Independent from Long Beach, California on April 5, 1963 · Page 42
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 42

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1963
Page 42
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YUUAIU , P«gi ^-INDEPENDENT Lot !··*. CML. PREir. Urt L VHJ Leo's STEAK HOUSE l!51 UIE IUCK CAM 4 WfU --Z« NOUtS B4r ROAST TURKEY w/dresslng cfficKEN FRIED STEAK BAKED HAM w/fruil sauce $135 1 w ··l.t .lit Clip.. Blistered Heels iYot in 'Line of Duty' PORTLAND. Ore. (UPI~tr*ffic division commander. Members of the Portland Po-U y$ -blistered heels »nd sore B SffiSLfSS ffi*«. ^ ^^ S a 50-mae bikog contest. ) kara S beea «=c=rred in the But Capt Joha Kttenger.Uine of Juty.~ I tOUPOl EIPISES--MCI. APR. I · · · · · · ] FOR SALE AUTHENTIC ITALIAN, REPRODUCTIONS Thest ttemi trt flawlesi *"J only the most oTicernTng person riugM It bte fa tee any oWerence between tfiese repreo'uctioni *rvj those done by the old mjiten. These recipes used ire cH s tlit App'an Wjy tnd trt is fiery ana* saucy tt old Pornpen. These reproductions «rt offered ta you gourmet collector* *t modest prices, sa won't you plan (9 come down ind pirfaVe cf this food rs to reminiscent of what tsed to be. . DePalma's Italian Village · 910 L Willow Sijnal Hill Sn Horn Dailj: linek lli}0-4:39--Ciiier :3»-S p.m. 2't;i) r.u. * C««T«n Ctcttj MonJ«f for JUprooWfToM Supply G r i T y. Coleslaw, Hot Btscmtt t n d Itcstnnrnnt 737 Pine Air. (·o-SIiop 730 Parlfle OLD TIME MUSIC ' Grace Freeman, new cocktail waitress at the Tenderloin Club, 4363 Atlantic Ave., dances a jig before antique nickelodeon which is part of club's Gay 90s atmosphere. h f t TRIO OF STARS Jane Russell (left), Connie Haines and Beryl Davis will present a program of religious songs on Palm Sunday at the Newporter Inn, Newport Beach. Two concerts will be given, 5 and 7 p.m. COMING SOON . . 01.1 Fashioned i S O U P 999 EAST WILLOW--SIGNAL HILL-"-: Air Force Kase Has 'Voodoo 3Icn' COLUMBUS. Ohio Cfl --I'medicine inan" idea comes Every man in the 87th Fight- from the goal of qualifying er-Interceptor Squadron at every man to give first aid Lockboume Air Force Base! when needed. Those who corn- soon may be a "voodoo inedi-jplete first aid training get a cine man." [special "voodoo m e d i c i n e The squadron flies the man" patch to wear on their F101B voodoo jet. and the,work uniforms. 'little SMORGASBORD IN LONG BEACH 2131 E. I10UW1T v lit. ·» ·! »ir »«t RESTAURANTS IN SEAL BEACH 111 Kill STUIT V, lit. ma til liict WHIM (C1.CIEI TStSBIT) WE MAKE OUR OWN BREAD AND PIES Merchant's Lnnci f c 99c from 11-4 P.M. (Week days oaty) Smorgasbord $1.75 Coferisg Senrfe* We Invite you *o cs^ to your heart's desire and en]oy any or al of our 25 selections. We riave 3 riot meat entrees "aHy incKidTng, of course, our famous SweoTsh MeatbaDs. inish your meal with a dish of our delicious rice pudding. STUKS AUSTRALIA! LOBJTEH SrECIAL COCKTAOS LUItHEOI II LI. II I H . DIMER i i*,iut n. R.9SEI KI11TI noi i en UH T. IHc« tf Inirritliu It 11(71 IILEO'S IITIE.Wtrilo* Iiir Craiji OPEN DAILY 11 A.M.-9 P.M. Now 6 YEARS i« Long Beach KOSHER STYLE FOOD Our Specially Corned Bsef Cabbaje 2,10 ·» N ttit II JLM. FJC ClOStD SUIQ1T FOOD Tl SOU FACUITT AVE. UKEWOOD -- ME J-S85I Anderson Urblne FORMERLY 21» W. WIUOW LONGHORH BARBECUE 8567 Artesia Blvd. -- UiS -. WORLD'S FINEST FRIED CHICKEN I DINNERS SMO · A LA CARTE 51.10 90 e SaaqaersrolSO W imtfi? nf »jrti*tt NOW 2 LOCATIONS AUTHENTIC SWEDISH Smorgasbord DINNER f (@li '^utipimr L S M O R G A S B O R D " R E S T A U R A N T SERVE YOURSELF 1UNCHEON S1.C8 CINNEt Il:3» i.n. M 1 3« i.m. :N 1 m. M l:0 · ra. SVY« Tin. · Bn · lit SUNDAY DINNEX. 11 J« Jn, t. 1:03 pjn Jl.H ClMici ·* «H4v. nliilL toiti m l»l iitlrm. Trr *ur S«Hiik Lbnea «r liiipoin* S»iser* E · ry^i^xfe^S^ ·CORNER of 3rd «nd CEDAR AVE. (Wllmors Hotel) CROWN CAFETERIA 101 ALAMITOS AVE. HE 2-5000 OPEN DAILY 11:00 A.M. TO 8:30 P.M. FEATURE ITEMS Fiffy Satad Selections Rcail Turtcy Pfime Rib Round of Beef Baled HaHbut BoVed Horn EaVed Chicten Sfcali to Order Roait Duct (Sun.) Oiop Suey IWed.l Lamb Slew end Dumpfingj IFrr.) STrlo'n TTpt I Sun.) Our Owa Bolcery SPECIALS 4:00 P.M. TO CLOSING Msudoy ROAST ROUND OF BEEF $1-« German Cot* Slaw MasKed or Sweet Potatoes RoQ or Corn Bread and Butttr Coffee or Tea Tiesday ond Wednesday . . FRIED CHICKEN S1.00 WAITER* of the Week Co!« Stow or Garret and Raisin Salad Sweet or Masked Potofoei Cora Breed or Roll end Butttr Coffee or Tea Tfcnrsday CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE Bolted Pofofo and Carrots Roll or Com Bread and Eutfer ' Coffee or Tea Banquet Rooms and Party Facilities -SI .25 Who: Henry Zimmerman. Where: The Hawaiian, 445 E. Pacific Coast Hy. L e n g t h of Employment! 7 years. Total years experience as waiter: 15. Age: 63. . Born where: IIo-IIo, Philippines. Did you serve in both the U.S. Navy and the U. S. Army? "Yes. I enlisted in the U.S. Navy in the Philippines during World War I and served nine years. I came under enemy fire in the Atlantic a few times aboard a troopship which was the target of torpedoes fired by G e r m a n U- boats. We escaped without being hit" How long were you in the Army? "Nearly four" years during World War II. I was an intelligence sergeant with the 8th Army infantry that invaded the Philippines and recaptured them from thie Japanese." HENRY ZIMMERMAN Is it true that many' of The Hawaiian's guests ask to be seated at your tables when they come in? -Yes. I get a thru! out of that because I guess it means they like me." (Henry will receive an Outstanding Service Certificate from the I, P-T.) seas Fasij's MUUKi: rotitAMci: n * M. TO · * m. IUHDAT R4 rj*. .CD0.90 ilACNjn:*... Jm, MOMOAT eiesta JMONOAT Tour KattK Cur! PmTn}-- I. Krlnurt 305 AVE. -G" REDONDO BEACH 1528 CRAVENS AVE. TORRANCE Where food Is Quality Hospifofify a Musrl OPEN DAJIT F1OM 4 r.U. IUIKAMCSICJK9 VtlXOM* PIZZA DEN 5607 E. SOUTH ST. TO 6-2913, TO 6-9192 IUFFIT $nil StSTAUlANT IUNCH 11:30 to 4 P.M. DINNER 4:00 to I P.M. fCLOStOMO«B«T ALA CAlTE ·r COuriETE D1NNHJ XrfT Hifhttlttt 6£ 1 ISSJ 5100 E. SECOND STREET. EELMONT SHORE ALS9 IK STAXTON HUFFSTrUlfS IUFFIT STTLI ttSTAUIANT tat uksiot4A ii cinrroj--njt A. «.-» r. M. Sukiyaki AND cmomE FOOD I LITTLE MERMAID CHOPSTICX INK mi tiiiti re n 2-uoi RESTAURANT! Complete DINNER SPECIALS 1. 2 9 '1,39 M.49 ni Ckicku fit 1.2] Titsli} lit* StiHc Caklat* Rill-- '·'» lit ill ail Tiindijr Chiclti t Dim)!ii( _ MS tadudnt T«« Silitt. Kim. Vcm- taeic, Enlrt*. ftrcia witf Ivmr, FrvJI r*, cakl. rvdtfin*, ·· In Crtm^ Tia. OftCT, MiK. v OK Orlnu. Child's Plait 6e DANISH FOODS BUFFET STYLE Family Restaurant 2921 Palo Verde Ave. (Just So. cf Spring, Long Beach) HA 1-1977 SMORGASBORD Lunch . . . 51.00 Dinner . . . SI.SS tune* trom 11 -- «nntr « f »jn Knu*. OinMr Nooi « I r M. Mwsrr WA nm DELICIOUS FOOD AT SENSIBLE PRICES Dine Out DO\YNTOWN : 'IONS BEACH w'LUNCHES DINNERS - IN THE FACULTY SHOPS FAC^TY A-rr COOKING EL M4T400I MEXICAN 1ESTAUKANT T*ir Nm?/ It^vvrfnt Oy*i fr» i ».«- N II · «. FOOD TO TAKE OUT t;i| E. Sic«J S«, LL CE J 1519 feel frtpinf · ttmft- b( »«r!»t1i«« t* Si eifirt bmJIj. DIKING ROOM ACT CATETERIA IW-IM EUST FIFTH STEZX1 DOW1ITOVK-B Tt/Jl SJUBI IOC1T1OH DINNER i SPECIALS [ 4:30 TO I P.M. * MON.--7-ci. CJiopped Steal Au Jus $1.00 TUES.--Pork Cutlet $1.00 WED.--Cfticlen Fricassee w/Dumptngt $1.00 THURS.--Baled Ham w/Raisin Sauce $1.00 SAT.--/ 2 Fried Cfuclen $1.20 IMO.UOES: Sa'ai (C«T Sla-. Onr.t «r C.ftoj. a...i) y-Vffti Pofafott -- I.U 1 luHir -- T.« «r C«ff,. TttASOIE TIAT tniT TCtSOAT MI6 fran 4JI j», cu*« DMT n Cftfifei* ··· fi«j}tf I « ii .m. ^ V sea* rip««vroo»- BIRTHDAY PARTY? (ill r«i Jirt all tt 1 ciYoict. W« »3I ppS t*. c«l« for rfpruwooo-tAiiwooa CINTEI MC 4-tsss -- ion or »» mime SPENCER STEAK $1.29 ·Ct C«UI JUD CJ Snack Shack 7il L KOAtWAT HI S-1S7I 15T7JS..W,

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