police Departmant , .» Clyd* V. IJK Moteri at West Columbia. Tha two pre*> itil patiol cars wil! be traded lu on inr new \ ehictps. - o Mrs. Wimbrow Named .\4i.. hx}winA Wintorow ha4 n dpponucci to repiac* lila. Virginia Holmes on me bak< k-oa Park board, Ml* ttuiuu-» r«s,|fned last month, —o 1 — Sim Data Sen tud_> at 7:2ti p.rr.. Hi ei. TriiiriQay at 5:2J> a.aa^ Sets 'timraday at 7:26 p.m. back, m a2. m atdai u> gat Supt. I featuring: a\t trumpet at M«E inciud* Sent)Bo:e iiomp. ill three incorporated ciitif \n as i Sin wk. "Hoooitv't Darling Skit. Sempw K4ali»,'' "Rpund and the area Frteporl, Utkt Jack jt/iiuje''; aad "Ju»t »*c«use." (Eduwj," tod "(Jwaiiy Plus."' ion, tad Clut«. k PAHKEO TRAILER i« ironl of th. Hank* fc Piltol ftup*tma.rk*t oo Highway 111 in Fr»porl is collaetiog lead and clithiiif n**d*d bf tb» lurviTori jf Hur- cicaa* Audn*i im C«ratr»a Pttito, L*, Furnished bf Ammoas and Ros«bud, iraii- «r rental firm, th« iraiUr will remain OK Iht Hrnkt parking lot until diivtn to L»kj Chailft iundaj morning bj Sl«i» M»<b*H. UEAU LINE CHANGE FOR JULY 4TH EDITION Deadline for at! classified eader ads will be 4 O'clock Wedntiba/ for publication on July 4tti. cail Classifii'd Pit J-3S1! b*for< 10 O'clock Fridat Miorrung for inserting or taking out an ad foi Friday \ paper. ThanX vou foi 2ivin| Miss C'la.'sified at Holiday.

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