The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 2, 1957 · Page 10
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 10

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1957
Page 10
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THE FACT Follows. Road Series For Gators TOMtd Wnetip of Softball for win number M by 6«i»«rl« appears to b« in storej against BoMick's tonight in £T 4h. T.*lr» .I»efcson Gators prep for the huge Pasadc th« Lake Jackson Gators | prep going probably Viavt Rusty at second, Harvey Whitehead at shortstop and Ed Brannan sadena with th* Holiday'tournament. The Gators swing being the three-day i open their phase or the Pasa- idena meet by playing in a 7:30 at the hot corner in third. Jim whose single Braves Beat U Cards In Little Leaaue Five doubleheaders »re County Teen Ag« Roundup Bay City Wins Again .... r-;»,. *,»u «,«;*• ,, n K AB . A n T_r mi the mound affainst BCrun* In th* first, third and mbis niii* initlnff In th* 1 Th* NfttoHtl flown of tt>« Unit** *t«H* i* th« i*ld«n- rod. in , . accounted for the winning run the county T.iltle tournament > nen« metM UT j.'in.> ">p «« « • • "" m-•%-««•«>•*-« -— --•- r» j -- - - . B&5£2£^'"£*-, -r aH ~«3£»s^H SK,- - £. to. their_«eek_»__s«he_duile,, tn<!T Wl11 probab ly play two| r _.^ m>n ^.,, h<> „„,.„;„„ thplcn rlllb trav ., s ,„ R,- a7 om for Bav City held their unbeaten I.I on the mound against BCruns In th* first, i position in the Braroria Cour,-, while .lames Kemp went th*ifourth innings, thret each !tv Senior Teen-Age standings.jdisianrp for the winner?. Baylthe sixth and seventh, anti on 'as thev turned back Lake Japk-iCity broke tip a 3-3 tie iii theltheti a J>«ir in the second. as- „„ )„,;, n i e ht by a 11-3 score. I fifth with five runs and then] Getting hits for West Col. at « Iton's share of games anil 4th. tonight -wilt be or three games FYida and thei that many should they Saturday, to win. °!l,ippman will be covering thejco rlub travels v . I outfield positions. ja i-rack at tha West Columbia remained hot heels of the BC lead- trimming Freeport, "• nine inning duel. added three more in the sixth. In Laito Jidtsnn's Junior The Pasadena affair will be igame. the Giants came from v _ 'behind to pull out a 7-5 win second pl.irel ' j^ p p.,,. £j|y w . m was nutn-'o\er the Cubs, her eisht against no setback?! Ronnie Truitt ; 6. in and Jerry The Clute Dodeer? and .TonepJin the senior'vircuit and puts: Whiteker, the winner worked the mound for the Giants Sppnre vent the Gat-jCreek Braves play in the other;them head and shoulders over, in the The* B-C-V game while twinbill?'the remaining four members!while D lllflw on Jul; &•*£ ^CounTv^a^e. ~, stlou ' rt m ^ ro ™ n " e '" ""'1 the third tourney of the current " «.- Gstors have already i At P""?**" 1 the Gators s'.andUummer season that the themselves of the loop(34-5 as they came up with O rs have taken part in. The* . _ .. . nine straight!* two-game split with Hutto; advanced to the semi-finals be- i will be reeled off in Freeport. ;0 f the loop. distance for the Cubs. Jin » recent doubleheader play- fore falling to Hoss Vick l-OJLafce Jackson. Angleton andi N O Senior or Major games! Pruitt hangert out three sin' at Webb-Schmidt Field. [in the annual pre-senson Hou»-|Wesi Columbia. , are on the card tonight bu'| 3 ios for the. Giant? while Whif- u-J'on meet. . ] j n i^p Jackson American'Lake .lackson's Junior loop will' el(er had a solo homer in the , h | However, they came back toj Leafru , action last night, thejsend the Red SOT after thei ;n irrf frame. Steve Freeman jbeat Vick and his mates in ajrjodg^rg t,, rne d burk the PhiM Pirates in the lone Teen-Age. 3nA Herbert Cain each had a Jackson win bt trying \ e * Hayden Leus one of the top pitchers in Pasadena tournament, return- , Fields Iff* Local Mtet Field. who will ed to th* .Lake Jackson fold against Hutto to toss a no-hitter. Joining L*us at the top of! recent weekend Houston meet ihat drew only the top softball club* Around 24 of th* better nines along the Texas Coast :the mound staff^ will be Dinkj. vill he on hand in Pasadena ,,^-j ^. _.i.. , .,.-,» vieifig for the numerous prints that will go to the winners. I B« Deerman and Cyril Fields JMladeflka. who has a fine 16-2 Kft wins in the final round of ^record for the season. Mla- 9a recent match play golfjdenka suffered a 3-0 loss to feurnament in conection with ;the Hutto crew in his last ap- Sl» Brazosport Summer Hecre-ipearance. l«oa Program. I with Madenka and L»us on • Deermtn dropped Ronnie BUy 1-up in 19 holes with a birdie to win the 14 and over bracket while Fields closed out BUI Wade by a S-4 count in ttl? mound tht been established {avorjt< . to win tlw p ssaden3 Oaton have as » strong J4 and under group. Lake Jackson can aim boast . , »A« tht children grow taller j« '! n «. de . feB " v ;. ' ub * nd one . •jftonly natural, points out the with Pl«Vyj* hitting power at rtin at tht next desk, that ! «« Pl«*J • T** '*•»' champions ,Mo» and Pop find it more and I** probably send Jim Scher. Bore difficult to maintain theid" 1 to handle the catching .;v.-», v,, n ,4 Ichorot whrit I«fty Underwood Uhand. Brazoria Nips OU Ocean, 9-8 lies by an 8-4 score while theibattle. Braves nicked the Card?. 7-6.; The pace will pick 'ip Wed- Bob Griffin went all the way;nes<jay with some Major and for the winnirig Dodfter? and j Senior gave up six hits vthile Mike i county. Travy suffered' the .loss. The; Thp , Cftrds scored five runs in the: nest ) 9v i>air of hits for the Cubs. The Giants, who trailed S-l Marled a big rally in the third action throughout nVPnning that sent them over the itop. Wed-: In a Treeport game, fifth inning but could not th? j iace -si-ill pick up with some Major action throughout and I was part of the Br*7.oria Coun-= Hing West Col- \irnbi* included 'Pollard. Net- jel, T«* Foster, John Foster, Balkum, Wlec?.yk. Owens, Henry, farmer, and others.. ' Clute'and th* Free.pbrt Redskins played a Xwlbbill last night with Clutt taking a 4-2 win in the opener but fulling S-4 in the nightcap of th* Junior T-A contest. Freepoi-t carried W*it Col. Junior Olympks Op«R In Bnytown Around 2S Gulf Co»st Jim,,.! h lior Olympic trtck squads are slated to move-Into Baytown mbia nine innings In tht St lior game befor* tht hotting line tiMd i r*«l clot* play rom home plat* to add the vinning run. Jerry Patterton went the nil nine inning* for Fretport nd gave tip eight hiu while kibby Dunk gave ut> seven or WC. Kenneth Boone rapped ip a pair of doubles. Donni« Braixel, Bubba Wll- enberg. Tommy Btle and Paterson aH got hH« for the Fret- port club. Billiard put Freeport with a solo homer in Two Locals Lead Field In JC Meet on. as the Braves scored winning run in the sixth. i" j onn Tracy. George 1 Jim Lane went the distance) hpac1 anc | j a y p arr w orked i for the Cards while Rbyce ' Woods. Bichard Rimito and Bobby Fe«d worked on the mound for the Braves. Over in Freeport the Red |Sox blanktd the Bobcats 4-0 Bra?oria and Old Ocean if 0 ' * heir ' ec ° nA straight win booked up in a real close duel 1 '" second_half play, last Friday night i n »« Brazoria; James Countv Junior Softball game, li" front with Bra/.oria pulling out a 8-8; the first inning. Tha Red Sox victory. 'added a run in the third and Mike Romero's single drove i then a pair in the fifth on home th« winning run for Bra- (three hits, zoria. that coming in the sixth \ Mike ArrihjSton and inning, to five Brazoria tht i Howard worked from the iwin. pitching mound for the BS. A long triple by Angell out i «rhi!* Bob Griffin w«« ths Bob.! Brazoria out in front by a 5-2. cat pitcher, count in tht second inning as j The JYeeport Braves won a it pushed home three rum. Old t 0 .(, forfeit over tht Redskins ; port course in jo Ocean came back to ti« the i in th4! minor action. Monday to pace score at 7-7 but Bratoria got; ln Aneleton tht Yanlw took' flfl|d theity loop, the visi ... iiimbia nine pounded out a II- raden-'n win over the Freeport War- tor I-,-iots. , Dudley Owens and James held Kreepott to a single" hit, that being » double by Salmenii. Ted Butterfiem suffered (He Freeport loss. West Columbia got single „ , j. ,... • ln Angleton,tht Yanlw a run home on Danforn s nit to j t j_^ w ^ f rom the Red mak« it 8-7. • w hil« tlw Rotary had a Gordon and Strothtr* nan- victorv over tht Kiwanis died the pitching for Br.wiria d • s<w , M while Benefield went all the way for the losing 01 Ocean club. last inning. JBoat Club Plans i Meeting Tonight TITW !• DA tat MO.VTH SANITAKT FARM DAOHM "at rt*r Mora or at ymr dmr" p ITS MONEY MAKING TIME th* nod at Manager Le« A TRKB SKKYICE TO PUBUC J»ytaai JULY 4-7 TRAV1L BUREAU 5tt V. QvM Mr«. Frtepoti »iim«tki« on • AIRLINE • RAILROAD STIAMSHIP •IMPLT CALL V> TO WKUt YOU WITH YOCH PIAWC FHONIC 1-UM IFFKTIVI JULY 1 : W. C. Mrf^o., Pr-, W. V. C««7, VtaMi**. -W«. B. CtU^.v.. Secr. W»n.M W. T. G,H.w»r, M.D., B^e M. M. r«k,M, Nrtam C. GriwolA R. C. l Bonnie Ray and Robert Bo- sarg« will carry two-stroke margins into Wednetday's sec- p-u^ond and final rour.U of the thp ;BraioHa County qualifying for> tht statewide Jaycee Golf! Tournament. Old Ocean Plans July 4 Tturnty tonight for the second track meet on the summer card. The opening meet was helc Pasadena while one was rained out in Houston las week. Tht Braroria County Junior clwb is considered a strong favorite to pull down i championship honors, as they took that spot in tht Pasadena DARIMIX INN" att M. HOW OPJ5F BMAIOHIA COUNTY •AIIBALL CAMD Littlt Freeport _ Redskins vs Yankt: Red Sox v* Angles Lafc«' Jackson (A> _ Red Son »s White J5<Bi;-Yimk* vs Ilndiani Angteton <N> — Tuiltwist- er» vi Leigon; Dodgers vs Braves PAT'S PHOf DREAM BOATS • riCHlNG - TACHI.I! * OFF.N t - PAV* A WME RnrfiM* «o«<t fh. »-41ll Bov Payne, the n»«r gotf pro at the Old Ocean Recreation Club, announced that a $5 sweepstakes would be held on the nine-hole Old Ocean lay- Ray and Bosarge. both Braz-'^,, on iju - ly 4^, osport golfers, toured the Free- A)1 B ra , or j m County players 26-man Sox, 7-6 "n- T buti 78 - Back in third place was Jim- White, who turned in a while Ben Salisbury had .... invited to play in tht 18- hole event 'and they have from 7 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. to pay their entry fe« and play. Scott Gklbmth Iniuranc* Agttncjr "Tht IM* from Eott*Mi* fNOVKANCK KXCI.tHlVBtT SIKCZ 1929 PHONE 7 2406 1M PLANTATION »*. LAKR 4AC*»ON 4VAMTT DIAMONDS $17.95 — $2,000.00 CAST TERMB NO OARRTING CHABOM Me IP ADD EN J E WE LRT •cnnnrr TRXAI KNJTOT A REAL ITALIAN PIZEA PIE Ftiwronl; Italian p*rh MHIMgt: «n<<h<>Tt«, mnthrtoOM or plain. Orders to ft CHUCK'S KAINBGW INN OiMf mvd. Ph. J-1M1 N. Frteftrt |Deerman carded an 83. 1 The four top players will, |gam the right to take pwt; iin tht state Jaycee Golf Tournament in Midland, which will; be on July 31-Augusr 1 and i i The Lake Jackson Jayoees I are sponsoring trie county tour- Th« Brawwport Boat Club ney and will send for the win- wUl hold a Mtoting tonight ner» >o the state meet. at tht Brazosport Chamber Most of the entry hit was of Commerce building on Gulf made up from Brazonport golf- jj^ en. but four players were Frtd Palmer, head of the!from Alvin. Tourney director loc«l club, asked that all mem-!Lon Tullos announced thai ben trr and ot prettnt for th«|play would bt stopptd ioda> 7-M a in mating. S«vtral im-jas some o( tht boys will b« port.St it^ari tVb. taken m Houston for th* qualifying tLt *<mM have the atter-. I rounds in the National Junior et«b. meet. PRKES SLASHED! SAU noun TC*AT ""*" " KKKirOHT SHAKESPEARE FISHHM REIU! PER ANNUM save by JULY 10th. a Pull I Month! of e a«xt December Slit. , MODEL 19M ?,'•*.- 19M im MUl . LAtMfKI R«f. 9M 19M Optm year savings aeeonnt by Wednesday, July 10th'. at this Insure-! Savings and Loan Association and you will share in a full month of ahov«-average earnings next December 31t, All Account* Insured Up To $10,000 By Att Agency Of The Federal Government BRAZOSPORT SAVINGS UV T* IMJ* r u* li.M fO! of oAjrraf«, RODS LENGTHS i-ROM ANKS u TM1 HOML IMA M. 1LM ..... ••M*t«*w*« y MOMl ""4 ••UlttPWW' MOMl 1***'. $•77 «»1 of lATIt, ,.:; J25" i Mate RMto OK M* -Pr*. SW ANN'S 21t WK1T PARK W.

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