Independent from Long Beach, California on February 28, 1969 · Page 44
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 44

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 28, 1969
Page 44
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*c.i6-iNDEPCNDENT (AMI PRESS-TELEGRAM IPMJ Lone (Mdl, Cllll., Frlw Frt. M, ItM CLASSIFIED HE MfW "·w WvNtev IvQ (WOMIN) HOUSEKEEPER, live In nice horr* La Mir*dl, swim DOOl. ovt room 4 TV $200 mo. 4 nice kids. Pl«» coll Betty 714-J94-25I4 HSKPR-Cook for elderly lody 4 tm- D'oved son. LlBht work, undtr 53. Call otter t o.m. GE 4-1575 HOUSEKEEPER-bobvsltter, llvi In- ,.iut Los Alomllos. Tues-Sot 43016^ tvD:it-*xDer)enc«i In form tvo- Ing. Wilmlnfiion tret. Salary epen Call Mr. Nesslry txnnu. Full and part tlmt AH shifts. call C6-5WI KEYPUNCH OPERATORS TEMPORARY STARTING APRIL 1 FOR 5 WEEKS YEAR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED APPLY NOW Applicants Only Apply in Person Montgomery Ward 12051 IMPERIAL HIWAY Bclwwn PIONEER NORiVALK BLVD. on IMPERIAL, NOR'.VALK An Ea'jal Opportunity Emoloyir KEYPUNCH OPERATOR Career owning* for ootrafers with ·t least 1 yr exp. on Aloha Numeric IBM wuipment. Ooentno n«v,- offlc* In Huntinjrton Beach riant oft San Dleoo Frwwav. Excellent frt* benefits. Permenam steady work. Pleasant atmosnher*. DAY SHIFT Call for appointment Unigard Insurance Group KITCHEN HELP-- Exwr. for Con- KITCHEN HELPER Woman for etnerul cleanlna I dishwasher In restaurant. Day** i LAB TECHNICIAN Ptiyslcian Office. SrottJ Mlohell, M.D. 6510 E. Soring, L§ HA 5-74M LADIES: Phon« catalogue orders LADIES A Marshall Held family owned «n- terprls* hM tevcral opening* In to* CB FORl.'(FS ! RMAflON WRITI JERRY JOHNSON 4225 L.B. BLVD., LONG BEACH CADY under 35 to assist paralyzed LADIES-- Earn to $100 wk. FULL OR PART TIME No door to door Call 633-7074 LA BEl LINE FASHIONS Full or part time. No exoer. needed. Car nee. Increase your personal wardrobe income. Call 638-7032 Or (714) 522-7647 433-2395 after 9 a.m. TOP PAY. Dutch Village Laundry. 5944 E. SOUTh, LBfcewOOd M7-54I* asK for Mr. C^rant. LEGAL SECRETARY Too girl to tandrt htavy desk lit ^wfTialnV W-Ro? 1 ' **"*" th TM' LVM full time, PM. Uiltt, 131 to tQ5 8835 Van's St. Prmt O4-K21 LVN-- LAB Part time mornings. Excellent frlngl benefits. Call Mrs. Miller (714) 527-77.14 Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5 Dm WEST ORANGE COUNTY HOSPI- LVNi Full or part time. PM! or nlshh 1775 Chestnut An equal opportunity employer (AMD, FULL OR PART TIME REFS. 3833 Atlantic 4244)301 time. Loci! Refs. 5S25 t. Pac. Cst. Hwy. MANICURIST tor Mod Shoo, following alreody established The Shop. Lakewood Stearns W7-1831. MANICURIST for Mr. Pierre's, 477 E. Market. GA 2-0059 MANICURIST MASSEUSE-- No Lie. necessary. Will train. ADOt. £68-1637 hswrk Live In Bus transo. Mod. wane. Req. good ref. 438-4140. MEDICINE Treatment Nurse, SI.95 to S2.35 hr. 16V10 Woodruff/ Bellflower medical secretary, local to iS50 marina personnel agency 12! w 5th at nine he J-S9I1 MEDICAL RECEPTIONIST Prefer some Insurance CXDCT. Lvn- MED1CAL SECRETARY Accuratt typino of X-ray reports, recenllonlst work very lite bookkeeping. Send resume to Box A 6499 Independent, Press-Telegra. MEDICAL TRANSCRIBER Must know medical terminology type at least 60 wpm, 5 day wk employe benefits. Salary open See Mrs. Juwasha. RIO HONDO HOS PITAL, 8300 Telegraph Rd. Downey TO 1-676 MODEL PART TIME Showroom fitting fashion pholoora- VQGUE AGENCY GA 7-457 1 MODELS No experience necessary. Par! time OK. TOD Pay-No Fee. Call Mr. Tvbrlno 338-7104 NURSES AIDS-ORDERLlES Conv. Hc*P. 23C9 N. Santa Fe Lvn. F4 U R 5 E S AIDE-- ExnerU Day NURSES AIDES FULL TI/AE U9 BEDS) FtRNWOOD CONVAL HOSP 3230 Fernwcod Avc., Lynwood Phone 774-1549 631-0347 NURSES AIDES TO WORK WITH CHILDREN Intercommunity Exceptional Children's Home 2666 Grand NURSES AIDES TO WORK WITH CHILDREN Intercommunity Exceptional Children's Home 2666 Grand NURSES AIDES It 10 ' 7 10 3 TOW So. Woodruff Aye. Bellflower " NURSES AIDES EXP'D HILLCREST CONVAL. HOSP. 1101 Cedar Ave. Lono Beach NURSES aloe. Convalescent Hospital, experience preferred, apply 1730 Grand Avc. NURSING GOLDEM HAVEH COHVAL H5P. ?60 E. Market, taking application* for RNs, LVIJs S. sides. ALL SHIFTS 423-4461 NURSES AIDES: All shllls Convalescent Hoso. A3A-034A NURSING DIRECTOR for Convalescent Hospital trinpe beneflls with top pav LYNCREST CONVAL. HOSP. 3S9S Century Bl., Lvnwood 639-5270 Ofc. Mgr. Bkkpr. .to $700 FREE FREE Local. Tnru Stmts., also fw lobs. GENIE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5444 Atlantic Ave. 428-3418 Office pt. time $2.30 Mathews EmolovrrHWt Aoency 11627 L.B. Blvd., Lvnwood 631-6155 Office Jobs-- Temporary WESTERN GIRL/MEN 130 PINE MEZ., UB. OFFICE MACHINE Fnerien and NCR. Aopty Douglass Muffler Mfo Co. y,y, S'luii Avc. Boll Gardens 773-1965 or 927-1417 (new L.B. Frtcwflv Flnstone) (WOMEN! OFFICE (1 girl) ncetis last accv r **« typing, sonw dictation. Good OP- DortunHv for share c'n who cen handle responsibility. 426-1393. OPERATOR-- Sewino machine, sinew need!*, xlnt. working cond. Minimum expfr. nee. Good WV. Steady work. April Sports We*r, 1740 W. Carson, Torranc*. OPERATORS Why trawl? Savt monev, work In Long Beach, ima't nred't, w overlock, crtsur. Toe wages ea'd. Work all yttr 'round. Lady's swim wear sporfiweflr. ApfHv Callfor. ORDER DESK AJI aroynd girt. Good h-plst, ITEPHENTLACK co. 1433! Grld:ey Rd. ^ Cerrltoi ORDER DESK to $400 FREE FREE Phor*! t people, also, fee lots CENIE EMPLOYMENT AC-ENCY 5444 Atlantic Ave. 423-3518 PART TIME PHONE GIRLS Act 17 over to ·iuwtr phonts fc makt appalntrrwnti, 2 shifts available, 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. 3:30 PJA, to 7:30 PJA. ADPly In person 10-4 only. 4019 E4THST. LB. PART TIME -- Students 17 over o answer phones. 17656 Bellffr. Bl. PART TIME-MILITARY WIVES Promotion adv. Call 436-7701 per pref, telephone answering sew./ Cyoress area, call Mon thru Frl, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., 7U-B2S-41Q1. PBX (Part Time) Good working conditions, rvedkal clinic. CALL Joeann Gordor. i39-2111 4203 E. Compton Bl. Compton DDY X A / f ^ ^ C M r D A WLJMtlN f. evenlno shift, also full lime swing avallaoie. Call behst^n 1 4 83i-9603 PERSONNEL ASSISTANT TO PERFORM IN WIDB VARIETY OR PERSONNEL ASSIGNMENTS FOR FAST MOVING DYNAMIC MANU- FACTURIN6 FIRM. DUTIES INCLUDE INTERVIEWS it SELECTION FOR ALi EW- PLOYMENT L E V E L S , COUNSELING, RECORD KEEPING. GROUP INSURANCE, ADMINISTRATION, ETC. PREFER 2 YEARS OF COLLEGE AT LEAST 2 YEARS BUSINESS EXPERIENCED 4- WILLINGNESS TO WORK WITH PEOPLE. EXCELLENT WAGES, BENEFITS. WORKING CONDI- ROOM TO GROW WITH AN EXPANDING COMPANY. Pltost writt, phoni or vlit ELDON INDUSTRIES, INC T7H1 W. El Segundo Blvd. Howlhrone 757-2151 FREB FREE Gd. ikllls, «lso fe« lob» GENIE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 5444 Atlantic Avt. 42S-361S 're Kindergarten Teacher Hawaiian Garden area. Starting S»l»rv S1.«S hr. Hra. 1:30 to 5:M weekdays- Wrltt Age, background, telephone number to Ruth Baker 215J6 S. Pioneer Blvd. Hawaiian Gdns 90714 JRP SPHOOI TPAPHPR PRICING CLERK Exoer. woman -with mathemollcal ability for responslblt position. Pold vacation; other frlnoi benefits In City of Commerci. Mr. Corbett 485-5336 RECEPTIONIST -- billing clerk, Bkkonj txper In Convlliscenl crtf. Exlnt utirv. 63M221. RECEPTIONIST . $350 kECEPT. tVDlst/ *VP» 50 ^_--to $400 AEA AGENCY 18W AT1ANTIC 59U401 Intereslino position for stablt ex. perience person, aoe 21+. 5 day wk. Must b« accuratt typist ft havt some knowledue of lite bookkeeping. Give complete Resume to Box A-1Q087 Jndtpandenf Press Tele- RN's -- LVN's Full or part time top salary RN relief, 2 nights per WMk, ill -8835 D V»ns St., Prrnnt, 634-S221 8835 Vans St. Param'nt 634-8221 RN Downtown Long Beach Dr*i office. Medical surgical. 40 hr week. Salary open. Write Box H-10097 Independent, Prtis-Telegram. KN CHARGE-SJ20 to S920 mo. Bellflower Mrs. Clark J67-1761 RN'i-- Full Part Time PIONEER HOSPITAL UN 5-4291 RN CHARGE-- S820 to 5920 mo. Bellflower Mrs. Clark M7-1W1, 5-6 om RN'S MEDICINE CHARGE 7 TO 3 SHIFT RELIEF 2 DAYS PER WEEK PIONEER SANITARIUM 20717 Pioneer Blvd. Lakewood 865-2226 RN's ICU OB Excellent working conditions, above average salary frlnae benefits. Call Personnel Dept. between 8:30 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. 527-7744. Stanton Community Hospital. R.N. Nursing Supervisor Challenging position available for R.N. with ADMINISTRATIVE ABILITY Supervise medical assistant.-) In rapidly crowing Medical Clinics. Contact: J60-W11, ext. 31 RN (3 to 11 Shift) Lons Beach HOSD 1725 Pacific Ave RN - LVN PEDIATRIC OFFICE References required. Send details !o Box A 6365 P' ess- Telegram RN's ALL SHIFTS 0 B i STAFF NiTE SUPERVISOR Carson Intercommunity Hospital PH. 835-7141 Mr. Reeves or Mrs. O'Conner RN'S 3 to 11 11 to 7 Woodruff Gables Hosp. UEW So. Woodruff Ave. Bellflower RN Supervisors Charge nurses LVN's and Aides Nov/ accept ina application* for immcd. employment. Colonial SAL " MONEY FUN I'M pay vou lots of money H you arc for having lots of fun talking to America on the telephone, working conditions average, discipline strontr, results effective. Try me. Mrs. Harcourt, -J33-99M SALES LADIES W« are opening a new lewetry deot. In the NEW PAYL6SS STORE Lakewood. Excellent OP- pcrtimitv for thorcuohly experienced Jewelry saleswomen. ^rE^'S'c!,, ^DIALING FOR $$$ HO EXPERIENCE NECF.SSARY, AEA AGENCr 1864 A T L A N T I C tfM-101 Htlp Wanted 1*0 IWOMFNt SALES ARE YOU ABOVE AVERAGE Turn scare lime Into Moncv IEO /MAO*! CA5UIONS-S35-WU ""AVON CALLING Excellent earning owortunitv. Work mornlnrji or afternoons at voor convenience Iti vour own neighborhood jelllnfl AVON wod- ° Cl3 ' FOR INFORMATION Call GA 7-0471, Ext. -4 20 year old Nail firm full or Dart time ViWtc No Investment. tt.W to W.OO Hr. averac* Sarah Coventry Jewelry Inc. PH J21-5SJ4 drapes. Full or nart time. LEVY'S S?8 Pine Ave. L.B. SEAMSTRESS for uniform rentals, mo. Shirt operator, exo. on Alax unit. Laundry marker, exjx only. SEAMSTRESS i head cutter, up^ot- sterer cushion boxing Someona who's willing to wort, good pay. 425-1271 a:k for Nick or Lola SECRETARIAL JR. SECRETARIES We have immediate openlncs for several Jr. secretaries. Snort hand Is not necessary, but must type 50 worn accurately. V/e offer our employees xlnt. working cond., hrs. i benefit*. Come in for m- en/eW * ACADEMIC INVESTMENT DIRECTORS 815 E. Rosecran*, Los AngelM SECRETARY to $600 FREE ALSO FEE JOBS Mathews Employment Agency SECRETARY A-l. WELL-GROOMED, between Ages ?S and 33. Shortnand ^0 to 1M; typewriting 65 4. Salary ooen. Phone 43S-57r5 SECRETARIES STENOS TYPISTS OFFICE CLKS. CALL T O D A Y OR COME IN TOP PAY TASK FORCE 9900 Lakewood BL, Downey 869-3033 SECRETARIES Our raoldlv expanding electronics cooamny has requirements for Secretaries, experienced In the technical and sales fields preferred as related to electronics. Requirements M wpm typing 100 worn shorthand U.S. Citizenship Required LOCKHEED ELECTRONICS Data Products Division Data Products Division A Division of Lockheed Aircraft 620 IE. RANDOLPH CITY OF COMMERCE Nr Florence L.B. Freeway SECRETARY for rtsearch admix, offict. Type 50 wpm s/ri, 2 vrs. Ext) required* Excel future benefit). Salary. SALARY S450 TO 5500 . HARBOR GENERAL HOSPITAL Secretary Receptionist For Vice President of property m a n a g e m e n t company. Well croomed and must have ability to deal with people. Type minimum 60 W.P.M. w/accuracv. Dicta- phono, shorthand not required. Salary, to SSOO call: 435-8224. VVkdays 10 to 1! or 1 to 4. SECRETARY Asre 24 throush 35. Advertising Dept., National Publisher. Call Mrs. Parkhurst 434-3241. SECRETARY to 5 Men. Shorthand or spied writ- Ino. Ability to compose letters. Good aocea ranee personality. Own transporlatlon. 55 fo 60 WMP. Busy telephone. Excellent Comoa- ny benefits. South Gate area. 7734210 or 861-2205 An taual oowrtunitv Emoiover EXEC SECRETARY Managing officer of Savings Loan Association needs assistant with top secretarial skills + extensive experience in mortoaoe loan servicing with oL or closely related business. Permanent, aaod salary, new modern office, excellent benefit program. For aoo't call «97-MSl. Mr. Squire. AETNA SAVINGS 2 2 1 1 Bellflower Blvd. L.B. SEC'Y, tvolno, shorthand. Ace no factor. Oppor. iearn the travel field. Travel oopor. Pleasant tel. voice, Bbilitv to communicate tic- sirabte. Apply 10-5 p.m. Hawaiian Polynesia Tours, 120 E. Ocean Secretary Dental Library typing dictation reaulred. Mature woman preferred. Call 4248661 for further Information. SECRETARY S/H, typing, general office duties, 5 dav week. 868-0052 SECRETARY for personnel dept. MAGNAVOX RESEARCH LAB. Mrs. Rnch 323-0770 SELLING mach oper Exper 0/iock single needle, soecial mach. 1333 Cota Ave, L.B. 432-9472 "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" SEWING mach oper. Exper 0/Iock sinnlc needle, special ach. 1338 Cota Ave., L.B. 432-9472. "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" SEWING MACHINE Operators OVERLOCK Operators All Special Machines *\m Newport Ave., L.B. EXPERIENCED ONLY NO PHONE CALLS STENO ALLIED CHEMICAL tlM OMnlno for sharp/ voung steno. Excellent working conditions and benefits. Cltv ot Commere* area. (2)3) 7280547 STUDENT, over 21, qood looWno, tor counter work 9 a.m.J:30 o.m. Switchboard Operator Automobile dealership -- Good pav + benefits. Call after 6 p.m. Telephone Answering Service Operator Experienced-- Available for any TELEPHONE soliciting. Ho experience. Our office. 863-7607. TELEPHONE RECPT. vork, full 4. part lime. Pav open. Apply 9?12 E. Alondra, Belltlower, 2 to 5 P.m. TOPLESS comblnalion gjrls wanted 11-7 a.m. l? noon-8 o.m., ouar 5200 wk 5 days, no «xp. notes*. 714-638-8695 if no answer 431-915J TYPIST Manufacturing exper. dnlred. VIRTUE BROS. 19801 So. Santa Fe Compton TYPIST Exper. In Income Tax forms GA 3-W70 TYPIST 60 WPM on electric tvocwrltcr, accurate with figures. Will train for billing position. Permanent position for reliable person, Aoe 25 to JO. Call for fltip't. 426-?H3 S A L S S EDUCATIONAL-PrlvJl'r , « . t ichool, Mr. Wesl. 4244754 flOi t. Jnij SI. It Htlp Wanted UO (WMIN) WAITRESS (Local * Out) _JC«t« GWINN'.S Emclootnt Afft«cy WAITRESS-- exoer'd, nlghli. OSCAR'S 6580 Atlantic LB APPLY (N PERSON E*3. only, 11 hour Coflte ShOD WAITRESS ^eeicft^d davs on'y willing to train LYMAN'S an Atlantic Ave. Blxby Knolls WAITRESS (Out Of town} room, board, xlnt tips -f 52-10 mo. GWINN'S Ernoloyment Ao»ncv 316 Elm, Lono Beach HE 7-2Z35 cific Landing £76 P«iora:na ^32- CS55. WAITRESS -- Experienced -- AMIV 1715 W. Anaheim Long Beach. WIG STYLIST. Exper. Good p«y. 53S PINE AVE., LB. Htto WcirtH 1*0 (WOMIN) WOMAN Lt. duty Rest Home. Live In. 5*9. Apt. Call 10-5 638-3B47 WOMAN, matur* to «ra for *«d mother. Lit* housekeeping, some cooking, live In. S200 mo. Room board. Pleasant homt. L«»l r*!tr- WOMEN needed to wort 4 dtvs weekly, Mcn.-Thurs. Ouiildt sale*. to handle responsibility. Good tvp- ino nectsiary* over 25 years. 42*4737. WOMEN: 52.25 hr. to put out cttai- ooues around home. AIM fritmJi naborj 4?9-IW5 Jew*!*TM. Over IS, part time, car nee. Call before 9 a.m. er «n«r 4 p.m. 433-5267 or I4-1114 WOMEN or GIRLS For pleasant Teltshone work no exoer, necesiary. Hr. 9-2 or 4-9 Hourly wage plus bonuses. Apply A^erchants Samolir 500 E. 4tti U.|_ m 1--« «!· iivip nvmw iw (WOMIN) X-RAY SECRETARY iK^uratt fyplnt of w*V reports, rfceptlenlsf work 4 very lite booK- keeolnff. S*od rttumt to 9X A 43*7 Independent, Press-Telegram. GfrvmMMt US POWER Sfwlng Tfflnlna Enroll now. N. IM C5E5. 13M Locuit Avt. Profirty IN OLDES couc:s to m«nw« K Units li»mt«»n iv toff, 1 br. J. tw. Loul ran. ri**M m. GA iSu. APT. A1GK.-U unm. !%·. 11.73 Der Bob Pell ^7.7273 unill. 439*S9t4, 10 AM4 PM EXP. min. OlOK « unit bldg. Ownln. S«l 4- itt. 430-1221 tt 4 Coll cm Expert 210 CdH M EipMt 211 C«M « lx|Mft 211 ·ftu Jive Tim* iBd Monty Whn YOB TO PUCE AN AD IN TH1$ SaCTtON CAU. . . . . LIU, ^ir | n | iMl g R*»cK "» *^i · ' ·'-· -- ^ Mii4 McCulloujh in MHImtr Acoustic Ceilings ACOUSTIC CEILING. FREE EST. GA 2-4541 V.DAVIS ACCOUSTICAL Olllnai * MKtl Work. Lie. Contr. GA 4-952! Additions Remodeling ADDITIONS, plumblno. Rotor-Roo- lor, pdinlino. Vast experience Licensed, bonded, Large or small obs. Sr Citizen* Construction Co. 434-0525 or 425-1002 REMODELING AT LOWEST COST add-a Room SMtiallit. 434-2325. Owntr Builder Construction Strv. pert help plans. 597-7202 ROOM additions, rtmodillng, ga- r«g*s. Free est. Real. GA 3-B040. G.A. SUPER CONST. 425-7213 Antenna's COLOR ANTENNAS We Install rewlr 425-787! Appliance Repairs makes. Fret est. Carl 437-074] Asphalt Blackcoating SEAL COATING PATCHING, driveways parking lots. Striping. Small lobs ot Fre« est. 435-939J Bookkeeping Service EXPERT persona! bkkpo- needs for your business. Mrs. ward. At 422-6043. Brick Stone Work neer. Dlantan, etc. 434-3203 JIM'S MASONRY-WATERPAU-5, Patios, Bride work. J30-99S2 etc. Lie. Insured. 423-917! Cabinets CABINETS, formica marble toos. Remodeling. Free est. 639-1602 Carpentry Free estimate. Roofs, Windows, Fences, Gates, Patio. Plaster, etc. 434-9577 You Namo it. I'll Build it PHONE 43B-3880: TO 7-W93 encf. Frit istlrnktM. K«!th$25- 6939 REPAlRS-al! 1yp**-Fr** Ettlrnat* Roofs, Window^) F*net*, Gates CARPENTRY WORK-- ALL TYPES Reoslrs. Free Est. 427-0522 CARPENTRY It GEN. REPAIRS. Small lobs my tttclairv. 421-7498 Additions, plaster. 477-444? CARPENTRY, roofing, reDfllrlno A small lobs. $10 up. 5W-2797 Paneling, door hanolno. 423-4967 DUTCH CARPENTER, 20 vrs. «XP Repair, remodel, Bdd. TO fi-540l iral repairs. 43607 CARPENTRY-- Alterations, repalra. Custom furn. Blt-fns. 439-9274 Carpeting All work Ouar. 43946(6: 4314614 Carpet-Uphol -Cleaners CARPET C l e a n i n g - New foam method. Extra fast drylno. Free e s t i m a t e s . Call anytlmt (213) 59S-1815; (71^) MWJ781. AAA ADVANCE CARPET SERVICE carwf cleanlno! 1 hour drv ouar- anleed work, free tst. . S]in · froni QUALITY carpet furniture clean- InB-25 vrs exper. Also repair car- Dels. Wort Guaranteed 4350229. CLEAN-- R^EP^R^JN STALL BATHS, kitchens, Pullman tops, en- Irysr fireplaces, new/remodel. Lie. Contr. Free Est. interstate Tin Co. J9-2107 Ext. 103. QUALITY CERAMIC TILE WORK. NEW or remodel. Lge. or small lota. Call anytime 421*7677 CERAMIC Tile Setter seeks work, long years local refs. 428-4373 Concrete Work WALKS, porches, patio slabs tops. SIDEWALKS, patios, drlvewavir tie. 14 yrs. exp. 477-7047 anvtlmt- CONCRETE 4 ASPHALT CuttlnS- ME 3-3327 or 634-5790 ALL KINDS OF REMODELING 4 CONCRETE WORK. 433-2377 SLABS, Porches, Walks, Edoino. No lob too small. GE 1-1027 DRIVEWAYS, patlw, brldCDfantera, stucco oatch. Any slzt. GA 7-2431 SlDEWALKS-Patlos 1, drlvtwav* etc. 591-9975 or 427-BlM Dressmaking cial snort cuts. Basic pattern* niaric. 867-3767 Skillful -- Reasonable Call Phvllis-Marle J39-2i79 DRESSMAKING JO vr». experience. Also Allcrallons. 5VI-B087 CAMEO SHOP -- custom stwirw allerallon. 780 Atlantic. HE7-MB5 SEWING, plain or toncv, ctllltlren'i dresses a specialty- -132-0097 Electricians ^ Master Electricians fa lime or travel charotS; yam* dw service, 100 Amo. Mefer-Boxn, 110/220 V. Pluo-lni ewlly Installed In existing wain. FREE-EST. GA B-2613 Lie. Home Wiring, "The Poof Semi-retired Lie. Electrician * sons, Mr. w. Co. Sm Jobl. 25 voars specializing In Home wiring with absolute Fire orotectlon. Member of Better TrsOi Burt«u. Sec our established ad in Tnl Lloyd I6S-17M. · · · · t ELECTRICAL WORK 730 Boxes, rrwlrlnp, nlugt * switches, etc. CHI NE 5-M57 ELECTRICIAN HOWE Owners Electricians need small lobs. Call Jim or Paul. ME C-7530 F-KEE estimates -- Services. Remodel Additions. Licensed 4399697. Call for ex»rt Electrician Wahl Electric 639-7530 SE"VICK CALLS. 220 small Jo*-. Free Est. Lie. Eloc. S97-757 7 DAY WEEK Lie. Electrician FREE ESTIMATE. 220 V. 4SKOSt LICENSED electrician] deslrt wet* »rvd work. Fr« est. 4214027 SEMI RETIRED Fencing SAVE-Wocd fencis, o»n. Keoaln. Terms. Frtt csl. .W6-V5UI «2!-7i94 Fencing WOOD-CHAIN LINK-BLOCK Priced rlahtl Guaranteed work Gates Repairs 424-5204 We build new fences and repair old ones. Also odd cleanup lobs. 433-2725 Flooring Tile FIBERLAY INC. Glamor Coat Seamleo flooring. FREE ESTIMATE. 7053 Sanl* Ft 435-4314 Floors-- Sflnd Refinlsh REX FLOOR SANDING bMutlfu finish, hardwood or ctment. Ont day service. HA 1-5932 anytime. JOHNSON FLCORSANDINO «W REFINISHING 3d Hood RkltMW, 23 Yn nmrimct. Sinsii CAMPBELL'S FLOOR SERVICE Sand Rennlsh harthrax «n. SAND-FINISH FLOORS from » Uc. liuurid. Clll ZIM-GA 4-7174 Furnace Repair FURNACE SPECIALIST CLEAN, CHECK REPAIR NO EXTRA SAT-fUN 421-201 FURNACES cleaned/repaired. Lie. Controls · SHCilltv. 571-5513 Garden Serv. ft Supply LAWNS mowed, edged, trimmings vacuumed. Averagt sm lawn, $10 for 3 visits per mo. Marrltd student, 25 vrs. old. 6E 4-257) MOW edgt vacuum, flowtf bed cleanuos. Fret Est. f=re« fertilizing. Lie * Inured. HA5- 253? eves MY GARDENER Complete yard service. 431-0411 Prof. Japanese Gardener 435- Ml 5 ev« GARDENING lawn servlc* at ret* JOT able rates. Ucmitd Insured gardener. 436-1978 NEW lawns - orune - cleanups landscape. Mo. Maintenance. Hed- CLEANUP or monthly, by Miyao. Call 417-1798 after 6 D.m. MOW EDGE, S10 MONTH. Full Maintenance, 415. 438-5-166 MOW-EDGE-VACUUM i SWEEP MOW EDGE, $10 MONTH. Foil Maintenance, $15 438-5446 JAPANESE oardener, rclaibli reas. Free est. 424.9073 LAWN Setvtcs-Dower eauloment. Reliable. 597-5356 BEST garden lawn care. Reasonable. Call Irish Jim, 424-2011 Call after 3 PM 426-1376 Handymen ROOFING PAINTING Hauling/odd lobs Free est. 80S-12S3 HOME PROBLEMS REPAIRED Painting, tillno, doors, windows PRUNE fruit trees, trim shrubs, Iw, remove fences and cement. Hau trash. Cleanups. 591-8504 homes imall repairs. Cott Rllty Brothers, 429-6841 anytime. HANDYMAN CARPENTER Call 437-6604 HANDY MAN w/ PU truck for odd LIGHT Hauling Cltarvun. Yards EXPERT home repair no Job too NEED Work. Truck equipment, cleanlno, hauling, repairs. 599-1833 Hauling, Express HAULING-- Garage-- w-trt* clean UM. RfTtiovw trtti, *hrjp*» W Call BOB %1-31Q2 or tWtl 10% disc on written estimate. Prompt. Reas. Cleanup lots, oar., trash, asohalt, cement, bldos.. BY ORIENTAL-- HSullnfl, garag* yard cfeiniw. Exotrt Tr»t strv. Allowinct on salvftgt. Fre* est. Guar. UC. 425-1034 Or 49-3444. rUKN. MOVINb' All household furn., tow rttei, fait service, 7 days. 598-5905 S: ARTS TRANSFER-- Uc. Ins. Also appliance tit* hauling Low rales 591-7853 or 591-0339 LIGHT HAULING MOVING. 435-9735 or £37-7579 LITE hauilno moving -t- garage cleaning. Call eves. 437-7529. TRASH hauling, oar yard cleanup Oranoe LA Co. 713-- 865-0348 REASONABLE haullno-garafle yd Appliance Furniture Moving. Also lite hauling. 435-3672 FREE Hauling for usable ffl$canft from house or parftge. 426-3086. TRASH hauling. Yard, garoa* tree trlmmlnq cleanups. 433-3580 Appliance Furniture Moving. Also lite hsullng. 435-3672 LITE hauling, reasonable rates. Clll anytime. 437-2484; 596-19W. GEN. Hauling, demollsh/removi sm. bldos. Gen. cleanup. 591-3987 LITE hauling, furniture aoeti- ances, misc. Reas. 425-32J7. Please call 633-7780. Home Modernization ALL bidg. malnt. reoalrs. CarDert- ter-olumb.-elec., mason. Specialty, motels opts. 633-1965, 633-4547. Housecleancrs EARL'S WALL WASHING Km*. bam, $15 nir oalnt ex- oertiy washed (no-strwki). Clvfno room S15-J20. Floors waxed. EXPERT CARPET CLEANING. 430-4902 Spring Housecleaning Wall washing, window cleaning, wax firs.; shampoo rum uohDl. Stoves, ven. blinds painting, Inter-Ester. 20 yrs. L.B. Lie. Ins. GE 3-8666 or GE 1-5308 HOUSECLEANING Como. Serv., free estimate 437-1549 COMPLETE HOUSECLEANING Windows, Wall, Floors, Carpett Free S C A N D I N A V I A , WINDOWS, Janitorial Gen. clean up, windows washed. Floors waxed. Fre» estimate. 531-0547 C S Janitorial Service. Do all floors St carpels, lie. bonded. 1E28 Olive. 591-J974; 591-9219 Linoleum Linoleum Tile Layer MATERIAL AND/OR LABOR Ed Meec* 423-0985; 599-3366 eves Vinyl Linoleum-- Save 40% Kitchen bathroom all colors. LINOLEUM 11.65 sq'. Carpet T5c up. til* 8c up. 423-3533 or 423-8673 BEFORE vou Install, compare mv Masonry BRICK * stone work, flrqplactl, Vf Moving BAKER'S MOVING FAST REASONABLE W,E 3-7900 7 Days O3 lit! GENE'S MOVING-- REAS Lie. Iniurtd TO 7-SM7; HE i-0?U Mhl PH» ii OrMf* CM*Y EXPERT PAINTING LictoMd · Bondid * hwra4 Reasontblt Pricet N DAYS TO PAY 438- Ili9 (Eves. 434-2401) Sunrlor Work Shn IMt. Professional Painting SPECIALIZE IN EXTERIOR Also inttr'or. Prottct yountit flHlnit lliblntv br hiring · LIC. INSURED f BONDED Mlnler. Reasonable rates 431-1810 Expert Papering-Painting Finest Quillty. Reuoitbli ratu. Lie. Bond»d Imurtd. S»1-W2I EXPERT PAINTING QUALITY PAINTING ECONOMY PAINTING IncornDanbl* prlcn-Qyainv work mattrlals. 437^247; 5tl-0f22 PAINTING, Interior 1 Exterlar. Wdllpawrmg. Work Guaranteed. Free estimate. MO-3S4S Interlor-Exttrlor. ta rni ft up. In- Bonded L Insured M7-lon CALL John for · good Mint lob. Brush airless way. Acoustic ceilings « snao. GA S-1M1. PAINTING-Soray, brush or roll. Do own work. Lowest ooulblt price! References. 135.3023 LOOK! 22 yrs. ex»r. Neal-Fllt means low cMtl Clll 421-5121 PAlNTIKG~Do own work. 20 vrs. c-yp. Reasonable. 597-0753 Very reasenabla. UN £4114 eft. 5. 'tSSBPlJKi'BSFA JB83 ^r, N ; i x Nc Sr. a Fr.. f .!, RHAN 5?, iN 2a J PAINTING-1 Br. Ant Complete 179 PAINT-PAPER REPAIR Good work. Reas. Chuck 422-4595 Fast. Neat, reasonable. GA ^2-630. complete. Estrn. free 437^2M PAINTING 4 PATCHING. Inter. I exter. Work ouar. GA 2-5567 Plastering Anything In Plastering Acoustical eelllnM, Krttttlno, r«- ttucco. Oi.rwn.Trw ·). Tefm. GA 2-4541 V.DAVIS celllnos. no nKtn cniclul Sound · heat control. Moyt no furniture. Lie. Int. BondedVAniir, 42M9S. ACCOUSTIC Celling SHdalist. Parch ploster. rlo fob too small. Lie. Insured. Bonded. 432-36£6 Patching Specialists Small Jobs. Lie. 596-413! PLASTER celling Specialist-- Pitch or new. imoom texture or acoustic. 1 day service. GA 4-3545 E'XPERT SMALL PATCHING. DO OWN WORK AND CLEANUPS. Reasonable rates. 434*5424 PLASTERING. Stucco. Carpentry. Painting. 599-3387 or HE 2.2318 PATCH plastering Interior ext. Satisfaction guaranteed. 597-7528 PIASTER IM PATCH work, mv kind, 35 veara exper. 591-0746 NO JOB oviifsso. " "ttsSsj Plumbing, Heating r gg Call Singley For ·$$ Stoppages - water leaks, Dlumblng or heating repairs, remodellna! NO EXTRA SAT. OR SUN. 531-7870 Plumbing-Heating Repairs Work Guaranteed! Soecllize al makes furnaces, rcoloe qalvani.ed to copper water lines. Stoppages. Violations. Lie. 429-8654. PLUMBING «t HEATING REPAIRS CALL A LIC PLUMBER 925-9144 PLUMBING, STOPPAGES REPAIRS 58 PER HR. NO TRAVEL TIME CHARGE 421-7375 WANTED stoposges 1 sm elumblng lobs. Lie. plumber. HA 9-9737 PLUMBING contractor. Lie. Live «. let live prices. 438-7272 Roofing WERLE ROOFING CO. All types roofs-repelrs, Deel with applicator, S97-546 639-9416 COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICE EXPERIENCED ROOFER NEEDS WORK. No lob too small. Free estimates. REASONABLE. 868-9354 CALL the rest-- Then call the Best. All types of roofing. Snow coating. Licensed, insured. 421.1881 $5 Fixes Most Leaks Will reroof 437-2929; 4344014 FORD ROOFING -- Lie. insured. ROOF -- NEW RECOVER Comm Residentiil 160-5719 / SAVE ss Problems. Free est. Llnhtnlng Roof Serv. 591-6331 l' NEW ROOFS t' REPAIRS. Guar. Bank Terms. 428-4*3; 923-7824 Sandblasting SANDBLAST-- Restucco. Reas. Lie. Ins-Free tit. HA 5-2(74; 421-1116 SANDBLASTING -- RESTUCCOING Sheet Metal taurants, homes ft Hogs. Kitchen sinks and hoods. Stainless steel work, gutters, conductors, Hellerc welding. Marine sheet metal and "ffiSlkEY SHEET METAL 1315 W. llth St. HE6JM8 KAIN GUTTERS, SHEET MEf AL ·or*. «VE « 6A1«B Termite Control TERMITES AND ROACHES Free Est. John Lynn, 591-5667 Tree Service TREE SERVICE 9218 TREES » SHRUBS Removed or trimmed. Bell Bros. HA 1-1612 AAA TREE SERVIC... Prompt Service -- L.B. i Vicinity Lie. i Ins. 428-7015; 531-7108 Licensed. Insured Coll 634-8550 COMPL. tree seryice. Yourkind of prices! Lie. Insured. 167.3900. TREE trim, remove, own in t haul. Lie. i Ins. 6314179, 537-4726 TV, Radio ft Hi-Fi Service REPAIRS In your home $5 mln. eslm; 120 hid. parts labor. Color or 8 V/ 773-OJ90 with B/W or color service cill S7.9S 927-M25, TO J-3173 Upholstery 37th Anniversary Sale RE-UPHOLSTERING SPECIAL of 40'i oil. Free Est. Tavlormaid REUPHOLSTER. Llv. nil. furn. Cusl. v/ork, all stvlfs. AA Anit A Upholstery 1223 Cherrv. Free ett. Pickup I, Del. 591-0579 fttMffy iw ·KlevBeiBMikkiNil} Los Anseies ' 936-5129 apt. B'ulidlng.' Have experience S91-757. "d^ 1 *^" "TM' sr ik band self employed) «Mja SEMI-ret. cpl or lldy mineae a^tn. ODti. Ne exo. Apt + ul. 439-7574 CeVt Of CUMreM IIS u SM?IB?7'Glt4Sj G'ECTS LOVING CARE FOR YOUR CHILD MY HOME HA 1-26M LIC. care. Fenced yard, play eaulp- m;nt. E. Mth St. ME 3-90X L Se, M LS,,Sad n .5l!S?1:7SJ M " NEW Nursery school. Hot lynch 14 Word Wweftti 1*5 IWMVN) t H E INDEPEMOeN't, e^ESV T E L E G R A M S?COMMENDS T H A T ALL IAIY {ITTING CHEcElS IE CAREFULLY CRISIS In K* family! We h«ve nurses, cractkals, aides A companions for duty In home or rrosoftil full or part time. Al emotftves thoroughly screened, Ineured, bonded. Homemakers Inc. 432-644 MATURE woman evailible is com- ponion to elderly or Infirm. Live In or out. Ref. Insured bonded. Homemakeri Inc. 4324441 LIVE-IN housekeeper mat keen · clear, txxise. Dependable. Refs. Write Box A-3719, InrJ., Pre«-Tele- 0ram, 6th Ii Pine. Long Beach. HRS. DAILY. EJsrs'lde only. 4352608 HOUSEKEEPER, live in, care tor or 2 elderlv persons. 230 E. 67m Way, NLB 5-8:30 LITE housekeeper or babysit, 5-day wk., no live In, need transp. Vir. South Downey Ave. 633-5419 HOUSEKEEPER, bachelor! on v, rvo. wxly. basis. Laundry If n- aulred. Rers. 591-5487 alter S D.m. PRAC. nurse-cxe. patient. Elderly, convalescent; f day wk. GAe- 3429. Days, elso weekends. 920389 IRONING-ISc oc. Nice work. Sew- ng reasonable. 7«-7«0. BABYSITTING wk. d»w Steams Lakewood Blvd. 597-3220. EXCEL, young Infant day care. Ref., lie., N.L.B. 423-6124. GEN. WORK BY HR. EXP. THOROUGH. 436-1575; 437-4557. BABYSITTING. Exp. Reliable. ·6S.939S N.L.B., young mother. 4230805 CARE Of one child, Infant pref.. Hie hswk., exoer. Ph. 432-7821. EXPER. typist available 9 to 3. Likes tedious detail work. 425-1691. PART-TIME work. For store or dairy. 437-sTS! between 1-12 i.m. GE B-7731. NURSING care, for convelescnit, lite hsewk. Live In or out. 438-7501 PRAC. nurse, exper., lit« houselceep- na i cooking for patient. !9f-3t33 BABYSITTING any hours. Exp. BABYSITTING, Intent, North Lone fast antPSccurate. W ?9sJi)5y BABYSITTING. Birth to 3 veor£ Lakewood I, South. IM-4137 It floors. Tramp. 591-3851 PAYROLL, lite bookkeeping, genera office. Hours 9 to 3. 867-7048. Mon. thru Frl. Bel. Shore. 434-/0/3. HSECLEANING by hr. or day, also GOING on Vacation? will toke ov- BABYSITTING. Near Douolas. Reliable 8, experienced. 421-2820 WASHING «. Ironing, free pickup. BABYSIT for working mother Wilson High) ores. 4344457 Work Wonted 200 (MEN) MEN need work, exp. carpentry p umber, fence pelnt, for less. GUARD-- Local reterences-Ex Canadian sheriff 167-9664. Mochlmrv ft Toed 225 MaeMntrv ft To* MF FOR DUE TO PHOTO-C FOLLOWING EQUIPI MACHINES ARE IN E G4-2, S»ri«l - 18768, Six Fttdtr, Pow»r Mag. S Motor. C-4. Seri»l ^22082. Inte Sii Mold Disc, Mohr S« Motor. UA^A| C ' Anm PcerJ point Imperial, Mergent Intertype --6459, Mode 4 Molds. IntBrtyp*) =10610. 3 Mi Pot,4Molds, ClineMolo Infertyp* #7066, Model Topp Feeder, Motor. Mergenthaler Model 36 Wide Mags., Elee. Pot. Intertyp. z-25705, Mot Square) Base, Elec. Pot, Saw, 6 Slot Mold Disc Motor. Intertyp. =24044, Squa Pot, Cam Covers, No Fe 2 Miller Saws (Fair) 1 Other Saw (Good) 1 Saw and Trimmer 1 Nolan Router (! 5--90 Chan, fu (Alum.) 2--90 Chan TWIN COAST MR. SELL 604 Pine Av». Work Wanted 200 (MEN) ESCROW worker -- sound schooling. Older man. Come In right awav- S700 mo. Box A-9320 Ind., Press- ELECTROHrC lech, w/l vrs. Europe; 2 vrs. U.S. exoer., wants any Kind part time lob. 435-9641, afkr FLEET Maintenance Foreman 33 vrs. tnser. wanti Million. HAi- WANT meat manager lob, 37 vrs. ·xptr. References on reauejt. 7326 Peirol St., Paramount 90726. NEED work-- »rn. retired DaJntrr. Res. only, clean. No mess. 422-0178 Work Wonted 205 (MEN 4 WOMEN) YOUNG cOWle, tioustmald oen. handvman-oardefler* want work. " MALE" J FEMALE MODEU^ Ph 425-5993 Swops 215 '65 8UICK Riviera. Full Pwr. 77,000 ml. New tlrw. Sell or trade for '63 or newer Ford or Chevy pickup for enulty. 423-6677 TENT trailer use for Its storage in your oarage, 438-5J86. '51 BUICK. Or g nal, new tires. si5Q or ??? 831-2613 '65 HONDA 250cc Scrambler S36Q or trade tor car. 860-1231 lIMDli! Miscellaneous 220 We BUY OLD NEWSPAPERS Independent Paper Stock Co. 110 a ton. KOI DAISY AVE. 432-5419 bRIENTAL RUG wenttd from Prlv. WANT uiet) furn. entlquej, old coins. TRADER PETES C4-15I9 SALE OMPOSITION, THE vIENT IS AVAILABLE: .CELLENT CONDITION Mold Disc, Mohr Stw, hif*, Elee. Pet, Clint rtype Feeder, Eltc. Pot. w, Cam Covers, Clip* er, Elee. Pot, 1 Mog. 9 i«l»r Motor. C, 3 Mag., Elee. Pot, gs, Topp Feeder, Elec. r. C, Elee. Pot, 3 Magi, No Feeder, Motor. Jel F, 4 M«gs.-- Split, vlargach Feeder, Mohr , 3 Molds, Quldder, re Base, 4 Mags., Elec. eder, Quadder, Motor. ;Stereo) tereo) II length Mags. Splits NEWSPAPERS -HE 5-1 161 Long Beach, Calif. Miscellaneous 220 (WANTED) OFFICE FURNITURE 5 desks with formica tops, J secretarial chairs, will accept offer for all or one. RAN'CHO RAMBLER 2160 L.E. Bl. ! WE BUY ! titiues. 423-5723. Dav or nlle. cars, ban., etc. P»ramount's8l«, 6000 Paramount Blvd. GA 3-5501; ME 3-0771 567-0718 tools, oaraoe misc. ' 59M24A Book! Y B E ou?ht DE BO ° KSH HEM457 Machinery Tools 225 HOMELITE chain saw*-- chain sharpening. Few good usttf. Chain idws electric tool repair. Pacific Coast Hdw. 2J35 L B Blvd. 421- MACHINIST Woodworktnc lools bought and sold. Riggs Saw Serv, 5455 Cherrv Ave. GA 3-9404, NL3. COMB. Belt disc sandcr, I'/z HP 220-440 motor. Heavy duly stdnd. AIRLESS Sprayer/ mmt sell, lik* new, Spec-Flo, compute oirtfit. Best offer. R. Login, NO 4-45C4 welding truck/ ttc. 427-55M HA 91226 pwr. tools, 1501 E. Aniheltn 579-1973 GA44034 CEMENT MIXER Vi *«k -f- glher cement Items Including 1000 ft. 2x4 LAWN mower sharoetier Foley d»- luxe, never used, GA 34367 Thrlfties 265 Thrifties 265 Thrlfties 265 THE MONEY-SAVING IDEA IN CLASSIFIED ADS 2 LINES ... 3 DAYS . . . $ 2 3 LINES. .3 DAYS. .$3 5 LINES. .3 DAYS. .$5 4 LINES. .3 DAYS. .$4 6 LINES. .3 DAYS. .$6 iflrlfHH ire ids ilieed by privlle IndlvlduiH. All Items should be priced. Tolal price et ill Items In each n SM or less. No limit on number of adi BUY ANY ITEM HERE FOR $50 OR LESS (FIJI 1M1 m.'i^ftss'i Westminster. usual squirrel desteiC needs repkt- ina, J3S. 425.5953. WFDGEWOOD Gas range, chrome top, griddle, nice clean $35. »2- 60/6. DISHWASHER J15, Maple bed frame SIS, Bench S10, Lamps »10. 633-9197 2 ADJUSTABLE office chairs S5 each. Wing rocker $.15. 2 lamps S20. 425-5382; 434-2098. JOB LOT stock for 2nd handstore take ALL stock S25. 591-3639 REVERE: movie projector, straight 8 MM. Xlnt 530. 599-5522 GAS refrio, clean 135, couch chair. SIS. 591-2960 CHROME dinette set, 6 ehrs, »25. TV console 21" roller type. Excel, cond. 549.50. 639-3380. iViAHOG drooleaf table. 4 chairs, fa r cond. 535 or? 431-2039. SOFA bed w/matchino chair, brown toed S20. 596 2071 RUG oval braided revers 9x12 nylon $28 never used. 421-5316. PACK. Bell TV, walnut, Colon al. Remote control. ISO. HE 2-5226. MAYTAG automatic washer, very good cond. (35. Call 160-3005. 2 BEAUT Cockapoe pups. Thoroughbred parents, S10 M. 422-7600. BLONDE fall S25. TV 115. Acme Juicer 510. 43S-2874. SHAMPOO hair rinse combined · 20 Oflesit « '.15. HA 5-1596, 4-6. VIRTUE kitchen table 1 chain $20, Couch J2S. GA S-2210. SPARTA sewing machine «, sewing table, like new $45. 428-2382 GOLF SET cart, 8 Irons, wedoc. FREE 3 mos. puppies, verv cute. 639-3039 8 FT. gold couch, $25. Skllsaw, $15 4 amoi, $10. 3066 Heather Rd. set, S3!. C»ll 433^262 GAS DRYER, KENMORE, LIK? NEW $50 599.3919 FOR SALE, hospital bed, 125. 437-8768. GAS stove, white, S25. Blonde buffel, S10. 599-3006. V/H1TE sewing machine In walnut cabinet. 525. GA 4.5634. ·55 STUOEBAKER, 4 good tires. TWIN BED, GOOD C 0 " 01 !^,] HAWAII surfboard, 9 ft. 7 In. $40. Good beginner boerd. HA 9-2184. ZENITH TV, 23 In. black It while. Runs grnd, $50. »6S-1394. 1738. $25. O4-543d. K H«X^ E 5?l'fo« rVer ' *"* C TM ! ' 531-W35. 5-W. 531-9235. tt.50 end., ruo 58. 431-WQ5. TYPEWRITER, Rovil Porlabli, ix- C« cond. 131. 423-7557. FRlGIOAIRE wAshRr rfelux txcet. cold. 4'/i vrw s;0. 925-7MJ. GOLD clubs, comolctc scl, for man, woman or child 510. Woman's Patty Berg matchffd get bao cart IXInt buy) MO. GA 60643. HUNTING HOUNDS Trl-colortd; black white; Black tick. $15 each. 5969555 er, 2 end ta'lbes, 2 lampl. Firm S50 for all. 3731 Voile. 420-1544 WALNUT brktst. «T S29; camera case $3, souvenir plate $3, Dull lamp »/, '/, mart. S3. 633-9197. healer $10; melal shop desk, SIO. Phone 423.6597 SINGFR sewlno mach in walnut cab. S25. Also zigzag mach $25, 430-6345 ROSE beige couch S35, solid maple bench chair 510. 433-5806. '54 CAD. Fleetwood sedan full pwr. good cond. S200. TO 7-1427. ADDING Machine elec. like new. Adds-subtract i(8. GA 3-7557. PORTABLE Stereo, GE, Xlnt. working cond. 920-1184. CHESTS 5 drawer new, M) S12 ea. S PC. DINETTE -- like new S30. 920-1184. 22 HP Johnson outboard, very tew hours, 550. 673-4125. COPPERTONE Stove Moglc Cht! oas ranseS25. 848-3174. FREE to good home Australian Shepherd female, goad net. 630-5203. SIGNATURE Portable dishwasher, 5 cycle like new 550. 862.6076. 14' BOAT TRAILER, trade for pool table. S47-U130 DARK beige wool carpet 32 sg. yds., verv oood SI vd or? 591-2313 COPPERTONE Admiral refrlg. Apt. slie S50. 327-8694 GAS stove. Kenmore "good 535. 4351314: 439^055; (714) B75-1B98 ELECTRIC GU tar. ] pick UPS, 525. Call days 434-7739 CHIHUAHUA, grown female, 515. 635-1420 HE 5-4620 TITAN rotary pwr. mower 532.50 6562 Bravton, NLB. 428-1033 MOVIE oral., zoom lens, 530; Marble pedastal table, 515. 596-8427 POV/ER saw 525. '·'," drill 525. 4J8-4456 eves. 428-U56 Eves. ADMIRAL Console T.V. 23" Excel. Cond. 535 632-3774 19" EMERSON portable Like new UFH S50. 632-3774 9x13 ALL-WOOL braid run, 2 match- Ing throws, 8x10 braid lust EMERSON table TV, 19 In. UHF. Like new, 550. 639-3280 GENERAL REFRIG-STOVE UNIT 550. 829 DAISY HE 7-76S7 eve. COLOR Dot generator, new transistorized 550. 438-8337 22 - 2x8x16' PLANKS; also Clll t Stakes. All 550. GA 4J325. VICTOR 10 key elec. add. mach., ex- r*l. rnnrl «A 4tt-M07 M o U N f '= 0 Saittlsn-- A neautv rairaht Acapulco S50. 597-1567. 7! RPM records. Over 3WH- 55 Albums 4- Index 535. 597-1567. FREE to good home. Gray spayed emale cat. 432.M43. FREE 5 mo. old oart dachshund, emale, hsobrkn 437.?«3. BLUE Simmons hlde-a-bed 540. 429- BOY'S 26" hike, good cond. 520. 1640 Tilbury, Lkwd. 429-5530. 3MfA ~93f3 power cdllor rV -,ol|r*T extra reel, never used *1i. Underwood typewriter jld. JceyDoard w/case 535. 428^252. 21" PHILCO console T.V. new pi- cutre tube 5W. 22123V'j Afrlhe, Hawaiian Gardens sm. tube, 520. Mlxmaster SI2-3*pc? Whearv luoaaM SIS. 436-8683. REFRIG. COLD SPOT, large freezer. Xlnt. cond. $25. 8843 Maple, Bellflower table, ottoman, all for $25. Crib mattress 515. ttD-9561. TOY Fox Terrier pup. Smooth hair UKC reg. WO. 135 E. Plymouth, NLB, rear. ROYAL Line Nylon mesh playpen f, foda Roia stroller, like new S26. So a bed $2J. 439-495?. MUST find homt for malt German Shepherd. $25 634-545? HALLICRA r T receiver set, We ne*v SSO. 42S-2939 after 6 p.m. No Prlc« Limit WAMTFD: Basoioes, oood cand. or lessons. Call 423-1339. WANTED transportation car SSO to SI DO. 423-57) A 'WANTED sml marble top coffee f'a- 0 e Call GA 2-19B2 V/ANT white female kitten free long ha r pref. 432-6383 AM'S WANTED Stereo slid* prelector Phone HA 9-U74 glass Private Party. 430-3022 WANT pool table 4x8, good cond. Will pav cash. oM-9577 dresses 11 to 12-stze. Mom 432-63W WANTED good late modi! 327 or 2S3 ChGV. motor. 864-1192 BUCKET for Ford Skip Loader, No Prlct Limit masks, 1 pump/ 1 or. we io hied shoes, l weighted belt. Trade tor ouns, cvcl* or makt offer. Call alter 6 p.m. HA 9-1297 CHAIN saw, mine defector, antlqu* ou tar, V* HP elec motor, submersible pump, small rtfrlg, 22 riflr Wonderhorsc, bikt, misc. S*II or trade. GA 84716 WILL TRADE EMERSON stereo lane recorder 4-drawtr filing cabinet for car. 1329 Metllir, Gardens '59 FORD 2 dr. looks, runs oood, for co or T.V. or cash. 1700 E. Hill S WILL swap, 52 Dodge towtruckfor flat bed p.u. or $300, Can bt ittn 3J8 Maine. SWAP doubte b c d r o c m ft w/bookcase rwadboard for 1 with- WILL TRADE M' PALACE HOUS^ Trailer for 19 to 22" Travel trailer. 423-0230. 36" GAS stave for a 30", aoorox. value S25. 423-OIDS RCA colored TV. Nieds tube Swap for Black Whlls w/UMF 632-3774 ZV DIESEL fish boat, tradt for cur or cyclf. 673-4175 .J

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