Independent from Long Beach, California on January 24, 1975 · Page 19
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 19

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 24, 1975
Page 19
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.'i». HUH INDtPtNMNT( fook Reviews hinshine muse irought in focus M U S K : | Contemporary Art on the |West Coast. By Peter 1'lagens. Praeger, $11.95. [ A r t i s t , critic,' teacher, Peter Plagens has been on the inside of the West Coast art world for many years, and this history of modern art on the Pacific ! slope, the first of its kind, is a lively and perceptive interpretation of the art i scenes in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. It is lavisly illustrated. THE PAINTERS' AMERICA: R u r a l and Urban Life, 1810-1910. By Patricia Hills. Praeger, $15. Henry Inman's "Dismissal of School on an October Afternoon, 1815;" John C a r l i n ' s " S a l t s Ashore" (1857); Winslow Homer's oil on canvas, boys playing "Snap the Whip" in 1872 - These : a r e a m o n g the w a r m scenes of country and city . life during a century of an earlier America, caught by many artists in many styles, a n d brought together in this wonderful depiction of c h a n g i n g American c u l t u r a l patterns. MARXISM AND ART. Selected with comment a r y by M a y n a r d Solomon, Vintage, $5.95 paperbound! Marx.and Engels on art and society; William Morris on art, labor and Socialism; Lenin on Tolstoy; Trotsky on art and class; Mao, Sartre, the I t a l i a n Communist h u m artist G r a m s c i , Brechl on theater; Marcuse ahd Malraux -- these the contribu- this basic anthol- jflf Marxist critism !i aesthetics by 36 au- PEST AND 9NSE IN MEXICO. Sfelyn P. Stevens. ' ess, $17.95. On Oct. 2»'4§B8, some 200 students wege® fchot down by the SreVican g o v e r n m e n t fortes during a strike at the universities and colleges; This strike, and the 1S58-9 railway strike as well as the doctor's strike of: 1964-5, are the events on which Dr. Stevens focuses in hei perceptive study of the factors which h a \ e caused recent protests in Mexico and the talcky icsponse of the government TflE WESTERN FILMS OF JOHN FORD. By J. A. Citadel, $12. You argue for as tne greatest film director.. Stagecoach" is a Did you know he other Western This is a grand ffal richly Ulustrated, of 3501 d s Westerns, and a bMiant critique. ·ALEXANDER THE GREAT By F r a n k Lip- Saturday R e v i e w $14 95. Alexander. conqueror whom ei* conquerors used to ambitions by. t)lgon kept Alexan- history at his bed- lank Lipsius' lav- ustraled book is a insightful study gander. ER PASSED OUR WAY. By Fred S. Kaufman. North Plains Press, $7.95. The story (by his son) of a Dakota Territory homesteader and the part he played in Custer's career w h e n the general was nearing his downfall. THE LETTERS OF CHARLES D I C K E N S , VOL. 3: 1842-1843. Edited by Marie House, Graham Story and Kathleen Tillotson. Oxford Univ. Press, $41.75. · . From Washington Dickens wrote on March -12, 1842 a b o u t "the prevalence of spit-boxes'" in America. "I see t h e m everywhere. In hospitals, prisons, in courts of law- on the bench, in the witness box." He was as lively a letter writer as he was a novelist, and in this volume a good part of his correspondence is devoted to his first trip to the U.S., where he was'at first idol- i z e d , a feeling w h i c h changer! when his own did. THE P O L I T I C S OF RIGHTS. By S t u a r t A. Scheingold. Y a l e U n i v . Press. $10. P o l i t i c a l scientist Scheingold takes a deeply perceptive look at the part played by lawyers and' litigation in changing the course of public policy. His book is of great interest to all concerned with civil liberties and constitutional law , ' KNIGHTS AND THE AGE OF CHIVALRY. By R a y m o n d Rudorff. Viking, $16.95. ,. ,, .,,. Knights were once the be-all of warfare, until the · longbow and gunpowder ended their domination. They inspired great litera-: lure and much of Western legend. Rudorff gives us a scintillating history of the knights and their origin, development and signifi- c a n c e . His book is enhanced by 24 pages of color illustrations and over 100 other pictures in ' monochrome. LIFE OF MA-KA-TAIME-SHE-KIA-KIAK, OR BLACK HAWK. Dictated by himself and edited by ' J.B. Patterson. Ye Galleon P r e s s , F a i l - f i e l d , Wash., 99012, $6. Black Hawk (1767-1838) led the' Sac and Fox Indians in 1832 in a war · against the U.S. after a treaty imposed cu the Indians in 1831 compelled their removal f r o m Illinois. A d m i r a t i o n f o r Black Hawk was high, as attested by the fact that his autobiography (which f i r s t appeared in 1833) was 'immensely popular, and that there were many later editions. J.B. Patterson, amanu- e n s i s to B l a c k Hawk, republished the book in 1882, Glen Adams of Ye Galleon P r e s s , t h a t indefatigable publisher of enthralling accounts of an earlier West which are i n v a l u a b l e s o u r c e of materials of A m e r i c a n history, again scores high with a new edition of Patterson's version. THE V O Y A G E S OF APOLLO: The Exploration of the Moon. By Richard S. Lewis. Quadrangle/ N . Y . Times Book Co., .$12.50. The first complete account -- and still thrilling -- of all six moon landing missions, and of the mission of Apollo 13, which didn't make it. Lewis is a veteran science reporter, and it shows in his lively and knowledgeable style. N. THE I N D I A N IN AMERICA. By Wilcomb E. Washburn. Harper and Row, $10. Anthropologists, archae- ologista and historians keep adding to our store . of knowledge, about the American Indians, and the director of American Studies in the Smithsonian Institution takes the riewst conclusions in these disciplines into account in his examination of Indian sp- c i a l structure, manners and mores and beliefs from pre-Columbian times to our own day. Advertisement Hospital Study to Help Prevent Sleep Loss Due to Pain! Medical evidence has 'been made public that a special analgesic/sleeping aid formulation -.Excedrin P.M.-can be of significant value to those troubled by sleep loss due to minor pain. A clinical test involving inpationls at a well- known New York hospital' -patients up to 79 years of age-clearly indicated that Excedrin P.M. was highly effective in relieving this type of sleeping problem. · ' · ; Excedrin P.M. helps relieve pain and aids sleep without being habit- forming, and without the kiml of risk of drug hangover associated with ihu use of proscription sleeping pills. . If you've experienced difficulty getting to sleep because of pain - as these hospital patients did-vou should try Excedrin P.M. It's available without a prescription w h e r e v e r p a i n relievers are sold. im;-iivvi;ivioii\ T I ^ ^Hl ^HIB ,4 3 BIG SALE DAYS! SALE 9 F4B0L00S S4MGS 0Jf COLO/? PORTABLES CONSOLES! 19" MAGNAVOX PORTABLE COLOR TV DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE 5 McigncrvcMC · Super Bright" 1 * matrix picture tube · Automatic Fine Tuning 0 19-inch diagonal measure · 1 -yr. Carry in service (Parts Labor) 19-INCH HITACHI SOLID STATE PORTABLE COLOR TV DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE a 100% All Solid State · Bright, Sharp Black Matrix Picture Tube a Illuminated Channel.Indicators · 19-Inch Diagonal Measure ^ HITACHI 19-INCH Znmi tOIIMCT COLOR PORTABLE TV DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE · 19-inch diagonal measure · Solid State Super Video Range Tuning System · Automatic Tint Guard · . - , - . · · ' · · Compact Grained American Walnut Cabinet 25-INCH COLOR CONSOLE TV , WITH CUSTOM PICTURE CONTROL DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE · Energy Saving Chassis « Beautiful color with the touch of a button · 25-inch diagonal measure : · 70 position Solid State UHF Tuner 499 18-IMCH QUASAR ALL CHANNEL COLOR PORTABLE TV 88 DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE · 18-inch diagonal measure : · Bright picture tube · 70 Detent "Click" UHF Tuner · Energy Saver Switch . 288 ItCJI 25" SOLID STATE COLOR CONSOLE TV DOOLEY'S LOW ' PRICE · Black Matrix Picture Tube · 25-inch Diagonal Measure · Convenient "click" Selection for all 82 Channels both UHF/VHF · Conserves Energy . . . 100% Solid State 578" · MORE FANTASTIC VALUES ON FAMOUS BRAND NAME APPLIANCES! · WHIRLPOOL AUTOMATIC 3 CYCLE, 5-TEMP GAS DRYER DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE · Custom dry control for the degree of dryness you want · Tumble press control helps restore, creases in 'permanent press fabrics wrinkled in storage · In avocado only · $5 extra for color DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE · Automatic spray released into compactor each time door is closed e $5 extra for color · Automatic type switch · Convenient bag carrier fits snugly into drawer ' \Vhirlpool HOTPOINT 10 CUBIC FT. REFRIGERATOR-FREEZER DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE 4-ixrtpjarijrtir . 8.44 cu. ft. Fresh Food Storage o 1.05 cu. ft. Frozen Food Storage Compartment · a 3-Door Shelves · Pocketed Egg Racks e Two Easy-Release ice Cube Trays a White Only .. 2-SPEED - 14-LB. AUTOMATIC WASHER DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE Automatic bleach dispenser Perforated tub for improved washability, thorough rinsing 4 soil removal cycles 3 water temperature selections $5 extra lor color -HrrtpjorinJtr OUR MAJOR APPLIANCE BUILDING WESTINGHOUSE GAS DRYER WITH BALANCED AIR FLOW DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE · Easy to reach lint collector · Heavy duty construction · Safety door switch · Porcelain enamel basket for long service 9 White only Westinghouse 14 CUBIC FT. REFRIGERATOR FREEZER BY PHILCO DOOLEY'S LOW PRICE Hardware Mart · I wo vegetable crispers · Power saver control reduces electrical consumption · Big 14.3 cubic ft. capacil · In White Only PHILCO STORE HOURS: MONDAY 8. FRIDAY 9-9 TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY-^SATURDAY 9.6 SUNDAYS 10-5 ^ SOTS LONG BEACH BLVD. NORTH LONG BEACH

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