Independent from Long Beach, California on April 6, 1962 · Page 12
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 12

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1962
Page 12
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A-I2-INDEPENDENT ' lw « ·»*· «·"·· """· *"" l ml T/i-c World Around New Purge Hinted in Communist China TOKYO W--In terms that supRcstcd a new purge may be imminent, Red China's leadership Thursday sharply denounced the thousands who make up the mainland's Communist bureaucracy. Hreaking tho silence which 1m surrounded meetings of the Party Central Committee and the current National People's Congest, the Pciping People's Daily said: "There are person* who have become steeped in bureaucracy, exhibit feelings of insolence and self- satisfaction, forget realities, estrange themselves from the masses and dci not care to discuss things with the masses." The unusually strong attack on the men and women who cany out the policies of the Pei- ping rulers raised the possibility they mny soon h; blamnl in part for the present Chinese crisis. Until now the Chi- fSBSf- -it · j! nose high command has MAO TZ r..TUNfi (· attributed a three-year : , succession of crop failures, and the subsequent collapse [i of Chairman Mno T/.f-tting's industrial "great leap j forward." to natural calamities. The fact that the long delayed People's Congress has deliberated for nine days in secrecy suggested that the dimensions of the CIiin?'e crisis are bigger than so fnr surmised. If this is so. M.ti may have to find something mote than bad weather as a scapegoat. U.S., Reds Drop Reslric.linns DKHl.lN (UPI--The United States and Russia Thursday agreed to allow each other's military missions to resume normal operations today after several days of restrictions. Since last Saturday, the U. S. military mission in Potsdam has been guarded by Soviet troops and its members have been forbidden to travel in East Germany without Soviet escorts. Tho United States had imposed similar restrictions on the Soviet mission in Frankfort, West Germany. Press for OAS Destruction AI.GIKKS (UPI|--Moslem members of the Algerian provisional executive were reported pressing Thurs- d.iy for an r.uly insl.ilhtimi of Moslem-dominated "local forces" to wipe out the Secret Army Orpanijra- lion (OAS) before it sabotages the cease-fire agreement. The OAS campaign of terror is aimed at provoking Moslems into mass violence which would bring French army intervention and block indcpedcnce. Syria Forms New Command "DAMASCUS, Syria (UPI)--Syrian army chief MaJ. Gen. Abdul /-ihrcddin Thursday announced formation of a new command to rule the nation. Zahreddin's forces last week overthrew the conservative civilian government they had helped Into office six months earlier when Syria broke with the United Arab Republic. WASHINGTON (UPI)-] A scientist fuggested "the remote possibility" Thursday .hat Mars harbors Intelligent eings who may have conquered the atom and carried out great reclamation projects. The scientist. Dr. Frank B. Salisbury of Colorado State Jnivcrsity. said the space agency should think twice be- Mars Might Shpol Back a! Us, Scientist Warns Space Probers gen or water. SO IF PLANTS exist on Mars, he uld. they must have evolved * biochemistry far different from that of vegetation on earth. Perhaps water, the essential life environment of livinc cells on earth, may act "more like a vitamin" for Martian organisms, he said. Salisbury said the notion of intelligent life on Mars seems HE SAID that on several occasions observers have no* Iced on Mars "a bright spot of light lasting about ·five minutes." Sometimes the light fore it rockets to Mars jarn.jirnphtisiblc. But he also said ple-grabbing robots which "we shouldI not «brt»nly might anger the natives. Writing in "Science." weekly publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Salisbury said it is highly probable that flourishing vegetation exists on the red planet. That assumption, he said, provides the best explanation yet offered for seasonal color close our minds to the impli cation of some striking observations." He mentioned among other things speculation that the two small Martian moons, Dcimos and Phobos, are arti ficial satellites. Salisbury said a search for Martian moons in 18G2 disclosed none. But in 1877 they changes observed on Mars.iwcre spotted. Was the 1862 Salisbury said no earthly! failure due to faulty tele plants could survive on Mars'scopcs. Salisbury said, "or with its daily temperature cx-jmay we imagine that the sat trcmes and thin atmospherc|cllite were launched into or containing only traces of oxy-.bit between 1PB2 and 1S77?" t was "tn organized rrciama-| ion project." ] IF PLANT-LIKE organisms have conquered the Martian environment, Salisbury tald, animal-like forms may have' developed to ; feed on the plants. Have · these , evolved Into Intelligent beings? "We should at least try to keep our minds open so that was followed by "a rather we could survive the Initial distinctive white cloud." "Was this volcanic actlv- ty." Salisbury asked, "or arc the Martians now engaged In debates about long-term effects of nuclear fallout?" Salisbury noted that In 19St "an area about the size of Texas appeared in what had previously been open dcs crt." He asked whether this desert by plants or whether shock of encountering them,"; Salisbury said. j The National Aeronautics; and S p a c e Administration 1 plans In this decade to land robots on Mars to analyze samples and report any signs of life by radio. "If there is intelligent life, the telemetered data received from the robot might be diffi- was a natural invasion of the cult to Interpret," Salisbury said. SEND YOUR Easter Cleaning CLOCK CLEANERS 3018 BELLFLOWER BLVD. GLASS TOPS for FURNITURE Reflect Good Taste Provide Protection --Inexpensively Marine Glass Co. 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