The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on April 9, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, April 9, 1920
Page 4
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THE DAILY FREE PRESS Loqal News 'Mrs. L. Lochiner of Dowell visited ,Mi-s. G. F. .Resetar continues ill at • friends here yesterday. \ " iCapt. John" W.' Tpler was a bus .\Aess visitor -in Herein yesterday. Brick, ice cream in ..Fowler's. a!! flavors at 'Adv. Shaw visited friends ir. -. •'ilurphyaboro yesterday. • ' Jlev. W. J; Moore -was a ba?ines< .J'.TyisJtor in Marion yesterday. .-.., i J. .D. -DH1 returned yesterday from . •a-ipusraess trip -to Ha-rrisburg. ..;-Miss Marie Guthrie of Co.bden is -visiting Mrs. 'Ralph Wise. j-. v _;-De]icio't:s maple nut and straw' .Vberry at Fowler's. Adv • — —o •/•;• Harvey-Hagler was a business vis- '.'f-.iter- in ,S't. Loxiis yesterday. 'vy.' : .'iHeary' Btisch 'of "Murphysboro wn; 7 a;'Gar,bondaIe vis-tor .yesterday. ••J$,Mrs."-F. F. Sohue'tte Was a -passenfgfir: to St. 1/ouis yes'terday. her home on South Illiniois avenue. ! iFrank Lander-went to Champ'aign'attend a meeting- ,of the .chief"engineers.. Roomy, well-fitting- aprons at ther Methodist bazaar, April 16. A9 Xi'-Bulk garden seeds at Sponsler's •-fe'eft'store.—Adv'; '.'•-•'' a2-63 - Alexander of Marion •;JV?%.-a.. basin-ess, visitor 'here yestemlay. ' • -afcliiian' Big:gs, who has been in •charge of the ibaseanent department of- th-e Johnsocti-!Viaiicil-T.aylor store, las- •• resigned.. Mi\ Bigg-s will prob- albly" return to -Cambria. peas and nasturtium seed in ' only at Sponsor's feed .store. — Adv. - a2-6t Miss .Bo;rai:e tBlanthard .-of iCreal Springs is the iguest of her aunt, Mrs. N-. M. Bknchard. -O !— • '• 'Frances, little daughter of, Dr. and Mrs. H. W. Platfcerson, is ill at their home on West Main street. Onion sets at Sponsler's feed store.—Adv. a2-6t Mrs. T. E. Crawford of Du,Quoin wa-s' tolia guest yeistetrdlay -of hay parents, Mr. iand Mrs. Jefferson Phelps. WOULD REJECT SCHEME 'Secretary -of Old War Labor Board Before Committee. But he had come to the East and six Chinamen had shipped aboard the TJciolo to kill him. His father had .been quite right in telling him not to go to the East. How was it that he had come there? He had run away from that gray house after that night, and he had never heard of his 1 father since. That was in California'. I He had gone to Frisco, and gone to ' o • I sea. He had been at sea eve;- siuce I>an Jtober.'tson of /Fulton, Ky., is ! in a11 kinds of ships, and he had done the g-uast of his daug-Wter, Mrs. A. E. i P rett >' wel1 - He had his master's cer- O.wens, i street. and. i'amily of Sycamore 'JEj2fe.REN.T-40 acres, southeast-or •'•••-Carbondale. Apply SOI Somh ^Washington Avenue, iCarbotidnle, or •.phpiit- -469X. ' ;"' •• . A9—6t JVl'rs. Ealph Hu.thmach.e-r and baby of Grar.ri Tower and the former's sister, Miss Bessie Miller, of. Ma.ka.iKla, were visutors here today. !Mi-. and. Mrs. J. M. 1 Scnrlocfe re- -turhed yesterday from Hammond, La., where they have been visiting their soiv,.J. M. Scurlock, Jr. J. H. Davis 'lias returned to his Jiome in Toiniglcmsiville, Ky., after .spending- several- months here. He ivas an emiployee in the J. H. Rid'g- .way store. In the charity homes, in -the chorus and in the dart haunts of the city's slums-^pe.opl-e calle.d her THE BRAT. ' Earth theatre Monday and 1 Tuesday, April 12 and 13. • ^'-'Bcautif-iiF, woven'•••• rugs •;|Xethodist bazaar' April 16. the A9 -..' Misses Iterance Baker of -Hen-in aid ..Mabel Meln-tosh of Springfield Visited Mrs. Gertie Capron today. Miss Mclntosh was returning- .home from a* visit with Miss Baker, who acconvptaued her here. S-Q-M-E Goodies! "—the kind that m-e-l-t in your cakes, biscuits and doughnuts that just keep you hanging 'round the pantry — all made with BAKING POWDER the safest, purest, most .economical kind. Try it—drive away bake-day failures." You save wlien you buy it. You save when you use it. Calumet contains only such "ingredients as bave been approved officially by the U. S. Food Authorities. HIGHEST Albert Edler, formerly bookkeeper at the Carbondale National bank, who accepted a similar position with the First National .bank at Harvey in January, has been transferred to the Lbgan Square - Trust and Sayings bank of Ohnoagio. TENANffNS A SUIT OF POSSESSION FROM OWNER Monroe McCormack Wins Against B. Odum, Which Allows Him To Keep' Possession of Certain Farm Land—Alleges A Lease Violation. In a case be£ore O. P. Louden yesterday in which Bert Odum brings a possession ' suit against Monroe ilc- Comiack tor certain iar-m. land in northeast of the eity, ^the defendant won the ease and is allowed to re-' ircnn ,on the .'farm. (A large mumlber of witnesses -were introduced by bath sides. The plaintiff attempted to show that MoCor- mack violated the lease and McCormack claiming, the right to remain on 'his farm -until the crops were raised this year. Attorney T. B. F. Smith ^us -the counsel for McCormaok and'Attorney H&ubsrt Hays for Odum. The case wire fiiist brought before Justice of the Jfeace 'Williams. A chang-e of venue was taken -from W/il-lia-ms to .Louden. The case was decided by a. jury whieh was only out for a few minutes. and—he paused, his hand going to-m's eyes again—it \vns strange that he couldn't think of his o.wn name! Urges Flat-Rejection of Plan Proposed by Second .Industrial Conference on Unrest. . ' '. . JVnshlngtoh,.'Apr.ll 9.—Finn'rejection of the jilrin proposetl by President Wilson's secon_d industi'inl conlVrenre for tlitV settling of labor iinrexf' was. mftfiil before, the senate labor oomm'iltci; by W. Jelt Laurie.. seci'Ptar}' of lllfi o1 '' war Inbor 'honr«1.' ;. • '. ,,- Mr. Lnncl; Vas the. first hearings on the conference phin preliminary to 1 the drafting of-legislation J. to '_carry into effect .such'of it a§ the committee 'may ileem advisable. Mr. t_,n.ucli told.the committee that the industrial unrest, throughout the wortfl was due to the fnct-.-fhat Inbor He was first'mate, he knew that; but—yes, his name ciime back to him now. He wrote on laboriously.' He tiftcate already. But that did not account for his being here in the 'Java sen, and for those six Chinamen. He hud been fourth officer of the ToKanmru when thoy had touched at Shanghai a few weeks. ago. She was a fine ship, the Toka- | raaru, the biggest passenger liner In the fleet—only a fourth officer's pay was very small. He had met Captain ^litchell of the Updo ashore there, and Captain' Mitchell had persuaded him to ship as first mate on the Up'olo for d'ouble the pay he had been getting. The Upolo. of course, traded through tlio Jar:! 'and Banda seas—that was what his father had meant by the East—touching at Shanghai as a port of call in a liner wasn't the same thing. How^ that sun burned through the awning! It seemed to stab nnd drill into his skull with little shafts of "s- quisite.puin. He could get awtiy from it, of course, by going below into the cabin, by putting the -deck betweei. him and that torturing ball of lire, but in the cabin one couldn't brer.lhr. One couldn't live in the cabin—Captain Mitchell was there and Captain Mitchell was dead. Had Captain Mitchell anytiiing tc do with those six Chinamen? Or any thing to do with Drink-House f-nra in Singapore? And where was it those six Chinamen had jbined—at Stutnghal like himself? . If he could remember that lie would know whether Captain Mi'tch'oll had had a hand in the cursed game. Hadn't Johnson said something . abour ne"n hands? But then native crews were everlastingly shifting about. It was o Iqng way from Singapore to Shanghai. 'Who was this Drink-Hnusr Sam' What . was it Ting Wall hart saidi " Sam—-him know." "Him know, him know, him know"— the words began to run 'through his mind in a singsong, crnzy fashion-—. organizations . : .wer'e "demanding a greater measure of control by labor In .industry," as well as larger earnings and shorter hours. This, he said, was due. a a "new con- ception'of democracy,", requiring-that the principles of political flemoc- . racy be ' taken into the -industrial j fle'lfl. The conference report, he said. I did not meet-.this. ' . i The conference likewise, he said, hart failed "to use trade unionism ns a basis for collective bargaining;" did not provide any principles on which to base settlements and had recommended regional methods of dispute settlement rather than Industrial boards in each industry. '. ' The ."principles of the war labor board," Mr. Lauck said, should be taken as a.basis for legislation instead of the Industrial conference report. - • ' - Crouched Low to Hide Himself. finished the entry, dropped the pen, and stared at what he hud written, nodding his head. • • "Died today,, S. Wallcn, first mate." He read the words aloud, ami nodded his head again. It was true, quite true. When that .damnable' sun that was tormenting him through the awning was gone, that would be the end of today uu.cj'lie would be dead. His eyes sprayed forward along the •n:k—and widened with a dawning fear. What -were those shapes thero!, He began to mumble to himself, and j suddenly shrieked out aloud. It Tras a horror ship. • .. '' He shrieked aloud, rushed to the rail, and in the delirium of hi mind crouched low to hide himself from this dead throng that rnv'ed llfr- demons for medicine, ( ran screaming, forward* to where the ship's boat buiriped rr ITALY TO RULE FIUME, REPORT Rome-Belgrade Commission : Said . Have Reached Agreement on Adriatic Question. to Geneva. April 9.—A telegram re- .ceivecl at Lugano from Trieste assert? that the Iralo-.Tugo Slav- commission, which-has been in.consultation regarding '^an. Adriatic settlement, has reached nh agreement concerning the Adriatic ports under which Italy obtains sovereignty over Fiume. The .Tugo-Slnvs, under the reporteil agreement, would receive Sussalc, tho Cnnnle della Fiumara, tlie port of Bnrnss nnrt the port of Volosca. The port of Ahbnxin, just southwest of Volosca, would remain Italian ami the .Tugo-Slavs would receive Scutari on Hie Albanian coast as compensation. Gnbriele O'Annunzio, the insurgent commander at Fiume, is said to be strongly against the-arrangement. TEST FAVORS END OF WAR They had got him!. Not tho waj they had thought to get him-but thej i frr- ft miles away! "Him know, him know, him know"— j the words coursed' like fire through his j brain. . He shouted aloud, ami the He flunc hims ' elf to the seat ag(Un and plied- the oars furiously. ;•'. . And then i'slowly the strokes lessened, and presently an oar fell from he pitched forward into the bottom of the boat—and' all was blackness. (To Bo Continued) LEGION PICTURE SHOW POSTPONED The motion pictuiesi which wiere to be given for the ben;ofit of the American Legion has te«iu postponed until '. further date. Those, who halve pur- ! phased- tckets may get a return of .their money from those of wihoin the (tickets' wei-e .b'ovfglhlt. The Legion re- 1 grels the inconvenience which has re- isulfed from' bhe picture show being ' .postponed. • AMERBOAN I/EGION. Cold* Are treacherous! To jiop a cold before ii qeta fiaried alwduj keep oi\ f Hand a box O f CAMPHOQUHifNE CARD OF THANKS ;We wish to express our appreciation .and sincerest thanks for' the kind'.'css and assistance.of our friends and neighbors, during 'Jthe 1 d«a-th of .our wife and mother. Especially are we gr-iteful to : the Githtolic -church, the beautiful floral offering, also .ths beautiful spirit in the -funeral a;n;d burial services. . .• ' ( y.M. IF. NATJMANN. ,C. E. NAUMAiNN. . . .FRANK FOR SAL« BY DHUOOISTS EvrRYWHEnE p?,- •» BOX TAKE A BOX HOME WITH YOU TO-DAY fist bit Into the piilm of his hand. Ho could not choke the life, as birr own •went out, from this devil In Singapore that he had riever seen-r-he coultl onlj die. -The uplifted arm, as though toe heavy for him, fell to his side, a ghastly whiteness spread over hiS face, he reeled', clutched at the skylight foi support, and slipped prone upon thf deck. It was the nausea upon hire! again. ' The virulence of the attack passed after a while, but for a long time h« lay where he had fallen, weak anc exhausted. ' - . •He was semi-delirious when he stood up again, and hung limplj against the skylight. Medicine-^yes that was what it meant—that stufl there spilled all about. He put!-some Into his mouth. His eyes fastened oc the ship's log open in front of! him / What kind of a book was that? Whal was it doing there? Had he been reading? He couldn' wrien he was sick. It was very strange. No; he re membered now. he had been writing it it. Whenever any of the crew died he wrote it down in the book. • And now the crew was all dead, and he would', be dead, too, very soon: therefore he should also write his own name down while he could still write. He remembered It all perfect!}now—that was what the book was for. ' He lurched forward and picked uj the fountain pen from, where it hac rolled into a broken: package of po,w- dered quinine. He lurched aga'in heavily as he leaned the book. A nervous twitch of his .hand gouged the pen-point into the page and left a blot. He shook Ms head in a gravely puz. zled way. - , It was queer that the pen wouldn't ... write, as U had written before; ,i|i and . other .costs.—:R.' MoAnelly, 1402, < . iWM. F. iNA'UiMAiNIN, Jr..' 'OAKRLE Hd-liLY. ' ' • lEMMA NAUMA-N'N. ' . Adv .a-9-lt A, M, Work in- .Past and Most Excellent degree Jrtid'ay evening. Saturday evening:. . Royal'.Arch •adlv a9-2t STRAY HORSE TAKEN UP I have taken up a stray horse, black with white "spats in forehead. O'-WiMSr can jBarve same ty proving property and paying for advertising I seejne_d to travel alt over '•-'• ~ ' . S. Buchianah street, Marion, ' 111. Lineup of 214 to 155 .Indicates Peace Measure Will Pass Late Today. •: • , i •WnshiiiKton, April 9.—Adoption of thp- Eopulillpan pt>nce resolution Intp today, by the house was indicated wheh Hie rule-limiting debate oil the measure to nine hours ' was adopted with some Democrats joining the Ro publicans' in supporting it. • Tho vofe.was 214 to luii.' The dp- hate will continue until 5 p. m.. when a vote, on the resolution is expected. Democrats voting: for thp rule niim- Jiored seven, while one Rppuhllcan nepresentntlve Fuller 'of. Massachu- sptts. voted asiiiinst it. Thp. Democrat? .loining- with the Republican majority were Caldwell, ,Ne\v Torlc;. Evans. Nevada ; nnllivan and Oluey,' Massn- chusstt.<: Sherwood, Ohio,- nnfl Oold- fogle amrOanly, Nerr Tijrk. CHAPLIN FLOORED BY LAWYER Rough Stuff of "Reel Life" Not in It With That of "Real -Life." . Lot Angeles, .Cnl., April 9.—The rough stuff of "reel life" has nothing on rough stuff of'"real llfp-'!- , Charlie -Chaplin, film coinedy star. can so testify as a result o'f'a'n encounter he had with Louis B. Mayer, manager of Mildred. Harris Chaplin, in the lobby of the Hotel Alexahdrfn.' .- Accord-bag to witnesses. Chaplin challenged his wife's manager "to take .off his glasses." Then Chaplin swung and missed. .MayerTswung arid landed. Then Chaplin went to the floor nnil. his head struck a scaffold. Chaplin was borne to a washroom to *tanch the flow of blood and Muy«r disappeared.. 483,000,000 BUSHELS .WHEAT Estimate of Crop Shows a Big Shrinkage From Production of Last Year.'. Washington., Ap'i-Il 0.—P'rorluction of winter- whe'ut',-this your wan forecast n.t 483.B57,000 hushels and-Vye 7n,841,- 000. bushels, by (he department of iig-- riculture, which based i.ts estimate on the acreage planted last December, allowing for average, acreage 'ub.-mclon- ment ant! assuming avernpe .influence until harvest.. Condition oC winter whpnt April 1 wa.r 75.6 nml.ryo SC1.8 .Winter .wheat production . last year 000 "bushels and the was, . 731,630,previous-year 505,099,000 bushels.. Rye production last year was 8S,47S,000 bushels ,-«nd the .previous year 01,041,000 -bushels.' My-But Youil Like Tins Corn Syrup! 'No matter what Ifind of table syrup you've been using, .a pleasant surprise awaits you if you. haven't yet tried 'JUST RIGHT Corn Syrup. It -has a flavor that isimply can' duplicated. Pure and healthful, too. Order a can from your grocer-today. THE AMOS-JAMES GROCER CO., ST. LOUIS "Juit Right on the Label means Quality fortluTablc." Dealcri The difpUri tbia sinn handle Jnct Rieht Food Product*. FOOD PRODUCTS ELECTION RETURNS The following; is the official vote for the township election held Tuesday. The figures were tabulated by Township Gier'k, W. J. Brown. Assists- Superv nt ' isor School Trusiec Assessor Clerk High. Pound Com. Master s y • £ '5 rt O 'Z > 1 Men Women 2 \Mcii Women 3 Men Women 4 Men Women • 33 .i 2 57 17 101 1 10' •51 27 6 1 34 2 50 15 85 7 '59 6 32 3 48 IS •55 10 63 34 2 45 14 84 8 62 36 2 3 52 15 " 104 1 10 47 24 6 I 31 2 48 20 80 9 54 3 BROWN AMD OX-BLOOD SHOE POLISHES BEST FOR HOME SHINES—SAVE THE LEATHFR THE BIG VALUE PACKAGES ' Also PASTES and LIQUIDS for Black, Tan and White Sho« THE F. F. DALLEY CORPORATIONS LTD.. BUFFALO. N. Y.' € :\ BIG SAU£>. : Men's/Women's, Bojjs', Misses' Shoes Oi and Pumps. Values up to $9.00. All styles all- all widths—new and nifty. For five days L $4.95 A. B. WOLF & CO. REMEMBER JUST 5 DAYS FREE FREE FREE APRIL 5th to 30th We Wi!l Give To Every Purchaser of C, • y urcnaser of Casing—Qoodrich ONE "GORDON" t-ASY-ON . TIRE COVER -OR- ONE PAIR STEWART LENSES REPAIR IN Q AND ACCESSORIES -The House of Quality-

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