Independent from Long Beach, California on March 17, 1966 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1966
Page 20
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VIVA SAN PATRICK) By TEKRANCE W. McGAKRY MEXICO CITY (UP!)--St. Patricks Day in Mexico is * to completely oiuwira th«t! SECTION C-*»gt C-1' they ire descended from rtw "·· ·"" Call( ' ""»·· "" " "" survivor* of the battalion mon y each year -- which m "We Irish Mexicans are augurates a of patriotic' very disunited. We 'inly see fiestas -- someone generally; both a deserter from the'under the idea that the war Scotf." wrote- McHenry ''hey are very dart: ::id Span- ea ^ " th " ".L" 1 ' C *5 em ° r '{! crlf !. ""''" A r r i h a la Re P ul -i Canadian army and a formerjwas to be against the savage IN THE southern jungls^sh-looking by now. where the big hanging took "^ Mexico's Irish Celebrate by Damning Yankees day of bitter remembrance for O'Reilly led his battalion out count on an invasion against-her the light-skinned. blue-, are Their * small band of Irishmen that the U. S. considers traitors ·nd the Mexicans honor as heroes. The Irishmen were members of the "St. Patrick's Battalion." They enlisted to fight with the U. S. forces in the Mexican-American War. decided the war was unjust and switched to the Mexican side. When the 'United States won the war. most of the battalion's survivors--62 of them --were hanged as traitors. * * * * NOW, ON St. Patrick's Day, * small group gathers before * plaque erected to their memory here at the spot where they were hanged. The memorial service is brief. Occasionally, a few Irishmen, residents or j u s t passing through' hear of it and come to watch. But on Sept 12' the anni- verary of the hanging, a bigger service is held. A military band plays the Mexican national anthem, and tapers off at the end into the strains of "The Soldier's Song," the Irish national anthem. Descendants of the battalion's members pive speechs on their ancestors' contribution to Mexican history. The Yankees are roundly damned, the way the English may be damned in a St. Patrick's Day round of drinks in a Dublin tavern. · * * * THE STORY of the battalion started in 1823, when a group of Irish citizens petitioned the Mexican government for permission to set up a colony in what was then the M e x i c a n province of Texas. Mexico, hoping the Irish might be some sort of counterbalance to the American colonists that were pour- Ing in, granted the request. The town of "San Patricio" --Spanish for St. Patrick --I was set up on the banks ofj the Nueces River about 351 miles northwest of Corpus I Christi. But Texas declared its independence, joined the United States, and the Mexican- American War broke out. The; men of San Patricio formed an artillery battalion of 300 i mpn and j o i n e d the U.S.I forces. THEIR COMMANDER was Capr. John O'R e i 11 y. a shadowy figure who according to some versions had been Probe Urged on Needles Hoad Route SEARCHLIGHT, Nev. #i-A n Arizona l a w m a k e r Wednesday called for a Congressional investigation of a| decision by the Bureau of Public Roads to route Interstate Highway 40 through Needles, Calif., instead of Searchlight. ] Kent Smith, Assemblyman from Mohave County, Ariz., joined with Sen. Howard W. Cannon. D-Nev., in calling the action "detrimental to the people of Mohave County, the state of Arizona and the| United States." The proposed h i g h w a y would join Barstow, Calif., with Kingman. Ariz. "The decision to route the highway t h r o u g h Needles,j rather than Searchlight will tost an additional $45.6 million and require 114 miles ofj unnecessary construction," Cannon said in a stafement released here. BEST Bl T Behind-the-Ear III AII1X. All* West Point cadet. i Indians on the Mexican side, state of Oaxaca, some say, "I really don't know where 'place." In M a r c h 1 8 4 7 Capt.'of the border. They did not;the older people still remem-.the rest of the descendants, In the midst of thai cere- -T-^T-, Republic" Spanish for "I "p the n a m e s may be·' of the U.S. camp, and into the. the Mexican government it-|eyed families scattered here i changed to something Span-! MAvifuM orm\ lealf ! ail/1 thfftr* u.'hn I'allprl thoni. :..v. _ I: i *i : army. (self. jand there, who called them- ish-sounding, and they "I think religion had a lot' 'They saw a parallel withjsclves "Patricios." They have . .. L ',. to do with it," says Mrs. Pa-1 the English occupying Ireland, I apparently melted into the, jA*»fiii«meni tricia Cox, one of the few per-,but 1 think religion was the'mostly-Indian population of : ATHLETE'S FOOT Htlpj SelV* 3 SiBACKACH" FALSE TEETH sons to research the battal- most important motive." ion's fuzzy history. American historian !the area. Pat- "The Kellys TMJCmkJ SKONDARY TO IEIOIUN KWMY IMITATION After 21. common Kirttiry or BtftdOtr Ir- still live in U'ifV Sxifff Ailuli'ir Even Athlet it ottier DroOuctt failed you for "They felt they should be|rick McHenry agrees with her. Puebla," says Mrs. Cox." and;*,*',,'£' iSSiiiJfiXiTr'oi"TM on the Catholic side. Besides, j "They thought the Mexicans! they still look quite Irish. The f,«p j3S 0b i" 1 ih?'SJyi lt il!"ihI ms J! they argued later that they · were fighting a reliiiious war O'Connors live in Nayarit. in rof*ch"iaV"n h Get"Tr s TMi k bm' 5 "'' were tricked. They enlisted'against 'the dirty Protestant,'the Worries and Problems A little FAKTECTH «prlnHrd on bit* up to 35* 1 ; hanlrr LAY AWAKE ALL NIGHT ITCHING thtri doctor's formula) stopp** HI What relict from maddening H-ratch- ir.s, when »·« chanted to /cnx' II : speeds cooling relief to exitnuUv caused itching, of eczema, minor rarhej. skin irritations, nor-poison- om insect bites. IJoemitizes per» ending!, «oth«. kilh millions of surface germs, helps prevent infection, auls healing. "De-itch" *lua 19 ftrd t u n e r irom | i *nd t'*: ftld. :ir«d, without r n r f f n . ' \ X 1 K X i Powder Is ul^ll "'·i"« """!"'' "J »u'ir. N,. icminiv KUUC. c -,i'., r"-". ",U1 "««··:·«' 1"'.l.' . 1-Wl b r t l r r r..l PAf-TK'KTH «t .11 drug control mttxtion ol'PlMPLfc.S' 1 iquid /cmo dries excess oil, open* , fo! t KA.STEETH cloggeil pores, resist* infection. Money aA if ou don'i get relief from ikm M«d«I Mil Tei! T Would Like More ln ' {ormatum About Sean Hearing Aids. Write to: M John ( HM-fciirk A iHal Brarli · l,-.n Home Damnulratioii p^«rt *···* Cnmplft* *i DRUGS SAV.BN Multi-Vitamins A dietary stpptemwl v 30 vitamins nd minerals combined · me capsule. Witt 1-12 If Uy-ON . . . High Potency Multi vitwin foimijla 3'ds in vitamin oe ticiencies. j% MttlMl I IMCuwltlr. NEW! "Princess BEAUTY BAR Vaporizer-Hmiilifier rovid* 3. ORAL ANTISEPTIC Fu Mtittant mt brfh... Wue liquid with fosminj Ktion kills the bacteria thit causes bad breath keeps moutn feeling fresh ind clean. uv-w U.S.P. (hits... Nttk if IN tm Dt VILIISS -One gallM capacitu which provides mn, steady fkm of steam. All-night operation wjtt automatic stint of!. Large medication with mnM corners. f.N ItkN by fornulaied 3[i« ( .;ail|i JS a skin ccndilioner... m fan or White. VITAMIN "B-12" KSOLYESeltztrTAIets Fast, erfective reW ft tied, keaittwB tut Deep Heat IU Ifmporan leiiai front mn- arthntic. rheomalic ptins. Greaseless Md stainless. SM-WI... '5 mce. l«tttll(1HTW*t it... s«v-w» tattta t( IH Cits EXttBlfll Tablets vittMIUfirclMMr, Iht enti strength p*a refwvw tar keadaclie, arthritis and common coM. : Ml 'Tnii i «atic" J !_»..... _ ijj. miscte tenseness, tired ness. ASPiRIN NNWKH...USP. b Graia tor relwl ft Alcolwl UV-M ... nubbin; compound tot lene! ol minor muMiilar aches. Hydrogen KMXIIE - SM-IM Petrileun klly ~ »»-Wt-Sooth- ing diessmf lo mtnoi culs. bums, etc it M. 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