Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 26, 1976 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Monday, April 26, 1976
Page 5
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Monday, April W, 1976 · S ·iiMnini»*niBiiiiffl«iiM^^ Instant Ice Bags Made From Tubes Cooking Fu n By CECILY -BROWN STONE DINNKR KOR FOUR Uvw Casserole Potatoes Snap Beans Sala Strawberry Shortcake LIVER CASSEROLE R slices bacon 1 pound baby beef liver, Ihinly sliced 4 teaspoons liquid seasoning and. .browning sauce, \\ cup. seasoned 'Hour 2 large -sweet onions, thinly sliced 2 tarl apples, (pared, cored and thinly sliced). l cup clear fat-free, broih Salt and pepper to taste Party Honors Bride-Elect plaslic concentrate r -tubes are i ; i'sed, wash Ihem out. XvelL'a'mTiill Ihem'hall-full with water. Pul Ihe cap on lightly and freeze. If a child gets a bruise, in- Elead.of fussing with ice cubes, In bacon Dear Heloise | Well I have loved thai old W h e n - t h e contents' of those gal ever since because I went ·shampoo o n ' t o ^ add to her idea. Jusl ,,,,. , ,,,,, ,,,, ,, below whal" I learneti^ lo call lablcspoons of Ihe fal mj hand handle -- lhal s skillet Brush liver with where Ihe hand goes - I wired """TM«e sauce *f' « liltle liny baskel, but addedl soned n ° ur ' 1Ieal 1 "* b large skillet.partlx;cook ua ^ w , remove and · cut in squares: Pour'olf all" but 2 or 3 " "· '" ' the the Mrs. Gene Hudson and Mrs. James - Sandlin entertained with a · bridcsximLds luncheon Frldnj tar Miss Be\erl\ Anne "Gray, who" became the bride of Richard James on Satu r d a y ' afternoon at Central United Methodist Church m FayellevHIi:, The Inucheoh la- hie where 1 he'guests w e r e seated Held a crystal and gold cenlernlece filled mth green and while flowers. Pictured are Mrs. David Randolph lames Jr:, of El Dorado, Ihi bridegroom's mother^ " M 1 - Gray, and her mother, Mrs William James Slocker of LWle'Rocki .The honoree re celveiVft hostess gilt, (TIMKS pholo hy Leslie: Button) . 1 just, remove the lube Irom the freezer and apply lo' Ihe sore spot Also these tubes are e asj I tor a "child lo hold, Keep a couple in the freezer al all; times'. " I call Ihem "in r j another cup hook which made slant Brow ice bags. Midge I In sUHeV and" sear liver in a gr ease d casserole with anoincr cup noox wnitn niauc ^ Y\\\ a greased casserole wur it detachable * In this basket II alternate layers of li\er bacon Gal Wonders If Guy Should Smell Food Before Eating Bv ABIGAIL VAN - B U R E N DS.AR ABBY. Something bothers me and I would lite j o u r ooinibn and the opinion ol others who have dealt with this proo- Is ll considered proper to smell food that is sened lo you b-fore eating if t am seriously considering marrying a man who does this, ind I tind it extremely irritating and embarrassing He smelh Uie food in ; the finest-restaurants, at of .Friends and even at my home. It's not just a. quick: sniff --. he puts, his nosa right (iown near the rood and smells ii thoroughl' We are both m our late aOs and haie been married b°fore Outside of this one fault he is Intelligent charming and delight- ul company But I m not sdre I could sit down for three meals a day with a man who has this disgusting habit Or am I loo P C l S ' PICKY ME DEAR F1CH\ Diplnmaticallj tell the,gentleman that h i s habit bothers jou and suggest t h a t he b« le^s otnious abn ?, t ,,. Don't insist t h a i - h e drop We'habit nntess yt« want to drop HIM. could carry just about ever incUdin i ewspapers as! ig i t sh I ray dust clot.. . :s, pills and broth onion and apple maimng hrownin Stir any . _ sauce into and add;' ;lo" cafisefote' i ewspapers asn traya, PINS d i m i i u y i n mm . a«u. !t« iua»v». p\en a small vacuum bottle of Sprinkle v,ith salt and pepper water or coffee so 1 wouldn't Bake, covered,-, in-'a preheate* h a v e lo go, to thr- kitchen for 350 degree oven tor 35 to 4i Basic Flower Shop Short Course Will Be Taught On Campus In June , Applications tor the sivth annual-Basic Flower Shop Short Course are being accepted t t h e . University . ol Arkans.. atcording to Dr A E Binerl .associate , professor the Department ol Horticulture and Forestry. The course will be taught on the UA campus the-,week .ol June, 20-25 -. with a two-das Advanced Design Workshop to follow, June 25-27. : The courses are sponsored hy Ihe Arkansas Florists Associa tion in cooperation with the UA Department of Horticulture and Forestry and the UA Divisioi of Continuing 'Education. -"On courses are very popular," Dr : .-Einert. -said, "so \s p e encourage .^possible' enroHees - to make .application early. We can acco- modale about 35 people.." .. V C o . u r s e oirerings include concentrated study., jn fundamentals of floral design and the | techniques of. successful, flower shop operation:'At least,-75. per , cent ol . the ' course' will; he 1'devoled U 'actual work with t fresh flowers, foliages ant! other :'materials. Dr. Einert said. The ' remaining 25 per cent will be .devoted to "how-to do" lectures and other activities. : Professionals in' retail floris- and ' t h o s e ' f r o m Ihe tele- for additional information write lo the Department of Con erences. Division of Continuing Education, 34fi West Avenue Kaveileville, 727D1. or contac Dr. A.E. Einert, Department o Horticulture and Forestry.; Beta Sigma Phi Will Observe Founders Day Rela Sigma Phi. a social an c u l t u r a l organization tor women, plans the celebration.u the 45th anm\ ersarj of its founding with a formal banquel al 6:30 p.m., Thursday at the Holiday Inn Beta Sigma'Phi was founded Juvenile Court Open Meeting To Introduce Staff And 1 call you.pile smart' gal! Just put Ihe tube back in the freezer alter ' u s i n g and it's ready again w hen needed -Heloise wafer, etc.. etc.. etc So. what can us '.'TDs' from this?. The Washington .Counts' ijninutes: jrefnove-,- cover ,anc learn continue haking lor 15 minute longer. ; Makes 4 servings What have you got to lose] except a ' f e w more holes : in the COMPANY LUNCH Dear Heloise !f your steam. iron slops pulling out steam (ill wilh 1 unegar and let sit o\er night Empty; and rinse well and i ^^^^~^* sedimen ^^.-±".^*te" riH^s 0 the children ot the counlj holes on Ihe bottom of the Iron 1 w i l l h e at 7:30 p.m..on April . 27 a t - l h e Ozark Electric Hos ! Mrs Ar *s Sm ' th pilality' Room. 3641 Wellington Sift or^n,ee^|'^^||g- -= help meet Ihe needs of Uiildrcn. of soap - Errnnajioss Ihey are al\\a\s looking for 1 more people willing lo contri bute The expansion of services has created a \Urietj of oppor a«a Ihe cratch all along ans way Loie Irom one ex TD to| another! -- Heloise Cookie Bars PI" CAN SALAD Inspired by -a'; recipe 'in'· Did rtie : hard. , , .. . old fashioned cookbooktet PS And iou know what lhat l envelope unHavored therapist made me autograph my crutches so she could 8»j lit them lo a patient who could| u not afford crukhes (Crutches are e\pcnsi\e so v h e n sou get oft j o i r s lea\e them with the . I was A lew jears a gc^ TD U» This 1 ii? a ,,M I ' w a s currently commilled volunleers - |" n vsho serve as A d v , , o r Volunteer Assislanl 'lry . phone ..service d . fu pnone sery»;e rfiin luncm . homes v wiU' .speak IhrouBh'out Tthc vveek .lp; explain the roles ' ol business practices, wire s«r ·'vices, and views toward (unera by, Walter W Ross in Abilene (acr, and the · celebration will take place in 24 countries where lere are 250,000 'members in 2,000 chapters. All chapters aye three special : funds, '(he n t e r n a t i o n a t;Loan Fund hrough which metnbers help one another the Intcrnatioml Endowment f und throough which $1 141 324 his been onatcd lo cancer .research. , ' (lowers. H Weber HacFarland of the 'MacKarland School 7 qf Floristry ~tl Nashville. Terin. will leach flower ' arrangements ' arid spe r cialts'"'work.' "We 'are 'indeet - fortunate to' have MacFarlara work with us: He has laugh ' at each.' 'of Ihe short 'course ' since they began in June 1371,' Eineri said. ·'·'.- . '·', · Fees for 'the courses inclun -'instruction and materials, Dr ''Einert said. The cost "for thos '-who will live at Pomfret Hous 'ing Center 'on campMs include '-room an3 board. - f Registration for Ihe advance -floral ·design' course may ^h '-made at registration .for : the " basic, course. Dr. Einert said. · The "advance^'course is-open '-only 1 to those'persons who have -completed the basic 'skills course or to those" who are cystic fibrosis lerprivileged i e v o u n e e r s Juvenile C o u r l l ' 1 TM ' Board Members Probation Probation Officers] ".a*" Officers all night nonths pissed whirlpool baths doctor tor the next palienl who can't aMord crutches:) Dear Heloise; With ,Ihe barbecue.-.season almost here and Ihe pnce nbs high 1 thought I we pass on a hinl that I use ; grapefruit juice ,. _ _ r boiling-water"; 2 tablespoons'sugar !6 cup'finely chopped celery Yi cup finely chopped 1 puniento^stulted :gr**n olives cup finely cut pecans on i Sprinkle Ihe gelatin Q\ er Vfc of I cup of the grapefruit juice and ])d| Let stand about 5 minutes to soften.,' Add boiling -.water , and DEAR ABB^ Dad and us kids waiil to get Mom a mother s bracelet' for Molher s Daj It will h a v e a charm wilh each of Kfr children s name and birlh dale engraved on il Lasl sear mv oldest brolher died and 1 wonder if we should include his name and nirlh dale He w a i a very imporlan' part o( our family even 1 though he was mentalh retarded Do jou think H would make Mom sad to h a v e his charm on her bracelet 1 We don t want lo make her unhappy hul we don t want her to think we have torgollen him Thank j o u MOM S KIDS DEAR MDS Include a clnrm lor your oMesl brolher I think j o u r mom would" appreciate it \ o n are v e r j loving aid thoughtful children to consider it DEAR ABBY Mv wile and I disagree on something and hope you can "elite it Is it all right to lell a hostess lo please put the dogs and cats oul of sight during dinner' The situation is as follows Tvly wife s mother has two dogs and three call who have the run of the house I don I mind pels if tJiev are clean looking and ·'do^t Slav under mv feet all Ihe time M j mother m law s pels are alvvajs on her lap She feeds Ihem while she eals and -serv es. others which spoils mv appetite Also one dog is parl St Bernard and he drools and slob bers all the time, which also isn I very appetizing Plus t h e ats seem to Ka\e chronic eczema and Iheir visible sores turn my slomach ^ ' Mv wife sajs M o m s pels' are like her children and v, uesls vie should pohtel a* Mom lo please put the pels m nother room while we re ealing , What do you say' ass on a mm mat i use. . --.TM.,··"- - -- * ? . - - -- j I bus a slab or two of ribs slir lo ^solve. Add sugar and i DUJ a siau u* i· i remaining grapefruit juice and exery «eek and free?* them J ^ ^ ^j^i fi(Jgar ^^ un When 1 ha e accumulated^ Miivn i ,,*,.- -. -- - --------- lu p enough for my lamily I remote \^ Ihem from Ihe freezer a p d w e , An r ! i doesnt cosl -_ v thickened, o\\\ es l! i CUp fold in · 6 ounce Hotline Volunteers and Foster] Parents. - so help me Hannah. , her / p , 5t sa , d ", 0 mp Ml « Heloise could I give v o u a good hint' I grabbed her hand and at one time -- Peggj Eutberg Many .a shopper will . ) ou lor this dilly of an idea Buy pork chops steaks etc in smalt amounts and freeze .f . homes for un children and many other w o r t h w h i l e causes arid the Exemplar f u n d which lelps support. Literacy: Village ,,,,., .......... = projecls of Ihc ive chapters of Fayetl'eTille are Ihe raising of f u n d s , lor a Iher- mography machine to be m- slalled al Washington Regional Medical Cenlcr, participation in the drive of the .American · employed currently in - shop. Cancer Society, and service to Sunrise Manor. . , j Al Ihe banquel, awards:^')] be presanted-tojocal members and outstanding members ;wil be recognized, -The. identity ot the First I.ady of Pnyclleville will be revealed, a local woman who is recognized for accomplishments in her special field, sums Names of local women are.sub- - a r e milled by each chapler to .a retail commillee which voles. ' and keeps secrel. Ihe selection. Jaycees Name Slorms One Of Men For 1976 Steven Robert 'Slocms was one of the ^a mrn selected in (hp state as Arkan as Oul standing Young Men for 197fi' at a* formal banquet » th^ir honor at the Sheraton tnn in Little Rock over the weekend He was recn«ni/cd for his outstanding achievements in ecology, civic work and Jayc^e leadership in A r k a n s i s Storms and his wife reside in Ash down where he is nroject engineer al Nekoosa-Ed wards Paper Mill. He is a graduate o( Greenland High School and Ihc University Arkansas. HP is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Storms of Prairie Grove. said 'T am open tor anything and lo and behold"if thai .little doll didn't bring me"two large hea\_\ cup hooks like \ve use in! our kitchen cabinets, and screwed one lo each, "of -my crutches on the outside. i She took my car- keys »nd hung them on one hook bent the other oul a little and said This is for j o u r empty coffee \n smalt amounts and freeze U .. you plan on having a barbecueP luc jinlo six . ,- r __ custard cups chill Unmold at serving time gar nish wilh watercress or lettuce 1 Makes 6 serimgs These not tou-sweet "salads, a pale olive green color -flecked with crim son look pretty on white am: party. Much easier on the poc- ketbbok. -- Heloise cup Don t e\er on crul " Sludenls Arl Show Is On Display In 'Fine Arts Gallery A students juried art, show conlaining sculpture, jewelry painting, drawings; and prints, is on display in Ihe Gallery of the Fine Arts Center ; at the University of Arkansas. -This is the first time for the iraLLuitf .mui u« ^^ .^ ^..University students to have a because they are trying to/do juried show. It may be viewed .. - , , J . . , : . _ ,_·.;.. ^. iv. _!.'._(. A ..»!! n Thn ^ n o n i a l cup n ches with an empty coffee "cup in your hand when you can Jiang it on this and get back to the kitchen. 'Al! TDs have what we call a 're -accident,' which is a broken nose or a re-compound (raclure r the cast off the silly minor things, .trying to he independent once -more. Test it' yourself and let. me know, AFTER SCHOOL TREAT Apricot 'Nog' :: '·.- - Sugar Cookies APRICOT. NOG Delicious and nutritious fo your, 'youngsters and ' -the h" Sends. 2 . eggs 2 teaspoons . sugar Dash of salt 2 cups m[lk 12-ounce can (IVfc cups) apricot nectar, chilled Beat eggs until thick and" ivory color, Add : ? remaining ' in- gradients and beat until c"6m- hined. : Serve al once. Makes U quart. DEAH WEAK H j-our dcscrlplkm ot the p«t^ Is accurate, I'm fth joa all the WAT' Fteryone has a problem WhalS yours' For a personal re- pi), write to ABBY Box No MMO, L A Ctlif 90069 Enclose lamped, «lf-addressed envelope, please C) by Chicago Tribune N Y News Snd ]nc _^ . | .Take .Pounds Off Keep Them Off! 'Whs Is 't thousands of people go through tht igony ot dieting only to back 'the ueight through April 21 The Special Programs CommittPe of the UA Art Department comprised Uie Personals IiMB»BpMIM^^ I Daily Calendar Of Events '| "Tonight ' . . . ·.. .'.' - · - . : · · . . ' · . . . ' ·: Alcoholics ^nonymptis Sludert Group, Arkansas. Union, 6:30 '·'; Evening'Lions-Culb, Wyalt's,'6vM p.m- ., . '· Metropolitan Dinner Club, Holiday Inn, 6:30 p.m. - ABC's til Parenting, Rolling Hills Baptist Church, 7 p.m. ' Weight Watchers, Goff Building, 7 p.m. . Over 50 Square Dance Club, Community Adult Center, 7:30 'Washington Lodge No. 1 FfrAM,.Masonic Ternple, 7:M p.m. Foster Homes Orientation Session,'City Library, 7:30 p.m. TOPS, Asbeli School Music Room, 7:30,p.m. David Standley ot Fayetle- ville will receive" a Master,of Science degree in .spring era: .jalicn ceremonies ^iay B from Stillwater. Mental Health Association Dinner Highlighted By Presentations EXTENSION HOMEMAKERS CLUB p,m Announcements A movie "Adolescents Wilh Learning Disabilities v v i l l lie shown, at Newark Learniig Resource Center at 6 uesclay, M».jy 4 Now caied on Ihe Asbell Element- HlEhllghls ot the annual dinner meeting ot the Northwest Arkansas Mental Health Association will be the presentation of two citations for outstanding service -to.;menla| health and a lalki-on .'"Music T.h e r a - p y for "Elementary School Children" by Jane Hoffman, of the Hunlsville' public school system; according ;to Dr. Wilm.a Sacks! president of Ihe association. The dinner will be held at fi:30 p^m.. May 6 in the Method is! Assembly Cafeteria on Mt Sequoyah in Fayelteville antl is open to all interested persons i n - t h e four-county area^servet tiy the. Association; Washington SMITH'S Communication 2-W«y Radio F«li« IM H. Coll««l For V»ur fr««rlpfM NMdf SM U» QUAKER DRUG U E. Cemttr -- 44Z-H44 CHj Pirktal Lot l Rer ' Tuesday · Weight Walchers; Goff Building, 9:30 am. Kiwanis Club/Holiday Inn, ]Z noon Oviian Club, Wyatl's, U noon · Retired .Teachers Association, First National Bank, Spring " dale, 2 p.m. · - . - · - . . . · · · · · Modem Lllerafure Club, Mrs. W. J. Baerg, 3 p.m. Planning Commission, City Hall, S p.m. Order, of Rainbow, Masonic Temple, 5 p.m. '". Northside Rofary.Club, Wyatl's, 6:15 p.m " Weight Walchers, Goff Building,;? p.m. Fayetleville-School Board, School Administration BuiWmg, : 'p.m. ··'····'·' . '. . · · ;; Order, if Amaranlh, Masonic Temple, : 7:30 p.m. DAV and Auxiliary, American Legion Hut, Springdale, 7:30 p.m. · · : · ' · Duplicate Bridge Oiib, Boss Building, 7:30 p.m. '- Chess Club, ; Arkansas Union, 6 p.m- · , AI-Anon, Wiggins Melhodisl Church, .8,p.m. Alcoholics Anonymous, Wiggins Methodist Church, 8 p.m. Percussion Ensemhie, Fine Arts Concert Hall, 8 p.m. · League of Women Voters, Anita Bukey, 8 p.m. ·· li«l«IIMm«]l!Il!TMa!IIMIffl l JWI«llTMIM^ 6 p T ow ark i Element ry School campus The public invited lo attend. Special Ojjer to Our Readers 5-Volume Heloise Library Only $6.95 Now * rough Th* Northwest Ark (hT««viti K. mone sa^ n? new Idea* library -s tv»w SoUliiR la* pates, ^U In a handKm* ilip ra« . -- · for only (6,ftS pin* pilaff for O* whole Ml. . You'll ; , Btmlon. Madifion and Carroll. Reservations · may" be mad by notifying Dr. Sacks", 873 C-al ifornia Drive, Kayetleville phone 442-5456, or Mrs. Oelber Swaftz. fill? N.- Razorbac Road FayeUeviHe, phone 442 2416. 'One citation "will be .awarde for outstanding service to th community in general in th f i e l d , of mental health and Ih other, award will go -for ou standing service to the MenU Health Association during Ih year.- Nominations- may b made bs (he general public veil as by, members o( II Association lo any member l ove a thwuand H*lw»» 1-[e.Ar^ tifw. him) in 'ihcM valuable f o e s or HelcHM's Hints For Worktnjt WomMi Send $«.9S plus 55c for jwslage'anrt handling ($7.511 lotiil) for "Hetoise 1-ibrary" t o Northwest A r k a n s a s TIMES, c/o Newspaper Book Strvkf, Dcpl. AR1K, «S Madison Avrnw, New York N. V. 10022. .awards Dutj commitiee, ot Rogers Mrs Mr; SALEM .Roll call was answered at tho l April meeting bi \1 members ent McVey, Mrs Trudy Scott J3 what mixes thej u e mos . M frequently The meetinj; w a s ' held in Ihe c^mmumtj buildirtg year the an d three" guests, Mrs, Opa ,Mnrded oul-lSjv*ars, Mrs'.'V'.-Velma Lawsor citations as ar ^ RIr s Emma Schaeter wer [introdured Mrs. Jane He Hall co-nduclec ihes Ined so hard to lose 7 Oil meal psychologists at the Ncu Clmlc for Behavior Therapy and Researrh in Montreal Que saj it s because they teie not changed their eating habits permanently , According lo E Ann Sulher land and 7alman Armt, who w r i t e about their weightless sjstem in magazines successful dieting is not so much e matter of what j o u eat hut hojv -and »hal jour attitudes toward food arc The approach at the clinic Ms :t6'chahgeUhese habits and attitudes Sutherland and Amit say three quarters of the undrcds of rnen and women ho h a \ e completed, Iheir pro ram have kept their lost weight off for f a l l least two ears The best way to learn any ew pattern of behavior is tot reik it down into small man geable parts and work through hem step by step thej write nd Dr Sacks of This Is^.lhe f i f t h _ _ __ o .,__ ssociaEion 'has J 'awarded oul-| S^ars. Mrs", 7,-Velrna Lawson anding 'iervire arl'of its .observance to Natio fi] Menial Health Month As the rpgram .-._ .- absence i-j v . r . f . i the president, : a n d ' gave Previous recipients of awardsldemonstralion of ho'm,^m.._ or outstanding service to the mixes and pie crust mix Mr Association are Mrs. Suartr. Vclma lewis and Mrs Hail als liss Betty Lighten, Dr. Sacks, reported on how. to make, a wi Irs McVcy and Mrs Matlte Mrs. Rosy Moore and Mrs. Bil Cal Maxlcd all of FayetteviUe Mmlcr w ere ) hostesses Thence Among those receiving citations P} "^ ft «! "^ *¥, r ar or outstanding seruce in Ihe Mrs * sic Weir and Mrs Dor broad field of community Sidler u.ll be the hostesses mental heahh are Mrs Sallyl , Mrs Bl11 Ml ^ l i Gunn, Mrs. W a n d a ' Stephens, and Mrs. .Scott,, all of! Fayefte ville; arid" Mrs.'Frances (Fred die) Nixon, formerly of Berry ville and now of Jonesboro first step participant lown e\'ery morsel thej put iff their mouth -- with times ilaces (as al the (able or on he run) with whom and under \hal circumstances -- within 5 mmules of ebting or drinking Only after this record ceeping. has been successfully mastered for a full week do /ou go on to step two The second phase -- a shock mmate constant racking li- cVuding tasting food a ou cook or munching during our pre dinner cocktail. -The, coctatt is okay providing jou ha\e it with our meal Again you mu t stick'to this ; schedule .for' seven consecutive days before you pre- ceed to the next step Ne\t ou regulate iour shopping and storage Shop on a full slomach shop with a list (you can.make:subsUluioin5 but you can t add to the 'ist m the store) i cut out j u n k foods and pass up easj to- get at items such as sliced cold cuts Whe sou get home turk the groceries out of iight use opaque wrappings so you won t be templed when jou look in .he refrigerator The point \vrjle Sutherfand and Amit is :oI build in'a delay between'your lirst feeling of i wanting food and the actual getting of it and lo gi\ e yourself a chance to decide'if it Jits'.Into your new pattern ( l i ' ^ Final stages include struc- luring \ o u r mealtime to a\oid their distractions;, slowing down your urite tmg time so that you von t ereat and learning not to fin everything on your p He the while, and e\en three eks after ,-you.V have .lost, the e i g h t you aimed for u continue- to keep- eating e.c.ords^By this lime your, new- bits and attitudes should be most second natur.e,,tO;you. to people'accustomed to rigor ous diets -- calls for three ful meals ; and ;twovsnack period a day During this time yoi continue to keep notes on v,ha you consume; 1 -The' purpose i lo rggutate eating limes'and cV Cinnamon Topping To make cinnamon lopping for any mil bread, combine 2. lablcspoons" sugar, I lablesDOonl all purpose flour, 1 : leaspoon ground ' cinnamon, arid 2 lab]espoons melted butter: or| margarine. A PERSONAL MATTER ' J I Do you have trouble matching a certain color blouse, skirt, or pair of pants? Come let our efficient color coordinators help you. Tin pwsmal conctn we have" for f'cse we serve is of equal importance with the professional skill with which we disperse prescribed medicine. You receive the courteous, personal attention of the Pharmacist W« Pick Up «nd Dclivtr. Prescription* ' ; Eot Sid« of Squirt The Light Touch .By Gordenhire Inflolion is Ihe prie* we pay for those gov ernmeril benefits everybody though! were free. * Weather forecasters ore becoming; more accurate, but they're still leveral hours ' behind arthritis. 4 ' * 'A fool and his money are soon par|ed The rest of us wait until lax time. Retirement is a wonderful lime of life. It's like being on strike, only 'you don't have to picket, * * Trouble'· with .alarm docks' is they olwayj go ·'off when you're frying to sleep. We'll help you wak» up at Gardenhire Jewelry with our exciting choice ef silverware pott«rm.

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