Independent from Long Beach, California on March 24, 1976 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 24, 1976
Page 19
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Dear Mother Earth By LYNN AND JOEL RAPP DEAR MOTHER EARTH: ""'Recently I bought a beautiful Bird's Nest Fern. 1 Brought it home and within a couple of weeks it begirt to turn brown all over the edges of the leaves; other leaves turned yellow and died, and now, after a month of keeping it in good light and watering frequently down the center, I have about half the size plant as I did when 1 bought it. · Is there anything I can do lo get started again? Please help me. I feel miserable. -- L.R. DEAR L.R.: First, take comfort in the fact that if misery loves company, you've got a lot Bird's Nest Ferns, with their spectacular lone, lush, wide green fronds, arc a striking and beautiful plant. Unfortunately, they are rather difficult to cultivate in a hassle-free manner indoors. (Outdoors, we've seen them grow lo enormous proportions -large enough to make a comfortable nest for a Pterodactyl and its family.) The best thing you can do to help your fern flourish indoors is keep it in a light, cool spot -- a north window seems lo be the most successful location - and at the same time keep the humidity up as high as you can. Spray it often, keep it on a tray with water-covered pebbles, surround it with plants or provide a humidifier in the room. If artificial light, such as plant lights or incandescent light, can be provided, so much the better. Feed with an acid-base food about once a month, water as you have been, chirp lo it often, and iwrhaps you'll be able to keep your Asplenium in a condition NOT for the birds. Happy growing! (It you have any questions to ask DF.AR MOTHER EAHTH, send them in care of the Independent I'rcss-Tclegram. As many as possible will be used in this column.) The Aces on bridge IRA O. CCHIN Jt. DEARABBY' , HK. cam.. w«t, mrch u, wt INDEPENDENT (AM) PRESS-TEIEGRAM (PM)-B-7 If one doesn't win a Nat i o n a l C h a m p i o n s h i p , there is sonic consolation in scoring a cute, game in exactly th« same way the winners did. Today's story conies f r o m the ACBL Daily Bulletin. Anita (Pidgconl D a v i s of Beaumont submitted today's interesting hand to the editor. A tew moments later, she called back lo report that the winners o( the event had made the game in exactly the same way (the National Life Master Women's P a i r Championship was won by Dorothy Moore and Marion Weed of Dallas). West's j u m p to two hearts was preemptive (a risky gamble in view of the vulnerability) and North's double was negative. It promised some strength but npl enough to m a k e a forcing or constructive bid. West's spade five was covered by the seven, nine and declarer's queen. The diamond nine was led, nobody covered and the nine held the trick Declarer s w i t c h e d to t h e c l u b queen, covered by West Gay says be true to self WEST » 5 2 : K J 1(V 0 6 4 K 103 NORTH * J I 7 3 T 6 I 3 K J 3 4 A 7 2 KAST * A 10 9 6 1 A I 5 4 2 ' 6 I 3 SOUTH » K J I I A Q 1 109 7 + Q J 9 :i V u l n e r a b l e : E: Deak-r: East Ttu i bidding EaM Sxjlh W«M l'j« I* 2» Taw 2 ST I'.i^ SorlK DM. the way we were 4 DAYS ONLY ROADWAY Cerritos group portrait of 4 8 95 reg. 25.00 Limited time special price! No waiting! Choice of proofs, yours immediately w ' |rl amazing "Gemini" system portraits. All sizes available at reduced prices. Telephone (2B) 86O-O411 Thursday. March 25th to Sunday, March 28th Weekdays 11 a.m. lo 6 p.m. Saturdays 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays 12 noon to 5 p m. Opcnmc load. 5 of spades w i t h dummy's ace winning. A SPADE was led from d u m m y . E a s t ducked again and declarer won the king. Another diamond was led capturing West's queen and East won the ace. East led a heart and declarer had a good picture of West's hand - liltle enough for the vulnerable j u m p overcall. Declarer covered East's heart five with the seven and West was stuck. West was now end-played in two suits and declarer could not be stopped. If West led a heart, declarer would win the free finesse and clear the clubs for nine tricks. If West led a club, declarer would lose no club tricks and lake nine tricks. West knew that hearts were futile so she Iried to exit with a club. Declarer t h e n claimed h e r n i n e tricks via four clubs, Iwo spades, one heart and two diamonds. Button meet Long Beach Button Club will hosl a regional meeting f o r collectors a n d clubs of Southern California Saturday al 10 a.m. in G r e a l Western Savings and Loan, 350 Long Beach Blvd. By ABIGAIL VAN BUREN DEAR ABBY: Your answer lr TORN w a s perfect. K those parents really love their tall, h a n d some, athletic s o n , the best way to show it is to allow him to be himself, even it his choice of a life's companion is another m a n , and not the woman of their dreams. I speak out o( agonizing years of personal experience, 1 made my personal decisions on the basis of w h a t A'ould please my parents, my friends and society in general. I have tried to live a straight life in a straight world aixl have been relatively successful. But each day is an inner struggle. 1 have conformed lo a way of life that is "proper," but it's unnatural for me. My life has been one long succession of unfulfilled yearnings. I w o u l d a d v i s e any young person who is strug- g l i n g w i t h homosexual feelings to be true to himself. Thank God for the openness society is developing. Had t known 25 years ago thai there could possibly lie an alternative. I would have taken a different course. Now. in my IDs, 1 still w e a r a m a s k and am more miserable than ever. S u r e l y t h o s e p a r e n t s Free musical The musical "1776" will be shown free of charge Friday lit 7:30 p.m. ami SuliirrUiy al 10 a.m. in Ihe auditorium nl Hughes Junior High School, 38IR California Ave. The Bicentennial program is sponsored by the Teachers Association of Ixmg Heach and the Southeast Los Angeles County Council for Social Studies. Tickets must be purchased in advance by Ihe TALI! office. wouldn't want that kind of misery for their sqn. Abby, please continue to tell parents that the opinions of Ihcir friends and relatives are no! as import a n t as Ihcir children's right to be themselves. -UNHAPPY CONFORMIST D E A R UNHAPPY: 1 could not have said It better than you did. DEAR ABBY: My 23- year-old daughter is planning lo be married. Five years ayo she hart a baby out of wedlock, and she kept the child and raised her. My daughter now wants a traditional wedding with a white (Ire« and veil. She also wants her daughter to tw the flower girl! What is your opinion of such a wedding under the circumstances? -- CONVENTIONAL MOM On America's Wo. 1 Brand... JOHNSON'S Dental Floss. For fewer cavities. And a cleaner, fresher, healthier mouth. I I I lsin i»'a - « ( t i 0 M-m-« vat-. A · X %2£*?*an-'%?r-**·-* I TM^"TM' I I DA Save 15$ on any size, any type of XD V JOHNSON-S Dental Floss or DEKTOTAPZ- Flat Ribbon Floss Display of stitchery set The second biannual Stitchers' Showcase needlecraft exhibit sponsored by Las Ayudas will take place Thursday through March 30 in Brogan Hall al Chadwick School, 26800 S. Academy Drive, Palos Verdes Peninsula. Admission is $3.50, with proceeds benefiting the rehabililation c e n t e r at Torrance Memorial Hospital. More than 31)0 items in needlepoint, slilchery, ap- plique nnd patchwork will be on display each day from 10 a.m. to -I p.m. DEAR MOM: I hope I won'l shock you, but I say, let your daughter have HIP kind of w e d d i n g she wants. This Is her first wedding, and It probably has been her heart's desire for man} 1 years. One s w a l l o w doesn't make summer, and one mistake shouldn't east a shadow over a person for a lifetime. DEAR ABBY: My husband has a chance to win an all-cxpcnses-paid trip with me In Bermuda. My problem: We would be flying to Florida, which I don't mind, then we'd go lo B e r m u d a by boat t h r o u g h the Bermuda Triangle. 1 have beard thai planes and ships have liecn lost and never heard f r o m again alter going through the Bermuda Triangle. If this is Inic, I am a f r a i d lo go because I have two children and 1 d o n ' I w a u l lo lake a chance. Wlia I is your advice? -- SCAUKI) 1)1' NORTH DEAR SCARED: The Captain and crew want lo live as much as you do. dear, and if Itwrc were any possibility of danger, they wouldn't take lhat route. If your husband wins the trip, go. Bon voyage! r XUtflX COLOR COPY PRINTS) From .·:-- Sl]^ - purchased ):iL", K " : ' 0 ""5CX'" !T.;X$I. j contacting jj^" 1 '|,*,' J '/, 1 *,V l o??i H'\\l TEETHING PAIN iMih- ,y' t\ 14 UK IKIt (Jll. lilt, -/ C*MI» ftlitl. Hl'pt t M l h ' a*tiT Jid you iferfi. baby ora-jel/ Sundew il*m. B / p . m . YOUR OLD PHOTOS COPIED! Havo picluros professionally macio of your old Uonsnrod photographs 10% TO 40% OFF limited time only! If pictures aio timeworn additional charges for restoration aro nlso specially pricod. Your original will bo returned unharmed. Brino yours in ttiis weak. Satisfaction fluorBntaod. Ccrritos (213) 8600411 Photos. 828 -..^BROADWAY SALE STARTS 'Thursday March 25 thru i ;at.,March 111 44-45" wide polyester-cotton ^ ^ ^^ *^~- «^- -SAU 60" wide 100% polyester TOP WEIGHT GAUZE MACHINE WASH REGULAR--$1.98 FULL BOLTS- FIRST QUALITY SAVE 1.10 yd. 44-45" wide · 50% polyester - 50% cotton BOTTOM WEIGHT CRINKLE ALWAYSFULLBOLTS- V FIRST QUALITY MACHINE WASH _ yd SAVE $1.72 yd MENSWEAR POLYESTER KNITS MACHINE WASH |j HANDSOME SOLID COLORS · Yd, ALWAYS HRST QUALITY -- FULL BOLTS 58"-60" -- 50% Poly-50% Cotton MARINASTRIPE! RUGBY * IIViri " GREAT FOR HIS OR HER "T" T O P S - O R DRESSES MACHINE WASH ALWAYS * FIRST QUALITY SAVE $1.00 yd. MACHINE WASH VARIETY OF COLORS THURSDAY - FRIDAY ONLY 44-45" WIDE - 100% COTTON BRUSHED DENIM SI 33 yard 3588 Palo Verde (at Los Coyotes Dlag.) 421-9497

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